'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Offices

Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort though the dcor has likely changed time and time again as new leadership comes to fill the offices. The main set up is where the juniors work, three desks settled in the main office that is lined with means to house the old records and reports. Various potted plants are around the office to give a touch of color. From this singular area, the office branches off into two different sections: The Senior's office and the Weyrleader's office. Both furnished to fit the needs of the Weyrleaders along with small flares of personal touch.

It's later in the same day that they had all gathered to interrogate Rayathess, though morning has now shifted to late afternoon and onwards to the evening. Velokraeth has been trying, at random intervals, to reach for Dremkoth after the Weyrleader dismissed the bronze Weyrling to his duties. Truthfully the older bronze may not have been trying very hard. But if he reaches the young bronze now, his request will be polite and not without a healthy dose of mirth along with it. Would Dremkoth's mind coming to the offices when he's available and refreshed? There is no urgency it seems, though Velokraeth does let on that the Weyrleader and his Wingrider mate are waiting.
Th'ero is indeed waiting in his office, having slowly made his way over moments earlier, only to settle in the large chair behind the desk. He looks freshly changed, his clothes clean and pressed though of casual wear. Though he is sitting, he is not idle and his gaze is focused on his weyrmate as he gestures for her to gather a few key rolled maps and other papers before seating herself as well in the other chair by his desk. One remains vacant too for their soon to arrive guest.

Kimmila moves around the office gathering the requested maps, laying them out on the table in front of the weyrleader and then she sits, but she's on her feet a moment later, going to pour herself a mug of klah and then returning to her chair. "Is he coming?"

D'ani had left the guard house cell and reported to M'icha, who directed him to catch up with the sweeps he'd been assigned to, so the rest of his morning and early afternoon have been taken with that. Dremkoth, of course, carrying on a steady stream of enthusiastic chatter about what they've been seeing the whole time while airborne, so the young bronze may not have been listening too hard for incoming messages, save for the wingleader's dragon, of course. Once they've landed, straps removed, and the bronze has settled with the carcass of a large buck, he's finally contacted and alerts D'ani that he's wanted by the Weyrleader in the offices. The hungry Weyrling is just headed though the chow line for an early supper having missed lunch an acts on an impulse to take enough for three people. Somewhere along the way it is revealed to the kitchen staff that he's headed Th'ero's way and thus by the time he is at the door the tray he's got is heavy with extra goodies deemed fit for a Weyrleader: things like a rich steaming broth and a pot of hot water, a few packets of willowbark tea (some fussy auntie has seen him hobble across the bowl, most likely) as well as hearty steak sandwiches on crusty rolls and slabs of tangy orange cheese and mugs with a bottle of red wine. D'ani can't knock, so taps the base of the door with his booted toe and waits for someone to let him in.

"Velokraeth tells me that he and Dremkoth returned not long ago and that he gave the message. So he will come no doubt once he is free," Th'ero murmurs to Kimmila, leaning forwards in his chair to reach for the maps she brought him and setting about spreading them, only to discard some of the larger ones safely to the side. It's the pocket or decent sized ones he's going for. As the bluerider gets to her feet again, his eyes follow her and then his mouth quirks in to a half-smirk. "Sit, Wingmate and relax. We can only wait now and see…" But whatever else the Weyrleader was about to add is cut off at the sound of a knock coming from… the base of the door? That has Th'ero arching a brow up in a curious expression and glancing sidelong to Kimmila, he exhales heavily and begins to rise to stand. Perhaps just to be semi-polite, though it's likely the bluerider who will attend to the door (as much as he feels guilty that she must do everything). "Speak of the devil," he mutters with just a hint of amusement. At least once D'ani is free to enter, there is ample space nearby to set down his unexpected burden of food. Don't those fussy aunties know better than to try to force food and tea upon the Weyrleader?

