Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern

The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.

Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-tellings. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footwear and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

A lot of things have been going on lately for K'hys, not all of them bad. Since the night under the tree he and A'lin got in trouble for and the drinking episode following that, the bluerider had mellowed out for the most part. His fit of rebelliousness apparently over, Kai's gone back to being his model weyrling self. While he was perhaps prone to bouts of quiet, or occasionally distracted by his own thoughts, his ability for a quick smile and a laugh didn't appear to have taken any damage. Tonight, he can be found tucked away in a back booth with a beer, probably avoiding the hard stuff since his hangover of all hangovers a few days ago. There was a book open before him, flipping through it with brows lifted. Some meatrolls, tuber fries and assorted other snacks freshly arrived from the kitchen sit on the table, though Kai was currently picking at a sticky sweet pastry or another, nibbling on one end.

Since the world seemed to be back to normal more or less, A'lin is also back to normal. Being able to drink was always a good thing, even if the brownrider wasn't prone to over indulge, it was still good to be able to frequent the tavern to socialize and catch up with some of the people Ada hadn't talked to in a while. And weyrling chores were starting to wind down as they all got ready to join their ranks. Ada, too, had gotten into trouble for being out too late. Not so much for drinking, though they had tried to pin that on him as well. The big man makes his way into the tavern, grabbing a shot and a brew before he looks for some friendly faces. Friendly faces with food always win out, and the brownrider heads over to Kai's booth. Though it's possible that the bluerider was why Ada was here anyways. "Kai!" He says in greeting.

One would think that the goldrider would over indulge in her drinks when given the leave to do so, but, so far the young woman hasn't touched the stuff again since being given the okay. Instead, she's been completely sober and, surprisingly, wrapped up in her studies with Elara, and when not in those studies, she is off doing self study. Though she has made sure to check up on K'hys now and again since the last time she parted with him at the tree. The woman steps into the tavern, once a place of frequent visits with her arms stretching over her head, and yawning as she does so, making her way over to the bar. Not entirely stalking K'hys and A'lin, it is a bit of surprise that touches her features as she notes the pair at the booth. While she doesn't head in their direction right away, she's ordering a drink at the bar before she moves to settle into the booth without waiting for an invitation. "What're you two doin' here?"

The pastry very slowly lowers to the plate, Kai seeming to have found something in the pages of the book that had caught his interest. Once the treat was set down, he brings his fingers up to his lips just as slowly, eyes scanning the lines printed before him. Absently he pops each digit past his lips, sucking off the residue that remained. He startles when A'lin shows up and snaps him out of his knowledge trance, brown eyes flicking towards the big man. A second later, the bluerider smiles admittedly soft. "Hey, Ada." He doesn't look particularly surprised to see the mustached man at all, gesturing soon there after towards the food spread out practically everywhere. "The food just got here, so you have perfect timing." Clearly, this was a planned meeting, and not just coincidence. "Has Njordeth forgiven you yet?" This is said with a touch more sheepishness, picking up a napkin and using it on his sticky hand rather than his mouth again. He hadn't noticed that Dtirae had arrived, not until she's lowering herself into the booth across from him. There's a blink, and then a quick dart of eyes towards A'lin before the bluerider points at the book and food. "Study date. You?"

A'lin sets his drinks down on the table, but hasn't quite sat down when Dei heads over to the booth. The mustachioed man gives Dei a grin. "Hey Dei. Has the weyrwoman cut you loose?" Ada slides into the booth next to Kai. "Good, I'm starved!" He laughs a bit then, after tossing back his shot. "Njord? Yeah, he doesn't remember anything about it. He's starting just to think we have extra chores now. He's easy to distract if I keep reminding him about graduation." Ada starts to pick at the snacks as he takes a swig of his beer. He wraps an arm around Kai's shoulders. "How you feeling?" He asks the bluerider, before directing a question at everyone. "Graduation soon! I'm excited, how about you guys?"

