Fort's Forests ~~ Fort Weyr - Lover's Tree Hill

Like a strange island in the middle of an alien sea, this hill arises from the tide of blueberry bushes to provide yet another vantage from which wayward wanderers might survey the lands around. The lone tree must have been a transplant from somewhere, having no others of its kind around to compare it to. Glossy green leaves of a roughly tear-drop shape might not make the tree especially distinctive, but the lurid, fire-bright blossoms it produces in spring most definitely make up for it. Its age is telling in its size, with its branches sprawled out to create both deep shade and the illusion of a canopy of fire when it's fully in bloom.

As if to make up for the fact that it simply isn't a climbing tree, people have been carving in the soft wood of this strange entity for generations upon generations. The soft wood is durable enough to endure such attentions and hewn upon its surface are names that have long-since been lost to time. Lovers and the lovers of lovers, those who simply wish to make their mark and more have laid their hands on this tree … and, perhaps, there will be generations more to be had.

A'lin has dragged Kai out! For exercise, no less! Oh yes, and it would appear that his favorite tree to do chin ups on is the lover's tree. Or whatever you might want to call it. It might be autumn, but by the time they get to the tree A'lin's lost his shirt. Well, not lost. It's stuffed into his back pocket on his exercising pants. The fact that it isn't a climbing tree is… not really an issue. A'lin likes it because the lowest branches are just within reach for him if he stands on his tip-toes. Kai might… need to at least jump. Or get a hand up from the big man. "Here we are!" He pats the tree, then uses his shirt to wipe off some of the sweat he's built up from jogging.

For the most part, K'hys has kept up with the brownrider, for he was likely in the best condition of his life. Being a dragonrider, had that effect on people, or perhaps it was all the training they got as weyrlings that got them to that point and the life they lead after that took care of the rest. Either way, the bluerider is still panting by the time that they reach the big tree at the top of the hill. He pauses, hands to his knees, to catch his breath. The white sleeveless shirt he wears shows how much he has been sweating, sticking to his body where the fabric was saturated with moisture. It's only a second, before he's reaching up to get a hand up from his friend, "Help me up. Otherwise I might break my neck or something." he says just a little breathlessly.

A'lin has made sure that Kai doesn't fall behind. Even A'lin is probably in better shape somewhat than before. Maybe his muscle mass has gone down, but his endurance and cardio are doing better than before. He pats Kai a bit on the back as they come to a stop. Then he helps him back straight. "Just walk around a bit and catch your breath!" Ada leads Kai around in a little bit of a walk. "This branch here." He points out. "That's my chin up branch. You can see where my hands have smoothed down the bark a little." He looks down to Kai then. "Sorry, did we go too fast for you? It's probably a little longer than you're used to."

K'hys winces when A'lin pats him on the back, which the big man might not even notice considering he was bent over and all. Then he's being helped back up, probably sooner than he was really expecting and so blinks a few times and sends his fellow weyrling a bit of a bewildered look. Exercise all the time? Not really the bluerider's cup of klah. Much more comfortable spending his time not running around at the snap of the Weyrlingmaster staff's finger, sitting somewhere quiet and drawing. "Ah, okay." he replies, with some hesitation, taking his friend's lead in this. He was the fitness nut of the pair of them. So he walks it out as bidden, gaze wandering over towards the tree as it's indicated, and brows lifting as he sees the very slight wear marks. He seems just slightly out of his element, those lifting brows working into a spot towards the center there, making him look perplexed. "How often do you do this, Ada?" he asks, lips left slightly parted perhaps to add more, but he's distracted when he's asked a question instead. "Hmm? Oh, no. Not really." he says with a short laugh, stretching himself out some with arms above his head, and then off to the sides. Likely to work out any kinks. "I don't mind pushing my limits, and it was a nice change of pace."

A'lin hasn't knocked him over, so that's a plus. A'lin loves his exercise, it's true. And that means he might make K'hys go with him time to time. And it might seem like he's trying to kill him. The walk is slow though, to wind them down a little bit. "Every day, if I can find the time. It's been a little harder as a weyrling though. But now that we're getting closer to graduating it's getting easier to find the time." The brownrider grins a bit to Kai. "It's good to push your limits!" As they walk back around to Ada's branch he jumps up a bit to grab hold of it. Then the pull ups start! Woo! "I should push my limits as well! Maybe I'll do more chin ups! Ooh, I know, you hang on me and I'll do chin ups!" He lets himself down. "Here, get on my back!"

