Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

Abigail grins at the thought and looks up at the brown, Niumdreoth seems amused at this idea and huffs out softly at the idea. "Yer more than welcome to give him a pet, he is very friendly." To prove this the dragon lowers his head on down for Hotaru to give him the said pet it seems, his eyes a swirl with happy colors and his breath felt with a few faint warm puffs as he breaths. "Tis good ta hear that yer doing well. Aye it seems like it is just around the corner, which is just so strange ta me at least. Feels like we just started all this." The day is slightly warmish, which many people are taking advantage of an have wandered off to the lake. Abigail is one of those people, she has on a dark green bikini top and shorts, her hair pulled back, Niumdreoth is there as well with Hotaru not too far off from the pair.

Hotaru proceeds to give the brown a head scratch once she's gotten permission and his head is lowered. "My mom rides brown. But her dragon isn't very friendly with people he doesn't know. And she isn't very friendly at all." Hotaru laughs a bit. "No big news then? I thought I'd at least hear about someone falling off their dragon, or stepping in dragon doo or something. I was hoping it would be Edani. Or D'ani or whatever his name is now." How dare he impress and leave her behind! Hotaru also is dressed for the lake, in just her red and white striped bikini. She's still wearing her red glasses though.

Warm weather is really where Inri excels; despite the fact she grew up north of Fort and is often found knitting sweaters and blankets and whatnot, her /choice/ of mode of dress is much more inclined toward flowy sundresses and elaborate braids in her hair. That's what she's got now, combined with sandals that are quickly discarded once she reaches lake's sand. Fort's idea of warm is still Inri's idea of hot. Kouzevelth trails behind her, a large and gangly disruption to the skyline. "What did D'ani do?" she intrudes into the conversation attached to faces she knows, thoughtless as to whether she was actually invited.

"That's too bad. Niumdreoth loves people; I think he would talk to them if it wouldn't freak some out. His done it with Borodin a few times which well, makes him a bit nervous so I've been trying to get him to stop it." Niumdreoth lets his eyes close, a soft croon escaping him at the head scratching, and his head stay low for the attention. "Well no big news that I can think of." She has never been one to talk about things going on, and the only thing that comes to mind is the whole GoldHill issue and she doesn't want to talk about that as she wasn't there after all. At the bit of stepping in certain things she looks amused and a chuckle escapes her. "D'ani is doing just fine." At the new voice she looks over, a wave is sent to Inri. "As far as I know he hasn't done anything." As far as she knows at least! Abbey is wearing a dark green bikini top, and shorts, her hair is pulled back as she was planning on going swimming she just hasn't gotten that far it seems. The day is slightly warmish, which many people are taking advantage of an have wandered off to the lake.

Hotaru turns to look at who as asking about D'ani. "What didn't he do!" It's not really a question, more like a statement. "He went off and impressed and I haven't even seen him in months. Who am I supposed to annoy if he's not around?" The red head grins a bit. "Anyways, how are you, Inri?" Hotaru nods to Abigail. "Ah. I think I heard my mom's green once, but never any other dragons that I can remember. I've heard it's hard for dragons to talk to other people. But it's probably easier for your brown since you and Borodin are so close." There's a sigh about D'ani. "Darn. Now I can't even pick on him next time I see him." Hotaru had also planned on swimming after getting some sun, which is why she's in her red and white striped bikini. But she never got that far either, instead is busy chatting with the other ladies she knew as candidates.

Inri — who has settled by the other two just recently, long hair in a bunch of tiny braids and wearing a light sisal sundress in pale blue rather than the bikini look everyone else is rocking — just laughs, on the subject of D'ani. "I can probably come up with some things he didn't do. I'm — all right. Old, I guess; I somehow turned twenty and am still not sure what to do with that." It's not really old, but to her it's significant. Slightly off in the distance, an ungainly-long orange-gold dragon is taking up a huge amount of lakeshore space. Anyone walking over toward the group of girls is going to have to pass her. "That's interesting, they talk — Zel doesn't talk to anyone. I mean, she rarely uses words even with me."

'Anyone' for now is Elijah, but you don't live in a Weyr is you have an issue with stepping over a tail or around a talon every now and then, as he has to do now to get by the gold weyrling stretched out on the shore. Hopefully she doesn't mind but either way he's doing it. His long-legged lope brings him well within the range of the sunbathing bunch, a group he wasn't really expecting to see by the apprehensive look on his face. His goal is one of the large rocks near the water, one of those big enough that he can lean back against it, like so, and skip rocks and eat an apple. He doesn't say hi or anything.

