Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

For the most part, K'hys and Jheth have been keeping to themselves, not that the former weaver was ever short on smiles or winks but rather very focused on focusing in on everything that was so new. Today on this spring day of mid-morning, the blue pair is to be found at the lake. Jheth is applying to tongue to just about everything he can get his head close to, and at this moment it was the slimy algae present on some of the rocks beside the lake. The blue was not the quiet type in the least, his personality larger than his still small stature. "Shards, Jheth! I'm not sure you should be doing that." Kai startles as he looks up from where he is crouched by the water, washing the blood off his hands. He had to cut meat up after all, though where the carcass he'd been slaughtering was would be difficult to surmise considering it's lack of presence currently. He pushes himself to his feet and moves around to pull at the well oiled blue body, trying to dislodge the beast from his point of interest. « It makes my mouth tingle!! You should try it, K'hys. It's the tingly-est! » Brown eyes widen and the boy renews his efforts, "Stop licking the rocks!"

Energetic, one word to describe the gold dragon that appears to be constantly on the move and constantly dragging her lifemate along with her. She explores constantly, leaving the pair to rarely take a break and it is only when the energy is spent does she fall asleep with little care of where she may be. Though now is not one of those times as the pair is making their way back from along the lake, drifting towards the Weyr with Zuvaleyuth taking charge, leading her rider as only she can and Dtirae seems content to simply follow with a slight smile upon her lips. The change is new from those first days in the barracks as she's not so stressed or at ends, fretting over what to do and now she is simply in the moment. As they begin to approach Jheth and K'hys, Dtirae stands a little taller and lifts her hand to wave a greeting only to pause as he starts to pull at his lifemate. Zuvaleyuth continues forward, curious as her mind reaches out towards Jheth's. « Why is it, blood of my blood who has come into this world the day that I had found myself free of the leathery prison that restrained myself yet brought such nourishment, that you press your appendage which brings the flavor of whatever graces it to be understood upon these bits of the earth as if they are nourishment that one uses to sate thy need? »

Jheth pauses not in mid-lick of the green tinged rock as Zuvaleyuth and Dtirae approach, but when the gold's mind touches the endless snowfield of his mind. A place that should really be cold, but instead is warm and comfortable with laughter. « What? » he comes back with simply, confusion coloring his mind with an aurora above the drifts of snow tinted in a prism of purples. Pale blue facets whirl as they turn upon his long neck to peer at his rider who had been unsuccessful in budging the blue even an inch. In fact, he'd lost his footing and stumbled back onto his rear end, much as he had when the two first met up close and personal. « She talks funny. » Now the blue was amused, even though the weyrling matched up to him blinks once and glances to the gold pair and then back to Jheth himself. "Jheth!" Flabbergasted, K'hys pushes himself to his feet in one fluid motion, but staggers some in an effort to regain his footing, catching himself on a nearby boulder to steady himself. « Whaaaat? She does! » At least it's gotten the blue's attention, and he moves away from the rock to go ahead and apply his tongue to none other than poor Zuvaleyuth's face. "JHETH!" Now Kai was completely and utterly alarmed, flailing his arms some before he manages to jog quickly to his lifemate's neck and pull with all his might. "What the shells are you doing?" Jheth on the other hand was, as much as he loved him, ignoring his lifemate. « Seeing if she tastes funny too. How cool would that be?! »

While Jheth is snow, Zuvaleyuth is water and her own inverse aurora reflects upon the water's surface as she trickles into the mind of the other, simply becoming part of the scenery as water is easily malleable yet entirely strong. The fact that there's a lack of understanding between herself and the blue is easily noted, especially when Dtirae makes a soft comment to her lifemate, "yer confusin', y'know?" A chuff follows, irritation evident in the way she ruffles her wings. "Since yer doin' that, might as well stretch 'em out." A gentle nudge and the gold flares her wings, stretching them out and getting them used to the movement. K'hys' cry is given a curious look from the weyrling before she's grinning widely in his direction. "Doin' okay, Kai?" She asks cheerfully before considering her own lifemate. She misses the movements of the blue, and it is not until Zuvaleyuth is quickly retreating does she even notice Jheth's closeness. Laughter slips from the young woman's lips, amusement evident as her lifemate's eyes whirl colors of discomfort and irritation. « Cease such foolish notions as to touch your appendage which resides within your maw upon this hide which is myself! » More laughter comes from the former hunter and she shakes her head, "even when yer mad, you talk like that!"

