Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks(#10124RA$)
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

Milodann is in his cot, decked out in his styling flannal pyjamas. He's nervous and hot and his covers are down at his feet, while his hands are laced together behind his head. He's wide awake, staring into the darkness. He's been falling asleep and waking in fits and starts all night, terrified that he'll miss the hatching and be left behind, vague nightmares of M'el's derision lingering even now. Lucy is curled up asleep at his side, with one wing tucked around Tauri, and Emmy is nestled against his armpit. Every minute or two his left foot starts jiggling nervously from side to side, just small tremors, at first, until his cot squeaks, which makes him stop… until he starts up again. At the foot of his bed, folded neatly on top of his foot locker, his robe waits, gleaming white in the near-total darkness of the barracks. Around him candidates snore and wheeze and stare up at their own little patch of ceiling… and wait.

It may have taken all of the night but Elyciana has finally fallen asleep, nestled snugly in her flannel nightgown and underneath the covers. The only noise drifting from her particular cot is the sound of her deep, even breathing as she dozes on with little knowledge of anyone else's continued restlessness. The only thing that stirs nearby is a tiny brown fire lizard curled on top of Ely's foot locker. There Ood sits and waits, his eyes slitted as he glares across the aisle at Milo's cot. He knows there's someone there awake to torture.

Close by to Milodanns' cot, opposite and to the left, Ayana has drawn her curtains closed around her bed, even though she's clearly not asleep. Muttering quietly underneath her breath, she whispers, "Stitch one, drop two. Stitch one, drop two …" She grunts, and there's a snapping noise. Iroeny and Indy are perches at her feet.

Joseph is completely awake. This isn't completely unusual; he's getting something of a reputation for being an insomniac. A glow basket's sitting on the end of his cot, illuminating a pad of paper he's furiously drawing in. One might recognize it as the notebook he's been taking "notes" in, durring lessons, though most of it's pages are covered in drawings. He's laying on his cot backwards, the curtains undrawn, eightlion curled up on his back. The semi-regular squeeking from Milodann's cot is ignored- at first. After a few times, Jo looks up. "Milo, that you? You got a girl in your cot or somethin'?"

Asleep in her cot, Ashri tosses and turns periodically, soft moans and other sounds escaping her lips, as though lost in some dream. Her fair of four sleep about her in various positions, Ravi nestled in her hair atop the pillow, Mohan curled near the foot of the cot, Sanjiv awake and perched at the end of the cot, eyes glowing red as they whirl contemplatively, and Dhir cooing soft snores in his sleep near the end of the bed. Ashri's curls are sporting a new look, having a brighter range of highlights now streaked through them, a coppery-orange tinge amongst the cinnamon and bronze hues. It's not unpleasant against her olive skin, but it's certainly brighter.

There's snoring that passes through the barracks, some louder then others, but obviously, not all of the candidates are too nervous to sleep. Moydeo is rolled onto her side, facing toward the wall, in her flannel night gown. She's only half asleep, with the covers pulled up to her neck. She's trying to sleep, though her mind is keeping her awake, and at least a little alert.

Karona is curled up on her side on her cot, with the blue on the pillow beside her head, and the brown curled up behind her knees like a feline might do. She is perfectly, blissfully, and without a care in the world, asleep. Just sleeping, not snoring. The blue uncoils then, and starts to nibble at her ear. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up wake up wake up. She bats at him a few times, then sits up, grumbling. "What nooow?" she whines at the firelizard.

It's two in the morning, and suddenly the doors are thrown open and A'tien can be seen still pulling on his clothes. "Wake up!" He calls out to the candidates, throwing on the lights as his boots crash against the floor, "Everyone get out of bed now and start getting dressed. The dragons are humming. It's time."

"Yeah, right," Milo says to Joseph. "I wish." He turns his head to look at Joseph. "Just fidgety. Kessa said it would be today. Er… yesterday. It's been… seems like they should be hathcing by now." And then A'tien throws the doors open. Milo sits up, waking his firelizards, and bolts from his cot. The covers get tangled around his feet and he goes down, smacking against the floor with a meaty slapthud. No harm done, though, for he bounces back up again, red and grinning. "I'm fine, I'm fine!" he says, and yanks his curtains closed. Sounds of him changing into his robe are clearly heard.

K'oss is nearly stepping on A'tien's heels in an effort to follow him and not get lost, and almost bounces off the man's back when he throws open the doors. Halting just in time, he teeters off balance, then lurches into the barracks after him. "Right! Make sure no firelizards or… geese follow you onto the sands, nothing but white, go go go!"

Risner yawns loudly as he slides out of his bed, giving a woozy expression to the Weyrlingmaster. Whooizit? "Huh?" Bleary-eyed and still half-asleep, he suddenly lets out a yelp as it all comes crashing down on him. Hatching! He leaps to his feet and starts to get dressed.

Elyciana jerks awake with a start, her eyes snapping open at the sudden arrival of noise, chaos and light. For a split second she merely groans, lifting a forearm to shield against the unwanted intrusion to her dreams. Then it takes another split second for her brain to register exactly what's happening. Kicking and batting at the covers, she fights at wrenching herself free of their hold as she rolls into a seated position, still visibly groggy. As the curtains are pushed back, it's clear she's just woken up: her amber hair is disheveled and several strands stick up at the back like some sort of halo. "Shards," she hisses blearily, her eyes still showing a sleepiness. With little prelude, she scoops Ood off her foot locker and deposits him unceremoniously on the bed as she digs for her robe. There it is! It's yanked out with a flourish and she's got her curtains back around the cot. Changing time.

Wyndrei wakes slowly, then more quickly, "Humming?" She pauses, then reaches for her family robes, working quickly to pull them on, "How long?"

Ruh Roh, Raggy! Seems Joseph's insomnia was well timed. He doesn't manage a reply to Milo before A'tien barges in, calling to wake them all up. Before A'tien's done speaking, he's already sitting up and closing his notebook. "Is it tomorrow yet? Either way, looks like the prediction was accurate." He's sliding out of bed as he says this, slipping out of his sleeping clothes and pulling his robe over his head. He adjusts it, trying to get some creases out, to no avail- the creases were caused by his own shoddy workmanship. Eight, having been forcebly evicted from his perch, squacks and flies off. The brown's annoyance doesn't last long- he catches the dragon hum, and all traces of yellow are gone from his eyes, as he joins along, disappearing between. He'll be watching from the same vantage point as the rest of Fort's faire. Dressed, Jo moves away from his cot once and for all, standing beside Milo's. "Hey man, we can stand together if you like." That way they can both be fine.

Karona is still muttering and whining at her /very/ insistent little blue. "Why can't you be more like Kistane?" she mutters, eyeing the still-sleeping brown enviously. At A'tien's entrance, though, she sits bolt upright, and tries to rub the sleep from her eyes. "I, I, er. Now? Now!" she starts to fret, slipping off of the cot, and running for the exit, then realising she should probably put her robe on, and running back to her cot. Little bit panicked, sure, but she's not really even awake yet. "I, yes, sir, weyrlingmaster, sir. I'll be ready." she promises, snatching up the robe.

D'mos isn't far behind the WLM and his fellow Assistant. Thus, he pokes in his ugly mug soon after they enter, and barks out in his gravelly, bass voice, "UP 'FORE SOMEONE ELSE GETS YER DRAGONS, KIDS!" He hooks a scarred thumb towards the entrance behind him. "They'll be hatching anytime now, with or without you."

Perhaps it was Ash's fitful dreams, or perhaps it was the thud from the door as A'tien stormed in, accompanied by his shout. Either way, Ashri bolts upright in her cot, starting with a half mangled shout. "Woah." She holds her head, then the realization of what is being said dawns on her and she scrambles for the footlocker, grabbing her robe and belt out of the trunk and quickly pulling her curtains shut, starting to strip out of her pajamas. The dragons are hatching. "Shells," she might be heard to mutter, struggling to be coordinated.

Moydeo mutters for a moment, at her firelizards as the humming only slightly registers. But then the voice of A'tien, K'oss and others, as well as the once dark barracks being lit up by the lights jolts her awake. "What? Now? But I was finally getting to sleep!" She complains. She throws the covers back covers. "I'm up! I'm up!" She says, and goes to her locker, pulling out her robe. She shuts her curtains as she changes into her robe, before opening them again, sitting down as she puts on her sandals.

Atien's eyes ficker over the candidates and crosses his arms, "No, I'm kidding. YES NOW! Get out of beds and get dressed or the egs are going to hatch without you!" A'tien yells at the candidates, "And when you're dressed file in a line and I'll lead you out into the sands!"

"AAH!" Ayana shrieks in surprise as she falls off her cot as people storm in. She sits there, wild-eyed for a moment, then strips. Well … it helps when she JUST FINISHED her candidates robe. "Thank you, Choth, for managing that timing!" She says softly, hopping on one foot as she slides into her sandals.

"Sure, fine," Milo says, tossing his curtains back and glancing at Joseph. But mainly he's impatient for Ely to be done. "Hurry, hurry!" he says, snapping his fingers in his anxiousness. "Come Ely, we can stand together." He even goes so far as to stick his hand through her curtain and wiggle it around. "Wyndrei!" he yells. "Let's go, shake a leg!"

Wyndrei rushes up to meet Milo and Ely, "I'm coming, I'm coming!" She glances around, then nods, following them. Best to stick with family and friends.

Risner finishes dressing and moves to file in the line that's now forming, squirm!

Elyciana eflicks the curtains back after a minute or so, pausing only to glance down and be sure that everything is on correctly. Robe. check. Sandals. Check. She even yanks on the ends of the cloth belt cinching the robe together to be sure it's not going to fall open at an inopportune moment. Half stumbling away from her cot, she makes her way towards Milo, still groggy, "Shards. I know I bet middle of the night … but .." She follows him towards the line, pausing every so often to try to tame her amber mane of bedhead.

Moydeo looks at her flitters. "Stay put guys! No following." She tells them, most of them chirping in acknowledgement. She ties her hair back, before she jumps up, and moves into line, winding up next to Risner. "Good luck guys." She murmurs.

