Note: This scene is backdated and occurred prior to the Gold Hill Hold event, roughly by a week or so ICly.

Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Another morning rolls in, the skies only moderately cloudy to allow some of the early morning sun to peek through and begin to warm the chill air. The Weyr has been in a bit of a lull, unaware that weeks later the peace will be disrupted by the fall of Gold Hill Hold. For now though, the day begins as a sleepy one, most of the weyrfolk now only getting ready for their daily routines.

M'icha has been up for a few hours already, the Weyrlingmaster in an oddly "good" mood which likely means /bad/ for the Weyrlings. Whistling some tuneless song, he comes striding into the training fields with his awkward gait, cane in hand while Aycheth goes about the business of calling all the Weyrlings out and to order. « Lecture in the fields. Report in. » the blue commands, crisp and blunt.

It's not just the Weyrlingmaster either who waits patiently in the training fields, off to the more secluded side and well out of earshot of any passing in the bowls. There are two other riders as well, both of which are /well/ known by the Weyrlings by now. Th'ero is looking a bit grim, his expression and posture tense as he interupts M'icha's whistling to mutter something lowly to the Weyrlingmaster. It only has the older man laughing, causing the bronzerider to shoot the other rider with him a look that clearly reads 'help me with this?' What could they possibly be up to THIS time?

Kimmila stands beside Th'ero, and her response to his look is to grin and shrug. "It'll be fine," she says, though her grin is rather…mischevious. Perhaps she's happy to be doing something other than feeling crappy after the quick birth of their son?

There is first a sleepy rumble from Xucieth «I am dreaming, come back later.» Is her response and then fades away once more. Not long after though comes Eirwyn out of the barracks, still buttoning up her shirt. Her long hair in a mussy sleeper's braid with loose bits here and there. As she notes the three present she quickly tucks in her shirt and runs a hand over her hair with one hand and salutes with the other, "Xucieth will be here shortly."

Lessons! Yes that is the jab that gets Abigail's attention, along with a poking from Niumdreoth. It takes the pair a few moments longer before they actually follow after Eirwyn. Pulling on her jacket Abbey follows along, a hand moving to push some of her hair back from her face while she peers around to see whom all is there. A smile is seen along with a nod while she salutes the three a few moments after Eirwyn. "Morning." This said with a polite tone. Niumdreoth is hanging more at the barracks, eyeing Xucieth who gets a slight poking. « Wakey wakey.»

« Overrated, » is the only thing that Kouzevelth actually /says/, though what she means is the idea of sleeping: she is wide awake, and /has/ been. It's only Inri who seems to have slept much, her hair still in her nighttime braids even as the rest of her is dressed and prepared for morning duties. The full riders get salutes and a curious glance, as Kouzevelth finds herself a new place to settle where Inri can sit down on her paw.

Th'ero mutters something to Kimmila that sounds very much like "I know" but said with great reluctance as he steps closer to the bluerider's side. M'icha, however, has taken a step forwards as the first of the Weyrlings emerge from the barracks. The Weyrling master leans casually on his cane, a light smirk on his lips. "Won't need Xucieth here, really or any of the dragons. They're welcome to come though and relax, so long as they're /quiet and calm/ about it." Emphasis, GREAT emphasis on the quiet and calm part. "Just goin' to need you and your rapt attention, really," he adds, though he pitches his voice so the others arriving can hear.

M'icha's attention drifts to Abigail then as well, his nod vague as he begins to do a swift head count. Inri is spotted then too, not that it's hard to miss her seated with Kouzevelth as a perch. "Good!" he says with a lopsided smile. "Swift response. So I suppose we won't beat around the bush, so to speak, as to why we're all gathered together on this fine day…" he says, smile broadening into a grin that is too amused. "Today we're going to cover mating flights. All of it. Basics to nitty gritty and — Hey, J'men? Quit the tittering. —" And he goes as far to point out the very young bronze weyrling. You. Stop it. M'icha will only continue once the youth has turned a dark enough shade of red and dropped his eyes. "Now. As I was saying. Lots to cover, but this will mostly be a time to ask questions. Lots and lots of questions. Also brought in some, ah, "guests" who will be going over the grittier details." Cue a toothy grin. Th'ero however looks like he swallowed a lemon as he gives M'icha a rather narrowed look. Poor Weyrlings? "Any questions 'fore we start?" the bluerider asks, cocking his head a bit to the side as he regards the group, suddenly sobering to a serious expression.

