Fort Weyr - Lower Caverns

This volcanic bubble is smaller than the Living Cavern, but no less well crafted. The walls are smooth, with electric lights placed into niches that used to hold glowbaskets. Another hearth burns here, with a pot on always keeping water hot for making tea or cider. Worn but comfortable couches and chairs are arranged by the hearth around a few tables where game boards and a few packages of dragon poker cards are laying.

From this cavern you can get to many other places - the tunnels of Fort Weyr having been dug far back into the caldera where the Dragons make their home.

A favorite spot for K'hys is the lower caverns. It tended to be less busy than the main living cavern, especially at peak meal times, but more so when not. It was late, an hour or so until curfew, with Jheth curled up and passed out for the evening. The perfect time to curl up with a mug of mulled cider and do some sketching before bedtime. So this is indeed where the bluerider can be found at this time of evening, alone, parked on one end of one of the couches set before the hearth. Book open over his legs which are folded beneath him, Kai moves a pencil over the page, head propped up where he leans over with his chin in an upturned palm. He wears some loose comfortable pants and t-shirt, both light colored. His boots on the floor beside him, socked feet twitch at the toes every now and then. Focus, is completely on his work, undisturbed by even the popping and crackling that the fire might be making.

Njordeth, too, is in bed at this late hour, leaving A'lin to his own devices. The brownrider also prefers the lower caverns to the living caverns. It was more cozy here and less noisy for the most part. When A'lin strolls in, he's got some books and letters tucked under his arm. He's dressed for bed already, in a pair of loose pants and a wifebeater. He's also wearing socks and sandals, a fashion faux pas. He hums along to himself as he takes on the other end of Kai's couch, leaning over to take a peek at what he's drawing. For right now he says nothing, not wanting to disturb the artist at work.

The concentration the bluerider shows is of epic proportions, not even so much as glancing upwards when his friend arrives and take a spot on the opposite side of the same couch he himself is perched. On the paper, is a collage of the entire weyrling class, part of it still just abstract blobs to map out space, the other already showing the usual detail that K'hys put into his work. Deitra, himself and of course A'lin are already finished and smile up at the onlooker, their grins depicting their own unique personalities perfectly. The brownrider is even flexing playfully. In the background, dragons are shown resting and sitting on boulders as if on display. Some of the poses look serious, others less so, capturing their essences as well.The pencil continues to jerk this way and that, adding detail to P'on's face before sliding over to put more definition on the outline of the bronzerider's dragon. Without even looking up, "Njordeth all tucked in?" Kai asks softly, having no need to raise the volume of his voice to compete with the fire or the brownrider's soft breathing.

A'lin looks amused at the penciling. At least at the bits that are more complete than the blobs. "Mmhm. He's fast asleep already," A'lin says in just above a whisper. "That's quite good. Which one is you? Can you do portraits as well?" Poor K'hys. He's stuck dealing with A'lin and all his questions. Though the brownrider seems fit to leave the questions at that. Instead he's thumbing though his letters, and opens up a book where he's got a few blank pages tucked away as well as something to write with. Then he gets to work on a letter of his own, addressed to his father and mother.

Brown eyes lift up from the paper, offering A'lin a gentle smile upon hearing that the brown was the same as his own blue colored lifemate. Though hearing that Jheth was asleep was hardly news for the rest of the weyrling class. He spent most of his time, not doing the tasks set for him, asleep and curled up with some pretty green or another. "That's good." he says, and goes back to sketching. It was rare that K'hys didn't have his sketchbook with him, when he was able to have it, carrying around the thing hardly appropriate when going for a jog with his friends, or doing other miscellaneous chores given to all of them everyday. He laughs quietly, pointing himself out there, sandwiched between A'lin and Deitra, all toothy grinning. There's a blink for one of the questions that come, head coming up. "You mean you've never seen the whole sketchbook before?" He doesn't seem to believe it, brows furrowing and pinching towards the middle. He purses his lips though, as the brownrider seems to settle in to his letter writing, and so he falls into silence as not to disturb him. A few seconds after this, he drops his gaze to the page, pencil lightly scritched back and forth.