When the answer comes to his question, K'hys can do little more than stand there and stare at the brownrider. There's a bit of blinking, too. "Every day?" he echoes, sounding like he couldn't believe what he'd just heard, and then all he can do is laugh and shake his head. Certainly not in a discouraging manner, in fact he actually might even sound impressed. As if to confirm this, Kai gives A'lin a pat on one of his shoulders and continues to chuckle. "That is some serious dedication, Ada." As the man steps away, the bluerider now takes the time to pull off his shirt, using it much the same way that he had to wipe the sweat away, once he found a dry spot that is. He pauses though, as the chin ups begin and then stop, with that request made. "Jays, I don't…" he begins, eying both tree and brownrider, expression taking on some reluctance. "We're not going to switch afterwards are we?" he asks half amused, and half worried that the answer might be yes no doubt. Tossing his shirt to the ground and heading over, he places himself behind and slowly extending his arms. "Okay, I'm not going to jump on you." A laugh. "Crouch down some."

A'lin is pretty insane about exercise. "Yep! As long as I can make it out. Like I said. I like it. It helps me clear my head!" And Ada's head needs a lot of clearing. It has trouble holding too much. Ada blinks at his question, then laughs a bit. "That wouldn't hardly be fair. I weigh probably twice what you do. No no. You can do your own chin ups your own way." Ada squats down a bit so K'hys can climb up onto his back. "This'll be fun! You get a ride and I get a harder chin up!" Only Ada would be excited about doing chin ups with another man on his back. Once K'hys is situated Ada will go back to grab onto the branch to start the chin ups!

K'hys could probably appreciate the need to clear one's head, what with all his belly aching as of late. Strangely enough, since their talk at the lake, the time spent with A'lin has had nothing to do with any of the bluerider's growing problems. In fact, he's probably never smiled or laughed so much in quite a long time. "I guess that makes sense." he agrees, nodding some as he waits for A'lin to crouch down. He does in fact, look relieved that he won't being doing this himself, wrapping his arms around the brownrider's neck and getting a good grip. After all, A'lin would be needing his arms to pull himself up, so there would be no support for his legs. Then that last comment comes, and Kai nearly chokes unable to return with the inevitable quip that just popped into his head because he was being lifted off the ground. "Whoa…whoa…um…" He almost slips, but in a moment of genius, he lifts his legs up and wraps them securely around the man's middle. Saving himself and probably a lot more comfortable then just hanging off, feet dangling. He wriggles some, getting situated, and then rests his chin on one of his own arms. Finally, he's still.

Kai is free to wrap his legs around Ada to get a better grip. Ada would indeed need his arms for chin ups. "Let me know if you're tired, or if you might hit your head." There's a bit of a wait while K'hys gets situated. The brownrider does a count as he goes, taking a break every five or so. Big man is sweating up a storm now and is as red as a cherry. "Whew. Extra weight is really doing it!" He lets them slowly down after about thirty and stretches out his arms a bit. "Stay on for a bit!" He grabs hold of Kai's legs and does some squats while he's got him there. "My legs will be sore tomorrow for sure!" Hopefully no one is around. Because this certainly looks and sounds terrible.

"I'm all right for now." K'hys insists, holding on with both arms and legs as they both go up. He doesn't bother with conversation, though at some point about half way through the chin ups, his head does come to rest just slightly at the back of A'lin's. The heat created by the man's body makes Kai start to sweat some as well, making his grip a bit tighter to counter the slipperiness. "Glad I could be of help." he muses, chuckling and then going quiet again for the rest of the set. When they lower to the ground, the bluerider naturally assumes that they're done and starts to loosen his grip, but it appears his fellow weyrling has other ideas. Fumbling some, he regains his balance, just in time for his legs to be grabbed. Eyes widen, and after a few squats, the teenager is tucking his face in towards the other guys neck and turning a little red himself. Lashes lower and a few seconds later, his lips purse. Kai's heart can be felt skipping a beat and then picking up the pace as if was secretly running a marathon even while sitting perfectly still. Not all of him, sadly, is as cooperative. As might be felt towards the brownrider's lower back. "Ada?" he asks, in a very soft voice that even might come across as breathy. He swallows thickly, and closes his eyes, jaw twitching some before he takes a breath and slowly lets it out. Seems all the grunting, sweat and half nakedness had finally taken it's toll on the poor kid. "I think we need to stop now." Did he sound as if he was pleading to some degree? Yes, yes he did.

A'lin wouldn't have been good conversation. While he's exercising he's pretty focused. He thinks about enough to keep a count. When Kai is asking him to stop he straightens up and lets his legs down. "Thanks buddy! Sorry if you're all sore now, too. It's kind of an awkward muscle use I guess." He pats Kai's shoulder in a friendly manner. "You want a leg up to try some chin ups? Or you tired?" Ada is completely oblivious it would seem to any of Kai's… discomforts. A'lin stretches out a bit. "I should take you with me all the time!" He laughs. "We could get you more muscles even, if you want!" He nudges K'hys with the back of his hand. "I'm teasing. But if you want to come you're always welcome!"