Poor K'hys does manage this time to pull Jheth away from more licking of the gold, but likely only because Zuvaleyuth has moved back from him. "Yeah, I guess." the former weaver mutters when he's asked if he was doing okay, his own slight irritation seeping through the facade of constant cheer he put up around himself the majority of the time. The blue though had sat back onto his haunches and had tilted his head to one side, watching his clutchsister's reaction to him licking her face. « How come she talks like that? » he asks, now looking to his lifemate to clarify, and then to the woman that was standing nearby. « You're Zuvaleyuth's, so you should know. » A pause and he chuffs softly, stretching out his neck and sure enough there goes the tongue again, this time being applied to none other than Dtirea herself. In a nice long tasting lick. "By Faranth's Egg!!" Cue more Kai flaiage, as the boy wraps his arms securely around Jheth's neck and pulls hard, pulling the dragon's head away enough at least that his tongue hadn't much contact with bare skin, but it didn't help the slime or the smell left behind in the wake of the gesture. "What is wrong with you?!" Jheth was confused again, but this time lowers his head to nuzzle at his lifemate, perhaps unsure why sticking his tongue on everything was necessarily a bad thing. « I have a natural curiosity. » Beam. No, really. The dragon is beaming. How is that even possible?

Dtirae watches Kai struggle with his lifemate, giving a rather sympathetic smile in his direction. "It'll get better." She offers, though her tone is certainly uncertain as grey eyes come to settle on her own lifemate, curious and watching of the young gold but saying nothing more on that. Her attention drifts back towards the blueriding weyrling and her smile grows a little wider, "havin' any trouble sleepin' or anythin'?" Jheth's intrusion into her mind is met with a slight wince and a brief moment of confusion. "Ain't sure. She's been talkin' like that since I Impressed her. Maybe ta piss me off." Though, from the looks of it, both manage to piss the other off by simply talking. With her gaze on her lifemate, she misses the blue's approach to her and only noticing when his tongue is upon her. Zuvaleyuth lets out a disgruntled huff and approaches again, settling herself between the blue and Dtirae, wings flaring in means to fence her lifemate away. « I hath forbid you, from this moment forth and for each one to pass in time's unbroken movements, from placing thy appendage upon she who is my rider! » Dtirae, however, is just /laughing/ — not for K'hys' reaction or her lifemate's — at the situation and the fact that Jheth's licked her. "Yer lifemate's interestin', Kai."

K'hys actually eyes Dtirae dubiously when she says it gets better, and although his mouth opens perhaps to drop some sarcastic comment or another which he was also prone to do, Jheth's mental laughter easily distracts. « Right? How would she know? She's just as new at this as you are. Ah, that's priceless. » Laughing mentally so hard for a few moments, one might actually expect that he would be wiping tears from his eyes, not that this actually happens. Maybe he was just that good at projecting moods. Now Kai will simply stare at his lifemate, mouth hung open for a long as it takes for his good natured partner there to nudge at the base of his chin just so as to close it. Another nuzzle and the blue returns his attention to the woman as she answers him, cocking his head to the other side before settling down to curl up right then and there. His whirling facets all but sparkling when Dtirae is laughing, seeming to enjoy basking in her amusement for as long as it lasts. As for Zuvaleyuth, well, Jheth is grinning as best a dragon can clearly still amused with her too. Overall, it was a very good day for the male dragon. "He's something all right." K'hys says, narrowing his eyes some at the blue before he sighs and gives up now that he at least seemed finished with licking everything in sight. « You're fun. We should hang out more. » This is said to the agitated gold, which has his lifemate's expression shifting again, this time to crestfallen. A slap of his hand to his face and he drags the palm downwards, "Jheth…." he mutters, and the male perks and turns his way, « What? » Another sigh. "Never mind." A groan and the blue almost seems to shrug, « Okay. »

