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Fort Weyr - Holding Cells

Far from the hustle and bustle of the bowls outside and the training fields are a series of long, winding corridors that burrow deep into the rock wall of the Weyr. Most of the rooms seem to be nothing more than storage areas, but the further one goes and deeper, it becomes clear that each narrow wooden door with the strange slots worked in at various levels are no simple rooms. These are the holding cells of Fort Weyr and the hallways are regularly patrolled when prisoners are brought in. Farther back and down another smaller hallway are barren looking rooms with no windows — not that it'd be possible this deep in — and it's not hard to imagine what their use would be.

How ironic that the previous day was so dry and hot, classic late summer and yet ruined by the events that unfolded at Gold Hill. It led to an afternoon of chaos and evening well progressed by the time things "settled" as much as they would. Night was hardly peaceful and no one could entirely blame the lingering heat for it. As dawn and morning comes, the irony plays out as the skies are darkened by a gloomy sort of overcast, as if even the weather knows of the events still in motion. Bruised purple-gray and ominous clouds hang low and swollen with rain that refuses to come, though the air is growing cooler. It makes for a dreary sort of start, but somehow fitting.
Velokraeth will reach out for Dremkoth sometime after the breakfast hour, the older and paler bronze's request brisk but polite and respectful. He's simply not one to sugar coat his words when there is no game to play, so the message is simple: Meet his and Varmiroth's rider at the Guard Barracks as soon as possible. Th'ero has already made his way down, likely with Kimmila at his side by the time the message is passed or even received. The Weyrleader is still recovering from his injury and his pace is slow. He will stop by the entranceway leading into the brig and prison cells, head turned and lowered as he waits.

Kimmila probably offered him the use of a cane earlier, though likely the stubborn Weyrleader declined the offer. So she stands beside him, ready to lend her aid should he require it, as they wait.

When the Weyrleader calls, one shouldn't drag his feet and hence D'ani, who is already up and dressed in flight leathers for M'icha's inspection, passes regrets on to the rider he's shadowing today. The bronze lifts from the bowl floor to await his rider on his ledge, whirling eyes following his progress as he hastens across the bowls to the guard barracks. D'ani's spares a glance or two at the threatening sky, but his jacket is waterproof and he keeps it on, though helmet, goggles and gloves have been stowed in one of the compartments attached to Dremkoth's harness. He double-times it and skids to a stop several feet away from the pair, saluting both and trying not to look too curious about being called here. "Sir, Kimmila. I hope you rested well." Apart from him disturbing said rest, that is.

Of course Th'ero refused the offer of a cane, foolish and stubborn man that he is. When he moves, he may require Kimmila's help then in subtle ways: a touch to the arm or simply him drifting a bit closer. It's noticeable though that his weight is shifted more to one leg over the other, but the Weyrleader's features show no discomfort. As D'ani comes into view, Th'ero will give Kimmila a sidelong look while gently placing his hand on her arm. Support in another way? Then his full attention is on the bronze weyrling again and he does his best not to smirk at the salute and the use of 'sir'. "Well enough," he murmurs in his usual low and reserved tone, though oddly he seems to almost… thaw a little. "And yourself? Dremkoth is well?" Considering they were both at Gold Hill yesterday, it's fair enough to ask? Or it could be Th'ero stalling, as it's obvious enough that they're not gathered there to simply exchange a few early morning pleasantries. "I apologize for taking you away from your regular duties with such little notice. I… Kimmila and I, rather, have a request to ask of you." he pauses there, turning his head slightly to glance to the bluerider.

Oh sure, blame Kimmila for this. She shoots Th'ero a look that's difficult to read, and then looks back at D'ani. "To…try and spare Ezra some…" Fumble, flounder… cut to the chase! "We'd like your help in positively identifying the man who claims to be Stonehaven."

D'ani is surprised to be asked how he's doing, but he schools his face into a casual expression after a bare second. "We are both well. We… missed most of the action." He doesn't try to hide the chagrin in his tone at that last bit. Brown eyes flicker between Th'ero and Kimmila, gauging their mood after yesterday and when the request is stated, he blinks, his mouth almost falling open. They want him? Who's he to identify a long-missing hold-heir? One hand lifts to rub the back of his neck while his brows scrunch together and he thiiiiiiiiiinks hard. "I… will… try?" he says at last, uncertain rather than reluctant. Then he adds a humble, "Thanks for asking me to help. I don't want Ezra hurt any more than he has been." This of course, has his resolve firming and he drops his hand, squares his shoulders and takes a deep breath.

"I wouldn't say you missed much." The Weyrleader points out with both an odd tone and what is /almost/ a smile. Maybe if one squints really hard. "You were where you were needed, in the end." Timing is everything? And Th'ero wasn't blaming anyone! He looks a little perplexed at the look Kimmila gives him, though he hastily buries that under a neutral frown. Didn't they come to an agreement together? Awkwardly, he shifts a bit against her side, though he nods his head even as she fumbles and flounders. "We have no one else we can rely on or trust who possibly knows enough about Ezra's past or Stonehaven. There is of course the knowledge that anyone could find or use… so it's not as easy as simply using say… a Harper or some other individual with the basic information on Stonehaven." he goes on to explain, elaborating as best he can though from his smirk he likely feels as though he's made the situation all the more confusing (and so awkward) for the weyrling. Th'ero will lapse silent while D'ani absorbs their offer, eyes watching him carefully though respectful enough not to simply stare. He will relax (barely) only when the weyrling seems to accept it, nodding his head. "I don't wish to see Ezra hurt anymore than you do. The boy has been through enough in his young life. Which is why I intend to be /certain/ that this man is who he claims to be. So if you are ready now, we can all go." His glance will linger then on D'ani, but also slide again to Kimmila.

Kimmila nods, smiling faintly when Th'ero explains things so much better than she did. Watching D'ani, the bluerider then nods and reaches out for Th'ero's arm. She's ready when they are!

So that's the secret? D'ani will have to squint more often then! The Weyrling listens carefully to Th'ero, mind working fast behind the facade of calm. Will he know enough? Hopefully! This is pretty crucial to the boy. He nods the once, adding candidly, "I can tell you I already distrust him. For someone who has a lot to prove he sure is cocky about it." He'll share that up front where the so-called Rayathess can't hear him say it, just in case neither of them witnessed it - or the harper report hasn't noted - his skepticism yesterday. Though it probably did and he can imagine they've already seen it. Still, he's honest enough to say it and he seems to be trying to keep his own feelings in the matter in check. He nods wordlessly at Kimmila, then Th'ero. He's as ready as he's ever going to be.