Abigail nods while she ponders this for a moment. "That is what I heard as well, though A'di's dragon talks to everyone it seems. I do figure that with me and Borodin being so close is the reason why Niumdreoth speaks with him. The conversations they have is very amusing I have to say." A soft laugh escapes her as she hears Hotaru speak about how she is to pick on D'ani. "I'm sure ye will figure out something Hotaru. Ye two have a ways with one another after all." Like that time a certain someone got tied down to a bed when they were candidates after all. "Well, I suppose there all different and so forth." At the 'age' bit is brought up by Inri she just smirks and eyes the other with a playful look. "Oy, yer not that much older than me. I don't consider that old in the least." Niumdreoth shifts once he has caught sight of Kouzevelth some distance off. « Hello Kouzevelth! How are you this day? » His mind voice cheerful like, and the images of a forest in winter.

Yurolt shuffles by the lake on one of his "oh so exciting" patrols. Noticing the gaggle of people near the lake shore he pauses and glances around. Nothing wrong with a little fraternization now again, now is there? Yurolt shrugs to himself and heads towards the assorted group.

Hotaru peers at Inri. "What kind of things didn't he do?" She's searching for inside info over here! Or really anything she can use to pick on the bronzer about. "Twenty! Shards and shells. I thought I was old when I turned fifteen!" Hotaru giggles a bit. "Sorry, Inri. Twenty isn't too old though. You've impressed already. And you'll have a good job. You just need a weyrmate and you'll be all set." Hotaru raises a brow at the goldrider. "Your dragon doesn't talk to you?" Hotaru looks to Abigail then. "A'di's dragon talks to everyone? That's… odd. I guess it takes all sorts though." She shrugs about finding something to pick on D'ani about. "I suppose I will. So how much longer is it until graduation, then?" Hotaru watches Elijah run off to be by himself, then blinks at Yurolt's approach. "Uh oh. Who is in trouble?"

"She doesn't talk with words," Inri elaborates; her inability to hold on to multiple topics has temporarily saved D'ani, at least. The same truth does not hold for Elijah, because he has attracted the gold's attention — Kouzevelth's focus on him only results in Inri shooting a curious glance in his direction, one eyebrow up, and then eventually offering a wave. "She's pretty good at concepts. And I'm pretty sure it's not me; maybe he's coming to arrest Zel for blocking traffic." She doesn't seem sure, on the topic of graduation; meanwhile, Kouzevelth adds her flashing lights and dust of rainfall to Niumdreoth's forest. « Warm. »

Yurolt putting on his 'best, most dashingly debonaire" smile as he skirts ever so slightly around the gold dragon. He glances quickly towards Elijah, noting postions of possible trouble, ever the soldier. "Well hello, ladies. Nice day for it, if I don't say so myself."

Very likely that same question is on Elijah's mind, assuming his squint in Yurolt's direction isn't just because it's so bright outside - does guard mean trouble? Maybe it's because he's already looking in that direction that he notices Inri's wave and, furrowed brows expressing his bemusement for him, he lifts his hand and gives her one of those little waves with just fingers that you might give if you aren't totally sure you were the one being waved at. The crunch of his apple carries.

Niumdreoth blinks, his head tilting to the side at the answer he is given, he supposes he deserved that answer after he question he asked. « I bet if you go for a swim in the lake you can cool off some. » Nium takes it as the gold is too warm, and thus that is a quick way to cool off. Abigail ponders this and glances towards her brown before her gaze turns towards Yurolt and Elijah. A friendly smile and nod offered to both. "Aye it is a nice afternoon indeed." As for getting in trouble she doesn't think anyone has done anything to do such a thing so isn't worried at all.

"Hm." Is Hotaru's response to the gold's lack of verbosity. She follows Inri's gaze over to the gold, to see what she's up to. "Maybe it's that guy. Do you know him?" Meaning Elijah might be the one the guard is after. Hotaru tilts her head a bit at Yurolt. "Hello. Are we in trouble?" She asks the guard. "Nice day for what?" The redhead stretches a bit and ponders. Apparently no one was sure on the graduation date, so maybe she'll ask around. "You guys all going swimming? The water's a little cold."