"Studyin'? I ain't helpin'. Anymore and my brain'll start dribblin' out of my ears." Dtirae grumbles, nose wrinkling as a hand lifts to plug one ear as a sort of example before laughing. Her drink is brought over, non-alcoholic and entirely fruity. A thanks is given to the server as well as payment and a tip before attention shifts back towards the two, lifting her drink to sip at it. "Ain't ever goin' ta be free, not even after graduation. Not until they're certain 'm able ta handle things on my own without messin' up. Told 'em a hundred times 'm goin' ta mess up." She grins easily at the pair before taking another sip of her drink, her gaze drifting off briefly and growing distracted by some of the other patrons for a moment. "Nn. I guess. Bein' thrown ta doin' more duties and havin' Zuvaleyuth remove all her restraints I had ta get her ta put up so I didn't go insane durin' Weyrlinghood."

There's another look between brown and goldrider before tension that had unconsciously appeared starts to relax, as if K'hys had imagined some sort of drama to unravel. When it doesn't, he closes the book, tucking it off to the side so that it wouldn't get greasy or otherwise dirty from the consumption of food and drink. "Thank Faranth for a dragon's memory, eh?" the bluerider laughs, nodding as he takes a swig of beer straight from the golden-brown bottle. There's little reaction when A'lin slings an arm around his shoulders, other than leaning some against the brownrider's larger frame, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. When graduation comes up, Kai groans and nods. "I can't wait to get out of the barracks. P'on was rubbing it in that he got his weyr already." There was no hard feelings though, if that laugh and grin that follows the statement was any indication. "I think we're studying different things, Dei." he says, lifting up the book he'd closed not long ago, showing it was on flight dynamics and flaming techniques for thread fall. A reprint of course, and while the thread part was irrelevant, the rest was likely something that the two riders of male dragons could still use in some shape, matter or form. "Flame throwers seem fun though." He nods as the goldrider goes on, drinking from his beer. His expression turns fractionally more serious as the woman goes on to talk about duty. "You could be Weyrwoman someday, so, I guess they just want to make sure you get that." K'hys, voice of logic and reason, "Doesn't make it suck any less, of course." A pause, and the bluerider laughs, "We could always paint her green for you." Well, he at least thought it was funny.

A'lin takes turns nursing his beer and munching on meatrolls with his free hand. He studies Dei's drink for a moment. "Did you give up drinking or something? Or are you still on the strict set of rules then?" There's a nod about her studies. "Well, most of us will just end up as wingriders. Our screw ups are much less noticeable. Though you'll have people around to help you, even if you're senior some day." He tilts his head at the goldrider then. "Restraints?" There's a laugh and a nod to Kai. "Mm. In some respects. There are some things I would like him to remember, though." Ada wipes a bit of beer foam from his mustache. "I'm going to miss the barracks, actually. I like having all the people and dragons around. Might be lonely up in my own weyr." He peers at K'hys' book. "I heard most of the sweep formations were derived from the old threading techniques and all." There's a wistful sigh from Ada then. "Sometimes it's a shame thread is gone. I would have liked to fight in some of the epic thread battles!"

Dtirae snorts softly, "probably 'cause I was teasin' him that he ain't got no balls. Y'know he's gettin' desperate ta prove himself." The goldrider laughs, for her own amusement that teasing the bronzerider brings. She leans back into her seat, grinning a little wider as she takes another drink from her glass. There's no talk about weyrs any further than that, taking a look at the book that K'hys shows her. Her nose wrinkles just the same as if they were the same subject she's been filling her head with, though they are far from it. "Flamethrowers would be more fun if I could get away with just burning anything. But, they're not toys." A sigh of dismay, though it is not serious at all as the woman is grinning again. The talk of her duties break the smile and it fades just as quickly as it formed. "I get it. Been gettin' it since day one. And now it's bein' closer than ever. At least I ain't goin' ta be Weyrwoman right as I graduate." There's a snort of laughter at that, "Zuvaleyuth'll not approve of that." Though the thought does bring that smile back to her lips, allowing it to linger before her gaze settles on the brownrider. "Nah. 'm just 'fraid 'm goin' ta mess up. Bein' extra careful." The question of restraints is met with a nod. "Yeah. Her talk of duty'n shit like that, she had ta cut it out 'cause I was stressin' out." The talk of thread earns a slight tilt of h er head in consideration before she shakes her head. "Zuvaleyuth'd be on the Sands even more with more eggs. Thanks, but, no thanks."

