Fort Weyr - Guest Weyr and Flight Room

The guest weyr at Fort has been given as many conveniences as possible. A large, comfortable-looking bed rests against the back wall, the linens changed on a regular basis to keep them fresh. For temporary storage of personal belongings a sturdy footlocker can be found at its foot, and a table and a quartet of chairs provide a place for visitors to entertain guests if they so wish. The floor has been covered with a large rug and the walls are draped in tapestries depicting various scenes from Pern's grand history, all to help ward off the chill of the stone in the winter months. There's even a small icechest with an attached cupboard for storage of cool drinks and energizing snacks for the weyr's occupants.

Being both drunk and exhausted resulted in one thing after all that activity lead to stillness, sleep. K'hys had curled up spooned by A'lin, closed his eyes, and promptly passed out. Some time in the night they had moved, or at least Kai had, once the fire had gone out. Unattended, the flames burned themselves out, leaving the small space susceptible to the chill of the early winter night. Somehow a blanket had been pulled over them, the bluerider having rolled over onto his stomach and sprawled out. The heat that A'lin threw off at night might be the cause of the blanket barely covering the entirety his backside. The rest of him was nude as the day he was born, hair mussed and eyes closed. Kai twitches as he starts to wake all on his own, followed rapidly by a low unhappy groan. His head was the first to remind him of the previous evening, throbbing sharply.

A'lin had at some point turned over onto his back. Probably when Kai had first moved to pull the blanket over them. Now the brownrider was on his back, the blanket loosely draped over him. He's happily snoring away quietly, slow breathing since he's still fast asleep. A'lin hadn't drank that much, but it was enough to make him sleep past dawn, which was unusual. And not wake at the annoyed calls of his lifemate. Suddenly he shifts a bit, and smacks his lips with a groan. Then he unceremoniously scratches a bit between his legs.

As much as he was trying to avoid it, K'hys eventually cracks open his eyes and lets them come into focus on the door leading back out towards the feeding pens. There's a blink, confused in those first few seconds between asleep and awake, brows beginning to furrow before they quickly shoot upwards and his eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. Had he…? Aches and pains assure him he had, and there's another low moan, shutting his lids and sliding a hand up and over his face. Hangovers sucked, but to make it worse, he was starting to feel very, very, very, guilty. He'd totally taken advantage of A'lin last night. He rotates his head to press his face into the mattress, perhaps in some vain attempt to suffocate himself and end it all. Of course this doesn't work, and the bluerider shifts, very slowly propping himself up into his elbows with head hung and shoulders slumped. He remains thus for a few moments, and then oh so carefully turns his head to peek over at A'lin.

A'lin groans again as Kai moves. His eyes blink blearily awake for a moment, then he pulls the blanket up over himself further. "Nrm… it's cold." He yawns a bit and then slowly sits up, rubbing his face. "Hm? What time is it?" A'lin has a pretty good idea of what happened last night. By the time they were all finished he was sober for certain. He hasn't really thought about what it all meant though. Or where things might go. Or how he felt about it, or how Kai felt about it either. Suddenly though he turns the blanket aside and gets out of the bed. There's a grunt from the big man as he trots to the washroom. "The floor is really cold!" He warns as he relieves himself.

"I'm not sure," K'hys replies softly, nothing available in the room to give the exact time. "But, it's daylight outside." Which meant not only would he get in trouble for getting plastered, but again for missing curfew and staying out all night. As the brownrider gets up and moves off towards the washroom, all Kai can do is watch really, and maybe hang his head a little more once the older guy was out of sight. His body protests movement and so he just lowers himself back down curling a hand up by his face and maybe even pulling the covers up a bit more over himself. He believed A'lin when the man said the floor was cold, as the room itself was enough of an indication. With his head reminding him constantly that he was a moron, Kai closes his eyes again and tries to relax. Flipping out was not going to solve anything, other than make them both feel like crap. So he simplywaits for Ada to finish making water and return.

A'lin nods to Kai about the time. More chores. Perhaps. Though they might be able to get out of them now that some of the weyrlings were in their own weyrs. Surely the rules about curfew had been relaxed as well. And they could weasel their way out of getting into trouble. It's not like they'd left the weyr, after all. And Njordeth had probably even been back at the barracks last night. Once Ada is done relieving himself he heads over to get the fire started back up. Maybe he was avoiding getting back into the bed? But eventually he does, once the fire has started back up again and the chill is going out of the room. He sits down on the side and looks at Kai. "…did you sleep alright?"