Kimmila quirks a grin, leaning over enough to gently bump into Th'ero's side. But then she sobers, reaching out to rest her hand against his lower back. No questions from her, nope.

Inri appears to be considering it, since there's a lot she's heard about gold flights specifically that contradict — but she appears to be hoping someone else covers it before she has to speak up. These things must be basics, right? Either M'icha or the other goldriders will tell her. She pats Kouzevelth's paw-chair, as the dragon shows little to no interest in departing, instead extending her other front leg almost as if someone who didn't have a seat might be welcome to it. Instead of speaking up, she nods softly and twirls one of her plaits around her finger. She is /not/ laughing at J'men. She's not!

As the weyrlings are motioned through, Eirwyn takes a seat in the front row. Any lesson with Xucieth she usually takes the back row, but being green free this morning maybe she can actually focus on the lesson! Then the lesson is announced first her face goes a bit pale, then reddens. So any seats in the back still free? She is looking over her shoulder in time to hear J'men get reprimanded and just goes eyes centre again. At the request for questions she just quickly shakes her head and looks down at the top of her desk. Yes it will be a fun lesson. Of course it is this time that Xucieth does decide to make an entrance, «Ah, picking a mate. I suppose I should be here for this. Who knows who Eirwyn might pick for me.»

Abigail glances curiously towards Th'ero and Kimmila, the look from the weyrleader is picked up without much of a problem. With a seat found she settles down upon it, arms tucked close to her while she still works on waking up it would seem. As the topic of the lesson is brought up she just blinks, and then blinks again while she peers at M'icha and then lets her gaze flick around to the others to see their reactions it would seem. Questions? No none at the moment and she pokes at the back of Eirwyn's shoulder to try and get the other to sit back up so she can keep hidden just a bit perhaps. Niumdreoth continues to poke at Xucieth a few times, that is until she moves about. When that happens the brown wiggles about on his paws and soon follows after while his tail slowly flicks and sways with his steps. « I don't think that is the idea of the lesson Xucieth. »

Dremkoth, as always, pads in ahead of his rider and flops down with his clutchmates to listen avidly. In his opinion, it's an adventure in learning, as always! D'ani saunters in with the rest, in the back of the pack and remaining well to the rear, propping the wall up, hands in pockets and not saying much. Maybe he's got a sense of what's up? Questions? If he has them, he's keeping them to himself, his chin tipped down and his expression unreadable. His response to M'icha is a slight head-shake and since he's right beside J'men when he titters, he gives the weyrling a sharp elbow in the side.

M'icha does not seem surprised at all when no questions come his way, though he's still grinning at the looks passing between the Weyrlings. Ahh, nothing like a flight lecture to bring out the /awkward/ in all. J'men has been rightly silenced, by the Weyrlingmaster and then Inri's not-laughing at him though he stifles a squeak of protest when D'ani elbows him. Ow!

"Alright then. We'll start with the basics and then I'll leave you to torture our Weyrleader and Wingrider with your questions. They'll go more in depth and likely add a few things." M'icha explains, leaning on his cane more heavily as his weight shifts and he begins with little pause. "I'm sure most of you know by now that a proddy female dragon will show signs prior to going to blood and then to the skies. Every green or gold is different, but all glow the same way. Easiest way to tell? Glowing hide. More subtle are changes in behavior but usually only the rider of the female would sense those." He does pause then, allowing it to sink in before carrying on. "Blooding is important. You cannot let them feed, as they will not fly as high or far. Which is crucial for the golds," Cue a pointed look at Inri, though M'icha sweeps his gaze over everyone in the end. "But just as needed for greens. Won't do if there's not enough height," And he demonstrates with a hand held up, "Between a female and her suitor and the ground." Smack go the hands. Point taken?