Dtirae's hands lift for that dubious look that the other weyrling gives her, "don't look at me like that, Kai. Ain't sayin' I /know/ from experience or nothin'. 'm just sayin' what I heard from riders I asked. Namely, Elara." A rather sheepish smile crosses her lips and her hands are then tucked into the pockets of her baggy pants. More laughter follows as K'hys' jaw hangs open and for when Jheth closes his mouth for him. There's no restraint for her laughter, clearly finding the whole situation funny until there's a gentle nudge from her own lifemate to collect herself. "Yer no fun, ZuvaZuva." The gold only snorts in response to the nickname, not indulging the woman with a response as she continues to play the guard until Jheth declares that she's fun. With that, she retreats and simply settles beside her lifemate, tail curling around the woman's legs. « I express my feelings of delight for the fact that I bring you enjoyment in which brings thy decision for us to linger together. » Her tail twitches with momentary lingering annoyance before calming again as youth brings a mixture of emotions to the surface. An apologetic look is given to K'hys from Dtirae, along with a smile to match.

"Every dragon is diffrent, or in Jheth's case very different." K'hys begins, interrupted with a wince as his lifemate turns his head towards him quickly. « Hey! » But other than the shift in expression, the weyrling bluerider continues on shortly there after. He's grinning though this time, having pulled one over on the blue menace. "He might be stuck like this forever. Licking things, pouncing passersby…" Jheth chimes in again, « Eating lots of meat. Don't forget that part. » A pause and a shifting slide of eyes Jheth's way before he tacks on, "…eating lots of meat." Jheth beams again, happy that there is compliance before he's distracted again, this time by an avian that drops down to take a sip from the water there. Facets whirl faster in his delight as he lowers his head and peers at the tiny flying creature who flitters its wings. The blue eases himself to standing and tries to copy the movement, unfurling his wings and smacking poor Kai upside the head in the process as well as knocking him over. Down to the ground he goes again. He lets out a yelp as he goes down and then glares at the blue, rubbing the offending spot with one hand, which was already turning red. « Oopse. » At least K'hys doesn't look seriously hurt. « Sorry K'hys. » The former weaver pulls himself up to his feet again, backing up a few steps away from the still partially unfurled wings and plopping himself down onto one of the people benches that are sporadically scattered all along the lake shore. He drops down heavily at that, making room for Dtirae should she so wish to park herself beside him there. He's out of the way now, and so when those wings spread out again, there is no weyrling to knock unconscious, Jheth utterly enthralled with the twitchy avian. « Is this thing made out of meat? » The boy glances his dragon's way and brows lift, "Kind of. Not very filling though. Not even for me." Jheth seems quite put out about this, slumping some though it doesn't stop him from trying to capture the creature in his maw. Missing of course. By a mile. The avian flies away, chirping as it goes, and the blue sits back on his haunches, watching as he folds his wings against his back. Zuvaleyuth's mind touching is own again, brings him to look back to the gold, « Huh? » K'hys exchanges a look with Dtirae, "That's got to take some serious getting used to. The way she talks." he says, jerking his chin some the direction of the woman's lifemate.

"No kiddn' 'bout them all bein' different. None of 'em are ever the same…" A chuckle for her friend and his comments to his lifemate, considering the blue before her gaze resettles on the former weaver. "Well, he's always goin' ta be eatin' a lot of meat. Ain't nothin' goin' ta change 'bout that." More laughter and she shuffles her feet briefly against the ground as Zuvaleyuth grows distracted. Her gaze settles on the avian as it lands, but, too attached to her rider to really venture over to try and discover so she instead digs through the memories of Dtirae. Curiosity sated, she turns attention elsewhere in an examination of the lake while Jheth begins to mimic the avian. Laughter would follow as K'hys is smacked by a blue wing, but her hands lift to stifle it before it can escape and holding tight until she takes a few breaths and calms herself again. "Are you okay?" She questions softly, grey eyes searching over him before relaxing when there's no serious injuries upon the man. She follows when he moves to sit, freeing herself from her lifemate if only for a moment as she's following to rest her head upon Dtirae's lap. The look given to her earns a rather weak shrug while her hands come to settle on Zuvaleyuth's head. "Ain't used ta it. 'm goin' insane… Every mornin'. Every hour, every day, everythin' she says is like that. I couldn't figure out what she was tryin' ta say on the Sands." A snort comes from the gold as she allows those present to hear what she has to say, the water of her mind trickling in gently so not to greatly intrude on the other minds. « Words of untruth from thy lips, Dtirae, for the inner depths of your head are perfectly in tact. You simply reject to hear the clarity of my prose. »