Kai's only saving grace from what could of been one of his most embarrassing and awkward of moments, is the fact that he seems to surround himself with completely clueless holders. While frustrating most of the time, clearly that was not the case now, at least not in the way he'd become accustomed. As his legs are released and allowed to be put under him, the first thing that the bluerider does is squat and grab his shirt none too far away, folding his arms over his knees and resting his forehead on them. Little ball of K'hys, or as little as someone six foot two could curl up without going all fetal on his side. He probably didn't know what to say as A'lin cheerfully chatters on, likely hoping that his quietness and posture is taken as a sign of weariness and nothing else. His shoulders tense just slightly, at the pat given to one of them. However, with the state of mind the bluerider had found himself precariously in, some of things that were being said are undoubtedly being taken widely out of context. There's even a soft groan towards the end, that could of even been half of a whimper. After a few moments of silence, K'hys takes a steadying breath and at least manages to reply. Somewhat. "I'm good, I'm good. Just give me a second."

A'lin is completely unawares. He thinks Kai is just tired from the work out. Or all the blood has gone out of his arms or something. A'lin is good at chittering at least. Especially about exercise. Though he does look a little concerned as the bluerider curls up. "You might be a little dehydrated. I forgot to bring us some water. Do you think you can walk? There's a clearing not far from here where our dragons can likely fit. I'm sure I can carry you there at least." Ada wipes himself down with his shirt and then stuffs it back into his pocket. He heads over then to take a seat next to Kai.

Blood had gone somewhere all right, though K'hys keeps to himself the particulars. Plopping back onto his butt, his knees remain bent and he crosses his legs at the ankle, arms wrapped around his shins. He leaves his forehead at the top of his knees, head still bowed. It might be a while yet before he can even look A'lin in the eye without turning the color of a redfruit. "I don't think I could walk right now, no." he replies honestly in a small voice followed by a whining groan, thunking his head a few times against his patellas, then shaking it back and forth. He startles though at the offer of being carried, and not only does his head come up but so do his hands, shirt dropped over his footwear. Holding said hands up defensively, his brown eyes are quite round as he flushes darkly. "No!" he says both sharply and quickly, before his features shift to something far more awkward and then he's scrambling in an effort to spare the brownrider's feelings. "Uh, I mean, I'm feeling much better. You don't need to carry me or anything." His defensive posture fails him when A'lin comes and sits beside him, tensing up all over again.

A'lin sits cross legged, with that concerned frown plastered to his face. Kai didn't seem like he was dying at least, otherwise Ada might be running off to find a healer (and probably carrying the poor healer on his back through the woods). There's a blink at Kai's reaction to him possibly being carried out to the clearing. "Er… alright. Sorry… I didn't mean to say you weren't capable…" The frown turns into a pout now. "We can just wait here until you feel alright to walk back." The brownrider pouts even more as Kai flinches away from him, and gets up to go stand with his back against the tree. Chittering is over now it would seem.

Other than being redfaced and a touch on the sweaty side, there didn't appear to be anything really wrong with K'hys. The fates might be smiling on the unfortunate boy at the cost of A'lin's hurt feelings, and he knows it, if his horrified expression was any indication. "No, no, no…" Kai's eyes widening once more but for a completely different reason then they had previously. He begins to say more, but then the man is pouting of all things and gets up to go stand against the tree. Mouth hung open, no sound comes out except for that oh so intelligent 'ehhhhh' noise he's prone to utter so frequently these days. This shift in the other weyrling's mood has indeed put other issues into perspective, and Kai can freely get to his feet without throwing everything back into flailing discomfort. "Ada, I didn't mean anything by it." he says, getting up, his shirt forgotten. He moves closer to the former hunter, searching unsuccessfully for the right way to explain. Finally, color pinking his cheeks, there is a heavy sigh from the bluerider. "You see…there was all that repetitive motion, and grabbing, and sweating and the closeness and…something, came up…" He flinches instantly once those slip free, and he's once again backpedaling. "No, wait! Uh, what I meant to say was…none of us have had any contact with naked people since…." That apparently wasn't working either, and Kai can only roll his eyes skywards and growl at himself for not being able to articulate properly what he was trying to say. Finally he slaps a palm against his face and there a long suffering groan. "You do remember I said I found both men and women attractive, right?" Direct approach, it was.

A'lin blinks a bit at Kai. He tilts his head at the 'ehhh' noise. He rubs the back of his head a bit sheepishly. "Sorry. I didn't mean to put you out or anything Kai." Or emasculate him. There's a confused look on the brownrider's face as he explains that something has come up. He looks down at himself at the comment about naked people, as if ti check his pants are still on or something. "…naked?" Though everything seems to click together at Kai's least question. "Oh… you mean. Oh. Er, sorry. I suppose I didn't think about it like that." He pulls up his shirt and slides it on. "Er… maybe I'll just… head back then and let you cool off?"