"Gold rise every few Turns or so. Some less frequent than others. Greens rise about twice a Turn. Greens are not as territorial over the males, but golds… well." Everyone knows that, right? M'icha smirks. "Any questions?" Th'ero meanwhile has kept very silent through all this, save for the grunt he gave to Kimmila's bump to his side. All through the Weyrlingmaster's rather dry lecture, he's tried to keep his attention focused but already the Weyrleader is just uncomfortable… and so not looking at the Weyrlings. He only leans more towards Kimmila and likely really wishing he had an excuse to escape.

Sorry Th'ero, no sudden weyr emergency to pull them away. Kimmila is listening to the lecture, bobbing her head from time to time, her eyes flicking to the Weyrlings and then back to the Weyrlingmaster.

Now does seem to be the time for Inri's concern, so at risk of embarrassing herself for /not/ knowing the answer to this, she drops the braid and then holds up her finger. After a moment of that, she speaks up, "What if they don't give /much/ warning? I mean — the other golds have to leave, yeah? So it's definitely going to be at least a day and not, say, twenty minutes or so?" Not really enough time to warn the other goldriders and she doesn't expect to be able to rely on Kouzevelth as a method of passing along messages.

Eirwyn jumps at the poke in her back and she looks behind her to Abigail and gives her a miserable look, though tries to not quite so pathetic when she looks forward again. Xucieth's arrival causes her to put her hands to her face as it goes redder. One of the youngest weyrlings, well this is no doubt a hard subject for the girl. Xucieth settles to the side, leaving room for her large brown puppy dog to settle in beside her if he so wishes. «He did say mating lecture, so its about my first Mating. I will have someone worthy of me, and nothing less. If such a creature could even be found.» Eirwyn gives her dragon a look, eyes unfocusing for a moment until the green settles and quiets.

Abigail peers back at Eirwyn, catching that look from her friend curiously while she lets her arms fold in front of her and she clears her throat. All will be fine, right? Sure it's just a lesson to go over everything not like anything crazy is going to happen. Other then the weyrlings getting embarrassed that is. There is just a slight flush to her cheeks as the conversation goes on. The part one the ground is indeed taken seriously, as that would be a rather bad thing. Abbey sends a glance towards Niumdreoth and she eyes him a moment as he has a few bouncing steps before stopping and soon settles in that spot next to Xucieth. The comments from the green near him are caught but he offers no answer, he must behave now.

D'ani's chin sinks even lower and though he's listening, he's not looking around nope. His dark brows shield his eyes and his face is expressionless until it is mentioned about golds being territorial over the males. Huh. Apparently he didn't know that, and so J'men's bronze, Niumdreoth and then Dremkoth get a thoughtful look. But the hands smacked pulls him back with a start and he's now aghast more than uncomfortable. Mating flights are far more dangerous than breeding livestock! He's aware of the blushing and stirring the other weyrlings are doing, but he's avoiding looking their way. Inri's question has him mind going in another track altogether and this time it's the gold that gets a concerned look. He's heard, along with everyone else of the rare fight and so the thought of her being rent by sharp teeth causes him to shudder. Dremkoth has nothing to say, it seems, though he does whuff at Xucieth, amused.

"If by some chance glowin' hide and all are missed," M'icha says, his voice a touch dry and with just a hint of sarcasm as he fixes Inri with a look, "The warning is the blooding. Yes, the other golds got to leave but by the time she," And he points to Kouzevelth. "has begun or another gold has started, there is time yet to get the others out. IF it comes to that. One can always watch the bronzes and maybe a few cocky browns too. If they come a callin' all of a sudden on your gold? Well…" The Weyrlingmaster shrugs with another smirk and somewhere on the sidelines Th'ero coughs. Is Kimmila certain there's no emergency?