Th'ero levels D'ani with a flat look as he looks up from Kimmila after she reaches for his arm. He extends it, looping it through hers in a gesture that is more than him simply being close to his weyrmate. But in that flat look is a curious edge as well and perhaps a cautious one. "You're not alone in distrusting him. But do not judge too hastily. Cocky or not, there's liable to be an explanation to why," he points out, though he does smirk in a way that reads: or the supposed heir is just cocky. Given Th'ero's less icy behavior towards the bronze weyrling, it could be assumed that the Harper's report has either not yet been completed or the Weyrleader has not, in fact, read it yet. Only a matter of time… but by then it will be too late to reprimand him over it. Glancing between D'ani and Kimmila, Th'ero straightens himself a bit and after a slow and steadying breath, he murmurs, "Good. Then lets be done with this." He does not hesitate then but the progress is slow as the Weyrleader is still favoring the one leg and poor Kimmila will have to help keep him balanced as they make their way inside.
The Guards posted there do not question their arrival or passage, even if their gaze follow them long after they've walked by. Glows are spaced evenly down the hallway, though regardless of the light they cast it still seems dim and rather bleak the further in they go. Several of the larger cells are occupied, but they will only come to a stop by one of the smaller ones set far down the hall. No bars here, just a solid wooden door with a few slots for various purposes. It's clear this type of room is meant to be solitary. Here is where Th'ero stops again, pausing to give both Kimmila and D'ani another look, though it lingers longest on the weyrling. "Your certain of this?" he asks again, keeping his voice low and hushed despite it being unlikely that the man inside can overhear.

Kimmila stops outside the door as well, glancing at it and then turning to look at D'ani. Seems she feels the question was meant more for him than for her, though a moment later she nods her head and gives Th'ero's arm a squeeze. "For Ezra," she says quietly, a crease appearing between her brows as she looks back at D'ani once more.

"Maybe,"D'ani allows grudgingly, though he sounds largely unconvinced at this point. Apparently his reservations regarding Rayathess stem from something unvoiced - maybe he's not quite aware of all of them himself. He nods once again to Th'ero and waits for the Weyrleader and bluerider to precede him, then falls in behind them. He flickers the guards a veiled look as he passes by them but that is all the attention he spares them and is silent for the duration of that dark, damp walk, though by the faint frown on his face, he's mulling over some of his concerns. When they reach those doors and Th'ero asks him if he's sure, his mind blinks to the here and now and it only takes a second to nod. He'll try his best to help? "I'd do anything for Ezra," he says firmly right afterwards, including Kimmila in the answer.

Th'ero lifts his hand up to briefly rest it over Kimmila's arm as she squeezes his, but his gaze does not drift from D'ani until the bronze weyrling answers him. Nodding, he offers the barest of smiles though it's a little strained. "I know," he says in a lowered voice and the Weyrleader is aware that he could be asking a bit too much of the other young man. But it's too late now and looking down at Kimmila, he nods again. "For Ezra," he echoes and shifting a bit, he straightens and reaches for the door. No need to knock, right?
The room inside is barren. Stone walls, no windows and damp and cold. It would be dark too, but some glows have been brought in and they cast a bright enough light to illuminate the only furniture in the room — and the lone individual seated there. Rayathess is seated on one of the few rough wooden chairs and not likely too comfortable. His arms are at his side, but it's clear they're bound (and tightly) from behind. No doubt his feet are similarly tied somehow. He is in the same clothing as he was the previous night, which does nothing to help his rough look. Long hair is scraggly and tangled and then there's the bruises and knicks from the conflict but some look older. Prior to the door opening, Rayathess had his head down but at the sound of it and the sound of footsteps, he lifts his head just enough to fix his eyes on the new arrivals. Perhaps he had expected Guards, for he's soon straightening in surprise, though grimaces when the ropes binding him pull at his arms. He says nothing though, only watching with a growing wariness and caution.

Kimmila steps through the door and moves to one side, automatic and without thought, to stand against the wall unless she's pulled elsewhere. "Weyrleader Th'ero and Weyrling D'ani," she announces, watching Rayathess closely as she makes the introductions. Her eyes travel over his bruises, scrutinizing, and then the bindings on his hands and his feet, checking perhaps to make sure he's still secure.

D'ani schools his face to neutrality as he enters the room behind the others and steps to the opposite side of Th'ero that Kimmila has chosen. Standing tall but seeking not to appear to loom over or crowd the young man seated in the chair, he too remains near the wall, though he doesn't lean against the damp stone. His stance is one of formality, and after a brief, measuring look at Rayathess and a grave nod of greeting, meeting his eyes if he can do so. He doesn't stare though, but rather looks to Th'ero and asks, "Would you like me to untie his ropes for this interview, Sir?" It's an offer perhaps borne of kindness, perhaps with Ezra in mind but most likely a shrewd acknowledgement of Rayathess' pride.

Rayathess' eyes dart to Kimmila as she is the first to speak up, fixating on her as he quickly studies the bluerider, gauging her against the other two. As the titles are given, his gaze will slide to each in turn. D'ani is given a familiar look and faint smirk — he recalls the weyrling from their brief confrontation and has likely formed his own judgements of the young man. Th'ero is given a long look as well and he lifts his head up fully then, but not from respect. It's almost defensive, as if the supposed heir is uncertain now as to his fate. As his hair falls back, it's clear one side of his face is still bruised and a little swollen, but it does little to change the neutral expression he tries to hold. But he remembers his manners as least and dips his head in acknowledgement.
The Weyrleader comes to stand more or less directly across from Rayathess, not stopping Kimmila as she steps to one side. "Kimmila," Th'ero begins to add, tone flat and reserved as he nods his head to the bluerider, "is… our Weyrthird, to put it simply." Has a nicer ring, right? D'ani's suggestion has him pinned not only by Th'ero's glance then but Rayathess' as well, one caught off guard and the other just blankly surprised. "Untie him," comes the command and it's not to be so simple to judge by the slight pause. "But bind his hands in front of him instead." He will leave that to either Kimmila or D'ani to complete, though Th'ero is watching their "guest" with a keen eye. Rayathess however only seems to withdraw against his chair and try not to look too uneasy. Still, he says nothing.

Kimmila glances at D'ani in some surprise, and then looks back at Rayathess. Then her brows furrow once again, shaking her head ever so slightly. She says where she is however, though she's tense and ready to move forward should D'ani need help or Rayathess try to do something very stupid.

D'ani ignores the smirk Rayathess gives him though he disapproves of the attitude if the subtle deepening of his neutral expression is anything to go by. Still, he makes that offer and nods once to the Weyrleader when he is answered, flicks a glance at Kimmila to note her reaction and readiness before approaching the chair and going down on one knee to undo the ropes binding the ankles. He may appear relaxed, but he's careful to keep a wary eye on the other young man and he's positioned to one side so he's not going to be an easy target for a sudden kick. Those knots are tight, the damp, chill air has swollen the fibers, so it takes him a few minutes to work them loose. Scooting behind the chair, he undoes the knots, then rises with the rope in hand. "Take a moment to stretch," he advises in a murmur as he stands beside Rayathess, waiting to retie his hands. He too watches the prisoner but out of the corner of his eye, poised to shoulder him if he makes any sudden moves.

