Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds

Milling herdbeasts dot this lightly grassy section of the southern end of the bowl. Fences keep them neatly secured on all sides, even extending into the lake, allowing the beasts ample drinking water without granting them an escape. Dragons young and old come here to hunt on a fairly regular basis, though not all come at once of course. From here you can easily make out the entirety of the Weyr's lake as it spreads out south and southwest to the tumbled rubble of the far shore, while the rest of the bowl lies beyond the fences to the southeast, east and northeast.

It's been a couple of days since the incident that left K'hys feeling like he had to spend the night out under a tree in the middle of a clearing. Upon returning the weyr the next morning, undoubtedly there were consequences for missing curfew. Though thus far, there hadn't been any punishment for disobeying a direct command from the Weyrleader, or using those choice words that the bluerider had. Not that Kai particularly seemed to care either way. He'd certainly not been his usual cheerful self, and had become oddly quiet. While his chores and duties were completed without a fuss, even in his off-time he was withdrawn and quiet. He did eat at least, though without enthusiasm and only until the emptiness of his belly stopped aching. Today, there had been an announcement after one of the weyrling greens suddenly rose for her first flight reminding them all that their time to be full on riders was rapidly approaching. The ban on alcohol and sexual relations had been lifted, and some of the larger dragons had been moved out of the barracks and into their own weyrs to make room. Shortly after dinner, with the sky splashed with brilliant bold color, Kai had vanished again. This time Jheth directs any who inquire after him, towards the feeding pens.

A'lin had also gotten into trouble for missing curfew, since he'd been out under the tree all night as well. Though whatever punishment the weyrlingmasters had inflicted on him was doubled by his own dragon, and he'd spent the morning doing extra chores and all. He'd missed the morning announcements, but word had gotten around to him. After a quick brunch he was off to check up on Kai. So while Njordeth gets in a meal, Ada searches around the pens for K'hys. Or at least for his blue. The brownrider can only imagine the sort of mood Kai is in, and he wonders if the bluerider is looking more for some alone time.

Jheth is there, but not inside the pens. He's all the way towards the far side, where the guest weyrs can be found. Why? For the sprawled figure leaning up against one such empty weyr. There, was K'hys, one long leg stretched out before him, the other bent up at the knee. He obviously took no time at all tracking down a couple bottles of booze, dark rum or whiskey from the looks of it. One half empty, and the other unopened. Not exactly hard to miss, the bluerider lifts the whole bottle and it's amber contents to his lips and takes a long swing. He makes a face upon swallowing and then frowns as it comes down again, peering inside the neck with one squinted eye and then switching to the one that wasn't squinted. This just might hint at Kai's level of intoxication already. Jheth on the other hand, is seated nearby, his interest not on his self-medicating lifemate but on the brownrider that was approaching.

A'lin heads over to where he spots the blue. It isn't until he gets closer that he spots Kai, blinking at the bluerider's current state. "K'hys! What are you doing?" Ada heads over to him, squatting down in front of him as long as the blue let him close. He's in his exercise clothes, loose pants and a long-sleeved shirt. He points to the half empty bottle. "How long have you been here? Have you drank all of that? You weren't going to drink this other bottle as well, were you? I don't think they want us getting that drunk just yet!" Or probably ever, all things considered.

Jheth watches in silence with white and gray whirls flickering across his icy blue facets, hunkering down only once A'lin had crouched before his lifemate. He might get bored and wander off later, but at this point he was staying until he knew that his K'hys would be taken care of. "Drinking." Kai replies after being asked what it was that he was doing. He himself was wearing his riding gear, his jacket unzipped and left open to reveal the simple white t-shirt beneath. "How long?" There is a blink and he lifts the bottle, shaking it and sloshing around the contents as if he were trying to read a clock or something. "I don't know. A while." It was starting to get dark, and cold for that matter. He nods, "Yep. I did. Drank it, going to drink some more and then that one too…" Hmmhmming, he nods a few more time but then moves the bottle to his other hand, and picks up the one that was yet to be opened, offering it the brownrider. "Unless you want to join me?"

