Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

The chilly lake waters are an invigorating draw to weyrfolk and dragons alike as summer's heat bears down upon the Weyr. The calm jewel blue waters offer a pleasant respite upon which to bath, relax, or play. The shoreline buzzes with activity and at the peak of the day it can be hard to find a spot to stretch out. At night, like a great mirror the lake reflects the multitude of stars overhead with the occasionally shadow of a passing dragon breaking the serene visage.

With dinner over, missing a certain blue riding weyrling, and Rukbat long since swallowed up by the horizon, night has come to Fort Weyr. With some of the current class already having had their first flight with their lifemates already, this meant elevator duty for them. For the ones that remain grounded for now, the usual routine. K'hys and Jheth were one of the first pairs up in the sky, and so not seeing him at a meal wouldn't be terribly out of place. Neither would finding the guy seated off of the edge of the lake, which is exactly where anyone searching for him would discover him. With the weather turning colder, it's no surprise that he's bundled up, having added a scarf and hat to his riding leathers so deep a blue, they appear black. His hands are shoved into the pockets of his flight jacket, and he's leaning back where he's parked himself, staring out over the water. Where Jheth is, is anyone's guess.

A'lin had been surprised to see Njord take off on his first flight, and even more surprised when the brown was able to carry him with relative ease. And taking off with two people, that was even more exciting! Though the pair still sticks to a tight schedule, so A'lin is not about to be missing dinner for elevator duty. Baths generally are left until the end of the day, after the pair helps lift some of the cavern goers up to the ledges above. Njordeth swoops down from overhead and lands in the lake, swimming and splashing around a bit to get all the day's dust washed off him. A'lin follows behind on the ground with the brown's straps and the oil bucket. He's got his flight jacket on, but open. Everything is set down and he squints in K'hys's direction, then gives the other weyrling a wave.

There are a few blinks as something big passes by his field of vision, causing K'hys' brows to crease some towards the middle as the mile long stare refocuses in on Njordeth. Where ever he had been just before then, it didn't look like it was anywhere near that bench. Or perhaps he was in a long discussion about something with Jheth, who was still, no where to be seen. Then again, the blue was the adventurous type, and certainly wasn't shy about his craving to explore. It's the wave that he manages to see out of the corner of his eye that draws the bluerider's attention to A'lin, and a soft smile appears on his lips, jerking his chin up before he takes his hand out of one pocket and lifts it in a return wave.

Njordeth looks like he's going for a swim out in the lake. Swimming would be a little more difficult at Fort once the winter set in, so A'lin is fine letting the brown enjoy himself. Instead the brownrider heads over to park himself next to K'hys, probably giving the bench a bit of a jolt from his weight. He's looking the same as always, mustache and all. Apparently he's decided not to shave it off. At least, not yet. He's also grinning away, in his usual good mood. "Hello hello! We missed you at dinner tonight. They had meat pies that were delicious." A'lin pats his belly in demonstration. "Where's Jheth at?" He puts a hand up to his forehead and peers out over the water to see if he can spot the blue someplace.

That hand is returned to the pocket from whence it came, and K'hys does nothing but watch as A'lin comes over and plops himself down. There is a creak of wood but the seating doesn't move much beyond this. It is after all, bolted down into bedrock. Perhaps just in case of such event such as brownriders throwing their weight around willy-nilly. "Did you now." he teases, as was his usual good humor, his brain apparently filtering out 'we' and changing it to 'I', or so it appears. He grins crookedly at his fellow weyrling before turning his gaze back to the water. "He found a green he had to investigate. He hasn't quite figured out why he likes greens so much, I'm willing to let him figure it out for himself." he explains, shrugging his shoulders. A casual peek back at his friend and he very nearly pouts. "Kept the mustache I see." Oh yeah, he totally noticed. "Telling you, Ada, you'd be smoking hot with the hair in the right place."

