Fort Weyr – Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
The chilly lake waters are an invigorating draw to weyrfolk and dragons alike as summer’s heat bears down upon the Weyr. The calm jewel blue waters offer a pleasant respite upon which to bath, relax, or play. The shoreline buzzes with activity and at the peak of the day it can be hard to find a spot to stretch out. At night, like a great mirror the lake reflects the multitude of stars overhead with the occasionally shadow of a passing dragon breaking the serene visage.

It is a beautiful Fortian afternoon. Early autumn means the cold weather hasn’t /quite/ yet settled upon the weyr, and many people are out and about, soaking up the last of the warmth before winter comes. One of these people isn’t actually Fortian, either. Not by current residency, anyway. Crouched by the lake’s shore, Kimmila is sharpening one of her hunting knives, the light glinting off the blue and silver hilt, and the tapered blade. Dipping her stone into the water, she runs the blade across it with a soft shhhk, shhhhk, shhhk sound. Meanwhile, Varmiroth is out in the lake, paddling around in lazy spirals until his nose catches his tail, and then he turns the other way to ‘unwind’ himself, much like a child who believes that by spinning in the opposite direction, they can become un-dizzy.

Jaye wanders onto the lake shore, her eyes on a dark brown shadow flying overhead as she walks. Maehwazeyeth is practicing flying, apparently, though he’s doing so with his typical laid-back style, just kind of lazily gliding overhead. Once Jaye feels the packed earth give way to the shore’s more shifting surface, she pulls her eyes away from watching her lifemate to send a glance around, nodding to a few folks here and there, but not really stopping to chat to any of the beachgoers. A sound does get her attention, though, and klah-brown eyes watch the bluerider a moment before moving over towards blade-sharpener. “Aft’rnoon Bluerider, nice day hmm?” Just to be, you know, conversational or something like that.

Velokraeth arrives first in a rare change of pace for this afternoon, the young pale bronze gliding lazily down to the lake shore before back winging as gracefully as one of his size and build can manage. His oversized head turns towards the waters, whirling eyes spotting Varmiroth as the blue swims in spirals. There’s a chuffing, rumbled greeting towards him before his head swings back to the direction in which Th’ero arrives, then up to where Maehwazeyeth flies by in the sky. The Weyrleader strides down to the shore from the southern bowl, frowning in thought though it eases the moment his bronze informs him of who already awaits on the lakeshore. “Afternoon, Jaye, Kimmila.” He says by way of greeting as he approaches, giving a nod of his head to both bluerider and weyrling and a small smile on his lips. Brown eyes spy the hunting knife in Kimmila’s hands and Th’ero’s smile turns slightly amused, though his attention focuses back on both.

Kimmila glances up, the blade stopping still against the stone (after all, it’s dangerous to not watch while you’re sharpening a knife), and letting her green eyes settle on the weyrling. “Jaye, right?” she asks, setting her stone aside and pushing to her feet, wiping the blade clean with a rag. The rag is tucked into the pocket of her sturdy black pants, the knife absently twirled in her hand. The rest of her is dressed casually enough – knotless, as usual, with a red V-neck tunic with long sleeves just warm enough to keep off any chills, while not being too hot in this weather. Her hair is pulled back into a quick runnertail, and a necklace of malachite beads and a feline talon hung on a strip of leather are the only pieces of jewelry she wears. “And…” She looks skywards towards the brown, and then her gaze darts to her blue in question. “Maehwaz-eyeth?” she says, slowly saying the word so’s to try not to butcher it too badly. She grins crookedly at the girl. “Always nice to see another female-on-male rider.” There’s a little smirk there, and then she turns to acknowledge Th’ero’s approach, twirling her blade into its sheath at her waist so she can toss off a jaunty little salute. “Weyrleader.” Varmiroth croons happily to see Vemokraeth, paddling in the bronze’s direction before he’s briefly distracted by the flying Weyrling.

Jaye nods, “Aye, Jaye an’ Maehwazeyeth.” The name rolls off the tongue for her, but then she’s been with him nearly a turn now and has gotten used to the odd name. “Or Maehwa iff’n ya pr’fer, s’easier t’say.” Landing bronze is spotted along with approaching Weyrleader, remembering rules and such, she snaps off a brief salute. “Aft’rnoon Weyrleader Sir.” Maehwazeyeth, for his part, circles the lake shore a few times then is called down by his rider with a, “Maehwa, time’s up, c’mon down now.” Downwards does the shadow circle, finally landing a safe distance away, giving both his sire and the group of riders space so as now to disturb them with his landing. “How’re y’two this lov’ly ‘noon?” Weyrling has gotten a bit better with social interactions, though she’s still lacking in the charisma department at times.