Kimmila can move faster than Th'ero can at the moment, (so there), so yes, she is the one who opens the door. "Food! And D'ani." Yay! Giving the bronzeling a smile, Kimmila holds the door for him and nods him inside with a tilt of her head. And indeed, they should know by now that's Kimmila's job, as she trails after D'ani and mixes up some tea for the Weyrleader. And a sandwich, both of which she brings over towards the table as she sits down again. "Thanks for coming, D'ani," she says, and despite how the day began, the bluerider looks to be in a fine mood. Excited, almost.

Apparently they do not and furthermore, fancy themselves to be able to diagnose him from afar as well. "Thank you, Kimmila," says D'ani upon being let in and he returns the bluerider's smile and heads for the desk, setting the tray on one end where the Weyrleader can reach it. "For your… arthritis, Sir," says D'ani with a cheeky smirk to Th'ero after a significant eyeing of those willowbark packets so he knows what the Weyrling is referring to. His hair is askew and one of his cheeks bears pink pinch-marks, so he's not come away unscathed himself from those kitchen aunties. His dark hair is smoothed right after his salute, mute testimony that they'd ruffled it while he was defenseless and holding that heavy tray. Then he picks up a plate with an enquiring lift of brows, a silent 'hope you don't mind if I eat?' He's hungry - and still growing.

Th'ero is not in a wholly good mood. If he was excited, D'ani would have reason to be very wary but neither is the Weyrleader in a bad mood. He's in between, reserved and collected, but not brooding or edging towards a fit of temper. "Food?" he inquires and then both his brows lift up in mild surprise at the feast the bronze Weyrling arrives with and eyes of course fixating on the wine. Smart lad. "Rather thoughtful of you, D'ani," he murmurs and likely before the Weyrling can explain the purpose of the tea. By then Kimmila is already mixing him a dosage and though his mouth twists into a vague grimace, he will not turn down the drink (though he'd much like the wine and a darting look to the bluerider seems almost pleading — please?). "Arthritis," Th'ero snorts and almost scoffs, but it's accepted all the same, along with the sandwich given to him by his mate. That at least he looks interested in. Surprise, he's actually hungry! A quick glance at D'ani's ruffled hair and pinched cheeks and the Weyrleader /almost/ flinches in sympathy before waving a hand over the food. "Help yourself. There is no way this would all be eaten and it'd be a pity for it to go to waste. Kimmila, would you care for anything?" he asks, turning his head to glance her way. Pausing only to wait for her answer, Th'ero will add in a lower tone. "I apologize for calling you back so swiftly, but we felt that we best discuss matters as soon as possible." And as if sensing Kimmila's excitement, he gives her a nod as if to permit her to go into details while he devours his meal. Politely, of course.

Gasp, he's hungry! Kimmila takes a moment to savor the sight, her expression actually /fond/ as she looks at her weyrmate eat. He'll get his wine when the tea is done. And yes, she will take some food for herself as well, not even waiting for Th'ero's question, so her answer is a filled plate as she sits once more. Taking the cue from Th'ero, the bluerider smiles at D'ani and nods towards the maps. "After some discussion," IE: Kimmila talking Th'ero into it, "we've decided that you should lead the search for Ezra's sister. Lead as in…everything. Choose who else you want in on the search, you pick where to go, the others will answer to you and you will report to us." And she just waits for his response to that, though from her gentle smile it's clear she expects him to be excited.

D'ani has had the kitchen staff de-cork that bottle of wine and has poured it into the three glasses they've provided on the tray. He manages to be courteous despite being ravenous and passes the plate he's holding to Kimmila with a dimpled grin - can she get her jaws around that monster sandwich? He'll leave it to her to pass the wine glass to the Weyrleader at her discretion, settling with his sandwich and glass at another corner, hooking a chair closer with his foot and sinking to take a seat. "Matters?" he echoes Th'ero, hesitating with his lifted roll just short of his mouth then turns enquiring brown eyes expectantly towards Kimmila. And excited he is when she has spoken! Eyes gleaming with the surge of adrenalin that courses through him, the sandwich is forgotten as he promptly says, "Ezra, Inri and Abigail," of his search-mates. And he's controlling the urge to jump up and kiss them both, probably. Striving to be cool and collected, he asks calmly, "Do we have maps of the traders' land and sea routes?" Into the quiet that follows his question his stomach growls loudly, prompting him to finally take a bite of his steak sandwich.