"That's not alcoholic?" K'hys blinks in surprise, peering over at the goldrider's drink and then glancing to her afterwards. He had no idea, it wasn't like he'd been watching when the bartender had made the thing, and he was probably not the best to ask about the contents of the fruity drinks. He nods in agreement with A'lin for his take on where most of them will end up, "That sounds about right." More sipping of his beer after that, a patient sort of look about him when the brownrider asks for clarification on something Dei had just said, but afterwards he looks to the big man and grins, "If it's anything really important, a nudge every morning when he wakes up will help him move it over to long term memory. I've been doing that with Jheth on some things." he suggests. He gives A'lin's leg a squeeze when he talks about missing the company the barracks always promised, moving it then to the plate with the pastry on it and picking at it again. This time, breaking off a small piece and popping it past his lips. "Jheth and I could come visit often, if you'd like. Or you and Njordeth could visit us." This offered with absolutely zero pressure for even a response, the bluerider shrugs but can't help a laugh. "Jheth would probably agree with you. Me? I'm glad there isn't stuff falling from the sky that could burn my face off." He shivers. Thread was scary, dude. Kai snorts playfully, "Sounds like you got him by the short hairs, Dei." he comments, on P'on, regardless of how he himself felt about the bronzerider who had been following Dtirae around like a puppy since they were candidates. A laugh for the dismay over random arson, but he schools his expression quickly and sets down his beer, wiping his fingers off before he wriggles out of his jacket and tosses it into the space between himself and the wall. Beneath, a thin, long sleeved shirt in a dull heather grey, two small buttons by the simple open neckline. "You know, you've almost turned into a whole different person." He holds his hands up defensively, as if to stop her before she jumped all over him, "Not that it's a bad thing, mind you. I just hope you don't forget to relax and have some fun too. All work and being responsible all the time, is going to take it's toll if you're not careful." Kai was worried about her.

A'lin blinks a bit at Dei. "That P'on fellow is? What does he need to prove, I wonder?" Ada rubs his chin a bit. "Surely flamethrowers must have other applications. Burning leaves, or searing meat, or something." One can only imagine a bunch of 'chefs' out there torching poor herdbeasts. The brownrider nods to the goldrider then. "Ah. Dutiful, is she? Njordeth is the same way, really. We've got a schedule and he doesn't like to deviate from it. It's one of the things he can actually remember." He chuckles. "Well, I wouldn't like to see dragons and their riders dying, either. Maybe we could stage a mock battle, though." To see the dragons flying in formation and all spitting fire. To feel your heart racing and the adrenaline picking up? Ada was built to be out on a battlefield, but there wasn't a such thing on Pern! At the talk about weyrs, A'lin ponders while he swigs his beer. "Hm. Well we would certainly like visitors! I hope they give me a ledge big enough for two dragons. Though Zuva is a bit on the large side. I'm not sure how many bowl weyrs can fit a gold dragon. And they probably save them for the larger bronzes." He looks at Kai as he starts talking about how Dei has changed a bit. Then he looks back to the goldrider with a bit of a nod in agreement. "Mm. I know they're putting a lot of pressure on you Dei. So if you need a chance to escape and all you should let us know."

"Nah, just fruity. Normally can smell the alcohol in it. Cause I used ta get these a bit stronger when I got 'em before." Dtirae notes for K'hys, grinning a touch wider before she finishes off the rest of her drink before settling it down upon the table. Her attention lingers there as she twists the glass between her fingers for a moment before lifting her gaze again. Her gaze drifts between the pair idly, saying nothing for a moment as she smiles a bit wider. The talk of P'on earns a laugh and she shakes her head. "Yeah. Just waitin' for him ta grow a spine and tell me ta shove it rather than listenin' ta everything I say." She chuckles to herself and shifts the glass further away from her person. A brow lifts at K'hys' statement of her turning into a different person. "You think so? Probably. Got so much expected of me. So much 'm expectin' of myself. Then there's Zuvaleyuth's expectations." To A'lin, she grins. "Probably wants ta prove himself ta me. I tease him so much." The poor boy. She shakes her head about the flamethrowers, "they don't want 'em ta be used for random things. But, 'm not sure what they really use 'em for." AA snort of amusement before the goldrider is flagging down another server and giving explanation of how she wants her drink made before he's taking off again. "Nah. Not many of the weyrs'll be able ta take her. The higher up, the smaller they are." More talk of her changing and the goldrider nods along with it idly. "I'll come see you guys if I need ta escape. Promise. We'll find time ta go huntin' or somethin'."

