This is a backdated scene and would have occurred after the incident of Gold Hill

Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Offices
Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort though the dcor has likely changed time and time again as new leadership comes to fill the offices. The main set up is where the juniors work, three desks settled in the main office that is lined with means to house the old records and reports. Various potted plants are around the office to give a touch of color. From this singular area, the office branches off into two different sections: The Senior's office and the Weyrleader's office. Both furnished to fit the needs of the Weyrleaders along with small flares of personal touch.

Dawn comes too swiftly for some, the night seeming so short and far too fleeting. Hardly a day has gone by since the Weyrlings were recalled from that ill-fated visit to Gold Hill and the previous afternoon was likely filled with M'icha's harsh lecturings still ringing in their ears. Night at least brought peace, but today is a new day and many will have to face some awkward moments. This would be one of them and of course in the Weyrleader's office. Th'ero is sitting behind his desk, dressed in warm but casual clothing with his riding gear hung up on a nearby peg. There is a small fire in the hearth and a low end table holds a few refreshments. The Weyrleader is currently bent over some paperwork, scribbling a few sentences and pausing between to read through some of the other sheets stacked or strewn over his desk. Clearly the hour of the morning doesn't faze him at all, though his mood is already brooding. The door to the office will be closed, but it is not barred and anyone arriving can simply knock and walk in. He is, after all, expecting "visitors".

One of those Visitors is Eirwyn. From the dark circles beneath her eyes, she did not sleep well last night nor did the night bring her peace. She was quiet through those lectures from the WLM. Quiet through the night as she sat with Xucieth and the two sat locked in each other's minds through the night. As Eirwyn enters she stops before the desk at attention and offers a salute. "Reporting as requested sir." She says in a tired voice. Indeed her and Xucieth have come a long way during weyrlinghood. In the early days it was a constant struggle between the pair that Eirwyn usually lost. Missing lessons or disrupting then, causing havoc amoungst the other dragons as Xucieth would lead them into some folly or another. The balance slowly has shifted to Eirwyn being able to manage most of Xucieth's Xuciethisms, but from the activities of yesterday it is clear that it is not something the weyrling has complete control over yet.

Everyone has a lapse in control now and again, something the Weyrleader should know from personal experience. Right now though, that knowledge or memory is either being forgotten or ignored by him in face of what could be a large political issue for the Weyr to handle. Th'ero glances up when the sound of approaching footsteps grab his attention. Straightening, he gives a brisk nod at her salute and then gestures with a hand to one of the vacant seats. "Good of you to be prompt," he says in a firm tone, not entirely a compliment but not said overly warm and comforting. "Sit. We have much to discuss and not much time in which to do it." No rest for either of them, it seems. The Weyrleader frowns then, noting the tired appearance in Eirwyn, and yet makes no outward comment on it. Leaning back in his seat, he folds his hands in his lap as his gaze lingers on the green Weyrling, clearly collecting his thoughts before he speaks. "You've no doubt been lectured enough by M'icha over the last hours, so I will skip voicing that part of my concerns for now. What I /am/ wanting from you is a report. All of it. What happened and most importantly, /why/ you reacted as you did. Understood?" he says softly, but with authority, pausing to give Eirwyn a sharper look as he awaits her response.

As Eirwyn is offered a chair, there is a moment's hesitation before she nods and takes the seat. She nods to his comments about the lecture given to them last night. As he asks her the questions, asking for the report Eirwyn looks down at her hands for a moment. There is a breath before she looks up again, "If I can sir…As you well know sir, I was raised as a Lady in a hold. Whatever feeling my mother has for riders…well we have always respected our duties to Xanadu and Eastern when it came down to it. I have been in greeting parties before for visiting riders or weyrlings. I have visited other holds before as well in that capacity. To be frank sir, what I saw…how we were treated…just didn't feel right to me. Holders can be cocky and self assured, they may act like noone can touch them, but…we guard our doors. We passed people who were afraid. We past furnishing that was all glitter and no substance. Expensive maybe, but fragile furnishing that would not stand the test of time. If I was a lord holder I would want guards if nothing to protect these easily stolen assetts. Then..the greeting. Ushered off and seemingly hidden away, left to wait and seperated from Kimmila. Well I wasn't the only one to get bad vibes over it sir."

