Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge

The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Sure is a dead night tonight. Mostly lone drinkers spread around the bar, with the exception of a rather rowdy bunch of guards in the far corner. While the rest of the bar is rather quiet, a pair of harpers playing a slow sad tune, there is an occasional burst of laughter and shouting from the guards. However, there is plenty of seating. Especially at the bar where sits a single man.

That man is the guard Yurolt. He wears a loose fitting woolen shirt and rough leather pants. His whole appearance describes off duty. Based on his slumping manner it's a safe bet that he's been here for a while.

Hotaru heads into Shenanigans whenever she feels like playing a bit of pool usually. Or trying to extort money out of patrons by pretending she's terrible at pool and then beating the pants off them when the bets start. She wanders in tonight in a pair of baggy pants and a sweatshirt type of shirt with a hood. After scanning the patrons she heads over to the bar. "Whiskey and water please." She tells the bartender then looks over at the lone figure. "Lightning bolt?"

Yurolt glances over at who can only be Hotaru, no one else calls him that. "Hey you…" A long drink of his mug. He's drunk, but apparently not that drunk. "Having a good day?" His smile is lopside and accents his recently acquired scar down the left side of his face.

T'us enters from the living caverns.

Hotaru hops up onto the stool next to Yurolt and tries to access how drunk he is. "I suppose so." She says in answer to his question, leaning on the bar a bit to face him. When the bartender delivers her drink she nods to him and picks it up to swirl it around a bit. "Looks like you're having a good night at least. What are you drinking? Also how come you're not over with the rest of the guards?"

Abigail glances around the room as she makes her way on inside, its been a while since she was allowed in this place, an even now she feels a touch out of place. A brown firelizard settled upon her shoulder seeming rather happy as he is chewing on a meatroll he snagged from somewhere. She catches sight of Hotaru and Yurolt and heads on towards where the pair happen to be. "Hey guys." Is said with a smile and slight wave.

Yurolt tips his glass to look at it's contents, almost as if he's not sure what in there. "Uh…beer. I think. It's all kind of tasting the same…" He drains the glass and motions to the bar hop. Upon hearing Abigail, he spins in his seat and smiles. "Howdy." He spins a few more times with a slight "Wheee." Turning back to the bar he waves to the bar hop once more and says, "I owe you a drink…I think." Gesturing towards the seat next to him, he urges Abi to sit. Back to Hotaru, "They just graduated. Proper guards now. I out rank them." He laughs loudly, since he is only a private first class.

Hotaru gives a wave to Abbey as she makes her way over. "Hey, Abbey. How's it hanging? Are you guys allowed to drink yet?" Hotaru stands up on the rungs of her stool to lean over and see if she can tell what Yurolt is drinking. Hotaru helps Yurolt spin by shoving his legs a bit with her own. "Ah. So that means you're not allowed to drink with them then?" The red-head takes a long sip of her drink and then pushes her glasses up her nose.

Abigail watches Yurolt a few moments, a brow lifting and she hums softly before sitting down upon the free seat. "Been here long have ye Yurolt?" A hand lifts to push a few curls back from her face. "Aye we're allowed to drink some. Off in my own weyr now so it works out I think." She hasn't had a drink in forever it seems, not that it did much to her to start with. Her pale gaze settles on Yurolt's drink trying to figure out what he is drinking. "How ye been Hotaru?" This questioned while she waits for the bartender to come back over and she points to what Yurolt is drinking for one of her own.