"No, no. I was glad to help." the bluerider responds, helpless in the shadow of unexpected occurrences. Brows pinch for the confusion all of this was causing, in this, perhaps he'd found some regret for having agreed so readily to being extra weight. He sighs again, still hiding behind his hand. "Half-naked is as good as naked at this point." he mutters under his breath, more to himself than meant for the brownrider to hear. K'hys might be feeling some relief at the fact that he didn't have to explain further than he already had, but the boy can't help the color of his face, or the sheer volume of awkward that had grown between them. Especially as A'lin finally catches on to his meaning. "I'm fine, but I completely understand if you want to leave." He closes his eyes and shakes his head, a bit of a frown on his face as he turns away and heads back over to grab his own shirt off the ground and pull it back on. "I'm sorry, Ada." There was no disguising the shame in his tone.

A'lin just stands there, pouting and awkward with his shoulders hunched over. "Hm? No I don't… it's just. I don't want to make things worse for you. It's not like… Maybe you'd like some alone time you know. To uh… you know." Help himself, basically. He takes a deep breath to help and clear the awkward a little bit. "Don't be sorry. It happens to all of us. I mean, every morning it wakes up and says hello to me! We're still young healthy men and all." He laces his fingers behind his head and smiles to Kai. "No harm done. Did you want to do some chin ups?"

K'hys yanks his shirt down over his torso and adjusts the hem so that it gathers once more around his narrow hip. His exercise pants were a soft pale grey color, loose, with a draw string in the front. They practically hung off him, perhaps a size too large, leaving most of whatever musculature, definition and any other attributes worth bragging about that he might possess obscured. The bluerider blinks and looks back to A'lin, for a split second confused but that vanishes quickly with a blush chaser. "Uh, no. I uh, don't think…" he begins and once again his brows pinch together, "No. That's not necessary." No wandering off into the woods to become extra friendly with nature for him! "You might think it's weird, but I haven't…" Taken care of business? "…since before I Impressed. I didn't want anything bad to happen to Jheth. I feel horrible just thinking about, things, and talking about things…" A wince, and he distracts himself by contemplating the tree. Sadly, he can't really help a fleeting glance towards A'lin (or rather what he might of meant to be one) when he talks about morning hellos and healthy young men. Yep, he's blushing again. There's a heavy silence that grows, blending nicely with the awkwardness he was still experiencing before he catches himself staring at the poor man, and redirects his attention to the tree once more. He didn't appear to be all that crazy about that idea, brows lifting as his eyes shift back to the brownrider. "Push ups?"

A'lin nods a bit to Kai. "I uh have a couple of times. While Njordeth was asleep. Only if I really needed it and I couldn't get a cold enough bath." Or if he'd been hanging around Dei too much one day. "It's not weird. I admire your… dedication. It is good for Jheth. We can… talk about something else." Ada rubs his mustache. "Have you picked a wing yet? I bet Jheth likes flying. He looks pretty graceful already in the air. Njordeth is all muscle, so he's still a bit awkward in the air." He grins a bit to K'hys. "Push ups! Sounds great." A'lin gets himself down into a push up position and starts pushing away. Apparently his arms aren't sore enough to keep him from doing some push-ups.

Okay, K'hys was staring at A'lin again, and his cheeks felt hot. He might of been even more embarrassed to find out just how red his face was as the brownrider goes on to talk about frequency and reasons for and really all he can do is stand there and listen to it. It was like a locomotive wreck, unable to look away. He practically leaps at the change of topic, "Yes, let's." he agrees, eagerly and even with the abrupt gear shift there, he recovers and adapts quickly. "We did. I was leaning towards Simurgh, but Jheth was very insistent on Thunderbird." he says, lowering himself to the ground, as the awkward begins to finally subside. "So we'll be in Thunderbird." He nods, finally smiling, flashing those perfectly white teeth of his. "Yeah, he really does, and thanks. I'll be sure to let him know once he wakes up. I swear that dragon has a sleep disorder." Probably not, but the blue /did/ in fact sleep a lot. Brows work in against one another, "Really? I hadn't noticed. Then again, I guess he suits you in that department." This musing aside, Kai continues to sit as A'lin drops to the ground and starts pushing away. He didn't really look like he wanted to do those either, watching the big man go to town over there, and flopping over onto his back instead, to look up at the sky. Lazy, blooie. He drapes one hand over his chest and his lashes lower, his other hand tucked up behind his head. "On second thought, I'll just keep you company."

A'lin is surprisingly open about such things. Then again K'hys was a man, really more like a brother to Ada. He'd never say such things if there was a woman present. It was rude! Though it's even ruder to say such things to Kai, but he does anyways. "Ah. I was thinking maybe we might become an assistant weyrling master. Maybe try that out and see what Njord thinks. I think he would be good at leading other young dragons. He's a sticker for the rules and all." There's a bit of a nod about Njord's flying. "He'll get better at it as we keep practicing." There's a bit of a chuckle as Kai lays down to relax as he goes to town.

