Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
The chilly lake waters are an invigorating draw to weyrfolk and dragons alike as summer's heat bears down upon the Weyr. The calm jewel blue waters offer a pleasant respite upon which to bath, relax, or play. The shoreline buzzes with activity and at the peak of the day it can be hard to find a spot to stretch out. At night, like a great mirror the lake reflects the multitude of stars overhead with the occasionally shadow of a passing dragon breaking the serene visage.

The sun shines brightly on the Fort region today. In the sky, a convoy of puffy clouds drift lazily from the east. A warm yet pleasant breeze blows across the bowl of Fort Weyr. There is a muffled echo of herdbeasts and chittering firelizards from the feeding grounds. One might assume today to be perfect swimming weather, and upon checking the water temperature in the weyr's lake, they'd be right.

In this such lovely weather, a young guard can't help but get some physical training in. Yurolt can be seen dressed only in a pair of lightly woven short pants. His chest, hair and neck are glistening with a heavy sweat, as he's been running the weyr bowl for almost an hour. His left arm is now completely healed, therefore one could not find evidence of it's previously fractured state. Since being allowed back onto full duty by the healers, the guard has been punishing his body, lifting weights and running to build stamina. Apparently he will beat the Weyrleader should another sparring match come his way.

Hotaru's already been in the water it would seem. The red-head is laying out on a towel in her red and white striped bikini. She's on her back with her knees bent, reading a book through her red-tinted spectacles. It's titled "The Lone Bronzer". Hotaru is glistening as well, but it's with water from the lake. Her feet are hanging off the edge of the towel and digging a bit in the sand. It seems she's taken to splitting her chores up during the day so she can get some beach time in during the afternoon. She spots Yurolt over her book. "Hey Lightning-Bolt."

A brown dragon is making his way slowly downwards from the sky, for all that know him it is Niumdreoth! As for Abigail she is seated there within the straps. "Don't ye /dare/." Is hissed out at the thought of the brown diving into the water is picked up from the rider. Nium grumbles out and turns sharply, there is a few circles before he finds a place to land, some sand is kicked up in the process while his tail lashes about and his wings snap close to his sides. "I can't believe ye was even /thinking/ about that." Abbey mutters out while she undoes her straps and soon slides down to the ground. The buckles are quickly undone and once the straps fall to the ground Niumdreoth bounces a few times like a dog that has been given a ball and darts into the water with a mighty splash!

Yurolt huffs an out-of-breath laugh at Hotaru's little joke. Lightning-Bolt indeed! He slows his pace and eventually comes to a stop near the girl. Panting just a bit he waves to Hotaru and says, "How are you?" As the brown dragon lands he squints to see who the rider is, he's not the best at recognizing dragons yet. However, he quickly turns his back to the landing beast as sand and grit are tossed and stick to him. "Gross…"

Hotaru grins up at the guard once he stops. "I'm good, how about yourself? You're looking nice and uh.. sweaty. Your arm is all fixed up though looks like. No more fights with the weyrleader then?" Hotaru at least knows most of the weyrlings' dragons, or can guess at them. Though she doesn't seem to be too thrilled when a big spray of water heads their way. She turns to the side, to keep her book from getting wet. "Blech." She shakes her book out a bit then sits up to brush herself off. Once she's satisfied, she gives Abbey a wave.

Abigail grumbles while she goes about picking up the straps and rolling them up in the proper way so they will be easier to get back on her dragon later. Her gaze turns towards the others as she hears voices. "Hey… Sorry about that guys. He wanted to go for a swim rather badly it seems." This said while she making her way on over towards where Hotaru and Yurolt. "Hope he didn't get ye guys too badly."

A rather sickened look is on Yurolt's face, he doesn't appreciate being covered in grime. However, the water from Niumdreoth's splash has done a mighty job of cleaning the guard off. He smiles at Abigail and against his personal feelings says, "No, not too bad…" He stares after the swimming dragon with just a slight look of contempt. However, he's a big boy, he'll get over it. Turning back to Hotaru, he grins sheepishly, "No, no fights with weyrleader….For now."

Hotaru giggles a bit to Abigail. "Nah. Well, Yurolt took the brunt of it. I'll survive. I'll take a quick dip before I head back to wash any sand off." Hotaru pulls her legs up to sit crosslegged on the towel. The book is abandoned for now underneath her pile of clothing. She grins up at Yurolt. "That's good. I'd be interested in sparring with Th'ero just for fun. I don't get to practice much since I moved away from the cothold. Even grandpa said I was rusty." She leans over to poke his leg. "You can sit down. If you're not too smelly." She eyes him for a second. Abbey is also free to sit. Hotaru doesn't give her an invitation though, since she assumes the brownrider already knows.
Abigail looks to Yurolt and does look a bit bad. "Sorry, sort of in a splash zone around here I'm afraid to say." A sheepish smile is seen while she takes up that free seat next to Hotaru. "I bet ye would be interested to spar with him. I'd love to be around to see that happen I have to say." She sets the straps down near her and brushes her hands off while glancing towards the lake and watches as Niumdreoth splashes about in the water, he seems to be having fun!

Eyeing himself and taking a covert sniff to see if he really does smell, Yurolt plobs down next to Hotaru and Abigail. He nods at Hotaru and says, "I'm sure he'd be willing if you went about asking the right way…Maybe not talk without thinking first…" He obviously remembers her bland and forward way of talking to Th'ero and Kimmila at the Gather. A slight smirk appears on his face and he continues, "I'd be willing to train with you anytime I'm off duty…I'll let you know next time there's a match." This last sentence is directed to both Hotaru and Abigail.