Njordeth only sleeps when it is time to sleep. The rest of the time he's busy tending to A'lin and his own tight schedule. "Mmm. Got a little bit of time to myself I suppose. I was going to maybe write for home. Soon enough we'll be able to visit ourselves." He grins at the Kai between him and Dei. "Ooh, there you are!" He laughs a bit. "I like this. Would you consider making me one? I'd owe you. Not sure what I would owe you, but whatever it was you want." He shakes his head about the sketchbook. "No. Well, I mean I've seen the book before, but never the pages inside of it." He taps his pen against his mustache as he searches for something to write to his folks about.

K'hys has gone back to drawing, shading this or that with a crosshatch type movement of the pencil against the page. He shows that he can multi-task without needing to pause to gather his thoughts by nodding as A'lin talks about writing a letter home. "Tell them I said hello," he jokes, an eraser nearby which he plucks up now and then to take care of a misplaces line. "You should take me with you when you go back to visit. I'd like to meet them." As always in these types of situations, the bluerider sounds nothing but sincere. They had yet to travel to Fort Hold to see Cielyn, but Kai had mentioned only a few days prior that his sister was apparently getting much better. She was out of bed, doing light chores, and eating everything in sight. So despite the impending love confession he'd proclaimed would end in ruin, Kai had been in good spirits as of late. He glances up at his friend, an then back down to the drawing. "I've got a handful of sketches in here of you already. If you want, you can pick one out you'd like to keep." He tilts his head slightly to one side, and picks up the eraser again, cleaning up a few rough edges.

A'lin chuckles. "I will. They'll at least have heard of you and all." A'lin writes down a few sentences. For such a large man with fat fingers he's got impeccable penmanship. "Hmm. Perhaps you should come with me to Nerat. You can meet the family and we can be warm on the beaches there. I could do with a bit of good sun, you can feel winter setting in here." A'lin has been in his usual good spirits, happy to hear that K'hys' sister was doing better. "Hm. Perhaps I will take a look through. Some of them I'm sure would look nice framed and hanging up in my weyr, once we graduate. Do you paint, as well? Or just sketch?"

Peeking over, K'hys appears amused, perhaps assuming that now that he had said something, those first few sentences were so A'lin's parents had in fact heard of him before the big man showed up with some stranger. He doesn't put any effort into actually trying to read what's written, more of a playful and teasing gesture than anything serious. "It's winter here that makes me miss that turn I spent in Ista. It was really uncomfortable at first, but after a few sevendays you really do get used to the weather down there." There's a sigh, and Kai starts to put some features into one of the blobs, which turns out to be one of the class' greenriders. "You won't hear any argument from me for heading someplace warmer." Born and raised in the Fort area, didn't mean you had to like snow and frozen toes. With a few careful swoops of pencil, the boy he draws has hair and clothing, soon moving on to the details of his lifemate. "You're welcome to take a look anytime you like." He pauses and smiles softer at mention of his work framed and hung in his friend's weyr. That suggestion, appearing to have struck the right cord for the former weaver. "Hmm, paint?" he asks, looking to A'lin. "I've never tried. Paint is pretty expensive, and I spent more than I should of on this sketchbook."

A'lin has surely mentioned K'hys before. As well as the other weyrlings in passing. Though A'lin spends a lot of free time with the bluerider, so it's likely he gets mentioned more so than others. Though for certain he will mention bringing him along when he comes to visit. "Mm. It took me a while to get used to the weather here. And I still miss the warm sandy beaches. But if you have to sleep three to a tent, sleeping is easier if it's cooler. Than if you're stuck sweating next to someone else." A'lin peers down at his own letter, pondering for a bit before he looks back to K'hys. "Ah. Well the pencil will look nice as well. Perhaps when we're riders and we have a bit more money you could try? If you're interested."