Karona strips of her clothes quickly, no time for modesty, though she pulls the robe on very hastily. The neck hole is a tiny bit wide, the shoulders keep slipping down, but it looks good enough to stay on, at least. "I, I." she mutters, as she tugs the robe down past her hips, and then her knees. Sandals, sandals! "Sandals!" she panics, grabbing them and tugging them on very quickly. They're buckled a little oddly, but they should stay on. She ties her hair back too, and gets into line. Ready. Not at all ready. Clearly panicking and fidgeting, but dressed for the occasion, at least.

Joseph grins to Milo, nodding. "See you on the sands, then." He moves to take his place in line, nodding in accord to Moy's statement. "yeah, Good luck everyone." He'd add break a leg, but, you know. That's what you probably shouldn't do.

It takes Jayashri a few more moments to exchange her pajamas for the simple white robe, but she does manage it after a minute, throwing open the curtains. Her hair is still a mess, but at least her robe is on, cinched at the waist. Feet thud as they hit the floor and she moves for the end of her cot again, flinging open the locker and snagging her sandals out. "Never thought I'd need these," she mutters as she lets them drop on the ground, sliding them on even as she digs for her hairbrush. She finds it after another moment of searching, along with a tie, and quickly combs her hair out, pulling it back and tying it up. There, out of the way! Her heart is truly racing now that the moment has come, and she lines up, gulping deep breathes in an effort to calm herself.

Milo flashes a grin at Moydeo. "Good luck to you, too." Then he holds his hands out, one each for Wyndrei and Elyciana. "Ready? More than likely at least one of us is walking off those sands with a different name." His own sandals, like the robe, were borrowed from M'el, and they are slightly too big, giving his walking an almost funny slapping sound.

Wyndrei nods, glancing at her friends, "Good luck, everyone."

A'tien snorts quietly as he watches the chaos, slowly shaking his head as his eyes flicker back, "Remember, no firelizards or pets of any kind are allowed onto the sands. Be polite, bow to both the dam and the sire and then fan out along the sands. No touching the eggs, no approaching the hatchlings. Everyone got it?" his eyes flicker over a few chaotic candidates that still are getting their clothes on. "Shards, and I might end up teaching some of these kids…"

Elyciana gives her hair one last run through with her fingers before quickly tying it back into a runnert ail. A hasty arrangement, but it works despite the fact a few tendrils escape to frame her face. She looks a little pale, though she does offer a brave face to Milo and reaches out to take hold of one of his proffered hands, "Hopefully all of us." Glancing between the rest, she adds, "Good luck." before she glances to A'tien, nodding solemnly at his instructions.

K'oss nods and gestures towards the door. "Yes, go form a line, no shoving, and don't forget to pay your respects to the dam and sire."

Karona is not exactly the most coherent when she's just woken, hence, the panicking, but at least she's dressed now. She tries to stand up straight, and calm down. "Just a hatching, just baby dragons, nothing to be afraid of, not a thing to be afraid of." she's murmuring to herself, and it does seem to be helping.

Moydeo nods to A'tien, remembering what he told them in that lecture. She fidgets a bit as she stands in line, taking several deep breaths. Must be calm, must be calm. But atleast she wasn't panicing like some of them. She nods to Milo's statement as well. "Indeed." She says with a nervous grin.

"Yes, sir!" Milo says to A'tien, grinning, and then, with Ely's hand in his, he forms the line K'oss dictates. There is another nod for K'oss. "Yes, sir!" He squeezes Elyciana's hand, all traces of tiredness and irritability completely erased in the face of the oncoming hatching.

Wyndrei falls into line with Milo and Ely, having trouble keeping still as she waits to be lead out to the sands.

Once everyone is dressed and lined up, A'tien smiles, "And remember to stay on your toes." His eyes flicker to the entrance, "We're going in." And then he's leading the candidates onto the sands.

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

There's a silence in the Weyr… but a slight anticipation as well. Choth was restless as she often is at the end of her wait. She couldn't get comfortable on the sands, constantly shifting and sometime nudging the clusters of eggs. But it's late. Some where near two in the morning, well after half way through the night. Kessa is near by, sitting on a cot near by and trying to console the anxious queen from her constant rolling around, pacing, and digging in the sands. Choth's nostrils flare slightly as she bumps her nose against the nearest, the Big Things Fom Small Packaging Egg. Kessa sighs as she hoists her chin up with the palm of her hand, resting elbow on her thigh. "Choth dear, stop fretting. When it is time for them to come, they will. No need to give everyone a false alarm by cracking it open yourself." The gold dragon still seems to give further attention to the one particular egg, snorting hot air around it's surface. Slowly a hum starts to come out of her throat, low at first, but definitely a thrumming welcome. Kessa straightens on her cot, tilting her head as if to ensure she's hearing the noise from her lifemate

Kessa stands up from where she was sitting, yawning politely with a hand covering it. She tilts her head as she watches her lifemate continue to nudge and prod at the Big Things From Small Packaging Egg. "Well I can't tell if it wobbled when you're pushing it around like that." Shaking her hair about she frowns at Choth, "Don't tell me you alerted the whole Weyr. Do you realize what time it is? It's well after mid-hour! People are sleeping you know." Choth gives a whuff of air again, turning toward the Universal Digital Egg with the same amount of attention given it. A nudge, a snort, and a thrumming aimed at it.

Big Things From Small Packaging Egg rouses itself by wobbling just a smidge. It'll hide for a bit longer, avoiding detection. Yet the wobble itself ruined the balance and topples the egg onto it's side. So much for being stealthy.

Choth spins as she notices the wobble of the one egg. Clearly her noise points to it, her wings flaring up. Kessa smiles and nods as Choth looks at her, as if to say, 'Told you so.' Kessa grins, "Well then, wake up the Weyr!" Choth doesn't hesitate, she wouldn't even need the prodding of her rider to lift her muzzle upwards and open her maw. A loud bellow announces to her Weyr that the dragonets are coming!

[Dragon/Fort] Choth bulges loudly to all that can hear her! « They Come! »

A'tien makes his way out into the sands, leading the candidates in a singular line. The bronzerider offers a deep bow to the sire and dam before moving off to the side, warpping his arms across his stomach in order to wait. A slight grin pulls at the rider's face. Showtime.

Choth is prancing around one egg in particular, one that's wobbled! That is, until she hears the sounds of people making their way through the secret tunnels that connect the barracks to the cavern. Snorting she promptly starts to weed her way toward her lifemate, out of the way of the eggs and those that are starting to spill onto the sands. Kessa startles at the efficiency of the Weyrlingmaster, trying to do a last minute straightening of her hair as she steps over toward Choth, waiting with a proud little smile on her face.

Milodann enters the hatching grounds and steps onto the sands with his heart thundering in his ears and an irrepressible smile on his face. He bows deeply to gold and bronze. In one sweaty hand he grips Elyciana's hand. "This is it, ladies!" he says to her and Wyndrei, the edge of excitement in his voice pushing the volume into a near-shout. Bowing with the others, he tugs his girlfriend to a strategic position - facing the eggs, and the galleries - and hopes that Wyndrei will follow. He peers up into those, scanning what faces he can make out from this distance. "Look!" he cries, and releases Wyndrei's hand to point. "It's Mom and Dad! And M'el and Talan and Celeste and Remi!" He actually jumps up and down in place a couple of times, waving his arm wildly over his head so that his family will notice them. They wave back, and M'el even gives his siblings standing there a thumbs-up.

Elyciana treads carefully onto the hot sands, pausing only once to grimace as the heat assaults her from all sides. Hesitating, she manages a bow towards both Choth and Garanth, albeit a stiff one. Then her eyes go to the eggs as she makes her way to form a semicircle, staying quite close to Milo. Once the pair of them have both stopped, she gives him a nervous grin and offers his hand a squeeze before looking back at the eggs.

Big Things From Small Packaging Egg rolls about now that it's on its side. Sand starts to stick to the outer surfaces of the shell, indicating that some where along that vivid yellow, a crack lets a gooey substance leak out.

Risner heads out onto the sands along with the rest of the candidates. He's considering the ground carefully, but not wincing yet. His robe is selfconciously tugged lower, a fidgety movement that's likely to happen many more times within the next few hours. He manages a passable bow before taking up a spot in the semi-circle around the eggs.

Moydeo follows the others out onto the sands, wincing a moment at the heat of the sands. She pauses, and bows deeply to Choth, and Garanth, before she straightens, andd moves after the others, taking a place by Risner in the semi circle. "Mind if I stand here?" She asks him softly.

Karona steps out onto the sands, and glances up at the galleries. She scans the galleries for a long moment, then looks disappointed, but mutters, "Good." before coming onto the sands properly, and bowing to Choth, eyeing the eggs warily as she steps back into line.

Jayashri follows the Weyrlingmaster into the sands, clearly surprised by the discreet tunnel that she'd never noticed. As soon as she makes it onto the sands proper, she bows to Choth and Garanth, indicating her respect before she starts to fan out with the other Candidates, standing next to Nirav in particular. She's grinning, nervous and excited in the same instant, her fingers reaching up to comb reflexively through her curls as she begins to shift her weight back and forth, grains of hot sand slipping into her sandals. Her gaze wanders to the galleries, and her grin widens as she realizes her family was able to make it and she offers them a very enthusiastic wave before her eyes turn back to the eggs. Time to focus now.

Wyndrei enters quick-stepping behind Milo and Ely, her feet warm from the sands and her heart beating fit to be heard in the next Weyr. She turns, bowing deeply to Choth and Garanth, and then to Kessa and Ma'kai before acknowledging Milo and her family. She spots Pralius up there, too. They exchange a look, then she nods, turning back to the eggs murmuring, "What will be, will be."

Big Things From Small Packaging Egg is going to be the first to investigate the new world. There's no doubt about it. With some stealth the egg shell suddenly develops a spasm that transforms it from a simple ovid into that of a dragonet. Hey wait a second, how come there's no sound affects?

Hyperactive Transformation Green Hatchling
A remarkable tinge swathes over her small agile form, something unique to the eye at the very least. Her body carries a colour that has a distinctive yellow pigment to it, with a minimal touch of green, pear like in shade. It's not due to her being pale or sickly, since her pear hide is quite bold with its intensity. It caresses all the delicate contours of her slender design, from her narrow chest back up and over toward her trim haunches and whip like tail. There are only a few deviations of this, produced of two thick stripes wrapping around her body. One stripe is at her mid section, looping around her tapered rib cage with a thick olive band. The other stripe can be found consuming her neck in a fern green band. Although these greens aren't as the same shade as the rest of her, they seem to naturally compliment her. Olive and fern can also be found mixed in with pear along her transparent wing sails, leafing out in flower petal patterns. Further the complimenting hues can be found along the high peaked eye ridges of her face, shading also down the bridge of her pinched muzzle. Olive can also be found at the points of all her talons, front and back alike. The tip of her tail is one other spot that varies, as it looks like the tip has been rubbed off, leaving it with a nearly white tuft.

