Fort Weyr - Kitchen
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's late at Fort, and a bit on the chilly side for ice cream. But hey. Who can really complain? Ice cream is delicious. Hotaru's snuck into the kitchens after dinner to make it herself. It's klah flavored, or some noise that's sadly not chocolate. Hotaru's dragged Zelda out of the caverns for such a treat. She disappears into the kitchens for moment to retrieve the ice cream and other supplies, like chopped strawberries and caramel topping and nuts and whipped cream. Everything is set up on one of the serving tables so they can make sundaes assembly line style. "I feel like I'm missing something…"

Zelda slowly moves her gaze from one item to the next, contemplating what they could possibly be missing. Shards, they could be missing a lot of things with the tastes of people these days. She taps on her lower lip with her wooden spoon before quickly striding off back into the kitchens. She returns with a tin of spiced cookies, tucking the lid underneath and pulling back the waxed paper for easy access. "I'm not sure. Do we have the iced cream, bowls, spoons, toppings? Fish flakes?" Some fish flakes can be sweet. Especially fish heads pickled in Benden red.

One can never be too sure what to expect when entering the living caverns and Th'ero has long since given up on expecting two things: quiet and normal. The Weyrleader can't very well hide away every day of the season though and today is everyones (not so) lucky day as the bronzerider finds himself striding in from the outside bowls. Pausing by the entrance, he waits for the one following him to join him by his side and slips his gloves off from his hands as he does. Tucked into his jacket pocket, he begins to unfasten it next now that he's out of the cold and his head is turned to murmur a few quick words to his partner. Th'ero glances up then, scanning the tables and already picking out a few good choices to tuck away and "hide" in when he spots the spread laid out on the tables and the two behind it all. "What're they up to?" he murmurs quietly, frown already settling in place. Does he want to know?

Kimmila steps in after Th'ero (big surprise) and tugs off her gloves, shoving them into her back pocket before unfastening her jacket, though she doesn't hang it on the hooks on the wall. "Mmm?" she asks, tilting her head to listen to him and then looking across the cavern to Hotaru and Zelda. "Ooooh, shards is that ice cream?" And off she goes to find out, leaving Th'ero to decide if he's going to follow her or not.

Having been walking this way, Yurolt comes in a few minutes after the Weyrleader and Kimmila. He of course saw them enter, and didn't want to ruin their entrance by catching up with them. He's a pretty big deal. Still, he steps into the caverns and ahhhs in the warmth. Quickly removing his duty jacket and hanging it on a random peg, he looks around the living caverns to see who else is here. Spotting the ice cream set up, the guard heads that way. Can't really help himself.

Hotaru picks up a couple of the cookies that Zelda's brought and crushes them into the bottom of a bowl. She then puts ice cream, fruit, topping, whipped cream, and then sticks another cookie in on top. "Ew. I'm not bringing out fish flakes. It'll smell up the table." Zelda can get her own! Hotaru wasn't much expecting to keep the ice cream a secret once it was out. She was just hoping to minimize the damage by bringing it out at a very off hour. "We got ice cream! You better get some before it's all gone. Or before Zelda taints it with fish." Th'ero doesn't like ice cream, does he? Hotaru waggles her fingers as Yurolt heads over towards the ice cream setup. She's already digging in before she even finds a place to sit down. Which is probably as close to the ice cream bar as possible.

Zelda shrugs and serves herself a decent size serving before stepping aside so they others can have some as well. She reaches into her apron pocket, pulling out a small jar which she attempts to open… and fails. The girl can wield a mean cleaver but jars aren't her forte. "All jars need easier tops to flip open." Pout.

Th'ero does not look too keen on the idea of ice cream and can only blink a little in surprise as Kimmila heads off towards the serving tables. "I'll get us a place to sit," he murmurs with a smirk. He will follow, but only so far to claim a nearby spot, leaving the bluerider to help herself. Tossing his jacket over the side of his chair, he takes a seat then and with relative ease. The Weyrleader's leg must have healed then. Spotting Yurolt following not far behind, he gives the Guard a polite nod and there's no missing the way the bronzerider studies him for a moment. Has he recovered too? And is it really a surprise that Th'ero does not like sweets? There's a grimace when Hotaru mentions Zelda's suggestion of fish flakes. Ugh. Now he's /really/ put out on the idea. While the others crowd for the ice cream, he'll flag down a server. Provided they're not all there too. "Dark ale," he'll murmur. Figures. He'll add another item in too, but he keeps his voice too low to be overheard.