It'd be safe to assume that K'hys too, has mentioned A'lin when writing home. They did spend a substantial amount of time together, and if the bluerider had to pick a best buddy it'd undoutably be A'lin. "The first sevenday I thought I was going to die." he laughs, drawing the hair on someone else, this being Jaye. He nods though about the tent, eraser being very lightly applied to something and then put back down. "I wouldn't want to be stuck in a tent with anyone out here in the middle of winter. Unless I was sure that whoever it was wouldn't mind being my personal heat source." A grin, and Kai leans in closer over his work, getting the finer details done to one of the weyrling dragon's harnesses. He pauses again though, when A'lin goes on to talk about the potential change in their financial situation, come graduation. Brows lift and he smiles at the man. "If you'd like me to try, I can definitely do that for you. I can't make any promises on how good it'll be, of course." A laugh.

A'lin would certainly say the same about K'hys, if he bothered to stop and think about it. It would be a bit surprising, since he'd been so close to Dei and her sister before the hatching. The big man laughs a bit. "At Ista? Ah, but the caverns are usually cooler. When you've had a few you don't mind sleeping next to anyone as long as they're warm and don't smell too bad. You know. Not vomiting or soiling themselves and whatnot." He grins and then turns back to his letters. "I might do that. If you want to try. I don't want to turn you into my personal harper or anything though. You still have a craft to attend to, right?"

"Well, to turn me into your personal harper, I'd have to actually be one Ada." K'hys chuckles, gently reminding the brownrider with a flick of a finger against his knot that it was the weavers that he still belonged to. "If anything you wanted from me, bothered me, I'd let you know. We're pals, right?" Cheerfully chirped, Kai takes another look over his progress thus far of his drawing, and then closes the book. The pencil is tucked away somewhere into the spine, a place there apparently for both this and the eraser. He puts the large heavy item near where A'lin can get to it, and then folds his hands behind his head. Seems it was time for a break. He can't help but laugh as he stretches out his long legs, poking at one of the other's with his stocking feet before he yawns and slumps down a little more. Knees bent and no more prodding physically at his friend. "I can't say that I've ever had the misfortune to be smooshed up against someone who not only smelled bad, but defecated and vomited all over the place. Is this a…normal situation where you come from?" He's kidding, probably.

A'lin chuckles. "Well, true enough I suppose. Maybe if I was lord holder or something I could have my own personal harper to paint for me. Or at least the marks to hire one if I wanted." He nods to Kai. "That we are!" Pals., he means. When the bluerider sets the book aside, Ada sets his aside as well so he can page through K'hys' sketchbook. He grins a bit to Kai. "Well, it didn't happen often. But some of the hunters liked to drink. Also sometimes we'd be off in the woods for a week or better without coming back in for baths and such. If it was warm enough we could bathe in the rivers or whatever water was nearby, but sometimes it was too cold, so everyone ended up stinking at least a little." He gives a mustachioed grin then. "At the hold it wasn't normal, no. Not to say there weren't people that stank there, but I didn't find myself sleeping next to them."