K'hys tries very hard not to laugh when A'lin starts naming off possible alternate uses for a flame thrower, but a soft chuckle causes his shoulders to shake as he picks up beer back up and takes a sip, leaning back against the seat and the arm draped over them. "You just pictured a bunch of kitchen staff out flame throwing live herdbeasts didn't you?" he teases the brownrider, finding that image thoroughly amusing, picking up his pastry and polishing it off with a few suckles of sugary fingers. He doesn't interject with Jheth's name when the other two weyrlings start talking about dutiful dragons, after all they all knew that the blue wasn't the strict type. Even when he was trying to be absolutely serious, he still made his rider laugh. The bluerider nods solemnly from behind his beer, about not wanting to see dragons and their riders torn screaming from the skies. That sobering thought, has his brows furrowing some and his head coming to rest partially on A'lin's shoulder. He's quiet for a long time after that, even when the topic of weyrs comes and goes, probably turning over the idea that there might not be room on his ledge for a dragon of Njordeth's size. "He actually work up the courage yet to tell you how he feels?" K'hys asks Dtirae about P'on, blunt as always when broaching awkward topics that others might of dodged or worded more vaguely. "He's been making goo-goo eyes at you all weyrlinghood." P'on had not, after all, been discreet. Even when he tried to downplay his obvious feelings for the raven haired goldrider. There's a nod for that promise she makes, straightening and sipping from his beer. "Don't make us come hunt YOU down." he winks, "I have no problem showing up uninvited, or jumping on beds, or dragging people away by their…very….pretty hair from paperwork." There's a smug smirk, and a long knowing look for the goldrider. Dei has been warned.

A'lin nods a bit to Dei. He grins to Kai, a smile that's pure mustache. "I was only kidding about the flamethrowers. A nice fire pit does the same thing without making everything extra crispy and burnt." Ada pops a couple of tuber straws into his mouth. There's a blink at Kai's questions about the bronzer before he goes back to the topic of weyrs. "I suppose you won't be visiting much, then. We'll have to catch you on the ground. Hopefully your P'on fellow can convince you to relax once in a while." Since it didn't seem like Kai or Ada were having much luck there. "Don't force yourself to come out hunting, Dei. It doesn't seem like much of who you are anymore. But you should find other things to do that make you relaxed and happy." He laughs a bit at Kai. "Sounds scary. Now she'll be stressed out you're going to come pounce on her in the middle of the night or something."

The drink Dtirae order arrives and she smiles a bright smile at the server, again paying for the drink before attention returns to the pair sitting across from her. If her thoughts stray off towards the idea of the kitchen staff running around with flamethrowers ant torching live beasts, she gives no indication of it except for the slightest of chuckles that quickly fades as she lifts her drink to her lips. This silence continues until the mention of P'on and the woman chokes on her drink a bit before laughing loudly. "Shit, no. He ain't got the balls. I know he's been making goo-goo eyes, and I told him until he can prove it I ain't goin' ta treat him any different." She chuckles softly, "'m sure you won't need ta come hunt me outta my weyr or office or anythin'. I hate the paperwork. Thinkin' of tryin' ta talk P'on inta doin' it all for me." She shrugs idly at A'lin, "I'll just have ta get used ta making amazin' leaps from Zuva's back inta yer weyrs." Amusement plays in her expression and her smile grows more mischievous, though it fades when Ada insists that hunting isn't who she is. Eyes roll upward and she huffs, "just 'cause I ride a gold, don't mean I ain't likin' my hunts. 'm goin' ta find a group ta go feline huntin' with me after graduation. Won't stop until I got enough ta fill my weyr. And, K'hys is welcome ta do what he wants. I ain't scared of him randomly poppin' up."

