Fort Weyr - Library Archives
Surviving the ages is something that books are known to do, especially if they are left untouched for just as long. In this room, that's exactly what has happened. Put aside as trivial information or simply determined old enough to not impact present day life, these numerous articles stored in ceiling high shelves are the forgotten histories belonging to Fort.
Miraculously, the design of the room itself has prevented any of the books from damage. The rock base of which the room's foundation is actually one of the toughest rock known to man and cannot be surpassed by any creature living, while a layer of tiles of the smoothest stone gives this room a vibrant and mysterious appeal. The door itself on the room was sealed tight and allowed for a minimum amount of circulation, thereby preventing natural decay, although most articles may be brittle despite this. White marble has been used to create an insulating layer wall against the natural rock, giving the room an unnatural brightness and a enchanted atmosphere - while also giving it four distinct walls. The ceiling as well has been made smooth with an arching apex.
As for the books and mounds of information stored in this vault of information, the organization is clear. Books bound with hard covers are kept alphabetical in the towering skybroom wood shelves, where step ladders and scrolling ladders actually attached to the shelves move to assist a person in selecting a volume. The shelves are ornately carved, many crafted with a mastery none have ever seen. Meanwhile, scrolls have a sectional shelf where each scroll based on how they were itemized has a cubical square into which they are kept in. This shelf alone has over a hundred squares in which the scrolls stick out of. As well, any loose bits of information have been assembled in files that are stored in boxes along the back wall. Apparently, recording history takes up vast amounts of space and every where one looks in this room one would find a wealth of information. The ancestors of Fort live here.

It's late afternoon, most sane people would be out enoying the fairly nice day that has decided to grace Fort's area. But then, not all people are sane. A'di is certainly not one of those sane types, as the man is sitting at a table with a pile of books sitting in front of him. The Archivist is flipping through a couple of pages before emitting a soft sigh. "I'm never going to get this sharding thing completed…"

Though the day /is/ rather nice, a young guard has apparently decided to forgoe free time by say, the lake or perhaps Shennanigan's. Yurolt enters into the library with that look on his face that says, this is not my natural habitat. He glances at the many volumes of off knowledge laying before and takes a deep breath. "Time to dive in," he says to himself. Reaching out to touch a volume called, "The Tiny Tuber" he sighs and glances at the man sitting a few yards away…

A'di glances up as he hears someone else enters and arches a brow at the young man. "Hello," A'di mutters under his breath as he glances at the book picked out. This of course causes A'di to frown thoughtfully, "That's an interesting choice of a book you got there. Any particuar reason why?"

Yurolt turns to half face the man, never actually pulling the book from its resting spot. He blushes a bright red and says, "Hello…I uh…Well I'm not sure where to start…" A rather ambigous answer, absolutly, yet there is true confusion on the lads face. He give A'di a very weak smile and gestures vaguely to the library as a whole.

A'di waves a hand about the area as he leans back in his seat, "Well, what exactly are you looking for? I know this place like the back of my hand, I probably know it better than anyone in Fort. I pratically live here when I'm not home."

The young man's eyes brighten as there appears before him a guide through the morass of knowledge lying around him. He smiles briefly at A'di and says, "I am to stand to my exams shortly and was hoping to pick up a few /bits/ of knowledge…To help achieve a higher score, you know.." He again indicates the library and quickly jerks his thumb up to his shoulder knot, which deems him a guard. Although his uniform and the weapons he carries would have already done so.

A'di wraps his arms and taps his fingers thoughtfully against his shirt as he considers the shelves. "So you're a guard and what sort of books are you looking for? Self defence books? Strategies? History? You've gotta be more specific so I can narrow it down easier."

Yurolt gulps and now looks at the books with a growing sense of anxiety. "I was…Um…I suppose I want something to surprise Cap'n Breshir…tactics?" Do they write books on tactics? Can you even learn tactics from a book?

A'di pushes himself to his feet, and he's rather short indeed, especially for a guy his age. The bluerider considers the shelving for a moment before grabbing a metal bucket by his chair and clattering down the aisle. A loud bang is heard as the bucket is dropped to the ground and he hops on the top to grab a book. This is repeated several times until A'di has a couple of books in his arms which he deposits on the table. "Here, this should get you started."

Yurolt eyes the growing pile of books apprehensively. He's not a poor reader, but this is insane. Oh well, this is for a betterment in his chosen career. "Um…thanks…." He quickly reads over some of the titles and seems to approve. Picking up the top book he skims through and closes the book with a slam. A puff of dust leaves the pages and Yurolt coughs. "I mean, thank you." Blowing the dust of the covers of the books one by one he adds, almost as a hindsight, "I'm Yurolt by the way."

A'di dips his head in a nod as he makes his way over back to his chair and slumps back into it, depsoting the colorful yellow bucket with purple polkadots next to his chair. The bluerider sweeps a hand through his hair quietly with a sigh. "Welcome," A'di says, glancing back over towards Yurolt, "I'm A'di, blue Dalasith's, and no you don't want to meet him."