"I don't!" And Inri not knowing who someone is is suspicious all by itself. "She seems convinced he's interesting, though. Probably due to confidently walking around her, because a lot of people choke up and try to ask permission or something. Like she's going to move or actually say anything." The question of swimming, though, is answered: maybe none of the humans are going for the water, but the gold dragon? Apparently she is, lumbering past everyone to settle in cool waters. Little lightning zaps of satisfaction bounce off her mind and toward Niumdreoth's. « It is cold, » she agrees, which has temporarily satisfied her. « So the warm will be warmer. » Not, by her mental temper, a bad thing. Yurolt has gained Inri's focus, again, though, and she's waiting: what's up?

Yurolt looks slightly taken aback. Can't a guard socialize without people thinking he's out to get them. However, not being the kind to fully let down his guard he retorts, "Have you done anything of which to be in trouble?" Allowing a tactful pause he continues, "And a nice day for anything I suppose." That last bit comes out a bit sheepish, but it will have to do. Now that he feels somewhat off put, he surveys the area looking for an excuse to run.

Maybe it's because he's new here, he doesn't quite know faces, or maybe he's just that kind of protective, /something/ is urging Elijah to straighten up from his lean and watch what's happening over there with the guard and the girls. Kouzevelth sliding past into the water doesn't faze him, his comfort level obviously pretty high when it comes to gigantic wing-y creatures. He takes a stance and another bite of his apple in the same moment, his arms folded.

Abigail smirks as she hears the question from Hotaru. "Why would we be in trouble?" She questions with a curious tone while seeming amused over the idea. Her arms fold in front of her, fingers settle lightly upon her elbows while her pale gaze rests on Yurolt, pondering what his answer may be. A soft ah escapes her and she soon offers a friendly smile to the guard. "It is a nice day for whatever. I'm Abigail, use ta be a guard not all that long ago actually." Well she will attempt to strike up a conversation it seems, as the fella seems like the nervous type. Niumdreoth rumbles out while watching Kouzevelth move towards the water, it seems the brown is now interested in going for a swim himself and is moving closer to the lake. « Yes, but the cold water will make it more enjoyable I'm sure. » As Nium makes his way into the water a wave of the cold water will more than likely be sent towards Elijah's direction.

Hotaru peers over in Eli's direction. Suspicious indeed! Especially if Inri doesn't know him. Though being a weyrling probably meant Inri didn't frequent the tavern as much anymore. "They choke up when they have to walk by her? I guess big dragons tend to make people more nervous than the small ones. Maybe because there's more of the small ones. Hotaru grins at Yurolt. "I dunno. Maybe I have. Depends on who you ask. Gonna arrest me? I don't think it would be a good day to sit in the Fort jail, though. It might rain tomorrow, maybe you can arrest me then, instead." Hotaru giggles and shrugs her shoulders at Abigail. "I dunno. I don't think we are. It's true, Abbey was a guard before she was searched." She looks back to Yurolt. "What's your name, guard-man?"

Inri shrugs, a lazy rolling back of mostly-bare shoulders that upsets her hair more than anything. She hasn't been keeping up as well as she used to — but she does at least /try/. "She's pointy and huge and might eat them, I guess? And if you," now that's Yurolt, "Got sent out here by Kazulen, he probably said we /all/ did something. Even though it's Khy he's usually got it in for." Because Kazulen and Kh'nai are best friends, and when men are best friends they arrest each other? She's settling into observation-mode, grinning along with Hotaru's observations and questioning — Kouzevelth lets out a low rumble of laughter as her brother joins her, fanning a wing in his direction. Sorry about the splashing, anyone in the immediate area. It is a bit cold.

Yurolt shifts into a noticeable less defensive posture upon hearing that Abigail had worn a guards knot. Birds of a feather so to speak. Yet his right hand hovers rather subconsciously near the hilt of sword. Well trained…perhaps overly trained, he can't quite flip the switch from soldier to other folk. However, his facial expression is now one of overt bravado as he feels a potential ally amongst the others. "Very clever of you…" Directed strait at Hotaru. "I suppose I did walk into that one…Name's Yurolt. And I assure you, I come in peace…this time. Pleasure to meet you…." He glances around from face to face, throwing on the most award winning smile the lad has in his inventory.