"Uh huh." K'hys teases A'lin, giving him a dubious but playful eying as if he didn't quite believe him. He sets about eating some of the other food around, but there was obviously less pleasure about it than when he was feasting on pastry. Luckily, the bluerider had likely come to realize that if all he ate was sweets, the results wouldn't be to pleasant in the end. Having a ponch and a blackened rot of a grin was hardly considered attractive, not that he didn't exercise his brains out or brush his teeth at least three times a day if his current physical state hadn't already stated as much. Lashes lower as he catches the look that A'lin gets when he hears about P'on, chewing some on his bottom lip before he finds something else to pop inside his mouth to occupy it, such as one of the fresh veggies off a sample tray. There's a shake of his head though, when he hears that P'on wasn't stepping up. "Going to have to light a fire under that boy." says the sixteen turn old under his breath, crunching away soon after on a veggie stick. He leaves the talk of hunting to the former hunters, the bluerider unlikely to have killed anything in his life. Let alone a wild animal. Not that he didn't appreciate the feel of a fine fur, such as the one that was lining the inside of his riding jacket. "Or I could just have Jheth pick you up from the ground." Kai insists, not really making it sound like a suggestion or request. No leaping goldies onto ledges. He laughs though, looking up at A'lin. "You think I'm scary?"

A'lin blinks. "You don't think he has the stones to ask you out? Hm. I suppose that would be a good reason for him to want to prove himself. You've spent a lot of time with him. You two seem close. If he did work up the balls, would you say yes?" The brownrider looks curiously at Dei. Then he laughs. "I suppose you will have to get used to leaping. Maybe you ought to just capture some Dei. Raise them like cattle in your weyr and slaughter them for their pelts." Ada rubs his chin. "We could be the first weyr to breed felines! I wonder if their meat is any good?" The brownrider drains his mug, and then waves the waiter over for another round. He peeks into Kai's drink and orders him another as well. Ada grins at the bluerider's question, then. "You're very scary when you're pouncing at people, yep." He pokes Kai's nose playfully.

"The fire gets bigger every time we talk." Dei chuckles to herself again, fingers playing along the glass of her drink idly, thoughtful. "Suppose I'll have ta do somethin' more drastic the next time." The woman clicks her tongue in amusement before downing the rest of her drink. "A lift would better. Less of a risk. We could do that. Zuvaleyuth wouldn't mind any." She pushes the glass away from herself, leaning back in her seat, arms folding across her chest. "Nope. He stumbles 'bout it, doesn't ask straight out. Prefer ta have him be forward if he's wantin' anythin'." The next question earns a bit of a laugh, maybe. Depends on how he asks me. I got high standards, y'know. Entirely teasing, she sticks her tongue out in amusement before the talk of raising felines. There's a snort, not approving of the idea. "Then there ain't the thrill of the hunt behind that. Shells no. And I'm sure their meat is gross."

K'hys gets into the whole eating thing there for a while, polishing off a good portion of the food before he seems to realize something, "If you're hungry, help yourself Dei." There was plenty there, and he gives the goldrider an apologetic look, for not having offered such earlier no doubt. For now, it appeared that he was finished, downing the last of his beer bottle's contents just in time for A'lin to flag down a server. "Oh, and another of those pastries please." He might chuckle guiltily about it as he shrugs, but he was serious all the same. Maybe he had hollow legs. "Or maybe just give the guy a break? He obviously likes you, so much he can hardly put two words together when you're around." There's a slow grin for tap to the tip of his nose, wriggling it automatically before he gently nudges at the brownrider's side with the peak of one elbow. "I'll keep that in mind." he drops cryptically, picking up his napkin and wiping the grease off his hands. The server isn't gone long, returning with that pastry and the two drinks. Without even thinking, the bluerider leaves the new beer bottle for A'lin to open as if this had become habit. The server gets paid, Kai tossing the right amount of marks onto his tray along with a tip, taking away the empty mug and bottle before scuttling off again. He zones out a second, and then gives Dtirae a nod, "Jheth says he can do that." The blue had no issues with the idea apparently, used to giving people a ride up thanks to several months of elevator duty. A brow quirks, when the goldrider remarks on her high standards, blinking soon there after before he just laughs and shakes his head. "I set mine far too high, but luckily for me I met someone tall enough to reach."