Thankfully, Th'ero is focused on his food not to quite catch Kimmila's fond look or else the situation would unravel as he likely would awkwardly stop or give her some narrowed look to ruin the moment. The Weyrleader does seem pleased though that this meeting at least seems to be progressing a little easier than the last. D'ani does have much thanks to give to the bluerider for convincing the bronzerider in agreeing to the plans. It had crossed his mind, but he was likely to simply tuck it away until Kimmila talked him into a decision. She covers their plan well in her explanation, so Th'ero is silent as his gaze shifts from a look of approval to Kimmila and then slowly to D'ani, neutral and expectant as he quietly waits. Studying him carefully too, to gauge his reaction though he is momentarily distracted when the wine is served. Tea first though and he takes it down in a few deep sips (and tries not to make a sickened look against the taste, ugh… tea).
Th'ero has just set the cup down again when D'ani reacts to the news, straightening a little in his seat as the Weyrling promptly gives the names of his would-be search mates. None of which surprise him — the surprise that he shows is more for the swiftness for the young man's decision. Good, good. This he approves of, though it shows only in the barest of smiles. "Then it's up to you to discuss it with them." he murmurs, "And come up with your own plans. All of which need to be reported to us," Us? There's a sidelong glance to Kimmila and then the Weyrleader stares firmly only on D'ani. Just them, it seems. Lucky for D'ani he restrains himself. Kissing Th'ero is a health hazard (exception: Kimmila). "We have maps of just about everything at our disposal," And he makes a sweeping gesture of the office… which the Weyrling does not have access too save for times like these. Lowering his hand, he taps the maps currently on the desk. "These are most of the land routes. Sea routes should be in the low cabinet in the corner. If you need them, you can take those as well." Was that permission for D'ani to help himself? "The archives are well stocked too."

Kimmila nods in approval at D'ani's choices. "A good trio." Though Ezra isn't a rider, she doesn't question it. Obviously the boy would want to be in on the search for his sister. As Th'ero picks up the discussion (and finishes his tea), she pushes the glass of wine towards him and then focuses in on her own sandwich. She's eating less ravenously than the others, though. Likely she's already eaten, since Th'ero has that habit of pushing food at other people rather than taking any himself. "What is your plan?"

D'ani might guess how much influence that Kimmila has on Th'ero, but it would be all unconfirmed speculation on his part. Nevertheless, he does murmur a heartfelt thank you to them both between one of the hearty bites as that sandwich is consumed and the pair take turns speaking. His brisk nod about discussing it with the trio halts as he flicks a surprised glance between Th'ero and Kimmila. "Will M'icha know about it?" Not that he'll speak of it to the Weyrlingmaster, but he's curious. "I will keep you both informed with up-to-date reports." Which may well wind up being several a day. His gaze slides to that cabinet, he sets the remnants of his sandwich down, wipes his fingers on his napkin and rises to head for those maps. It is not difficult to find and pull one of the smaller copies of the global map of Pern's seas with the shipping lanes marked - nice organization there - and return to his seat, fingers itching to open it and study them. To Kimmila's question, he says decisively, "First to trace the area from which Rayathess says he sent her off with the overland caravan, then to check the nearest southern ports for a ship departing with a girl that matches Anrila's description since she will have to cross the sea to return to the Fort Area." Then he shifts his attention to Th'ero. "May I have a harper to see Rayathess so they can collaborate to create her likeness? I could leave copies of those in the hands of harbormasters with the request that they notify us if they see her."