There’s a slight look given to Kimmila for the salute, but Th’ero only looks bemused in the end. Dressed casually in his usual knee high riding boots, black pants and a short-sleeved dark mahogany dyed tunic, the Weyrleader’s presence seems strictly leisurely rather then duty related. So as Jaye salutes him as well, he makes a canceling gesture with his hand and chuckles. “Don’t need to be so formal. Please.” He tells Jaye, giving the weyrling a reassuring smile. Velokraeth’s rumbled greeting to Maehwazeyeth distracts him though and Th’ero lapses into silence as he watches the brown land. The Weyrleader seems pleased though as he crosses his arms loosely over his chest, head tilting to the side as his gaze flicks back to both Jaye and Kimmila in turn. “Taking a brief respite from paperwork.” He muses with a smirk. He’s never been much for words, this one. “And yourself?” he asks specifically to the weyrling, though to Kimmila he adds, “Planning another hunt soon?”

Kimmila nods her head, mouthing ‘Maehwazeyeth’ to herself and trying to fix the pronunciation into her memory so she doesn’t butcher it again. “He flies well,” she comments, nodding to the brown with a thoughtful look. “How long until you get to go up with him? And I’m doing well enough, thanks.” Green eyes dart to Th’ero, glancing at his outfit and smiling just a tad. “Ooh, paperwork?” She actually looks /excited/. Just a little bit. “Anything I can help with?” Please? Then she laughs, patting the knife at her hip. “I’m always planning for another hunt,” she teases lightly. “So long as there’s creatures that need hunting.”

Jaye almost beams at the compliment to her lifemate’s flying, “‘Tis what he was ‘atched fer, th’flyin’. Lots more graceful in th’air than on land.” Maehwazeyeth snorts briefly, and after settling into his spot on the shore, he stretches wings, then tucks them against his sides, proceeding to moving shadow’s typical lounging position, watching humans and dragons lazily. “‘Nother month, I think, whene’er the ‘lingmasters think he’s ready t’fly with me.” At Th’ero’s dismissal of salute and mention of paperwork, weyrling nosewrinkles slightly, not a big fan of the paperwork stuff, herself. “Doin’ well, canna wait t’get out of them b’rracks, too many people millin’ ’bout.” Not that she’s actually inside the barracks very often, brownpair are most often seen out and about the bowl or lake rather than lounging inside the barracks. At the mention of hunting, Maehwazeyeth glances towards the riders, he likes hunting!

“That he does.” Th’ero adds in his own remark to Maehwazeyeth’s flying moments after Kimmila’s and his curiosity to Jaye’s answer to the blueriders question easily noticeable. It changes to mild surprise when the Western rider appears excited, even if just a little, over the prospect of paperwork. “Tempting,” the Weyrleader smirks, “But I’m certain that breaks a few rules. Plus, I have an assistant and a Weyrsecond.” He reminds her. Th’ero then chuckles again to the teasing, shaking his head and a bemused smile curving along his lips. “Always are. Picked the location then?” To Jaye, there’s an almost sympathetic look given to the weyrling, Th’ero seeming to understand all too well. “It’s hard, not to be restless during the later part of training. Felt similar when Velokraeth and I were at about this stage of Weyrlinghood.” That and it’s never easy if you don’t get along with a fellow weyrling, but Th’ero keeps that part silent. Velokraeth only huffs slightly from where he’s settled stretched out and half on his side, tail curling around him and his stunted forelegs crossed in front of him. His attention seems turned more to Varmiroth and Maehwazeyeth, but that doesn’t mean the bronze isn’t listening.

Kimmila snorts, giving the bronzerider a smirk. “Yes, but I’m better at it,” she says, even though she’s teasing. It’s more boastful habit than anything based on fact, as she knows quite well that his assistant and Weyrsecond are more than capable. She nods understandingly to Jaye. “I chafed /hard/ during my Weyrlinghood, I don’t envy you that at all. You couldn’t pay me enough to be a Weyrling again. That first flight though…that’s when your whole world changes.” A smile overtakes her features as she glances at her blue, undeniably loving for her odd little lifemate. “And yes, I hated being so close to so many people. I couldn’t wait to have my own space again, and freedom.” She smiles, and then shakes her head at Th’ero. “Nope. Just wherever we feel like going. Whatever Varmiroth feels like seeing. He enjoys the scenery and I enjoy the hunting.” Such a delightful little outing for the bluerider pair.

Jaye shrugs, “Ne’er been much an indoor type p’rson, a’ways lived outside, travellin’ from place t’place, dunna like bein’ cooped up s’much. Won’t be much longer, tho, jus’ gotta bare with it a lil bit I s’ppose.” She listens to Kimmila’s description of the hunting outings, a brief longing look on her face. “Sounds like somethin’ we’d ‘njoy, will hafta see ’bout takin’ a huntin’ trip when we’re r’leased from ‘linghood. Bet Maehwa’s love t’go out an’ hunt th’wild.” Unfortunately for Velokraeth, Maehwazeyeth isn’t the most exciting dragon, at least not during the light of day. Shadow brown lounges, soaking as much sunlight into his dark hide as he can before nightfalls and it’s time to get down to serious business. “Only flown on two dragons afore, Kal’s Rhyrith an’ Miki’s Sohnyuoth when we got searched, bet flyin’ with Maehwazeyeth’ll be a hun’red times better’n those two times.” Jaye grins, already imagining how delightful the freedom of flight will be for her and her brown.