It's a good thing, too, that it's bolted down. Otherwise A'lin might send a bluerider flying off like a boulder in a trebuchet. "Yep. We did." It was hard to discern 'we' from 'I' when dragonriders were involved. For all K'hys knows it could have just been A'lin at dinner missing him, but since Njordeth is always in his head… "Ah. Njordeth hasn't taken too much interest in any other dragons other than his clutchmates of course. I suppose eventually we'll get the mating flight lesson, and things can be explained then." Though it sounds suspiciously like A'lin has been avoiding the subject with his own dragon. "I did indeed!" He chuckles to K'hys then. "Sorry. I know you're not a fan. Dei says she likes it, though." Which makes it hard for him to shave it off. "Never did ask Shalla… suppose I ought to, since I have conflicting votes now."

K'hys doesn't ask after what exactly A'lin had meant at least, though that grin of his is downright unwavering. Even with the prickly lip monster still in place. There is a tsking sound, and the bluerider shakes his head. "Still holding to the hope she'll want a thing, huh?" he asks, bluntly. Another of his, charms. Ahem. Brown eyes wander the lake, though they keep getting drawn back to Njordeth, especially if the brown was splashing or doing anything else that was big and attention drawing. He does laugh though, at mention of Xanshalla, "Oh, so we're counting my vote now are we?" he asks, drawing a leg up by bending it at the knee and hooking the heel of his thick soled (all terrain, wow look at the tread on those puppies) boots on the lip of the seat. He playfully reaches out with one of his elbows without his hand coming free from his pocket and attempts to nudge at A'lin. "I think the whole mating flights thing is harder on the riders of the female dragons than the male ones. Still, can't exactly say I'm looking all to forward to having no control over who I'm sleeping with." A pause, and then K'hys sighs. "Couple more months and we'll be graduated." Another pause and he glances at the mustashed man. "What plans you got for after?" Brows lift, and he seems to be all ears, as if the answer really and truly interested him.

A'lin shrugs a bit. "Perhaps! Though perhaps that ship has sailed for us, and she will be well attended by a host of handsomer riders. When we've graduated we can talk it out, I suppose." Njordeth is splashing from time to time. Now he's intent on catching a fish, which means he keeps diving, then coming up for air with a big splash. A'lin laughs. "Of course. Why wouldn't we be counting your vote? It's my vote that doesn't count." The brownrider leans back a bit as he's nudged. "I think that's true," He says about the female dragon riders having it harder. "I'm sure it will be… awkward at first. But riders have been during it for turns and turns now, so I suppose we will become accustomed to it. I for one am quite excited about betweening. Past the whole… scary part of possibly getting lost between, of course." He rubs his chin a bit in thought. "Me? I need to go visit the hold. After that, I'm not sure! Working in the wing, I suppose. How about yourself?"

"Hey, if the ship has sailed, you'll find someone else. Even with your hair in the wrong place." K'hys teases again, smirking. With the brown over there sploshing about, it's no wonder that the shorter of the two weyrlings was having trouble keeping himself focused on A'lin. Every time there was a splash, sure enough, the bluerider glances in that direction. Admittedly his eyes do return to his friend after a few seconds of diversion. "There should be more to a relationship than looks, man. If there wasn't, then maybe it's all for the best." This is said considerably more serious, but not making any more tries to touch the brownrider, keeping his person to himself. "Because I'm a guy." he replies when asked about vote counting. His grin was unwavering, he even chuckles some, though he really didn't need to go reminding his fellow holder that he was a man. That should of been obvious by now. "I'm just teasing you, Ada. I'm glad my opinion counts for something somewhere. Means a lot to me." About then, Jheth flaps in from the direction of the bowl, landing not in the lake but on the shore on the other side. His coloring, for certain, made him stick out amongst others of his ilk. He warbles a greeting to his clutch brother, already starting to wade into the chilly pond. "You have a good head on your shoulders. Long as you concentrate and keep that melon in the game, you'll be fine." Betweening was scary though, and even K'hys didn't appear to be all that excited about the danger, shifting uncomfortably as he often does when he's trying to hide his real feelings. "We'll all be fine. No worries, right?" A grin, and he lets his head drop to the back of the bench, closing his eyes. "Bury my sister I wager." he says, expression becoming somewhat drawn. "She didn't get any better this summer, and it always gets worse in winter. Healers are saying she probably won't see spring." Lips turn down into a frown, and although he was trying to be all manly tough and matter of fact about it, his head soon comes up and he turns his face away. Jaw tensing. "So, yeah. After that, probably getting rejected by the guy I got a thing for. Promised, I'd tell him after graduation. Then, heavy drinking and a hangover."