Kimmila smiles, "So is this your handywork?" she asks of Hotaru and Zelda, since they seem to be in charge. Her ice cream also has some cookies, and some whipped cream on top. She's simple like that. "Good idea. Sometimes I crave cold stuff on cold nights. How're you? Here, want help?" she asks, setting her bowl aside to reach for Zelda's jar and try to open it. "Hey, Yurolt!" she says, catching sight of the guard, "good to see you up and about, how're you doing?"

Yurolt gives Th'ero a brief salute as he passes on his way to treats. "Sir, good to see you." He gives the Weyrleader the same plying look. The guard wasn't quite coherent enough to actually remember that Th'ero had been injured, but he's since been told. Seeing no apparent missing leg or the sort, he nods in an affirmitive to the unasked question, I'm alright now. Moving on he starts to put some ice cream into a bowl. "I'm fine, Kimmila. You're looking well." Yurolt sets his bowl down and extends a hand for the jar, assuming it has not been opened yet. "Hi there Ru…Uh, Yurolt." He offers this last bit as an introduction to Zelda, whom he's not certain he's seen before.

Hotaru has set up an ice cream sundae bar! There is ice cream and whipped cream and toppings. Also Zelda has brought cookies and everyone is partaking. Hotaru just wrinkles her nose at that jar. "What's in that?" If it's fish-something, she doesn't want any. Nor is she going to help open it, it would seem. Though Kimmila beats her to it anyways. "Hello Weyrleader sir!" She says to Th'ero, who probably doesn't want to sit by her. Hotaru just grins to Kimmila's question. "Guilty as charged. I had a craving for ice cream, so I made some earlier." Hotaru looks between Yurolt and Zelda. "This is Zelda. Zelda, meet Lightning Bolt." She's at least sitting close enough to the serving tables to do that, in between eating bits of ice cream and cookie. She'll be bouncing off the walls for hours.

Just as the offering escaped from Yurolt, the jar already made it in the hands of the bluerider. "Thank you, miss rider Kimmila." Zelda offers a little respectful curtsey to the new arrivals, then turns to Hotaru. "Just some sweet dried flakes my uncle brought me. They're rather sweet so I'm going to put them on my iced cream. You might like them, Hotaru." Zel turns to Yurolt and offers a rather plastic crooked smile to the young guard. She hasn't figured out to properly smile yet, it seems. "Why do they call you Lightning Bolt?"

"Good to see you too, Yurolt." Th'ero replies in a tone that is still reserved but not as heavily as one might expect. Perhaps he feels some guilt for not having had time to visit the Guard earlier while he mended? "Hotaru," Comes the simple reply to her cheerier one and while he doesn't join the girl, he has taken a seat nearby. Close enough to the serving tables now turned to an ice cream bar that he can overhear, even if he doesn't partake. "Clever idea," he adds after a moments pause and belatedly at that, his glance drifting to take in Zelda to that remark as well. Leaning back in his chair, he rests one arm over the edge of the table, fingers lightly tapping the surface in an idle way as he waits on his drink and whatever else he ordered.

Kimmila hands the opened jar back, but not after looking inside. "/Fish/ flakes? On ice cream?" Nose wrinkle, and she backs away from that jar as quickly as she can, to go sit beside Th'ero. And give him a cookie. Eat. "Yeah, this is fun. You know what else is good? Fondue. We should have a fondue party. Nice and warm, too."

Yurolt picks up his bowl again and looks for a seat where he won't block the ice cream. His bowl is simple, just the ice cream, no toppings. He eyes the ice cream warily, "You made this Ru?" The guard shrugs and playfully says, "Bottoms up," taking a bite. He then looks to Zelda and smiles, "I honestly don't know, she's the only one that calls me that." A thumb points to Hotaru. He nods to the fondue idea.