There's yet another group making a commotion as they slog through the entrance to the sports tavern, all harpers by the looks of it. They have a general air of humor about them and good cheer, one or two even have slung instruments over their shoulders, because what would harpers be without their tools of the trade, like guards without weapons one would suppose! Most of the are in fact journeymen, a master perhaps in the crowd, an apprentice - an apprentice who shares a knot of a Weyr and is therefore exempt of most of the normal apprentice rules. A reason then for the red head to be dragged into the mess of going to drink. T'us has someone's arms around his shoulders, a friendly journeyman whose got wide stories to tell if his swinging outstretched arm was any indication. The group move through the crowd with smiling faces, taking up a large table not too far off from the bar and those already sitting at it. "Beer! Whiskey!" shouts of want they want reach the serving maids, the group pulling spare chairs over and building an extra table to the one they've picked already. There's about twelve of them, noisy, sharing stories of the Hall, harpering, maybe the latest gossip to be had, some jokes and jests. T'us, a ginger as he is, is easy to spot in amongst the others, but, he blends in with them at the same time, wearing harper blue as if they had all just come from some performance, which was entirely likely.

Yurolt nods to Hotaru, "Uh huh. Besides, they're sooo boring. Never done anything but training." He rubs his right leg a little after Ru helps him spin. Though he's healed up now, the leg still hurts occasionally. Another more vigorous nod is sent Abs' way. The bar tender nods too, confirming that Yurolt has been here, a long while. Seeing the barman Yurolt raps his knuckles on the bar and says, "Whatever they're drinking, put it on my tab." His thumb indicated Abi and Ru. The guard is momentarily snapped out his drunken stupor by the extreme entrance of harpers, lots of harpers. A shrug and he's back to his drink and the ladies with him.

The pair of harpers already playing liven up a bit seeing their blue brethren. Perhaps they'll trade off a bit.

Hotaru nods to Abbey. "Ooh, new weyrs? I'll have to come up for a visit sometime. Also I'll have to visit D'ani unannounced. Maybe really early one morning or something." She grins to Abbey. "I'm good. I met a weyrling brownrider at Eastern the other day." Hotaru looks over when the noisy group of harpers comes in, and downs the rest of her drink. Then she grins and rubs her hands together. "Jackpot." She says with a sly look on her face. Hotaru peers at Yurolt then. "What do you do other than train?" She asks in a teasing fashion. "You don't have to pay for my drinks." Not that she's going to get into a big argument if he wants to.

Abigail smirks while she peers at Yurolt a few moments, she rolls up her sleeves, a bracelt still rests around her right wrist, which is about the only jewelry she has on. " Yer more then welcome ta come vist mine Hotaru. Just don't ye dare do that to D'ani. I really don't want to have ta untie ye from some place again." Yes she remembers having to do that. As for Yurolt she shakes her head a moment. "Don't make me have to cart yer arse back to yer bunk. I'm sure Niumdreoth would just love to drag ye there ta teach ye a lesson." Idle threats of course. She glances over towards the sounds of others coming into the tavern, her gaze following after the harpers while she titls her head. "Who do ye train Yurolt. An no need to pay for my drink, really." Her gaze lingers on the Harpers though seemingly looking for someone that may or may not be with them. It actually takes her a few moments before she catches sight of T'us, which makes her smile, a hand lifting to wave towards him if he should perhaps look over.

The group is in a good mood, since when are harper's not? If they have a poor performance, it's stricken from the records since guess what, they usually do those too! There's no reason to be moody when harpering, and most of the group at the table, a mix of men and women, though mostly men to be honest, do boast of their stories, with one or two being the most captivating with story telling that the others all cran their heads and stare toward the speaker. In one of those big crowd dynamics, there's burst of laughter at one point or another, large grins and gests. Of course this means attention turns to them, most whom are used to it, some who are not. As for the harpers up stage, they are not left unacknowledged. In fact a couple of the twelve, those who brought their instruments with them, are already in the mood to play and are leaping up on stage in a dramatic fan fair of bold gestures and words. They'll greet their brethren and promptly call for more stools, joining in with the tune already started to get it turning to a lively tavern jig.