A'lin laughs. "I have hair other places as well. Under my arms, for example. On my legs. And my arms." A'lin is able to ignore his own dragon easily enough. If Njordeth has need of him, he will contact him. A'lin gives the bluerider a curious look. "Hm? Ah, well, yes. That is true!" There's a shrug then. "Just because you're a man doesn't mean you don't have an opinion about what looks good on other men. We all compare ourselves to others, at the least." The brown gives his clutchbrother a low rumble in greeting and swims about on the surface for a bit, having given up on the hunt for fish. "I try to keep my melon in the right place. I don't have much luck when I try to multitask anyways. I require focus! Which is good for such betweening, so I hear. I'm sure we'll all be fine as well." Ada blinks at Kai when he states his plans for after graduation. "Your sister is that ill? None of that sounds like good plans! Surely you must have something… fun planned for after graduation. Something you can at least look forward to? How do you know this man will reject you, anyways?"

Jheth was strap free as well, his likely hung in the weyrling barracks beside his couch. K'hys was good like that, all his possessions as well as his lifemate's tended to with care. As if he understood their value. "Yeah, she's that ill." he replies, remaining where he is at the water's edge for a time, wiping his hands on his pants and then pushing himself to his feet. Back to A'lin. "My mother tells me she was waiting for something, and she thinks it was for me to Impress. Which makes no sense." He shrugs at this, falling silent, perhaps watching Jheth bob along with his neck and head above water, swimming after Njordeth. "I don't know. Part of me is glad, and the rest of me wants to slap the part that's glad. She's been ill for so long, she've never really had a life, and for the last couple of turns she's been almost too weak to get out of bed. Now she can barely eat." He kicks at something, a pebble maybe, sending it rocking across the water's surface. It skips two or three times and then disappears. "I love my sister, Ada. But is it worth wishing she'll hang on with her being in so much pain she can hardly breathe, just because I'm gunna miss her when she's gone?" Loaded questions that, and so is the next that brownrider tosses his way. K'hys laughs in fact, though it doesn't sound very amused. "Cause it's Th'ero." he returns with, after a deep breath. "So yeah, rejection definitely incoming."

A'lin understood the straps' value! He's just a little more lax about hanging them up. Plus they weren't at the barracks just yet. Or something. Ada sighs a bit and frowns about Kai's sister, listening quietly to the explanation of her condition. "Well, perhaps there is something we can do for her, before her time is up. Something she's always wanted to do, but never had a chance? Where are you from again? Can we get there without betweening?" He rubs his chin. "There must be something we can do to at least ease her passing. I doubt your sister wants to die, even if she is in pain. It's not selfish to want to keep the ones we love close to us." Ada stands up and will pull K'hys into a bearhug unless he runs away. "Oh Kai! You are struck with very bad luck it would seem! I don't believe the weyrleader is that sort of man, no. But one can never tell until you ask of course."