Joseph is amongst that line of white filing onto the sands, his face a mingled mix of excitement, curiosity, nervousness, and all other things one might experience at a defining moment in their life. Following A'tien's example, he bows deeply to both Garanth and Choth, before stepping back amongst the candidates. He sidles himself into a spot nearby Milo, Wyn, and Ely, giving them a weak grin. Immediately, the movement from Big Things Small Packaging catches his eye. "Oh, here we go. Wonder what'll hatch first."

Milo eyes the green hatchling and starts laughing. It's not funny - he's just /that/ happy to be here. The hand holding onto Ely's is probably squeezing just a bit too hard, but he doesn't let go. "First hatchling's a green! What'd I tell you! Hope you put money on that, Ely!"

Ayana steps in, and bows gracefully to Garant, Kessa, Ma'Kai, and then, lastly, Choth. "Thank you." She says softly to the golden queen, then heads with Joseph, grabbing for his hand as the green falls onto the sands. "Oh she's pretty." She murs.

Elyciana cranes her neck a moment, eyes scanning the galleries either for Milo's family or maybe for her own. It's only a split second of looking, though, as the movement in the eggs grabs her attention again. Or one in particular - that bright yellow one that is now on its side. And then it's suddenly not an egg anymore but a — "A green first! I knew it." She can't help it. It would seem her Bitran blood came through for a moment there as she takes in the new arrival. "I win both bets," she offers in a whisper to Milo.

K'oss once again follows A'tien literally on his heels, stepping onto the sands and also paying his respects to the gold and bronze. He'll leave D'mos to chivvy the stragglers from the end of the line. Maybe he'll bite their ankles or something in case any are getting cold feet. Well, their cold feet are about to get hot! Right on time, he catches the first one hatching, and he sighs a little. Aww, memories. "And to think, I was in their position only a few turns ago." he murmurs to the Weyrlingmaster as he joins him on the side.

Wyndrei grins and nods, "And a pretty green at that."

Moydeo nods to Wyndrei. "What will be, will be." She says, and gasps as the first egg breaks, shards, looks like Ely wins both bets, middle of the night, and a green first. "A green first, isn't she a pretty one." She murmurs softly, forget the bet, this isn't the time to focus on lost bets.

Joseph takes Ayana's hand, giving it a warm squeeze. A smile is cast to her, warm, before he turns his attention back to the dragonets. "Very pretty," He agrees. "I didn't expect that egg to be green, but she's certainly a pretty green. Can't wait to see who she goes to." He looks like he's resisting the urge to bounce a little, with excitement.

Jayashri squeezes Nirav's hand tightly as the green explodes out of her shell, but drops it abruptly, her hazel gaze trying to stay focused on the newly hatched green and her dazzling show of color — partly to keep from getting run over — and the other eggs, in case one of them shatters. "She's beautiful," the CompCrafter breathes, continuing her side to side dance.

A'tien turns his head slightly towards his assistant, a little grin pulling at his lips. "I remember when I stood on the sands." His eyes light up ever so slightly as he watches the candidates fan out, "this always brings back memories when I'm standing out here." He shakes his head, "It'll be a time I'll never forget." He lifts a finger an points at the green, "A green first, how odd."

Hyperactive Transformation Green Hatchling can rebound from the transformation like no one's business, but is that a little wail that escapes her muzzle? Indeed it is, the sound carries for a time, as if she just realized she had fallen out of her egg. The little green's wedged shaped head crans to look over itself, a slight hissing moan of a croon escapes again when she notices all the sand clinging to her wingsails and her hide! Definitely not fair. Soon enough though she climbs to her feet. Shake it off! And so she tries, like a canine, trying to flip and flap her wings free of all the gooey shells and sand that clings to her now.

There's a slow sort of shimmy from the Universal Digital Egg. The shell almost vibrates, though the occupant stills, as if uncertain. And then again. Wobble? There may be a wobble. The sand around the egg gets nudged aside as it tilts just a little, before finally, and rather unceremoniously, falling over.

Ayana giggles softly at Joseph. "Hyper much?" She asks, grinning, before the shimmy from Universal Digital gets her attention. "O- oh… Oh my!" She gasps, as it falls over.

Wyndrei can't help giggling at the little green, then the Digital egg is moving and she can't hold in another gasp.

Karona gasps as the first egg hatches, instinctively taking a step back. "A, hello, green." she murmurs, eyeing the dragon warily. "I. I. I…" she shuts her mouth, clearly not getting any sense out of it. The eggs are glanced at, eyes lingering on the Assortment of Clues Egg, but the green gets most of her attention.

Risner tilts his head ever so slightly at the hatching, "She's pretty." He'll murmur to anyone that is near him, "And..odd.."

"That one is going to be high-maintenance," Milo predicts, watching her fuss over the sand clinging to her wings.

Elyciana grips Milo's hand equally tight as she takes a deep breath of the heated air, trying her best to remain calm now that she's out here. She's not one to show nerves and she's trying her best to keep that impression going. "That can't be comfortable," she manages in reaction to the green's plight, wrinkling her nose, "Sand gets everywhere." Though her instinct tells her not to keep a sole eye on the green and she lets her gaze flick to the other eggs that are moving just in case. "A handful, yes. Though she's small," she retorts to Milo with a faint smirk, going to look back at the green.

Joseph nods, unable to tear the smile off his face as he looks at the green. That had been one of his favorite eggs, and her hyperactive movement suited the egg from which she'd come. "Very. Suits her. Whoever gets her will have a handfull." Universal Digital gets an interested look; what's that going to hatch into?

Jayashri grimaces as the green begins to wail, her hands going to her ears instinctively. "Ow," she mutters. Finally the beast stops and the Apprentice drops her hands, eyes widening as the Digital egg begins to shift. "Oh, come out little one," she breathes encouragement, trying to think loving thoughts. The hot grains beneath her feet are making it somewhat difficult, but she is still managing for the most part.

Hyperactive Transformation Green Hatchling makes a little droopy sound if a dragon can accomplish such a feat! It sounds dejected and heartbroken when she cannot clean herself of this mess. With encouragement from mom, she dismisses that fact completely. One of those white things can help, by the looks of their gangly limbs. An abrupt mood swing makes the green churrr loudly, as if someone rolling their tongue. She starts to leap and bound toward the candidates with a quirky hyperness about her. Someone is definitely going to clean up her mess!

The Universal Digital Egg shakes a bit. And then it is still. There's a brief spasm of movement, which becomes more regular as it wobbles back and forth, creating a shallow depression where it lies on its side in the sand. All this shaking about creates cracks over the shell, the jagged lines barely visible amongst those already there.

Ayana comments to Milodann, "Aren't most girls?" She inquires, then grins as the little green dismisses her situation to bounce forward. "Whoa! She's sweet." She comments, a smile on her face, then shakes her head at Joseph.

"There she goes!" Milo says, watching the little green search for her lifemate. He holds his breath a little bit, waiting for her decision.

Moydeo grins at the green as she shakes off kind of like a canine. "She reminds me off Accident when he's wet." She remarks to those nearby, and ohs as the Universale Digital moves as well, and falls over. She keeps her eyes wandering between egg and hatchling, trying to watch both, though it's not easy. She shifts back and forth on her feet. "That greenss energetic." She watches her to see where she goes.

Joseph nods. She's coming at them now, the first dragonet hatched, and the first approaching. He takes a deep breath, watching. "Didn't think I'd feel this nervous." he says in undertone, with a but of a laugh.

Elyciana leans back a fraction involuntarily at the sudden shift in the green's mood, as though worried it might make the leap of that huge distance within a few bounds. Who knows if she might have to move away quickly. The other egg twitching is only given a second glance, as most of her attention is on the hyperactive green. "There wasn't any sugar in her egg fluid, was there?" she muses absently, quirking a bit of an amused smirk at the antics of the hatchling.

Wyndrei nods, clapping some, "Go, little green, go!"

Milodann laughs at Ely's joke. "Probably not," he says. "Remember touching that egg? All buzzy? She just… must be like that." He grins.

Jayashri giggles at Elyciana's comment. "I hope not, Ely!" she says, hopefully loud enough to be heard. Her robe flutters as she shuffles, and she smooths it, as if it might hike up too far if she doesn't. "She's very energetic." A sage nod. "But not all girls are high maintenance. Maybe she just wants to make her mark on the world?" Oh, there goes to mouth again. She shuts it suddenly, as if realizing her excitement is making her ramble. Oops.

Hyperactive Transformation Green Hatchling lopes over toward the candidates, trying to snap at a few egg shells that still cling to her on her way over. There's a few in particular that catch her attention, pausing before a pair that are standing too close together for her comfort. There's a decision to make after all and she can't have any boys ruining it for her, not now! This is not his time deary! If Milodann doesn't watch himself, this little green will butt in between him and the lass he's standing with. She'll promptly swing her haunches toward him, glancing up at Elyciana with a nudge. At least this little green is a for-sure win!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Hyperactive Transformation Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The shell of the Universal Digital Egg shatters with not much fuss, bits and pieces of it sticking to a dull little green who finds herself upside down and staring at a very very big world. It'll take her a minute to right herself, rolling over with a bit of a wiggle.

Playfully Analytic Green Hatchling
This dull green hatchling is all muted hues, the colors greying over thin wing membranes, which are dotted faintly with hazy particles of teal and turquoise. There's a slightly darker shade of green over her neck ridges, though it fades out as it sneaks down her back. The little dragon's body is rounder than most, neck and tail both a bit short for her build. Her legs are finely shaped, however, the muscles accentuated by smudges of a lighter, mossy tone, supported by feet with long toes, each of which terminates in a curved claw in a very bright and eye-catching chartreuse. The hatchling's head is boxy, with big eyes and a blunt muzzle that gives her an almost goofy look, the over-large nostrils perpetually flared. Tiny headknobs are set far back, with just the faintest touches of teal to match her wings.

