Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds

Milling herdbeasts dot this lightly grassy section of the southern end of the bowl. Fences keep them neatly secured on all sides, even extending into the lake, allowing the beasts ample drinking water without granting them an escape. Dragons young and old come here to hunt on a fairly regular basis, though not all come at once of course. From here you can easily make out the entirety of the Weyr's lake as it spreads out south and southwest to the tumbled rubble of the far shore, while the rest of the bowl lies beyond the fences to the southeast, east and northeast.

Summer was nearing it's end, and while the days were still warm, the nights had begun to grow ever colder. It might be hard to believe, but it's been over a turn since the hatching that made Kairhys, into K'hys. The blueling has but two lessons left until graduation, and while their schedules might be strict, the nearly seventeen turn old always seems to make some time for a bit of lazy. As ever laid back as he ever was, the former weaver can be found relaxing up on the the grass just outside of the feeding grounds. His sketchbook, ever the companion as his lifemate, has been left open beside him where he lays, hands tucked behind his head and eyes closed. One of the lingering soft summer's breezes tosses the pages about, flipping through countless sketches of anything and everything. Still prominent, the occasional sketch of a certain bronzerider, mixed in with portraits of Jheth, Deitra and A'lin. All apparently very important figures in his young life. His reasonably new riding leathers are dyed a blue so deep, they could almost be mistaken for black, the jacket of which is folded off to the side as well, revealing the simple white t-shirt beneath that's untucked at the moment - and slightly gathered askew to reveal a hint of mid-drift. The rest fit him nicely, likely tailored to fit, the legs over the tops of his boots. Boots that were heavy soled for better traction on rougher terrain. Rumor was, once graduated, the bluerider to be would be seeking a position in the search and rescue wing and had been putting some effort into training aside from his regular weyrling duties. Jheth, was no where in sight, but it wouldn't be hard to guess that the young dragon was about. Somewhere.

With summer nearing it's end, a certain bronzerider makes it a habit to find any excuse to wander outside and has now set up a routine that sets him to wandering, almost patrol like, around parts of Fort Weyr. His arrival isn't strictly duty though, as a small box tucked under his arm would attest to. Th'ero hasn't changed much over the months, from the mess of black curls that is his hair, to the same neatly trimmed facial hair, and his usual somber clothing made of neutral hued tunic and black leather riding gear, though his jacket is absent. The Weyrleader's expression is reserved and thoughtful, lost in his own thoughts as he strides across the feeding grounds. His pace is brisk and with purpose, no idling to his wandering. Velokraeth was nowhere to be found either, not even lounging nearby in hopes for some flashy green to make her appearance. It's just Th'ero and he alone that finds K'hys as the weyrling takes some time to himself. Familiarity is still here, despite the passage of time and there is no awkwardness (or if there is, the bronzerider is hiding it well). His visits with the weyrlings have been brief at best, but with some time off from duties, Th'ero slows his pace and approaches K'hys with a more casual air. "K'hys!" he calls out, though his voice is low, his tone and the small smile he musters up is welcoming and friendly enough. "Escaped from training?" Seems the Weyrleader is skipping formalities and why not?

K'hys startles, not at the sound of approaching footsteps, but rather at the sound of his name being called. The boy's eyes fly open, and then wince to a squint as the afternoon sun was directly in his eyes where it hangs at it's highest point in the sky. "For crying out…" he begins, and shoves himself to a seated position. Of course the second that he spots Th'ero, brown orbs widen and he glances to his sketchbook almost immediately. "Oh. Hey. Sir. How the sharded are you?" he chirps back with a rise not only in volume but in pitch as well there at the start. He has to clear his throat, and finish the rest awkwardly as he fumbles to get his sketchbook closed and bound up tight before the bronzerider had the chance to make it over there. K'hys hadn't change much, his hair was still short and had the kind of intentional look that the kid had tumbled out of bed and applied some sort of product to keep it that way. He was leaner, with more muscle and had even grown another inch, not that Th'ero might notice this considering his current position on the ground there. Book taken care off, a kind of wry half smirk graces his lips as he shields his eyes with one hand and his gaze darts over towards the feeding ground. "Oh shut up." he chuckles at the the thin air. Not an uncommon thing for dragonriders. "Escaped? Me? With such cunning lasses in charge. How could I?" he grins, all traces of awkward or anything else completely gone by the time that the Weyrleader has wandered over properly. "Just taking a little break, we're allowed those now that our dragons are flying."