"Fort Hold." K'hys replies, about where he was from. "I don't remember if I ever told you that before or not. Maybe once, when we met or something." A shrug, as if this wasn't really all that important, and in the scheme of things, it wasn't. "She's always wanted to ride on a dragon. I guess it's her good fortune that her brother Impressed." Another laugh, short and brief. Lacking all the gusto that the bluerider usually put into such things. It's followed quickly with a heavy sigh, and he bows his head, feet idly shifting on the sandy ground beneath them. "She told my mother she's ready and she has no regrets. What kind of talk is that from a ten turn old?" Now he sounded vaguely angry, but with his back still to A'lin, it was difficult to say so with absolute certainty. He just shakes his head some more after this, and goes quiet, though when the brownrider gets up and pulls him back into a hug, he does stiffen and half-flinch as if he wasn't expecting such a thing. After a second though, he relaxes and even leans back against him. His hands having slide back into the pockets of his flight jacket, remain thus. Unseen he closes his eyes. "I don't think he is either, but if I don't say anything, I can't really know for sure, and I'll never let it go."

"Close enough to fly to, then! To see her. To let her ride on dragons and see the world from above. Unless you've already gone and done that." Ada frowns. "It's no talk for a ten turn old. But.. at least she's facing it with bravery instead of despair?" It's not much in the way of consolation, that was for sure. But what words could console a grieving brother? Ada pats his shoulder a bit. "I don't know much about wooing men, honestly. Even less than I know about wooing women. Though I'd heard the weyrleader already has himself a lady. You're sure it wouldn't be better to wait at least until he was single?" Not that it was like to matter much, but perhaps Th'ero might consider it more if he were?

K'hys shakes his head, "I haven't. I guess I was holding onto the shallow hope that she would get better, and I could take her up." He rights himself after the hug ends, probably to spare himself the embarrassment of toppling over once A'lin had stepped away. He peeks though, minutely, over one shoulder at the older and taller weyrling. "You'll come with me?" he asks, brows creasing and a note of of hopefulness in his voice. This was not the Kai that the brownrider knew, that much was for sure. This was a boy was hurting, far deeper than he let on. Hiding all that wasn't smiles, behind a grin. The makes no move to dislodge the pat to his shoulder when it comes, sighing softly. "I know, I saw them at that Claw Fest thing, back when we were candidates." He kicks again at a pebble, this time with considerably less effort. The thing barely skitters a few inches before stopping. "I have no idea how long they have been together or how long whatever it is they have will last. It's painful enough watching him from afar when I can't do anything about it. Can you imagine, what it would be like being free to do whatever I want and still not doing anything about it?" He pauses there and there's another of those short, breif laughs. "Now that I think about it, it's probably much like it is with you and Dei. I'm sorry, Ada, for being such an ass about it."

A'lin nods. "Well, that would of course be the best possible outcome," Ada says quietly. "To see your sister? I would be honored. She sounds like a fun little one. I'd like to get to know her, even if it's only briefly." There's a nod about Th'ero. "I have heard of mostly straight people being…. what do they call it… Hm. Bi-curious, I think?" He rubs his chin. "Sometimes there is just nothing we can do. If they're happy with another… then we have to accept that and try to move on the best we can." There's a bit of a sympathetic smile from Ada. "Ah… well, I don't think we're exactly in the same position. Dei and I have a bit of a history together. Even if it was only for a real short amount of time… But she at least has some inkling of my feelings for her. So no reason to apologize." Not that he wants to go rubbing it in that his situation was slightly less hopeless than Kai's.