“I’m sure you are,” Th’ero muses, almost drawling in his old accent and then settling into silence again as Kimmila recalls her own experiences from Weyrlinghood. The Weyrleader gives a grimace as her words bring back a few memories, both good and bad, though given the subject matter – more bad then good. “I’d rather not repeat parts of it myself but there /are/ perks. First flight is one. Learning to Between is another.” Th’ero was serious as counting that as a “perk”, as odd as it is and never mind that you can die if you fail. When Jaye brings up hunting as well, the Weyrleader looks thoughtful and one of his hands comes up to scrub along his jaw. “A hunter as well?” he idly asks the weyrling, before adding in an amused tone, “Seems half the class are hunters or passionate for it. Nothing says weyrlings cannot hunt, though I suspect it will be awhile yet before clearance is given for straight flight from the Weyr’s boundaries.” Th’ero shrugs his shoulders then, his hand returning to tuck under his arms as they cross over his chest once more. “Can’t see any harm in it, really.” Is that possible hope then, from the Weyrleader? Nothing is confirmed though, as his attention seems to be drawn inwards to thought.

Kimmila grins at Jaye. “You’re a woman after my own heart. And yup, just a little bit more. Then you can vanish.” Though when she says that, her attention is suddenly diverted to the lake, staring at it intently for a moment. Then, with a little head shake, she focuses back on the conversation. “There’s nothing quite like it,” she says, her voice a little distracted, though her eyes are focused on Jaye. “Maybe when you’re free, we’ll take you on a trip. You hunt much before, I assume?” She smiles then, nodding her head once. “A million times better,” she assures. Glancing over to Th’ero, she regards him thoughtfully for a moment, before nodding her agreement. “I’ll take you, if the powers that be say it’s okay, when the time comes,” she tells the Weyrling, patting her knife fondly.

“Granted I ain’t ne’er caught nothin’ worth much huntin’, but I do ‘njoy gettin’ out an’ tryin’. M’skills lean more t’fishin’. Maehwa, tho, he’s right good at it s’far as I’ve seen. Tho he pr’fers t’do most of ‘is huntin’ at night. S’easier fer ‘im t’ambush th’critters at night he says, cause of ‘is colour an’ such.” Mention of between training does put a nervous shift in her position, tho she doesn’t mention too much as way of explanation aside from an, “Only been ‘tween once, not sure I’m quite ready fer that truth be told. But Maehwa’s th’best an’ I’m sure he’ll get me to an’ fro in one piece.”

Th’ero’s gaze darts to Kimmila and his frown deepens as he considers the bluerider’s offer. He gives a slight nod of his head then, the corners of his mouth curving up in the barest of smiles. “I don’t see why you’d be barred from joining. The more escort and help the better.” As Weyrleader, he is one of those powers but he knows better then to assume and so again, he promises nothing even as Jaye speaks of hunting by night and fishing. “Fort has some good fishing, if you know where to look. Different then ocean fishing, mind you.” So says the ex-holder and fisher turned guard from a northern Emerald Isle fishing cothold, which may explain the slight grimace Th’ero tries to hold back. “And Maehwazeyeth prefers the night, hmm? There are advantages to that, though if we do manage to take all you weyrlings out, it will most likely be during the day.” Though judging from his tone, Th’ero seems to be one for the challenge of hunting by night.

Kimmila chuckles, “Sometimes it’s the trying that’s the fun part,” she agrees. “Ahh, I never had the patience for fishing. Too much…sitting around waiting for something to happen. Though I did try to learn to catch fish with my bare hands down in Southern. Didn’t have the patience for /that/, either.” Her smile is crooked as she chuckles, a hand lifting to toy with her feline talon necklace. “Really has more to do with your skill and focus than his. Dragons know how to between, it’s the rider that’s the deciding factor of success or failure.” Grim. And she seems to realize that. Or at least Varmiroth does, as the blue rumbles and then Kimm shrugs, adding, “But the Weyrlingmasters will prepare you for it, so don’t worry about it.” It’s only life or death. The bluerider glances at Th’ero, a brow lifting at his deepening frown. “You can come too,” she says with a little laugh. “And we’d start during the day, for sure. Night hunting is far more perilous. You work up to that.” She stands with Th’ero and Jaye near the water’s edge, dressed casually as she chats away, while the dragons lounge about nearby.

