Fort Weyr - Training Complex

The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.

Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.

It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

A bright day has settled upon Fort, summer finally falling upon the Weyr and its residents. And on a day like this, there is no better location to hold weyrling activities than out in the training complex. Off in a corner of the area, Miki stands next to her lifemate, a pair of straps in her hand and a small chest on her other side. Rather than the AWLM calling out, Sohnyuoth sends out a croon for the gathered pairs to quiet followed by a small warble directed at any stragglers. After the call goes out, Sohnyuoth leans her head down, softly pushing at her lifemate while the woman giggles. "Ok ok! I got it already."

Summer normally meant hunting for this Weyrling, hunting was her life, after all, and to have summer come and for there to be no hunting to be done, an itch has begun. The huntress turned weyrling twitches about often, driving her lifemate insane in the process and finally returning the favor to the gold after all these months. So when the call for a lesson goes out, relief comes to the young gold who literally pushes her lifemate out to the training grounds. As the first to arrive, Zuvaleyuth stands tall while Dtirae taps aimlessly at her sides as she bounces on the balls of her feet and her gaze drifts off to the distance until she is popped in the back of the head from her lifemate's wing. A loud grunt follows as her hands lift to cover her head, grey eyes narrowing on her lifemate. "'m payin' 'ttention, shells'n shards, yer annoyin' t'day." There's another nudge, from Zuvaleyuth's tail, this time as Sohnyuoth warbles. "'m payin' attention! /Shells/."

Miki can't help but snicker at the antics between the gold pair, Sohnyuoth accompanying with her own chuff of laughter. "Mk lovelies, you're all gathered up, yeah?" Just to make sure, bright blue eyes roam the crowd, a mental count-off going through the woman's head before nodding in satisfaction. Stepping forward then, Miki raises her voice, her now rather familiar 'nanny' tone coming into play. "Alright. This week we're working on straps in addition to the rest of your lessons. But we don't want those of you unfamiliar with the work to go around wasting leather, so there are some scraps for you." Slender fingers move to the top of the chest as she crouches down, opening the top and motioning to the contents. "Take as much time as you need to practice cutting and such. Once we think you're adept enough we'll give you a fresh piece to work with." For the moment Miki finishes her explanation, looking towards the group to see if there are any questions. And of course, Sohnyu can't keep silent, an expectant croon escaping her maw.

Dtirae continues to rub the back of her head, glaring over at Zuvaleyuth as Miki snickers and Sohnyuoth chuffs her own laughter along. Silent argument ensues, though cut short when Miki begins to speak to ensure that the woman is paying full attention to the lesson at hand. There's a quick glance to take stock of the others before attention goes forward once more. There's silence as she listens to the explanation given, a soft, barely restrained groan works from the young woman's lips only to get a reprimand from her lifemate once again. "Ma'am, what if we ain't ever adapt 'nough ta get the better leather?"

Miki looks over at Dtirae at the question, mouth popping open as the girl speaks. After a few moments, the AWLM closes her eyes, snapping her mouth shut and shaking her head. "Never…never ever ever call me ma'am again. Shards, it's not like we're strangers or something. And that goes for the rest of you two. I don't want to feel old, yeah?" Eyes graze across the faces of the group, making eye contact with each weyrling. But oh how amusing Sohnyu finds this whole 'ma'aming' business, the green's eyes immediately whirling in amusement, some silent comment being given and earning a sharp elbowing from her lifemate. "And if you don't become adept enough….then you don't get to do the mounted exercises. If you're having trouble feel free to ask us for help, we'll guid you. But straps are important and it's necessary that you learn how to make them."

"Sorry. Zuva's got me doin' it." Dtirae admits, her hands still rubbing the back of her head, though her posture is no longer one of pain but one of being quite sheepish. "She's all proper'n all." A roll of her eyes, though, it is entirely fond. Dtirae's going to get some scraps, grumbling softly. "would just be easier ta just pay someone ta do it." Pop. There's a loud groan and then finally, complaints stop and the woman stares at the leather, contemplating the best way to go about it. "Miki. I need help." Not to mention she didn't even try yet.

Miki snickers, "Next thing you know you'll even be speaking all proper-like. I think Aniki would be thrilled." Waiting for the weyrlings to take their scraps, the woman leans on the lid of the chest, handing out practice tools as well. An eyebrow raises when Dtirae speaks up again, though the woman doesn't leave from her perch. "Well first you pick up the stitching needle, and then you put the stitching thread through it, and then you stab that nice piece of leather in front of you." For a few minutes the AWLM continues to scan the group, eventually falling back a few steps to rest against her lifemate. "OH!" The exclamation is rather abrupt and Miki's bright blue eyes turn towards Sohnyuoth while she grins wickedly. Plotting plotting plotting.