Abigail wanders on into the cavern with a slight yawn escaping her as she goes, a slight glance is sent around to spot whom all can be found though her first stop is getting something warm to drink. After a day of dealing with the lovely cold autumn weather getting warm is high on her list at the moment. Once over at the table with mugs and the like she picks on up and goes about getting it filled with hot cider. Did someone just say fish flakes, over ice cream? A glance is sent curiously over towards where Kimmila is as she is rather sure that is where the comment came from.

Hotaru squints at Zelda. "I'm good without the flakes." She says warily. "I'll just eat your cookies instead." She didn't want to put the other weyrbrat completely off. And she might try some. After she sees Zelda eat them. Or maybe she'll try sprinkling them on a spoonful. Really, Hotaru is just excited that Th'ero remembers her name. Curt hello or not. That was typical of Th'ero really anyways. "Fondue! I've never actually had that. Doesn't it have to be kept warm? We'd have to do it in the kitchens or something then." Hotaru fixes Yurolt with a droll look, pulling out the chair next to her so he can sit. "Yes. It's not poisoned. I've made it lots of times before." She looks to Zelda then. "Because his name sounds like 'bolt'. That's how I used to remember it." Hotaru spots Abbey meandering in and gives her an excited (or hopped up on sugar) wave.

The cook help nods at Hotaru's explanation, then peers at the small jar. "Are you sure? They're rather sweet. It's a root from Ierne's marketplace and is soothing when you want to settle for the evening. Like tea. Good tea is hard to find." Zelda pouts a little bit as she glances around the table. Not a warm kettle of made tea in sight. Sure, there's plenty of kettles likely on the hearth but none with the sharp herbal taste she's grown fond up. The girl glances between the others with a quizzical look upon her face, pausing from her stares long enough to tap some flakes on her ice cream. "What's fondue?"

Th'ero eyes the cookie Kimmila gives him as he's pulled from his thoughts, reaching up with his hand to take it, consider it and then set it on the (clean) table. "I've not got the stomach for sweets," he murmurs low, perhaps trying to keep it to the bluerider's ears only but in the open caverns and with folk nearby that's a hard task to do. Finally, his drink arrives and the server also sets down a small plate of crusty white bread cut in thin strips and then a long, narrow and shallow dish that looks to be holding a concoction of oil and a dark vinegar. The Weyrleader gives an appreciative exhale. Ahh, now /that's/ his idea of a treat. Tearing one piece of bread in half, he dips the end in to soak it before eating it. "Fondues are great," Th'ero agrees with a vague smile, glancing sidelong to Kimmila and then over to Hotaru. "It does, but there's a special dish and setup for it. Don't need it to be in the kitchens. It stays warm on it's own." He takes in another piece of bread, washing it down with some of the ale just as Zelda asks her question. "Could be made from melted cheese or hot oil. You get some very thin cut meat or some good bread and skewer it and then dip it in. Suppose vegetables could be used too."

Kimmila snorts softly, grinning crookedly at Zelda. "Talk to my mother, she's got /all/ the best teas. Or so she claims. And yeah, what Th'ero said. Fondue is a melted sauce. You can make all sorts of different ones, and then you dip things into it. Stuff on a stick. My favorite is this melted cheese one, and you dip hunks of bread or veggies into it. But yeah, we have to keep it warm. Where did you see those little stoves, wingmate? Here?" Glancing up, she smiles when she spots Abigail, and waves. "Hey! Uh. Have you talked to Eirwyn?" Awkward topic? Then she's eying Th'ero's bread and oil. "Can I try that?"

Yurolt has opened his mouth and only managed to say, "Melted cheese…" before Th'ero and Kimmila have beaten to it. Instead he takes another spoonful of ice cream and makes a yummy sound. He looks to Hotaru and Zelda, "This is really good." His words come out a bit muffled with all the goodness in his mouth. Noshing on some more he waves to Abigail.

Abigail smiles and waves back to Hotaru before starting to head onwards towards where the girl is seated. "Evening everyone." A salute is even sent to Th'ero and Kimmila before she settles down in a free seat somewhere abouts close to where Hotaru is. She takes a slow sip from her mug while listening in on the conversation that she can hear. At the question from Kimmila she sputters slightly, coughs a moment and lets her pale blues peer towards her. "Ah, well No I haven't seen her since that night actually." No she is not about to go into detail on 'that night'. A wave is offered back to Yurolt.