The bluerider closes his eyes and his face finally returns to it's intended shade, all worry and such melting away as he relaxes. He just lays there and enjoys day such as these while they are tolerable without some sort of outer wear. Lids crack, and then open completely as he turns his head towards the push up making man, a soft smile on his face. "Really?" he asks, not really expecting a response, considering he continues onwards without a pause. "You know, I can picture that. I think Melze and Miki would be fortunate to have you." Sounds like he meant every single word. What exactly K'hys thought of A'lin was unclear, he did appear to enjoy the man's company and they usually had a good time together. It'd probably be a safe bet to assume that the bluerider considered Ada a friend. "Got all the time in the world for flying here and there." he agrees, and then brows shoot upwards, "You think Njordeth would let Jheth help hime practice?"

"Mmhm. I think I might like seeing all the young weyrlings and helping them get on their feet and all." A'lin says. After what seems to be lots and lots of pushups A'lin finally flops over onto his back. "Whew. Well, I hope they'd like to have me. I'd work at Melze's pleasure. It seems like they might need a big lad with them to help them with things. Unruly weyrlings and the like." He chuckles. He blinks a bit at Kai then. "Hm. Njordeth likes Jheth well enough. Do you think he could be of help? I'm sure Njord would be receptive to any help he might want to give him."

K'hys nods, smile still in place, only it had softened at some point and ended up staying that way. "You'll have to keep me posted on how it goes and such. Who knows, I might join you over there for a turn if Jheth will let me. Sounds like a lot of fun." He remains still as the man flips over onto his back to cool down, chuckling at the way that he puts some things, but keeping that to himself. "Hmmm, I do love greenriders." he replies instead, following it up with a long breathy sigh as he turns his face back up towards the azure of the sky. This was unlikely the first time that A'lin had heard this from the bluerider, never having been particularly shy in sharing what he liked and disliked. As for flight practice, Kai glances over, "Oh, I don't know. Jheth just loves to fly." And sleep, and eat…and sleep some more. "Though, taking into consideration Njordeth's muscle mass, we might want to work on the ground and do some stretching. Maybe in the water too, for resistance. Jheth can help with the finesse."

A'lin nods. "Oh I will! It would be fun to have you and I guiding the weyrlings. I think I just like seeing the baby dragons. They're cute in a big floppy sort of way." Something that appeals to A'lin's sense of self. He laughs a bit at Kai's love of greenriders. "Yeah? They seem like a nice set of guys and gals. Most of them are easy-going. I guess it comes with the job." A'lin nods a bit. "Njord seems to have small wings. But he's got a lot of muscle mass. Maybe some more water exercises might do him some good. I think he cheats though and uses his legs and arms sometimes though."

K'hys chuckles again, his eyes having drifted close and that hand that was on his chest now resting with fingers gently curled in towards his palm, poised over his stomach. His breathing has slowed to an easy in and out, making it obvious that he could easily just fall asleep right then and there. "Never pictured you as someone who likes or describes things as cute." he muses, turning his head towards the brownrider and smiling almost fondly at the big man. "It's cute." Smirk. He stretches out his limbs then, arms up above his head and fingers interlaced, arching his back at the peak and then just going limp. "Also dynamite in bed." he tacts on, completely without shame, as if what had happened not too long ago had been wiped from his mind. "You ever been around a proddy greenrider before, Ada?" he asks, suddenly with curiosity. He nods at what the brownrider says about his lifemate, "We'll have to keep a close eye on him and make sure he doesn't cheat, being able to fly well is important. Especially during flights, so I've heard."

A'lin chuckles a bit. "Why not? I like cute things just like everyone else!" Maybe even more in fact. Cute things always elicited an emotional response. Which Ada was prone to anyways. "Don't you like cute things? Puppies and little felines. Little boys and girls running around." He blinks a bit, then laughs at the comment about the greenriders. "If you say so. Hm. Not that I can recall. Or at least not that I was aware of really." He rubs his chin. "Mmhm. Though I don't know how much Njord will want to fly females. He hasn't shown too much interest in them more than any of the other dragons around."

The bluerider's brows lift upwards, his expression growing ever more amused the longer that A'lin talks about all things cute. K'hys finally laughs, "Of course I do, more partial to canines then felines. I like the ones with the long golden hair, I don't remember what the breed is called." A shrug for this, dismissing his little deviation of thought. When it comes to the topic of greenriders though, Kai appears all too willing to talk about them until his face matched that of his lifemate's hide. "I won't spoil it for you then. Though I am looking forward to hearing what you think after you experience it for the first time." he grins, drumming a beat on his stomach with flat palms. It has a hollow sound. He stops when the brownrider reveals that detail about his dragon, "Could be a late bloomer. Jheth was early. He's not showing any sign that I've noticed of a want to chase, but he tells me that he needs to fully investigate all greens to find out why he likes them so much."