The sound that Elijah makes when the cold water pelts him is not so much a yelp, though it is a close relative. It's just more… deep-voiced? Also muffled because he was chewing a mouthful of apple. He ducks and turns quickly to backpedal away from the offense, giving those two dragons a Look for the antics. Forgive the Look for being so fierce, he doesn't really know how to not have that happen. Slow steps bring him around to face the girls and the guard, his escape brought him closer to them, and he offers another one of those finger-waves. "Hi."

Abigail chuckles as she hears Hotaru. "Funny. So what would ye do to get locked up to avoid the rain?" She can only ponder the ideas that the other girl could possible come up with. A slight shake of her head is seen once Kazulen and Kh'nai's names are brought up. "That wouldn't surprise me in the least." Her gaze turns back to Yurolt and she smiles once more. "Pleasure ta meet ye Yurolt. Peace is always a good thing to bring when meeting new people. How long have ye been here with the guard?" Well she has been busy for a while with a certain brown dragon. At the new greeting from Elijah she looks over and offers him a slight finger wave back. "Hello there." It dawns her a few moments later that he has gotten wet from certain dragons playing in the water. "Sorry about that." Niumdreoth rumbles out while he sinks down into the water, a lash of his tail sends a splash of the cool water towards his larger golden sibling.

Hotaru laughs a bit at Inri's description of her dragon. "Pointy? As in her teeth, or the rest of her?" Then her eyes get wide as if remembering something. "Kazulen! If that guy sent him then I'm certainly going to end up in the jail. I think Khy was the only guy candidate that actually liked me." Not like-liked, though. Too old for her. She turns her attention back to the guard. "Hi Yurolt! You can come in peace all the time. I don't think I've seen you before, but I've been out of the weyr for a bit." She's about to ask him how long he's been a guard, but Abbey beats her to the punch. Poor Yurolt is doomed to be questioned to death. Elijah is given a peer when he makes his way over. "…Hi." She dismisses Abigail's question with a wave of her hand. "I wouldn't -try- to get locked up to avoid the rain. I can just sit in the caverns for that. I'm just saying if I was gonna be locked up, I'd prefer it to be on a rainy day. That's all."

"All of her's pretty pointy — Oh gosh, I'm sorry," Inri immediately redirects to Elijah as he gets splashed. "She should really know better than to — I'm sure that was accidental." The mental glare at Kouzevelth indicates it /better/ have been; the gold's rumble is more indignant now if a bit guilty. It was. "I've got a towel, if you want? I wasn't actually planning on swimming, it's just habit."

Yurolt gets another sheepish grin on his face. "Well you know of course you haven't seen me around the Weyr, we're supposed to be somewhat inconspicous, my lot." He let's that hang in the air for a brief moment before continuing. "No, to be honest, I've not been a proper guard for…a little over a week or so. I only just finished my training and Sarge wouldn't let me out of the barracks until I'd passed my exams." The lad shrugs as if to suggest that wasn't anything to ponder over, just how it is. He smiles again, becoming ever more open, if not downright friendly, before turning over his shoulder to Elijah and shouting, "Well hello to you too!" See, friendlier by the moment.

A little uncomfortable, Elijah has a small, tight smile for the girls; when he looks from them to the guard he clears his throat and tries a salute that is about as official as a salute would be coming from someone who's never had to salute anyone ever and doesn't have it quite down. Inri's offer at first seems against what he was going for, which was uninvolved, but after a moment spent considering it he consents. "If you don't mind," he drawls with an accent that seems to be coming from a few of Fort's areas all at once.

Questions for all it seems, as they seem to be started now with Elijah not that he is over near the group now. Abigail grins at Hotaru and nods. "Of course, that makes sense." The answer from Yurolt gets her attention back on him, a brow lifting and a soft ah escapes her. "I see, well at least ye went and passed them for now yer out an about, and so forth." At least the new guard seems more at ease around the little group. Niumdreoth dives down under the water, a few bubbles is about the only thing that may give him away while he swims about.