Unknowing of Eirwyn's embarrassment as Xuceith arrives, M'icha simply carries on with the lecture and answering of the few questions finally trickling in. Mating flights can be dangerous! Yet it seems very rare that one ever goes awry. The Weyrlingmaster doesn't seem to broach that subject either. "So that about covers it for the basics on the dragon side of things. Grittier stuff lies with /you/," And he sweeps his hand over the whole group and his grin broadens again, though his tone does not seem as amused as it lets on. "As riders. Goes without saying, as most know, that mating flights affect us just as much as it affects them. Not much can be done about it and best to just swallow that part no matter how bitter it is. It's gonna happen and fightin' it won't work. Trust me. Any rider worth his salt will tell you that."

M'icha shifts then, pulling himself more upright as he juts his head over to where Th'ero stands with Kimmila still close at his side. "I won't be coverin' that part though. If any of you want to prod more at the dragon-side of things, you can come see me later." He steps back then, clearly giving the "floor" over to the two riders. The Weyrleader, realizing now he can't exactly hide on the sidelines, clears his throat and gives Kimmila a little push forwards. How… sweet of him. Seems he's leaving it to her too to break the ice, so to speak.

"Will she wait till I am old enough?" Eirwyn finally squeeks out, surely she knows better but there is a touch of hope in that question. The holdbred teenager in many ways more naive than some of the others. "What if I am not ready? What if its someone old and gross?" The questions start stumbling from the fifteen turn old. There is a glance to her dragon and Xucieth lifts her head up, «I would not let anyone old and gross catch me!» She says with a hint of tinged bloodlust in her thoughts.

Kimmila is pushed into the most awkward of awkward, how nice. But no, she's not going this alone and the hand that was on Th'ero's back shifts to his front, grabbing a fistful of tunic to haul him up with her. "So, uh." Yeah. "I've only been in a couple of flights. Five or six, I think. Varmiroth just isn't…interested. So I'm not really the expert on that sort of thing. What I can talk about is the…difficulty of maintaining a relationship with someone whose dragon /does/ chase. And catch. And…yeah." Surely she's not blushing, as she gives Th'ero a nudge. But then Eirwyn's questions are heard and she looks at the girl, sympathy in her eyes. "What do you consider old enough? She probably will not wait, no matter what she might tell you. When she is ready, she will go. And you'll just…have to be ready. Or get ready, really fast. And if it's someone old and gross…you'll just have to deal with it. You will have little to no control over who she catches. Some dragons are considerate of their rider's preferences, others aren't. It…might be something to consider, in finding someone to share that…first intimate time with, /before/ the flight. So it's not your virginity as well as hers." Harsh, blunt, but true. "So I would think about it at least."

Inri and Kouzevelth are exchanging silent conference over the idea of everything M'icha has said, apparently, to an outside view — they stop and both pay attention to Eirwyn and Xucieth when the opportunity rises, though. Inri's head tilts to the side and Kouzevelth's actually mirrors, curious, as they listen to Kimmila; it /is/ harsh, but it's sensible. And Inri's always been practical. "How about," she broaches, in re: relationships, a bit timid, "a goldrider and a greenrider in a relationship? Is that — harder? I mean, they'd both have flights, but. Not together." As it's obvious Inri isn't currently courting a greenrider — or anyone — it's not clear whether she's thinking of anyone in particular or just asking.

Abigail makes a faint face at the bit on 'cocky browns' another glance is sent towards Niumdreoth, pondering and curious if he would be so bold to try such a thing at some point. A faint breath escapes her once the thought passes, her attention is back to the talk and her gaze flicks from one to another before she eyes Eirwyn at the gross comment is heard. Well that is one way to think about such things, which she never did. She ahs softly, the blunt bit from Kimmila is heard, which really it makes sense and in the end she would actually expect no less from the bluerider. While others are coming up with questions she isn't sure what she could possible ask, the others are bring up plenty of great questions without her two cents at the moment. The question from Inri does catch her attention, and her pale gaze turns towards Kimmila. Niumdreoth rumbles out faintly while looking too Xucieth. « I don't think she was talking about the dragon. »