As K'hys startles, Th'ero only watches on in something akin to a calm but bemused manner. His eyes though betray the amusement the Weyrleader really has to the weyrling's reaction. A smile quirks one corner of his mouth upwards and one brow quirks up as well to K'hys' chirped response. Did he just swear? Th'ero hesitates for a breadth of a second and then his smile breaks into a vague grin. "Sharding busy, as always. If it's not paperwork, it's something else. Can't complain, really." Isn't he complaining right now? The bronzerider gives K'hys a curious look then, brown eyes darting quickly to the sketchbook and back to the weyrling, though he doesn't question him quite yet. "And yourself? I don't see Jheth, but I assume he's well?" When K'hys mentions their stage of training, there's a soft 'ahh' of understanding from the Weyrleader as he shifts the box under his arm to the other as he settles his weight to one leg in a casual and relaxed manner. Any speaking to thin air is given no more attention then a slight quirk of a smile, followed by a dry chuckle. "Uh huh. Not the troublemaker type then?" Th'ero muses, giving K'hys a lingering, almost searching look. It has been awhile since the Weyrleader last saw the weyrling and he may not remember all of the younger boys quirks. "Manned flight then? You must be glad to have reached that stage." He was, that much is certain from his tone.

That swear might of been much worse, considering some of the language that the young people have picked up. Words that probably held more meaning on a shinning blue marble left well over two thousand turns ago, but had still managed to cling to their severity even now. K'hys can't stop the flush that pinks his cheeks when the Weyrleader smiles like that, looking away momentarily before he pushes himself up to his feet and brushes the dirt from his pants. "Oh?" he asks, also unable to help the smirk that plasters itself to his face, giving the lad a particularly roguish appearance. The kid was far too good looking for his own good, especially at his age, and there was just something about that mischievous twinkle to his eyes that said had he wanted to he could of used those looks to his own advantage with the ladies. "I don't know sir, perhaps you could stand to complain a little more. I've an ear if you'd care to use it." This offered, he stoops and collects his jacket and sketchbook, one draped over an arm, and the other tucked between it and his body. Held safely in place. He straightens then, showing off unintentionally the additional inch he'd grown in the past turn. He had a good two inches on the bronzerider now. "Jheth? He's caught himself a herdbeast over the next rise, so he's enjoying himself at the moment." He jerks his head over towards the nearby fence, each step slow in that direction as if waiting for Th'ero to follow him in that direction. "I'm all right I guess. Looking forward to having a place of my own. A'lin snores. Dei talks in her sleep. It's like a chorus really. A very loud, off key chorus." he might be kidding, for there were no dark circles beneath his eyes, or any indication of fatigue. Then again, he had just been caught napping. It was terribly difficult to tell when the blueling was teasing. Upon reaching their destination, K'hys turns about and leans back against the fence, elbows hooked on the upper most slat. He gasps playfully when he's asked about trouble making, "Me, sir? Who has been spreading such vicious lies?" Of course, the lopsided grin and chuckle that following that statement could give one pause, even as he places a hand over his heart and attempts both a serious tone as well as expression. He manages, but barely. "I've been on my best behavior, and anyone who says otherwise obviously has their own agenda." It's all a conspiracy. Yes. Another chuckle and K'hys drops the act, taking in a breath and letting it out slowly. "Yes, sir. Not too long ago in fact. Jheth's even been measured for some straps now that he's finished growing."