T'us seems amused by those he's out with, joining in with the laughter, the talk, the drinks! The bartenders are quick to serve and the maids speedy to earn tips! Harpers tip well don't you know! Keep them well watered and they'd bring in more business to a tavern than on any other night. So ales all around, with shots of whiskey floating in between. Shots are lifted, a toast is made, and with clinks on the table, the whiskey tossed back. T'us too, taking part, shaking his head and chasing quick with the ale. And while he didn't notice the wave from Abigail, one of his mates did. There's a bold pointed gesture over toward the bar, amongst getting jostled, T'us looks back over to see Abi at the bar. Some urgings follow, loudly, and most humiliating for him, to get on over there. Some whoots and hollars, laughs, and winks follow the ginger as he staggers out of his chair and makes his way over toward the Fortian weyrling.
"Abi!" scratch of the back of his head, a smirk, eyes turning toward her companions, nodding, then back to Abi, "Not fishing today?" What a way to start. Oh well.

Yurolt only vaguely listens to the conversation between Abs and Ru, giving a slight rise of his eyebrow at the mention having to untie Hotaru. Interesting image to say the least. The guard's main attention is focused on the increasingly interesting harpers. However, Ru's remark about doing nothing but training himself ruffles the guard's feathers. His voice takes a tone of false indignation as he says, "I'll have you know, I was grievously wounded in battle. Nerely killed!" His remark drips with sarcasm, even though it is true. As for Abi's question, a quick wave toward the newly graduated guards and, "That lot. And any new recruits we get." Now to the both of them, "I've no need for my wages…I'll spend them as I see fit." Perhaps that last bit comes out a bit more bitter than he'd intended, but now he blinks to focus his eyes on this harper approaching.

Hotaru laughs a bit at Abbey. "Where would he tie me to? His own bed? That might look a bit funny to whoever had to come rescue me. But I'll at least give him a bit of warning if I go up there." Even if it's not much. Hotaru grins a bit at Abbey's threat to Yurolt. "Is that a common thing for you to have to do?" There's a brow raised at all the hooting and hollering by the harpers, which remains as T'us moves over towards Abbey. Hotaru tilts her head at Yurolt. "What does that mean? You need to train more, then?" She peers at him. "If you don't want your wages, I'll take them off your hands." Hotaru wiggles her glass at the bar keep to indicate she wants another when he gets around to it.

Abigail peers at Yurolt a few moments. "Hey, I was there during that battle. While ye did get hurt and could have died don't go tossing it around with the sarcasm bit." As for why she would need to untie Hotaru she won't go into great detail on it as she picks up her drink and takes a sip from it. "Could just save yer wages for a rainy day Yurolt. What I did with mine." Under a rock somewhere in the forest knowing her. "Seeing how he has a dragon and can fly ye just about anywhere may be good not to tempt fate in ther regard." She doesn't think D'ani would tie Hotaru to his bed that is for sure! Her gaze turns to T'us and there is a warm smile seen before a soft chuckle escapes her. "No, not at the moment. Seems I brought the wrong bait and poles for that matter." There is amusement seen across her face as she says part of that, T'us should know why. She points to a stool next to her. "Want to take a seat?"

There's something about being nearly killed and spending wages that causes T'us to reconsider one of Abi's companions more thoroughly. Some inner courage, likely the whiskey and the earlier consumption of pre-tavern drinks, has him send a lazy smile at Yurolt, "You'll have to regale us with your battle then!" Maybe it'll get turned into a song or something, right? But then again, his attention is really Abi, since the familiarity is only natural to revert back to in a foreign atmosphere. In time to hear Hotaru's remark to Yurolt about taking wages off his hands, he gives the pair a smirk, though he's not so brave as to impose any further than that. There's a rather amused grin on his face for Abi's response to him, chuckling softly, "Maybe not. I'm here, aren't I?" Ah, boldness, maybe the trick is drinking, or the harpers, one or the other. The invitation has him perching up on the offered stool, swinging around so his elbows are back against the bar top, tilting his head back enough to see Hotaru and Yurolt, "Hi. Name's T'us. Sorry to crash," and not just himself there at the bar, but for the group he's with.