K'hys grins, "If you were a Lord Holder I don't think we ever would of met, and that would of been a tragedy." That grin only gets wider when A'lin agrees that their pals. He might of already known that, but it was probably nice to hear nonetheless. He lets the man go ahead and take a look at the contents of his sketchbook. Inside, all sorts of things. All depicted in black and white, as if the bluerider had looked at something and snapped his eyes closed burning it into his brain forever. Then, later, printed it out onto paper with his pencil. Starts off with pictures of people the brownrider was unlikely to know, several of a gorgeous young girl who just might be Cielyn. Others include landscapes, animals, insects, flowers, trees, and even a few of pastries. Pastries were Kai's most favorite thing to eat, and something he indulged in whenever he had the chance. Further in, there starts a couple of portraits of Deitra. She's even smiling in one. Then comes in a few of A'lin himself, one of the brownrider and Deitra, and several more of him alone and a couple of Njordeth. Intermixed with these, are about two dozen pictures of Th'ero, which rough sketches of the Weyrleader's hands and eyes. Amazingly enough not a single 'naughty' image to be found, artistic nude or creative fantasy. "I'm not sure what I'd do if I couldn't have a bath everyday. Kids can get away with it before puberty, but things get smelly after that. I wouldn't be able to do it." he admits, giving A'lin an apologetic look. Seems there was likely never to be a buddy camping trip. Alas. "I would of been throwing soapsand at them." His nose crinkles, showing his displeasure. More pages are flipped, and towards the end, there is more pictures of Th'ero, but more recently it was focusing on A'lin himself and the other members of their weyrling class. Jheth, was also predominately featured. Every single part of him in great detail. Finally, at the last page, their class smiling back at them, dragons and all.

A'lin chuckles. "Perhaps not. I never would have come to the weyr at all, which would have also been a tragedy." There are various 'oos' and 'ahs' as Ada flips through the sketchbook. He tilts the book to Kai at the picture of the young girl. "Who is this lovely lady?" Further on he stops to look at a couple of Deitra. "Hm. I might want one of these." Maybe the goldrider would let Kai do a nude portrait! Though that doesn't seem to be Kai's style. Though maybe he kept a separate sketchbook for such things. Ada laughs a bit. "Ah, you don't notice if everyone is stinking. And it was only like that if you couldn't get a dip in a lake or river or someplace." The brownrider finishes flipping through, then hands the book back to Kai. "If you're ever in need of a muscular physique to practice your technique with just let me know!" He flexes a bit, as if to demonstrate.

"Indeed it would have, my friend." K'hys agrees, nodding his head slowly up and down and then just lets the brownrider ooh and aah over there, letting a soft smile sit on his face. When asked, brows lift and he peeks over to see who it is that A'lin is talking about and then he chuckles, "My sister. She used to sit in front of me for hours and force me to draw her over and over and over, she never let up. She's probably the reason why I draw as well as I do." he muses, dropping back against the arm of the sofa and sinking back down into the cushions. He nods, for wanting one of the portraits of Deitra, perhaps mentally marking this off. Who knows what the bluerider might of said if A'lin had mention nude works, so because nothing is said aloud, he can't very well tell the former hunter that there was no such thing. "I don't know, I probably would of noticed someone smelling bad." A shrug. He takes the book back and sets it on the table beside his now cold mug of mulled cider, getting up and shuffling over to the hearth to warm it up. He comes back after a couple of minutes, handing the guy a mug of the same stuff. "You know I will."

A'lin grins. "Ah. She's very cute. The boys follow her about everywhere, I bet." Ada certainly would if he were a little younger. "I'm a bit envious. Being about to draw well wasn't ever one of my skills. I can read, write, sing a little, dance… but my drawing skills were only rudimentary. No need, my father said. So the harpers never focused on it, much. I can do some map drawing, that's about all." Ada chuckles a bit. "You'd best stay away from me after a good workout, then." The brownrider takes the mug. "Ah… thank you!" He takes a sip. "I will make sure to keep myself in top form so I can model for you, in that case! Mostly people and dragons then? I'm sure you draw for your craft as well, of course."

K'hys laughs, "I'd be concerned if boys followed my ten turn old sister into her bedroom." A gentle reminder that his sister spent most of her days in bed until recently. He sits back down, the same spot he'd vacated, legs folded beneath him once more and this time holding his mug between his two hands. He blows lightly on the contents, until he dares a single sip. The bluerider settles his eyes onto his friend, and can't help but laugh again. "Ada, all I can do is draw. I don't really have any other skills. My hand writing is terrible, I sound like a drowning feline when I sing, and sadly I was born with two left feet." It was true, Kai tripped over his own feet. Eyes roll some, "I've smelled you after a work out, you smell like a guy who's just had a work out. You don't start vomiting all over the place or…pooping on yourself." Again, teasing. "Thanks," he laughs, for the brownrider keeping himself in shape for him, grinning over the rim of his mug. "Hmm, I can draw anything really. Anything I can see. I have a harder time with making things up on the fly as it were."