K'hys rubs his head again, "Yes, I'm fine. This isn't the first time he's done that." he replies, even sheepishly at that, as if revealing this makes it all the more prone to attract the laughter of others. "He's discovered his tongue today, and tomorrow only Faranth knows if he'll remember it. Might have to go through all of this again for a while until it manages to stick." The former weaver doesn't sound like this is necessarily a bad thing or that he's put out about it, if anything there was a fondness for the clumsy and curious blue who upon inspecting the lake had come across his own reflection. Which he was now crooning at. He'd all but forgotten Zuvaleyuth, but as Dtirae comes and sits beside him, the weyrling boy leans back and stretches his arms out along the back of the bench. Minus the step that one in his situation might drop one of them around her shoulders, were they not forbidden such things and if there was even remotely any interest. "You must have some idea of what she's saying right?" K'hys asks, brows lifting upwards in unison. Then there is a twitch as the gold's mind trickles into his as well as that of her clutchbrother, and brown eyes flicker the way of the blue who was whirling eyes at the female. Jheth was laughing again, playful flurries of snow against the backdrop of the fanning ribbons of light of the softest pinks. Kai can't resist this time, he joins his lifemate with a quiet chuckle. "I don't know who has it worse."

"Yer goin' ta have a permanent bruise." Dtirae points out, though amusement lingers in her tone. No laughter comes, past the point of laughing at the poor weaver's expense, at least. "Shells. Well, maybe he'll discover somethin' else that'll keep his attention 'til he forgets 'bout his tongue. Or, you can remind him with yer memories. Zuvaleyuth likes pickin' through mine." Fingers trace idly along the hide of her lifemate, fingers making idle patterns in a movement that is entirely fond and in love and even her expression touches on that love for a brief moment. Grey eyes then lift and resettle on K'hys, shaking her head. "Not 'less I sit and pick it 'part. Wiyaneth told her ta talk less, but, she ain't stoppin'. She thinks it's clearer, sayin' every word that could be said ta describe somethin' so that there's a lack of confusion from it." Fingers continue to trace idly, before she murmurs a soft apology in the direction of the other for the intrusion of her lifemate's mind. "Ain't sure. Pretty sure we both got it real bad. Ada seems ta be gettin' 'long fine, and P'on, and Jaye…"

K'hys groans softly, "Tell me about it." he says, which for whatever reason gets Jheth's attention, the blue abandoning his exploration of his own reflection for a quick scan of the area before he slinks over and settles in a sort of crescent around the half of the bench that his lifemate occupies. « Didn't Zuvaleyuth's just do that? » The former weaver's lips twitch upwards on one side, and he lopsidedly smirks at the male dragon. "I'll explain later, Jheth." He doesn't appear to be too fond of the idea of waiting but something else moving out of the corner of his facets has them whirling that direction. Which in the end gets a release of tension from the boy weyrlings shoulders. "I can only hope, but he's seriously into putting his tongue on everything and everyone. I'm just glad that there isn't anything around that he could get sick or choke on. I feel like a parent." He slumps himself then, falling into silence for a spell, and then chuckling. "I don't know, he's done some riffling, but he tells me he'd rather experience things on his own. Says it's more fun that way. Like an adventure." Jheth chuffs his agreement, resting his wedge shaped head upon the boy's lap and closes his eyes as one of his eye ridges is scritched, listening as Dtirae explains about her own lifemate. While it may look as if his attention was focused on lavishing Jheth with attention, he does glance over at the woman now and then. "That sounds pretty rough, at least I understand everything Jheth says. Even if he talks a mile a minute. Which is still really weird, the talking in your head. It'd been explained to us before, but I don't think that words do it justice. It's almost like thinking in someone else's voice, but with pictures." he says, and then laughs at himself. "Even that doesn't make sense."