Obliviousness rears again as Th'ero spies the flushing on K'hys part but the Weyrleader isn't connecting the dots even now. The weyrling's smirk is echoed though his is nothing like the roguish one the younger lad can pull off without effort. His is just simply a smirk, as plain and humbling as his features. "You might regret ever offering that." Th'ero snorts softly, half serious and half amused as he gives a slight shake of his head, as both it and his gaze turn downward for a moment. "Now is not the time, but perhaps another." Cryptic way of saying: can I trust you? The Weyrleader doesn't linger long on that subject though, lifting his head once more once K'hys has gathered his belongings and now finds himself looking up to the weyrling rather then down. That doesn't seem to ruffle Th'ero at all, though his smirk does shift to a bemused looking smile. He nods his head when K'hys explains Jheth's whereabouts and the subtle hint to follow are noted and quietly the Weyrleader follows. "Jaye voiced the same desire. I can sympathize. It was a constant issue with myself as well when I was a weyrling." Not that he had to deal with snoring, but more of a clash with another of his class. Turning his head to glance over to K'hys as he walks, his expression is mildly incredulous but he's amused if his barely contained chuckling is anything to go by. "I can see A'lin snoring. But are you sure it's Dei muttering?" Th'ero glances away then and off ahead of wherever their path is taking them. "Bad luck of the draw then and I sympathize all the more." Indeed, if K'hys had been teasing, it's obviously just flown right over the Weyrleader's head. As the weyrling settles himself on the fence, Th'ero chooses to stand across from him, seeming comfortable enough to linger there. All the better to observe, after all! The entire act is met with a total look of disbelief from the Weyrleader and one that easily reads as "are you kidding me" that he levels right at K'hys. It lasts only seconds before dissolving as the Weyrleader chuckles heartily now and without restraint. "No rumors, but now you have me wondering of your innocence." Blinking, he seems slightly caught off guard by the weyrling's last statement and for a reason only known to him, Th'ero turns his head to glance across the feeding grounds. "Finished already? Shells, time has flown by." No pun intended. "How have you been adjusting?" Comes the next question, completely out of nowhere as the Weyrleader draws his attention back to K'hys, focusing on him in a curious way.

The blueling shifts his gaze over to Th'ero, his expression and smile softening to something far fonder than the boy has allowed himself in the past. So, if the other way paying attention, it might be noticeable. "I don't think I will." he responds, strangely seriously, before he cracks a more easy going grin and shrugs his shoulders. "Yes, yes. I'll have more time once Jheth and I have graduated." Whatever that means. He nods his head once at mention of Jaye, though there is no shift of his visage to show any outward opinion of the female brownling. Perhaps they didn't move in the same circles. "I'm sure. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough to require a nap now and then during the day." He at least doesn't appear to have a problem with this, turning about and folding his arms over the slat he'd been leaning on, gazing out over the seemingly endless field of grass. A herdbeast wanders by, lazily munching as avians sing somewhere in the distance. It was, a beautiful day with but a few puffy clouds drifting unhurried across an azure sky. He peeks though over one shoulder and sees the look that the Weyrleader is giving him, and he can't help but laugh. "Sadly I've been nothing but behaved. There were a few incidents when Jheth was younger thanks to his unyielding curiosity, but for the most part we've been keeping our noses clean." Looking back across the grassy expanse, K'hys is chuckling, but it was hard to tell what might be on his mind without an expression to judge by. Alas, the back of his head was not very forthcoming. "It has indeed, but that's the funny thing about time. There just doesn't seem to be enough of it, when you need it the most." It's only his tone now that gives some glimmer of reluctance or restraint, sounding as if he had more to say there, but had decided to let it go. "Adjusting? I don't know. All right I suppose." he tacts on, and then turns back towards Th'ero, his head canted off to the side and a brow slightly quirked. "Why do you ask?"