A'lin grins and nods. "Njordeth won't mind giving you a lift up, either. We can hide you easily enough." Ada rubs his chin a bit. "P'on ought to grow a mustache. It'll make him more manly. Maybe give him a little courage." Or it might make him look like a pervert. "I know you have high standard." He laughs. "I'm sure the dogs wouldn't mind the meat though. Or dragons. It might be interesting for them to eat something new." There's a grin for Kai when he orders another pastry. "You and those pastries. I'll have to learn to bake them, so I have a peace offering when you're ready to pounce on me." He gives Kai's shoulder a fond shake and kisses his forehead then, before picking up his newly filled mug.

Dtirae waves a hand, "nah, thanks, though. You look hungry 'nough for the both of us." She teases, giving the bluerider a wink. "I should be goin' soon, anyway." Another smile is given to dismiss the apologetic look given by the bluerider before she's again shifting her position, starting to edge out from the booth. "Great. Lookin' forward ta that when you guys get yer weyrs." As for the high standards, the goldrider laughs and nods. "Ain't many guys as tall as Ada." There's a pause in her movements as if she's considering P'on in a mustache before shaking her head. "Nah. He ain't got the face for it. I'll see you two later." She promises and makes her way from the both, giving a rather sloppy salute to the pair before she departs.

K'hys laughs, probably at the thought of smuggling Dtirae like contraband, soon realizing that his beer was still unopened only afer lifting it to his mouth and getting nothing out of it. Not bothered by it, he cracks it open and tosses the cap onto the table. Brown eyes slide off towards A'lin for talk of manly mustaches, groaning softly. The sound effortlessly shifts into a chuckle though, after a couple of seconds. There's nothing from the bluerider when the conversation shifts to raising and hunting wild felines, grinning though as A'lin picks on him about his sweet tooth. "Whaaaaat? I like them." he protests lightly, defending his love of all things sweet and baked. Another chuckle for the shake, quieting to a soft sound of appreciation for the kiss that comes to his forehead. "Something tells me that you don't mind being pounced so much." he comments wryly, patting the big man on the knee before he starts in on his new pastry. He's actually got a mouthful of the cream filled treat when she comments on how hungry he looked. Self-consciously, the bluerider's eyes shift about and he chews a bit more carefully before swallowing. "A growing boy needs to eat?" Excuses. Excuses. There's a blink when she says she's getting ready to leave, watching as she begins to slide out of the booth. "Already?" There's a frown for that, and a side-glance to A'lin before the bluerider nods his head. A short laugh as to the brownrider's height. "No, there really isn't." Ada was TALL. The rest that happens after this, is observed quietly, giving the goldrider a wave and then watches as she vacates the tavern. "That girl is going to burn herself out." he says, slumping back against A'lin, and biting into the other half of his pastry.

A'lin chuckles. "Hungry for pastry." There's a frown for Dei from the big man as well. "So soon?" He echos Kai's protest. "Aw. Well, there'll be a nice big party when we all graduate. We can all get nice and toasted there and feast and dance!" The brownrider grins. "I ate my vegetables while I was growing. See you, Dei." Ada then turns his attention to the bluerider. "Mm. I suppose I don't!" Mind being pounced, he means. "If you keep growing you might be as tall as me. Wouldn't that be interesting. You'd need to put on some pastry weight if you're going to be that tall, though. Or some muscle!" There's a sigh then, and a nod. "Mm. She'll be old and bitter in a turn or two."