Eirwyn's face just reddens at the suggestions, no matter that she has fought against her upbringing, well she is still that holdbred lady underneath. This is the stuff her Mother feared. Her daughter turning into some wanton rider. "I don't know anyone to …well…how do you start that kind of conversation up? Hey I need to lose my virginity, would you care to do the honours?" The words are being said half to herself and to the desk and most definately not looking up at any of the faces around her. "What if Niumdreoth or Crosenturath? How does a flight work if only the dragons can mate? What are the girls supposed to do?" Her hands go through her hair at this point. Xucieth looks to Niumdreoth and seems to examine him for a moment, «It's all about the dragon Niumdreoth. Do you think you are worthy to catch me?» Her gaze casts to D'ani and Th'ero, «Or will it be a shining bronze.»

If only D'ani felt like laughing, that little push to the fore of Kimmila by Th'ero would do it. But his face has not a trace of levity in it. Having been living in Fort Weyr for a turn now, and at Western Weyr before that, he's become vaguely aware of how flights work, and accepted the very different lifestyle riders must live. It's fine for them. He just hasn't given it very much thought until now, perhaps subconsciously his mind has skittered away from this little fact. Maybe a bit of denial? There's no escaping it now, however, that he is one of those riders, not a holder anymore. Eirwyn's 'what if' question has him quirking her a puzzled look. But she's an adult by Pern standards? The rest of her blurted questions has his expression bordering on one of distaste. Kimmila and Inri being objective helps a little but he's still got nothing to say. Thank you, wall behind him, he'll just merge with you now.

Th'ero was following, honest! If he was scheming to make a run for it, it's ruined when Kimmila grabs at his tunic (which is embarrassing enough) so he simply follows along while subtly prying her hand loose and returning his touch to her lower back. Clearing his throat, he shoots Kimmila a look when she nudges him. "It can be rather complicated being a rider as far as flights are concerned." he murmurs, hesitating a moment before exhaling heavily. "Velokraeth is the opposite of Varmiroth. He chases just about anything glowing, so I suppose I am a little more… versed in the effects in that regard." M'icha snorts in laughter from where he's gone to watch, leaning against the stone wall and Th'ero simply grimaces in an almost pained way. Ugh, why did he /agree/ to this?

Eirwyn's question earns her a long look as well from the Weyrleader, but Kimmila answers first and he nods his head in agreement, trying not to look too unsettled by the nature of the questions. "Kimmila has the right of it. And rider preference does not always sway. You can wind up with an old or young rider, male or female." he adds, before his gaze slides to Inri and his frown deepens. "It's possible to maintain a relationship between opposing colors. Be it that both partners ride females or two males…" It's complicated! And he turns his head to Kimmila then for the bluerider to continue. At least D'ani can merge with walls! Th'ero certainly looks as though he wishes to disappear, despite his efforts at trying to look calm and collected. "Ah well… It just — works." He fumbles in response to Eirwyn's next question. Meaning he hasn't a clue and he is /not/ going there even if he did. They'll be lucky if he answers straightforwards at all this morning.

Kimmila turns her attention to Inri, and shrugs. "It's always hard, no matter what. Th'ero and I both ride males, so sometimes we're /competing/ for a mate. It's awkward. Though, admittedly, when we both loose then that's a…good thing." And she is definitely holding back a little smirk. "So if it were two female dragon riders, then it'd probably be harder, since they are /always/ going to be caught and one will always be waiting on the other. Though, at least one of them isn't involved and loose. A male rider in a relationship with a female rider can be hard too. So…it's hard no matter how you look at it. Non-rider relationships can be difficult as well. They're all /possible/, but flights are definitely something that needs to be discussed." Glancing next to Eirwyn, the bluerider looks sympathetic. "Friends can sometimes…help? The most important thing if you want to do that, is find someone you're comfortable with. It's awkward enough… But this lesson can be a good starting point." Hey, I just got the mating flight lecture, wanna do it? "And…the girls figure it out," she admits. "There are…well. Ways. I can…explain more later if you want." But not now, it seems. "But," she says, jumping back to the earlier topic and glancing at Th'ero, "It's…flight sex is…different. Far different, from sex with a partner that you…love." Fumble, awkward. For the couple that doesn't do PDA, this is tough! "It's…there's no /emotion/ to flight sex." And she looks at Th'ero again. Your turn.