The guard is taken aback by Abi's rebuke for his battle remark. He does manage to stick his foot in his mouth around her alot. "I…Well if we can't laugh at ourselves…" That's an expression isn't it? He gives the harper, no, dragonharper a hopeful look. As if to say, back me up here. He wonders once again about Ru and D'ani. Something is odd with that whole arrangement. However, he says, "No, I think I'll be more generous with my marks. Seems a shame to give them all to you." He gives her a sheepish grin, all in good fun. As for the new add, the guard throws out his hand in greeting. "Yurolt. No crashing when it comes to harpers…Riders get a free pass too." Another lopesided grin, pulled slightly down on the left side by his scar. "I'll take you up on that tale sometime, though Abi was there too. I can't take all the credit…Barkeep, another round, and whatever poison he likes." His rough thumb indicates the dragonharper. He /is/ drunk, but generous.

Hotaru ponders for a moment. "I don't think my parents would be very pleased if I was tied up someplace random by a bronzer. And I don't think D'ani wants a reputation as a kidnapper. Or maybe he does, then everyone would leave him alone. Forever, probably." Even the red-head might be mad at the bronzer about that. Hotaru leans a bit so she can look at the harper while he introduces himself. "Hi Tush." Did she hear him right? "You're not really crashing, so no need to apologize." The odd thing about D'ani and Hotaru is that there isn't any arrangement. Hotaru just likes to annoy the bronzer, and it seems pretending to be his girlfriend or just hanging around him was the easiest means to that end. Hotaru grins to Yurolt then. "What if I made it worth your while?" She pokes at the guard.

It does seem Abigail and Yorult have a ways with words over and over it seems. She lifts her hand to give Yorult's shoulder a slight pat though to show its only talk and to not think on it long. "Joke about it in a few turns. Not when yer still dealing with the aches from it." She peers over at Hotaru and seems amused, a soft chuckle escapes her. "Well, true that. Just keep yer firelizard around in case I have to come find ye though." Better safe than sorry right? She glances to T'us and smiles a soft chuckle heard. "Aye ye do have a point there. I'll have to remember to use the bait more often then." A wink is sent towards T'us and she leans just a hair closer to him. "Not crashing in the least, nice ta see ye again." She pauses once Hotaru talks about making it worth Yurolt's something and angles a glance towards the girl with a raised brow. Oh she wants to hear this it seems, a sip is taken from her mug while she waits for the outcome.

The expression from the ginger for Yurolt's easy going attitude, lopesided grin and all, is actually relief. There's no telling what moods people can be in when they've started upon the drink and are interrupted. Yet, it soon falls to concern for the news of an actual battle that Abi was involved in, his eyes flashing to her quickly, brows lifted. What hole has he been living in? Well, obviously some news doesn't leak too much out of Fort or didn't reach the international news press! Either way, there's no hiding the utter concern behind that hazel eyed gaze, "Abi? What happened?" Maybe more serious now instead of something to be laughed at, only that the generous offer breaks up, "Oh… Um well, that's very kind of you Yurolt." T'us, awkward as he is, makes a friendly nod of thanks to Yurolt, having to answer the bar keep for a honey ale to keep his thirst quenched. There's a shifted glance to Hotaru for the name, but did he hear her right? Tush, T'us. Well, that's close and it's noisy inside, leaving her to her conversation with Yurolt. Safer that way for this red head. And bold as he may be, he does lean over toward Abigail when Abi goes his way, attempting an arm around her waist-er-chair-er whatever is closer and if he's allowed.