Rayathess makes no sudden moves and no abrupt kicks or swings at D'ani. His stupidity won't come from physical means, it seems but it could be that he has no ill will against them. Sitting perfectly still, he does not shift from his tense posture even as the bronze weyrling works on his bonds, his eyes watching him as carefully as he's observed by the latter. If D'ani gets too close, he may notice that the young man flinches or twitches away from him, not wholly by fear but as if by some instinctive reaction. "No need," he says simply in reply, rolling his shoulders a bit as he lifts his arms up and makes it easy on everyone present by offering his wrists again to be tied. He will wait until it's done and D'ani perhaps some distance away before his gaze slips back to Th'ero, though it darts to Kimmila and rests there uneasily. "You can send them out. I am no threat. What I have to say is for you to hear, Weyrleader. Sir." Rayathess finally speaks up, though he has to wet his lips a bit before he does, nerves showing through. His ignorance too, as he does not mean to insult the other two but it's clear from the looks he gives them there is no trust. The trust he has for Th'ero is borne only of rank and even so is feeble at best.
So he does his stupid mistake verbally and the Weyrleader visibly stiffens from where he stands, though somewhere in his head he's likely cursing the lack of other chairs. "And as far as I'm concerned, I make the orders and you're currently a prisoner and only here because of who you claim to be." he says, cold and flat to the young man. "D'ani and Kimmila are staying and their purpose here is none of your concern." That has Rayathess sinking back against his chair and lower, tense still but a bit baffled as he frowns. "So this is an interrogation then?" he says quietly, lips drawing back into a disappointed grimace. What'd the man expect?

Kimmila looks a little startled and…guilty? at Rayathess' request, and she swallows, shifting a bit. Her arms cross, and then uncross, hands shoved into her pockets. Not sure where to put them. Awkward. Then she clears her throat. "I'm here to help try and confirm your identity. Before we let Ezra see you. Since…if you are not who you say you are, it'll only cause the boy even more trauma than he's already experienced. Plus, we want to know how you came to be at Gold Hill, during the attack…and who was behind it." That's all they need to know, right? Easy! She glances at D'ani, and then back to Rayathess. "So I suppose the first thing I'd like to hear is you describe Ezra. Physically and personality, if you please."

That instinctive flinching is not lost on D'ani. He doesn't react to it but files it away to be considered later. He does eye Rayathess when he declines to stretch in a 'you're sure?' sort of way. He's not going to argue, however and simply shrugs, retying the wrists deftly and snugly but not so tight that it impairs his circulation. He leaves him six inches of rope between his wrists so he can have at least a little movement and steps back, folding his arms across his chest. There is not a trace of guilt on his face for being here and he totally approves of the Weyrleader's implacable response to the prisoner's request. He doesn't much seem to care whether Rayathess likes it or not. He shoots Kimmila a look of approval for her first question, then his attention returns to Rayathess, his expression still neutral though there is a glint of steel in his dark gaze as he watches the one who claims to be Ezra's older brother. "Describe his sleeping quarters at Stonehaven too, please," he tacks on casually.

Th'ero turns to give Kimmila a long look, though the Weyrleader nods his head to confirm what she has said. Perhaps he would not have preferred such an open approach, but his methods are not the same as others and his would have likely had Rayathess soon shutting down on them all. But the bluerider's frankness and lack of cryptic games has the young man instantly alert and fixated on her. Skepticism shows in how he frowns and his gaze studies her again, weighing the possibilities and battling with his lack of trust towards her. "If it's for Ezra's best interest," he says slowly, his eyes darting to Th'ero and the Weyrleader only meets him with a silent stare back. Reassurance or warning, it's hard to say. "Then I'll do it." But they're wasting time. He does not voice it, but his tone speaks volumes.
Kimmila's questions are answered first, almost easily as if he's eager enough to speak of his younger sibling. "Last…" he falters, lips twisting into a grimace and when he speaks again it's lower. "Ezra was always small, scrawny and thin but like any boy his age, really. Has hair like mine… but a touch darker. Green eyes." All information /anyone/ could have on the boy, but he speaks with an honest and almost fond tone like any older sibling would. He pauses to take a steadying breath, continues on with details truly known only to one who knew Ezra before he arrived in Fort Weyr. He speaks of a boy who is very much not the boy most see today. "Very energetic and very outgoing," he says out loud but his tone has taken on an almost nostalgic edge to it and his eyes grow distant. "Which of course meant he was a bit trouble maker. Sneaking things — cookies, mostly — or teasing Anrila. Normal little boy things. Always happy, always smiling, playing but if he was called to task he'd go back to his chores. Not that I wouldn't catch him slacking from time but," he shrugs, "Who doesn't at that age?" he muses with a smirk.
D'ani's casual addition is met by a narrowed look from Rayathess, suspicions roused again as he glances from bronze weyrling to the other two riders. Really? Of all questions? For a moment he seems to rebel, lips pressing together and his shoulders stiffening, only to fall shortly after. He exhales heavily, brows knitting together as he mulls over the reasons why… But his gaze will drop and he will speak like one digging through memories not often sought after. "Neat." Rayathess says, "Always neat and tidy, which you'd never expect given his age and energy. Had his collection of rocks too. Never understood that…" he snorts a little, as if amused by something until he recalls exactly where he is and promptly hides behind his grimace and narrowed looks. Silence follows then, with Rayathess eying them all as he withdraws and Th'ero's frown has only grown ever deeper, the Weyrleader as silent as their prisoner though he's now watching D'ani and Kimmila for their reactions and input. His questions will come later.

Kimmila listens closely, her eyes darting to D'ani from time to time. He knows the Ezra of today better than she does. She stays silent this time however, wanting to see if D'ani has any followup questions.

D'ani listens not only to what Rayathess answers, but how he answers, not bothering to hide the fact that he's intent on his face while he speaks about an Ezra he's never met. Unconvinced, but perhaps more respectful towards the other young man after he's described the boy's room, he shoots a series of rapid questions, "What is Ezra's favorite color? What is his favorite vegetable? (trick question?) How is he with animals? What does he like to do in his spare time? What are Stonehaven's colors? Describe to me how you would enter Stonehaven's gates?" It almost seems that he's forgotten the others are there so focused is he upon the other. "Tell me about your turnday cakes…" This one perhaps seems odd and D'ani phrases them in what might perhaps seem a strange way. His eyes are bright as he leans forward just a wee bit with an air of suppressed… something. Ut oh?