On a Wing and a Prayer Egg does a happy dance of joy! Or, at least, it shakes left, right, and then slowly keels over onto its side with several cracks on it.

Karona shuffles in place on the sands, eyeing the green warily. As she finds her mate, Karona exhales, but then another green hatches. Another playful looking green. "Are they /all/ like this? Hyperactive and playful and scary?" She didn't say scary out loud did she? Oops.

Wyndrei claps loudly for her friend, "Way to go, Ely!" Then nudges Milo, any comment unsaid as another green spills onto the sands, "oooo, she's pretty too."

Risner pulls at his robes in a vain attempt to adjust them, his eyes carefully trained on the green that's making her way towards them. "She's a ball of energy," And then another green is hatching. "Another green?"

Joseph watches the hyperactive green with bated breath, watching as she approaches, closer and closer. When she finally makes her way to Elyciana. "Whoo, way to go ELY!" Joseph calls, seperating his hand from Ayana's for a moment to clap for the impression. He looks back in time to catch sight of Playfully Analytic, as she breaks from her shell. "Huh, a green. I Wasn't expecting that one." He remarks, before the movement in on a Wing and a Prayer egg catches his attention. His grin widens and he points to it, "I wonder what's in that one? I really liked it in the touchings."

On a Wing and a Prayer Egg suddenly rolls around a little one way, and then back the way it came, over the sands as if an internal battle were being waged. The cracks become dangerously large.

Jayashri claps her hands for Elyciana, thrilled for her friend. "Congratulations, Ely!" She bounces, and then goes still as the boxy egg hatches into a nigh equally boxed green. "Well, aren't you a sight, my dear!" With a giggle, she drinks in the little green, tilting her head get a more proper look at the upended hatchling. "Up you go. Big world to analyze out there."

Milodann stumbles back from Elyciana, eyes wide as Impression is made. "Ely," he breathes. "Oh… love. Congratulations!" He'd kiss her, but she's… definitely off-limits, now. "I'm so /proud/ of you!" His attention is momentarily distracted by another egg hatching and he looks at the newest little green.

Ayana watches Joseph's egg dance around. "That one is definitely hyper." She says, chuckling. "Although it's having a bit of an argument with itself…"

Moydeo grins, and claps. "Yeah Ely!" She cheers foe the girl, as the green impresses her. She then looks back as the universal digital egg hatches another green. "Oooh, another pretty green." She murmurs softly, and then looks to the wing and a prayer egg, as it moves. She nods to Joseph. "I wonder too, I liked it too." She chuckles.

Elyciana staggers backwards a step, the shock and surprise of it all making her grip on Milo's fingers loosen and drop. In goes her breath in a ragged way and for a moment she's just silent, blinking once or twice to try to rid the surprise. Then confusion flickers as she glances at Milo, "You … I .." Then her attention is finally drawn completely and fully back to the green, a hand extending to touch the muzzle in awe, "Maglinoth." Blinking back tears, she makes her voice louder, "She … she says her name is Maglinoth." A bright beam flashes across her face as she looks to Milo and then her other friends before the need for food spurs her into movement. Must get food.

Karona has been flicking her glances between her favourite eggs, so, On a Wing and a Prayer Egg's rolling has not gone unnoticed by her. "/That/ one was calm, I hope that hatchling is calm." she murmurs, glancing in that direction, hoping to catch it hatching.

Blinking somewhat dazedly, the Playfully Analytic Green Hatchling takes her time to sort herself out, slowly finding legs and wings and oh, there's a tail. That gets stared at for quite a long while. She'll examine everything, first. And then she's up, on shaky feet, with a bit of wobbly forward movement as she eventually has her legs beneath her, though she appears none too sure about the rest of it. lunt muzzle poking the last shards of her egg, it seems she is a little slow to get started. But then almost comically wide eyes come to rest on those white-robed figures over there. What was she supposed to do again? Oh right, she knows! All wibbly-wobbly, the hatchling ambles toward the nearest group, nosing and poking about, thorough on her examination of each. They're all so similar, but she can see the differences, here and there, taking her time. It seems she's in no hurry, but all of a sudden - yes, there! One of the boys, hanging back from the group, is given a bit of a warble, and she wanders over with no small amount of stumbling and sand-flinging, to plop down in front of him, snout nudging chest. The young lad doesn't seem to know what to make of this, but then his face splits into a huge, goofy grin, "Oh! Foibleth! Er, yes, yes of /course/. I'm your J'sen."

K'oss seems to wake up from his daydream of Impressing Mea to notice that one hatchling has picked her person. "Aha! Elyciana, over here with… Maglinoth, yes." he squints about. "Ah, right. Food that way." he actually gestures in the right direction, too. "Let's get her fed before she explodes into bits due to excitement." he chuckles.

With a triumphant cry the Playfully Analytic Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Ely calls to Maglinoth and she bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Joseph nods to Ayana, "Yes, it's so alive. When I touched it, it seemed wistful, like it wanted to feel the world." He grins, realizing it's rambling, "Guess this is it's chance." His attention is momentarily diverted by the second green finding her lifemate- a candidate he wasn't terribly familiar with. "Congrats, J'sen!" He calls regardless.

Kessa claps a little for the impression of the greens, "They're beautiful love." She strokes her lifemate on the neck, excitedly watching the outcome as the eggs all seem to be coming alive now.
Wyndrei claps for J'sen, but her eyes are for Milo and Ely… she knew this could be hard now.

While K'oss is dealing with Ely and Maglinoth, A'tien moves to help J'sen, "Right this way, we'll get you pair fed. there's food to be had."

On a Wing and a Prayer Egg pulses a few times, as if whatever was within was breathing in the air flooding through the drooling canyons it created in its prison. With a last, mighty effort, the shell splits and is shoved aside in three directions to reveal its inhabitant.

Milodann beams at the next Impression, too, but only for a moment. He watches Ely lead her new lifemate toward food, a poignant sort of look on his face as they go.

Outer Space Aerialist Brown Hatchling
This large dragon's form is drenched in a deep liver chestnut for a base, though there are shifts of light and dark to make it interesting. The reddish hue comes out in the gleam of light against soft hide, where shadows darken to black. Falling down the front of this brown's face is a stark, flaxen looking hue almost like a forelock, which then coats his average headknobs and trails down his neckridges down to the tip of his tail. It breaks only for his back. His patterning is truly a remarkable sight: the hide is edged in near-black chocolate in a "cloudy" pattern. Within these clouds, dark palomino bordering on bronze lightens things here or there, up to ruddy tan. At its lightest, mostly on the inner legs, chest, throat, and under his tail, it's distinctly sandy-toned. His wingspars take up the cloudy patterns before lightening to a definite brown, and then a tan, with pale sails.

Joseph gasps, "A brown. First brown!" Joseph says, standing up straiter to get a better look at the hatchling. He glances at Ayana to give her a big grin, nodding. "He's very nice!" His hand reaches for hers again, his face the portrait of excitement.

Milodann's eyes lock onto the brown hatchling, and he takes one step toward it. "Hello, handsome," he grins, taking in the patterning. "Even if you're not mine I'm going to draw that," he murmurs, and then fixes all of his attention on the beautiful little dragon.

Karona's eyes narrow as that egg hatches a brown, and she turns away. No. "He. He looks calmer, I suppose. Than the greeens." she mutters, turning back to the other eggs. She keeps glancing at the brown out of the corner of her eye, but warily, as if she might hide if he came near.

Outer Space Aerialist Brown Hatchling shakes his head to rid it of goo and shells, legs akimbo, before he rolls and slowly begins to gather his feet beneath him. Rising is awkward, but his first steps plant his nose in the sands. With a creel of dismay, he rights himself and starts peering at the white clad Candidates.

Grumbling Clouds of Caring Egg slowly rolls over, like a yawn, stretching far as it slides on the sand a small way. It stills after a few moments, apperently going back to bed.

Jayashri watches as the green Impresses one of the boys further down that she isn't as familiar with, but her gaze slides toward Milodann, a tinge of sympathy evident on her face as Ely is lead off the sands by the Weyrlingmaster. "I'm sure you'll find your lifemate," she encourages the artist, and then her gaze is on the brown. "Oh, my. He's… something. He looks kind of like a runner." Mucking out all those stables seems to have taught her a few things.

Wyndrei inhales and watches the brown then grins over Milo and looks around again, her clapping hands stilled to clasp before her. Still and watchful she stands the sands with her fellow candidates, dark eyes following hatching sounds, a nod to Ash then her gaze falls to Ely as she's led away.

Milodann grins at the brown hatchling's awkwardness. "They're always like that," he remarks to Wyndrei, knowing full well that she's seen more hatchings than him. "All cute and bumbling." He beams, eyes rivited.

Risner pulls a little more at his robes and shuffles from foot to foot. "Shards, Ely impressed…" He murmurs quietly, his eyes flickering at the dragons and falling silent once more.

Joseph spares a glance for Grumbling Clouds of Caring egg, grinning. "I remember that one; it felt.." he struggles for a word. "I dunno, but I liked it." The egg doesn't hold his attention long, however— he's backed to focusing on the brown, wondering if it's going to go for any of his friends.

Grumbling Clouds of Caring Egg suddenly begins to shake thunderously. This shaking makes the already round egg seem to be more gravid. Then with a loud crack, a long split rips down the side of the egg.

Moydeo grins, and applauds as the second green quickly chooses. "Congrats J'sen!" She calls after the boy, and then looks back to Elyciana, and that hyper green. "Maglinoth, neat name." She says, and gives Milo a sympathetic look, ooh, this is going to be hard on him. Then the hatching of the wing and a prayer egg catches her attention, and she oohs at the brown. "He's handsome." She says to the other candidates, and nods to Ashri. "He does!"

Outer Space Aerialist Brown Hatchling stumbles towards the lines of Candidates. Each one is given their just due inspection, a sniff here or there with a stretched neck, before he moves on. He's looking for SOMETHING… an indefinite thing, but it's driving him forth even beyond the slow gnaw of hunger in his belly.

Ayana peers back at the brown as he comes snuffling down the line. "Eep!" She giggles.

Milodann is mindful of the words drilled into him by so many riders. Do not approach the dragon. So he doesn't. But it takes all he has not to walk up to that brown dragon stumbling toward the Candidates. He does, however, hold out his hand for the little brown to sniff. "Am I who you're looking for?" he asks, quietly, and mostly to himself.

