Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks

Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.

Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.

Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered… or more accurately Panicky, worried, and in a hurry, that would be Melze skidding into the barracks with a look of urgency on her face. "Okay! Okay! Um… yes." Words fail to come to her as she stands there looking… well… bewildered. Eventually there's a rumbling from outside that cannot be mistaken. "Dragons. Now. Robes!" Few words, but words they are.

Kershaw is sitting on his cot when Melze comes rushing in, he slowly starts to disrobe and slips his robe over his head. A rope belt is cinched and his feet are slipped into the thick soled sandals, finishing he stands an awaits further instructions.

Legs dangling over the side of his cot, Vaelariyon was in the midst of writing a letter. But the whirlwind arrival of Melze has the young man scrambling off his cot, a tangle of limbs, quickly sorted, before he gapes at her for a moment. "Robes?" Heartbeat. "Oh!" That's the clue-by-four hitting him. "Robes." He's got a robe, the garment whisked out of his clothes trunk, and he starts shucking off clothing right there, shimmying into the sleeveless shapeless white garment and reaching for his boots.

Jaylen was lounging lazily on her cot, nowhere near sleeping. She arches her brow a little at the entrance of Melze and the announcement of dragons. Hmm, well there goes her relaxing evening. She slides off the cot, tugging her robe from it's box and sliding into it. Sandals are slipped into next, she seems…oddly calm, weird.

Adalinus is widdling a piece of wood with a carving knife before bed when Melze comes in. It's likely they've all heard the rumble, but maybe it was a false alarm? But not this time! Ada sets his little project aside and heads to his truck to scramble out of his clothes and put on his robe and sandals. "Help! Someone! How's my mustache look? I don't want any dragons to think I'm a slob!" He heads towards the incoming rider. "Melze! My mustache!"

Xanshalla is never where she's supposed to when she needs to be there. Not when it's something majorly important, anyway. It might be late enough that she's /supposed/ to be in the barracks, and yet she comes clattering in behind Melze, looking for all the world like she got shoved through the door. "Okay okay, I'm—" tripping over her own two feet as she tried to figure out what the heck is going on and what she needs to do. Robe. Right. Half-staggering, she scrambles over to her cot and hurries to get changed.

Ever the procrastinator, Nayale was sitting on her cot, getting the final stitches down on her robe. Only Melze's frantic form startles her and she stabs her finger with her needle. "Ouch!" The blond shakes her hand about, sucking on the offended tip before clothes are quickly stripped and she's trying to pull the tuber sack for a robe over her head. With a few wiggles the girl is robed up and her sash is retrived, tied tightly around her middle before sandals are slipped on. "Ready." Naya beams, nearly bouncing over to Xanshalla, waiting for her to finish dressing. "This is so exciting." Cue the girly squeals. Anyone want ear plugs?

Deitra is about the barracks, being lazy in the short amount of free time that she's given. Napping is the exact word for her actions, sprawled out on her cot and looking the vision of womanly loveliness — not really — with her hair a mess and limbs folded in all sorts of weird angles. When Melze comes in the hunter-candidate is flailing from her cot, literally throwing herself from it in panic. It doesn't help that the Weyrlingmaster is in panic herself! With a hop, skip, and a jump she begins to dig through her press to pull out the robe made by her foster mother and quickly disrobes in order to pull the robe on. Black hair is then messily pulled back while she gets sandals onto her feet.

It's been another long day of doing candidate things and really at this point Kairhys just wanted to park himself onto his cot and go to sleep. He'd almost managed to do just that despite it not being lights out just yet, dozing lightly when Melze comes in. Her initial panic is met with the weaver sitting straight up and half murmuring something about foot races, eyes wide open but likely still half asleep. "Wait..what?" he asks, brows pinching towards the middle of his forehead. There is a distinct pause then, before the teenager is flying out of bed, tripping over his own long legs and clamoring for his press. "Robe. Robe. Robe. Robe." And so things are being flung out of there left and right, a sock sailing through the air and landing on someone's head before he finally pulls out his robe and starting pulling his clothing off. "I can wear like my underwear right?" he asks someone. Anyone really.

Cool, calm, collected. That's Chyhi's middle name. It's a long middle name. Full of lots of words. But there it is. She's Chyhi Cool Calm Collected No-Last-Name of Fort Weyr. And hey, she's ready for this hatching. Edging nearish her sister, the girl yammers on, as is her way. "Dust me sideways an' slap m'rear wit' a fish tail, I've got this do-higgle robey thing on an' feel rather… exposed." YOU CAN SEE HER KNEES AND ANKLES. GASP.

Melze blinks at Adalinus long enough to say "You look lovely dear." in an utterly insincere tone that vanishes as another thrumming from outside kicks up the noise once more. Counting heads is done quickly, too quickly at first so she has to go back and start again and barely mumbles at the others, but when it seems that almost everyone is there she takes a deep breath. "remember and bow. As soon as you're ready get out there!"

Kershaw watches as the other candidates get into their robes and line up in preparation for heading out onto the sands. He waits for the stragglers to catch up running his hands down his robe to brush off any crumbs or left-overs that might have gotten on it. Kershaw tightens the rope belt around his waist to prevent any untoward accidents while on the sands.

"I'm wearing underwear," Vale remarks, overhearing the question from Kairhys. "Definitely wearing underwear." Because those robes are made of pretty thin fabric. "I'd look pretty uh … "he shrugs, jerking his head around, "odd out there without underwear." Boots laced, the Glasscrafter-turned-Candidate stands, and wraps a rope belt around his waist, mostly just for show rather than restricting his candidate robe in any way. "Well, let's go do this. Good luck, everyone." A nod at Melze. "Right, bowing. Gotcha." There's something of a salute tossed over at her, and he's getting into line to shuffle on out with the rest.

Xanshalla blinks big wide eyes at Nayale the moment her head pops through the top of her robe, then grins fit to break her face in half. Excitement is infectious, after all. "I can't believe it's finally time!" she exclaims, bouncing up and down. "Stay with me?" Regardless of what the answer might be, she's reaching to loop her arm through Nayale's before bouncing — yes, still — off to head for the sands.

Deitra looks over at Kairhys for his question, "nope! No underwear." The hunter-candidate insists with a firm nod of her head, but that grin on her lips may hint that she may be straight up lying. With that, she's making her way out with the rest.