Dtirae grins widely at K'hys, amused and sympathetic all at once before grey eyes settle on the blue as he comes to sit beside them. Zuvaleyuth is lost in enjoying the feelings of her lifemate's attention, lost in that and unseeing of the blue that joins them as her eyes are lidded as one's do when in pleasure. Another chuckle from Dtirae, quiet and distant as she grows lost in her thoughts for a moment. "Well, maybe he'll try ta remember from yer memories on the situation. Would be like they're his?" The suggestion draws her attention back to the pair before nodding her understanding for Jheth's sentiments on rifling through memories versus experiencing things oneself, simply smiling a little wider before grey eyes settle down on her lifemate again. "Yeah. It's hard. Figure 'm goin' ta get used ta it eventually." Fingers continue to trace and trail along golden hide before she's laughing. "I ain't even goin' ta try." There's a brief pause before she mutters, "and yer not goin' ta try, Zuvaleyuth." At least she got it in before the gold stirred to try and supply an answer.

Mid-morning brings a brief respite in duties for one bronzerider and Th'ero wanders aimlessly along one of the various paths leading to the lake while Velokraeth soars overhead. The Weyrleader is usually up well before most weyrfolk to make his rounds and now, with a little free time to spare, has headed outdoors for once. Perhaps he had expected that with the time of day, the lake would be reasonably empty and truth be told it's not overly crowded - but Th'ero is surprised all the same to see the two weyrlings, deep in discussion with each other. He may have tried to quietly turned back, to leave them be, if Velokraeth didn't blow his cover by choosing to land. The pale, misshapen bronze circles lazily downwards before backwinging and settling heavily to his stunted limbs. Oversized head rises up and tilts a little to observe the two young dragons - his offspring! - and then croons warmly to the pair while he tucks his wings neatly to his sides. Left with no choice now, Th'ero straightens his shoulders a little and begins to approach K'hys and Dtirae, a vague smile curving along his lips. "Morning." He calls to them, once he's within hearing range.

Jheth might of very well have fallen asleep then and there. He had had a most exciting morning of licking things, ate some meat till his belly was full and now was enjoying some nice relaxing scritches. Maybe he even drifts off there a second while his lifemate chats quietly with Zuvaleyuth's before the landing of a full grown dragon completely dismisses that plan. The head of the blue comes up and upon spotting the bronze, there is a pause, and K'hys is distracted from his conversation with Dtirae. Brows sink down and he glances towards Jheth, "Velokraeth? I guess you could say that. Well, technically…" Before Kai can even finish that thought, the blue is up and bounding over to his sire. « DAD! » Suddenly Jheth is circling one of the bronze's legs in ecstatic circles, rubbing some against the limb along the way. Dragon hugs. Who knew. The boy laughs at the display, all toothy smiles that would knock the socks off of someone surely, somewhere. Miki had it right, the kid had very pretty teeth. It actually takes a moment for the weyrling associated with him to realize that where there was smoke there was also, "Th'ero." he mutters, and Jheth perks up from where he had settled to slump against Velokraeth's stumpy limb, his whirling facets moving at an ever rapid pace. It was like watching a computer load a file. Kai winces noticeably when the Weyrleader does in fact greet himself and his fellow weyrling. There is no salute, just a mutter under his breath before he sends the Weyrleader a shinning grin. "Morning, sir." Jheth though, is eying his lifemate. « Oh, and you're getting on me where I want to put MY tongue. » The blue snorts.

The arrival of Velokraeth is first noted by Dtirae, causing a Zuvaleyuth to stir from her slumber and draw back from her lifemate. The croon is returned, soft and hinting at a loving tone just for her sire. « It is he! The father, the one who chased in the deepest tradition of raw feeling, passion, emotions to bring forth many more who shall take part in this trial of will and strength. » Unrestrained, the water of Zuvaleyuth's mind greets all those present, trickling in and quietly occupying as water does. Delighted as she is, she does not leave the side of her rider. Dtirae lifts a hand in greeting of the Weyrleader before shifting into a salute. "Hello Th'ero." There's an awkward little smile for her lifemate's words that touches on apologetic briefly before attention turns to Jheth as he rushes towards Velokraeth. Laughter slips out again, and awkwardness if forgotten in the wake of amusement for the blue's antics.