Secrets of the defender egg stirs. The growing hum of the dragons penetrating its shell, a call to arms that can not be ignored and by the growing movements of the egg, has long been awaited.

Karona's robe is sliding off of her shoulder now, and she tugs it back up, seemingly irritated by it. Stay put. "That. That brown. Is he /smelling/ them?" Well, she's not entirely surprised, really. "D-don't smell me. I smell horrible. You don't want this." she mutters, eyeing the hatchling. Brown.

Joseph's eyes are flicking between the brown and the Clouds of Caring egg, but as the brown approaches, the dragonet is given the most attention. "Wonder what they look for." he says in undertone, speaking aloud mostly to distract the sense of nervousness he's feeling. It's a pleasant nervousness, though, laced with a thrilling excitement.

Grumbling Clouds of Caring Egg suddenly shatters, blue shell pieces littering the ground as the hatchling inside emerges and yawns deeply.

Famished Friend Blue Hatchling
Lean and thin, this blue is as soft looking as a cloud readying for a downpour. Dark slate undertones dominate his belly and legs, seeping up into the bright blue of his back. His wing sails are a pale baby blue, soft swirls of white intermingling with his color. His long snout is a true blue with deep, nearly black spots splattered along his jaw.

Wyn's eyes shift to the stirring castle egg and she smiles, ebon eyes sparkling as she watches, her gaze flickering between it and the the blue hatchling that emerges not too far off. "Oh my..what a lovely one he is.." she says, studying his stormy hide.

Ayana gasps at the bluee. "Oh no, he looks sad." She says, a hand to her mouth.

Jayashri is torn at trying to keep her eye on the brown and the grumbling egg that has suddenly developed a rather large split. She tries her best to stay still as the brown moves near her, heeding the advice drilled into her head. "Kind of a… dark palomino?" she asks as an aside to Moydeo, trying to stay ready to move in case the need arises. And then, there is a blue. "Oh, how adorable!" Indeed.

Moydeo oohs. "Look, I think that ones moving." She says, and points at the clouds of caring egg. "Wonder what will hatch next?" She asks, and looks back to the browwn, right, watch the hatchlings, she doesn't want to wind up mauled out here. She oohs as the defender egg moves as well. "There's that one that you thought was a bronze." She points out to Risner. She then looks to the grumbling egg as it hatches. "He does, and rather thin too." She says, and stays ready to move as she does her best to look between both hatchlings.

Outer Space Aerialist Brown Hatchling is calm, yet anxious, sand-swathed. He lifts his head and bugles towards a group of Candidates loudly, watching them all lurch back in fear - fear that he apparently doesn't understand the root of, given the baffled look that results from him. Off he goes, and sniffs Milodann's hand, but moves past towards…. towards… He rushes forward, stumbling, as he finally figures out where he should go. Yes! Right HERE! He halts in front of a girl and lifts his head up.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Outer Space Aerialist Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The movements of the secrets of the defender egg grow stronger and bolder. The call, he call of the other dragons has awakened it like nothing else could and no longer will it remain passively trapped. It hears and obeys and the instincts which also drive it send a mad frenzy of cracks down one side as it pounds powerfully from within.

Milodann lets out a deep, almost disappointed sigh as the brown bypasses him for a girl. "Congratulations," he says to her, and then looks around to see that while his attention was elsewhere, a blue has hatched. He grins at him. "Pretty!" he remarks to the other Candidates. "Look like he'll be sturdy, for a blue."

Not Truly A Misfit Egg rocks out of its little dune, bouncing a ways before it stills, as if the curtain has fall and it's preparing for the next set.

Joseph grins, "Blue! I wouldn've never guessed that one would be blue." He tells Ayana. When he again looks at the brown, it's wandered up to a girl and made it's choice. A big smile, and Joseph's clapping for that new pair as well. More eggs are moving, so Joseph glances back and watches Not Truly a Misfit and Secrets of the Defender.

Walking straight towards a candidate near the outside of the line, Famished Friend Blue Hatchling doesn't waste any time. He places his head against the stomach of a shorter girl who looks a bit awkward, crooning softly to her. She blinks before smiling brightly down at the blue before her, touching his snout softly. "Irascith huh? Well, I'll gladly be your one and only Vira. I'm sure there's food over there. You do look quite hungry." She says before looking for direction on where to go and leading her lifemate off the sands.

With a triumphant cry the Famished Friend Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Ayana tsks her head at the poor blue, then tugs at Joseph. "O- ooooh!" She points at Misfit. "That was my favorite." She admits, peeking at i - "Ee[! Other dragon. And impression! Congrats, Vira!"

Karona goes awww at the blue. "He looks so, so hungry. I just, want, I…" But, she stays in place. And the blue finds another, anyway. "Ah. Good. Good. Feed him up good!" she calls to the new weyrling, turning her attention to the Not Truly a Misfit Egg. Did that one just, just move? Maybe?

Wyndrei watches the brown head sort of in Milo's direction and she sucks in a breath then blinks, exhaling as the hatchling passes him by for someone else. She smiles a little and then glances back to the crackling castle, the now emerged blue and another rocking egg. The blue chooses and WYn beams at the girl, who is likely too caught up in her impression to even notice the applause and well wishes of her fellow candidates, but just in case, she claps anyway.

Joseph claps yet again, as the blue finds his mate. "Great Job, Vira!" He calls to her, before leaning towards Ayana in response to the tug and following her gaze to the misfit egg. He grins, "Let's watch it then, see what comes out of it."

With a roar the secrets of the defender egg is no more. Shards scatter in all directions as a small dappled evergreen hatching launches from the remnants of the egg. It is a glorious nad brazen entrance, heralded by the surprised trumpeting of several of the watching dragons high above. She lands much less gracefully. The moments lost in a sudden tangle of wing and tail and talon.

Milodann smiles happily for the impression of the blue. "Congrats!" he calls out.

The Hunters Forested Defense Green Hatchling
Dark forest stretches across the smooth hide of this small knobby feline-like green dragon. Dappled evergreen marks her slightly flattened muzzle, powerful jaws slacken to show the predatory tips of contrastingly bright teeth. The sun plays in the trees along the short arc of her neck with its pointed ridges and across the broad expanse of her powerful back. The ripple of muscles are like the wind through the trees , shifting the light and dark evergreen patches in a soft rhythm. The effect fades down the shorter length of her tail into the forest shadows which dapple and cling to her sides and belly in the perfect predatory camouflage. Muddy talons betray little as knobby elbows and knees are brushed by moonlight silver which also streaks along the bottom of her tail. A betrayal of the predator to her prey should she get to eager and yet the huge power which is clearly within this small package leaves little doubt that even if she were a bright fuchsia that her prey stands no chance. Heavily muscled wing shoulders support a long and narrow expanse of sail that sends her rocketing skywards with the easiest of beats. The thin membranes shine with the same evergreen mix as she rises when called, one part of many, to defend her Weyr and her Pern.

Jayashri sucks in a lungful of air in surprise as the brown makes his choice, bypassing Milodann only just. "Congratulations!" she offers to the new brownrider, offering a beaming grin as she spies the blue make a rather quick decision. "No messing around with that lean fellow, he must be starving." And then the musical egg moves, and her eyes widen. "Oh, which will hatch next?" she wonders, looking between the defender and the misfit egg. Looks like the defender wins out, for in a sudden explosion there is a green deposited suddenly on the sands. "Wow." That about sums it up.

Moydeo watches the browns progress, for the moment ignoring the blue, the browns closer. She smiles as he sniffs Milo's hand. She winces at the bugle. "He's a loud one." She says, and looks ready to get out of the way as he stumbles her way, but then blinks, reaching out to touch the browns snout. "Furu-Furuihaneth?" She asks, and then nods. "Furuihaneth!" She says, and grins. "Meat, yes, of course we can find meat." She says, and looks around for direction.

A'tien makes his way over towards Moydeo with a wide grin, "Well, well, Moy, lets get you and him some food, hrm? Furuihaneth? What a mouthfull." He chuckles and makes his way towards the tunnel, "Come, there's food this way." He also calls over to Vira and leads her and the blue off of the sands.

Ayana gasps. "Go go go Moydeo! He's beautiful!" She claps her hands and smiles at him, then backs into Joseph as she blinks at the newest green on the sands. "O… oh my, she's /beautiful!/

Not Truly A Misfit Egg flows with the rhythm of the music. Outta my way! This egg isn't playing around! The other eggs better get out of the way as the egg starts to cover ground. Nothing seems to be holding it back as cracks start to shape.

Wyndrei gasps as the castle erupts and produces its princess warrior and she beams toward her, "Oh my look at her.. look.." then she sees the choice of the brown and beams, "Congratulations Moydeo!" she chirps and then gives her brother a happy smile before her eyes drift back toward the eggs and hatchlings.

Joseph's eyes are on the new green, when she hatches- with an explosive entrance like that, how can he look away? "She IS beautiful." He agrees, "And fierce. She might be more of a handful then Ely's."

Milodann watches the birth of the green hatchling. "Now /that/ is an entrance!" he says. "Congrats, Moydeo!" He applauds, beaming. His cheeks probably hurt by now.

Moydeo looks up At A'tien, and nods. "Meat, yes, he's hungry." She says, and moves to follow the Weyrlingmaster.

Moydeo calls to Furuihaneth and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Karona jumps as the green hatches, staring at her with wide eyes. "/Quite/ an entrance." she murmurs. "I, well. Yes. /Quite/." she babbles a bit, trying to gather her wits about her. She's had entirely too little sleep to be coping with this, entirely too little.

Not Truly A Mistfit Egg seems to have a style all of its own. A versitle style that makes some noise when the egg starts to splinter. Its as if it can't be caught. Then it seems to jump up. Surprise surprise! One big surprise is coming out of the shell!

The Hunters Forested Defense Green Hatchling slowly untangles the mess of wing, talon and tail until she is properly upright on all fours and shaking still damps wings out as if to dry and clear them of clinging sand at the same time. Then she is as still as a statue. Poised and ready, yes, look at her! There is something for which she is waiting and eyes are not quite as still, their swirl capturing the positions of a number of candidates as well as the large presence of several older dragons. Some subtle sign awakens her and she is a bold presence, sucking in a deep breath and rearign back to roar mightily before leaping into a short stride toward the line of candidates.