Th'ero may have just been cluing in, maybe a little, to that fond look were it not for that out of place remark that suddenly fuddles his thoughts and has the Weyrleader giving a puzzled frown. Time for what? And it's back to oblivious. He gives a nod to the mention of naps, a knowing and crooked smile curving one side of his mouth. That he can understand too and there need be no words to show his agreement to K'hys' remark. It could be the beautiful day and calmness of the grounds (despite what they are) that has him so relaxed. There seems to be little awkwardness from Th'ero, even when silence falls between bronzerider and weyrling. It's a pause but seems natural, at least to the Weyrleader. "The first few sevendays usually are rough. Be thankful the worst has passed now and not the other way around." Th'ero tells him as he chuckles in response to the weyrling's laughter. At the more serious reflection, the Weyrleader shifts his weight and tilts his head up as he seems to consider that piece of wisdom, if it could be considered as such. "Well said." He agrees with an almost sad smile, though he seems more thoughtful and distracted then anything and the weyrling's tone is missed. "Which is why I do my best to enjoy what time I have." Th'ero admits. K'hys is then given a shrug, "Simply curious. Weyrlinghood is a big step and can be overwhelming to some." He explains before chuckling. "And a rather canned question to strike up more conversation too, if you want to look at it in that light."

K'hys is likely very used to the cluelessness of Fort's beloved Weyrleader, because when the suggestiveness he's offered goes over the man's head, he merely gives him a slow and easy smile before letting the topic drop. The weyrling was nothing, if not patient. He moves again, still having that pension for being restless and unable to be still for very long, returning to his original position. Elbows resting on the upper most slat behind him again. "I agree with you there. First couple of sevendays I was about to pull my hair out. Jheth and I are very similar in most things, but in others we couldn't be more different. I'm not sure what I struggled to adapt to more, the similarities or the differences." He shrugs this off quickly, quite literally, accompanied by one of his carefree chuckles. "He cracks me up though, even if I still get teased about the name he gave me once in a while. At first it was relentless, and he just thought that was hilarious." There is that look of fondness again, this time, obviously directed towards the blue that was continuing to be elusively out of sight. "I've no regrets. I can't imagine my life without him, and it's made Cielyn more happy than I've seen her in a long time." He pauses there, something making his brows twitch as he holds something back and he drops his gaze down to the grass at his feet, or perhaps to that insect of some kind that's crossing the tip of one of his boots. He hmm's for his eloquence of speech being recognized, and flips the bronzerider a weak smile before he glances off towards the horizon, hours off from being splashed with the inspiration of a sunset. There might even be a frown for what Th'ero says about enjoying the time he had, mouth opening and closing a few times as if to interject with something, but thinking better of it. He looks back at the man as he goes on, after more than enough tension builds to cause his shoulders to hunch. Brows shoot upwards, but he doesn't speak again until he has a chance to do so without cutting the guy off. "Speaking of which, seeing as you're so busy and all, would it be at all possible to schedule some time to talk with you, privately, after graduation? There's something that's been on my mind for a while, I'd like to chat about." There's an edge of nervousness there, but he seems to be taking extra care to say each word precisely and accurately, perhaps in order to get his request out in an understandable way. When he finishes, he simply waits, his expression oddly guarded now save for the expectancy of an answer.

