Fort Weyr - Administration Complex

A long and narrow staircase leads the way up the mountainside, pausing at the large weyrs of several golds, passing by the one that used to be Moreta's so many Turns ago, before leading up to the Senior Queen's weyr, and finally ending at the Weyrleader's weyr. This is one of the more frequently travelled areas of the weyr, with messengers running back and forth as well as the occasional visiting dignitary.

The rainy weather does nothing to damper the curious, the exploratory, and one who seeks to know the entirety of their Weyr though it is not Zuvaleyuth who leads at this time. Dtirae is leading, intent in her path from the way the weyrling walks and Zuvaleyuth follows along, content with the fact that they seek someone so important and that they get to see more. « Glimpse upon this aged stone in which we move our limbs towards. Through the pools of water in which the skies have cried upon our dear land to nourish those that live. » Narrative is given to those present in the complex as the curious mind reaches out with a gentle trickle of water, the mind seeking those willing to listen but moving in such a way that is unobtrusive. « To live is to leave marks upon the roads which you walk, in such an ancient of places shall we be commemorated amongst those so grand and regal. » From the expression that the weyrling wears, it is likely she regrets making such a trip into the administrative complex. "We're lookin' for Elara." She reminds softly, brows furrowing suddenly at the assault of words from her lifemate.

And what they seek, they shall find, as the retired Weyrwoman is making her way carefully down the still wet steps from her weyr, down to the ground below. While Wiyaneth lingers on her ledge, peering down at the approaching Weyrlings, Elara lifts her hand to wave towards the pair. "Out for an evening stroll?" the woman calls, tightening her cloak around her body to ward off the chill

Dtirae looks to Elara as she makes her way down the steps, suddenly frozen with grey eyes dropping to stare at the water slick ground before the greeting startles her into a salute. "Uh." Dumbstruck for a moment, her answer is merely a shake of her head before there's a pleading look that crosses her features. "No. We were lookin' for you." Hands are sheepishly stuffed into her pockets as Zuvaleyuth examines Elara with a tilt of her head before turning to join Dtirae's side, sitting at attention, her long tail curling around the young woman's legs before her head tilts to consider Wiyaneth upo her ledge.

Wiyaneth senses that Zuvaleyuth's mind reaches out, first before slowly beginning to fill like a small trickle of water trailing down a rocky edge. The small trickle slowly becomes heavier, finding the path of least resistance as she begins to speak. Feminine is her tone, curious and youthful. « I extend my words which would be greetings to you and your rider, o' she who is of Fort and has given herself to the ancient rites to which we find ourselves in these walls of old. It is with extreme pleasure that I may be exchanging words in the song that one may call conversing. »

Elara smiles, returning the salute and nodding to the young goldrider. "Dtirae, right? Interesting how she renamed you," she says thoughtfully. "What do you need?" she asks, looking thoughtfully at the young queen by Dtirae's side. "She looks remarkably like Wiyaneth," she murmurs thoughtfully. Up on her ledge, Wiyaneth croons softly down to the little queen.

Zuvaleyuth senses that Wiyaneth 's thoughts are the warm summer wind over ripe plains of wheat. « My name is Wiyaneth, child, » she says, her voice rumbling with wry amusement. « Hello. » Where Zuvaleyuth uses many words, the elder queen uses few.

Dtirae nods once to the change of name, nose wrinkling slightly. "When I Impressed, when she filled my mind… Part of me… I don't know. Felt? The reasons why she picked somethin' new was ta match her. Ta be unique." A hand lifts at the memory, resting upon her head and grey eyes close a moment as she again finds her ground. "Help? I ain't cut out ta be a weyrwoman. Ta ride gold, but, there she is. Gold as gold can be. 'm panicky and tryin' not ta panic 'cause I ain't wantin' ta bug her. We ain't gettin' 'long, she talks so much and ain't fond of me talkin' so /little/. 'm goin' to have duties and responsibilities that I ain't takin' on m'self, which I could fail at and disappoint everyone and Zuva." Pause. "Zuvaleyuth. 'S'like I got all this /weight/ on my shoulders…" She is, at least, spared a moment from her panic as her gaze trails to her lifemate and then up towards Wiyaneth to compare the two. "Kimm said she's Zuvaleyuth's great grand dam." Zuvaleyuth croons back, delight and excitement in the mixture of her tone.

Wiyaneth senses that Zuvaleyuth's water begins to trail through the plains of wheat, curious and mingling with the other's mind. « Wiyaneth, she of the aged stone of the first of Weyrs, dam of many to flourish and to lay their heads to rest within these walls. » Her tone laces with excitement as the water trickles through, moving only where there is no resistance from the older gold. « I give my words of greetings. How fair thee in this day in which the skies have blessed the ground with its tears which nourish life? »

Elara chuckles softly, shaking her head and lifting a hand. "Child," she says gently, "relax. Calm down. You're not a weyrwoman," she reminds, her smile gentle and her tone kind and understanding. "You've only been a rider for three days. You have no duties, other than caring for her. Close your eyes and breathe, no one expects anything of you yet."