Truly Outrageous Blue Hatchling
Outrageous is exactly the word for this skinny blue, considering he's not only skinny but he stands as tall as any bronze dragon fresh out of the shell. Along with his size is the curious colouring of his lanky form. A near black-blue he wears like a tux over his chest and haunches, leaving his calves down of his legs to be a bright brilliant blue. Meanwhile his head is showered in a sky-blue with a pattern of swirls clashing in darker tones down his neck. Pearl talons help make him look a bit more feminine than otherwise told. Still, it's the glitter of gold on his wings that really cause him to be truly outrageous.

Risner quirks a brow at the green, frowning ever so slightly, "She's a loud one." He murmurs as he shuffles on the sands, pulling at his robe again. Silly thing.

Jayashri sways a bit with the rhythm the Misfit egg is building. She is a Harper's daughter, after all, so the language of music is nothing new to her. And then it shatters into a surprising dragon. Not bronze, nor gold, nor even brown, but blue! An outrageous blue at that! She laughs, unable to help herself with the rather fitful amount of sleep she got. "Oh, what an entrance!" She grins, and then realizes she should be watching that stalking green. Eep. Hazel eyes flick between the two. Don't get run over!

Saving the Smallest of the Small Egg seems to move a little, turning in place a bit as it begins to rock. The rocking motion turns into a near dance of sorts as it dislodges itself from the sand and begins to roll around, still rocking.

Milodann agrees with Risner with a nod. "Loud, yes! Ferocious! And…" then the blue hatches and he blinks. "Wowwww," he says. "Look at that one! Colorful, all right!"

Joseph's attention is captured by that blue— wow, what a blue. That big grin on his face hasn't faded, and he nods to it. "A blue! Look at that, a blue. And a very interesting looking blue, too. Wonder who here's interesting anough to catch /his/ attention?" His gaze flicks back to the green, as she wanders towards the candidates.

Truly Outrageous Blue Hatchling seems to like someone in particular. The style of the lad he approaches has caught his eye. The blue twists and turns around in a jig like move before he skids to a stop in front of lad from Fort Sea Hold. Phillip grooves a bit with the blue until he stops and realizes people are watching. He laughs and claps his hands for some music only he could hear, "I like your style Staormith!" Then the lad is trying to restrain himself from wiggling his hiney along with Staormith as they head for the food.

Wyndrei blinks at the roar of the green and then giggles delightedly, "Goodness..fierce.." she says then ooohs, seeing the gold-winged blue make his appearance. "Wow.. just look at him.." she says in a sort of awe, each hatchling drawing her gaze with mixed attention of dragonhealer and candidate. "They're all so.. individual..and..vivid.."

With a triumphant cry the Truly Outrageous Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Ayana blinks as the blue hatches. "Wow, he's fierce." Then she giggles as the blue hatches, and impresses so quickly. "W- wow!"

Risner turns his head towards Milo, leaning in slightly to whisper, "I bet whoever gets her has a headache." He peers at the green before his eyes flicker to the blue, "He's…elegant." But then the blue impresses, leaving Risner speechless. No comment.

Saving the Smallest of the Small Egg bounces a bit as it crosses the sandy terrain of the hatching cavern. When it hits the ground particularly hard, the shell cracks. A web of cracks, like a lightning bolt, spread from that initial break, creeping over the shell.

The Hunters Forested Defense Green Hatchling strides in a lope which is likely to become easier as she ages. Being but a few minutes such now she is not quite as agile as her figure promises she will be. Slightly misplaced footing, the give of a bit in the sand and it is only the spread of her wings which helps to keep her even wobbly balanced as she quickly closes teh gap between the shards of her egg and the candidates. As she nears, her course adjusts toward one pair of candidates, her chosen a beacon that can not be ignored, a call to duty that she will never shirk and soon that one will share in her like no other.

Joseph claps for the blue, "That one looked like it impressed almost as fast as it hached." He comments, "Way to go, Phil!" He calls to the dancing pair, before looking back to the eggs. "Wow, not that many left." and it seems like he had walked onto the sands not five minutes ago! That green is getting closer to the candidates, so Jo casts his eyes to her, watching her with curiosity.

Karona cringes back from the roaring green, and hides behind another candidate, a stockily built miner, plenty of candidate for her to hide behind. She almost misses the blue from one of her favourite eggs. "I, oh. He. Congratulations!" But, but, she only liked a few of the eggs, and now there's only one of those left.

Ayana sidles against Joseph, blinking at the Green.

Fastest in the Land Egg shimmies, wibbles, and then goes still after testing its boundaries. Time to make a plan of attack.

Saving the Smallest of the Small Egg begins to buldge out where the cracks have formed, threatening to explode at any moment. Instead however, large chunks are broken off as limbs begin finding their way from the shell. At last, with an unfurling of wings, the hatchling is free of it's cage.

Heroic Genious Bronze Hatchling
A vision of flame and metal, this dragon seems to have stepped right out of the forger's fire. Glinting bronze, heated to a bright hot red fans out from his blunted snout across his face and down his thick neck. Each ridge along his neck has managed to cool to a perfect brassy bronze, shining brightly in even the dimmest light. The heavy mucles of his legs and body appear to be banded rods of varied ages; ranging from still hot to centuries old black. His talons are like hot coals, nearly glowing and sharp enough to appear like they could cut through the toughest rock. His sails and spars are spun perfection, cooled to the same quality of his ridges. The picture of new strength. The only thing that ruins the image, is the rakish tilt of his head, giving him a devil-may-care look.

Milodann points to the newest hatchling. "A bronze!" he cries. "From that little bitty egg!"

Jayashri takes a step back instinctively at the roar, but then stiffens, straightening. "Not afraid," she tells herself, softly. She can't afford to be afraid, being short and all. Gotta be alert and ready to move. And then, the blue Impresses, almost as quickly as it hatched, drawing ogling eyes from the Computer Apprentice before she sees the green skidding to a halt, nearly colliding with a group of Candidates. "Shells!" She does take a few steps back at that, not wanting to get run over as the smallest egg suddenly explodes into a bronze. "…what?" Yeah, that's shock.

Wyndrei takes a moment to look around, then up toward the galleries, eyes scanning for Pralius and her family and little Liza, perhaps catching them briefly before she looks back to the sands and the eggs, watching the green settled on a path. The bronze emerges and Milo's outcry makes her grin, "A darling isn't he.." she says.

Risner blinks as his eyes flicker to the bronze, his mouth opening slightly and then shuffles on his feet. "Shards, why does it have to be so hot in here." He grumbles under his breath.

Joseph looks towards the Smallest of the Small egg in time to see it hatch into a picturesque little bronze. Grinning at Milo, Joseph nods. "Guess it was really squished in there." Fastest in the Land's movement isn't missed- "I liked that one, too." he says in undertone to Ayana, giving it a second glance before focusing on that green again.

Heroic Genious Bronze Hatchling stretches all his limbs carefully before taking off at a run towards the candidates. Only once does he trip over his own feet, tumbling into a heap of limbs. But, he's up again in no time, clicking to himself as he trots off along the line of candidates, his head bobbing side to side.

Ayana blinks at the bronze, then over at Milodann. "It looks like a very … devil may care, wow." She giggles slightly as he trips.

Fastest in the Land Egg is a fierce fighter! It strikes out strategically here, here, and there! Cracks appear and spider out instantly.

Milodann grins at the little bronze. "He's perfect," he tells Ayana. "Look at him, strutting his stuff." Even the tripping is kind of cute.

The Hunters Forested Defense Green Hatchling is nearing the end of her first journey and rumbles in frustration as hers look away! The lad next to her at least is looking towards the hatchlings, even if it is just a silly bronze. No, noe one shall come between her and her chosen and strides slow and shorten as she comes to a stop before her chosen. Her head swings up as sides heave from the rapid response to this silent call, a aching need which must be fulfilled now and forever.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the The Hunters Forested Defense Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Karona is still crouching behind that stocky miner candidate, peeking around to check on that one egg left that she likes, the An Assortment of Clues Egg. The green is also watched, because, she can't come out of hiding until the 'danger' has passed… Thankfully, it soon does, or at least the green impresses, and she steps out again, straightening her robe. Hiding? Her? Never!

Wyndrei is looking, watching..waiting..then she blinks and stares at the green, "Oh…my Shisuth.." she says in a near whimper, eyes only for the hatchling as she nods her head, "Oh yes yes..lets get you something to eat my fierce little love.." and she looks around almost blindly, stunned, in the most happy way.

Wyndrei calls to Shisuth and she bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.
Ayana looks stunned at Wyndrei. "Go Wyn!" She starts cheering, looking bewildered around the grounds.

Jayashri is jumping up and down in excitement as her friend Impresses. "Congratulations!" she calls to the new greenrider, her curls flying all over the place in her excitement. Perhaps it's the lack of sleep, or perhaps it's just because she's so young, but she certainly has a right to be happy for those she has grown closest to. But, there is the bronze, and the rest of the eggs, now more than half gone. "He's an amazing bronze, Milo. Maybe he'll choose you?"

Milodann is momentarily struck dumb by his sister's impression, but then he, and the rest of his family up in the galleries, are jumping up and down and cheering and clapping. "WYNDREI! WAY TO GO!"

Risner turns his head towards Wyn as she impresses, offering a quiet "Congratulations," and then he's back to shimmying in his spot, hot feet!

Fastest in the Land Egg uses its speed to its advantage. Victory is imminent. Another set of blows rocks the egg, and finally allows the occupant to shove enough shell aside to enter the world.

K'oss has been shifting from foot to foot this entire time, and now it seems there's something for him to do! "Heya, Wyndrei! Let's get Shisuth some food before she decides to find it herself, huh?" he asks, stepping forward towards the pair. "Right this way." he's on a roll, he's not leading them the wrong way yet!

Thundering Feline Blue Hatchling
A canvas of navy blue swaths this ferocious gentleman, shading down to sapphire for a brighter hue across his underside. Silver-blue dapples faintly ghost over his head and throat, darkening here or there across the navy to become visible. Other spots, midnight blue, fall over his flanks and down his backbone and tailbone around the ridges. Lightly built, lithe, lean, he is very like the large and dangerous wild felines of the Southern Continent. A blocky snout and stubby headknobs tip his head, the backs of which are lighter than the fronts. His wings are longer than they are wide, by their looks, and the dappled effect that runs up the spars is also very faintly discernible across his sails when they're stretched tight with the light behind them.