Th'ero is as silent as Kimmila is, his attention slowly focusing between Rayathess and D'ani. The Weyrleader will shift a bit closer to the bluerider, though it's subtle and he masks it as if he's simply adjusting his weight onto his one good leg. He shoots the bronze weyrling a warning look however as he begins to ply the supposed-heir with a slew of questions. "Ease off, D'ani." he murmurs in a low tone, but there is no denying the command laced in there too.
Rayathess is not so confident as to expect to win them over with a few simple questions, but he is not prepared for the onslaught brought on by D'ani. Overwhelmed, the young man can only shake his head at first, lips pressed thin and tightly shut as he stares somewhat coldly and lacking in any trust towards the weyrling as he leans back against his chair. Some of those questions might have struck too deep? "Rayathess, you have to answer." Th'ero speaks up when it's obvious the young man has balked and is struggling and in his tone the Weyrleader almost, /almost/ sounds apologetic.
"His favorite color is black, he never liked vegetables or was all that good with the animals. Did what he could with the beasts we have… had," Rayathess fumbles awkwardly, wincing slightly. Oops? But he's answering, even if his tone almost becomes monotone and flat. "Woodcarving, even if most thought it'd be stonecarving given his collection. Colors are turquoise, black and copper." Then he lapses again, expression closing off as he regards all of them with an uncertain and reluctant look. A few awkward and tense moments will pass and he mutters something under his breath before speaking up again. "Entering or leaving, you touch a certain stone by the door…" he says slowly, as if a little loathe to share it. At the mention of the cakes, he snorts and gives D'ani a rather bland look. "Our father would bake them." he answers bluntly, his tolerance for so much prying suddenly worn thin. Shifting, he gives the Weyrleader and Kimmila a look that is both impatient and a touch pleading. All this picking at his memories and past have left him jittery and on edge but all too aware of /why/ he's there in the first place. "I don't know what else I can tell you to convince you. But we're wasting /time/." he stresses, his eyes taking on a troubled shadow to their depths.

Kimmila's expression falters, her heart breaking for the young man, and she turns to look at Th'ero, watching him for a moment. Then her eyes follow D'ani, waiting for his reactions to the questions, though she does ask quietly, "Wasting time…for what?"
D'ani spares Th'ero a look for the reprimand, his eyes unreadable for the most part. How else did the Weyrleader think D’ani was going to know if Rayathess was an imposter?! Nevertheless, he jerks his head in a nod, stung. He isn't completely heartless though and as the answers come, he nods, almost encouragingly to the young man. It's important that he cooperate. "No one else," he says to Th'ero, including Kimmila in his affirmation, "would know the answers to the questions I just asked him. I believe he is who he says he is." Which begs the questions he asked yesterday. Brown eyes narrow at Rayathess' last comment and he goads mildly, "Says the one who took his time revealing himself after Stonehaven's demise." Not quite scorn, but certainly a touch resentful on Ezra's behalf. Where's he been?

Th'ero listens attentively to Rayathess' answers, though his gaze is turned more to observe D'ani's response as well. What he sees only has him frowning all the heavier, lips drawn back and set in a grim line. As D'ani confirms what the Weyrleader was already beginning to assume, he nods his head. "If you believe he is who he says he is, then I will take your word for it. I see no reason to doubt him. His answers were… uncanny." he says in a low tone, as if trying to be respectful to the fact they are talking about a man who is right there and can overhear them. Turning his head, he murmurs softly to Kimmila, his words pitched low enough only for her ears. He has the same interest though in the question she asks the young man, but Rayathess' eyes are locked solely on D'ani, the bluerider's question forgotten.
"You have no idea what I or my sister have been through," Rayathess snaps at D'ani, temper clearly riled and stung by the bronze weyrling's jab. "If you're—-" Whatever else the young man was about to spit at the weyrling is cut off by Th'ero, who raises his voice not so much in volume but in tone and firmness. It fills the room regardless, though he barely speaks above the normal level. "Enough! D'ani, keep your personal opinions to yourself. Rayathess should be given a fair chance to explain himself /before/ you go condemning his actions. And as for you," The Weyrleader turns on their "guest" now, eyes narrowing in disapproval as he catches the young man looking a touch too pleased at witnessing the weyrling getting warned. He waits until Rayathess sinks back into his chair and his gaze lowered before he speaks again, "Expect that sort of response. Now. Back to Kimmila's question. Why are we short on time?"
There's silence for a moment, before Rayathess lifts his head again and this time his anger is more contained but barely. "Laris." he speaks the name as though it's venom. "I know where his camps are. /All/ of them. But the longer we wait, the more likely he's going to move them again."

Kimmila tilts towards Th'ero to listen to what he has to say before she nods, and then her green eyes are riveted back onto Rayathess. "There's a sister?" 'Alive' is the implication. "At Gold Hill too?" Shards, they didn't kill her, did they? She pales a bit at the thought. Then she stiffens, eyes flashing. "Where." The word is flat, biting, filled with repressed anger and loathing.

D'ani isn't quite returning the glare Rayathess is bestowing on him, but he's certainly having no problem meeting the eyes locked upon him. It's almost as if they are the only two in the room, he's that focused on the other young man. "It's a valid question, one I'm sure Ez-" Th'ero's warning has him subsiding, ears turning red as he halts his one-track line of questions that want to spew forth. "Yes Sir," he mutters respectfully, chagrinned and trying to get a grip on himself as he stares at the stone floor thinking hard. He's realizing his protectiveness for the boy is not helping him to be objective here and so he lifts his eyes to Rayathess and says sincerely, "You're right, I don't. I'm sorry. I've just been so very worried for Ezra. He's… had a very rough time." And then he listens to what both Weyrleader and Weyrthird ask Rayathess, his lips part to ask sharply, "Sister?" at the same time Kimmila does. He is suddenly tense where he wasn't before, not willing to trust the hold-heir quite yet, but less distrustful than he was as he listens to the rest.

Rayathess looks a little baffled by D'ani's sudden apology and he fixes the weyrling with a distrustful glance at first that gradually edges back towards wariness and uncertainty. An apology is an apology though and he nods his head stiffly. At the mention of his brother's well being though, his demeanor shifts and his features fall to one of concern and guilt and likely a slew of other emotions lurking beneath that. He jumps in his seat a bit as both Kimmil and D'ani speak up about the sister. "Anrila, yes. Shards no, not at Gold Hill. They don't send the girls and women." Rayathess murmurs, not realizing exactly /how/ part of that sentence sounds. It just comes off almost natural to the man. "She's alive as well… it's, it's complicated and part of why I could not return and did not return. Or why I was not in Stonehaven." he admits quietly, only to lapse silent again under the look Th'ero gives him. The Weyrleader is equally as surprised and unsettled that there's /another/ Stonehaven now.
"If you have a map, I can try to show you." Rayathess tells Kimmila, his tone and whole attitude eager now, as if feeding off her reaction to Laris' name to fuel his own anger and loathing. But his eagerness wanes and drops as he darts his glance to the Weyrleader, almost seeming to shrink back against his chair, wary of them all now. Th'ero's anger has flared too, along with all the bitterness, frustration, guilt and an array of emotions long simmering from Laris' ambitions. His right hand has begun to flex and relax out of a fist, memory no doubt reminding him of all the crazed man has done. "Even if you do know where he is and his camps lay," he says flatly, cold and hard. "How do we know it's not a trap?"
Rayathess nervously licks his lips again, frowning heavily as he struggles to come up with a response. Looking up, his eyes dart between the two riders and the weyrling and there is desperation there now too. "I'll tell you everything you need to know. If it means HE will be stopped and…" And he can have revenge? Is that what it boils down to?

