Fort Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

The rounded ceiling of this set of barracks is high enough to accomodate growing dragons. Lining the walls lengthwise are sets of stone couches and cots for their riders. At one end of the room are cabinets holding supplies for bathing and oiling young dragons, as well as the weyrling manuals. Against the opposite wall is a table with scraps of leather and leather-working tools. Tacked up on the wall is a diagram of riding straps.

Meat! There needs to be a lot of it. Especially for growing dragons. A'lin has always been one of those people that enjoys chores, and doing things to care for Njordeth is right up his alley. Exercise, bathing, oiling. They're having fun! And right now it's time for food. And meat chopping! Not that A'lin is any stranger to butchering, considering he's was the hunter's stay-at-camp mom or whatever. The brownrider carries a hulking carcass over to the carving tables on his back and points out the different cuts of herdbeast to his onlooking dragon. He's got his own set of carving knives out and is wearing an apron that says 'Big Meat Here' on the front of it. "Now back here towards the rump is where the tender bits are…" Slice slice.

It has become quite normal to see Dtirae become the shadow of her lifemate, following Zuvaleyuth around wherever she may decide to go. It has also become normal for the woman to pinch the bridge of her nose quite often before muttering soft replies to whatever it is the gold may be saying at the time, after a few minutes to register what she has to say. When they enter the barracks, Zuva is bouncing with energy despite their rather long walk around the Weyr. "Just. Say. Yer. Hungry." The weyrling growls, despite the fact that this argument has gone nowhere each time it begins. A hand waves, dismissive of her lifemate and then moving to the carving table with the gold following behind despite the woman's attempts to get her to stay put. The meat becomes the victim of her frustrations as she begins to hack away at it. After a moment, she calms only to tense again and she gives a slight smile over in the brown weyrling's direction. "How are you?"

Njordeth regards the approaching queen with a quiet bob of his muzzle. Apparently it would seem the brown is a bit shy. "The parts in the very back they call the round. They're a little bit tougher." Ada tosses the carved meat to his brown, who gobbles it all up as he pays attention to the lesson. "Then comes the rump. This is the good bits." A'lin smiles to Dirt as she makes her way over to join in the meat carving. "Hey uh… Dei. I am a little tired, but good! How are you and yours?"

Zuvaleyuth tilts her head in a greeting, graceful and exaggerated before she settles down to watch the chopping of the meat. "I know how ta chop the meat." Grey eyes narrow and focus upon her lifemate before Dei heaves a heavy sigh and slows her chopping to something more at ease while her gaze returns to the meat. "Is yer Njordeth quiet?" She ventures to ask before offering a thin lipped smile. "Dei's fine. You ain't gotta indulge Zuva," the gold gives the woman a mildly irritated look, "like I gotta. Glad yer good. 'm exhausted. Zuva wants ta be the first one up in the mornin', that's rough."

A'lin blinks at Dei. "Hm? Oh I know. I was just telling Njordeth about the cuts of meat. And why he shouldn't eat some of them." The brownrider looks to his lifemate, who has settled down with A'lin between him and Dei and lifemate. "Hm. Not to me, but he might be with other people and dragons. Indulge her? Indulge her with what?" He laughs then, between chops. "We also get up first thing! There's lots to do! Eating and bathing and oiling and exercise! I've got us on a tight schedule! We get free time in the afternoons."

"Oh. Nah, Ada. Was talkin' ta Zuva, she was sayin' 'm supposed ta pay attention ta what yer sayin'. Sorry." The weyrling offers a rather sheepish grin, "ain't really used ta talkin' ta her, yet…" The meat is carefully cut before she's making the pieces more precise in a subconscious manner before handing them over to her lifemate. "Don't gotta indulge her in callin' me Dtirae, 'cause yer my friend. Guess everyone else's gotta call me that." Her nose wrinkles just a bit, only growing more prominent as she realizes that A'lin has chosen to stick to that tight schedule rather than being forced into it. "Yer crazy, Ada…"

"It does take some getting used to, talking inside your head. But to someone." A'lin finishes carving up the beast so that Njord can chow down. "Hm? Isn't that your name now, though? I suppose most people will be calling you 'ma'am' or weyrwoman after all of this." He gives Dei a fond, mustachioed smile. "Perhaps some day I will be a wingleader or something. And we can work closely together again!" Ada likes his schedules and his routines. Especially when they involved physical activity. "I am not! I'm just enjoying my time with Njord while he's still young."

"Ain't sure how ta do it, yet. It ain't like thinkin', 'cause 'm sure my thoughts are my own." Or, so she hopes. Dtirae mulls over this for a bit before giving A'lin a look, "yeah. But, still. Yer free ta call me Dei." She straightens at the talk of weyrwoman, a helpless little look crossing her face — one that seems to occupy it more than it did in the past — as she heaves a heavy sigh. "Maybe. 'm sure yer schedule oriented 'nough ta be a wingleader and 'nough of whatever ta be whatever they do." A blank look briefly crosses the woman's face, growing more distant before she snaps out of it. "Right. Enjoyin' yer time… With crazy schedules."

A'lin considers for a moment. "Well, there are normal thoughts. You know. Like 'oh my foot itches' or 'wow I'm hungry' and then they are Njord-thoughts. And I just sort of push them… at him. Back the way his thoughts come, I guess." He rubs his chin a bit. Even with the tight schedule, Ada still apparently has time to shave and groom his mustache. "I imagine being a weyrwoman is similar to being lord or lady of a hold. Dealing with the big problems and all and letting the day-to-day be picked up by subordinates. Though I suppose you'll be a junior to Weyrwoman Neyuni." He grins. "The schedule is fixed by the weyrlingmasters since they know what's best. You may as well learn to enjoy it!"