Th'ero may have reservations on having Ezra within the trio and yet it seems logical to have the boy there. At least he will be with riders he trusts and perhaps for that reason the bronzerider holds his tongue. The wine glass is gathered in one hand and he turns his head to give Kimmila a thankful look (and perhaps a little more than just that) before he lifts it to his lips and takes a small sip. Ahh, much better. The Weyrleader tilts his head then when she asks her question to D'ani, curiosity drawing his attention back to the Weyrling. Yes, what /is/ his plan? "M'icha will know, yes. The Weyrlingmaster will have to make adjustments with three of his Weyrlings gone on another task," Th'ero points out. "Leave that discussion to me." There is a nod given to D'ani's promise that the reports will be given as the Weyrleader never had much doubt in the young man in that regard. As the plan is laid out, he nods his head in approval though does not offer any corrections. His request is met with a thoughtful frown, brows furrowing as he leans back heavily in his chair with his free hand scratching along the underside of his jaw. "Perhaps," Th'ero murmurs, his one hand still lingering on the wine glass now resting safely on the edge of the desk. Turning his head to Kimmila, his gaze shifts between the bluerider and Weyrling as he adds in a quieter tone. "I do not see the harm in having a Harper collaborate with Rayathess for an image. However… I am leery of leaving copies with the harbormasters or /anywhere/ where a copy can travel to the wrong hands." he admits with a grimace.

Kimmila nibbles on her sandwich and then sets it aside, leaning forward to look at the maps laid out. "Hmm," she muses, glancing at the two men. "Th'ero does make a good point…perhaps just one that you carry with you and show? Calling too much attention to a girl of that age…" It could end badly.

D'ani, meanwhile, polished off his sandwich, lifting his wineglass to wash down the last bite. He wipes his mouth and sets plate and napkin aside. A somber nod is given to the Weyrleader. "Yes Sir." He'll be happy to leave M'icha to the man to deal with though he hesitates in agreeing with him on the harper sketches, flickering a thoughtful look between Kimmila and Th'ero before finally nodding to that as well. "I guess… one never knows where Laris has his men posted," he says slowly, mulling things over, perhaps adjusting his plans even now. "I'm having Dremkoth bespeak Niumdreoth and Kouzevelth, if you don't mind them joining us?" He'll speak to Ezra later, it seems.

"Exactly," Th'ero agrees along with Kimmila — it could end badly and the Weyrleader's mouth draws down into a grim line. "That is a good alternative though… to keep the copies made among your group and simply show them when or IF needed. Be cautious of who to trust," he points out gravely to D'ani and as the Weyrling mulls over his thoughts, the bronzerider leans heavily into his chair again and lifts his glass of wine to take another subtle sip. "Laris is a crafty man and his men can be anywhere. Gold Hill is proof. The incidents in Xanadu are proof," He speaks of course of Laurali and how the Weyrwoman there was seated /face to face/ with the man and never knew, though D'ani may not know of that particular event or the events afterwards. "And the trouble stirred in Fort are proof. The further you go south, the more you increase your risks of tipping off the wrong person." Th'ero warns, not sugar coating the truth as he tries to shed light on just how /serious/ this search is. Excitement is one thing and he does not seek to dampen it, but he wants to be sure D'ani understands the full scope of it and all the trust the Weyrleader is giving him. "I do not mind. Are they arriving shortly then?" Th'ero asks, glancing towards the door.

It's evening time, the day after Gold Hill fell, and Th'ero, Kimmila and D'ani are in the conference room looking at maps and eating sandwiches and drinking wine. Leaning forward, Kimmila studies the maps for a moment and then turns to listen as Th'ero speaks, nodding her agreement before looking back to D'ani. "You'll have to be very careful," she says quietly. "I can imagine someone - someone perhaps not even associated with Laris - wanting to find the girl /first/, and perhaps ransom her to the weyr…" Bad things could happen, clearly, but she watches D'ani and she's pretty confident the young man is also considering all the angles of the mission he's undertaken.