Hotaru just raises a brow at Zelda. "I dunno. It sounds rather like you're trying to drug me now." With flakes and special teas. Next thing Hotaru will be waking up naked in the stables coated with sweetener. Even Th'ero likes fondue! So it must be good. "The cheese sounds good. If we could do it out here that would be even better. With good fresh bread and meat. Mm." There's a brow raised at Kimmila's question about Eirwyn. "What happened to Eirwyn?" Hotaru looks in Yurolt's bowl. "Where's all your stuff? Don't you like whipped cream?" The red head grins to Abbey. "There's still ice cream over there." She waggles her bowl a bit.

"I'll be sure to do that. I'd love a good tea. I wish my mother would settle down for tea. Perhaps if I found one with sedative properties." Of course one would have to use enough to sedate a large herdbeast to take her mother down… Zelda sighs, lightly mixing her concoction as she glances from person to person, taking in this wonder that is 'fondue'. "Fondue sounds delightful. Fondue, tea by the heart and a rather comfortable floor pillow. Now to find floor pillows. Good pillows are hard to find." Pout. Zel offers a little smile and nod of the head to Abigail before motioning with her hands towards the ice cream. "I hope you enjoy it, Hotaru made alot of it!" And would likely eat it all herself if the rest of Fort's population doesn't partake.

Th'ero reaches for his pint of ale and lifts the glass in a toast of agreement to Kimmila's comment for Elara's knowledge in tea. It's true! But he lets the bluerider field that, while he enjoys his drink. "The cheese one is rather good. Rich though." And delicious, but the Weyrleader leaves that to be implied. "Around. I believe there are some here… not sure if they are functional. And if not here, I do not think it would be hard to find a set." Or have one made. Th'ero nods towards Abigail, giving her the same reserved greeting as the others received though not as curt. "Evening." Awkward topic indeed and the bronzerider simply clears his throat softly and looks a bit too focused on his food. When he spots Kimmila eyeing, he almost pushes it away from her reach and actually hints at it. No sharing! This is his! Who's he kidding? Both dishes are nudged a little closer to the bluerider. "Help yourself. Though you might want to finish anything sweet first." Back to Zelda, Th'ero gives her a lingering and slightly curious look. "Floor pillows? Why not make them if they cannot be found?" Because making a pillow can't be hard, right?

Kimmila clears her throat a bit, glancing at Hotaru. Oh yeah. This probably wasn't the best place to bring that up. "Uh, she had her flight…and Varmiroth won." Awkward, anyone? She blinks at Zelda. "Have you met my mother? Her entire weyr is covered with pillows. You two would really hit it off. Like…amazingly well. You're not a healer too, are you? Or a goldrider?" When Th'ero almost pushes the food /away/ from her, she arches a brow and gives him a look. Really? /Really?!/ But he saves himself and she dips a bit of bread into the oil and gobbles it down. "Mmmmm." But when she goes to take another bite of her ice cream…oh the expression she makes. "Wow." Cough. "You weren't kidding."

Yurolt nom noms his ice cream and listens to talk about pillows and tea. Are they going to have a slumber party soon? Without really much to say, the guard just kind of focuses on his treat. He does, however, say to Hotaru, "I think the ice cream is good on its own."

Abigail eyes Hotaru a moment at the talk of ice cream? "I think I'll pass at the moment." She holds up her mug of hot klah. "Rather enjoy something warm at the moment actually." When the flight bit is brought up she doesn't comment anymore on it, a long sip is taken from her mug while she eyes the table. Why this table sure is nice looking, she ponders where it may have come from. "What kinds of ice cream did ye make Hotaru?".