If Inri were a virgin, 'hey I just got the mating flight lecture wanna do it' would probably actually be her next pickup line. Since it's not so much an issue, she is back to the smile-and-nod part of the equation — even as Kouzevelth's curiosity makes itself known in ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys and little tiny bits of rain and chirping birds. The goldrider has taken to watching D'ani try to meld with the wall, as if her entertainment for the morning is partly just the bronzerider's discomfort. (She does smile at him, though, so there's that.)

"Eirwyn" Abigail offers while eyeing the girl a few moments, did she really just say Niumdreoth? There is a slight cough from her while she lowers her head to just eye the ground. Hey look there is a shiny rock, or some bit of something which will hopefully get her full attention for the next few moments. Though the conversation goes on and now Th'ero is in the mix of it as well. At the bit of two riders of opposing colors and the females and males bit is brought up she ponders. "How hard is it for riders of two males?" Well out of anyone here Th'ero and Kimmila should know this right? No one dare better ask her why she is wondering this either for she will not give a straight answer in the least. At the bit on 'there are ways' she sends a glance towards Kimmila and can't help but smirk at the idea. Niumdreoth eyes Xucieth a few moments. « Me? Why would I want to do such a thing? You /only/ manage to get me in trouble all the time. It would not be smart of me to do such a thing. » Which when a female has a glowing hide what male is thinking of 'smart' things?

It's either a cough or a gag, the sound that comes from D'ani's throat as Eirwyn's questions get more explicit. The teenaged greenrider is given a look of disbelief. Not that she doesn't know the answers to them, but that she wants to talk about them in public! Really? Can't she find a woman to give her a birds and the birds talk somewhere in private?! Hey - he's a guy. In his mind talking about things is never the way to go. He shifts restlessly, but Th'ero and Kimmila don't go there, thankfully. At least he won't be walking out on his very first lecture? Inri's smile is just making it worse and his decency kicks in. He can't meet her eyes right now, not with this topic being aired. Enjoy, it while you can, M'icha!

Kimmila holds back a smirk and Th'ero just pretends to be interested in a certain point of ground. Over there. Clearing his throat again, he gives a slight nod of his head to agree with the bluerider. "As awkward or unsettling as it may be to discuss with a partner," he adds in a lower tone, "It's best to do it. Better to have some trust or understanding laid out rather than have to pick up the pieces afterwards." If any are left to pick up as his grimace implies. Though that grimace go also be towards the suggestions brought forth. Maybe that will become a classic pickup line for all future Weyrlings? Th'ero shoots Kimmila a look then for her offer on "advice". Wait, what? But the topic shifts and he's looking truly awkward then, as things progress into realms of privacy he does /not/ want to elaborate on. "It's true. Flight sex is not the same. There are emotions, but they are primal. Lust, mostly. Instinctual. You are more your dragon than yourself, though the amount varies from rider to rider. Some like myself," he admits grudgingly, "Experience a 'black out' of sorts. Limited control, very little memory recall." Sorry ladies, but you only get the empty shell? "Some are less affected and more aware." Awkwardly he allows that subject to drift, only to focus then on Abigail for her question and while he leaves most of it to Kimmila to explain.