The message from Dremkoth to Niumdreoth was passed on to Abigail to come to the Weyrleader's office, she has no idea why, though here she is pausing outside the door and eyeing it a moment. Yes she is a bit worried that she's gotten in trouble it seems. A soft breath escapes her as she reaches up to give the door a knock to show that she has come it seems. She'll wait to be told to come in before even attempting to open the door.

D'ani only knows bits and pieces of what Laris has been up to, Xanadu's part being the man lived openly there for a spell posed as a woodcutter during the southern weyr's winter, and of course, thanks to Ezra, he well knows the man's cruelty and merciless savagery in Stonehaven. He nods soberly about Gold Hill though and assures them both, "We will be careful." He's not taking this lightly, brows knitting as more concerns bubble to the surface in his mind. "Perhaps we could have Ezra and Rayathess help the harper with a sketch of Laris too. We should know what he looks like." It takes D'ani a few seconds of glazed-eyed communication with his dragon before his brown eyes clear and he's able to answer Th'ero with a brief headshake. "Inri isn't free to come at the moment." He doesn't elaborate as to why; perhaps he doesn't know. "Dremkoth says that Niumdreoth has told him that Abigail is on her way," he finishes. When the knock comes, he rises politely to stand though doesn't rush to the door or bid her enter since this isn't his office. That he leaves to Th'ero.

Th'ero grimaces at the scenario that Kimmila brings to light, lips twisting into distaste at the thought but knowing full well that she's not too far off the mark. There are some shady folk out there in the world and the Weyrleader is not as naive as he may have been when younger. "I would not be surprised," he drawls bitterly, only to sober his mood abruptly and end that conversation with a sip of his wine. Leaning a little in his chair, he will try to rest a hand on the bluerider, be it her leg or arm and the gesture is meant to be subtle if he can reach but done well in view of anyone in attendance in the office. "Good," Th'ero murmurs to D'ani as the Weyrling states that he will be careful. He gives the young man a lingering look then, expression unreadable until his mouth quirks into a half-smile, half-smirk. Approval, perhaps? Or is it amusement? "There were sketches done of Laris some time ago, but perhaps Rayathess can give us a more current version compared to what Ezra recalls. Two versions, old and new." Any rider worth his salt can tell when another is communicating privately with his dragon, so Th'ero simply lapses silent while D'ani sorts it out, turning his head to glance back to Kimmila then, perhaps to touch base with her mood and observations in all this. When the Weyrling reports though, the Weyrleader refocuses on the matter at hand. Nodding, he frowns when Inri is mentioned to be preoccupied but he does not question it either. "I leave it to you then, D'ani to brief Abigail on why she is being summoned," he murmurs. Is this a test then? At the knock to the door (my, she's prompt!), Th'ero simply nods his head again to signal for the bronze Weyrling to go ahead.

Kimmila sips her klah and doesn't seem to have much to add, only shifting a bit to rest her hand over Th'ero's on her leg and give him a small smile and little nod. This is going well! "I think that's a good idea," she murmurs. "We're going to have Rayathess moved to better quarters, and give him some time to rest and get cleaned up. Perhaps you can take Ezra to visit him in the morning." It's a question, honest. At the knock, the bluerider turns her head towards the door and calls, "Come in!"

Abigail had no reason to not show up promptly, especially at the thought of her bring in trouble. Not like she was ever asked to come to the office before now. She shifts on her heels looking over the area and she clears her throat slightly. Her gaze turns towards the door once more as she ponders if she got the wrong message on where to meet? She could hope! There is another moment and she thinks about leaving until hearing the 'come in'. A soft groan escapes her before she opens the door and peers in slightly. "Ah Hello. Weyrleader, Kimmila, D'ani." This said while she pauses once within the room. If she seems a bit nervous that is because she is.