"I agree, but my mother tells me that the healers, every single one that comes to see her, all say the same thing. That it won't be too much longer." K'hys says, just as quietly, his voice still decidedly thick. With that shrug that comes after, it might be that he's attempting to make it appear as if he wasn't bothered by the idea, when he had and was already making it quite clear it was the exact opposite. Then again, things of this nature probably weren't to be handled well by someone who was not yet even seventeen. A heavy burden to carry, indeed. He shifts again, looking down at the silvery dark water licking against the sandy shore, and then offers the brownrider a faint smile over his shoulder. This conversation had started out so well, now, not so much. "I think she'd like you to. She's a bossy little thing, you'd think that she was the Lord Holder's daughter or something, not the product of a cobbler and stablehand." He laughs, but this time it just sounds sad, and his eyes even appear sort of glossy before he looks back over the lake. Though as A'lin goes on to talk about straight people and their tendency to be bi-curious, or rather the rumor of such a thing, the bluerider half-turns toward him and blinks a few times. Unfortunately, this has the side effect of sending two droplets of moisture racing down his face, one on either side. Not that he was noticing this presently, "Oh yeah?" A crook of a smile at first and then outright laughter. Not really at the poor man, but this information had certainly tickled his funny bone. Regardless of the original topic. "That go the same for you?" It was in the boy's nature to tease, and it was obvious that even when he was as sad as he was right then, it wouldn't stop him from responding, as if it was all automatic. He schools his expression though, and attempts to look apologetic. "Sorry." He wipes at his face, almost absently, sighing soon after. "That's why I need to tell him. Once I hear I have no chance, I can move on. Not that I'll be happy with that answer, but at least I'll have one." He actually winces as A'lin goes on to elaborate on his personal experience and situation with Deitra. "I suppose you're right. At least you have something real to cling to, unlike me. All I have is fantasy and this tiny gnaw at the back of my brain that keeps telling me to take a chance. Even though, the rest knows I'm just setting myself up for disappointment."

A'lin frowns and nods to the bluerider about his sister. "Hope for the best, but expect the worst, I suppose… You know you can count on big Ada if you need anything." Not that Ada was much older or would deal with loss much better than Kai. "Heh. She sounds like a bit of a spitfire. I supposed I'm used to following orders by now, though." He pats Kai on the back, then gives him a curious look. "Yes, if what I've heard is correct." He looked confused then. "What about me?" Leave it for such things to go over Ada's head. Or maybe the brownrider is dodging the subject about his own sexuality? "Mm," he agrees with Kai's sentiment about Th'ero. "I suppose it's best to just approach it head on. That way there's no room for uncertainty." If only he could address his own issues that cleanly.

"I guess." K'hys agrees about hoping for the best but expecting the worst, nodding. What he was really thinking was between him, and probably Jheth, because he certainly wasn't voicing it aloud. He does grin though at mention of Cielyn being a spitfire, "Oh she is. She seems to enjoy bossing me around whenever she has the chance. Expecting the same, is probably the best way to go into meeting her." The pat on the back is taken in stride, no real response other than he doesn't try to avoid the contact. When A'lin goes on about what he's heard, the bluerider's brows lift higher and higher, and then there is a very noticeable blink when what he's asked goes right over the poor man's head. He opens his mouth, the start of some comment or question poised on his lips and coming out more as an 'eh' then anything else, he just smile and lets it go. At least for now. "Nothing, never mind." There is another nod, this time for what is said about Th'ero. "Sage advice." he says, "I would of done it two turns ago, but it didn't really feel appropriate for a candidate or a weyrling to say. Plus, I was worried about Jheth. He doesn't really understand what's going on, but he's…" he pauses and flicks a glance the blue's way, still paddling after his clutchbrother without a care in the world. Life was good, as far as the young dragon was concerned. "…an idiot sometimes. But I love him."

A'lin heads back to sit down on the bench. Njordeth for his part has settled in on land for now, stretching out to dry and keeping an eye on his rider as well as Kai. "Heh. I will keep that in mind," He notes about Kai's sister. This conversation wasn't about Ada! Maybe that's why he's caught off guard when Kai directs it towards him. "Eh. It's always easy to give advice," he admits. "It's harder to put things into practice though. I guess I've been avoiding the topic with Njordeth. Though he asks, since he can tell that my heart races more when certain people are around." He sighs. "Oh, rejection!" Ada laments. "Why is it I would rather suffer the pain of a broken bone than hear the word 'no' from the woman I desire? Let us not be cowards!"