K'hys either was chickening out of getting up for various reasons, or he didn't need to relieve himself just yet. As A'lin stokes the fire and tends to it for a few minutes, he bluerider does eventually brave moving, though there's some very stifled sounds of discomfort coming from him as he does. He manages to prop himself up on the pillows at the head of the bed, sitting up and leaning back against them while sliding beneath the blankets properly. When the brownrider comes back and sits on the edge of the bed, Kai nods lightly, lips pursing as he seems to be searching for the right thing to say at a time like this. Sorry for getting slobbing drunk and forcing myself on you? That just didn't seem to cut it. "Yeah." he murmurs, licking his lips back into their proper place, glancing briefly at his friend and then back down again. Oh the awkward was beyond epic at this point. "You don't hate me or anything, do you?" Blunt, it was like K'hys' trademark move when all else failed.

A'lin frowns a bit at Kai's noises of discomfort. The poor guy. If only A'lin was smaller! He knew he was going to end up hurting the bluerider. Ada isn't hurriedly getting dressed and running out the door, though, right? He's thinking about it though. Depending on how K'hys reacts. There's a blink then for the younger rider. "Hm? No… I don't hate you. Why would I hate you?" He frowns then. "Do you hate me? You look like.. you're in pain. I couldn't really tell how drunk you were last night… sorry. I tried to go slow." He sighs a bit.

If A'lin had grabbed his clothes and ran, that probably really have been the worse case scenario for K'hys, and had done far more damage than the awkwardness of the morning after a drunken tumble happening now. There are no complaints though from the bluerider for the physical discomfort, perhaps even down playing it because of how little it mattered. As for why he would think that A'lin would hate him, Kai can only shrug his shoulders the way that most teenagers do when they don't know what to say. He takes a breath though, and slowly lets it out. "Because I forced myself on you." You could hardly rape the willing, but the boy didn't seem to recall the fact that Ada hadn't exactly been pushing him away last night. When asked if he hated the him, Kai blinks and stares at the brownrider for a few seconds, "I'm a little sore, and my head is killing me." he replies honestly, still in that soft quiet voice. A sigh, and K'hys reaches out to gently rest a palm against the side of the big man's face. "There is no way I could hate you." His tone had taken on a decidedly softer tone, as he brushes the pad of his thumb over Ada's cheekbone. A second later, he chuckles. "I'd ask for an encore now that we're sober, if I thought for a second you wouldn't run out that door screaming."

A'lin gives K'hys a serious frown at his suggestion of why Ada might hate him. "You didn't force yourself on me. I wasn't drunk. I could have said no." And if K'hys had pressed his luck… well, Ada has got quite a bit of weight and muscle on the bluerider. A punch from Ada could easily knock a man twice Kai's size off his feet. The brownrider give K'hys a smile about his head and reaches over to fondly rub his hair. He slides up closer to him on the bed and pulls him into a proper hug. "An encore! Shells and bells, Kai. I thought you were sore? And I think we're both a little dehydrated from last night anyways." Excuses Excuses?

The bluerider's brows crease and meet towards the middle, "Why, didn't you?" he asks, and really he had to know that this question was coming. It was the next obvious step in trying to figure out what last night was and what it had meant to either of them. "I'm not saying that I regret anything, other than drinking too much that is." Cough. "But, I never got the impression you'd even thought of men that way, let alone me." Ah, there it was, the real question under all of it. Had A'lin slept with him, because, he felt something for Kai? Something, other than pity? Even though he had asked this, it was pretty obvious that K'hys was worried about the answer, but something in his expression said that all he wanted was the truth. Perhaps, to help him sort out his own feelings. The hair rubbing has the boy closing his eyes. The hug though, is returned, Kai wrapping his arms as best he can around Ada's neck. "I am, a bit." Obviously not enough that he felt it would interfere with a second round. His arms tighten around the former hunter. "So go get us some water or something." Did he think that A'lin was just making excuses? It's very possible.

A'lin rubs his hands over his head. "I… I don't know, really. I don't usually think of men that way, no. Maybe it's because we're so close. Or maybe it's because I thought you needed some comfort. Or that I haven't… you know, in so long… It's all a little confusing to me, Kai. Sleeping with other men isn't acceptable where I grew up. But I live at the weyr now…" Ada frowns at his own response. "Sorry… I wish I had a better answer. I don't want you to think I don't care about you, though. I just… I guess I'm trying to sort my feelings out." Blue eyes study Kai for a moment. "I'd be taking advantage of you. And will be, if we continue this before I… figure myself out."