Th'ero leans back heavily into his chair while Eirwyn speaks, silent and his eyes never once leaving the Weyrling. Which may be uncomfortable and even awkward, given it's rather close scruitiny even from a Weyrleader. His frown grows heavier as well and his gaze takes on a distracted and thoughtful look, dropping briefly to his folded hands in his lap before snapping back to her and his mouth twists into a thin line. Not entirely disapproving, but not overly pleased either. "I was Holdbred as well, though not in the same respects your upbringing. I know of the mentality between Hold and Weyr. And it was good of you to note all this, keen observation is a good asset and skill to hone and have. /However/," Oh yes, there is always a catch, isn't there? "You were not in a position to call Unevyr out on his faults or that of his father's Hold — founded or unfounded as they may have been. There are times when one has to bite back a comment," Or a dozen. "And simply play a ruse of false pleasantries. I'm certain you're familiar enough with that?" Th'ero says, his voice remaining firm and even throughout, though his tone is low. Controlled. "I am aware though that there may have been some plot on his part to separate you from Kimmila. I was also told he offered… gifts." Pausing again, he waits on her confirmation before continuing. "According to the details I also received, there was an incident involving a broken window, some minor damage in the courtyard…" Having glanced down to the paperwork at his desk, he leans forwards to flip one page corner up, smirking a little. "And reports that Xucieth's behavior was… inappropriate. To put it lightly. Why was that?"

There is definately a little squirming, but perhaps knowing her mother she may well be used to lectures nad high expectations. Eirwyn tries not to look away at the reprimand and at the first bit she nods, "I did…I paid him compliments and spoke like a lady should. Then he started bribing us Sir. Not with small triffles, but with saphires and diamonds, the silk hangings on the wall or the furniture in the hold. Why would a holder bribe weyrlings with such expensive gifts? The dragons started to get riled up and well I was worried about Kimmilla and I fought to keep my tongue even still. Maybe they do things different in holds in the north, but …well everything felt wrong. I know I overstepped myself, and I apologize for that. I make no excuses in that regard. Maybe Xucieth and I were feeding off each other but everything just felt…wrong. I felt in danger in that room and really I think I held my tongue well until he pushed Kimmila. With her being pregnant…well…No man with honour would lay hands on a woman, much less a pregnant woman." She takes another breath after that rush of words and is quiet as the Weyrleader goes on. When he asks of Xucieth's behavior, Eirwyn colours a bit. "The landing field was a bog, not fit place to land in, much less for the dragons to remain. Xucieth went exploring for a comfortable place to sit. I am afraid she may have picked up on my agitation and became agitated herself when she came upon people around the hold. She didn't hurt anyone, I promise you sir, but she being…well her might have given them a fright."

"And how do you know he wasn't simply attempting to barb you all? Sense for weakness and strengths? Unevyr is cunning, yes, but tends to be all bluster and hot air. He likes to flash his power and yet will rarely act upon it." Th'ero states rather crisply, even interrupting Eirwyn midway to make his point and with little warning beyond a swift gesture of a raised hand to bid her pause. Once he has voiced his correction and opinion, the Weyrleader falls silent again and listens intently this time without interrupting her. If his mood has changed, it is hard to say as Th'ero is keeping it well under control with his usual mask of neutrality. The only hint may be how deep his frown settles or how his mouth draws back into a thin line, jaw clenched or working slightly as he mulls over his thoughts. "Kimmila can handle herself well enough," Th'ero drawls pointedly in regards to the comments of the bluerider and her current pregnant state. Though he can't help but smile faintly for Eirwyn's words. "No, no honorable man would. But Kimmila is a seasoned rider and capable. Not that I fault you or the others for wanting to protect her or each other. /Those/ are good traits. But you need to learn balance and control." All words and concepts that have likely been drilled into the Weyrlings skulls since the previous afternoon. Th'ero shakes his head then, "The landing field's condition is a very minor slight. There are alternatives for a dragon to rest in any Hold. As for Xucieth's agitation, at this state Eirwyn you should be able to shield your emotions enough to keep from triggering your lifemate." he says bluntly, not skirting around the issue. "Fear is as damaging as any injury. Hold folk already have enough views of us dragonriders. Do you see and understand how her frightening behavior could affect that?"

Eirwyn nods to the interuption, "I suppose he might have been. I let emotions cloud my judgement…but…everything just felt wrong and I just couldn't shake that feeling." The comments about Kimmila cause her to nod slightly, "I know she is capable, I mean no disrespect…habit I guess. As strong as Ma is, she never did well with pregnancies. So easy to miscarry, so we were all cautious about her growing up. Hard habit to break, but truely I mean no disrespect to her with my concern." She explains of her behavior when it came to Kimmila. She nods with regard to Xucieth, "I know sir, I have been trying really hard. She is very…receptive and tends to blow little things out of proportion. I promise I have been trying to work on that, but I know I have a long way to go. Don't get me wrong, I love Xucieth and I would have no other dragon. I dare say her …temperment is really forcing me to grow up faster than I expected." Her lips twitch at that.