Yurolt is with Abi on this one, and drunk enough to take the bait. "What…uh…what exactly did you have in mind?" He directs his question to Hotaru and cautiously sips at his beer. The guard catches Abi's pat and seems to take it's meaning. Maybe. And in a few turns, OH the joking he will do. However, he wonders if Abi saw his absent rub of his leg earlier, he thought he'd hidden it well. Being in control of his wits, barely, he picks up on the exchange between T'us and Abi, and turns himself slightly away. More toward Hotaru now. He does nod to T'us and give him a wink. "Enjoy the beer, you're on my tab for the night…But..uh..Don't let her exagerate. I was /only/ amazing." He means the battle and Abigail's retelling, bound to be heard shortly. However, she'll probably poke a giant hole in Yurolt's version of the story. Meh, he's drunk enough not to care.

Hotaru grins to Abigail and nods. "Oh, don't worry, I will. Just in case. I have something planned for D'ani anyways. A little thank you prank to get him back for that time. Also for impressing without me." Hotaru likes to think up nicknames, so it's hard to tell if she was kidding or if she couldn't hear him. Maybe if she calls him that again he can correct her. Hotaru grins to Yurolt. "I dunno. You don't want marks. Well, there must be something you want." Hotaru leans her elbow on the bar and her head on her hand, looking at the guard expectantly. "We could go on a date. You could buy me dinner or something. That might be fun."

Abigail just watches Hotaru a few moments, a soft oy escaping her before she shakes her head. "Ye know how hard it is to deal with D'ani." Hotaru got tied up that one, D'ani then yanked Abbey off her feet during that training bit, not that she didn't send him sprawling by the end of it. At the questions from T'us on what happened at Gold Hill a soft ah escapes her while she peers back to him. His arm does wind up at her waist as she is seated upon a stool with not backing, and she doesn't make him move it either. "The weyrlings was helping with the injured people, didn't run into any problems really as we was so far outside of the hold." Oh she just sort of skips over the part where she shot someone with an arrow it seems. "As for everything with Yurolt he should tell that tale as I wasn't in that group I don't really know truthfully how brave he was." She at least called Yurolt brave right? An yes she did see him go to rub that leg of his, she's been hurt before she knows how long it takes to heal, and the aches that it leaves. "It was just craziness how everything happened. None of it should have played out that way." Hell she was a guard and never saw anything close to that before.

"Thank you," this intoned again for the generous offer from Yurolt, a complete stranger, even if he was drunk. Would the guard regret it in the morning when he had to pay the tab? This poor dragonharper can't say he'll be there to find out, so for now he takes the honey ale when it arrives, nodding to the bartender and returning his gaze between Abi and Yurolt, for some insight to the tale of this battle. Why had he not heard of it? A little distressing to be sure, hazel eyes flipping to Abigail yet again, distracted by Hotaru's prodding Yurolt for a date, which that alone earns a smirk. Something's up with him tonight because he pipes in, "Take her up on it. Dates are hard to come by!" As for the confusing explanation of what happened, well, maybe it really wasn't the right time and place for it now, considering his arm landed just right and he wasn't being rebuffed - imagine that! "Well um… glad you're both okay…then…" Cause understanding what happened from what Abigail said, well, he's no mind reader and any news was kept local, which he is not.

It's like T'us is reading Yurolt's mind. Not that he's not awesome, handsome and a pretty swell guy, but dates are hard to come by. He nods to Hotaru, but raises an eyebrow as well, not quite certain what angle she's playing. "Sure. Why not? But won't D'ani be jealous?" He grins that stupid sheepish grin of his. And now to T'us and Abigail, he gets to regail his epic tail of glory. Only not. "Tell be honest, I don't remember most of it. I lost alot of blood. We were landed on the fireheights at Gold Hill and got cut off from the other guards. If Iarohana was here, she'd know more." Or maybe not, she was unconscious afterall. Perhaps he can get ahold of the official report someday. All he knows is he killed alot more people than he cares to mention.