K'hys relinquishes his hold on A'lin, retracting his arms and drawing his legs up to his chest, everything from the waist down covered by the sheets he'd pulled up to cover himself. He folds his arms over his knees and rests his chin on top, leaning over himself somewhat. "It's not acceptable where I grew up either." Kai says a touch flat, as if he felt that he had to remind his friend yet again that even if he had always been open about his sexuality with Ada, that the bluerider was no less holdbred then he was. He goes quiet for a time, listening to what the other man had to say, jaw tightening. It seems that he was struggling himself, to figure out why what happened last night happened. Lashes lower, dropping something wet to the light colored sheets, darkening the fabric in spots. "Okay." He didn't seem to know what else to say to all that, a hand coming up and roughly rubbing the heel of his palm in a swiping motion over his eyes.

A'lin wrings his hands a bit, his own jaw clenching a bit as Kai moves away from him. He gives the bluerider the sad puppy-dog look. "Kai… I…" There's a long moment of silence there, then Ada's brows suddenly furrow. "This is ridiculous. I'm my own man, I live at a weyr, not at the hold. Why should it be any different if you're a man or a woman. My feelings are my feelings! Why should it be easier if you're a woman?" Ada pulls K'hys back over into a hug. He can't get away that easily! He leans his head against the bluerider's and kisses away those wet streaks on his cheeks. "Don't cry, Kai. Don't mind me. You'll just have to remind me how silly it is to fret over whether you're a man or a woman. For some reason I keep thinking it matters."

K'hys couldn't even look at A'lin right then, hugging his own knees tight to his chest and keeping his gaze lowered. Whatever was going on inside that head of his was nothing he was saying out loud, shared only perhaps with Jheth who had learned in the last turn and a half to keep his lifemate's secrets. When the silence falls between them, the bluerider remains where he is, trying to keep his sniffles as quiet and infrequent as possible. Anyone who knew Kai well, knew that the last thing that he would ever do is try and guilt trip someone into anything. However, he couldn't help how he reacted to the things that had been said or done, anymore than he could help having brown eyes or a blue dragon. He's actually surprised when he's pulled into a hug, his eyes widening at some of the things that are coming out of the brownrider's mouth. Little by little, his brows crease and pinch together, eyes filling up and then spilling over his cheeks. As much as he was trying to avoid it, teeth clenched and all, but finally breaks down into soft sobs. Once again, he wraps arms around A'lin's neck, and holds him tight and close.

Leave it to A'lin to try to come up with some sort of logical solution to an emotional problem. Of course if anyone can fit a round peg into a square hole, it seemed to be Ada. His life had changed significantly since he'd left home, so what was a little more change to the big man? He holds Kai nice and close. "Sorry… I came out to help cheer you up. Now I'm making you cry worse than before. I'm not very good at this stuff. And that has nothing to do with you being a man or a woman or anything like that. Just me." He rubs the bluerider's back as soothingly as he can. "If you still want… to have sex, I mean… I'm okay with it. But don't force yourself… I'm still a little afraid I'll hurt you."

Shaking his head, K'hys holds A'lin even tighter, half out of the covers and not really caring. The soft sobbing continues, not saying anything at all otherwise. He didn't blame Ada for anything, not even for his emotional state right then. It had been a very rough couple of days for him, and now this. Sixteen turns didn't quite prepare someone for things of this nature. There's not much else but the bluerider having himself a nice long cry, but the way he clings to A'lin would make it difficult for the guy to do much else than just take it like a man and continue with the comforting backrub. At mention of sex, Kai tenses however slight, fingers at the back of the brownrider's neck petting the soft fuzz that his buzz cut had left behind. It takes him a minute, but he unravels himself some and leans back bringing his forehead to rest against Ada's temple. Again with the lowered lashes and the solemn expression, his cheeks wet and his nose a little red. He sniffles some, still holding the other rather tightly. "I don't want you to do all this just for me, Ada." he says in a voice thickened by upset, "You need to figure out what's best for you. What you really want, and who you want it with. I don't want you to do this just because you're nervous I might be upset or angry with you. It'll just hurt later when you figure out that you're just this super sensitive guy with a big heart that tried to help a friend, and got sucked into something he wasn't into because of it. You have to be sure, Ada. I don't think I could handle being heartbroken again." At least not soon after having it torn out and stomped on, that is.