K'hys follows suit, more or less just following the person he was in discussion with. Hey, Ada was headed that way, so why not. Standing up probably seemed rather pointless anyway, and rude! Dropping back down into his spot, if the brownrider hadn't decided to sit there rather than were he had before, the boy slumps some, hands still buried deep into the pockets of his jacket. If he noticed what Njordeth was up to, watching the two of them and all, he doesn't bother bringing it up. Jheth though, had followed his clutchbrother out of the lake and was not only drip drying but also sneaking ever closer to the brown. He was, a very curious soul, and not particularly stealthy. K'hys' attention however, was entirely on his friend. "Maybe you should take your own advice and talk to Dei again, after graduation." he suggests, easily letting go of being the center of attention. "Knowing is better than not, Ada."

A'lin has sat back down in the same spot he was sitting in before. Leaving Kai's spot open for him to sit down. Sometimes standing helped to clear the head! Njordeth turns his attention to his blue brother for a moment as he sneaks closer, then slowly turns his head back towards the two riders. "Maybe I'll take my own advice, and talk to Dei tonight!" Ada exclaims, then quickly thinks better of it. "…After graduation. That might be a little better. Dei frightens me a bit in that department. Mostly because I know she is more the type to love and leave. She may grow bored with me quickly, and we are good friends. It would be hard for me to move on maybe," he admits. "But the risk is worth taking."

Jheth pauses and holds perfectly still when Njordeth's head turns his way, as if he were either impersonating a statue or hoping that his clutchbrother couldn't see him if he wasn't moving. Only when the brown returns his attention to the weyrlings, does the blue continue sneaking ever closer. He lowers himself to the ground with perhaps several hands of space between them, and brings his own head to rest upon the sandy ground, forepaws crossed one over the other. "Uh, Ada…?" K'hys begins, a somewhat concerned expression for the brownrider working itself into features once plagued with the worry and heartache at his own issues. He stills his tongue however, when the man changes his mind about the when to pursue his lady faire. The bluerider makes no move to touch A'lin, merely smiling with agreement and a nod of his head as he goes on. "If you feel that strongly for her, it's a risk worth taking." There was encouragement there, even if it was possible that he was sending the poor guy off down the road of heartbreak he himself had been traveling. "The worst she can do is say no." A pause, "Any time spent with her romantically, should be savored, as if the next could be your last. Even if the relationship lasts a lifetime." His voice is soft, proving that indeed all the flirting and whatnot he did on most days was really just for show. K'hys, was a romantic.

Njordeth suddenly swings his head around to look at the blue. Violet eyes study him for a moment, before turning back into their cool blue as Njordeth rests his head back down in the direction of their riders. Catastrophe is averted as Ada realizes that professing one's love as a weyrling for another weyrling might not be the best of all ideas. The brownrider leans back on the bench and crosses his fingers behind his head. "Oh I intend to savor it! If I get any more time romantically with her, I mean." He reaches over to give Kai a pat on the back. "So if Th'ero doesn't work out you going to try your hand with Miki? I know you kind of had a thing for her before. Though maybe seeing her all the time has changed your mind. I'd offer you one of my sisters, but I like you too much and I don't want to do that to you." He laughs a bit.

Jheth isn't interested in getting any closer to Njordeth than he was at present. Close, but not touching. Two pseudo-buddies chillin'. Though, the blue completely ignores the other male dragon's momentary change in disposition, yawning quite widely with an perhaps unavoidable show of his pointy teeth before he closes the lids of his facets and is still. K'hys seems to relax once it seems to dawn on his brownriding companion that pre-grad love confessions were probably best left unmade. He rests one arm along that of the bench's, the other hands curled with fingers in towards the palm over the considerable length of his own leg. While tall, K'hys was certainly shorter when compared to A'lin. The man had a greater muscle index on him too, the bluerider being the more slenderly built of the two. "I'm glad to hear it." he replies, on the treatment of Deitra should romantic entanglements continue after weyrlinghood. That soft smile remains in place, for the most part, graciously accepting of the pat to his back. Or rather the back of his jacket. "No. I'm not very good in relationships with women. Not that my track record is all that fantastic with men either, but at least I understand them better." Freely admitting this, K'hys gently shrugs his shoulders. "I don't really have a plan, past getting very drunk." He does chuckle however, at mention of the sisters, rubbing at the back of his own next and grinning semi-crookedly up at the brownrider. "I appreciate that."