"Nah. 'm resitin' her insistence ta do so." Though there are tendencies where she forgets and does slip into speaking properly. "Ain't out ta please Aniki, could are less what he thinks." Her brows lift before she grins widely at the greenriding AWLM before looking down to her supplies. Lips press into a thin line as Miki does not move to help, likely have being caught in her scheme. Woe. She does set to work, however, threading the needle and then oh so carefully making to pierce the leather with the needle, keeping her body parts out of the way. Zuvaleyuth settles near by to watch, eyes whirling lazily as she relaxes with the fact that her rider is doing as she should.

Miki smirks, "Didn't think you did." For a moment she turns away then, moving over to one of the weyrlings that had apparently just stabbed himself with a needle. "If you spread your fingers out below the leather and push up slightly, you can tell where your fingers are and avoid injuring yourself when you push the needle through. Got it?" Apparently satisfied with her own explanation, the green rider moves back to Sohnyuoth, another private grin shared between the pair before she's pivoting on her heel and raising her voice again. "Alright….anyone else besdies me and Sohnyu think this stitching thing is a whole boat load of boring right now?"

Dtirae gives Miki a singular look before grinning a touch wider. Her gaze drops again, careful and being entirely mindful of where her fingers were. Having stabbed herself with various things — on accident — before, she is always careful now. Or, she just avoids needles in general. The suggestion made to the other weyrling is taken into note and followed carefully. Surprisingly, she does manage to stitch, though it looks awful and they don't follow a line. Another grin, this one more proud before attention drifts up for Miki's question. Her hand lifts, taking the scraps with her. "'m with you!"

Miki looks over toward the gold pair as Dtirae's hand goes up. The stitching seems to be the first thing she notices and curious glances are then given to the work of other weyrlings, most equally bad. "Yeah, you guys are going to need supplemental lessons. For now though….let's have some fun." Reaching back, the AWLM pulls out a dark blue bandana, quickly tossing at the girl. "It was something R'oo did with us….hide and seek with a little twist. A visualization, communicating, and trust exercise between you and your lifemate. And since you're so enthusiastic, you'll be our first seeker Dei."

Dtirae groans at the mention of supplemental lessons, quickly hiding her work and stuffing it elsewhere. The bandana is caught as it is thrown her way, brows drawing into a frown as she slowly untangles it. It is given a careful look over before she peers over at the AWLM for an explanation. As one is given, she gives a slow nod of understanding for the exercise. "What'm I seekin'?" The weyrling questions, brows lifting before she's folding the bandana so that she may cover her eyes, despite not knowing what exactly they'll be doing.

Miki giggles….or is that a cackle? "No peeking, just let your lifemate guide you via words and visuals. As for what you'll be seeking…'s a weyrling, dragon (and AWLM) hunt! If you catch one of the pair you've caught them both and then they become the seekers. You guys have 30seconds to put up your materials and find a hiding spot before she sets off. RUN!" The hasty instructions are yelled over her shoulder before Miki breaks into a sprint, darting across the field in a zig zag pattern. Poor weyrlings, with nowhere to hide they'll just be running around all over the place. What a nice game, doubles as physical training too! Sohnyuoth looks after her lifemate as the woman shoots off before crooning over at the small gold. «I'm sure your instructions will be as amazing as your pretty hide….but we're better! Catch us if you can!» And with that the greenie begins bounding off. Someone's excited.

"Ain't goin' ta peek." Dtirae promises, checking over the blindfold with fingers alone before smoothing it out again. Zuvaleyuth has turned her head to allow all a chance to hide before she seeks, and even longer after that so that they may safely put away their needles an the like. Injury should be avoided, after all. The croon from the green is returned, « such words spoken sweetly bring much pleasure from me, and words of gratitude flow from my thoughts to thine. As for thy words meant to goad, I do not lack the confidence to believe that seeking those that drift to linger in the shadows shall hinder us. Success, triumph, and glory shall belong to us. » With declarations done, Dtirae pushes to her feet with the aid of her lifemate and the seeking begins with silent instruction — rambled off as quickly as possible to fit all the words in — is given.

Moving up beside her lifemate, Sohnyu nuzzles at the woman. «I remember when we did this. Pretty but silly, you walked backwards!» Now who was the dragon trying to provoke? The comment earns a swift punch from the AWLM before the two are moving off again. Miki breaks into a quiet jog, almost tiptoeing as she makes her way just off to Dtirae's right. Equally silent, Sohnyuoth heads over to hide behind a small group of dragons, not that the larger dragon can really blend in behind them. No, it's really just an excuse to admire their coats. «Oh, you've certainly got some handsome coloring there!»

Whether or not the pair notice Miki goes unseen as there is no visible reaction the the AWLM passing off in the direction that she does, instead, they seek the other weyrlings first. It isn't too hard for them to find P'on and his lifemate. The other likely has made it too easy for them. The search continues, Dei continuing to be blindfolded and led by her lifemate's instructions. At least she's precise, and the woman having dealt with her for months, now, has learned to understand every tiny meaning to her speech. With that, they find another few pairs are found. Dundundun. On the way to find them an AWLM.