A'lin chuckles and nods. "True. The bedroom is no place for ten turn old boys and girls to be congregating." Regardless if one was deathly ill or not. He grins to Kai. "So I'm not allowed to be envious of the skills you do have? Besides, I'm no where near as good at any of the things I mentioned as you are at drawing." Ada is sure-footed. But it was expected that lads who were in the line of lord holders know how to dance and take letters and entertain guests and all. Ada gives a big belly laugh. "Please, if I start to do that after a workout put me out of my misery." Ada panders for a moment. "Oh? Hm. Do you think you could draw me? Without the mustache?"

K'hys nods his head in absolute agreement, eyes widening a touch before he laughs. "You got that right." No boys congregating on his baby sister, no. Not if he had anything to say about it. He grins and shrugs though, when A'lin asks him that question there about enviable skills. "I guess you can be if you really want. I'd rather be good at other things, with practical applications. Not that I don't enjoy drawing, I do. Just, sometimes…I wonder why this is the one thing out of everything else I could possibly been good at, that I'm good at." He winces after he says this, and flashes A'lin an apologetic yet faint smile. "I hope that makes sense." A laugh is soon to follow however, and the bluerider does promise to put the man out of his misery should he start randomly spewing from both ends. "You got it." He tilts is head some to the side as Ada goes quiet and then asks about drawing him without the mustache. "Yeah, course I can." he says without even much of a pause. "You want me to do it, now?" Even as he asks this, Kai is reaching for his drawing tome and soon flipping through towards the end.

A'lin was quite good at scaring off boys he didn't think were suitable partners for his sisters. He was also good at scaring off other people as well. Also wild animals. "What sorts of practical skills are you wishing you were good at? Maybe I can help you get good at something else, as well. Like maths or dancing or wrestling." Were any of those really practical, though?" There's a blink from Ada as Kai is asking if Ada wants him to draw it right now. "Er… there's no real rush. I don't want to distract you from your other picture and all. I was mostly just curious." He picks up his own letters then. Time to write more!

It was too late now, K'hys had pulled out his pencil and turned to an unused page, already busy sketching. He wasn't even looking up at A'lin as the light sound of scratching can be heard signalling that he was drawing. "I don't really have anything else I'd like to draw right now anyway." he says, lips pressing a moment into a thin line and then slowly they slide back into place. After a couple of minutes of silence, save for the sounds coming from one drawing, he seems to remember that the brownrider had asked him a question. "I guess I could use some help with figures. I can read a ruler, and do simple addition and subtraction. Things like that. But when it gets more complicated, I think my brain just shuts down." There's a sheepish chuckle for this, "Life gets simple after you Impress a dragon." he says, idly, "You don't really need to worry about a lot of stuff, such as what you're going to do for the rest of your life. That's pretty much decided for you. Sure you can decide on a wing and what not, but no matter what you decide, you're still a dragonrider."

A'lin doesn't want to make K'hys nervous or anything by staring at him while he draws, so instead he'll focus on writing his letter. Or at least a rough draft of it and all. "Figures aren't at the top of my list of skills, but I'm alright at them. I'm not sure if you'd need more than adding and subtraction though." He chuckles. "It does get simpler! I like it, actually. Less to worry about, and I get a big brown dragon to keep me company. And you get a blue! And we all get to hang out together like a big family!" Ada looks like he might slide over to hug K'hys, but then decides against it. Whether it be from the incident the last time they were together or from not wanting to disturb the bluerider's work is hard to say though.