"CHAAAAAARGE!" This is how Chyhi takes things seriously. True story. The girl doesn't bother waiting for any of the other candidates, she's all about hauling butt onto those sands. "Dun'let the door hit'cha on yer way out, boys'n girls! Time to wrangle me a hatchlin'!" YEEEE HAW! And out she goes. Full for insanity and vigor.

Nayale glances over her shoulder at the rider before looking back at Xanshalla, eyes sparkling. A hand is extended and fingers are wiggled playfully but Shalla manages to hook Naya's arm instead. That works. "Definitely! I won't leave you if you promise you won't leave me." Of course if a dragon come wandering and impressing one of them, they might end up with a two-for-one deal. With that, Nayale is off to the sands.

Jaylen takes her time, sort, with the sandals, she's in no hurry to get out there on those hot frightening sands with the rocking eggs and the crazed dragon hatchlings running about. But finally she pushes herself up and off her cot, finding a taller candidate's shadow to walk in, she's quiet, only glancing to her two firelizards briefly to get the message 'stay' through to them.

Adalinus lets out a gigantic sigh of relief when Melze tells him he looks alright. He could bowl a child over if he tried hard enough. "Alright everyone! Let's get out there and impress us some dragons!" He announces to… no one in particular. Captive audience and all. It's followed by a quick flex. "I believe we can wear underwear. I put on my favorite pair!" Thankfully he doesn't show them off, though. Instead he's puffing out his chest, and then marching out with as straight a face he can muster. There's a blink as Chy bolts past him. He starts to jog after her.

Hey, Vale says yes that was good enough for Kairhys. He nods and leaves the garment in place before pulling his robe over his head and senidng a playful glare Daeitra's way. "You had your chance." he grins at her, whatever that means, and he pops his feet into his sandals. No time for much else, he's shoving stuff back into his press in such a way as it had no chance of closing and then makes for the door.

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands

The sands. The most prominent and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

M'lo shows up, grinning and excited, while Irelanth and Maglinoth find a ledge to perch on. He glances up into the galleries and waves at someone - possibly Ely and their children. "Eggs and babies," he comments to Neyuni with a smile. "But at least it's not three in the morning, right? Everyone will get a good night's sleep after this."

Time ticks on and to the strong humming the endless eternity egg takes note. The barest of movements send a few grains of sand trickling down the side of its sandy nest. That first tepid motion bespeaking of the life within. A life that clings to the edge of sanity, knowing only so far an eternal surrounding darkness, broken by a few points of light in the whispered touch of unpartnered minds and the echoed voices of its parents. A sudden struggle breaks loose in a rapid series of jerks which rock the egg back and forth to no particular rhythm. Life to be yet lived, it will not so easily give up.

The line of white-clad candidates are ushered out onto the sands in a double line, each pair pausing to bow respectfully to the dam and sire before moving on and making room for the next. As they spread out into the expected semi-circle around the eggs, positions are reshuffled as friends and siblings seek to be closer to one another.

On Wings of Dreams Egg begins to shift just a little, the sand beginning to fall away from the sides of the eggs, the very foundation threatening to give way. Another shake, and then another, and it moves just a little, twisting, turning, before its stuck back in place.

Melze scurries out from the edge of the sands, following the line of candidates and then des yet another quick head count. A look of panic comes over her face for a moment as she has completely forgotten what she counted previously, but she quickly runs over towards Neyuni and lets out a long, deep, breath. "That's them all." Her expression adds on the quiet 'hopefully'.

Sohnyuoth sweeps in not long after the call has begun, crooning in greeting to the dam and sire. Pale, paperthin wings bring her to rest on the ledges as she lifts her head she adding a higher pitch to the song while eyes whirl happily. Miki isn't far behind her lifemate, wandering in with damp hair and a towel about her neck. A hand moves up, waving to the small group of riders before the AWLM makes her way over. "Lucky I'd just finished my shower instead of just starting it."

Th'ero arrives not long after Neyuni, not seeming too rushed though the Weyrleader is clearly trying not to show too much nerves or excitement show. At least he's smiling? "Timing seems perfect to me." he says as he approaches both Weyrwoman and Weyrsecond together. Velokraeth shuffles himself closer to Zuhth, once it seems the gold is in a good mood and welcoming of his presence. The bronze's voice rises in volume when the first egg begins to visibly wobble and the candidates begin to shuffle out, encouragement spread to both. Th'ero has fallen silent now, brown eyes fixating on the sands, observant to all — or an attempt anyways.

Neyuni chuckles as M'lo joins her, nodding warmly to the weyrsecond. "Aye, well as long as they hatch right quick and don't tkae their time about these things. Then again, a good nights sleep or a good nights party?" oooh, tough choices? Yuni gives a second nod to the weyrleader, reaching for an arm in her own excitement. "Oh, jsut let things go smoothly."

"Shells, this brings back memories," M'lo says, glancing up at his pale lifemate. Pride and love suffuse his face at the sight, and then he turns his attention back to the riders he's with, and the hopefuls on the sands. "Look at them," he says. "Lives are going to change forever." He laughs, though. "Sleep for me," he says. "I'll have to tuck the little ones in."

Deitra is settling off on her own on the Sands after bowing, likely attempting to give herself an ample amount of space as her hands remain ready at her sides and looking much more like she's taking a battle stance than standing at ease. The eggs are given a skeptical look, brows furrowed slightly before attention briefly flickers away to consider where the rest of the candidates are.

Kershaw can feel the heat radiating from the sands on his legs as he arranges himself in the semi-circle of candidates just in time to see movement from one of the eggs. He looks around to the other candidates and others that are on the sands with him as he wonders who will be the first to impress and which egg will be the first to hatch.

Jaylen doesn't have any friends or siblings, she walks alone in the shadow of one of the taller boys. Once the group is dispatched, she breaks off from the main group, chancing one quick glance up into the sands, not that she can see anything other than lots of bodies pressed together. Right, moving eggs, the scarred Istan's attention moves back to those eggs and she sighs quietly, this is really happening isn't it? She takes a deep breath and settles in for the long hall in her little shadowy place behind the bigtall guy where she can disappear for the duration.