Hotaru nudges Abigail in a friendly manner. Then she blinks and giggles. "I mean spar spar!" That was not a euphemism, in other words. "He's a lot bigger than I am, so it would be interesting for sure. For some reason I don't think the weyrleader would want to spar with me. And if he did I don't think he'll want an audience." Hotaru raises a brow at Yurolt. "What's that supposed to mean? I always think before I talk. It just doesn't always come out how I imagine it." She leans back onto her hands. "You guys weren't using weapons or anything, were you?"

Abigail chuckles softly as she hears Yurolt and peers over at Hotaru pondering if she would be able to think before talking about certain things while she gives Hotaru a slight nudging back. "I'm sure it would just be a spar of course." A grin is seen and she winks towards the girl. She gives Hotaru a soft pat upon the shoulder before she settles back so that she is resting upon her elbows, curious to hear if weapons were involved with the sparing match.

The joke/potential euphemisn is apparently lost on Yurolt. He does however, grin broadly at Hotaru's indignation over his comment. He wonders at the nudges and winks being exchanged but decides to answer Hotaru's question rather than ask his own. "Aye, we were in dueling armor with short swords. That's how I broke the arm, blocking one of Th'ero's blows."

Whatever world Hotaru lives in inside her head is a vastly different than reality it would seem. At least concerning some things. She grins at Abbey. "Of course." It's a secret! Sort of. Hotaru peers at Yurolt as he seems to take pleasure in ruffling her feathers. "Ah. I don't generally do swords. I only do hand-to-hand. Though I can use a bow, too. Swords don't do me much good for self-defense, since I don't carry one. I guess the bow doesn't either, since I don't usually carry that either. At least not like… around the weyr or the hold or whatever."

Abigail ahs softly at the talk of the short swords and she nods a moment. "I prefer to use the bow as well, or long daggers. Hand to hand works well with me too." She glances to Yurolt. "We should spar sometimes. Haven't had a chance to do that in a while."

Yurolt raises his eyebrow at both Hotaru and Abigail. No swords? Well he is a guard, swords come with the job. "So you never used a sword on the guard?

He remembers Abigail saying she was once a guard. Chuckling at Hotaru's comment he continues, "I'm more than willing to spar, although I do prefer the sword rather than fist."

"I can use a sword if I have to." Hotaru admits. "But I'm not very good. I always thought it would be cool to learn how to throw knives. I tried once in the kitchens and one of the cooks saw me. I had to scrub the pots every night for two sevendays." She chuckles a bit. I think you boys just like something long and pointy to hold onto. I'll spar, as long as you promise no broken bones. I don't want to end up on crutches or with a cast on. I won't be able to climb trees."

"I've used a sword before, and I can if I need to. Just prefer the bow over stuff like that I suppose." Abigail shrugs slightly at the idea. Hearing Hotaru a laugh escapes her at the 'long and pointy' bit. "Oh geezs. Ya sparing is fine an good just have to avoid the broken bones."

Yurolt thinks he suddenly gets the previous 'joke' now that Hotaru mentions 'long and pointy'. He smirks to himself at the slightly perverted young women. "No broken bones, I assure you…Let's just say that the Weyrleader and I got a bit 'heated'."

Hotaru gets up and stretches a bit. "Same with me. Plus you get the upper hand if you surprise someone from up in the trees. Or some thing." She grins a bit. "I don't think the weyrlingmasters would be happy if you ended up with broken bones Abbey." Hotaru isn't perverted, she's just weyrbred…ish. "Well, we'll try not to get that heated. Anyways, I need to get back. I got more chores to do before helping with dinner. I'll see you guys later." Hotaru gives Yurolt a poke in the shoulder and waves to Abbey before heading off.

Abigail chuckles at the thought of hanging out in a tree and then leaping down upon someone. "I imange she has done that before for some reason." She shakes her head while watching Hotaru leave before she looks over to Yurolt. "I suppose that can happen. The whole things getting 'heated' bit."

Yurolt bursts out in laughter as he imagines Hotaru pouncing someone from her treetop fortress. He nods at Abigail, agreeing not to put it past the girl. "Absolutely, it's easy to lose ones head in a match." Nevermind the fact that Yurolt was actually just over confident while sparring Th'ero. Over confidence and a bit of stupidity.

Abigail grins and nods while she looks amused over the thoughts, wait until she sees Hotaru again! "Of course, that can happen during a spar. Just have to try and keep ones wits when doing such a thing."

Yurolt nods knowingly. "Aye…" He glances out onto the lake and stretches. "I think I'll do a few laps…Care to join?" He eyes Abigail up and down and wonders if she has anything to swim in now that he's already asked.

Abigail blinks at the look she gets, a soft laugh escapes her and she shifts while slowly standing. She picks the traps up and brushes her jeans off in the process. "Perhaps I can take ye up on that offer another day? I have some chores that I need to finsh." Niumdreoth continues swiming in the lake before making his way out from the lake and is rather quick to shake himself off and then follow after Abbey as they two move on towards the barracks.

Staring after Abigail as she is joined by her dragon he calls out, "I'll hold you to that." Yurolt jumps into the water and submerges for a few moments. Upon resurfacing he waves to Abigail and goes about swimming his laps. When he's finished here, he'll go back to the guard barrack's and get some sleep before he's on duty.

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