While K'hys is restless, Th'ero seems content to stand still and unmoving save for the changes of expression and the occasional gesture of a hand to emphasize his words or the tilt of his head. The Weyrleader chuckles softly to the weyrling's reply, another small smile curving along his lips. "Could have been a little of both? For myself, it was the differences. And there were some between Velokraeth and I as well, though it came later." He blinks then in obvious surprise, giving K'hys a lingering but curious look. "You were teased?" The question is asked as if he can't quite believe that fact, though he soon adopts another bemused expression. "At least yours doesn't spell out 'hero'." Th'ero points out with a slight sigh, though his mood sobers once K'hys hits a more sensitive topic. "Cielyn. Your sister, right?" he asks, his tone gentle. He may be oblivious to most things, but not everything. The Weyrleader can at least sense some of the change in K'hys' mood and becomes a little more alert to the weyrling, his gaze lingering in an almost observant way and always curious. He's also not entirely oblivious to the growing tension, which only begins to puzzle the bronzerider. So when K'hys nervously asks his request, Th'ero straightens a little and gone is the smile for a more serious look. "Of course." He agrees, brown eyes almost seeming to bore into the weyrling as if trying to seek the answers now from K'hys' expression or actions alone. A little too late to pick up any signals or signs, but he's at least got one teenier piece to a larger puzzle. "If it's a pressing matter though, I could make time to talk to you before?" he offers, frowning a little in thought.

Another sweet scented breeze picks up from somewhere and as it passes by the weyrling closes his eyes and takes a breath, slowly letting it out. Lashes part after, though his gaze remains settled on the ground between their four feet somewhere, even as Th'ero smiles. Missing it. He nods once in agreement, or perhaps to signal that he was listening despite the lack of eye contact, though this changes when the Weyrleader goes to focus on his own mention of teasing. "Of course I was." He laughs without restraint for this, sliding his hands into the front pockets of his riding pants. "I'd almost wonder what was wrong if I hadn't been teased about it." he grins fully, exposing those straight white teeth of his that Miki likes to call 'pretty', or at least, that was the rumor. The kids was, very easy going, and not one that riled up all to easily. The smile wavers however as the bronzerider mentions the spelling of his name, as if schooled, faltering and then fading some as K'hys glances off to one side, what remains is faint but lingers. "I suppose they both make some sort of odd sense, if you take a minute to think about it." he murmurs, perhaps too low to be even heard. That smile is completely gone seconds later, undeniably as his sister's name falls free from Th'ero's lips. "Yeah. She's my sister." This is where the topic of the girl is dropped completely, the weyrling falling deathly silent as the sides of his jaw twitches. It's fleeting, but there, for the observant. His eyes do find the bronzerider's again, K'hys' lighter with more variation of color than the dark orbs of the Weyrleader. He doesn't even flinch under the man's heavily searching look, and the way that his chin lifts up just a fraction might remind him of that Istan bronzerider. Maybe that's even where the boy picked up the gesture, and he certainly executed it accurately. "It can wait, there's no rush. I probably need more time to prepare myself for the outcome anyway. Not that I think it'll hurt any less, but it's always nice to have a heads up. Wouldn't you agree?" he asks, smiling fondly again a second before he drops his gaze again, something about his expression decidedly forlorn. Strange, no?

"Ahh, I see. So the teasing was all in good humor." And where there was no awkwardness before, it suddenly surfaces as Th'ero tries not to grimace when he realizes he misunderstood K'hys' mention of teasing over a name. But as the weyrling laughs, his mood relaxes and the Weyrleader manages a brief, crooked smile. The faltering smile and change in K'hys' mood doesn't go unnoticed to Th'ero and while he says nothing to point it out, the bronzerider does tilt his head a little to the side, gaze thoughtful and perhaps a touch concerned. The first few fingers of worry begin to edge their way into the Weyrleader's thoughts, though he's very careful to keep that emotion concealed. The topic of his sister is allowed to drop away unprotected and with Th'ero already observant, he's keenly aware not to press the matter. Having a sister of his own and issues concerning her he'd not be willing to publicly discuss, the Weyrleader is both sympathetic and understanding though he knows very little of K'hys' sister. When the weyrling mirrors a gesture to a certain Istan bronzerider, Th'ero lifts his own chin up and almost seems to ease back on his feet a little. He was not quite expecting that, but a small smile flickers across his lips. The smile is brief and gone the moment K'hys' answer is voiced and the Weyrleader can only give him a narrowed look, confused and a touch suspicious. "I do, though I'm not sure if I fully understand." Strange indeed, but perhaps not for much longer as the fond smile and then the forlorn look from K'hys is noted. Th'ero will no doubt brood on it later, if left long enough to his thoughts.