Hotaru's met Kadesh before. She wasn't as big as a herdbeast to the red-head's recollection. "In the caverns they are, yeah." She agrees about the pillow. "Most of them smell like well.. sweat and other unpleasant bodily odors. I'm sure you can buy a good one. Good luck keeping it on your bed though without a private room. One time I went to lay down and I found a… hair… on my pillow that was not mine." She shivers and leaves any further explanation to the listener's imagination. "I guess we could make them, if we could find the filling." Hotaru blinks at Kimmila. "Ooh." She giggles then. "Was it fun?" Hotaru waggles a finger at Zelda. "Her ma's a goldrider." After a bite or two she answer Abbey. "It's klah-flavored. Perfect with klah." She spoons up what's left in her bowl. "Whew. I'm a little cold now." She snakes cold fingers around Yurolt's arm. Hopefully he's not wearing a short sleeved shirt!

Well… her mother is… something. Zelda quietly eats her iced cream, nodding her head at the bluerider. "Perhaps I should meet her. I did think about going into healing but I prefer being in the kitchens." She pulls out a chair and settles down, slowly nursing the spoonful of her sweet as she swings her legs under her chair, back and forth. The creepy-lanky kitchen hand peers over to the Weyrleader, and his plate.

Th'ero says nothing, save to give Kimmila a sharp and narrowed, sidelong look. Really? She's going to bring it up here? Sighing under his breath, he mutters something too and there's a brief and gentler look given to Abigail and then another narrowed look to Hotaru. Nothing is said, but he does go to take another bite of the bread before washing it down with more of the ale and his mood considerably charged. The Weyrleader snorts then for the face the bluerider makes. "I tried to warn you." he drawls, almost smugly and pulls the plate of bread back closer to him, figuring she's done with sampling his meal. Talk of pillows and tea are not his tastes either, his gaze darting to Yurolt by chance. "How are your injuries?" he asks the Guard, skipping much formality and not seeming to care if he has to speak up for the other man to hear him. "Back to duty yet?" Can you fight? His eyes seem to hint at that unsaid portion of his curious inquiry. He doesn't catch Zelda's peering look at him or his plate of food.

Kimmila clears her throat and looks at Hotaru. "It…was a flight. And you should, Zelda. My mother is Elara. Yours is a goldrider too?" And she looks more closely at the girl, trying to place any identifying features. Then she's looking back at Th'ero with a smirk. Yeah, yeah, he was right.

Lucky for Yurolt, long sleeved or not, he's protected by manliness. Hotaru's cold hands shall not phase him! He should have taken Abigail's queue and wondered about the lovely table. However, Th'ero has engaged him in conversation, thankfully not about any awkward flights. "Yes sir, back on full duty. I just have some deep tissue bruising left, but it should be healed shortly. Sarn't Oannis and the Captain have been keeping me pretty active, should be back to full quickly." He gives Th'ero a look as if to say, wanting a rematch, sir? "How is..your leg." For some reason he'd imagined an amputation or something for the Weyrleader.

"Klah-flavored ice cream?" Abigail questions while peering over at where the ice cream can be found. "How did ye go about doing such a thing?" She does seem rather curious over the idea to say the least. Well it is something she isn't use to thinking about. Though she wonders if Borodin has made any. As for the talk dealing with the flight she just pretends to ignore it all. Lalalala she hears nothing! Her pale gaze drifts to Th'ero, a faint smile seen before letting her attention settle on Yurolt as the talk is to his hurt, or healing leg now.

Hotaru will have to ask Eirwyn how it went. Kimmila is an old hat at flights, or so the red-head assumes. But Eirwyn was not. Also she wasn't sure Eirwyn's take on sleeping with other ladies. She grins at Abbey's question. "Grind klah up into a fine powder and mix it in with the cream and everything is how I do it." Hotaru squeezes Yurolt's arm. She's gotten some of the skinny on his leg already. And as much as she'd like to hear about Th'ero's injuries, the ice cream is starting to melt. "Well, I'm gonna stash the ice cream and head back I think." She gives everyone a wave and then gets up to clean up and head back into the kitchen.

Perfect timing for a retreat indeed, as Zelda has just completed her one and only servings. Sweets should be enjoyed leisurely, and not inhaled. The Weyrleader is free from the creepy stare for now. The young woman rises, offering a curtsy to the others before making her own departure. "Take care mister Weyrleader Th'ero, mister Yurolt and misses Rider Kimmila and Abigail. Clear skies." Off she goes back into her territory for now.

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