Kimmila watches the interactions between the men and then reaches out to lay a gentle hand on Th'ero's arm. "Everything could be a trap," she says softly. "I'll go get a map." Perhaps she's eager to be out of this painful room for a few moments? "Where is Anrila? In one of the camps?" she asks, before she goes.

D'ani makes no remark regarding the girls and women not being taken on raids, but he does file that in the back of his head. He is, however, mulling over the fate of a young girl in a renegade camp, his brows knitting with thoughts that trouble him. Th'ero's question has him shaking those thoughts aside for now, keenly interested in Rayathess' answer to that, and he flickers Kimmila a silent question, does she believe him? "There was no way to assassinate him before this?" he asks, the tone of the question is thoughtful rather than suspicious this time. He'd still like to know why Laris allowed a young man from a hold he's decimated join his ranks, but for now, he focuses on the main issue: taking down Laris. "Does he trust you and can you get near enough to him to do it?" Because that would save them all so much trouble!

Th'ero turns his head to glance sidelong and down as Kimmila touches his arm gently and at her words his mouth twists into a grim smirk. "Still does not mean we should blindly storm into one," he says flatly, but he nods as she offers to go fetch those maps. Lowering his head a bit more, he murmurs a few more words to her ear and then steps back, allowing her to move away. D'ani's question on assassination has the Weyrleader snorting, but Rayathess simply lifts his brows up and appears clearly unruffled by the idea. "On Laris?" he asks, frowning a little before Kimmila draws his attention away and he flinches at her question, "I do not know where Anrila is exactly. I snuck her out of the one camp just before we were to head out for Gold Hill. There was a caravan bound for the north — Fort territory. I made some false story, but it was the only way…" He drifts off then, not from uncertainty but from worry, looking tired and suddenly a little worn about the edges.
Taking a steadying breath, he focuses back on Th'ero despite the Weyrleader's darker mood, "It's not a trap. I know it's hard… but you have to believe me. Laris' plans are much grander than that. His focus is elsewhere and from what I've heard he and many of his puppets think they've given everyone the slip." he points out with a smirk, only to dart a look to D'ani that is both surprised and… scared? "No!" Rayathess says in a voice a bit too loud for the room as he tries to stand only to remember that his legs are still bound and he falls back roughly against the chair. Th'ero reacts by holding a hand up for him to relent, taking one awkward shuffling step forwards. Easy. "No," Rayathess repeats, "I was never close to Laris. You don't WANT to be close to Laris. Few are, but some of his men talk. There's always talk. But you cannot send me back there. He never knew, but those other men you have penned up here and back at the Holds know now. Some might have slipped through. Word will get to him." he mutters, almost rambling.

Kimmila is still gone, doot doot doot.

D'ani is aware of the Weyrleader and Weyrthird conferring but doesn't try to join in or listen. He's probably making fantastical plans of how Rayathess can murder Laris in his bedroll or something. He shrugs at Th'ero's snort. "It was a thought, anyway," he mutters after Kimmila has gone. And when the hold-heir has dashed his grand hopes for a quick, clean demise of the wily renegade, he discards it with a upheld hands, "Okay, okay, easy there." He tries for a soothing tone much as one would a wild colt. He understands at least a little more now that the young man says the Stonehavens were not known by Laris beforehand and of course there's a grudging approval as he regards the person he wanted to shake teeth loose from yesterday. It's not his decision about what to do with Rayathess anyway, so he doesn't speak to that. Instead, he turns to the Weyrleader. "Let me go for her, Th'ero," he says earnestly. "For Ezra."

Now it's only the Weyrleader and Weyrling however, as Kimmila is still absent on her run for the maps Rayathess requested. Th'ero snorts again at D'ani, though his smirk briefly slips to a wry, if not morbid smile. He's likely had similar thoughts, many of them, though probably not with Rayathess being the one dealing the death blow. "It perhaps could have worked if the situation was different," he murmurs. Rayathess does settle again after his little outburst, relieved when the Weyrleader turns down D'ani's ideas. "How does he not know of you?" Th'ero asks then, gentle but firm as his gaze drifts to the young man.
Before he can answer however, he turns his head to the bronze weyrling and frowns heavily. "I will consider it," he says after a moments pause, ignoring the look Rayathess gives them both. Hopeful, but there's clearly much the man wants to say, only to be kept silenced by another narrowed look from the Weyrleader. "First things first. I do not like the idea of her travelling alone either, but there are priorities. You also still have your duties to attend to as a Weyrling." Which Th'ero could easily wave off, but for now he leaves it stand as is. Turning again and grimacing as his leg sends a jolt of pain strong enough to make him uncomfortable, the Weyrleader faces Rayathess and it's clear he's expecting an answer now.
"In the chaos… back in Stonehaven," Rayathess begins, speaking low and words clipped, eyes distant as he reluctantly returns to memories he's likely tried to bury deep, "I somehow ended up with Anrila. Separated. Didn't mean for it to be that way, I thought Ezra was there too but Anrila was moving too fast… We got lost for a bit, turned around somehow and at one point I almost had us caught. Tried to backtrack around, but the snows… They found us in the end, but the camps had been broken. The men who found us, I guess by then we looked enough like one of theirs. If it was just me, I would have tried to escape. But I had Anrila." He stops for a moment then, glancing up as if seeking a cue to continue.

Kimmila slips back into the room quietly and trying to be unobtrusive, carrying rolled maps and…a tray of sandwiches? "Hungry?" she asks around, setting the maps and the tray down, before offering one to Rayathess with a 'go ahead' nod, assuming Th'ero doesn't stop her from doing so.

D'ani is now edgy, nodding absently to Th'ero about deciding and his weyrling duties. Those are givens, but he's thinking about a young woman alone in the forest with Laris' men wandering around in them. He paces the perimeters of the room restlessly, thinking, no doubt, about what he'll do if allowed to go. Hearing Kimmila's footsteps coming down the hall, he moves to the door, opens it for her wordlessly so Th'ero doesn't have to move. He's listening with one ear, however, and sends an intently enquiring look at Rayathess when Th'ero asks how he'd concealed his identity from Laris. The answer has his pacing paused as he turns to listen more fully to the account, no doubt recalling Ezra's plight that day if the bleak expression on his face is anything to go by.