K'hys was hungry for pastry, most of the time. He liked other things of course, but there would always be a soft spot in his heart for the things. With the goldrider gone, K'hys makes himself comfortable up against A'lin, as if now he felt he could truly relax. "I don't think she's thinking that far ahead. She has everyone pressuring her to be perfect, and she hasn't once told them to give her a break. It doesn't seem like her, to let other people walk all over her." It sounded like Kai very much missed the saucy wench with the sharp tongue he'd met one day turns ago by chance. A moment of silence, perhaps for the passing of the girl he once knew, before he turns his head to look up at the brownrider. "I'm about as tall as I'm going to be, or so the healers tell me. I was getting some pretty nasty leg aches for a while, so I asked them about it at my last physical. Growing pains. I put on an inch since I Impressed, but they said once the spurt was over that I shouldn't get them again." Information that was nice to have, yes.

A'lin knew something else K'hys was hungry for! Sweetrolls, probably. "No. I don't think she is either. It's that dragon of hers. That's where most of the pressure is coming from, I think." Which would explain more of why Dei seems to have changed a bit. And why she allowed it to happen. The frown on Ada's face says that he feels much the same way as Kai. He misses the saucy wench as well. There's a nod then to Kai about his height. "It's not good to be as tall as I am. It's harder to find clothing. Though you being a weaver it probably wouldn't be terrible. I had those pains too, when I was younger. I'm not like to grow anymore, thankfully. Alright I feel the need to duck through the doorways."

Yes, sweetrolls would hit the spot, undoubtedly. "That would explain a lot." K'hys agrees, applying a finger to the small amount of cream left on the pastry plate, scooping it up and then popping the finger into his mouth. "I'm glad that Jheth didn't want me to change anything, and that he isn't bronze. I'd rather pull hikers out of holes than be buried under politics and paperwork." The bluerider frowns and sits up straight, picking up his beer and tipping it back for a swig and then swallows. He glances at A'lin with a brow perking up into an arch, before he leans over and kisses the man right on the lips, in public. No one else in the busy tavern even so much as bats an eye at the display of affection. It lingers a few seconds, before he pulls back. "There's nothing wrong with you." he says softly, perhaps seeming out of the blue, but really it might have something to do with some of the things that Dtirae had carelessly said while she was there, or maybe K'hys liked his men big and tall. Who is to say?

A'lin chuckles a bit. "I don't think all bronzers are buried under paperwork, are they? Though they can easily become such, if they win a certain flight. Nothing like your fate being held by your dragon." Ada looks at Kai as glances at him. "Hm-" He only gets half a question out before Kai is kissing him. Ada is surprised, which is why the kiss starts out hesitant. Soon enough though the big man is relaxing into it. He blinks a bit at Kai's next statement, then chuckles a bit. "I'm glad you think so. Does that mean I can keep the mustache?" Either way, Ada didn't seem any worse for the wear. Impressing together had only served to grow him and Dtirae apart. The girl he knew as a hunter was gone.

"Well I can't exactly say I'm glad I didn't Impress gold," K'hys laughs, "That would of required some serious explanation." A'lin of all people knew all too well, that there was no chance of the bluerider ever having to had worried about that at least. There's a nod, "Neither of us are ever going to have to worry about our dragons being in control of our fate," He tips his beer to that, even if after he takes a swig and empties his mouth, he tacks on, "Other than how many children we might have." Flight babies did happen, and from the looks of things, could possibly be the only reason either of the two weyrlings ever have offspring. Kai certainly, had voiced his view on their newly found relationship that very morning at breakfast. As far as he was concerned, outside of flights, the only person in his bed would be the brownrider seated beside him. Unless of course later they decided together, that this needed to change. He had no foresight on what might happen in the sevendays, months and even turns to come. At present however, he was content with his current and solitary partner. There's another laugh, for A'lin trying to convince him again about his beloved mustache. "Don't push your luck." he playfully replies, nudging at the big man with his elbow. He takes a moment to look over the table and then to Ada, "You still want to study?" he asks, brows lifting.

A'lin laughs. "Yes. Serious explanation indeed." Ada wouldn't have had to worry about that either. But anyone who knew Ada has seen the man without a shirt. And no woman looked like -that-. "Nope. Just ourselves. I need some children! I hope you like kids. I need some strapping boys." Though Ada isn't sure how he's going to get them. Ada wasn't the type to sleep around. Or even sleep with anyone in general. It wasn't like he had a line of suitors outside his door or anything. He laughs at Kai. "Not enough to convince you, hm?" He strokes the mustache, only making it seem that much grosser. Ada looks to the books in front of them. "Hm. I suppose we ought to. I'm feeling a little muddled though. What did you want to go over?"