Hotaru gets an evil look on her face. "You should Inri all wet in retribution." She tells Elijah. Hey, fair's fair, right? Of course she wasn't the one being splashed. It's also not very nice. Hotaru nods to Yurolt about his finishing up training. "Ah. I guess that's true. Most of the guards don't generally chit-chat with anyone while they're on duty or whatnot." Hotaru abandons her glasses with her shorts and shoes. "Anyways, I'm heading into the water before it gets too cold out. I'll see you all later!" The redhead gives a wave before running off water-wards. Hopefully she doesn't get smooshed by any frolicking dragons.

Inri does not, in fact, argue over Hotaru's statement; if someone wants to splash her she's not /actually/ going to stop them, and anyone's response to a suggestion like that is one she's interested in hearing. Instead she takes the towel out of her shoulder bag and pulls herself to her feet, offering it to the relative stranger. "They're usually better than that, the dragons. About not suddenly soaking people with chilly water, even if /they/ are enjoying it."

Yurolt is in an far better mood than minutes before and reaches boldly for Elijah's hand saying, "I'm Guard Yurolt. Pleasure." He nods curtly to the other man and glances rather hopefully at Inri, a soaking would be entertaining.

Hotaru's suggestion results in a less awkward smile from before, Elijah growing more at ease with the idea of being shoved into a situation with such potential to be weird. "And charge for tickets?" Inri is a lot smaller than he is, something he didn't realize until now, and he tilts his head curiously while accepting the towel from her. "Thank you." Pause. "Aren't you a little short for a dragonrider?" Let's try out some teasing, and see how that goes. He shares a grin with Yurolt, just 'cause', while wiping his arms down.

Abigail waves after Hotaru as the girl runs off towards the water, which so far she is alright with avoiding as it seems a bit colder then she thought it would be. "They didn't mean anything about it. Just harmless fun, which includes splashing water towards strangers now and then." At the comment about Inri's height she smirks while peering at Elijah curiously a few moments. "Really? I didn't think height had anything to do with it." Seems teasing doesn't work well with one of the riders here.

As for the other rider, she seems to have a different way of approaching it; laughing, Inri strikes back with, "I think maybe the dragon makes up for it?" as Kouzevelth stands up and stretches her neck to its fullest height. She is, well. Big. At this point in her growth, it's actually clear that she's surpassed Zuhth, making her Fort's most sizeable. Making up for it indeed — even if most of her impressive size is in her length.

Yurolt being suddenly out of his element, dragons and riders not being his forte, Yurolt idly paces a few steps left, a few right. Practicing his footwork it would seem. Oh don't worry, he's still paying attention the people around him.

Proving himself to be a good sport, Elijah grins again and shrugs one broad shoulder in reply to Abigail. "Maybe not then." Inri's quip back and Kouzevelth's stretch steal his attention momentarily, point taken, and he dabs behind his neck one last time before he passes the towel back to the little weyrling. "Thank you. I'm Eli." At first it's just for her, but he adds an amiable wave for all around too.

Abigail grins as she hears Inri, a soft chuckle escapes her well that was a good answer for sure. A glance is sent over towards Yurolt as he goes about pacing back and forth a few times. "So, I take it yer new to the Weyr as well?" This questioned to Elijah as the conversation seems to have turned to him now. Niumdreoth continues to hang out in the cool lake waters for now.

"Eli," Inri repeats, smiling charmingly (up — way up) enough as she stores name to memory bank along with the face, offering her hand for a shake once she's reclaimed her towel. "I'm Inri. That's Kouzevelth." Maybe she should be so polite as to introduce brown and rider as well, but she uncouthly leaves it to them. They might've wanted to, after all! "I used to have kind of a reputation for knowing everyone, so pardon me if I seem a little awkward — and you're Yurolt and you've just made the Guard. Congratulations."

Yurolt hearing his name he quickly stops his ridiculous pacing and nods gratefully to Inri. "Thank you kindly." He clearly enjoyed being the main focus of questions earlier as opposed to his new sideline role. However, it's taking it like a true champion. He smiles all around and nods to each repectfully, "Inri. Elijah. Abigail." He sure is smiley today.

"Inri," Elijah echoes, taking her hand and dwarfing it. He's still holding her hand when he answers Abigail. "New-ish. I've been by before, I'm with the Ramsays, they're a trading family, we go around this whole area." Back to Inri, "I hope this puts you up to speed." She can have her hand back now, he's putting both of his in his pockets.