Mahlia is meandering about, pretending to look for nothing in particular. She just so happened to be in the area, dropping off some letters in reference to apprenticing etc. A decision to take a stroll, just in case she happens to wander in to a familiar huntress, leads her to the lake. She overhears a conversation bout night fishin’ and recognizes Kimmila’s voice. She approaches the group, creeling blue lizard on shoulder “Kimmila, hello” she waves.. hoping she recognizes her too.

Jaye chuckles lightly as Maehwazeyeth rumbles lightly about the starting in the day, but the living shadow of a brown remains in his lounging position, eyes turning as an unfamiliar voice is heard by weyrling dragon. A soothing thought from Jaye and the brown hushes. “Y’kin count me in, tho, soon as we’re cleared fer leavin’ th’weyr that is.” The scarred weyrling turns towards the new arrival and chuckles at the creeling blue ‘lizard. Green head peeks from beneath weyrling’s long hair and chitters softly at the young one. And then Mahlia is calling towards Kimmila, so Jaye turns attention back to her conversation. “Fishin’s nay s’bad iff’n y’got th’right comp’ny an’ a good bottle o’rum. Ista ‘ad loads of good fishin’ spots, so many islands t’fish from.”

Th’ero can’t help but chuckle when Kimmila mentions her lack of patience for fishing of any sort. “Try doing it since you were old enough to handle the nets. It gets old and fast. Though it can be interesting to use spear fishing in the slower waters out in the forest.” He tells the Western bluerider, his tone almost hinting at some hidden challenge there. Got the finesse and patience for that? Jaye’s mention of rum and Ista earns a curious look from Th’ero and his attention turns back to the weyrling for a moment. “Can’t deny that.” He agrees with a lopsided smile. “So you’re from Ista then, right? Been there a few times myself. Both on duty and not and seems pleasant enough, though I’ve never had quite enough time to really explore it.” The Weyrleader was about to add more but Mahlia’s greeting to Kimmila and her approach has caught the bronzerider’s curiosity. With a quick darting look to the bluerider, Th’ero musters up a small, welcoming smile to the visiting Easterner and a slight nod of his head in way of greeting.

Kimmila turns her head at the familiar call, offering up a little grin to Mahlia. “Hey, where’s your vicious feline kitten?” she calls, noticing the blue firelizard but not seeing the kitten. “And what brings you Fort way?” She beckons her over with a crooked smile. “This here’s Jaye, Weyrling to Maehwazeyeth, and Th’ero, Weyrleader to Velokraeth. And this is Mahlia. She helped me hunt down a feline a few days ago.” Looking back to Jaye, the bluerider laughs. “I’m sure rum would help,” she says, much amused. She glances back at Th’ero with a lifted brow at his challenge, and she grins. We’ll just have to see about that.

Mahlia’s eyes illuminate as she strides closer to the group, a smile washes over her face, more warm than her indirect way of approaching the group via one semi-familiar voice. SHe lets out a dainty courtsey with bow of head. Head is extended in order of introduction for a good shake. “Jaye, Maehwzeyeth, well named! Th’ero Sir, pleasure” she laughs and perched friend bugles “N’this here is Foawr” she’s learned she must introduce fiesty blue quickly, he hams up the attention. “Good to see you Kimmila” eyes fixate momentarily “Wharf, ferocious tabby kitten is back in m’hut. Out on business, delivering some messages and lookin’ about at different Dragon Healin’ Apprenticeships. S’ides that no more hunting expeditons for me so far” she gives blue rider a little nudge “If it wasn’t for Kimmila here I may have been scuffed up by a small one of them feral felines! Got a nice pelt for a rug from the adventure” a nod of agreement is paid “Nothing like fishin’ n rum for a good day eh?”

Jaye ohs, “Well, Ista was m’most r’cent home afore Miss Miki searched me. Was part of a…” A brief break as she contemplates, glancing towards her dragon briefly. “..travelin’ fam’ly ’til I ‘pparently got shipwrecked off Ista Isle.” Then there’s the interesting fishing concept. “Spear fishin’, ain’t ne’er tried that one. Dunna s’ppose y’kin show me someday, Th’ero Sir?” And then there’s the introduction, and Jaye give a slight bow. “Aft’rnoon Miss Mahlia, welcome t’Fort. Maehwazeyeth says hello too. And this ‘ere’s Algae.” She motions to small green nestled in her hair. Shadow brown leans head on forepaws, watching the newest arrival curiously as if trying to decide whether she might be a threat to his Jaye or not. Apparently he decides not, and brown turns gaze back to the water, watching the waves and ripples lazily.