Joseph's watching that green, so when she wanders up to Wyndrei, he grins widely, clapping. "Wyn! Great job!" he calls. His attention's back to the bronze, and then too the eggs, just in time to see- is that the fastest in the land hatching? It is! Into a blue. Grinning wildly, he nods to it, "Another blue! He looks /strong/."

Heroic Genious Bronze Hatchling flaps his wings a little, seeking here and there, head moving up and down as he moves along the line of candidates. Tail a'twitching, his legs take him faster, stumbling a bit but catching himself and going on.

Ayana gasps at the new blue that hatches. "Oh,he's darling." She gasps. "Oh, that poor bronze! Tripping ove rhis feet."

The Most Magnificent In The Universe Egg seems to shiver, just a little, though from afar it might still appear frozen in place. Only the very slight shifting of sand around it really indicates there is some movement there.

Milodann watches the little bronze approaching. "Wonder who he'll pick?" he says to Risner. His attention is caught by the shivering of his favorite egg, and he stares hard at it, waiting to see the occupant come out.

Risner watches the bronze carefully, his attention diverted as another dragon breaks shell, this time a blue, "Shards, there's not many left." He breaths out quietly and shuffles once more in his position.

Thundering Feline Blue Hatchling near explodes from his confines, rolling a little before getting to his feet. Once he's gotten his bearings and balance, however, pride flashes over his visage. When he moves, it's with confidence, no matter how many times he happens to stumble. Investigating his surroundings, he catches sight of the white clad folks beyond. They look… suspicious? Interesting? Off he goes, warily advancing and peering, sniffing, until he freezes with one paw lifted. Something… As soon as the paw is replaced on the ground, he's chosen and has made a U-turn. He stares up into the face of his new lifemate, the young boy Lionel, and Impression is made! L'nel throws his arms around the blue, crowing, "Yes, Rothpoleath! You found me the fastest of all!"

With a triumphant cry the Thundering Feline Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Jayashri stops bouncing as the blue hatches from the egg that was so… /fast/. "He looks strong," she agrees with the general consensus about her. The bronze draws a smile from her, his antics adorable yet suave. "Whoever he picks is going to have a very interesting time." Could it be the roguish attitude she's picking up on? Perhaps. Her feet do resume their side to side shuffle after only a few moments. Sleep deprived or not, that sand is hot!

Joseph is focused on the blue, watching it all the way until it chooses it's bond. "Great job, L'nel!" He calls, and then it's back to watching the bronze and the eggs. "Not many at all." he agrees with Risner, eyeing the dwindling eggs. The bronze is watched with interest; it's progress down the line of candidates is making him more then a little nervous.

Heroic Genious Bronze Hatchling is practically wriggling with excitement as he searches for his chosen one. He knows he's here, he felt him in his egg, and if he left, by george he's gonna go on a man hunt if he has too. But that probably won't be nessicary. The bright bronze turns sharp eyes on all the candidates, checking them over thuroughly as he zips by them multiple times. He's practically bounding along the line as a trumpet of jubilation erupts from him and he stops in front of a boy with dark hair.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Heroic Genious Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Karona really is quite lost in the chaos now. "Br-bronze? There's a bronze? when did he hatch?" And then there's a L'nel? Well, Lionel, but she /assumes/. That's her brother's name, L'nel. "Er. Congratulations, there." she calls to the newest blueriding weyrling.

Milodann watches the pairing off of blue and bronze. "This is going by so fast!" he says, agreeing with pretty much everyone. He hops from one foot to another in his slightly-too-large sandals, nervous and excited, and taking everything in with wide, dark eyes.

The Most Magnificent In The Universe Egg remains where it is, still for a moment, and then the shell shudders, a multitude of cracks appearing over the near-perfect surface, disrupting the rainbow hues and sending the vibrant colors into chaos.

Traitorous To The Core Egg has very, veeeery deliberate movements. Each wiggle to the right is well determined, than that shimmy to the left is totally what it had planned. This egg here, this egg knows what's going on. The being inside waiting for just the right moment to make its leap. Oh. OH! And it leaps. A hop in the air, falling to the ground and starting to spin quite recklessly. Perhaps, not so deliberate after all.

Joseph's eyes widen, as that bronze nears, getting more excited, and then— he's there. "Greatness? Oh, of course! Your greatness!" This assault of emotion, coupled with the mind of another with his, is so new, so amazing- and yet, so natural, like it's been there the whole time. There's comfort, here, and Joseph- now S'phoj, bows animately. "S'phoj and Tevenoth, we're gonna take this place by storm. But yes! Food! Food IS amazing, we have to go get some. Now? Now! Let's go off" S'phoj leads his bronze in the direction of the newly-Impressed weyrlings, the grin on his face apparently a permanent addition.

Joseph calls to Tevenoth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

An Assortment of Clues Egg shivers stealthily. So long it has gathered and analyzed the data. Soon the results of its investigation will be revealed, not much longer will the mystery remain so. Yet, all will be revealed in ime and it falls still again. That time not yet.

A'tien makes his way slowly towards Josesph, a eybrow quirking on his forehead, "Hrm, well, this is interesting." A'tien murmurs as his eyes flicker over the new bronzerider, his shoulders lift indifferently. "S'phoj? Tevenoth? This way, there's food to be had here." And he's leading them off the sands.

Milodann watches his favorite and least favorite eggs moving, his attention switching from one to the other. "Oh, boy," he mutters, fists knotting in his robe. And then realizes who that little bronze impressed to. "Way to go, Joe!"

Ayana bites her bottom lip and she whispers anxiously to Joe and Milodann; "There's only three eggs left!" Then. Oh my goodness. Joseph impresses. The bronze. And Ayana is left there, looking at him, blinking. "… S'phoj…" She wanders over to Milodann.

With one final, spectacular shudder, the shell of the Most Magnificent In The Universe Egg shatters and falls away, the fragments sprinkling the sands in glittering rainbow shards, and leaving a small, pale brown to topple out onto his belly. Ooph! He rights himself, shaking off the last, scintillant bits of shell, and taking a moment to recover his poor dignity.

Jayashri looks very wide-eyed as the bronze skids to a halt in front of one of her fellow Candidates, a grin cracking her features as Impression is made. "Awesome!" She'd high-five if she weren't so far away. "Congratulations, Joseph!" She does clap for him though, briefly. Best not to disturb the hatchlings with sudden noises. Oh, yeah, hatchling! She looks back to the eggs, the last few starting to shimmy. "Oh, let there be one for Milodann!" she breathes selflessly.

Coloring The World Brown Hatchling
A very light shade of brown brushes over the well-toned musculature of this dragon, his sleek limbs touched by a pale, creamy tan, the sandy hue sweeping out across the underside of his wingsails. The opposite side of the membranes is coated in a darker brown, not unlike caramelized sweetening, the color spattered again across his flanks and around his eyes like freckles, streaked here and there with the barest tint of russet that paints a few spots along his back, defining the edges of the ridges and blending again into that ghostly hue that covers the rest of him. Talons, a rich auburn, provide a more saturated shade that is rivalled only by the brilliant facets of his eyes. Though not large for his color, this brown nonetheless has a presence about him. It might be the dignified arch of his neck or the proudly confident set of his eyeridges, or perhaps the strong line of his jaw.

An Assortment of Clues moves again. This time the movement is stronger, with purpose. There is a determination now. The time rapidly approaches and it can hardly afford to be late. What then? It can't let its unsuspecting partner down can it? Cracks rapidly spread across the colored surface.

Risner turns his head, "Joseph? He impressed?" Now that's…impressing, no pun intended. Risner stares in the direction before shaking his head, turning his head to peer at the brown.

Traitorous To The Core Egg keeps spinning, spinning, spinning. Seriously, now it's just the game. No real other wiggles or wobbles noticed, just smooth, seamless spinning. Round and round and round. Dizzy, dizzy, dizz— /CRACK/! A large sized opening erupts down the middle of the shell. However, the crazy rotating does not stop.

Ayana freezes as there's one hatchling and two dragons. "Please don't leave me alone, please doesn't, please don't." She whispers, chin wobbling.

Karona stares at the Assortment of Clues Egg. She just /stares/. Cracks? Cracks? Are those cracks? Please let those be cracks! She's fidgeting terribly now, smoothing out her robe one minute, shoving the loose shoulders actually back over her shoulders the next, just generally fussing and fretting. She /likes/ that egg. A lot.

The cracks upon the Assortment of Clues egg grow to numerous to be contained into an ovoid anymore. The shell gives in a final heave that breaks it into several large chunks that break even smaller as they hit the ground and leave a egg-damp green in its wake.

Go Go Investigative Green Hatchling
With a soft snort to clear a bit of sand from her nostrils, a bright child's marker green hatchling leaves the remnants of her shell. The clues are all there, laid out and she looks up to her dam as if to confirm her suspicions. Yes, she must choose but that is ok. All of her careful detective work over the past sevendays has prepared her for the revelation. For a rare moment she is in the spotlight as she steps to the line of candidates, giving a careful eye to the majority of those still standing. It is, however, not proper to drag out the suspense of such moments for the reveal is the most juicy and delicious part of any mystery played out, and she is so ready. In that brisk perfect moment there is the shocking truth from eyeing a young lass quite a long moment she whips her head to the lad next top her. The smith's apprentice gasps in surprise. You thought you'd get away with it did you? A look of triumph flashes across the greens features as M'cat kneels down. "I could never fool you Sophieth." Both then move off together, an unlikely duo of supporting characters brought onto the same path by the random twists of fate.

With a triumphant cry the Go Go Investigative Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Jayashri looks at the brown that hatches from the scintillating egg, her breath gushing forth in an undeniable sigh as she drinks the pale sight. "He's gorgeous, Milo." She'd nudge him, but she's just a bit too far away, shuffling out a bit as the line of Candidates thins. And then, there's a rather interesting green. "Lots of greens," she observes. Not that that's a bad thing. And it seems that the green has made up her mind long ago, hatching forth and finding her mate in almost the same breath. "Only a few left…" She bites her lip, just a bit.