A'lin could tell Kai was drinking. That much was obvious. The question was more rhetorical. The question about how long though was more serious. If Kai had drank that much in an hour… well then Ada would need to carry him off to the healers or something. He looks slightly relieved at Kai's answer, though his next response makes Ada blink a bit. "The sun is starting to go down. We really should head back to the barracks." Without the booze. Though he takes the offered bottle, if only to get it away from the bluerider. "I know you're hurting and all Kai, but you can't just stay drunk the rest of your life. You can drink more tomorrow, at least." Maybe.

K'hys has a death grip on that other bottle, the on that was open, and so getting that one off of him might prove more challenging than the other which he freely gives. If only to pout when it becomes clear that A'lin had no intention of cracking the thing open and joining him. He makes a non-committal grunting sound when he's informed that the sun was going down, but there were hours yet until curfew. Apparently even in his current state, this was something he was aware of. "Don't need to go yet." he mutters, swigging from the bottle and wincing at the taste before he swallows. There's a deeper frown from Kai though, for all the buzz killing that was suddenly going on. "Since when is one day my whole life?" he inquires, drawing up his other leg until it too is bent at the knee. Regardless of the words, there is nothing but hurt in his tone, looking away from A'lin and staring off towards the tree lined horizon. He goes very quiet indeed, and doesn't even bother trying to hide the tears that built up making his eyes all glassy looking, before they brim and spill over his cheeks. One, sliding down, and then the other none too long after.

A'lin doesn't try to wrestle the other bottle away from Kai. At least not right now. The brownrider might crack it open a little later. When he feels a bit more helpless when trying to help Kai. "No… but it'll get cold out soon. You'll freeze out here. You should at least move inside." Ada blinks a bit at Kai. "I didn't say it was your whole life, I'm just… hoping you won't make a habit out of this." Ada frowns when tears roll down Kai's cheeks. Maybe he was being too hard on the poor lad. He looks around. "Come on. At least come into the guest weyr. We can get a fire going so you won't freeze to death. On your feet, soldier." Ada grabs hold of Kai under his arm and helps him get to his feet before leading him into the guest weyr.

K'hys was shivering some, admittedly, though whether this was because he was upset or because he was cold was difficult to say. As for the death-grip on his bottle there, well, that wasn't going to loosen up anytime soon. There's a kind of half shrug without any heart into it, when his friend tells him that he could freeze out there, as if he didn't care if this happened. Which he might not between what had happened recently and the amount of alcohol in his system already. Not that this wouldn't be something he would regret later, once he had a clear head and some time to let his wounds heal. "Isn't ever going to happen again." comes another mutter, brushing at his own face with a thumb and shaking his head lightly. Given his age, this is probably the typical response from heartbroken teenager, where everything horrible that happens to them is the end of the world. Melodramatic perhaps, but it just proved that Kai was a normal kid, with normal feelings. He whines some when A'lin helps him to his feet, something about not wanting to move, but really he does eventually get to his feet. He seems to have some trouble getting them under him properly, but once he does, he's easily dragged off into the guest weyr.

A'lin is at least going to make sure Kai doesn't hurt himself anymore than a bad hangover and some killed off braincells. If drinking helped him cope, who was the brownrider to judge? Ada makes sure the bluerider isn't going to go tumbling over, then he heads into the weyr with him. Kai is free to plop himself anywhere, while Ada goes about getting a fire started to get the chill out of the weyr. He's still got the full bottle of booze with him. Once the fire is roaring a bit, Ada will give in and open up the other bottle and take a seat next to wherever Kai is.