A'lin has that scolded puppy look as Kai pulls back from him a bit looking red-nosed and swollen-eyed. "If I'm going to do this with anyone Kai, I would want it to be you. You're the closest friend I've had here since I came to Fort." Even considering Dei and all the other hunters. "I liked the way things felt last night. I like having you close to me like this. Maybe that's not enough for something lasting… but all these feelings are new to me, Kai. It's not just pity." He frowns. "I don't think I'm ready to get weyrmated or anything that serious… If just this isn't enough for you, then I'm sorry Kai. But if you can settle for just taking things one day at a time, I'll try not to break your heart." There's a bit of a sigh from the brownrider.

Those lashes lift as A'lin starts talking again, clearly still upset from everything that has been going on with K'hys, considering the way those puffy eyes of his are getting all glassy again. He listens quietly, a random blink causing the moisture build up to drop down his cheeks, his grip on the brownrider never loosening. He closes his eyes at some point, nodding his head very very minutely, one thumb sliding up and down at the back of Ada's neck. There was no shortage of affection for the brownrider, that was for sure. Kai remains silent, even after the former hunter sighs, his expression one that was difficult to read. He could just be considering everything, from what gone on in the last two turns, to what had been said moments ago. What the bluerider does next, is let out a very soft sigh of his own. "Kiss me?" he asks, in a voice very low and almost breathy. It seems that he had come to a decision. He was in fact willing to take this, whatever it was, one day at a time and give it a chance to be whatever it was going to be. After all, what was life, without possibilities.

A'lin brushes the moisture away from Kai's cheeks with the backs of his fingers. It doesn't seem like Ada is in a hurry to go anywhere. Unless Kai wants to kick him out. There's definitely some affection for the bluerider as well, not that Ada was ever short on affection. At Kai's request, Ada's fingers curl around Kai's neck and he pulls him in for a kiss. Now on top of the mustache Ada's got a nice five o'clock shadow going as well. So he's tickly. But the kiss is nice. Not hesitant or awkward. Not for Ada, at least. Where would things lead? Who could say really. Things were certain to be rough on Ada next time he saw Dei, and his heart was pulling him in two different directions.

K'hys was holding onto A'lin pretty fiercely, even possessively. It was entirely possible that all of this was scaring him. Not the brownrider himself, but rather of the unknown they had decided to walk into together. Hand in hand, as it were. Life was full of choices, whether this turned out to be the right one, remained to be seen. Swallowing, his tongue emerges from his mouth to pass over his lips when Ada brushes the tears off his cheeks so tenderly and he might even be trembling some. For all the confidence and self-assurance that Kai showed most given days, underneath it all there was a still a frightened little boy. When Ada's fingers curl to the back of his neck, K'hys tilts his head some to one side and kisses the man back, lacking the passion and insistence of the night before, but not it's sweetness or desire. There's some twitching and then a smile, followed soon there after by a very soft chuckle before the kiss breaks. Kai doesn't go very far, just a fraction of an inch. "Hmm, tickles." he murmurs, one hand coming around to apply the tip of a finger to the stubble and mustache in what could only be considered a caress. The bluerider didn't even have peach fuzz to worry about, just as smooth cheeked as he had been the night before.

A'lin wasn't ever sure of himself when it came to matters like this. He needed Kai to guide him, more or less. Ada gives Kai a squeeze once the kiss is over, to help keep him from trembling. He gives the bluerider a mustachioed grin at the notion of it tickling. He opens up blue eyes to meet with Kai's. "So… are you still wanting me to shave it? People might not recognize me without it." He gives Kai another short kiss. "We're like to be in trouble if we linger here all day. Njordeth is already grumping at me." Which means if the bluerider wanted another go, he'd have to speak up. Though still Ada isn't getting up to get his clothes.