K'hys is quick, at drawing anyway. He's already got an outline in place, and is now focusing completely on shading. Every now and then a finger moves across the paper, rubbing here or there to add depth to the shading. "You did ask." he chuckles, glancing at A'lin and then his eyes go back to the page. Maybe he didn't NEED to know more advanced math, but perhaps it was learning to hone a skill that eluded him that brought the appeal. "I'd of asked for help with dancing, but, I guess they're going to teach us that next month along with mating flights and flaming." Next month was a busy month! And the last before graduation. This month? Betweening!! How exciting. Some of the other weyrlings had already gone, but K'hys had not been among them. At all the happiness beaming from the brownrider, Kai laughs and it's possible that he'd hug the big guy right back if such a thing had occurred. The teenager was just easy going like that. "It all works itself out, in end. Doesn't it?" he asks, and sets down the pencil offering the sketchbook over to A'lin. And there, clear as day, is a portrait of the man sans his mustache. He even has some longer hair as well, a style that sweeps back at the sides and is parted at the middle. Feathering back into a short crop against the neck. "I went a little overboard." Heh.

A'lin nods. "I did indeed." Ada takes a peek when Kai is looking at him. "I could help with dancing, as well. I excel at that! You can ask Dei. I took her dancing once. Once we go through the lessons if you want to practice or whatnot" Of course it might be a little awkward for Ada dancing with another man. Ada hasn't gone betweening either. But he's feeling more nervous about it now that the time is getting closer. It doesn't take much to make the big man happy. Since he's generally in a good mood. When Kai passes him over the sketchbook he laughs a bit. "Long hair as well, hm?" He raises a brow to Kai. "Not sure I could deal with long hair." Shaving the mustache was easy though. He ponders over the picture for a while.

"We'll have to see how well or not the dance classes go next month," K'hys says, not exactly sounding as if he were particularly looking forward to showing everyone in the class that he was less than graceful when it really counted. "Not that I think I'll ever have to worry about diplomatic dinners or anything like that. Still a nice skill to have." He makes no mention of the possible awkwardness of the big man dancing with him either. After all, who would be leading? Kai was not exactly the effeminate sort, even if he had looks that were on the prettier side of masculine. "It's not long." he says with a pout, scooting and leaning over to peek at the picture. At least he'd done a good job showing exactly what Ada would look like with a bit more hair here and less hair there. "It's a little longer than mine, but not much. You make it sound like I gave you hair down to your ankles or something." Aww, pouty bluerider. It's all done playfully of course, including those big brown puppy eyes he was giving him.

A'lin nods to Kai. "I'm sure you'll be fine. Dancing is fun! Hopefully when we graduate there will be a big party with dancing. It's fun trading partners, fast dancing, slow dancing… Slow isn't as fun, but you get to be close to your partner!" Ada wouldn't know how to be the woman dancing. Though he could probably figure it out to help out Kai. Though it would be awkward a little, since he was so big. Ada considers the hair in the picture. "It's longer than my hair now!" Longer than his peach fuzz he wears on his head, he means. He blinks at K'hys. "What's that face for?"

K'hys draws back at mention of graduation all of a sudden, "I'll be busy immediately after graduation." he murmurs. You know, confessing, getting his heart crushed and then drinking himself into a stupor. He knew all that was coming, and while most would shy away from setting themselves up so perfectly, the bluerider was stubborn. He really felt that he needed to do, what he needed to do. He also wanted to get it done as soon as possible, even if that meant dragging the Weyrleader off the stage and into a dark corner. So he could move on. "There will be other chances to emarrass myself, I'm sure." Softly said, there was likely double meaning there, not that Kai really thought that Ada would catch that even if he had meant to say it to begin with the way that it had come out. As for the picture, the bluerider chews thoughtfully on his bottom lip. "It is, but I think it looks nice." he says, even quieter, before he contemplates something and simply tears the picture out of the book, taking the book back and leaving the brownrider with the picture alone. "Maybe you should ask Dei or Shalla."