Njordeth seems relaxed now that Jheth isn't creeping around him. The brown doesn't seem to mind the closeness, even if they were touching. He's fond of his clutch-siblings, if a bit gruff and overly serious. A'lin is more of monstrous proportions, tall and muscle on muscle. He could easily crush a smaller person by accident (though he would cry about it afterwards, of course.) "Ah," he says about Kai's experience with women. "I could say the same, but I have very little experience to speak of really. I had always thought that once I returned to the hold I would be set up in an arranged marriage and that would be the end of things, honestly." He grins a bit to the bluerider. "I'm fresh out of brothers, sorry." He stands up and stretches a bit. "Well! Time for oiling before it gets too dark, then maybe I'll take a short run out to my favorite chin-up tree! You are free to join us, Kai!"

K'hys shrugs a shoulder very slightly, when A'lin acknowledges his lack of experience with women. "It's really on the relationship side of things. I've slept with my fair share, never had any problems there. I think it has more to do with the implications of romance with a woman. That certain things are expected of me. Like being able to provide for her and whatever children we might have. I just don't think I was ready for that level of commitment, especially so now." He laughs though, the stresses of the earlier topic of conversation disappearing as worry lines fade out of his features. Holdbred is holdbred, no matter how one might like to be viewed as otherwise. "Maybe I'm over thinking things." Another shrug and he watches as A'lin rises from the bench, following suit. Jheth however, was not. Perhaps he had fallen asleep. "I'll try and forgive you." he muses, for the man being fresh out of brothers, with a thoroughly amused chuckle. Grinning now, he glances over at his immobile lifemate and then back to the brownrider. "I need to wake sleeping beauty over there, and see if he needs anything. I'd be happy to join you for a run and tree chinning afterwards?" Brows lift, questioningly.

A'lin and K'hys are such opposites. K'hys is okay with the loving and the romance, while Ada is fine with the commitment and the family and the providing. "Well, you'll be a rider soon! So you'll be able to provide for her and your children easily." It sounds so simple in Ada's mind! Boy meets girl, they get married, have babies, live happily ever after. That's how all the stories work! "We are young bucks yet, out amongst the fresh new forest. There's no sense in rushing now, I suppose. Though my father will be expecting some big strapping young boys from me sometime down the line!" And by his demeanor, it doesn't seem as though Ada is likely to disappoint. He nods to Kai. "A good run and some chin ups will help clear your head! Once we are done here I will meet you at the barracks and we can start out from there!" Ada salutes Kai and heads over to oil up Njordeth quickly.

The bluerider opens his mouth as A'lin so cheerfully chirps on about the sorts of things he quite obviously had some phobias about, although no sound really comes out other than another of his 'eh's. That grin of his was stretching ever wider the longer he remained in the optimistic man's presence, maybe even siphoning off some of that hearty spirit to nourish his own depleted soul. "There's plenty to time to worry about those types of things." he agrees, though he sounds more like he was trying to reassure himself then anything. "Of course, flight children aren't exactly uncommon either." He might just pause later and think more deeply on those sorts of consequences when he was by himself, but for now he takes a second to rouse his sleepy blue counterpart. This done, "Just remember that your sisters are just as able to produce sons as you are, Ada." This comes as more of an after thought really, but it's said allowed all the same. He chuckles and nods, for the possibilities of a clear head and a good sweat. "See you soon." There's a laugh for the salute, returning it in kind, before he starts off for the path around the lake. Jheth appeared to be less than cooperative thus far.

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