Kimmila focuses on Abigail next, and shrugs. "It's…it's always tricky. Usually Varmiroth doesn't chase, so I just…wait for Th'ero to come home. We have our…I hate to call it a routine, but we have ways that we've developed to…move forward. It's all about communication, so one partner isn't feeling left out or slighted or undesirable…" Is she sharing too much? "It's very awkward when both Varmiroth and Velokraeth are chasing at the same time, and one of them wins. When we both loose, there's no problem." Looking at Th'ero, she nods and slips her arm through his, but then seems to reconsider and shoves her hands into her pockets instead. Toooo awkward. "Yes. I - we - would also advise you to never try and use a stand-in. Where the flight winner or the female's rider pair off with someone /else/. It is…very, very trying and…just not how it's done. Most of the time you won't have the presence of mind to even think of that sort of thing anyway. For me, when Varmiroth chases, I'm very much aware of what's going on. But that's because Varmiroth is so…scatterbrained, /he/ isn't focused, and so I am not focused. But Th'ero…yes. He is…not himself. Which makes it easy, as his partner, to know that it's…it's just flight sex. There's no…substance to it. It's hollow." Damn can they go drink yet?

Inri is willing to give D'ani the chance to /not/ look at people, and instead keeps her focus trained on Kimmila. She's apparently the odd one out who isn't embarrassed at all, so much as curious. "I keep hearing different things about stand-ins — does anyone actually do it," she asks, cautious but calm, "or is that something that is just talked about? Because it seems weird, since, like, the flight is about your dragon. It shouldn't really /be/ about you, it's about them, so. Makes sense to be their choice and what you do doesn't really matter."

Abigail sends a faint glance to Th'ero, she can't really help it after Kimmila goes on talking about 'routines'. Though that little glance doesn't last too long while she nods a moment while continues to listen on what is said. "I see." This is what is said to all this interesting talk of flights, feelings, and so forth. Needless to say Abbey will have plenty more to think of and perhaps a bit to worry on. She picks at a bracelet upon her wrist a few times. There is another change in the topic and she is thankful for it. As the conversation goes on she slips back to being quiet unless there is a need for her to speak up.

D'ani is looking both relieved at not having a girlfriend right now to have to have this awkward 'work things out' talk with and uncomfortable that some of them might try that pickup line on him after the lecture is over. The black out thing… not in control?? Greeeeeat! He's with Inri on the stand-in thing - it sounds weird, weirder than the rest of the lecture does. He nods while his brow wrinkles in puzzlement. He doesn't even want to know about that mess. He's studiously not looking at Th'ero as Kimmila mentions their routine and perhaps feels a wee bit of sympathy for him having to stand up in front of all of them right now. As for tonight - sleeping in the barracks is going to be more than awkward. Yes, Kimmila, he could use a stiff double whiskey right about now, actually.

Maybe a bit too much, though Th'ero is a man who rarely smiles in public, let alone go into details about… routines. So of course he's going to give Kimmila a look and the flush of color to his skin is not from the warming mid-morning air. So awkward and more so when she approaches him and then changes her mind and he can only stand there with his arms tense at his side. "Jealousy is a bitter and tough emotion to fight. But it can be lessened and eventually overcome to a degree," he adds, his voice just a little stiff. "I know for some of you, the concept of flights is daunting and the knowledge that you have little, if any, control over it. It's not something to be ashamed of, but neither will I say it will be easy. You will all face some challenge concerning flights at some point." Th'ero goes on to say, at length for once, before lapsing silent again to clear his throat and look down to gather his thoughts. At the mention of stand-ins, his expression twists and his frown almost deepens to a scowl.

"Kimmila brings a very good point." he murmurs, only to focus sharply on Inri for the span that it takes her to voice her question. The Weyrleader seems unsettled, of all things, by it but as he looks away (to think, of course!) it disappears and is replaced by his usual reserved smirk. "Very few do and I am with Kimmila on this… it's not recommended. Not only is it very tricky and takes a lot of careful planning that is not guaranteed to work. The results… the results could also be less than favorable." There's a glance then to Kimmila, fleeting but something more is there. "So yes, Inri. The flights ARE about the dragons. What happens as a result from the bond we share with our dragons is just that… an instinctual response. So meddling with it has it's consequences and not always in good ways." Th'ero would LOVE a drink right now. A few bottles of wine or a few mugs of that vile ale of his.