A'lin blinks and then nods. "Right after? Not going to at least wait until after the party?" That'll be a terrible night. And poor Th'ero, too. "Well… I'm going to at least try to enjoy myself at the party. I'll try to get Dei to practice her dancing then. She'll be more up to it after a couple of drinks." Or at least that's what Ada is hoping. He certainly doesn't catch the double meaning, though. There's a blink, and a frown as Kai rips out the picture. He tucks the picture into the book with his other papers. "Maybe…" He says quietly. The frown stays as he suddenly finds his letters very interesting.

K'hys shakes his head, "I wouldn't be able to concentrate on having a good time anyway, best to get it over with." The boy was practically marching himself off to his own doom, as soon as he possibly could. It would indeed, be a terrible night. Kai probably wasn't even considering what his confession might do to Th'ero, but then again, he's only sixteen. He was still a kid, regardless that by Pernese standards for all intents and purposes Kai was considered an adult. He nods when A'lin speaks of Dei, "Good luck, Ada. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you." With that frown now on the usually jovial fellow, it was the bluerider's turn to blink. "Why are you frowning?" he asks without thinking, seeing how quickly the words spill from his mouth and how he pushes his lips together soon there after. Perhaps to stop more stupid questions from making him look like a bigger idiot.

"Mmm. I suppose that's true." That didn't sound good to A'lin though. He sort of wanted Kai to have at least one happy night before he went and ruined it all for himself. Hopefully Th'ero would be alright with a hot bath and a romp with Kimmila or something. A'lin nods about Dei. When Kai asks him why he's frowning he looks over at him for a moment. "Because… I didn't mean to offend you. Or say that your opinion didn't matter to me. It's not like that." Ada is just resistant to change, it would seem.

In the end, it was Kai's decision, and he would have no one to blame but himself. "I got you and Jheth, don't worry so much. I'm not going to die from a broken heart." It was meant to sound reassuring, though whether that was for the brownrider or for himself was debatable. He had to do what he thought he had to do, and the all really A'lin could do was be there for him when it all went down. Of this, clearly, the bluerider was sure of. There's a blink and then K'hys shakes his head, reaching over and patting the man on the shoulder. "I'm not offended. Honest." He withdraws the touch, and curls up on his side of the couch, book tucked between his legs which were now pulled up and his chest. "I can understand being reluctant to change your appearance. I'm just pushy, and I like to have my way." There's a grin, and a bit of a chuckle. "I'm going to be here for you regardless of where you decide to grow or not grow hair."

A'lin smiles and nods. "We'll be here for you, good buddy. You can always come to me if you need something." He pats Kai on the shoulder. He'd even go with Kai, but that might be more embarrassing than necessary. A'lin pulls Kai over to give him a proper bear hug. He's not getting off that easily! "Well… I'm a little stubborn myself." He rubs his head a bit. "I dunno. I might look funny with hair. It might not be straight like that. What if it's curly or something? Or all… nappy." He rubs Kai's head then. "Just because you hair looks all nice like that doesn't mean mine will." He laughs a bit.

"I'll remember that." K'hys chuckles, his good mood returning rapidly. If there was anything that he was good at, other than drawing, was bouncing back. In this, perhaps there was some assurance for the brownrider that his friend would be fine when it all came down to it. The shoulder pat goes unstopped, but when A'lin pulls him over for that bear hug, the teenager makes a soft sound of surprise before he awkwardly returns the embrace, due to the angle not the source. "Grow it out and see?" he asks, brows lifting. "If it's all weird looking, you could just cut it off again." The bluerider's eyes slide upwards as the top of his hair is rubbed, not seeming particularly bothered at the familiarity of the closeness or the gesture. The kid's hair was a little stiff from whatever he put in it to give it that stylish just rolled out of bed look. "Ada, it's not like I suggested lopping off your arm." Oh, the chuckling that soon ensues, it is very amused.