Desperation seems to take hold in frantic, jerking movements. Colors blur between sky and shadow as the endless eternity egg's occupant grows ever more frantic. The occupants' struggles are yielding results. The narrower end of the shell slowly seems to stretch outward, spidery cracks filling the washed out sky with bright white lightening. A storm to echo the fury within, and those closest may hear the garbled grunts and scratching claws of the one held prisoner within. Primal, and basic there is only one goal, one purpose it has to be free of this darkness, this restricting space which binds it so.

Xanshalla's energy became far more subdued the second she actually set foot on the sands, her eyes growing round as she gapes at, well, /everything/. Despite previous visits, it's a lot more intimidating when there's noise and wobbling eggs and an audience, eek! "They're so big," she says to Nayale at her side. "How did I forget that they're so big?" Meaning the eggs, or the galleries, or even both.

After the bowing, Kairhys follows along behind Deitra and sticks close to Xanshalla, gravitating between the two women like a lost chick. Wide eyes are turned towards the stands full of people, and he's almost disoriented by everything going on everywhere. There was even an egg rocking nearby. "I'm not sure I like this." he stage whispers, glancing again to the stands as if looking for someone or someones, before his footsteps slow and he comes to a place to stop, turning his back to the crowd and focusing on the shelled dragonets.

Adalinus makes his way into the big semi-circle of candidates. Though with his monstrous size he tends to stick out like a sore thumb. Ada is that big-tall guy! With the muscles and the mustache. He glances down at his feet. "My feet aren't used to hot sand anymore…" He leans a bit to take the pressure off one foot and bumps Deitra a bit. "Oop, sorry Dei. How are your feet?" That's when he notices an egg moving. He manages to not squeal though, pointing excitedly instead.

Vaelariyon's bow complete, he moves off over the sands a little ways, hovering near a few of the other candidates, but not exactly integrating himself with anyone in particular — holding hands and the like — indigo-blue eyes set in eager anticipation at the movement of the rocking eggs.

Melze relaxes a little as Miki joins the little group, "Had me worried you weren't going to make it." she pauses a second and then grins, "Was worried I wasn't going to make it. You feeling okay?" In other words… she isn't.

Chyhi strides easily back over towards Deitra, arms swishing at the sides. Stopping near enough, the girl overhears Kairhys and gives the lad a heart slap on the back. "Cmon now, s'aint so bad! They'll be crackin' an' all that noise soon 'nuff an' than we'll have ourselves an' old fashioned rodeo. I dun know bout ya, but I'm fixin' to dodge me some /dragons/!" It's like a game! Where if you don't dodge, you get mauled. Lots of fun.

Th'ero doesn't seem to mind when Neyuni takes a hold of his arm, attention turning briefly to the Weyrwoman and his smile takes on a slightly crooked tilt. "I'm sure it will." he assures her, glancing away again once things seem to pick up. There's a long drawn breath from the Weyrleader and then a slight sigh, the only sign of his excitment or worries — despite the obviously stressed smile. "I say a little bit of both. Party and then sleep." Th'ero muses, side glancing quickly to M'lo before distracted once more.

Nayale slips her arm down Xanshalla's, twisting fingers through hers, palms sweaty. "Maybe they got bigger as they got harder?" Naya offers a cheeky grin to her friend and a quick wink before eyes flutter over to the eggs. "I bet a green will hatch first." She announces, seeming quite sure in her declaration.

Cracks begin to stretch upwards from the bottom of the On Wings of Dreams Egg, quickly creeping upwards, the fissures separating the peaceful scene on the egg, everything seeming to fall apart.

Miki grins, "I'll take care of the partying bit for anyone that needs to go to bed. I've a sudden itch for some dancing." Indeed, the woman's already doing a bit of head-bobbing in anticipation. Settling herself beside Melze she gives the Weyrlingmaster's arm a little squeeze. "A bit nervous. You did a good job getting them here though, just in time!"

Xanshalla casts a sympathetic glance over at Kairhys, a nervous grin appearing only fleetingly on her lips. "My tummy's gone all fluttery," she confesses, mere moments before she stares slack-jawed at Chyhi. She might not come right out and say it, but her expression says plain enough that she thinks the other girl is stark raving mad. And yet lunacy seems to be a recipe for courage, as she firms her grip on Nayale's hand. "I bet on…a blue!" she decides, just for the sake of the bet more than an actual conviction.

Deitra looks to Kairhys as he invades her little area, offering a wide grin towards the weaver. "Ain't that bad. Will get less…" A wave of her hand, "soon as everyone's gettin' caught by the dragons, 'm sure." As Chyhi steps near her, she gives her sister a grin. "Yer crazy, Chy. Don't get hurt. And don't go runnin' in just ta dodge 'em. This is different'n huntin'."

Kairhys oofs at the slap on the back that he gets from Chyhi, and winces. He arches away from the contact, rolling his shoulders before he chuckles nervously. "I don't think I like the sound of that either." he says, drifting closer to someone nearby. Maybe it was Deitra, perhaps it was Xanshalla or Adalinus or even Nayale. It didn't seem to matter, just as long as his arm or shoulder bumped against another. "I might just be sick, so, you're not alone there." he tells Xanshalla, maybe even sliding a step in her direction if he hadn't already. Clumps of candidates being a bad thing, he tries to remain close but not bunched up. "Still don't like it." A mutter to Deitra.

Scratching claws can be heard like nails on a chalkboard, screeching upon the inside of the endless eternity egg's shell. What progress is made however is in the push upon the narrower end of the shell. Bright cracks growing longer, stretching like bread dough trying to hold back the inevitable. Yet the determined force within is no longer. A series of sharp snaps as the shell breaks and gives, the narrow end plopping to the golden sands and a head splaying out from the gaping fatal wound the egg has suffered. The hatchling has little remorse for the shells sacrifice, grown and matured it is ready to face the world, or so it thought. The hatchlings body slides out upon the sands, sticky and damp with birth as her hindlegs shake, talons pushing the offending larger section of egg away out of the nest, leaving her pale body to blend momentarily with the golden sandy grains.