"Oh I have no idea if it was or not," K'hys replies, shoulders lifted and then dropped in a simple shrug, "I don't much care either way. I'm not going to let anyone ruin my good time. Not without a fight anyway." This said, he goes and winks at the Weyrleader without a moment's pause or a second's hesitation. All part and parcel of the fun-loving kid that the bluerider to be was, and for sure that grin he had crooked on his face the majority of the time should be a good enough indication of thus. Fortunately for Th'ero, the weyrling seems less than keen on spending any of his time giving him long searching looks, and the amount he does spend avoiding eye contact if he can help it was significant enough for even one as dense as the bronzerider to pick up on. Though, there is no accompanying blush or any other sign that might lead the man down the correct path to the answer he might be looking for. Not with the topic of his sister come and gone, having successfully killed most of his fleeting good mood, that narrowed and suspicious look that the Weyrleader was giving K'hys shortly after his explanation enough to have him jerking himself off the fence and brushing his backside off with a casual movement of his free hand. "That's why I need to wait until graduation. I can't explain it to you in a way you'll completely understand until then, but don't worry, once it clicks you'll be kicking yourself for not having noticed it earlier." Cryptic, so very very cryptic. "Jheth is about done, would you care to meet him?" he asks, brows lifting and that ease of conversation beginning to return now that he was trying to redirect the topic of conversation to something else completely. "Otherwise, I really should be going. I don't like leaving him alone for too long. He's very curious." A strained chuckle and a sheepish expression are present as he says this, hinting that this is something that the boy had learned the hard way perhaps.

Th'ero can't help but chuckle in agreement to K'hys' outlook on the matter, some of the fun-loving attitude the weyrling exudes rubbing off on the otherwise uptight Weyrleader. Ironic that such lesson come from the younger man, but who ever said wisdom comes with age in all situations? "Can't fault the logic in that." He muses with a vague grin of his own to echo K'hys'. But even his good mood can't linger long, not when the weyrling's own seems to be flagging. While Th'ero may have been oblivious once, he's caught on to something now and lack of eye contact is added to a growing list of noted changes and possible suspicions or oddities. But the answer he seeks, or at least a clear one, will elude him for now it seems as K'hys neither gives it to him and the bronzerider doesn't press the weyrling with all the questions that come to mind. As he pushes away from the fence, Th'ero straightens as well and shifts, gathering himself in preparation to move. Cryptic remark is met with a long, narrowed look and for a flickering moment the Weyrleader looks almost annoyed with the weyrling. A cryptic game indeed and a puzzle he can't quite seem to solve. It's rapidly frustrating him, like having a word on the tip of your tongue. And if he were as heartless as some, he'd force K'hys' to spit it out now but with a slow exhaling sigh, Th'ero instead only nods his head. "I'll be sure to keep time open for you then, for after graduation." As the topic is redirected to Jheth, the Weyrleader turns his head to gaze out over the feeding grounds before his eyes roam to the sky. There's a grimace then from the bronzerider and his apologetic look tells all. "Normally I would. But I should be returning to my duties." Strained chuckle is met with an understanding smile and a low chuckle as Th'ero nods. He knows all to well what trouble a curious lifemate can cause. "I won't keep you from tending to Jheth then." Shifting the wooden box he's held all this time under his one arm to the other, the Weyrleader hesitates for a moment as he begins to turn to face the weyr's bowl. "It was nice catching up with you, K'hys. If… what's got you upset becomes too much, my door is open to you. Have Jheth speak to Velokraeth if you can't wait until graduation. I'll find time." A brisk nod and a small reassuring smile and Th'ero slowly move away, hesitant but perhaps only to linger to catch the weyrling's response. "Take care."