Velokraeth had just begun to settle himself down comfortably on the lake's shore when Jheth's outburst has the pale bronze pausing. Dad? Before the bronze can mull over that detail, he suddenly has a blue circling his limbs, startling him. No one, draconic or human, usually approach him so openly. Velokraeth chuffs in amusement to the young blue in the end, though giving him a curious look all the same as he lowers himself to ground. As he crosses one of his stunted forearms over the other, his oversized head turns to Zuvaleyuth and then cocks to the side. What? Th'ero seems relieved that K'hys doesn't salute him; though he's still unaware of the effect his arrival has on the poor weyrling. To make matters worse, he actually smiles genuinely to both him and Dtirae when he relaxes enough to do so. "You two are well? Adjusting and adapting?" The Weyrleader asks, a touch bluntly. But it's the last question he'll ask for the moment, distracted by Jheth's antics, leaving Th'ero only to blink in clearly read surprise.

Jheth was, special, as K'hys liked to put it. This showed every day in the way that the young blue acted and spoke. He wasn't the least bit concerned that his sire might not want to greet him or be very happy about such an enthusiastic greeting. Still, there it was, and the male would not be contained, nor would his joy at meeting at last the one that had sired him. The former weaver coughs and flushes darkly, staring openly at his lifemate as he snorts at him. « If you want to do it that badly you should! He doesn't look half as slimy as those rocks. » This only serves to make Kai all the more red and he shift uncomfortably in his seat, almost leaning against Dtirea in his effort to find some sort of cover that was readily available. "Not going to happen, Jheth." he mutters through clenched teeth, putting on a brighter grin for Th'ero. Nothing to see here, move along. The blue snorts again, and after a long adoring croon to his sire, he trots off towards the Weyrleader himself. « Fine. I will. I'll let you know how it was. » The weyrling boy is suddenly sitting up straight, his brown eyes round with alarm and he actually pales. "Jheth!" he hisses, but unfortunately it's too late. Jheth was indeed, licking poor Th'ero. Right up one side, from neck, cheek temple and even his hair. Dragon drool, yummy. "I am So sorry!" he says as he jumps to his feet now that the initial shock was over, and attempts to pull his lifemate away. « Hey, he's not half bad. You don't know what you're missing! » K'hys yanks and manages to dislodge the beast, flushed so dark even the tan lingering on his flesh could hope to cover it. "I do know, I do. Now stop. Please." Poor kid sounds like he's about to die of embarrassment and he sends Dtirae a pleading look over his shoulder. Help.

Zuvaleyuth watches with interest as Jheth makes his way around Velokraeth's limbs in such a cheerful, loving fashion with her head tilting in a curious manner for the blue's antics. The lack of response from the bronze simply earns silence in response, her head coming to rest upon Dtirae's lap once more, too tired to really put much more effort into continuing conversation. The smile from Th'ero is returned by the young woman as her hand comes to rest upon the head of her lifemate again, "well 'nough, I suppose. Goin' a little crazy 'cause of how Zuvaleyuth talks, ain't nothin' else causin' any issues." Grey eyes trail past the Weyrleader, briefly settling on Jheth before turning to consider K'hys beside her, brows furrowing for his muttering before looking between both rider and dragon. There's a snort of laughter as Jheth, again, applies his tongue to a person. A hand lifts to cover her mouth and to hide the rest of her laughter. The pleading look that's soon given in her direction is met with a helpless shrug and an apologetic smile.

Obliviousness has its obvious downfalls and Th'ero is about to get the first of many lessons in that. While K'hys and perhaps a select few others would know of Jheth's quirks, the Weyrleader has had little time to mingle with the new weyrlings. So while obvious signs of something amiss would be the furious blushing from K'hys and overly bright grin, Th'ero just plays it off as nerves and doesn't think any of it. Instead, Dtirae distracts him for a moment, while Velokraeth gives a sweet little greeting to the gold now that the blue's interest seems to turn elsewhere. "How she… talks? What do you mean by that" he says, sounding a little puzzled by her response and is about to open his mouth to press the weyrling for more when K'hys' sudden hiss has him turning his attention away. But it's too late and Jheth hits his mark. Th'ero just goes rigid, mouth drawn into a thin line as he tries not to grimace too much from the unwanted licking. Do not want! And Velokraeth? Is making weird noises that could be considered laughter, loud and unrestrained. Oh yes, these are /definitely/ his ilk. When the Weyrleader recovers, he shoots a narrowed glance to his pale bronze, which only snorts at him. Oh, liven up and take that pole out of your —- well, one gets the idea. "It's okay." Th'ero reassures the flustered K'hys, lifting his arm to wipe the worst of it away and then giving himself a bit of a shake. He even tries a smile to follow his words, though it comes out crooked at best and not very convincing. "He's an… energetic one, isn't he?" Is added after another awkward pause, but it's clear the bronzerider is still trying to unfreeze his startled mind.