A'lin chuckles. "I like canines. We had a few of them with the hunting group. They're good for tracking things and all. I think I'd be afraid to keep a dog once we get our weyrs though. It's so high up and all." He blinks a bit at Kai. "Why is that? I've heard stories that greenriders often tend to be very… open when they are proddy. I would guess you have experience with them, then." Ada seems to ponder over Kai's comment about Njordeth being a late bloomer. "Hm. Perhaps he is. Maybe I'll get some respite before he starts wanting to chase then. He's been pretty focused on his lessons really. Not a lot of time for investigating greens and all."

K'hys considers this and then frowns slightly, "Oh right, never thought about that." This seems to have crushed some sort of budding dream or another, the bluerider's face falling into an expression of lamenting. "That's a bummer." A pause, and again the look shifting, this one of excitement. "I'm kind of excited to have my own weyr. Going out and finding things to put in it and unpacking and making it my own." This jut might be something that Kai has thought about before, with the way he's now all lit up. "I'm going to need everything, and I've already sketched out basically how I want it to look." The teenager then rolls over onto his stomach and once again stretches out. An inability to hold still was another tendency of the former weaver, "Oh I've experienced them." he chuckles, nudging at the man with an elbow lightly. "First time was when I was fifteen. Hot little number from Ierne came to the hall proddy. Pulled me into a closet while I was walking by." His grin deepens and he wiggles his eyebrows up and down. "That my brownriding friend, was a good day." Folding his arms one over the other, Kai rests his chin on top and crosses his legs at the ankle, making himself comfortable. "You that nervous about it?" he asks gently, the volume of his voice lowered as if to signify the intimacy of the question. "Flights, I mean."

"I suppose if you train them well enough it would be fine. You could fly them down for exercise," A'lin suggests. Clearly he's thought a bit about getting a dog. "I haven't though too much about my weyr. Probably get some nice furs to deck it out with and all. I'll need a nice big bed." Because anything smaller he won't fit in. "I won't have the marks for a lot of new furniture at first. I will have to save up for it." Ada blinks then. "Fifteen! That's so young for that sort of activity. A woman, then?" Ada can't really imagine himself being pulled into a closet. He'd hit his head on the way in, plus it was hard to pull him anywhere. There's a shrug from him. "Hm. I'm not sure. I don't like not having control of my faculties. What if I hurt the poor girl… or… guy? That wouldn't be pleasant."

K'hys considers what A'lin has to say about animal up high, eyes hooding. "Yeah, I think maybe if you got one young enough, by the time their really big it would just be habit. Not that a canine would be dumb enough to just leap off a ledge to it's death." He might just think more on the subject on his own, now that this seed of possibility had been planted in his head. He looks back at the brownrider when he starts to talk about his own plans for his future weyr, expression brightening again. "That's actually what I was planning on myself. Huh. I guess we could go looking together? Seeing as we've such similar taste?" he asks, hopefully. Male bonding! He nods at mention of marks, "I've saved up quite a bit since I was fourteen, haven't really needed a whole lot after joining the weavers. Most of the things I have were provided to me. Not that I think I'll feel comfortable spending it all at once, that wouldn't make any sense." Then on to greenriders again, and Kai is grinning like a mad man. "Yes, she was a woman." he laughs, "I was fourteen when I lost my virginity. Well half of it, the other half about a turn later." Whatever that means. He'll leave poor Ada confused as he moves on, reaching out and touching a hand gently to the man's arm. "They're probably going to cover all that when they teach us about mating flights." he supplies softly, "But, if you have any questions you know you can ask me. I'll tell you anything you need to know."

A'lin nods about the dog. "One would hope not and all." Otherwise there might be canine bones all over the bowl. Which is gross and also horrible. A'lin blinks and grins about Kai's choice in weyr looks. "Perhaps! Though like I said. Not many marks. Maybe my father won't mind lending me a few." Nothing says male bonding like a day out shopping together! Ada tilts his head. "Half of it? Did it grow back halfway or something?" Ada gives a belly laugh at his own joke. Which he doesn't really understand. "Fourteen. That's young. I was still digging around in the dirt at fourteen." Ada raises a brow at Kai then. "I know the mechanics. I'm not a virgin. But that doesn't mean I won't hurt someone. Accidentally. I'm uh… big and all. Lots of muscles, I mean. What if I'm too rough?"

K'hys nods as well, in full agreement. Leaping and dying doggies everywhere, would not be a pleasant sight. "I can lead you some if there's something we find that you have to have. Not like you're going anywhere, so I can trust you to pay me back." This is said as if there was no room for doubt, and that the bluerider trusted his friend infinitely without second thought. He laughs as A'lin gets confused, perhaps having forgotten that his friend was not as versed in things as he himself was. He laughs along with him, before he shakes his head. "No it didn't grow back. In a same sex relationship between men, one usually takes the dominant position and the other submissive." he explains, as clinically as possible. "Men only have one place for it to go." He nods as Ada goes on to mention his own experience. "I wasn't implying you were, but you have zero experience with other men. So if you had any questions…" He leaves it there, as the rest was rather self explanatory. He purses his lips as he goes on, taking on a considering expression. "Well, even if you'd meant well endowed, it's a good question. I've been with a few riders, and I've asked them about how things work. I guess there's an, understanding, when it comes to flights. That they aren't about the people but the dragons. So if someone gets a little banged up, it's not like you could of helped it. But I guess as you get used to the effects over time, you're better able to restrain yourself." He shrugs then, "Or so I've been told. I guess we'll find out soon enough."