A flicker of a smile across his face, is the only response that Th'ero gets when he comments on the flawless logic that K'hys had used, and actually did quite frequently when the situation called for it. Shifting his sketchbook to be squeezed between his knees, the weyrling wriggles into his coat and then takes the leather bound tome into hand once more. This time, tucking it up under his arm. He leaves his coat unzipped, light catching on the metal of the zipper as well as the very small silver hoops pierced through each of his earlobes. Adjusting the collar some, it's clear that K'hys catches all the shifts in the Weyrleader's expression, and there might even be just then a momentary flash of apology across his visage. He smiles briefly, nodding in thanks for the unspoken promise for a bit of the man's time a half turn or so from now. He doesn't even appear to be taking the pass on his offer to meet up with Jheth to heart, the weyrling's face entirely readable at the time. It was mostly understanding, but with the smallest sliver of hurt that he was certainly trying to hide with the turn of his head towards the feeding grounds. Sure enough, the crest of something blue moving towards them can be seen just there over the rise that the boy had indicated not so long ago. "Of course, sir. I apologize for taking up so much of your time." he replies distractedly, flashing the man a very quick grin that was forced at best, "All right, if you'll excuse me then?" He's already in the process of heading off, when Th'ero hesitates, causing K'hys to do so as well. His brows lift in unison and his eyes dart between the man and his wooden box. "You as well." After tossing that out, in an interrupting fashion, making another half attempt to go, but once again unsuccessfully. It's then that the blueling's brows furrow deeply and he levels his attention on the man, even if he has to speak to the back of his head. "I've waited nearly two turns, what another half of one. Right? Take care of yourself, Th'ero." In what must be maddeningly, that fondness of tone and expression has returned in full force, lingering several heartbeats longer than might of been necessary and despite the arrival of Jheth himself. The dragon was, breathtaking, to behold. Sturdily built and beautifully colored. Now that he was fully grown, he was truly a testament to his rider. While his movements were less than fluid and graceful, it didn't stop the creature from practically prancing in place to get his lifemate's attention. This brings a laugh to ring out from the weyrling, back now to the Weyrleader as he jogs on over to the eager blue. "All right. All right. Keep your straps on." A croon follows, and the beast lowers his head, with a striking resemblance to water being poured from pitcher to glass, nuzzling at K'hys gently.

Th'ero had been watching K'hys as the weyrling gathered his sketchbook and wriggled back into his coat. Not to be creepy, per say but simply because it only seemed logical to fix his gaze to him while he hesitated and lingered in leaving and just another tidbit of awkwardness to throw in to the mix. So the sliver of hurt isn't entirely missed, though the Weyrleader can only bite back the apologies ready to spring from him. They'd serve little purpose now, as Th'ero has already made his excuse though he flinches inside from K'hys' words. "You didn't take up any of my time. No need to apologize." He tells him, sincere and honest for once, clear-cut and without sugar coating. A nod is given to K'hys when he excuses himself, Th'ero frowning as he picks up on the forced grin. He's not given long to brood on it though, before the weyrling is turning back to face him. Having not quite turned away, the bronzerider meets the other's gaze from over his shoulder. "You…as well, K'hys." It's not the response he had intended to call back, but he falters at the last second when the fondness the weyrling has in tone and expression cannot be overlooked. A thousand thoughts and questions undoubtedly spring to Th'ero's mind and yet he still chooses in opting to let it slide for now and the opportunity slips away. Oblivious no longer, but now he's just being stubborn. As Jheth arrives, the Weyrleader lingers only long enough to admire the blue, not blind to the young dragon's build and beautiful coloring. It's somewhat humbling to Th'ero to know that Velokraeth's kin won't share his curse or at least that one was spared. As K'hys turns to jog towards his lifemate, there's a hasty half-wave of farewell and then Th'ero turns down his own path back to the southern bowls and onwards to wherever his duty takes him at this hour.

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