There is no help to be found from the woman formally known as Deitra, and it's possible that the former weaver notes this somewhere in the back of his mind considering that flicker of frustration that makes it across his stretched features. Just wasn't his day apparently. « I don't understand why you're making such a big deal out of… » About then, Kai interjects his voice wavering but attempting to sound as bright and sunny as possible. A smile much like Th'ero's on his face as he gives one last yank on his lifemate's neck. "Yes, yes it is. But we should be going. Yes. Leaving." The blue hesitates some, unsure it appears whether they were actually leaving or not. « We're leaving? » K'hys will just be ignoring that, and pushing Jheth the way out. The confused young male makes a few sounds of protest as he's herded towards the exit, « But…but… » In the end, they are in headed away from the small grouping and the human half of the pairing is making his apologies to both Th'ero and Dtirae. « Bye Dad! Bye Zuvaleyuth! » It's likely that K'hys will make this up to the weyrling goldie at a later date, a guilty look tossed her way this time before he finally manages to disappear from sight.

Velokraeth's attention upon her draws a sweet little croon in response, again delighted and welcoming of her sire. Dtirae turns her gaze to Th'ero and gives a rather short nod, "she uses a lotta words ta explain everythin', says she's bein' entirely direct 'bout what she means. Or somethin' like that, she's confusin', either way." Lips press into a thin line, brows furrowing at the statement of her lifemate. Fingers stroke along the hide before Zuvaleyuth withdraws from her lifemate, sitting a little straighter and taller. Suddenly, there is more laughter for Th'ero and Velokraeth's reactions to the blue's licking curiosity. She sobers quickly and gives another apologetic smile towards K'hys for her inability to find any way to provide some help. And then he is announcing their departure, a nod is given in farewell. « Fare thee well, one who was freed of thy prison the same day as I. » Dtirae's considering Zuvaleyuth for a moment before she, too, pushes from her feet. "We should go, she'll fall asleep 'gain and I ain't wantin' ta attempt ta drag her back ta the barracks." Another salute is given and a cheerful smile as the pair begin to depart as well. A croon is given towards her sire-bronze, « Fare thee well, o' great sire who leads within these stone walls of ancient times that hath been called the first of Weyrs. »

"So she's eloquent then, in other words?" Th'ero muses towards Ditrae once she explains and unable to resist lightly teasing the weyrling. He can only shake his head, clearly confused on the whole matter when K'hys seems adamant to leave with Jheth. The Weyrleader looks between the blue dragon and weyrling, frowning a little but it's clear he's still not connecting the dots. Instead, his hand comes up to fuss with his hair where Jheth's licking had reached and finally the bronzerider begins to chuckle, some of Velokraeth's mirth bubbling over to him. "Leaving?" Th'ero echoes as well, blinking a little. He seems to have this effect on poor K'hys, but the bronzerider doesn't attempt in talking the weyrling into staying. "It's fine, really. No harm done." Another reassurance is given before K'hys can drag Jheth away entirely and even Velokraeth rumbles towards the pair; jaw dropping a little in a draconic grin. Goodbye and /do/ visit again soon, hmm? Zuvaleyuth is given another sweet croon, though the bronze looks a little perplexed by the young gold's choice of words. And here he though he was gifted of speech. When it seems that Dtirae is preparing to leave, Th'ero gives a little sigh and a bemused, crooked smile. "I won't keep you then. Take care. Maybe next time we'll catch up some more." He tells them both, before K'hys can feel for good and all. "Good luck with the rest of your day!" The Weyrleader doesn't linger long afterwards, turning to continue along his path towards the guard barracks and pausing only by Velokraeth long enough to give the pale bronze an affection thump to the side before moving on.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.