Dtirae wrinkles her nose a bit, "rather complicated ta understand. Figure we'll learn more 'bout it soon 'nough." The gold weyrling muses all while gingerly feeding Zuvaleyuth, making sure to keep her from overeating or possibly choking. "I ain't cut out for that, Ada. Y'know that. I ain't good with talkin' ta some people… Or handlin' the Weyr's problems." Even the thought sends her into a mild bit of panic. The nudge from her lifemate draws her from it and turns her attention to the meat, again handing more over. "True… Guess 'm goin' ta have ta enjoy it, goin' ta just try and shove all the other thoughts 'bout the future 'way for a bit."

A'lin nods a bit. He reaches over to give Njordeth the last of the meat he's carved up for him, the brown licking his muzzle and teeth a bit. Ada laughs then. "Sure you are, Dei. You're a natural leader, and people naturally follow you. So you'll be fine. And it's not like you'll be -alone- to solve all the weyr's problems. Good problem solving abilities will come with experience. Plus there are all the other people around the weyr to give advice and the like. It's not like you'll be senior tomorrow." He pats her back a bit. "Right now we just need to concentrate on keeping our lifemates happy and healthy! And ourselves. And part of that is being in good spirits!"

Dtirae looks ready to protest but she simply sighs at the other weyrling before offering a smaller smile in response. "If you say so. Yer logical, Ada. Wouldn't've thought of if like that." She muses softly, idle as she begins to finish off feeding the rest of the meat to Zuvaleyuth. "Yer right. Shells. Still, just a lil'… Nerve wrackin'. Keepin' calm for Zuva, mostly." A glance to her lifemate to check over her status with that final bit of meat. "Right again. Shells, I ain't sure I learned 'nough ta be a weyrling. Or I did and it just fell outta my brain." A rumble of laughter comes from the gold, amused at her lifemate's expense. "Thanks. For yer words, A'lin."

A'lin chuckles. "I suppose I am. About some things. Weren't you telling me I'm soft and emotional just the other day? I suppose it's a good kind of nervousness though. It shows you care. And maybe it'll make you work harder." He laughs a bit. "You just don't like getting up early. You're used to being up all night at the bar. I think we've all got to adjust some." He nods a bit to her, then goes quiet for a few moments. "I need to write a letter to my folks. It'll be a difficult one."

"Some things." Dtirae relents with a teasing grin in his direction. "Yeah. 'm sure you still are. 'course I care. I care 'bout my Weyr and bein' able ta provide for it, and 'm 'fraid of messin' things up. I ain't never took anythin' I didn't think I could handle, now I ain't got a choice." Zuvaleyuth chuffs softly, noting her agreement though it is likely that the actual wording of the agreement is not so simple as that singular chuff. "Shells nah, I don't like bein' up early. Long nights at the bar are over… Poor Chy, had ta buy her own drinks." There's a brief lament for her sister's fate before she's turning to walk alongside her lifemate to fetch the oil so that they may begin that process. "'m sure they'll understand."

A'lin chuckles. "Sounds like maybe you're soft about the weyr. Or maybe you're scared about it. I don't get to see you scared very often." Ada grins at the gold. Njord, for his part, is waddling back to his wallow where he can quietly watch. And ask Ada questions. "They're not over. Just put on hold for a while since our dragons are young. I've heard of other weyrwomen who are wild drinkers." He blinks and nods about Chy. "Ah yes, Chy… how is she taking all of this?" Ada cleans up and heads over to settle in next to his dragon. "Eh… they will be upset, probably. It's not exactly what they had in mind for me."

"Guess 'm soft 'bout the Weyr." Dtirae admits in a softer tone, looking towards the other weyrling. "'m also scared witless. Yer free ta laugh at me bein' 'fraid of somethin'." The oil is opened and slowly she begins to work it onto the golden hide, her gaze softening despite the outward dislike that she constantly shows to her lifemate. "Yeah, but, I ain't goin' ta be one of 'em. 'm goin' ta do my best for my Weyr." Pride breaks through in her tone as she continues to carefully work the oil along golden hide. "Chy? Ain't sure. Barely remember how she was actin' on the Sands. Should check with her ta see how she is. Prolly drinking, though." Silence lingers for a moment, her head tilting a bit before her brows furrow and she pins A'lin with a look. "Prolly, seein' as they seemed ta have somethin' in mind for you. But, 'm sure they'll come ta understand."

A'lin smiles to Dei. "You don't have to be scared. Big bad Ada will be here! I mean, A'lin. Right. Thank you Njordeth. Though I don't know much about running a weyr, you can at least confide in me. And count on me to be around to help share the burden and all." There's a nod about Chy. "Guess she sort of got left behind… Hopefully she's doing alright, though. The weather is nice, I'm sure the rest of the hunters are out in full swing." There's a yawn from Njord, which makes Ada yawn, as well. "Mm… Think my father was gearing up for me to be Lord holder. Don't think my cousin has the brains for it really." He stretches out. "I suppose we're going to get in a nap now. Do the oiling when we wake up…" And Ada is out like a light with his weyrmate. Maybe the early days are getting to him?

"Thanks, A'lin." Dtirae smiles, sincere and very thankful from the looks of it. "'m sure 'm goin' ta need it. Thank you." Grey eyes quickly return to her lifemate, her gaze focusing on her fingers as they work as to make sure that she gets every bit of hide. "Kinda, yeah..'m sure she's fine. She ain't the type ta let it get ta her. She's likely out huntin' and enjoyin' herself, laughin' that I can't join her." A smile plays on her lips before she's nodding along to what the other has to say about becoming Lord Holder, though making no comments about it. "Sleep well."

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