Th’ero blinks as he tries not to look too surprised when Kimmila mentions a feline kitten and then feline hunting, the Weyrleader assuming a feline of a certain sort and not the domesticated kind. When he realizes his error, the bronzerider relaxes again. Seems his mind is way too far into the whole hunting matter. As Kimmila introduces them, Th’ero waits until the bluerider has mentioned his name and title before nodding his head again, his smile widening a touch. “Well met, Mahlia and welcome to Fort.” He says by way of greeting, all politeness though not quite as formal as some and the extended hand is met and grasped with one of his own for a brisk shake. “Firelizards and feline kittens? Quite the array of pets.” Th’ero muses, before his brow quirks up in curiosity once more. “So you hunt as well?” he asks her, trying not to chuckle at the irony of so many hunters gathered together. Turning back to Jaye, he gives a nod when she explains more of her past though doesn’t press the weyrling for more. Instead, he only grins vaguely with a shrug of his shoulders to her question. “Perhaps. If I do convince Melze to let the lot of you escape the Weyr when you’re able for some hunting, I could then. Not much to it, it just takes a lot of patience and time.” And quiet.

Kimmila laughs, accepting the nudge but then taking a step back so there’s more room for Mahlia to enter into the circle, the bluerider stopping on Th’ero’s right side. “You weren’t in any danger,” she chuckles. “You were well and clear before I dragged you back in after it. And did you get a rug made from it? No furry wine skins?” She looks to Jaye, pondering something for a moment. “Did I know that?” she asks, trying to sort through her memory. “That sounds familiar…” Her eyes flick to Th’ero, and she grins. “I’d be willing to give it a try, but no promises if I decide to take my spear into the woods instead.” She winks. Patience and time and quiet. Kimm’s favorite things! Yeah right.

Morez wanders up towards the lake, looking just a touch out of place, as if he perhaps just managed to find the lake by accident. He wanders the shore somewhat aimlessly, taking in the sights with the mildly bewildered look of a tourist. He pauses when he spots a familiar face among the circle of people by the shore, and tries to get Mahlia’s attention with a wave and a smile as he jogs over. “Ah, there you are! Was looking all over.” The rest of the group, all unfamiliar to him, are greeted with a very friendly smile. “Hello there. Eastern’s duties.”

Mahlia pays a greeting to nestled green and Foawr coos, little talons grasping her shoulder more tightly. “Congratulations Jaye, s’a lovely life mate” She flushes a little pink, recalling exactly how the situation unfolded “Well, wouldn’t quite say I hunt as well. I have hunted, becoming a new interest I’d say..” eye brow quirks, change of the subject “As for felines and firelizards, ‘suppose I’m quite fond of pets” Foawr nudges with a little nip “And being a pet!” she adds. Side note she mentions “But, not furry wine skins.. thanks again, cured a nice lil rug for when I get out of bed” her attention wanders to wave and gentleman approaching. “Ahh, Morez there you are! This ‘eres Morez” she reaches for him with introduction and offers names “Jaye, her brown Maeyweyezth (OOCsorry), green Algae, Kimmila, The’ro” she spares further detail for them to share.

Maehwazeyeth rumbles, shifting now from lazy lounger to nearly full sized brown dragon, shifting position from safe distance away from group of folks to close enough to stretch head towards the human that belongs to him. Jaye shifts as well, moving to make more room for yet another person into the conversation. Morez is regarded briefly, “Jaye, Maehwazeyeth and Algae ‘ere. Though iff’n ’tis easier Miss mahlia, y’kin call ‘im Maehwa.” Branded hand reaches up to rub at speckled muzzle of protective brown. At Kimmila’s questioning of if bluerider knew weyrling’s past, Jaye just shrugs, “I dunna know, maybe? I didna e’en know it ’til Maehwa made me r’member, t’tell th’truth.” Tanned skin darkens upon cheeks, I ‘ad some sorta amn’sia or somethin’ after th’wreck.”

Th’ero hasn’t moved much from his original position since arriving by the lake, still standing with his arms folded loosely across his chest as he casually leans his weight to one side. Casual, at ease and relaxed is all he seems to exude, though his expressions remain neutral or polite, even the smiles and grins. Kimmila’s wink brings a low chuckle from Th’ero and a slight shake of his head. “I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that was the outcome.” He teases the Western bluerider, unable to resist. Mahlia earns a small grin as well when she brings up her fondness for pets (or being one), but it’s the wineskin remark that gets all the attention. Wrinkling his nose slightly, he gives her and Kimmila a puzzled look. “Furry wineskins? Dare I ask?” Then Morez is approaching them now and Th’ero blinks again when there’s a hint to a connection between the two Easterners. No time to question that now though as introductions are once again shared. “Th’ero, Weyrleader of Fort, rider of bronze Velokraeth.” He offers in detail, though takes the edge of the formality of his greeting by almost grinning. “Welcome as well, to Fort.”

