How to Add Logs

This helpful How To Guide was originally written for Xanadu Weyr, but offered for use here as the same steps apply for adding logs!

So you had a great scene, and you want to post it to the Wiki. We want to have as many scenes logged and posted as possible, so that's fantastic! But you might be asking yourself, now what? The following directions assume your log is going to go under one of the 'general RP' tabs by date, not under events, TPs, hatchings, etc. If you think your log belongs there, let a member of Fort Weyr's staff staff know ('fow .who/admins' and/or '+fowhelp staff' on game).

1. Make sure the log is edited for posting - that generally means it doesn't contain OOC, pages, or knot chatter.

2. You need to create a new page to post your log to, but what should it be named? We're now posting all our logs in the format of <MMDDYYYY-#> so you need to see which # your log will be.

  • Go to the Logs page and click on the appropriate tab based on the month the RP took place in.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, as the logs are in chronological order, and see if there are any other logs from that day. If so, yours will be the next # in line. If not, yours will be MMDDYYYY-1. We're using a date format to name the pages - Please use the date your scene took place rather than the date page is created (Place the date of scene on the logs list page)
  • Once you have that figured out, type this Log Name (MMDDYY-#) into the Add New Log box, either on the Logs page or in the left sidebar. Or here:

Add a New Log

This will create your new page!

3. Make sure to give it a title, which should be fun and/or informative. The default is Update Me! so be sure to do this. :)

4. It gives you a template. Some of these things are required for our wiki code to work. The very top should look like this:

[!-- OOC Date --] January 01, 2012
[!-- Cast List --] Th'ero, Dtirae

5. Copy your log, highlight the word LOG on your new page, and paste.

6. Please make sure to add the appropriate tags. It automatically puts in 'logs' and the current year. Please add the month, which should be an underscore and then the three letter abbreviation for that month (for example, _jan or _feb or _oct). Then list all the characters in the log with the format _CharacterName (for example _Th'ero). Use only your character's actual name, no nicknames. This prevents these character tags from showing up in our sidebar tag cloud and allows our automatic log code to work. Thanks for using this format!

7. Beneath the input box there's an option to Preview or Save. I recommend starting with Preview to see how it looks, and when you are finished, click Save. This will show you your finished page.

8. Your new log should now automatically appear on the Current Logs page in the order of the date you put in the template at the top of your log. If it doesn't, backscreen until you find your log and check to make sure the tags are for the correct year and month and that the url shows your page name (not log title) looks something like this:

That's it! If you have questions or suggestions for this page, please contact a member of Fort Staff on game.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License