K'hys wasn't going anywhere, and he was the patient sort, the kinda that was as willing to teach as he was to learn. The bluerider makes a soft sound as he's squeezed, meeting the pale blue of the brownrider's gaze. He takes a minute to look his face over, as if considering the question asked of him, but when he's done his expression turns slightly sheepish. "Yes." There's even a flush across his still faintly splotchy cheeks. He did in fact, want that mustache gone. He had drawn the man without it, so he knew what to expect at least. They both did. He blinks, staring some though not long after. "Ada, I don't think anyone is going to have trouble recognizing you." The guy was tall and very buff, a mountain of a man, there was little chance that a missing mustache was going to make identification impossible. He kisses him back though, brows lifting as he's reminded that they had been out all night and would likely be missed soon. "Do you want to?" he asks, that finger wandering down over the brownrider's chest, and stomach, "I wouldn't want Njordeth to be mad at you." Or madder, perhaps.

A'lin chuckles a bit at Kai's response about the mustache. "Well… I'll think about it." He says. It's almost a teasing tone. "Growing my hair would be easier for me, honestly. I've had this mustache since I could grow one. Like my father, and my uncles. Though several of them have big beards, as well. I could do a beard, if that would be better. A big mane to make me look enormous!" He laughs a bit. Kai would never go for it. He wanted less hair, not more. Ada puffs up his chest as the bluerider hand moves down his torso. "Mm. I do. Njordeth can wait a while longer. He's just out flying anyways. Me being there doesn't matter too much." His own hands slide down to Kai's backside to rub at the pert little globes back there.

K'hys tilts his head some again, this time the other direction, scrunching his nose and sulking again. Teasing him about that mustache. Pout. He was putting some effort into trying to be being less upset and more playful, after all, he'd just stumbled into claiming himself a boyfriend somehow. He could even, in a few days or so, start to wonder if what happened with Th'ero and Kimmila was the best thing that could of. His eyes widen at the tale of the beards and the possibility of A'lin growing one, for a split second he might even believe that the guy was serious, mouth partially opening in protest. Nope, he wouldn't go for it even for a second. The only place he wanted more hair on the brownrider was his head. If only to have something to hold onto or brush his fingers through. He does chuckle again, as his backside is rubbed, brushing the last of the moisture that had gathered in his eyes away before it had a chance to make a scene. "Good." he says, upon hearing that Ada wanted to try it again, this time with the both of them off the sauce. He slides out of the bed though, a bit stiffly, and moves off towards the washroom. "I need to wash up, could you maybe grab a fresh jar from the drawer and build up a good fire? I'll meet you on the furs." On the floor? Indeed. With that, he closes the door and water can be heard running.

A'lin rubs Kai's head affectionately at that sulk. He might just ask the bluerider to shave it off for him. While he's drunk or something. It wouldn't take long for Ada to grow a beard. Maybe a week or so. He might even do it as a lark, if he has to be away for an extended period. Ada nods to Kai as he gives out some instructions while he heads into the washroom. Ada gets up and tends to the fire. He gets it roaring, to the point that when Kai comes back out the room will actually be hot. He also lays a few logs close to it, so they can toss them in quickly afterwards. He makes the bed as well, a frivolous effort, since someone was like to be in to change the sheets. He's also picked up and folded their clothing, and set them out on the bed. Finally he grabs another jar, blinking at everything else in the drawer. When Kai comes out Ada is on the rug with the jar next to him, unopened. He didn't want to get a head start or anything.

K'hys is actually in that washroom for some time, and it wouldn't take a genius to figure out he was cleaning up after last night's little romp. Maybe even found a little numbweed in the medicine cabinet to apply. He also, at some point, flushes the toilet. The door does open though, a few towels on the floor in there, left to be tended to by whoever's job it was to clean up the guest weyrs. Brown eyes dart to the bed, finding it made and their clothing folded. Well, if they ever did become weyrmates, they wouldn't ever have to argue about who was going to be doing the tidying. This thought just might be the reason that Kai begins to smile softly, setting his gaze on A'lin and lowering himself down to his knees beside him. He crooks a finger at him with a chuckle, before he slips a hand behind his neck and pulls him close to him for a kiss.

A'lin tries to find things to do to keep him busy. He'd considered heading out to get some more firewood, but that would take him outside of the weyr. And he couldn't shave or anything without access to the washroom. He does dispose of the empty booze bottle. And maybe he takes a swig or two of the other. It's on the bed as well, its cap on, should either of them need a drink. Kai might want one to dull his headache. Ada was the type to do all his chores and whatnot, and to keep things neat and clean. Once Kai is back from the washroom Ada looks up at him. "Feeling better?" He slides over towards the bluerider, his hands at the back of his head to return the kiss. "Mmm…"

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