Kimmila turns her head to see the approach of another, taking one more little step back to open up their circle again. “Fort’s, er, Wester-…eh, whatever. Duties.” She’s not wearing a knot, so who cares where she’s from? She doesn’t even seem to know. “Kimmila. Varmiroth’s. I like hunting.” Her green eyes gleam at this stupidly oversimplified introduction of herself, and yet it seems fitting. “Ahh, yes. Nothing like a nice rug when you get out of bed,” she chuckles. “Mine’s in front of my fireplace.” Then her eyes flick back to Jaye, and she snaps her fingers. “That’s right, I do remember now. Yes. I was wondering if that would happen,” she says, glancing up at the brown and giving him a little chin lift of greeting. Yo, sup? Looking back at Th’ero, the bluerider suddenly shifts her weight and clears her throat, glancing at the ground. Awkward? “Um. She makes wine skins,” she mutters. Maybe this has some additional meaning for the bronzerider, because from the outside it seems like a weird comment to bring such a strange reaction from her.

Morez does his best to commit each name to memory as Mahlia offers the introductions. His attention goes briefly to each as he repeats their names. “Jaye, Maeyweyezth, Algae, Kimmila, and The’ro. Very nice to meet you all. I’m Morez, as the lovely lady says. Smithcrafter.” His hand is offered to each in turn. “So we’ve got… a Weyrleader, a hunter, and a rider of a dragon with an awesome name. Righto.”

Mahlia chuckles a bit with a “Thanks Jaye, Maehwa, got it. How’s weyrlinghood so far?” she inquires to try and pick up where their conversation left off “Goin fishin by dragon at night? Or did I hear that all wrong?” She observes the interactions between bronze and blue rider as introductions follow. She unclasps mentioned wine skin, darker hide , with a tarnished cap, full of Benden. “Thanks Kimmila, m’from Benden. This particular style was passed down from m’family” Eyes swirl green as they set on Morez, she opens up the circle a bit. “Quite the bunch we’v met ‘ere eh?” she says to to the Eastern gent whom she seems fond of.

Jaye nods to Kimmila, “Aye, he wouldna leave me ‘lone ’til I r’membered what I’d los’ in th’ acc’dent.” Maehwazeyeth rumbles, resting his chin on the top of his rider’s head lightly, careful not to put too much weight on her. And then it’s back to the Eastern visitors with a grin at the compliment to her brown’s name. “An awesome name fer an awesome dragon.” Yep, she’s not biased or anything. “‘linghood, well, ’tis jus’ gettin’ good really, Maehwa’s flyin’ perf’ctly an’ I dunna hafta cut meat up fer ‘im an’more.” This is, of course, a good thing in a weyrling’s eyes. She eyes the wineskin briefly, “Pr’fer rum m’self, s’ppose wine’s nay s’bad.” Of course, poor weyrling can’t have either, so abused.

“We’re quite the group.” Th’ero agrees with another vague grin to Morez, amusement in his tone though reserved. He looks a little confused at Kimmila’s sudden awkwardness, the Weyrleader not quite fitting the pieces of that puzzle together. His gaze doesn’t linger for long on the Western bluerider though and instead shift to the wine skin Mahlia holds. Even with the tarnished cap, Th’ero gives it an approving look and with a small smile, turns to the Easterner holding it. “So you make these?” he asks her, though soon he’s taking on a thoughtful look. From wineskin to Kimmila his gaze darts again while he waits on the answer from Mahlia and something clicks in his memory. Th’ero turns back to Jaye though, as he picks up pieces of her conversation as well, certain works piquing his interest though the Weyrleader has missed the most of it. So there is no pressing for her past again, but there is a chuckle given to her obvious choice of drink. “Wine is good, if you get the right vintage. Can’t go wrong with rum though. Or a good stout or ale.” Oh yes, Th’ero is just rubbing it in a little more that the poor weyrling cannot indulge, though not intentionally on his part.

Kimmila chuckles at Morez, jerking her thumb over her shoulder back towards her blue. “Bluerider, too,” she adds. “And overall troublemaker, if you’re intent on giving people titles.” Her grin is crooked, she looks at Mahlia’s wine skin and nods. “Like the look of your skins,” she says with a little grin and a wink. “And we were just talking about hunting and fishing in general.” Looking next to Jaye, the bluerider nods, a thoughtful expression overtaking her face as she looks up at the brown. “Very interesting. Are you glad to have your memories back? Or would you rather forget?” And then on to the topic of booze! “I prefer whiskey, or a good stout ale. Stronger stuff. I don’t have the subtleness to really appreciate wine. I like something that /burns/ when it goes down.”

Morez steps over to make his way into the circle beside Mahlia, giving her a bit of a grin. “Certainly. You seem to have a knack for meeting the best people.” He says with a little wink. He eyes the wineskin. “Rum and wine both have their strong points. Personally, I won’t say no to either one.” He shoots a grin in Th’ero and Kimmila’s direction. “Ale and whiskey certainly certianly have their merits, too. Maybe I’m just not picky.”