Kimmila nods at Inri, glancing at Th'ero and waiting until her weyrmate finishes speaking. "It's not common, but I have seen it…once." And there's a brief look to Th'ero. "It did not go well. It was…" And she can't quite seem to come up with an adjective for it, and just shakes her head instead. "So yeah. Any more questions?"

'Once and it didn't go well' is enough for Inri — who is also definitely quite glad she isn't in a relationship — to decide she's not going to be looking into ever trying that either, even if she thought it might've been something worthwhile. She'd always been operating under the idea that the flight was for Kouzevelth and not for her, so how much /did/ it matter? It didn't. She is bold enough to say, "If anyone wants me to mix up a drink after, so we can all relax a little bit —" They've all been thinking it, right?

D'ani has questions - not going to ask any of them though. Nope! Mostly he's not going to think about all of this. This is Dremkoth's deal. He won't try to stop the bronze from chasing - being Beastcraft he knows that would be just selfish and well, the bronze will need this. He'll just go with the flow. His fellow weyrlings will probably just find him keeping to himself and too busy to theorize or absent for the sure-to-follow-barracks discussions. Avoidant male, oh you betcha!

Perhaps it's best if no adjective is found and Th'ero seems to be of the opinion that enough of that subject has been broached for one day. The sidelong look he gives to Kimmila is conflicted, but there is an almost warning edge to it and guilt as well. "Unsettling." he finishes, but even that does not seem to fit. Grimacing, the Weyrleader straightens for a moment just as the awkwardness and tension seems to build too high, only to exhale in near relief for Inri's bold but well timed statement. "Funny you should mention that," he remarks dryly, shoulders dropping a bit as just as swiftly the awkwardness is down to tolerable levels. "After this, restrictions are lifted. So long," Th'ero stresses, something of which will likely be echoed (a lot) by M'icha later. "As you do not abuse it. Your weyrs will be assigned shortly as well, so all of you will be moved out of the barracks over the next several days."

With no further questions drifting their way, Th'ero looks far too relieved to be done with the lecture and the Weyrlingmaster steps forwards then, "That about covers it," he remarks a wee bit too brightly as he leans again on his cane. "And Th'ero was right, you won't be cooped up in those barracks much longer. Not with it gettin' cramped now that they're close to maturing. So if yer done with your questions, get to your assigned tasks. We meet back here after lunch. Dismissed!" And he makes a 'shooing' gesture with his free hand, which sends some of the more nimble (and flighty) Weyrlings scattering without so much as a backwards glance.

Kimmila has certainly noticed the lack of questions and comments from D'ani, and she gives the bronzeling a pointed look. "We'll be around if you have any more questions too, of course," she adds in before the Weyrlings are dismissed. And once they are, she slips her arm around Th'ero's waist and almost sags against his side, muttering to him before she tries to tug him away.

Looking surprised — because she really hadn't expected it! — Inri smiles slowly, and then grins. "Drinks it is, then," she says, "Over lunch." Just one each, but she'll mix up something special for each person as they completely /fail/ to discuss the day's lecture.

Weyrs! Privacy! D'ani perks about that and as they're dismissed, he turns to go, giving Kimmila a blank look in return for that pointed look. What? He's good, really. She believes that one, right? He isn't one of the flighty ones and though IS nimble, he doesn't scramble out. Instead he falls into step with Inri and sways to shoulder-bump her. "What'll you mix for me, hmm?" is what he asks her with a mock leer. Yah, he's kidding.

Th'ero has not been entirely focused on who asked the questions or else D'ani may have received a look as well. But right now he is simply focused on one thing: leaving. Enough has been said and spoken about (roughly) that the Weyrleader is likely wanting to just disappear for awhile. So Kimmila won't have to tug much before he's following, turning his head to her mutterings and voicing a few of his own in return. What a way to start the day?

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