Hotaru shrugs a bit. "I suppose I do. One would think he'd just tell me to go away after a while if I'm that annoying." The red-head listens to Abbey recant some of the tale of Gold Hill. Hotaru hadn't been involved in any of that, having been outside of the weyr at the time. But people were still talking about it. And some people were still hurting from it, it would seem. Hotaru wasn't prodding Yurolt. She just suggested it, that was all. She does grin as T'us supports her suggestion. Hotaru laughs at Yurolt. "Maybe, but he'll never admit it. He'll just act relieved." Hotaru hops down from her chair. "Alright then, it's a date. We can talk out the details later I guess. But I just remembered I have to be up for breakfast chores tomorrow, so I should head back." She waves to Abbey and Tush. "I guess I'll let you pick up the tab, Lightning Bolt. Don't over do it though." There was always the possibility he wouldn't remember any of this tomorrow anyways!

Abigail perhaps meant for it to be a bit confusing of a tale, she isn't that eager to talk about it here in the tavern it would seem and told the bare minimum. She glances back to T'us. "I'll tell ye more later, ok?" It's a tavern after all, and while it is in the Weyr she isn't one to go about telling everything it seems. For a few moments she is eyeing her mug, not minding at all that T'us is close to her. She peers towards Hotaru as the girl talks about going on a date with Yurolt and can't help but grin. "Ye may have to remind him of it tomorrow Hotaru." Though she does catch that comment from T'us on the whole 'dates are hard to come by'. "Well, have ye tried asking anyone recently on a date? Who knows may change yer luck if ye asked the right person." A wave is seen as she hears Hotaru is on the way out. "See ye later."

T'us is only getting more confused with the additional information from Yurolt, "Um… why was there a battle in the first place?" See, that's the question he would like to ask, a simple detail slipping through the pieces of information he's given. He's curious, harper curious. At least, though, he's sitting near to Abigail with his arm around her, which earns another flickering smile and a squeeze of his arm there. It's not all bad to be talking about this sort of thing, look at where he is. He does lift a hand in gesture for Hotaru's departure, eyes following the other red head with some interest. Ahh but all people get interesting when he's tipsy. For Yurolt on the subject of Hotaru, "She seems… nice." Yes. Well, that's something. His attention reverts to Abigail, of course, where else would it be with his arm around her. He accepts the answer to hear of it later, "Of course…" clearly, not understanding what hurt was truly caused by it, maybe hearing about it for the first time only now. Ahh and the subject matter is changed and with a tactic that leaves him admitting behind a chuff of laughter, "Actually… I haven't. So… there's no luck in getting any huh?" He tilts his head, brow lifting, "You wouldn't want to go on a date with me, would you? I thought you'd have enough of me after the fishing." And all his teasing that came of that lesson.

The guard waves a farewell to Hotaru, his other hand and mouth occupied with the act of drinking. There is a distinct possiblity that he truly will not remember anything tomorrow. Still, there are friends and spirits enough to go around. He laughs hard and loud at T'us' rather pointed question. "I'd've thought a harper would have heard about Gold Hill by now. Even if it's a dragonharper." He makes a vague waving gesture towards where Gold Hill hold lies and mutters something very very unintelligible. As for the comment on Hotaru, he gives a rather noncommitted grin. Then a quick shrug, "I suppose nice is the right word." Amazing that he can still form sentences after the amount of drink he's ingested, yet he does. Yurolt does somewhat notice the contact between the two riders, though his brain is not quite adding it up correctly. Somethings going on here…He's not sure how he feels about this..Actually he's not sure about much right now. Doesn't he have a date?

"There is a possibility of a wanted man being behind it. Someone's who's caused some problems in the past." Abigail offers, well it is a bit more information then that was given before. At the squeeze from T'u she leans a bit closer to him. No she is not tipsy in the least either, totally doing it out of her own free undrunken will here. She chews on her lip a moment in thought before the words from T'us pull her attention back to the present and she looks to him while grinning slightly. "Possible." This said with a teasing tone, as she finds it a bit amusing that it came out like that. As for the question on the date she smiles while watching T'us. "If ye are truly asking me out on a date, then yes. As for the fishing lesson I rather enjoyed it by the way." A slight nod is seen on Hotaru. "She's nice, interesting at times and loves to drive certain people a bit silly." One being poor D'ani, which she has to admit, is rather amusing.