Th'ero is keeping tabs on D'ani's edgy and restless pacing, though for the most part the Weyrleader is focused on Rayathess as the young man begins to unravel his tale. Mouth twists into a grim line, his brows furrowed heavily and his eyes dark not only with anger now but deep thought. It would seem, despite the bronze weyrling's drive to go find the missing sister, that it's been put aside for now. But "for now" could be just the span of the remainder of this interrogation — if it is even that anymore. "Continue—" Th'ero begins, only to cut the sentence short as Kimmila slips in and even Rayathess looks past the bronzerider to the bluerider.
The maps and the food are eyed with interest, but as the go ahead is given, he simply turns his head down and away to begin again, "So they took us in and we played along. I tried to sneak us out a few times but something would always put an end to that. Eventually they moved us to another group, then another. Once we were all packed somewhere. Done in the dark, too dark to see and it was only by the motion that I realized we were on the open water. It was too late then." he mutters, his tone taking on a bitter edge as he then lifts his bound hands and points at the rolled maps. "I could probably show you where… roughly. Where his paths /were/ and where they are now."
Before Th'ero can even give the okay for the maps to be unrolled and spread or even move to do it himself, there is a low gurgling sort of growl and Rayathess is sheepishly sinking in his chair, only to decide not to and simply brush that bit of awkwardness aside. "I'm hungry," he says with a smirk as he states the obvious. The Weyrleader simply nods his head, motioning for either Kimmila or D'ani to put some of the sandwiches closer.
Kimmila offers a sandwich to Rayathess before she spreads out the maps, pinning them in the corners with whatever she can find. Glancing at D'ani, she looks back at Th'ero, but holds her silence for now.

D'ani shakes his head, declining a sandwich, but smiles a silent thanks for Kimmila bringing them. His stomach is in knots - he can't eat! What if Laris intercepts that caravan? Ezra would never forgive them for delaying a moment upon knowing she's still alive, even to finish interrogating Rayathess. Such are his thoughts, but he keeps those to himself. His face might reveal his conflicting thoughts though. He is intent upon the story as it unfolds and though he's hesitant to ask the one question on his mind, Ezra will want to know, so he asks cautiously, "Were you able to keep her from… further harm while in the camps?" He's treading lightly, having observed the way Rayathess turned his head away while recounting his story and so breathes an apology, "I'm sorry for asking. If I'm the one who tells Ezra his sister is alive, he'll no doubt ask me that right off the bat."

Rayathess gives Kimmila a wary look — it's a force of habit, really — as she approaches with the sandwich. Once he realizes it's only food she holds and no nasty trick, he lifts his bound hands up and promptly snatches it from her hand with barely a bobbed head for thanks. She's not even half way through pinning the map down that he has half the sandwich devoured. Luckily he's swallowed by the time D'ani questions him again or he'd likely choke on what the bronze weyrling is treading so lightly around. His expression does fall and close though, the young man withdrawing again defensively. But the trick is in mentioning his brother and he's jolted again (his brother is alive?) and when he speaks, Rayathess' tone is flat and emotionless. "I did. She was too young to be much use aside from helping the other women about the camp. I made sure she got the best of the food, the best of anything we had… That she was comfortable. Safe. From the others." He shudders slightly and suddenly looks to regret having had the food after all. Did Kimmila bring a bucket with her too?
Th'ero looks a little sickened himself by the information Rayathess has so far shared under their relentless questions. His frown hasn't lessened and his eyes are dark with troubled thoughts. Turning away from Rayathess for a moment, he shuffles and limps closer to where Kimmila has the maps laid out. "D'ani," he says to the Weyrling, lifting his gaze briefly to pin him beneath it. "Unbind Rayathess' feet." But not the hands, it seems. "Stand then and show us where he's hiding." As he waits for his orders to be carried out, he turns to murmur something to the bluerider again.

Kimmila's green eyes darken at D'ani's question - not that he asked it, but because of what it implies - and she looks relieved at Rayathess' answer. Glancing over at Th'ero, she gives her weyrmate a nod in reply for what he said, and looks to Rayathess, waiting for him to stand so she can start marking things onto the map with the stylus she's pulled from her pocket.

D'ani has unconsciously been holding his breath and only now realizes it as his relief is expelled with a long breath out at the answer Rayathess makes. "I'm glad," he says simply, even though the sickened expression he'd worn is fast fading. For more than one reason, but the one he gives is, "Ezra isn't the type to allow evasive answers." He wanders over to stand beside Th'ero and Kimmila and peers down at the map, forehead crinkling and by the next question he asks it's clear he's not seeing what he's looking at. "How old is she?" he asks right as the Weyrleader speaks to him. He immediately moves to do as he's been bidden, crouching to undo the knots, then rising and silently offering the hold-heir a hand up.

Th'ero steps in closer to Kimmila's side as they gather closer to the maps and the hand he places lightly against her lower back is for more that one form of support. The Weyrleader is gazing down at the maps, both of which are of the southern continent, at various distances. "She would be ten Turns," he says softly to D'ani, though the words would be easily picked up by Kimmila as well.
Only Rayathess is left in the dark, but the hold-heir is absorbed in his thoughts and does not seem to care. At least, not until the weyrling approaches and he tries not to twitch or flinch away from the other man's proximity. He eyes the offered hand as though it's some dangerous weapon or some sort of trap, but the pause is fleeting and as he takes a steading inhale of breath he grips it firmly. Once he's on his feet however, he'll promptly break the contact and even put as much distance between him and either of the riders as he can without causing suspicion or alarm.
Th'ero will tilt his head up just enough to watch Rayathess approach, studying the young man while he bends over the maps. "I roughly guess we were probably lead down here," he murmurs, already pointing his fingers awkwardly to where South Boll and Hold Gar are marked. "Before we were brought over the water." Fingers trace a more or less straight line down. Perhaps not the case, but Rayathess isn't focused on those details. He's peering intently now at one of the more detailed maps of the Southern Continents. His finger hovers and then he grows uncertain. "This is not easy to translate. I can /picture/ it but these maps…" he mutters, grimacing and looking a bit crestfallen. He had so much hope… just a simple point and /done/. "I know for certain he is not near Xanadu any longer, but neither has he gone so far west towards Honshu. The men would mutter about that." Finally, he points to some remote spots closer to the Sea of Azov, trailing progressively south-westward. "Smaller camps." he intones flatly. "Easily hidden."

Kimmila watches Rayathess, leaning back a bit against Th'ero's hand. Then she blinks. "Ten? And…traveling this far? With a caravan that may or may not be reliable?" She looks at Th'ero, and then at D'ani, and then back to the Weyrleader. "Wingmate…" she murmurs under her breath. Then attention is taken by Rayathess again, and she nods in sympathy. "Perhaps firelizards?" she suggests quietly. "Xanadu firelizards might know and be able to lead us to the pictures he has in his mind…?"

On his way over to untie Rayathess, D'ani winces at the age given, glancing at Kimmila a beseeching look. So young? we should go snag her now! Though he doesn't say anything, he's visibly dismayed. He bends to his task and when the hold-heir is steady on his feet, he is more than willing to allow him to withdraw. He's not exactly feeling all that chummy with the other young man yet. He sidles over to glance down at the map, though he's still keeping a semi-wary eye on Rayathess. In the pause that follows him pointing out the place where the camps might be, he asks, "Can you point out where in Fort's territory you left Anrila with the caravan?" And then Kimmila's murmur has his mind jumping back to the topic on-hand. His idle observation, "This would be easier if he had a firelizard of his own." And then he gives the young man a level look, "Or do you already?" He wouldn't be surprised.