It doesn't seem to bother D'ani where their hands go. It's pretty clear in his mind that the Weyrleader and Kimmila are a couple and he's old enough not to smirk or blush at the display of affection between them, subtle as it is. He nods again in response to Kimmila. "Tomorrow," he confirms. Boy will Ezra have a lot on his plate come the morning! He's taking the steps towards the door when it opens and Abigail is peeking through. He can't help but give her a grin of devilment but that's all the teasing he does. When she steps in, he gently pushes the door shut (Are her fingers locked upon the knob? If so, he'll just as gently peel them off before closing it), and pulls an extra chair over to the Weyrleader's desk. Motioning for her to sit, he says diffidently, "I've chosen you and Inri to accompany me on a mission, Abbey." So they are not in trouble, it seems. Or maybe that will come later?

It would seem that this little gathering is going well, for once! No trace of awkwardness or tension — not a negative one anyways. Even Th'ero's general reserved nature is thawing! Slightly. It's a tentative thing, a work in progress for sure. "Be sure not to overwhelm either of them with too much at once. Ezra has yet to even meet Rayathess. They may not wish to collaborate, though the updated posters /would/ be a valuable item…" he murmurs thoughtfully, speaking both to Kimmila and D'ani though his gaze has dropped to the desk. It lifts though as Abigail peeks past the door and her fellow Weyrling steps forwards to invite her inside. Th'ero doesn't exactly smile in welcome to the brown Weyrling, but the Weyrleader does nod his head and make a slight gesture for her to join them. "Evening, Abigail. Come in and make yourself comfortable." Again though, D'ani covers that by getting her a chair and so he gestures next to the ample amount of food and drink and with a look that clearly reads 'help yourself'. Lifting his wine glass again, he takes a longer sip this time and it IS because he's hiding a vague smile as D'ani begins to fill in Abigail for their mission. Kimmila's hand, should she still have it resting in his, will be firmly gripped and perhaps even squeezed, but he keeps his gaze lowered as if focused on his drink.

Kimmila twines her fingers with Th'ero's and squeezes back, giving her weyrmate a small smile even if he's not looking at her. Sitting back, the bluerider looks at the Weyrlings and gives Abigail an encouraging smile as D'ani begins to explain.

Abigail peers at D'ani, even eyeing him a few moments. As for the door knob it is indeed slowly pried from her fingers as she wasn't sure what to expect, and she still isn't fully sure on the matter. Now there is a chair getting pulled over and she moves on over to settle down upon it. A curious glance sent from Th'ero to Kimmila before she is looking back to D'ani. "Thank ye sir." "Mission?" This is questioned with a unsure tone. "What sort of mission might that be?" She nods slightly to the gesture of the food and drink though her attention is mostly on D'ani to spill the beans so to speak.

"I will wait until he does," D'ani assures Th'ero. "I think Rayathess should be the one to tell him about Anrila," he adds. Dumping all the news upon Ezra at once would surely be insensitive of him and if it's one thing D'ani is, it is careful when it comes to his young friend. He is relaxed in the Weyrleader's presence and ready for action even as his mind is working on all the angles of this venture. Perhaps in the coming night he'll overdo on caution but at the moment, he's brimming with confidence. "Abbey, you know about Laris. Well, he's taken a few residents from Stonehaven, one of them we recently found at Gold hill. You know Rayathess, the hold-heir?" Is that… chagrin in his voice? Likely! "Well his younger sister was one of them. He managed to smuggle her out of the camp in the southern continent, but only had time to place her with a trader caravan before he left for the Gold Hill raid. We are going to find her. She's but ten turns old, poor thing." He sneaks a look at his fellow weyrling to see what she thinks about that. There might be a wee bit of humor ghosting about his mouth along with the 'dare ya' glittering in his eyes. Damsel-rescuing anyone?