Gold Hill Hold and a wanted man. That's interesting. The insinuation that he should know of the news scoop has him informing the guard, "I'm just an apprentice still… besides of which I'm going back and forth between Weyr and Hall… I um…" don't get out much? Yes, but he doesn't finish that, trailing off as he takes a swig of his own ale, as if remembering it was there. Drink drink. "Hey… I'm not an 'It'…" clearly he caught that part of Yurolt's goings on, making more of a turn of play than anything else. Better things to talk about than some miserable battle that's caused one to drink his head off and another to getting all quiet about it. Questions later, no doubt, something better now. He doesn't even realize what he said, mind zipping right to the part about a date. Oo, he's getting one too by the looks of it. "Well yeah then. We'll go on a date. Wait…" he suddenly realizes a problem, "What do you want to do on the date?" Hints please. The rest of it, well, Hotaru is no longer in the building, so topic skipped, clearly concerned with what planning goes into a date over anything else.

Light bulb! Not that he wasn't given enough clues, what with the talking of dates and such. "Aha!" Yurolt blurts out before he can help himself. He gets it, he finally gets it. Alcohol is not a good tool for accelerating brain cells. Trying to save face he quickly says to T'us, "I..uh..meant nothing…beer?" Whew, good save there Yurolt. Beer fixes every awkward situation. However, the guard does realise he's going to run out of company…Well he'll become a third wheel at the very least. "Barman, keep my tab open for these two…I have to…leave. I think." He shakes his head to clear it a bit and nods, "Yes. I think I have duty tomorrow." The guard grins at this, happily remembering he's back on full duty. No more light duty for this guy!

Abigail is indeed perhaps a bit more quiet then she may have been If the whole Gold Hill bit wasn't brought up, it brings back memories that she would rather avoid for a while longer perhaps. She titls her head and casts a glance to T'us curiously once he seems to pick up on that date bit. "Well." There's a pause. "What are normal date type things?" Yes she just asked T'us that. For a few moments she is picking at the side of her mug while eyeing it a bit closer. "I'd never been on one before truthfully." She hears Yurolt and smirks a bit before waving after him. "Don't worry I won't run up the tab, promise. Sleep well."

If Yurolt wasn't Abigail's friend, he would be getting a nasty surprise in the morning as twelve harpers would've likely billed him a long tab, but seeing on how that the offer was only extended to him because of Abigail, he clearly will not take advantage, nodding with the shared sentiments from Abigail. "Thank you again," he offers to the departing guard, who T'us hopes can manage his way out. Then again, the lack of a third wheel in the moments that follow, cause T'us some boldness that's clearly unlike him, drawing with a wiggle closer to her, a finger lifting up to point her chin his way. OH wonderful surprises. How about a smooch? That's his answer to her question about normal date type things. Well, or the tipsiness acting. He'll go in for a kiss, a nerve he's never show before. In truth, it's nothing much, a quick peck - IF he lands it and if she doesn't pull away or turn her face or… any of the other things that could go horribly wrong in this instant. And if at least he's not slapped at the end of it, he'll sit back and contemplate, "Well um… I don't really know…" he admits with a silly smirk, "You'd be the first date for me too. But some of that," he notes with a finger between their faces, indicating the kissing part, "Definitely."

One person stumbles out, another comes in. Borodin isn't stumbling. What he is doing is looking around the place, because Someone told him that Abigail was here. Of course, Someone seems to have left out many of the details of what she's actually doing here, and with who. Nevertheless, Borodin is here. He's thinner than when last she laid eyes on him, but he's still got that awkward hunch of his shoulders and the apologetic duck of his head he gives to people who glance his way. Don't mind him. Sorry. Sorry. He's just looking, that's all…

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