K'hys drops down on the floor beside the bed, for that's really all there was in the room. A hearth, some fur rugs, a bed and some end tables. It was after all a place to go at the peak of a flight, and there wasn't much else required. In the drawers of the side tables, only Faranth knows what, but there was a strong possibility it would have both of them the color of redfruit. Or at least poor A'lin anyway. Leaning up against the bed, Kai takes a few moments to admire the thick plush fur beneath him and helps himself to another pull from the bottle, rubbing his hand back and forth over the soft texture of the hide. Idly he does lift his head as he swallows, watching as Ada builts and lights the fire, and there is a glance towards the door. Sober enough to realize that the door should probably be closed. Which it is, and apparently locked as well. How convenient was that? Course, with no light other than that being thrown off by the hearth on for the time being, it takes a little while for the room take take on that flickering amber glow that was to be expected.

It wasn't the most lovely or hospitable places, it's true. But it's out of the cold and there was lots of furs and a big bed. Ada plops down next to Kai and sits with his knees bent. He takes a swig from his own bottle and then coughs afterwards. It's been a while since he's had anything to drink and it burns going down for sure! The door is closed, to keep out the cold, and locked probably on accident. Or maybe automatically when the door was closed or something. There's a glow and crackling of the fire as well. Ada looks over at Kai to try and see how he's doing.

K'hys was drinking and looking a mix of angry, upset and drunk. Mostly the drunk part though as time goes on, and the more he drinks the more he seems to be leaning against A'lin. Those solemn brown eyes of his are fixed on the cheerful crackling of the fire, hooding halfway so that his long lashes cast a shadow along his cheeks. "Why are you here, Ada?" he asks after several minutes of silence between them. It wasn't an uncomfortable quiet, but easy without to fill the void with anything other than their breathing in and out, and the occasional sloshing of liquid within a bottle. "I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I had expected you to be off wooing Deitra or something now that we're allowed to woo as we see fit." Surprisingly, he was not slurring his words, despite being very drunk indeed. There was however, a noticeable pause as he chose his words carefully and took effort to pronounce them. "Wooo…woooooooooo… always thought that was a weird way to say you wanted between a girl's legs." Another long drag off the bottle. Another indication of the level of intoxication of the bluerider, was that he was no longer making faces as the fluid burned his mouth and throat. That, and he was more or less resting up against the brownrider, head on his shoulder.

A'lin seems alright just sitting there and drinking. Even if it is a lot slower than Kai. Ada blinks at Kai. "Hm? Because I'm worried about you, Kai. I don't want you to hurt yourself." There's a frown then for the bluerider. "No… I still plan on talking to her after graduation. When we can have some privacy and all. There's no rush though…" Maybe Kai's little incident has taken the wind out of his sails though. He blinks at Ada's next comment about wooing. "That's not all I want from Dei…" He frowns a bit, but doesn't shrug Kai off. He wasn't going to deny that part of what he wanted was between her legs. But he wanted the rest of the package, too, of course. "I can leave… if you want to be by yourself."

K'hys chuckles, but there's little humor to it. "I'm not going to kill myself or anything stupid like that, Ada." He might be upset, but even he knew that there was always more possibilities out there, even if that sort of thing was the last thing on his mind. The bottle goes up again, cheeks bulging some before the stuff inside his mouth is swallowed down. Cheeks that were bright and rosy, a color that was creeping over the bridge of his nose. He'd lost all of the tan aquired in his time in Ista, his flesh overall pale, which made the darkness of his hair and eyes stand out starkly. "Didn't mean to suggest that's all you wanted, man. I know you better than that." And he did, really. He blinks once himself when A'lin offers to leave, and he possessively slides an arm around the big main's thick waist as best he can, pressing himself closer up against his side, shaking his head slightly. "You're the only person I want right now anywhere near me. I love Dei like a sister, but she doesn't get me like you do." he replies softly, and the bottle comes up again. Guzzle, and swallow.