Mahlia is intrigued by Jaye’s story, ears perked she listens then “S’pretty amazing, and all to the skies from ‘ere!” She offers up the pouch to any takers “Could always put rum in ‘em too. Full of Benden’s finest if anyones interested.” A gracious nod is paid to Th’ero, eyes scan covertly before she answers “I usually make ‘em with silver, nicer than this ‘n.” Tongue anc cheek comment catches her off guard and she flushes a rosy pink, heat exuding off her cheeks. “Umm.. thanks Kimmila” she doesn’t really know what to say but sends back sheepish like grin. Eyes are instantly drawn back to tall, dark and handsome taking place by her side, his comment pours like butter and she gives him a little nudge “Sure do” she looks down, tip of foot squishing against the ground.

Velokraeth senses that Varmiroth sends soft, rumbling laughter to his friend. Hello, awkwardness. « This is entertaining. »

Varmiroth senses that Velokraeth meets Varmiroth’s laugther with the deep, rich tones of his own. Awkwardness indeed. «Very entertaining. Such an eclectic bunch, but proving to be amusing to see how they mesh.»

Jaye shrugs to Kimmila, “Think ’twas better when I didna know, but Maehwa an’ Kal’re ‘ere now, an’ th’past is th’past, s’not a good past but ’tis a past.” Way to tempt the poor alcoholic turned weyrling, Mahlia. But with a rub of hand over speckled brown muzzle of Maehwazeyeth, Jaye shakes her head. “Not ‘llowed, thanks tho.” Mutter mutter..something about rules and such, and graduation night and partying. Shadow of a brown rumbles, nudging his rider lightly. “What? Y’canna keep me from it fore’er, better get used ta it.” Maehwazeyeth will just see about that, hmph.

There’s a brief snort from Th’ero when Kimmila labels herself as a troublemaker, neither agreeing to it nor denying it. Her choice of drink though does bring a grin from the Weyrleader though and a nod of his head. “Stronger the better.” He adds, before turning that same grin to Morez again. “Nothing wrong with not being picky. Can’t hurt to try a little of everything, right? Only way to know what works.” Brown eyes then flick back to Mahlia and the offered skin, Th’ero tempted for a moment to take her on the offer though he politely declines with a gesture of his hand. He does give the wineskin an admiring look though for its craftsmanship. That, at least, he won’t deny. “Silver, hmm?” Oh, something has definitely clicked now, as his gaze slides subtly sideways to where Kimmila stands to his side. “The skin does look very well made though.” Th’ero agrees with a smile and he does reach for it, wherever it went to and not to sample the Benden capped inside but only to study it closer, perhaps to the awkwardness of some.

Kimmila grins at Morez, shaking her head. “Yeah,” she agrees with Th’ero, “not being picky is nice.” Green eyes travel to Jaye, and the bluerider’s expression turns a little more sympathetic. “That’s true. No sense dwelling on it, unless you can learn something,” she murmurs, her tone taking on a more somber edge. But then Th’ero’s taking the wine skin and the bluerider presses her lips together. She shifts his weight, giving his foot a little sideways kick for NO APPARENT REASON, while she tries to take the skin from his hands. “Very well made, yes,” she mutters, before her eyes dart to Mahlia again. Just to look at her, apparently, since the bluerider says nothing.

“Exactly.” Morez agrees enthusiastically with Th’ero and Kimmila’s last words on the topic, nodding his head. “I think you enjoy life most when you’re open to trying whatever comes your way. Within reason, of course.” Speaking of, now seems like a good time to snag a swig of wine from Mahlia. “Mmm. Good stuff… so, how’d your delivery go? All squared away?”

Mahlia wows and nods with respect to the weyrling “Good perspective, I’d say.” her gaze follows deject longing look from brown rider. “O’course m’sorry bout that” she starts to notice the spectacle of comprehension toying with The’ro, which automatically reverts her to beautifully awkward Mahlia. She stares at Kimmila, doe eyed, as the pouch is absently replaced. She reaches down and grabs Morez’s hand, the first word doesn’t really come out all the way and scrunches lips towards one side, an iinnocently embarrassed smattering of sparkle in her eyes. “‘Scuse me, I umm.. have to make one last stop before meeting our flight back” she uses that useful skill of excuses as her caveat to depart. Feeling a strange projection of highly charged energy, one she has only recently become aware of she bids farewell “Jaye, Maehwe” is said with a smile “Th’ero, Kimmila” is said promtly “Velokraeth Varmiroth” she bows peeking towards hiding green “You too Algae, well met. We must depart, well met! Until next time” pri

Jaye watches the…abrupt departure of the Eastern girl. Wineskin is watched, but then weyrling busies herself with…something. Ah, Maehwazeyeth’s straps, those look like a promising distraction, and she steps over to tug and inspect the weyrling dragon’s straps. So many temptations, such a test of will. Maehwa watches the departure and the kicking of foot and everything with curiousity, but then his attention is on his one and only, Jaye, and he nuzzles as she fiddles with straps.