Th'ero does not take the news of Anrila's age easily either, his sickened and grim look returning though he tries to mask it as he lowers his head as if to study the map. His hand against Kimmila's back tightens though, fingers curling as they flex again and his posture is tense and rigid. More and more is just piling up and he can assume enough from the looks from the bluerider and D'ani then as well that he will have to broach the decision of searching for the sister far earlier than he had wished. "I know." he murmurs to Kimmila, "We will deal with that next." At her suggestion, he lapses silent to mull over it, lips pressed firmly together. "Perhaps, but even they cannot go entirely on vague images…" Can they? He seems to have his doubts on the abilities of the firelizards.
Rayathess frowns a little towards D'ani, once his attention is pulled from the discussion about his sister. The hold-heir has stiffened a little, defensive it seems over his decision. "I had no other choice," he mutters stubbornly. "And it wasn't Fort. It was Xanadu that it was arranged. She's /bound/ for Fort and far from any of the camp's reach. Then I volunteered for Gold Hill. Not because I wanted /anything/ to do with the raid, but because it was a way out." Seeing as D'ani asked so nicely though, Rayathess leans forwards and with his hands still bound, he points his finger again and drags it in a rough line from Xanadu's territory and over westward to Southern Hold and then up to Fort's territory.

Kimmila taps her finger on the map and shakes her head. "No, they can't, but they have exceptional memories. They might know where he's thinking about, and be able to share a more vivid image with our dragons…" Then she turns to look expectantly at Th'ero.

Southern? D'ani can't disguise the amazed look he gives Rayathess when he realizes he'd misunderstood just where he'd left off his younger sister and how very far she has to travel on her own. "My sister Anira was ten turns when she-" was out there alone. He can't verbalize that, however. And he's far too emotionally involved in this with his own past parallels and his friendship with Ezra to think calmly, though he stifles it for the most part. "Of course," he manages to say before flicking a look between Th'ero and Kimmila. "If we got him an egg that's ready to hatch, even that bit might be helpful if we had a few of the dragons to listen in."

"I do not see the harm in trying. But that would mean either we bring some Xanadu firelizards here or…" Th'ero begins to suggest to Kimmila, letting the last of his sentence drift unspoken. Rayathess' blank look and paled skin gives enough away that the Weyrleader does not have to explain. "We will have to discuss that method further later." he murmurs while the hold-heir exhales heavily in relief.
Even if partially verbalized, Rayathess is giving D'ani a rather keen sidelong look, borne more of curiosity than anything more. But he does not know the weyrling or really has the wish to, currently. So there is no prying questions as the young man keeps everyone pushed at a distance, despite having parts of his recent past pried from him. "What's this about an egg?" he says, frowning now and gaze darting from weyrling to riders with a growing sense of unease.
Th'ero had given D'ani a bit of a look as well for the half spoken sentence, likely tucking it away for some later time but at the suggestion the weyrling implies, the Weyrleader's brows lift. "Even if we did find an egg and he was successful in Impressing the creature, it still takes /time/ to train them." he points out, all while Rayathess can only look baffled and incredulous. "But what if I don't /want/ a firelizard?" he asks, sounding almost annoyed that they'd assume he'd simply go along with it.

Kimmila startles a little bit as things begin to unravel, shaking her head. "He wouldn't have to impress…but it'd be better. No, Rayathess," she says, trying to be soothing, "we're not going to force a firelizard on you. It was just an idea, having you think about the camps in your mind, and perhaps then they could find them. Glancing then at D'ani, the bluerider's brows furrow. But she doesn't press him either. "I think," she says, finally voicing her opinions, "that we need to get riders set up searching for the sister, and we need to get Thea or another Xanadu rider here - someone that knows the area very well - so Rayathess can describe it to them. Landmarks, that sort of thing."

"I know that," D'ani says mildly to Th'ero. "It just might help if he had one. Others could 'see' what he pictures for it." He isn't really sure, though and the outburst from Rayathess has him throwing his hands up in exasperation. "Fine, whatever! I thought you wanted Laris found." He stuffs his hands in his pockets and adds, "I was just thinking out loud." He slides a sidelong look at Kimmila and nods agreement. "Maybe you guys can get one of the golds to probe his mind instead? The books at beastcraft vaguely mentioned some have the ability." He sneaks a surreptitious look at Rathathess. How's that idea sit? It beats impressing a firelizard, right? He's restless again, champing at the bit to go find the little girl and let the ones who ought to be solving just how they'd take Laris down do so. He's just a weyrling.

Kimmila's soothing words have Rayathess calming a little, reassured though thinly so. "I think that is a much better plan. They would likely understand the landmarks I know too…" he agrees, glancing sidelong to see the Weyrleader's reaction. Th'ero has a distracted look to him though, the bronzerider silent as he broods. Rayathess glares at D'ani, not so much for the show of exasperation, but for the barb and the look he gives him next would be better reserved for a bratty child throwing a fit when it doesn't get what it wants. Perhaps it's not exactly how he views the other young man, but it's close enough for now. "If I didn't want Laris found or put a stop to his madness, I wouldn't /be/ here and you wouldn't have a chance in ever finding him," he snaps back, before Th'ero can step in again.
"Enough, /both/ of you! You're both old enough not to act like boys with the petty insults and barbs." he says in that same firm and deep voice he used earlier when he had to call them into line. Rayathess lowers his head, but not without another darting glare to D'ani before subsiding, only to jerk his head up again at the mention of being probed mentally. His reaction is, simply put, horrified. "You wouldn't dare…" he says, but his voice is so low it's almost whispered. "I do not concent to it—" Protests are cut short by a sharp gesture from Th'ero, who now stands at his full height despite the inner protest his injured leg is giving him. "/Some/ golds do have that ability, as D'ani has pointed out." he admits, his voice level but firm as he fixes both younger men and Kimmila under his gaze, his features set neutral and reserved. "But we do /not/ impose that on anyone. It's not an ability to abuse or /threaten/ with," And his gaze locks solely on D'ani then, lingering only until his point his made. Inhaling slowly, he adds to Rayathess, "Reconsider the option of a firelizard. They're handy creatures and the bond is not as invasive or as intense as that of a dragon's. Otherwise, we will go by Kimmila's suggestion, but it will take time before Xanadu can be properly informed, not to mention arrive here. And you may be subjected to more questions…"
Rayathess does seem to back down then, shoulders dropping and his gaze turning away to stare at the wall as his lips press firmly shut. Th'ero exhales heavily, "Think on it. But for now, I believe we have asked enough of you for one day." Turning slightly, he glances towards Kimmila and D'ani as well, as if seeking their consensus.

Kimmila just sighs, shaking her head and frowning at the maps. Then she straightens when Th'ero is done talking, putting her arm through his, firmly. Lean, stupid, stubborn man. And she whispers something to him, very softly said.