The only movement coming from Th'ero while D'ani informs Abigail is for the Weyrleader to lean forwards and rest his now empty wine glass back to the desk and well away from those maps he had pulled out earlier. Those he pulls at, likely dropping half of one edge into Kimmila's lap as he seeks to gather them and roll them again. He is keeping track of the details D'ani shares though with his fellow Weyrling, even if his eyes are turned away from the pair. It's only for a brief span of time, before he's glancing up again and first to Kimmila before they dart to the two Weyrlings. "Those are pretty much the shortened details," Th'ero murmurs and his features have once again settled into a reserved state. "But you would be excempted from your regular duties as Weyrlings and, essentially, your own 'wing' of sorts." There's a pointed look given to D'ani then, though he says nothing more on the matter. Damsel-rescuing indeed!

Kimmila has to smile a bit at Abigail's hesitation as she moves her klah mug to help Th'ero roll up the maps. "Ten turns old and likely wanted by Laris and his men, so you'll have to be very, very discrete in your search," she says, reemphasizing that point.

Abigail lets her gaze drift over to Th'ero and Kimmila a moment before her attention is back to resting on D'ani once he is explaining the mission. She makes a face at the talk of Laris, a faint huff escaping her. Oh yes she has heard plenty about that man, and she would like nothing more than to take him down if given the chance. That guard part of her life coming to the surface rather quickly it seems. She peers at D'ani, her eyes narrowing at the bit where Laris took a child and put her someplace away from her family. "Any idea where about's the caravan may be?" Hopefully there are some leads. At that look from the other weyrling she can almost seen the wheels turning in his head. A smirk is seen and she points at D'ani. "Don't ye dare say it." A nod is soon seen once she hears Th'ero and Kimmila. "Of course, being discrete is a rather important thing when dealing with something like this."

His own wing, temporary as it will be, sounds amazing to D'ani and his mouth opens, then shuts before he stammers, "Th-thanks, Sir. I won't let you down!" Discreet, check. His nod to Th'ero includes Kimmila, "I might have to re-think a few things considering Laris might well be expecting Fort Weyr to be looking for the child. We might go in the guise of of non-riders in some places and perhaps not directly to the harbor masters." Hmm. "Do any of you have any suggestions?" He turns his head towards Abigail, including her in that question as well, listens to her question and slowly shakes his head. "For that I'd need Rayathess to direct me. My understanding is that it is somewhere in the southern continent, not far from one of Laris' camps, so we'd need to be very careful indeed."

Th'ero gives Kimmila a silent look of thanks as she helps him roll the awkward maps and once the task is done, he leans forwards again to set them within the reach of D'ani and Abigail, should either of them which to take them. One can never have too many maps, right? And so long as they're returned, the Weyrleader does not seem to mind their use. "We are not certain where the caravan may be. Just where they started and a vague sense of where they may have gone or be in their route," he murmurs to Abigail, giving her a brief sidelong look. One that rapidly changes to a curious one when she smirks and points at D'ani. Don't dare say what? Th'ero is curious now! But curiosity will have to wait as he turns instead to the bronze Weyrling, frowning thoughtfully and then shakes his head, "Rayathess did mention that neither Laris nor any of his men knew they were Stonehaven. I am not certain if they are even aware that the girl is missing or even care if Rayathess is dead or alive. Though I am certain news of Gold Hill Hold has reached Laris by now, he's liable to be more incensed over the failure of whatever plan of his he had involving the Hold." he says softly, only to nod. "But hiding your true ranks can be a good tactic if needed. I have no suggestions, only the advice to think over all angles and use your /heads/ in this matter."

Kimmila visibly winces at D'ani's suggestion of pretending not to be a rider, and she glances quickly at Th'ero to see his response to that. And his reply…has her frowning. "But hiding your ranks can also be dangerous. Dragonriders are not invincible, but many folks would hesitate to move against one, whereas just a normal traveler does not have the same…securities. So be careful if you choose to do that."