Coloring The World Brown Hatchling takes a moment to look left and right, and up and down, faceted eyes bright with wonder, whirling quickly as he takes in the sands, and all the action around him. It's a brief moment, because then he surges forward, spying those white robes over there! But wait - ooph. Again! Darn. Legs. Those need to be sorted first. But he can do this, and he's soon up on his feet again, this time with more poise, and much more careful steps. Right then, and forward now, straight toward the closest white robes.

Kessa starts to get restless by the side of her lifemate, "I thought you were sure about …" she doesn't say, but seems to frown with her disappointment obvious. Choth for her part merely watches with an aloof presence about her. They're hatching and soon enough they'll no longer be her responsibility.

Risner turns his head to peer at the remaining eggs, "One left." he murmurs, shifting more on his feet and tugging once more on his robe. "I'll be happy just to let my feet cool off."

Ayana gulps as the Green hatches and impresses in seconds, and she moves closer to Milodann. "Please…" She whispers. "C'mon, little brown…"

Traitorous To The Core Egg is a swirling mass of whoooooa. The crack becoming more and more pronounced with each cycle it makes. A flash of color can be seen. Was it blue? Maybe green? No, bronze! Wait. Wait. No. And still, the crack becomes a canyon, the canyon succumbs as it breaks the egg completely apart, each part of the shell being flung to opposite sides. And in the middle, where once the proud egg stood, sits an upside-down green dragonet. With a few quick movements, all is once again right-up with the world and the dragonet stares out. Second-In-Command To No One Green Hatchling now controls the Decept—eeer, has arrived!

Second-In-Command To No One Green Hatchling
Vivid verdant veracity encapsulates this hoyden in brash color, fearless in the face of judgement. Built along stout lines and broad frame, an even coat of green-apple perfection covers her brawny musculature and is her only saving grace from mistaken masculine identity. Smudges of fresh-dirt topsoil accentuate her boxy, bulky brawn: along the lines of a square'd headknob, the heavy edge of neckridge, marking the top of strong shoulders and each blunt paw, tipped with chalky talons. Her markings seem to be the summation of her soul: careless and undaunted, a debutante's nightmare, the very vision of a tomboy.

Milodann might be the nearest white robe to that pale little brown. He tries to be, anyway, even if there's some jostling involved.

Karona slumps. Well, that egg… She was so /sure/. Ah well. She sighs, and eyes the hatchlings still on the sands, the brown, and the green.

Second-In-Command To No One Green Hatchling needs a few moments to get her bearings. Even dragons are susceptible to getting dizzy, after all! Though she doesn't take long, only mere seconds passing before all four paws are standing on the ground and she's dodging around the remains of her clutchsibling's eggs. One or two, in particular, get STOMPED on, just for good measure and maybe cause the sound is cool. Another gets a long look as some remaining egg-goo gets a curious look. Finally, she moves on, attention span apparently short, making her way towards the candidates.

K'oss had come back from helping one of the brand new weyrlings, and overhears Kessa talking to Choth. He tilts his head, then regards the eggs. Or rather, the lack of them. "All hatched?" he asks A'tien quietly in surprise. He almost made it through without mistakes! He jumps a little as the newest green goes Godzilla on some of the egg fragments, and stifles a grin. Interesting greens in this batch.

Ayana takes a deep breath. "Please." She whispers. Her eyes close.

A'tien turns his head towards K'oss, nodding his head, "Just a brown and green left." A'tien says quietly to his assistant, nodding towards the two dragons wandering. "Then the fun begins." A little grin pulls at his lips as he says this, something lighting in the bronzerider's eyes.

Risner shifts a bit more in his position, one…no, wait, no more eggs left. Just a brown and a green now. "Shards, it's almost over with." He murmurs quietly to the others, shifting towards them.

Jayashri shifts, eyeing the last two. "Let the brown be for Milo," she whispers, hoping for her friend to Impress, so that Ely won't be alone, nor will Wyn. She looks at the green though, perhaps hopefully. Still, to be left on the sands won't be so bad, will it? She looks to Nirav, offering a faint smile. "We'll be in this together," she nods to him. Her fingers cross, hopeful, somehow.

Second-In-Command To No One Green Hatchling keeps on her way, talons gleefully sliding through the sands beneath her. Of course, she's aiming herself towards those white-robed candidates still, a few close enough to her getting a cursury glance, at best. None really doing it for her, she keeps on trotting along. At one point, boredom sets in, the sand entrances, and the dragonet is leaning her head down before taking a nose-drive into the grains, rolling around with extreme glee. Her mild diversion doesn't last long, the green right-side up once more as her head perks into the air and eyes zone off, towards one direction of the hatching sands.

Coloring The World Brown Hatchling walks right up to the candidates, and then looks down at the sand, then back up. He stands there, waiting. For what? Or is he.. watching? What's so fascinasting about all this, that has him stopping to just take it all in? But there's someone jostling over toward him. The little brown tilts his head to peer over at that candidate.

Milodann looks down at the brown. "Hello," he says softly. "Are you mine? Please say yes."

Ayana shakes her head, looking down at the sands.

Second-In-Command To No One Green Hatchling totally just sensed something. Sooomething that felt oh-so-right. With a not-so-delicate snort and a very unladylike snarl, the dragonet kicks up some granules as she takes off at a full-on run down the stretch of sands. A few times her front legs jump up, almost as if she's trying to take off, yet just keeps on going forward. Here? No. Wait. There! No… no. /There/! Yes! There! The brakes are put on and the green dragonet attempts to jump one last time, as she nears a certain shaggy, black haired lad. Her attempt is foiled by her tail, getting in the way and causing her to trip and do a few rolls instead. Landing up right, though muzzle down in the sand, Second-In-Command To No One Green Hatchling looks up at Risner. Moving to sit up, she cocks her head to the side. Yo, boy. Down 'ere. You an' me, let's kick it. Just you remember too, she ain't just a green!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Second-In-Command To No One Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

D'mos has been in the wings with the other WLM types on the sands, but has mostly been hanging out behind the scenes getting people settled while A'tien and K'oss work the sands.

Risner's jaw drops, his eyes wide with surprise. A second passes, and the surprise turn to awe, and then to delight. "Toith," he murmurs as he reaches out to touch the green.

Coloring The World Brown Hatchling is standing there, just waiting. He looks up, faceted eyes whirling faster, as he takes in the nearest candidate, and then he becomes very, bery still. Staring. And then he takes a step forward, deliberate and extremely dignified.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Coloring The World Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

K'oss snickers when the green finally Impresses, and he moves forward. Then he blinks a little. Huh… all the weyrlings he's escorted off Impressed green. That's kinda weird.

"Congratulations, Risner. Toith's a nice name, now let's get you off the sands." he turns the wrong way, then catches himself and goes to where the sound of eating hatchlings is heard. "This way." right.

Risner calls to Toith and she bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Milodann hoped this dragon was meant for him. Yearned for it, strained his mind for it. And now, as the whirling eyes meet his own, he sinks to his knees, adulation written across his face as his hands reach out to touch his lifemate for the first time. Stroking across the soft, damp, wrinkled hide, M'lo's vision goes blurry for a moment before the tears leave them, coursing across his cheeks, which are raised and bunched from the biggest and most heartfelt smile of his entire life. "Irelanth!" he cries. "Oh, you're perfect and I /love/ you! Yes, yes we'll get you something to eat, I promise. Right now!" He gets up and starts to lead his new lifemate off of the sands, and on his way out, he looks up into the galleries at his ecstatic, cheering, capering family. "He says his name is Irelanth!" he yells up to them. And then Irelanth's stomach just will not wait /any/ longer, so he and M'lo exit toward the meat.

Jayashri breathes a deep sigh, perhaps of relief. It's over, all the eggs hatched, all the Dragons Impressed. Risner receives a grin. "Congratulations!" It's perfect, Moydeo on a brown, Risner on a green. And then, the brown has chosen Milodann, another equally perfect decision. "Congratulations, Milo!" Her feet are shifting urgently now, and yet it seems like it all happened so fast. Nirav takes her hand gently, offering her an encouraging smile. "Together," he reaffirms softly, starting to bow again to Choth and Garanth, Jayashri doing the same. "Thank you." she murmurs.

A'tien chuckles quietly as he moves, one last time, to fetch M'lo, leaning slightly towards the two. "Irelanth, M'lo, come this way, there's food to be had." And oh so much more. There's a definite anticipation of something or other to the bronzerider's face. And, before he leaves he offers a sad glance to the weyrlings and dissapears into the tunnels with M'lo.

Along with everyone else who was dragged out in the early morning to witness all the eggs hatch, Kessa observes as the last fines a lifemate on the sands. There's a worried glance catching the faces of those who are left without. Straightening her shoulders out she approaches them, "You all know you're deserving of a lifemate. Yours just wasn't clutched this time. Never give up hope upon finding your lifemate. When it's time to happen, it'll happen. Don't give up. I would offer you a feast, but that won't be until tonight, but you're surely welcome to an early breakfast or to catch up on some sleep back in the barracks. You're welcome to stay as long as you want at Fort, and you'll always be welcomed to stand on her sands again." There's a last glance given to the retreating weyrlings, before she looks with concern at those left. To Ayana in particular, there's a soft look of worry as she approaches her, looking as if to give a hug should the lass need it. To Jayashri she smiles as well, a supportive encouraging look at any rate.

Ayana watches Risner and Milodann go. She waves. "Bye guys." She says softly. She tilts her head, and smiles at Kessa. "Thank you, Weyrwoman." She says, giving her a brief hug before she heads off the sands, head hanging.

Jayashri smiles to the Weyrwoman. "Thank you, Weyrwoman." She does yawn, stifling it only marginally. Nirav also offers his thanks, perhaps a bit quieter, a faint look of disappointment crossing his features before her and Jayashri begin to make their mutual way off the sands. No sense staying in the heat any longer than they have to.

Karona nods slowly at Kessa's words, hearing, but not really listening much. "I. Th-thank you. Weyrwoman." she mutters, keeping her voice low, and then turning and heading off the sands as quickly as she can walk, avoiding eye contact with people as she hurries back to the barracks, to finish one final night there.

Kessa returns the hug to Ayana, an uncomfortable worried look still on her face as she watches the lass leave with a head hanging. Kessa points a finger at Choth, shaking it with a sudden scowl on her face. Choth swings her head in a dismissive way and means to lumber outside as well, leaving Kessa to give an exasperated lift of her hand as she turns to watch all the people depart the sands. Anti-climatic, being left there to clean up egg shells! Really!