Zuvaleyuth senses that Wiyaneth welcomes the contact, letting the younger gold explore her thoughts. Then the older queen laughs, the sound rising on the wind. « Just Wiyaneth, if you please. » Though there's no denying the pride in the gold, at the young dragon's recognition of her position. « We are well, thank you. You and yours? »

On edge would be the most accurate description of the young woman, as the chuckle sparks a rather wide-eyed look from Dtirae before the words fully register. For once, cheeks flush with embarrassment and a deep breath is taken at the reminder. "Right…" A slow breath is drawn out, grey eyes closing and a hand gingerly shifting to touch her pinky finger against the warm hide of her lifemate in a subtle way of seeking comfort from her presence. "Yet." Comes as a softer note, but she does continue to breath and slowly releasing each one to relax. Cheeks remain a slight shade of pink as her eyes open, "thank you, ma'am."

Wiyaneth senses that Zuvaleyuth explores openly when there are no restraints, drifting easily through fields of wheat and water does as it does naturally, seep down into the ground to touch each root of a single stalk. « Wiyaneth. » Hesitant in this, she does as asked with hints of unease but not daring to go against the wishes of her elder. « We fair well, flourishing as the days come to reach an end and as the next comes to start giving us more nourishment in our growth. Dtirae flounders as one who does not know how to move their limbs in water to keep their head above the liquid in the darkness of her thoughts that plague her. Your rider is like sunshine that brings day to the night, giving her an object in which she clings to in order to draw in life sustaining breath. »

Elara smiles kindly at the young woman. "There you go. You have to stay relaxed and calm, or else you'll upset her," she reminds. "Yes, yet," she agrees, not going to lie to the poor girl. "But you have at least two turns before you take up any sort of weyrwoman responsibility. And we do not leave our riders to flounder and find their way on their own. That's what Weyrlinghood is for, dear. For learning. Don't worry, you'll be taught what you need to know. By your Weyrlingmaster and their staff, and Neyuni and myself. Right now you need to focus on her, and the moment. Not the future."

Zuvaleyuth senses that Wiyaneth is satisfied with the use of her name, waiting patiently until the young queen has finished rambling on and she has a moment to sort through the words to find the meaning. « You mean you are doing well, and your rider is nervous about riding gold, so she's come to seek mine's council? »

"Right. Upsettin' her ain't the best idea." Dtirae agrees softly, her hands coming to rest at her sides before lifting them and shoving them into her pockets. "Two Turns? Was thinkin' that I was goin' ta have ta learn everythin' while learning what everyone else was learnin', or learn everythin' different'n everyone else." Grey eyes lower, brows furrowing in consideration before looking back up again a moment later, completely at ease for the words spoken by Elara. "That makes things sound loads better'n what I was thinkin'. Wasn't knowin' what ta expect, I ain't ever expected this. Ever. 'm goin' ta try not ta worry 'bout what's ta come and worry 'bout dealin' with t'day, and worry 'bout t'morrow when it comes… For now, 'm supposin'. Thanks 'gain. D'you mind if I come ta you later? If 'm needin' help?"

Wiyaneth senses that Zuvaleyuth's mind begins a slow retreat, the ebb of water slowing and beginning to slowly run backwards while leaving touches behind, the water that soaked the fields, namely. « That is indeed what I have spoken so eloquently yet without the prose in the way which was formed by myself. »

Elara nods slowly, "You will have some extra lessons, yes, but don't panic. We know what we're doing," she reassures with another smile. "This is why letting yourself get worked up about things you don't know is dangerous," she says gently. "It's always best to get the facts, first, and then have a reaction to it. One thing at a time." Her smile is warm, and she nods. "Of course you can, dear. Any time. I'm sure I'll have a hand in your training, too, so we can talk then as well."

Zuvaleyuth senses that Wiyaneth chuckles softly, the wheat growing taller from the waters of the other gold's mind. « That prose is difficult to understand, » she says, ever blunt, but not unkind. « There are some times when you need to just say what you need to say, so you don't confuse whoever you're talking to. »

Dtirae chuckles softly, her smile a touch sheepish. "I ain't the best at lessons… But, 'm goin' ta try my best. When they come." The promises before nodding in understanding to the suggestion given by the older goldrider. "I get it. Ain't nothin' you can do 'bout somethin' you don't know, so rather'n puttin' yerself inta danger by frettin' over the what ifs, best ta let it come ta get the whole picture?" Confirmation is given by the next statement and her smile grows more confident. "Thank you, ma'am. Someone ta talk ta would be great." A salute is given, "we're goin' ta head back b'fore Zuva falls asleep in the bowl. She ain't realizin' she's tired yet and tries ta keep going and sleeps really deeply…" A brighter smile and she gives Zuvaleyuth a gentle nudge before they start back towards the barracks.

Wiyaneth senses that Zuvaleyuth is pleased for the wheat of the other's mind growing, the final touch giving hints of that pleasure. « This prose is spoken in exact measures in which ensures each word is touched upon, unforgotten as to express the most precise of details to leave no room for a mind to stray past the meaning in attempts to find comprehension as one may suffer with the fragmented prose of Dtirae. »

Elara smiles once more, nodding to the newest goldrider. "Take care, you two," she says, before she is off making her way to the Caverns.

Zuvaleyuth senses that Wiyaneth rumbles another chuckle. « All the prose in the world won't help you if no one is listening. » Those are her parting words of wisdom.

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