Abigail lets her arms fold in front of her while pondering the ideas it seems. She makes a slight face at the talk of the southern continent, and more so at the bit of perhaps hiding what they are. "I'm betting the caravan and camps are round forestry areas. If we have to go under a guise could go as hunters if need's be. I have canines for such things, and they are also trained in searching things." Like lost people or caravans if they have some bit of information to follow that is. There will be plenty of conversations over this it seems, plans must be made, and back up plans as well for just in case situations. Her gaze lingers on the maps that are being set before them, and she moves a hand to pick them up, a nod sent to Th'ero proving she'll bring them back.

D'ani smirks at Abigail and asides to Th'ero, brown eyes lit with humor, "Probably that we're going damsel-rescuing." He notes that wince of Kimmila's and the levity fades away as quickly as it came as he nods again gravely. "We will think it all through," he assures them both flicking a quick look at Abigail and nodding again. "Or herders working round up. I'd be much more convincing under that guise." Standing, he reaches for the maps Abigail left and says, "I need to go wrap up some loose ends with M'icha if we're to be reassigned. With your permission?" He makes a head motion to the door seeking tacit permission to be dismissed.

Not completely oblivious to his weyrmate, Th'ero's head turns as she winces and instantly he frowns, giving her a silent but pointed look. What is it? Oh. His answer comes without him having to prod the bluerider and he grimaces, not quite wincing as she did but his hand does pull up to press lightly against his one side before dropping back again. "Kimmila does have a good point. Just be careful and if you DO need advice or second opinions, you know you can come to us. You are not entirely alone in this mission." But it's still a test all the same. "They could be anywhere, though what you suggested may be one place to start," Th'ero tells Abigail, before turning to D'ani again, "Damsel rescuing." he snorts, frown deepening enough at first to seem almost annoyed when his features suddenly relax and the Weyrleader looks… amused. Should they be scared? "Ironically, you're close to the mark." he drawls with just a hint of sarcasm. Nodding his head, he rests a steadying hand on the desk edge as he pushes to his feet, his one leg still lame enough to hinder a smooth movement. "Of course. I will not keep you two as the night grows late. You're free to go." Dismissed. There is no salute given, but Th'ero is taking a small step towards Kimmila, bending his head already to murmur something privately to the bluerider.

Kimmila leans a bit to listen to Th'ero, and nods her head in reply. Standing, she smiles at D'ani and Abigail. "Good luck." Then she begins to gather up the food and beverages, taking some snacks for later before she heads out the door with Th'ero.

Abigail ahs softly at the bit on the herding. "Well that is an idea." Not that she knows much about that sort of work. "We will work out a guise that works." She seems rather sure on that regard. As for the being on damsel-rescuing she doesn't even comment on it while eyeing D'ani. The way he 'rescues' them isn't a good way in her mind. What damsel wants to be hauled up on someone's shoulder like a bag of tubers? With D'ani standing she is following sit it seems, oh no she is not about to be left here in the office if the meeting is over unless she is in trouble it seems. A nod I seen as she hears Th'ero. "Understood, and thank ye both." A salute is given before she'll follow D'ani out of the office. So much for not being in trouble, this could be a good thing or a bad thing though. Hopfully all will work out in the end.

D'ani can only guess at generalities as Th'ero and Kimmila exchange grimaces and gestures perhaps surmising that some sort of past undercover foray went awry. "We'll be very careful," he assures them both, adding a nod that they'll come to them for advice. He grins wryly with Th'ero's snorted comment, eyeing Abigail with merriment. Actually he usually carries them in his arms like a babe unless they fight him. But he doesn't say it, because, well. She told him not to! His arms are full of rolled maps and so he merely nods courteously to the pair and heads on out, his quiet comment to Abigail drifting back in his wake as the proceed down the hall, "…need to meet with Rayathess and Ezra tomorrow, then you and Inri…"