Miki grins as the rest are found while she continues to run around the area. "I think the wrong person's getting a workout…." The caught weyrlings certainly aren't anymore, instead shouting off at the sidelines, encouraging both Miki and Dtirae. «Bring your pretty wings here! She's off to the left now!» Betrayal! Miki glares at her lifemate as she practically gives away their position, immediately making a dash towards the opposite end of the training area. "Who's side are you on anyways, stupid dragon. And stop complimenting every living thing in sight." The disgruntled words are murmured mostly to herself, though she's probably yelling at Sohnyu mentall as well.

Dtirae laughs loudly as Zuvaleyuth relays the message from Miki's lifemate, both turning and heading in the direction. Instructions on how not to trip over her own two feet are given. There's a shift as more instructions are relayed. All the shouts from the other Weyrlings likely throw her off as some call for one direction and the others call for another. Not to mention directions from her own lifemate.

Miki breathes a small sigh of relief as the girl gets a bit muddled with the directions before dashing off again. This time she spots a familiar and ducks behind the man, holding up a finger in shushing motions while the poor R'en looks down at her with raised eyebrows. «She's behind the handsome one!» Good thing R'en can't hear that. "I'm gonna rip a hole in that green, you weyrlings don't hold me back!" The AWLM growls….unmenacingly, she never was very scary. "Yup she's behind me! Come get her." With a small smirk, R'en gives a swift turn, pulling Miki around so that he's now behind her and pushing the woman forward. "Traitor!" Pout.

More instructions and Dtirae turns to face R'en, though she certainly can't see the AWLM. She's heading in that direction with a confident stride as Zuvaleyuth follows close behind to give instructions on where her rider should put her feet. Then Miki is revealed to the pair and her strides certainly grow more swift so that she may tag the woman. "Caught!" A cackle of delight and the blindfold is removed and she beams a devious grin in R'en's direction. "Thanks again, R'en." She remembers him, after all!

Despite her struggles, R'en isn't letting go which means that it isn't particularly difficult for Dtirae to tag the woman. A full on pout forms on her lips as she looks between Sohnyu and R'en. "Man, you two suck! See if I babysit your sisters again!" The threat seems to fall on deaf ears however as R'en releases her shoulders, instead grinning down at Dtirae and giving her a small nod. "Of course, call me if she tries escpaing again." He shoots the girl a wink then before waving, heading off to get back to his business before Miki had so rudely interrupted him. Once he's left, Miki lets out a tiny sigh, grinning once more as she holds her hand out for the bandana. "You did pretty good though, not a single trip up or anything."

Dtirae laughs loudly at Miki's threats, entirely delighted still and winking cheerfully at R'en. "Will do. Yer the first on my list ta call." Her hands are then shoved into her pockets, that grin still firmly in place and certainly not going anywhere any time soon. "Yeah. Zuvaleyuth's horribly precise when she talks. She's aimin' for perfection and bein' the first ta succeed." Though proud of this, her tone takes a hint of dismay and fright for a moment. "She was tellin' me exactly how ta put my foot on the ground, what direction'n everythin'…"

Miki ties the bandana around her writs, nodding as the girl talks. A small smile plays at her lips, fading at the change in tone however. "In that situation listening to her directions was meant to happen, as an exercise. But that doesn't mean you let her rule you, yeah? Nothing every good comes out of not being able to control your lifemate. I don't know she is normally, but if she's pushing at you just keep pushing back like I've seen you do. It might take a little while, but you two will balance it out….we did." Blue eyes shift over towards Sohnyuoth, smiling fondly as the green croons back.

"Oh, nah. 'm sure of that." Dtirae murmurs, "just the fact that I ain't perfect 's'what makes me…" A hand lifts, waving to fill in the words she seeks. A sheepish smile is given, "she pushes and I push back. Just how we work properly. Figure'n if I let 'er take over, I ain't goin' ta be me anymore. She gets her share and I get mine. Compromisin' and stuff." She grins widely, "as for balance? Ain't sure we'll ever reach that. She's got a lot ta learn, too." Her tone is fond as she gingerly places a hand upon the gold's hide. "Thanks for the lesson, though. Showed I gotta listen ta her more at times. When it's appropriate."

Miki grins a bit and shakes her head. "No one's perfect. Not even that lifemate of yours, however much she may try to be." An approving nod is given as she listens to the girl's words. "Good, that's the way things should be. And no problem. As boring as it is for you guys to stich leather, think of how boring it is more me to stand there and /watch/ you guys do that." But that doesn't mean they're done of course. "Alright, who was the first one found? As'trix right? Get your butt over here."

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