A'lin nods to K'hys. "Well, we shall see. I appreciate the offer, though." There's a sincere smile for the bluerider there. Ada wasn't the type not to pay his debts. "Ooh, right." He says about the same-sex thing. "That must be uh… painful. I mean, playing the submissive roll." He blinks, then laughs a bit. "Well, I would think ladies prefer the hole it was uh… meant for." He scratches his head a bit. "I would think it works the same with a man. In and out, and all." Was there extra rules for male on male? Or was Kai offering a demonstration. "Maybe once we've had the talk I'll uh… have more questions and all. I just worry I might do something horrible. I don't want to end up being the rider that everyone is afraid that they might show up at their flight. Mm, I guess we will find out soon enough."

K'hys smiles and nods, having remained still for longer than perhaps even A'lin had seen him, his entire body at ease and relaxed. "Anytime." Though as the conversation about sexual relations between two men goes on, the bluerider switches his legs and crosses them the other direction. He nods again, "It…gets better." he says, eyes shifted off to the side and shoulders gathering some tension. "It can be uncomfortable the first couple of times, but there's things you can do to make it less so. At least, to a degree. I've played both roles, but I prefer to be dominant in casual encounters. I leave the reverse open, only if I'm in a relationship with someone I deeply care about." This explained, one shoulder drifts upwards as his voice takes on a seriousness rarely seen from Kai, "It's much more intimate to have someone inside your body, then the other way around. I see it as, the ultimate show of trust and intimacy, something that really should only be shared with someone you love." He laughs though after a pause, the serious tone melting away as A'lin goes on. "Oh, you'd be surprised where they want you to put it." he quips, grinning ear to ear and tucking his chin in slightly. "Yeah, more or less." The mechanics where the same, after all. K'hys didn't seem to be offering anything more, than advice and his friendship, not having budged really from where he lay on his stomach a few handspans away. Keeping his hands and all his other appendages to himself. "I'm always here for you, but honestly I think you'll do just fine without my help. It's actually up to the rider of the female dragon for most of the things people have to worry about outside of a flight, so really all you need to do is show up and see what happens. Take it from there."

A'lin frowns a bit and shifts uncomfortably. Probably because he's imagining another man's manhood up his… hoohoo. "I see… I uh… suppose that's true and all. About having someone else… in you." It doesn't sound like A'lin is cherishing the thought of it. "I always thought sex in general was like that…" Then he looks especially horrified at the thought of ladies wanting him to stick it more places than where it was supposed to go. He nods a bit, slowly, then. "Hopefully he or she will know what they want. And I'll let them lead me, like you said." Ada sits up then.

The bluerider's expression softens even further as it's obvious that A'lin was getting uncomfortable, pursing his lips and looking rather apologetic. "You ride a male dragon, so you really won't ever have to worry about that." he comforts with a particularly soothing tone, stretching himself out like a feline, then his butt goes up in the air and he pushes himself to his knees, sitting there for now with his hands on his thighs. "Eh? Well, not really." he says as casual sex comes up, "There are some, real pieces of work out there. Not everyone considers sex the same way we might. Some people are just out to have as many partners as they can and don't care about much else." There's a frown for this, giving Ada's arm a pat when he looks so horrified. "Don't knock it till you've tried all the options. Seriously." That gently said, he pushes himself to his feet and offers a hand down to his fellow weyrling. To help him up. "I was told it's pretty automatic for a while, so relax. Okay?" he chuckles, trying to ease the brownrider's mind.

A'lin nods a bit to Kai. "Yeah… I suppose that's true." He stretches his arms out and whatnot as the bluerider stretches. "Yeah… I suppose that's true. I guess I should get used to the regular sex though before I start getting creative." He rubs his mustache a bit. "I'm not really interested in a lot of partners though. Just one good one would be enough for me." He nods to Kai. Why did their conversations always end up being about sex? "Well, I guess it's about time I headed back to the barracks and all. Njordeth will be cranky if I wait too much longer and all."

It was odd, wasn't it, that no matter what they started talking about, sex always came up at some point? This might occur to K'hys at some point, but at the moment they might as well have been talking about the current fashion trends of the southern continent. "I'm not either really, not anymore anyway." he says, helping the brownrider up if he so desires or merely retracting the offer without so much as a blink about it. "Used to be, when I was younger, but I guess I've turned more into a romantic." He chuckles at this, shrugging some, and then nodding. "I have to go track down Jheth and make sure he gets his wing exercises in before it gets too late. Shall we walk back then?"