A'lin would make sure K'hys always bounced back. Ada was easy to bounce back, too. He grins to Kai and gives him a pat before he lets him out of the hug. "Hm. Perhaps I will after we graduate." He rubs his mustache. Growing his hair would be easier than shaving off his furry lip buddy. "Your hair is hard! What do you put in it? I'll have to get some if I grow mine out. My arm! Well, thank goodness for that. I need both of these." He flexes. "You should do some pushups with me then at least. I gain a little hair, we'll let you gain a little muscle. Or maybe some crunches? What kind of muscles you want?"

K'hys eases out of the hug once he's let go, shifting back to his seat against the arm of his side of the couch, collecting his book from where it had half tumbled towards the floor. He places it then, onto the table and eyes his mug of mulled cider. It was once again cold, and untouched. He smiles and nods though, bringing his legs back up to his chest, hands resting on his knees. One reaches up though and he touches his hair, looking up at it again. "Not really sure. My hairdresser gave it to me." Yes, indeed. Kai, had a hairdresser. Though this may not come as too much of a surprise, seeing as the bluerider took great care in his appearance usually. From the way he dressed, and apparently to the way he tended to that crop of short brown hair there. "I can get you some, if you grow it out." Eyes dart to the flexing and then back to Ada's face with bit of a smirk. The guy made him laugh, it was next to impossible not to with him around. Kai blinks, "Uh, I don't know." He lifts up his shirt, and looks at his washboard stomach. Well, that was fine. "I guess, some leg squats." He does not explain why.

A'lin has apparently finished off his cider at some point. The mug sits empty on the table next to the couch. Ada nods to Kai about the hair gel. "I haven't been to a hair dresser since I left the hold. Not that they could ever really do much for me, since I always kept my hair short and all. It was just as easy to do it myself. I used to keep a little bit more hair, actually. Not much, though." Ada grins at K'hys. "I have a great technique for leg squats! I can show it to you. It gets most of the leg, and the behind, too!" Ada can crush nuts between his thighs. The ones with shells.

K'hys stifles a yawn behind the back of one hand and there is a glance towards the time that is as subtle as the boy can manage, dropping his shirt down and swinging his legs around till his feet hit the floor and he starts pulling his footwear on. Looks like it was time for them to head back to the barracks before Melze or Miki came looking for them, and no one wanted that. Miki was scary, and she enjoyed every minute of it. "It's one of my guilty pleasures. The other, as you might of noticed, is pastry." Yes, the boy did so enjoy his pastry. He ties his boots, glancing back over at the brownrider. "I was more concerned about the backside," he replies sheepishly with a half-hearted shrug. "Nothing wrong with having a nice firm ass." He totally just said that, out loud. "You can show me tomorrow or something, right now I think we should get to bed. It's getting late."

A'lin gets up as well, stretching out a bit. "The hairdresser? Hm. I never thought it was that exciting or nice I guess. Maybe I didn't have a very good hairdresser though." Pastry. A'lin makes a mental note. It could be helpful for trying to make the bluerider feel better. "Ah. Well these should be good for that, as well. I'm not sure, I don't think I've ever really seen my own!" He laughs and turns his backside towards Kai. Then he's heading back towards the barracks.

"Not the hairdresser per say, but definitely with keeping my hair looking good." K'hys says as he rises from the couch, "I know that probably sounds girly, but…heh." He shrugs and pats the big man on the shoulder. "I'll take you with me next time I go, and I'll introduce you to her. Okay?" This done, he stretches his arms up over his head and yawns again. Nice and wide. "Man, I'm bushed." Course, he turns around and sees nothing but A'lin butt and the teen bursts out laughing, "Yes, yes, a very fine ass indeed." he informs his pal, shaking his head as he picks up his book and jogs to catch up to him, also headed for the barracks.

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