At the mention of the diswant of meeting the dragon Yurolt chuckles. He motions to a chair sitting near the table A'di is working. "Well met A'di. May I?" He doesn't say it, but he seems to be a bit frightened by the books still. Maybe talking to this obvious reader might ease his woes?

A'di considers the chair next to him and then waves a hand at the seat, "Sure, be my guest." A'di says quietly as he leans forward to rest his head on his hand. A glance is stolen to the entrance before he sighs quietly, "Faranth knows I'm not going to get this done before Dalasith gets into trouble…"

Yurolt sits and pops open on of the books. "A Holder's Guide to Feudalism…" He glances up from the book at A'di's comment and frowns, eyebrow raised quizzicaly. "Anything I might help with? You did help me after all." He gives the rider a grin.

A'di shakes his head slowly, "No, it's a project I've been working on for several months now." A'di glances over at the teen thoughtfully, "I'm writing a book on a weyrleader who's decisions affected Fort Weyr drastically." A'di taps the book before him before shaking his head. "I've got maybe an hour or so before Dalasith realizes I've hold myself down here again and then he'll drag me out."

Yurolt nods enthusiastically at A'di. He's never met someone who has ever even attempted writing a book. "Who was this weyrleader?" Perhaps this upcoming book would provide him with something vital to impress Captain Breshir…Or possibly even the Weyrleader himself should he request the lad's exams for inspection.

A'di shakes his head, "You wouldn't know him, he lived a very long time ago when thread still fell." A'di murmurs thoughtfully as he considers the books in front of him, "I'm almost done, but it's a slow process. Made even slower when you've got an annoying dragon needling you endlessly."

Yurolt feels suddenly that "dragon" could easily be expanded to include himself. Perhaps he shouldn't bother the rider, he can see how his presence could be distracting. Still he nods knowingly at A'di's comment over the weyrleader. He probably doesn't know anything about the man, not that he wouldn't like too. "Would you…would you like me shove off? I did get what I needed, thanks to you." He taps the books with his rough fingers.

A'di shakes his head, "No, it's okay, I didn't mean you." A'di offers a sympathetic glance and then switches to glare in a direction that could only be where his dragon might be. "You haven't met Dalasith, if you met Dalasith, you'd understand. And trust me, you don't want to meet Dalasith."

Yurolt shrugs and pokes his nose back into the book. He chuckles to himself at the mental image building of this blue Dalasith. "How exactly did this weyrleader influence Fort?" The question scarcely leaves his lips before he shakes his head. "Nevermind, I'll read it once you're finished…." He reads a few pages quietly before asking, "How long have you been at Fort? You seem to know the library pretty well."

A'di shakes his head and leans back in his chair, wrapping his arms about his chest thoughtfully. "Well, a lot of different ways. But I suggest you read the book when I'm finished with it, should take another couple of months before I'm finished." As to the second question, A'di ticks off his fingers and mouths numbers before shaking his head, "Hard to tell, I move around a lot, I don't generally stay in one place for too long. This isnt' the first time I've stayed in Fort for a while, and who knows when I'll get hit by the travelling bug again."

This new bit of information peaks Yurolt's interest. "You're a traveller? I wandered a bit myself, before I come on here." His eyes unfocus slightly as he drifts to his own memories. There's an odd mixture of smile and frown upon the young man's face. This lasts only a few seconds before he snaps back to reality. "Did you ever encounter anything…Dangerous?" The guard has a deep seated desire to get his hands dirty so to speak and relishes in the recounting of any stories that fit that genre.

"Dangerous? No, nothing dangerous. I travel by dragon, the only thing that's dangerous about that is getting my ear talked off the whole ride." A'di shakes his head slowly as he flicks through a couple of the pages. "If you want dangerous, you want the rebels. I don't go near that lot, I'm not good with a knife or hurting anyone. I'm too short."

Yurolt eyes the bluerider and thinks he could handle himself in a fight. Nonetheless it shows on the guard's face that he didn't really think about the fact that a dragon would definetly help avoid anything remotely exciting. However, the mention of rebels only serves to stoke the fire already burning with the lad's heart. "I would love to sink my blade into a few of that lot…" His hand falls to the hilt of his sword and again he drifts away in thought. A few moments later he realizes that perhaps that is a rather violent train of thought and not well suited. Especially within the company of scholar/rider.'

With an awkward frown directed at the now equally awkward young guard, A'di sits up in his chair. Yurolt stares up at him with an apologetic look in his eyes, but the rider does not see him. Instead his eyes shift slightly, unfocused and he says, "I'm sorry, but if you'll excuse me…Dalasith." With that he quickly bolts from the library, taking his work with him. The guard Yurolt watches the hasty retreat and sighs. Oh well, a dragonrider must attend his lifepartner. Yurolt stands himself and collects the pile of books chosen for him by A'di. With a final look around, he retires to the Guard's Barracks with every intention to study.

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