Jaylen isn't making bets or squeezing hands, she's just there, behind Adalinus, sinking into his shadow and proably just hoping she makes it out alive. And at least the dragonets will have to go through him before they get to her, nice isn't she? She clasps scarred hands together, lips pursed as she gets the occasional peek at the wobbling eggs, though she doesn't keep her head poked out from behind the human shield very long.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Specter of a Queen Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pale sunlight pokes through muffled cloud in slender rays that strike the soft pale hide of this smaller slender queen. Of slighter figure, there is a pleasant grace to the proportions of her body so barely kissed by day in hue. Elongated muzzle ends in a blunted tip, while prominent ridges sweep over her expressive eyes. Richer hues dab in mossy filigree down the spine of her slender neck and around the prominent neck ridges well spaced thereupon. The pattern spreads in uneven patches, fading down her back and nibbling at the base of her wingsails. The lichen shifts to a rusty gold around her soft muscled shoulders and thin wings joints, as if aged prematurely. Slightly heavy at the base, they support a vast fading expanse of sail, glittering metallic only where the light touches as if comprised of an ethereal golden mist, rather than flesh and bone. Talons are ice white, delicate but deadly upon each slender finger and toe. Narrowed body provides for a more graceful movement and elegant form. Sensual curves meeting the eye as one slides from the arc of her neck through the deep curve of her chest, to where slender waist disappears beneath the muscled curve of her thighs. Beneath her sails, as insubstantial as they seem, the pale sun cannot reach, and instead pale dried grass gold brushes her sides and belly, daubing against arms and legs in random fashion. Lengthy tail is rather narrowed, ending in an oddly stunted spade, the only hint of imperfection in one so surreal.

Kershaw pays little attention to his fellow candidates, his attention firmly fixed on the eggs as he awaits the appearance of the first hatchling. The thick soles of his sandals are doing a good job of preventing his feet from roasting on the sands but the heat is still uncomfortable. Rocking eggs keep his eyes moving from one to the other fingers crossed as he's bet on who will impress to what color. It wouldn't hurt earning a little money not that his luck at gambling bodes well for his chances. Then his eyes open wide at the sight of the first hatchling….A Gold!!

Hidden Within the Aurora gives the tiniest of shivers to start, so tiny in fact that it could be mistaken for a play of light and shadow. Time ticks by, a few heartbeats or two and then obvious movement this time as the entire egg gives a good back and forth shake, enough to disturb the sand tucked up so lovingly around it. Another wobble to follow the first and then the egg stops and is still again.

Melze grins and nods. "Thought we were going to be late to be honest, there was some definite panic in there." And most of it was from her. She falls silent for a time just watching the eggs wobbling until one splits and she lets out an oath, eyes widening. "Oh no. Oooooooh no. No. Nuh-uh."

Nayale's attention is tugged over to Chyhi and while Naya looks utterly amused at the idea of dodging dragons. "That could be fun." And off Naya's mind goes and for a moment she's so distracted with her mental picture that she misses the sudden arrival of the gold. Blue eyes go wide and she points, with her free hand, and gives Xanshalla a squeeze. "Looks like we are both wrong. Gold first! Wow, what're the odds of -that- happening?"

Adalinus blinks a bit as he notices a head peeking around him. "Hm?" Jaylen's out of luck though, because everyone around Ada is ignoring him. Which means he's making a grab for Jaylen's arm, so he can pull her to where she can see. She's welcome to pull free of him and hide still, if she wants though. "Look! It's a gold dragon! Do the golds usually hatch first? I thought a bronze being first meant good luck or something. She's very pretty."

Vaelariyon shuffles a little more on the sands, a sidestep scuttle from the heat wafting up from below, thus bringing himself right up near Xanshalla and Nayale. "Aren't the tales always told that it's better if a bronze hatches first?" he asks, of either girl and none in particular. Shift, scuttle, move. Warmth permeates his boot soles and he does a quick hop-step, missing any such hatching of any newborn dragons. It's only when he can firmly plant both feet on the ground, that the pale flash of golden hide is spotted. "Oh, hey, and is it supposed to be even /better/ gold first?"

M'lo whistles, impressed that the first egg was gold. "She's a beauty," he says. "I had no idea we even /had/ a gold on the sands."

Xanshalla aims a hip-bump at Kairhys the next time he drifts near, eyes sparkling as she jokes, "We musta both had the bad meatrolls at supper." Yeah, that's it. Not nerves or fear or any of that sissy stuff. Then, "Oh." in a very tiny voice. "I guess we're both wrong, huh?" she squeaks at Nayale as she huddles closer to the other girl.

Decrepit, certainly, is the best word to describe the appearance of the On Wings of Dreams Egg now, as the cracks have covered the surface. And finally, it seems it can take no more, as it splits, and a small hatchling is left in its place, sitting amongst the shadowy shards of her home.

Miki drops her jaw, looking over at the gold before breaking into a grin. "Whoooooa, no way no way no way! That's awesome, she's a beauty."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Make-believe Zeppelin Pilot Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

At first glance, this small hatchling seems almost blue in tone, the dark emerald green hues of her body cast into shadows of near teal. A flattened muzzle, short limbs, and an almost stubby tail also contribute to giving her a less than feminine appearance, while ridges are almost nonexistent as they march down her back. Wings are wide, pale sails stretched tightly from spar to spar, promising that she will soar to great heights, while more lush, pure green tickles at her belly, giving away her true nature.

"Weeeeeeell shiiiiiiiiiii-aaaaaaaaat." Chyhi lets her words draaaaaaw out, an eyebrow lifting up. "I don't reckon I wanna tangle wit' tha' girl there. Bet'cha she'd give one hellova' scar." Hands are rubbed together. "But I like me muh scars." They're hot, don'cha know. A wink goes towards Kairhys, then a grin over towards Nayale. "Oh aye, I think so too! If'n any come round, you go left, I go right, an' we can meet inna middle!"

Specter of a Queen Gold Hatchling lays a moment in her sandy wallow where the egg once was, shell rolling off to either side. The world seems to blind the hatchling, caught in the warm darkness for so long eyes blink against the light of the caverns and a world so suddenly full of color. Slender head lifts, peekign above the sandy rim, a moment of hesitation that is only that. Fitting and proper for her to come first, for she bears a heavy burden. Gaze alights to the semi-circle of white clad candidates at the same moment her stomach gives a very unregal hungry growl. Somehow the two seem connected, her first meal, or the means to it? Getting to her feet she follows her instincts and wobbles off in that direction.