They were teenagers after all. And boys. And now riders on top of it. Pern needs football or something. "Hm. I suppose I've always been a romantic." Or he's just holdbred and never knew any better. There's a nod then about walking back. "Sounds like a good idea! You never know what could be lurking in the woods. Better to walk with a buddy." He accepts K'hys's help up. Or at least he tries. A'lin weighs a lot more than K'hys after all. So maybe he pulls the bluerider down, instead! Maybe right on top of himself, too.

"I pegged you for a romantic the first time I met you," K'hys replies warmly. After all, he'd seen the way that the man had been with Deitra way back before they were even candidates. He laughs of course at the very idea that A'lin would at all be intimidated by anything lurking in the woods, but it might just occur to him that there was concern not over himself, but the bluerider. "I'm sure you could handle anything the universe threw at you." As if the fates were watching, such an event seems to occur as if on cue as a second or two later, Kai loses his balance and sure enough is pulled down right on top of the former hunter. So down he goes indeed, unable to retain his balance, but at least gets elbows and or hands down to prevent himself from lip planting into the poor guy's face. Instead, as Kai reorients himself, he finds that there is barely a few centimeters to mention between them. As K'hys stares down at his friend in those precious seconds before the awkward might set in, Ada can get a nice clear look at the depth of color to be found in those presumably 'muddy' brown eyes of the boy's. They were, for a lack of a better word, pretty. With long, dark lashes surrounding them like a frame.

A'lin could wrestle down a bear for sure. Or die trying. But if he found out that he took Kai out into the woods and he'd been mauled by a feline… well, then he would feel terrible and cry all the time afterwards probably. "Don't worry, I'll keep us sa—Oof!" Apparently not from themselves though. And the brownrider finds himself trapped underneath the bluerider. Ada's eyes are an icy blue. Being so close K'hys can probably see his blonde eyebrows and such. If K'hys enjoys that sort of thing he might think they're nice. There's a few moments of awkward silence before Ada starts laughing. "Whoops! Sorry about that! Careful there, your knee is close to my bait and tackle."

K'hys could definitely not, wrestle down a bear, no. Nor would he know what to do if faced with a wild feline either, so perhaps it was best after all that A'lin walk him back to the barracks. Not to mention of course, that it was unlikely that the bluerider even really knew the way back, what with concentrating on keeping up with his exercise fiend of a friend. Right now though, the awkward had set in again, and Kai blinks a couple time before apology was written all over his face. "Faranth, I'm sorry. I wasn't even thinking." The guy weighted twice as much as him, obviously he wasn't thinking about the right things. Like the laws of gravity. Very carefully, he eases himself up and off the brownrider, and gets to his feet again. Brushing himself off, he takes a few steps backwards to make room for A'lin to get up, and does not try helping him again. In fact, he's not even making eye contact. The ground was after all, lovely this time of year. Yes. And that leaf, and pebble too. Works of art, obviously in need of his attention. "So!" he comes back with after a stint of silence, brightening far too much. "We, uh, should go…" Cough.

A'lin is good with fending off wild animals. That was basically his job with the hunters. Making camp and guarding it. He was too large to be sneaky and hunty like most of the other ones. "Ah, no harm done, I think. You're alright, right?" Ada gets himself up and pats Kai on the back. Then he dusts himself off, chuckling. "So! Yep. Let's head back then, now that we're both upright and all." Ada starts walking. "Ooh, look at this!" He finds a fallen tree branch and picks it up, knocking away some of the smaller twigs attached to it. "A perfect walking stick!" He slings it up on his shoulder. Nothing like a stick to cheer Ada up.

K'hys nods his head, "I'm good." he replies, and sure enough there isn't even a scratch on the bluerider. Though, tomorrow he might be bruised in some strange places for all the odd activity that had occurred. He smiles up at A'lin as he's pat on the back, and glances the way they had originally come up the hill, before looking back to the brownrider. Just in time for the man to start walking off. It takes two pops of a jog to catch up and with long legs falls into step beside the larger man. There is a pause a blink over the happiness over a branch, er stick, but he shrugs it off and chuckles with a shake of his head. Clapping, Ada on the back, he can't help but genuinely laugh. "That's practically a tree, man." It was large, but then again, so was A'lin.

Later on Ada might wonder if he accidentally caused Kai to break his complete vow of chastity. But for now he doesn't think about such things, instead he's looking over his stick. "It's a good walking stick. It needs to be thick, in case I need to use it to fend off any wild animals. As long as I can still swing it, it's good." And he clearly can. It's not so big he can't wrap his big paws around it, either. "I'll widdle it down with my knife maybe to make it smooth." And off they go into the woods!

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