K'hys looks at A'lin over the mouth of his bottle, "I like kids." And he did. As soon as there was snow on the ground, it was a safe bet that the bluerider would be out there with the littles, chasing them around and building snowdragons. He'd probably make a half-way decent father someday. "I don't think I'm ready just yet to have any, if you want me to be honest." Which he always was, oddly enough. "That's of course out of my hands now that Jheth knows what greens are for." A heavy sigh follows, the mating flights he had so been looking forward to for the guiltless release, now weighing on his young shoulders. That moment passes though and for now the boy leaves alone the topic of the strapping sons that A'lin had mentioned again, probably avoiding the fact that if the brownrider wanted them he'd have to be sowing his oats elsewhere. That was something he really didn't even want to think about due to the newness of the relationship they had formed. "Nope, sorry." No convincing possible to be done here, today. He crinkles his nose as the mustache apparently seems grosser, and he reaches for the books, dragging them over once he's finished his beer. "We could just, go do…something else." he offers, grinning and wiggling his brows suggestively. Terrible, this one.

A'lin nods to Kai. "You're a little young. I'd like some in a turn or two… If I was at the hold I'd be married by now most likely. With one on the way." No surprise there, really. "I suppose I'll be subjected to Njordeth's rule as well." There's a frown as well. Both for the fact that he'll be sleeping around, and for the fact that having a family was all that much more complicated. It's soon replaced by a laugh though, and Ada finishes his beer. The brownrider raises his brow at Kai's suggestion. "What did you have in mind?" They didn't have their own weyrs yet, so finding places for sexy time was a little hard. But they were in a tavern! Conveniently. The brownrider removes his arm from around Kai's shoulders and places a big paw on his leg.

K'hys was only sixteen, he had a few turns yet before he would of been expected to find a wife and settle down with her. Fortunately for the lad, a blue dragon saved him from that fate, which in reality, he was ill suited for. Considering his, preference for male companionship. Who knows, there might of been a girl out there willing to put up with a few dalliances on the side, but knowing Kai he would of given up his happiness to be a good husband. Easily. He nods to further talk of children, stacking the books up one on top of the other in a very neat pile, and has nothing more to add. Clearly, he just wasn't ready to think about A'lin sleeping with someone else. When that paw ends up on his leg, K'hys sharply inhales and then glances towards the part of the tavern that one could go to rent a room. A smile slowly spreads on the boy's face and he leans over to whisper softly in the brownrider's ear. "Let's get a room, and I'll show you."

There would be none of that for Kai now! Nor for A'lin. Though the latter seems like he'd be fine with the holder's life. Assuming he got some young wife who was nice to him. If he had to marry some horrible woman… well then he might change his tune. None of that matters now, though! He grins a bit at Kai as the bluerider whispers to him. "Mm… Alright then." Not that he was really in a position to argue. "You want to get a bottle of wine or something to bring up?" Ada gets up and stretches out a bit. He'll at least take what's left of the snack food. They might need it, later. "Or maybe some cream filling?" He laughs and offers Kai a hand up. He can feel free to lead the brownrider wherever he wants. Ada will insist on paying for the room though, since Kai was paying for the drinks earlier.

"Yeah, we can do that." K'hys says about the wine, flagging a server down and putting an order in as well as telling him that they wanted a room. He lets A'lin handle paying for those if he insisted, but laughs as he's offered a hand up. He didn't really seem to mind getting the princess treatment now and then, and takes the hand once he's slid out of the booth and has collected the books and his jacket. There were enough snacks left to fit into two of the baskets they had brought them out in. Once up, he retains ownership of said hand, by interlacing his long slender fingers with the thicker ones of the brownrider. With the room paid for and a key given, the bluerider leads A'lin up the stairs to the second floor to find their room, bottle of wine in tow.

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