Jaylen squeaks as she's tugged out from behind human shield just in time to see the gold hatch. Hey, but now she's not hidden in the shadows like she's so used to. Ack! Another one hatched. Okay, well, this wasn't supposed to happen so fast was it? She's careful, though, not to let her sheer fright show, she keeps up her poker face, calm and cool as she watches the hatchlings, ready to dive back behind her human shield if the need shall arise.

For a moment, the Make-Believe Zeppelin Pilot Green sits there amidst the shattered remains of her first home, lifting her short muzzle to stare at the caverns. After a moment, she's slowly getting to her feet, and setting off on her first adventure. Wings are only half-folded, dragging in the sands as she makes her way towards the candidates. A stumble, a trip, a fall, and she finds herself sprawled in the sands at the feet one of teenage boy, lifting her chin to peer at him. Another soft croon and he's carefully helping her upwards. "Of course, Elliveth… I'm C'arl now.." And after a moment, the pair sets off to find food, the first step on their great new adventure of life together.

Hidden Within the Aurora gives a sudden lurching movement, rolling from it's hollow and coming to rest only for a breadth of a second before rocking furiously. The hues playing on it's shell seem to shimmer all the brighter, weaving and dancing in time with the eggs movements before they're shattered by a long, dark crack. Another trembling shake and a few more hairline cracks mar the icy whites of its base before once more the egg falls still.

Neyuni gives Th'ero's arm a squeeze as the first hatches. Unlike many others she doesn't seem all that surprised. "it was quite a flight." bemused she looks towards Melze. "Aww, something the matter?" Zuhth behind her bugles loudly, wings flaring again as she welcomes the first, and then the second.

With a triumphant cry the Make-believe Zeppelin Pilot Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Distracted by the hatching of a Gold, Kairhys manages to keep down whatever he had for dinner, so maybe he'll thanks the little queen later once this was all over. If he had the change. The hip bump from Xanshalla has the weaver startling, clamping a hand on her shoulder and tensing somewhat. "You just scared the wherry dung out of me." Cause you know, dragons and hatchings and things of that nature with big nasty tearing claws. Stuff of nightmares. The wink from Chyhi gets a blink from the lad before he releases poor Shalla's shoulder and forces himself to relax. "Okay, gold that means girls, that means…" he murmurs to himself and starts to gravitate toweards Adalinus and Vale.

Deitra is among those candidates shocked that there is a gold, not for the reasons some may think, however. "Shells, yes! Betted on a gold." The hunter fist-pumps before shooting her sister a rather smug grin. "Didja bet, Chy?" Her gaze doesn't linger there long, mindful of the hatchlings.

Melze shakes her head at neyuni. "No, nothing wrong." If only her voice hadn't squeaked and proved that to be a lie. So shocked is she at the gold and that it spells for her personally that it's one of the assistant weyrlingmasters that's sent to collect the little green, Melze's feet stubbornly refusing to move.

Gold followed by Green, Kershaw wonders if thats some kind of omen or something? He watches as the gold seems to have made up its mind to move while and before he knows it the first impression is made, "Congratulations C'arl, way to go!!" His attention is quickly returned to the gold and the remainder of the eggs keeping his options open in case he has to head in one direction or another to get out of a hatchling's way.

Vaelariyon's attention strays from golden hide to verdant, his brow furrowing quizzically as he peers at the new hatched green. Or was it a blue? Unable to make up his mind, gaze riveted on the rich luster of emerald hide, "Like a pottery glaze," he murmers thoughtfully, then, his gaze roves only when C'arl has Impressed, the Glasscrafter calling out "Good on you, C'arl" before he's back to peering at the movement of the infant queen. "And where's she think she's going?" That's mused aloud, to nobody in particular. Because she's certainly not headed for him.

Nayale's lips tug up in a bright smile, "I go left, gotcha." But knowing Nayale, she'll probably forget if a hatchling actually charges them. "I think it was a good color to be wrong with. I mean, really, who would have guessed a gold would have been first. Oh! And look at that green, she had a bit of a tumble there but she looks okay." Weight is shifted from foot to foot to keep the heat from becoming unbearable. Eyes only leave the eggs briefly so she can smile at Shalla before they're back on the eggs and that hungry looking gold.

Chyhi ships a saucy wink to Deitra. "Ya know I did! Put a whole blasted half a mark on one bein' on the sands. I'm so gonna make a killin' off this shindig." She elbows her sister some, chuckling heartily. "I'll even be nice an' take ya out t'dinner, once this is all over." Awww. She's such a good sister. Feet dig into the sand, the heat actually enjoyed. Nothing like some blisters on the toes to make a girl feel alive. "I prolly spent all the marks t'my name on bets for this hatchin'. Good to be gettin' some back!"

Xanshalla barely manages to stifle a yelp by stuffing her fist into her mouth, blushing to the roots of her hair as she looks sheepishly at Kairhys. "Sorry. But we're even now!" she declares, rolling her shoulder a bit once it's released. She does look a bit lost as he starts to move away, despite being firmly anchored on her other side. "Don't leave," she begs Nayale, even if such a request isn't really a practical one in this time and place. "Technically you still win 'cause green hatched before blue," she declares, trying to be brave. "But wow that was really fast. Wasn't it? Is it always like this?"

Th'ero looks clearly startled when the first egg hatches to reveal a gold and the second a green, just in time for Neyuni's squeeze to his arm. The Weyrleader then shakes his head, clearly among those who hadn't laid any bets or thoughts towards that particular one being among the eight eggs. The chaos of the sands keep him from voicing his opinion, though Th'ero gives a brisk nod when the green Impresses and the first pair of the night are lead off the sands. Velokraeth almost seems to swell with pride and if a bronze could grin, he'd be grinning. Among his welcoming thrum, he pauses to give Zuhth a sweet honeyed croon.

Adalinus blinks as a green pops free of her shell, and then quickly finds herself a lifemate. He barely even got to see her. "Wow! That was quick." There's a blink as Kai scoots closer to him. "Did you see the gold come free? Though… now she's looking like she means to eat one of us. That could get messy." Just because they weren't female didn't mean the tiny queen wouldn't destroy any men by rushing to her lifemate who might be hiding behind them.