"I'm not saying the situation was right either," Th'ero admits with a grimace. "From the reports I have, there are a few concerns." But that is all the Weyrleader will elaborate on for now, promptly going silent on that conversation. He only nods his head in agreement to Eirwyn admitting she had allowed her emotions to reign. Shifting a bit in his chair, Th'ero is a little awkward in his behavior when the green Weyrling brings up her mother's past condition and troubles. Clearing his throat slightly, he simply shakes his head and speaks in a careful tone now. "I am sorry to hear of Lady Ryeira's difficulties. But to reassure your concerns, Kimmila's health is not in question or jeopardy." he states, a little crisp again as they skirt along an obviously sensitive topic. Eirwyn's response concerning Xucieth's behavior have some of the tension leaving his shoulders, though Th'ero doesn't quite look entirely satisfied with her response. "I can understand that," he says, almost seeming sympathetic for her struggles. Maybe he truly is, but he's not really showing it. "But consider this a warning and a lesson. You will have to be vigilent when you are beyond the Weyr's walls. Be as aware of your emotions as hers. You and the other Weyrlings will be facing Between soon…" And his tone turns grave then, stating both fact and warning in his words. "And I cannot have undisplined Weyrlings or any doubts on their control given permission to learn that skill." Th'ero pauses then, letting his words sink in before he exhales heavily. "But neither do I want to see any of you held back. Yesterday was unfortunate and it seems you know well enough of your mistakes. So my previous punishment still stands, but if M'icha tells me that you have improved, then you will be cleared." Another pause that stretches into just a hint of uncomfortable silence, before he adds in a low tone. "Anything you would like to add, Eirwyn?"

"Yes sir, I will remember that in the future." Eirwyn says in regards to Kimmila's health. She takes a breath then and relaxes a touch in her seat. The comments about being grounded and between cause her to nod once more, "I promise to work harder so. I would not wish to risk Xucieth cause I couldn't focus." There is a note of nervousness in her voice at that. No doubt one of the scariest lessons a weyrling has to face. At the last Eirwyn drops her gaze for a moment thoughtful to his question before looking up. "I may have overstepped myself again, but well I figured it was important for at least one hold to have the right of things. The Lord Heir threatened to pass word around about Fort withholding protection from Gold Hill, but our way is if we can't bother to protect ourselves, we can't ask anyone else to do it for us. I just wanted to make sure if a Conclave is called, at least one holder there will know WHY Kimmila responded as she did. I know how volatile holders can be if they feel slighted…Well…I felt , I suppose I shouldn't of…" She sighs helplessly and sags in her seat.

It should be the scariest lesson! And the one taken most seriously. Th'ero is observing Eirwyn's reaction carefully, his gaze lingering still even as the conversation winds down. It makes for some awkward silences, even if brief and for a rather tense atmosphere. Thankfully not heated and the green Weyrling has lucked out in that regard. The Weyrleader's temper, while far from good, is not threatening to snap. "Good. We do not wish to lose /any/ of you." Th'ero states bluntly, driving home his earlier subtle comments of what the outcomes could be. "Plus, you will be gaining more freedom. Out there," And he lifts one hand to gesture vaguely towards the outside before his hands lace together again and rest on the surface of his desk. "You will always be representing Fort Weyr, even as a fully ranked Wingrider. You will never quite be able to allow your guard to go down…" The Weyrleader lapses silent again then, thoughtful as he listens to her next comment. "Empty threats," Th'ero points out gravely and with a grimace, eyes narrowing a little. Maybe this is news to him? "And there will be no Conclave. He is only heir, after all and not the actual Lord Holder." So there is hope yet that some of this may be salvaged. He shakes his head then, giving her a long look as she sighs and sags in her seat. That brings some tension to the Weyrleader's posture, clearly uncomfortable. He's not good at instilling much reassurance it seems. "It was a difficult situation. One that you three weren't quite ready to face and yet… you did as best you could. That does not excuse many things but the situation is not as dire. It will just require a lot of… careful finesse to smooth over." And there is no denying he is disappointed, but little can help that.

And rather than leave Eirwyn to suffer in lingering awkwardness or for Th'ero to flounder further and likely cause more damage than good, the Weyrleader dismisses her. There is more recap of their discussions and his opinions and concerns, as well as some brief and rather brisk, canned responses that wish her the best of luck over the next sevenday. She may very well need it! Once the green Weyrling is gone and the door shut behind her again, Th'ero exhales heavily and it ends in a few low muttered curses. Sitting straight in his chair, he leans over his desk then and begins to filter through reports and paperwork and resumes his writing on the sheet he had been working on prior to Eirwyn's visit. No doubt HIS report on all of this, it still brings a heavy frown, almost a scowl, to his features. The other Weyrlings best hurry in their reporting to Th'ero, before his mood frays much further as the morning wears on.

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