D'ani just grits his teeth at the reprimand from Th'ero, though it doesn't stop him from glaring right back at Rayathess. Inside his pockets, his hands have clenched into fists but he is silent, acquiescing to the Weyrleader's command to stop snarking. He blinks at Th'ero as he makes his point, his lips part in protest, "I didn't mean it as a threat, Sir. I meant it as an alternative to offering him a firelizard egg." Good grief, what IS he doing here? He's frustrated with all of them by now, but keeps it stuffed inside, having learned not to suggest anything further. Dark eyes are fixed on the door he'd like to exit from as soon as possible, darting to Kimmila as she whispers something he can't hear. He shrugs since it's not meant for his ears and simply nods to Th'ero stiffly when he's glanced at. "Could…" He begins hesitantly (someone just shoot him now, please. Why is he going to ask this?) "Could we maybe move Rayathess to a better place? A room in the inner Weyr corridor with a guard or something?" Then adds, "For Ezra's sake?"

Th'ero will lean when Kimmila slips her arm firmly through his, but he does not make it so obvious — or tries to at least. His head dips a bit lower, chin tucking in towards his chest as she whispers to him and he turns his head then to answer her. The exchange has him frowning heavily though, his expression conflicted before finally easing into a neutral mask once more. Something has been decided upon.
D'ani is here because he was needed, but it's also going to serve as practice for the weyrling. Just in case he ever finds himself in a position of political power. Sucks, doesn't it? He best get used to that frustration and having to curb it, no matter how hot or bitter or sour. Might explain why Th'ero is in such an awful mood half the time. "Good," he replies to D'ani's explanation, followed by a slight nod. At the request though, the Weyrleader isn't the only one surprised. Rayathess is staring at D'ani as well now, though no longer glaring. Wisely though he keeps his mouth shut, green eyes instead flicking to Th'ero.
"Perhaps it is for the best." Th'ero agrees just as hesitantly, shifting a bit against Kimmila's side. "I'm sure we could find a room to suit that purpose. Well enough away from the main corridors and heavier traffic areas…" Speaking of Ezra, the Weyrleader frowns then and with another slow inhale of breath, regards Rayathess with a long look before adding, "Your brother did request to see you. If you are willing, once you are settled in… new quarters, we can arrange for that as well. Supervised, of course." There's a glance then to D'ani, something that is not lost entirely on Rayathess though he smartly keeps from scowling. Grimacing, the hold-heir's expression twists into one of obvious turmoil, too many emotions working at once for one to truly stand out. Fidgeting, he nods. "I'd like that. But I don't want him seeing me like this," Oddly, he doesn't hold out his bound hands, but rather points to himself — meaning his current state. He's still rather filthy and disheveled looking. Not much can be done for the fading injuries.

Kimmila looks satisfied at the decision reached upon, giving Th'ero's arm a squeeze. Nodding, she even offers D'ani a smile - small, but still present. "And a bath, as well," she adds for Rayathess. She knows the healing qualities of a good soak! "Clothes…" she adds, sizing up the young man for, well. Sizes. "When you're ready, D'ani can bring Ezra to see you?" she asks, glancing at everyone to see how they feel about that.

D'ani will grow into this someday. He's learning things though. And will, most likely, absorb, reflect and re-adjust. Right now he's looking like he'd like to kick himself for making the suggestion, his face a comical mix of conflicting emotions. He doesn't dare look at Rayathess, though he does lift his gaze to the Weyrleader when he agrees and he says, "Thank you." Why's he thankful? Maybe it's for Ezra's sake, he couldn't say if he was asked. Maybe he's not as heartless as he seems towards Rayathess. "I don't want Ezra to see you like this either," he says right after the hold-heir speaks. They're agreeing now? Stop the presses! But wait, whut? He stares at Th'ero. Is he going to have to supervise him in the baths too? Though as for bringing Ezra to see his brother, he nods silently, if uneasily. He won't enjoy this, but it's important to the boy.

Th'ero doesn't look quite so certain in the decisions made, but he keeps that relatively well under wraps save for the lingering frown on his features. Leaning a little more towards Kimmila, he observes the exchange between the bluerider and the younger man.
Rayathess looks relieved when her suggestions are simple and likely very much sought after. "To be clean again would be a luxury much missed," he admits with a smirk and only then does he lift his hands up slightly, spreading them until the rope binding his wrists grows taught. "And this?" he asks, glance sliding back to the Weyrleader, interrupted by D'ani's remark and agreement that has him snorting. For once the barb is well aimed and actually accepted. Because it's true! He's a mess.
"Those will be removed," Th'ero replies without hesitation, gesturing for Rayathess to approach. He does, though with great reluctance and uncertainty, coming only as close as is needed (he'll strain his arms if he has to to reach) while the Weyrleader frees him of the last of his bonds. Still gripping the rope in his hand, Th'ero adds, "Don't give me a reason to have you bound again, Rayathess. This does not mean you a free. You will be guarded and carefully watched." He will wait until the young man nods before lowering his hand again.
Th'ero nods then to Kimmila's suggestion, "That would be best, I think." he admits, though Rayathess looks ready to protest, only to sigh. No, he knows better than to argue or protest. And no, D'ani will not have to babysit Ezra's older brother. Th'ero /does/ actually like the bronze weyrling enough, juuuust enough to not put him through that. "Then it's settled. D'ani, you are free to return to your duties until called upon to escort Ezra. Rayathess, I'm afraid you'll have to wait back in your cell awhile longer until matters are sorted out with the Headwoman." Rayathess grimaces, but nods and Th'ero's hold on Kimmila tightens. "If you'll excuse us." No apologies, no thanks given. The Weyrleader keeps the farewells curt (and awkward), but as he turns to shuffle and limp out, he gazes sidelong to D'ani with a look that could possibly read 'thank you' or perhaps 'well done'. Despite the slip ups. It was a lot for everyone to handle!

Kimmila again lapses into silence, only nodding before she gathers up the maps and steps back beside Th'ero, walking out with the Weyrleader with a nod of farewell given to Rayathess, and a warm(er) smile for D'ani.

D'ani wasn't going to clarify, but that snort of Rayathess spurs him to say, "He is understandably averse to dark tunnels now. And seeing you here in these cells and bound like a criminal, will upset him more than having you suddenly reappearing in his life." It's said frankly without the attempt to soften it, more from the need to be brief and let Th'ero back to his rest rather than to dig at Rayathess. If it isn't apparent that D'ani cares very much for his little brother, the hold-heir would have to be blind. He has not a trace of gloating for Th'ero's warning to the other young man, just a grim sort of weariness for this whole ordeal, a preoccupied worry for the young Anrila's safety and Ezra's state of mind. At his dismissal, he turns towards the door with a "Yes Sir," even as the Weyrleader is loosening the young man's bonds. Shooting Kimmila a slightly sheepish smile (he did good? Really??), he ducks out without saying goodbye to Rayathess.