Megalithic Longstone Egg shudders, the dusty cracks that run over the shell seeming to bulge and then still once more as the hatchling inside begins to fight againt its confines.

Hidden Within the Aurora springs to life in a flurry of movements, rocking and trembling violently as pieces of its shell begin to chip away. It takes a few more good jolts before it crumbles away and the blue that comes tumbling out onto the sands lands in a sprawl of limbs, panting a little from his efforts before he's gathering himself up, wings still slightly extended as he strikes a bit of a pose. Yep, he totally meant to do that!

~~~~~~~~~~~~< Sharp-Witted Warrior and Strategist Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~

Medium of size, shades of the purest azure form the majority of the color of his smooth hide, accentuating the lithe and powerful build of his well-proportioned body, though it's by far not the most striking of his features, but eye-catching all the same. Sky blues wrap themselves over each of his long, powerful forearms, while his muscular hindquarters bare only a darker shade of the azure hues that remain untouched over the curve of his sleek sides. Azure is broken again by another ring of sky blue around the base of his neck, one end slipping down across his low, narrow chest and disappearing below the curve of his underside. Cerulean encases his wide-set head and blunted muzzle and up along his short rounded head knobs before ending abruptly just past the angled curve of his jaw and cheek bones, leaving the rest of his short, slender neck and ridges in a pristine and untouched shade of pure blue. Paled cobalt accentuate his whirling eyes, symmetrical in pattern and clean-cut lines broken by the more dominant cerulean below while the eye ridges above are a striking power blue in hue. That same hue, almost white against the rest of his coloring, pools along his lower jaw, coming up in sharp angled lines over the sides of his face, meeting the same abrupt end along with the cerulean. Cobalt returns in a narrow triangle that extends down his forehead, the point resting just above the start of his muzzle while the rest sweeps back over the top of his head. All this forms the most handsome of his features, each accentuating one detail over the other, painting the image of strength and cunning in each carefully placed line. As a final touch, his broad wings, perfectly proportioned for one his size and build, seem on whole a uniform azure until they spread open, revealing sails borne of hues of ice and snow in an ever shifting pattern under the play of light.

Specter of a Queen Gold Hatchling slogs towards the nearest candidate on new unsteady legs. The farther she moves, the more confidence is gained and as she reaches the first, her steps are more sure. Head raises to look and her eyes meet one of the younger lads on the sands. Although clearly not for her, gaze bores deep as if testing even if he is worthy to be here. there's a rustle of near invisible wings and she moves on abruptly without further comment. Jaws part slightly as she passes a few others lads, pausing this time before a female. Qeska is given barely a look before she moves on with a derisive snort. Maybe somewhere over there. She seems to know the one she seeks, just lost in the muddied excitement of so many minds.

Nayale wiggles her fingers around, trying to get Shalla's attention. "I'm not going to leave you! If you impress, you'll have to drag me off the sands with you." And wouldn't that be a sight. "And I said green would hatch /first/ so I most definitely lost." Dark blue eyes scan the sands and then she's pointing again and nearly bouncing up in down in place. "There's your blue! And I don't know, this is the first hatching I've seen since I was a really little kid." Plus her memory is just terrible.

Kershaw's eyes widen as the first male hatchling makes its appearance on the sands, and what a handsome fellow he is! "Will you look at him now, there's a handsome fellow if ever there was one!" Feet still not on fire he keeps his movements to a minimum, soon enough he'll be doing the candidate shuffle as the heat finally penetrates the thick soles of his sandals. All his attention is on the blue hatchling though an eye is kept out for the gold just in case he'll have to move out of her way.

Deitra grins widely over at Chyhi, nodding cheerfully. "Better share some of that with me or I ain't goin' ta buy you a drink when it's over." Attention quickly filters back forward. "And I ain't goin' ta share my cabin or my furs with you if you don't share!" All's playful between the sisters. "You doin' okay, Kai?"

The weaver gives Xanshalla a sheepish look, and he nods. Oh yeah, they were even. Now that dragons were hatching left anf right and someone he didn't quite manage to see had made off with that green already. "Who was that?" he asks of Adalinus, who's side he was now at, probably out of the need for someplace safer. Next to the biggest guy there seemed the best option seems like. Another egg, a blue this time and Kairhys swallows quickly, though not for the antics of the newly hatched male. It was the gold on the prowl that had his attention most readily. He appeared to be sizing up the distance between himself and the nearest female, you know, just in case.

An ominous cracking comes from the Megalithic Longstone Egg as the egg appears to breathe, bulging outwards as cracks split and widen and several small pieces beginning to flake off around the top of the egg giving tantalizing glimpses of the dark inside, but not enough to make an educated guess at what lies within.

Qeska is ahead of herself, an imperious look of triumph crosses her features as the gold approaches. Only to dismiss her with barely a glance. For once, the calculating trader girl is struck completely speechless, staring after the retreating hatchling in the jaw-dropped shock of outraged pride.

Sharp-Witted Warrior and Strategist Blue Hatchling gives himself a good stretch now that he's straightened himself from his abrupt arrival and then with a chuff of annoyance, turns to give the shards of shell around his feet a look of disdain. It's to blame for his less than stellar performance and so he kicks out at one piece with far more strength then intended in his awkwardness and sends it skittering and pinging off another egg. Uh, oops? Ducking away, the blue attempts to feign innocence as he slinks off, though his obvious overplaying of it singles him out. No one saw that, it wasn't him!

Vaelariyon fidgets, feet shuffling again as he wavers on the sands somewhere betwixt Nayale and Xanshalla, hovering behind them as if ready to duck down behind them for cover — fat chance, that with him being taller than either of them — before he chuckles softly, and offers a "Good luck, girls," to the both of them. The hatching of the new blue is noted, a flicker of a glance towards him. "Well, he's a fine looking fellow," he observes, "good to see a blue look so proud." But he's still glancing towards some of the other eggs, amongst them, his favorite yet unhatched.