A'lin smiles a bit and nods. "Well that's good. Not that I thought you were going to do something crazy like that. I just don't want you becoming one of those guys who constantly has a bottle to his lips though." Kai should have other things to his lips! Like… pastry. Ada take a swallow himself. Soon enough the big man will be tipsy, too. There's a nod when Kai makes it clear he doesn't want Ada to leave. He moves a bit to wrap an arm about Kai's shoulders. "Alright then… if you do want me to go, just tell me. I guess it might be harder for Dei to get you. Since she's a woman and all." He gives the bluerider's shoulders a squeeze. "I'll be here, though."

When A'lin moves his arm around his broad shoulders, K'hys relocates his head from where it was as the arm swings around to the back, and lets it drift to a spot around one of the brownrider's collarbones and pectorals. He gets all comfortable and save for the hand that lifts the bottle, keeps himself more or less still. "Never been a big drinker, never thought the hangover afterwards was worth it." he admits, "I'm not going to make this a habit. I promise." It was true, even before they were candidates, there was only once that Kai was ever known to have drunk before, and that had been on a night out with Deitra and Miki, and even then he had sworn never to touch the stuff again. This though, might be the exception. "I know that this stuff isn't a solution," He lifts the bottle up and shakes it, the liquid inside sloshing around again. About a forth of it left by the looks and sounds of it. "But its helping." Another mouthful is taken in, and he swallows it slower. With the squeeze to his shoulder, the bluerider's lashes lower. The fire was starting to throw off some serious heat now, warming the small room easily. "You're a good man, Ada." is murmured.

A'lin nods to Kai. "Well, that's good. You're going to have a monster hangover after this much drinking, I should let you know." He pats Kai's shoulder with the arm that's draped around him. Ada nods a bit about the booze helping. He grins and lifts the bottle. "To impending graduation! Also to mending broken hearts and all." Ada gives Kai a smile then. "You're also a good man, Kai. I know some of what Th'ero's lady friend cut deep, but we often can't help who we love. And you've always been a good friend to me, and to a lot of the other weyrlings as well. So don't let any of what she said or what Th'ero said get you down or make you think you're not worthy or a good person."

K'hys laughs softly, this time sounding rich rather than hollow. "Oh I know. You can remind me again tomorrow that I brought this down upon myself." Though this does little more than remind the bluerider of what Kimmila had said to him, and he helps himself to another long guzzle off the bottle of booze. His was rum, and A'lin had himself some whiskey as it turned out. "To graduation." he echoes, after swallowing, clacking his bottle against his and then peering at just how little the brownrider had consumed. Rather than comment on his disappointment that A'lin would not be joining him later in the consumption of that foul concoction the man recommended for hangovers, brown eyes lift upwards as he tilts his head back and returns the smile he's been given, and he continues smiling as his friend all but sings his praises. Well, you see this was making his alcohol addled brain very happy, and so without any hesitation at all, Kai reaches up and over with his booze laden hand and uses it to pull the guy's head downwards for none other than a kiss. Yep, right there on the lips, as he tilts his own head off to one side so they aren't bumping noses or taking out each other's eyeballs. It's chaste, at least at first. A soft, lingering pressure that after a few seconds tries to be more as the bluerider's lips part and his tongue slides past them.

A'lin may never drink whiskey again after all of this. Though who could say? Maybe it would be his beverage of choice, too! Ada was all about making his buddy feel better. And since he was addled with booze, it was a lot easier! A sober Kai might have brushed him off for being sappy or insincere (even if he wasn't). Innocent and slightly tipsy Ada doesn't really know what's happening until Kai's lips are against his. He more or less freezes in surprise, his eyes wide open, a bit rudely as Kai kisses him. There's at least some kissing back when he feels Kai's tongue in his mouth, and his eyes finally close. The big man feels a little limp behind Kai's lips and for sure his mustache tickles. But there are other parts of the brownrider that aren't at all! After all, this was the closest he's been to anyone since he was a candidate.

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