Abigail nods a moment at this, pondering a few moments it seems. "Welcome back to Fort then. At least ye got here after winter so the weather is warming up. I'm Abigail, and that is Niumdreoth." This said as the brown dragon is making his way out onto shore, his large form dripping with the cold waters. "Don't even think about doing it." This is said towards Niumdreoth, who was about to shake and send the water flying in all directions, instead the dragon grumbles and settles down in a spot to dry off.

"So far," is Inri's response to the trader gentleman, nodding as she processes the mention of the clan; she recognizes the name. Vaguely. Inri sort of pays attention. "And — yeah, if you don't like it cold? Well, I'll never tell anybody to leave because /I/ like it here, so my advice is learn to like the cold." Not that there's much to speak of right then. Kouzevelth, still enjoying the lake, watches Niumdreoth with a wicked glint in her eyes. /She/ would love it if he were to do that, but at least is only mildly disappointed when he doesn't.

Yurolt studies everyone quite intently. It never hurts a guard to be aware of his weyrfolk's assorted backgrounds. Or names…Names are probably important too…And gossip.

"Thanks. Abigail." For trying it out's sake. "I grew up in this area actually, no stranger to winter. I think I'll manage." Elijah has a quiet smile for Inri on that note since he's kind of replying to her, and excuse him if he sidesteps subtly away from Niumdreoth's wet dragon body. He's seen what those can do. "Um."

Abigail lets her attention turn back to the three near her now that Niumdreoth is settled down, and not still interested in shaking water out over everyone. "The weather isn't that bad, though I did grow up at Fort Hold so I suppose I'm rather use to it all." A soft ah escapes her once she hears that Elijah is from the area. "So yer use to it, yer be fine when the snow and ice comes back then." While Niumdreoth is settled down that doesn't mean everyone is safe from the cold water just yet. His large wing unfold and both are given a good shake which sends water flying, which means someone or ones may be getting slightly wet all of a sudden. Which is even a surprise as she eeps at the cool water that hits her.

Like Inri. It's always Inri's luck; at least she doesn't seem to mind, doing nothing but laughing a little as Niumdreoth sprays her. "Hey!" she calls out, but it's not even a little dismayed. Even Kouzevelth trills, amused, as she pulls herself from the water to find a sun patch near the brown to settle in. "Good aim, brown one, I needed to wash my hair anyway. And I'm from Breakwater, if we're talking origins. Not someplace with much to say for itself /except/ that it's cold."

Yurolt looks slightly disgust. Wet hair, damp uniform…Still technically on duty!

"If we're still around." And that's the last Elijah manages to say before the cold water hits again. Inri probably got the least of it, he's sort of standing in between her and the dragon. Second offense! This time he just sort of accepts it once the initial shock is gone, his shoulders all tense up around his jaw and then down again in a defeated slump. Just let it happen. "On that note," he announces, but also, "I think I know Breakwater." He pulls a hand free so he can wave again. "I think I'm gonna go, we still have some unpacking. It was nice meeting all of you."

Abigail grumbles while she works on wiping off some of the water that is clinging to her. She looks to Elijah, a faint ah escapes her. "Hey I'm sorry. He doesn't normally do things like that." Niumdreoth just keeps put, seeming rather content, at the trill from Kouzevelth he knows that he did something to amuse the gold so seems alright with the outcome. "I hope ye have a better night at least." This is said with a soft tone, she does feel bad over it, even if it was just water. "I think I'm going to go for now too." Perhaps to swim, or perhaps to have a talk to Niumdreoth out of sight, either or she waves and moves off heading further on down the lake shore. The brown dragon soon follows after his rider, a soft warble sent towards his sibling while he goes.

Inri looks impressed at the mention of people being familiar with Breakwater; on the other hand, traders, so it makes some degree of sense. Traders and people who like to know where the fish they are eating comes from, that's about the extent of it. "My mother manages the tavern — who knows, you may have met," she says, expression still lined with guilt even despite the fact she's smiling. It's guilt for the cold water. "I've got my own studying to do, so I'll be off myself — nice meeting you both, again! Good luck with the unpacking, and the, um. Guarding." Pulling her things together and giving parting waves, Inri heads back to the barracks.

Yurolt being ever so quick witted and clever, picks up on the fact everyone has places to be, people to see. He blinks with sudden recognition at the fact he's been rather neglectful with the rest of the patrol he was supposed to be conducting. He gives a brief wave/salute to everyone and looks around. Alone.

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