Jaylen catches sight of the blue and she can't help but admire him a moment, but soon her mind is on her feet. Her sandals are finally getting a tad too warm under those feet of hers. She shuffles a little, swiping a hand over sweating brow. "S'hot." She mutters to no one in particular, probably just talking to herself, she does that a lot sometimes.

Specter of a Queen Gold Hatchling looks more excited as she works her way along the semi-circle of candidates, clearly feeling what it is she wants, she needs. Yes, these white clad ones are clearly a means to an end and she will have her way. Voice creels from her throat, hungry and plaintive. No time to be playing with another, there's a bit of a jealous flare to her eyes and she reaches the end of her journey, pushing herself between two of the girls and looking up with undeniable clarity to her chosen.

Adalinus is busy trying not to draw the tiny queen's attention as she passes by. She's so close to them! But not charging through, and not making a swipe at anyone. Unfortunately he misses the blue pop free of his egg. There's a peer in the direction that the green went when Kai asks him about the candidate that impressed. "I'm… not sure. It happened too quickly!"

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Specter of a Queen Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Chyhi makes a face. "So… that's a… gold, green, an' a blue? S'all s'far, right? An' the green impressed, but not the others." Chyhi asks of those around her as she's trying to keep a tally. "Shards, some of 'em are awful picky, ain't they? What, what? Eh? S'not /good/ enough for ya, is THA' it, dragons? Well. Pffft." Yeah. She totally makes a rude gesture towards the dragons. It's her style. Though she does attempt to cover it up so no riders or clutchparents see. Mwahaha, sneaky.

Xanshalla giggles, a sound more of high-pitched nerves than true humor. "Shame we couldn't sew pockets into our robes. Then I could just tuck you in mine!" she tells Nayale. And how's /that/ for a mental image? And then she's just pointing, hand flailing as she utters a staccato, "Oh. Oh oh oh oh!" Her record player is stuck on skip, yep.

Adalinus blinks a bit at Chy as she starts making rude gestures at the baby dragons. "Chy! Stop that at once! There are dragon children here! Also the mother might take offense." He tries to coax her to put her hand, or whatever it is she waving around, away.

Dtirae's playful banter ends at that, suddenly frozen by the fact that there's a dragon before her and her mind is /filled/. Mouth opens, then closes again, only to open for the struggle of words and there are none for the longest moment. "Wait. Wait. Wait!" Her head shakes suddenly, nose crinkling in disgust. "Shells. Take a breath b'fore you talk. Yer just /ramblin'/ on and on. Wait." Dumbstruck again, "/what/? I ain't this… Dtirae. What are you sayin'? I didn't understand a single thing you just /said/, Zuvaleyuth. Use yer /WORDS/. Real ones!" It takes another moment to hit and the young woman just stares. "Yer /gold/… Shard it all…"

"This is crazy." Kairhys says to Adalinus, muttering a brief apology as he bumps into the poor man. Everything was happening so fast, and it was only looking to speed up the longer they were out there. Then that hatchling gold is heading over their way and the weaver looks to prepare himself to dodge, but she's off and past them without even so much as a sniff in their direction. Whew. "They tell you about this stuff but they never really give you the whole pictu…" he continues to talk at the poor mustashed teenager beside him, but his voice trails off as that gold that had wandered by goes and sets her sights on, Deitra. "WHOA!" Maybe that came out a little louder than intended, but there it was. Not that the woman's own protests don't more than make up for his unnecessary loudness. Yep, he'll just clamp a hand over his own mouth for a moment before offering congrats to the new goldriding pair.

Jaylen grins secretly in her hiding spot. "I'ma get some maks on that one." And so much for being quiet and inconspicuous. Grats Dei!"

Sharp-Witted Warrior and Strategist Blue Hatchling seems rather laid back in his wanderings and for a moment he lingers, head turned in the direction that the meat awaits the newly bonded pairs. Food would be /so/ good right now! But he's missing something… he knows it! Now where did it go? Turning now to eye the line of candidate, the blue is on an obvious mission. Head held high, he walks with an almost pompous attitude that really only comes off as ridiculous in the end. There's no lingering now, his plan simple and easily executed as he wanders closer. No, no, no… /definitely/ not. A few candidates are examined and passed by and with an exaggerated sigh of annoyance the blue soldiers on.

Kershaw claps his hands together as the gold has finally chosen her lifemate and she couldn't have picked a better person than she did, Fort will be well served by Deitra and Zuvaleyuth! "All right that's great, way to go!!!" He smiles as he notes the expression on Deitra's face all else forgotten for the moment as he congratulates the newly formed pair.

Megalithic Longstone Egg takes one giant breath and shatters, pieces flying in every direction as a massive hatchling shakes itself off. For a moment it stands crowned by a winged hat, but the final flake of shell slowly slides off and leaves only hatchling standing before the line of candidates.

"Congratulations, Dtirae," M'lo says, stumbling a little bit over the new, unfamiliar name. He laughs, just happy to be witness to this.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< These Fortians Are Crazy Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Large in both size and girth, this cloud and sky blue dragon will never be easy to ignore, nor to avoid should he get in someone's way. His hide does not appear stretched, his barrel chest simply well padded from within, with shoulders that make no secret of the power they possess. His head is rounded, with even his nose and headknobs appearing chubby, though the latter shades into purple, a streak of which also fades into his thick neck giving him the appearance of hair. His sturdy limbs end in obsidian tipped paws, while his tail is shorter than usual and pales to a white tip. His wings are large and stone hued, clearly veined in navy, like a giant rock to be carried on his back forever.

Melze steps slowly forwards, and if she was nervous before she's terrified now. "Um… congratulations, Deitra. Come on we'll get you some… um… food." She's halfway off the sands before she even thinks to check and make sure they're following.

Dtirae is staring at Melze as she approaches, mouth opening and then closing again before she simply nods and makes her way dumbly off the sands.

These Fortians Are Crazy Blue Hatchling sits down and lets out a wail, proving himself to be the child he is despite his massive size. It take a moment for him to get over the disappointment at the end of his fight against his shell, and he nudges at one of the other eggs with his nose to see if it would be fun to fight with. Finding it boring he turns his attentions to the candidates. Far more exciting! They move and everything! With a happy roar, or rather a squeaky approximation of one, he charges at the line, bowling over a short boy from Boll, and ending up in a weird dragon-boy tangle. Somehow this pairing works, and in the midst of the tumble laughter bursts from the boy as the two become friends for life. As'trix and Obelizkth.