The kick reaches its target and while it hardly hurts, it does earn a narrowed look from Th’ero, silent questions unspoken as he shifts a little out of the bluerider’s range. As the wineskin is handed over to Morez, the Weyrleader gives a slight sigh as his one hand comes up to scrub wearily at his jaw. “Seems I’m needed. Duty beckons.” Indeed, Velokraeth has roused himself from basking in the sun and is looking pointedly towards his rider and their gathered group. With polite nods to all and a reserves smile, Th’ero is quick with his farewells but the pale bronze remains unmoved. “Was nice meeting you both, Mahlia and Morez and I hope you enjoy your stay in Fort.” He says to the two visiting Easterners. To Jaye, his smile broadens by the tiniest of fractions. “Was good to catch up with you as well, Jaye and good to see both you and Maehwazeyeth are well.” Last, but not least, Kimmila is next and his gaze lingers the longest on her. “Good to see you too. We’ll talk later.” And it sounds more like an order then a casual request. Farewells complete, there’s one last dip of his head and then Th’ero turns to stride away back towards the southern bowls.

Kimmila grins at Morez, her look slightly wicked. “What does reason have to do with it?” she asks. “I say try everything once. This one time I was drunk in Southern and these two guys-” But she stops herself as Mahlia and Morez depart suddenly, taking the wine skin with them. “Huh,” she says, blinking after them. “That one’s strange,” she mutters aside to Th’ero, shifting her weight a little uncomfortably. “She keeps…giving me these looks…” Frown. She then turns to look at Jaye, but finds nothing to say to the brownrider either. Awkward, for whatever reason. And then Th’ero is stepping away, and she lifts her brows questioningly at him as she meets his gaze. At his order, her brows lift higher, and she gives him a nod before he leaves.

Jaye hmms, “Well, that was..quick.” And then there were two. How quickly doth thou lakeshore clear? “I swear, when I grad’ate I’ma make a trip t’Ista fer a lot of their delicious rum.” Yes, this is decided.

Kimmila looks around, also mildly startled at the abruptness of the departures. “Huh,” she mutters, before her green eyes focus on Jaye once more. The bluerider grins crookedly. “Don’t blame you, just between back to Fort before you partake in it.” It’s half tease, but half serious as well.

Jaye grins, “Or I kin partake, then stay the night with Kal, an’ then ‘tween back t’Fort.” Hmm, that actually sounds like a really good plan to her. Ponder.

Kimmila tilts her head, her eyes keen. “Who is Kal?” Gossip, please!

Jaye giggles, cheeks darkening a little ‘neath tanned skin. “K’drozen, brown Rhyrith’s rider. We was s’pposed t’move in t’gether when he grad’ated from ‘Linghood, but then I got searched an’ now I canna wait t’be able t’see ‘im whene’er I kin get t’Ista.”

Kimmila ahhs, understanding dawning. She grins. “That sounds like the better plan, screw the rum,” she says with a playful wink for the younger woman. “Partake with K’drozen! That should be enough to get you nice and tipsy, one way or the other.”

Jaye grins, “Oh, I plan to.” Maehwazeyeth snorts, and..grumbles? Someone doesn’t approve, not one bit.

Kimmila glances at the brown and laughs. “Does he not want to share you?” she teases.

Jaye shakes her head, “He..doesna ‘pprove. Las’ time Kal came t’visit, aehwa wouldna let ‘im get near me.” Brown just puts on an innocent look, she’s _his_ Jaye, not anyone else’s.

Kimmila glances thoughtfully back at Varmiroth, and then to the brown. She chuckles a little bit. “Guess you’ll just have to find a way to make him be okay with it. If you want them both, that is.”

Jaye nods, “‘ndeed. Tho we got awhile yet b’fore I kin e’en think ’bout bein’ with Kal, so I’ll settle fer Maehwa fer now, we’ll deal with th’other part at a later date.”

Kimmila nods with a smile. “That sounds like a good plan,” she says. She wanders over to the lake’s edge to retrieve her wetstone, wrapping it in the rag from earlier. “We’d best be off as well. Have a few things to take care of before my…” she pauses with a little frown, “meeting with the Weyrleader.”

Jaye shoots a sympathetic smile to the bluerider, “G’luck with that.” Maehwazeyeth rumbles softly. “I think m’shadow ‘ere want t’go hunt.” She chuckles quietly.

Kimmila grins a little crookedly. “Thanks. And good luck with /that/,” she says, tossing up a wave before she’s climbing into Varmiroth’s straps, the blue taking a few steps back before he springs into the sky.

Jaye watches as the blue takes off, and she nudges her brown, “C’mon then, let’s go eat.”

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