With a triumphant cry the These Fortians Are Crazy Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Adalinus is keeping close tabs on that queen. Too close! Then gone. Then she's looking at Deitra like she might eat her. Or something. "Dtirae? Hm?" There's more blinking as Dei has impressed the gold! "Wh-wha? Dei! Congrats!"

Soul in Bloom seems to stretch upwards, as if waking from a deep slumber. But no, there is no rush. It stills once more. There is still time.

Nayale tilts her head to the side, peering at Xanshalla, eyes crinkled in amusement. "In your pocket? I'm not sure I could, you know, -fit-." A hand is lifted to push a rather sweat-damp curl from out of her face, tucking it behind an ear. When the gold finally finds her other half, Naya is cheering, "Grats!" She pauses only to point at a new blue, and then it impresses. "Some of these hatchlings really know what they want, don't they?"

Melze hustles quickly back across the sands having seen Dtirae and her gold safe with food and oil. Her shaking hands are now firmly stuffed in her pockets, but her face shows a little more calm than it did earlier. "What'd I miss?" is hissed at M'lo, as Mel turns to scan the sands once more.

Vaelariyon shuffles around again, grimacing a little. "Shells, I've watched Hatchings from the galleries before, but what they don't tell you is … IT BURNS." Well, that's a tad over dramatic, isn't it, Vael. "Hey, wait, who did that gold choose anyway?" He peers off towards the newest Fortian goldrider. "Oh?" Oh, he sees who it is. "Congrats!" comes his holler over the sands, before the new hatched blue is spotted, and Impression goes quickly enough. "That other blue's still around." Yeah, where is he anyway?

Th'ero is startled for the second time in such a short span, brows rising when the gold makes her choice. "Huh." Is all the Weyrleader utters at first, glancing towards Neyuni and then giving a vague smirk. "Who knew?" he says to the Weyrwoman, before he's glancing back out over the sands, taking note of the blues and wincing when one boy tangles with a hatchling. For a moment, he tenses, preparing for the worst — but the pair works and Th'ero can breath a sigh of relief. "Shells. That was close." he mutters. Then it's back to being distracted again among all the chaos.

Neyuni catches the wavering of tone in Melze's voice and eyes the weyrlingmaster a bit. Not for long for there is to much action about, Zuhth bugling a welcome as each egg hatches she catches the flash of hides green and blue. Impressions made in timely fashion "Hmm, hope ther are some of the other males in there." still, half the clutch to go she looks to the remaining eggs as more take up movement, soon to make their own entrance. "Love the colors on that blue… I think he's getting closer to choosing." she offers to Melze as the weyrlingmaster returns.

"Actually, nothing much - some more wobbling, and Candidates getting hot feet," M'lo tells Melze with a grin.

Soul in Bloom gives a shudder, tiny petals of red falling in a shower upon the sand as small cracks begin to crawl up the dark streaks on its surface.

It takes a while for the whole scene to really connect in Chyhi's mind. What's happening around her, how her free drinks just gotten taken from her. "Dei…. Deitra?" She's staring really, as there's a gold freaking dragon in front of her dragon and she's totally saying the dragon's name and omfg wtf what's going on. "Ya… ya weren't supposed to /impress/!" GASP. The sister is taking steps away, all while mouthing out the gold's name. "Did'ja say… Zuvaleyuth? S'nice." SNIFFLE. Is that a tear in her eye? It may be. As Deitra — Dtirae — walks off, Chyhi is waving her arms like a mad woman. "I LOVE YOU, SIS!" WAVE WAVE. FLAIL FLAIL. "So this totally makes me important cuz she is, right? Perks an' all tha'? Goldrider's sister gets marks jus' cause, right?" Hope so.

And another Impression, somewhere, given the whooping of people in the stands and the congrats ringing out as people notice the newest blue pair making their way off the sands. Kairhys almost missed that one too, but calls out as discreet of an echoed sentiment as possible As'trix way. Not that the guy would of noticed, really. There was a lot going on. A lot. Talk of shoving into pockets garners the weaver's attention, unable to help the grin that stretches out his lips and threatens to cleave his face in two. He opens his mouth to say something else, but he just then hears Vaelariyon say something about another blue, and brown eyes dart this way and that. "What blue? Where?" he asks, brows lifting upwards in a shooting type movement. Shows you how much he was paying attention.

Sharp-Witted Warrior and Strategist Blue Hatchling flicks his tail and rustles his wings in frustration as he comes to rest not far off from a group of candidates, eying them all in apparent annoyance. Oh come on now, really? Where /is/ it hiding? So not funny anymore! Wouldn't it just be his luck, with delicious food so close that he's lost… WAIT. That one, there! With a sudden flurry, he's back into motion, surprisingly nimble even for being so newly hatched. For a moment, his true nature shows - power, strength and agility, features of a warrior that dissolve the moment he slows to a stop in front of a particular once-weaver candidate, head turning up and jaw dropping down in an almost smirking and smug like manner. Finally!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Sharp-Witted Warrior and Strategist Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Kershaw notices that the blue has found his lifemate, though he can't see who it is from his position but he's sure he'll find out soon enough. The heat has penetrated the soles of his sandals and it is getting pretty uncomfortable. To relieve the heat on his feet he lifts one then the other giving them a chance to cool off a little bit before switching to the other foot.

Xanshalla tips her head to rest her cheek against Nayale's shoulder once she manages to calm herself down a bit, chest heaving as she pants for breath after all that squealing. "I could make it a really big pocket?" she quips lightly. Either her earlier fear is fading or she's just starting to wilt under the heat. Native Fortians are not made for these temperatures! She looks a little bit askance at Chyhi's flailing, but the majority of her attention is still on those hatchlings. "I wonder why some of 'em are so certain and others aren't. I mean it took the gold /forever/ to decide and now that blue— oh! Lookit lookit lookit! YAY!"

Adalinus frowns a bit for Chy. Or himself maybe. Dei was gone! Off impressed to a gold, no less. A gold! The hunting days! They were over. Dei would surely not have time amongst her paperwork and weyr duties. He lip-wibbles a bit himself. At the mention of the blue though, Ada looks around. Now was not the time to be distracted!

Melze studiously avoids Neyuni's gaze, and with each hatching and Impression she definitely seems to be getting more relaxed. Or perhaps just more used to a routine now. She nods to M'lo, murmuring a quiet, "Good." then asking louder, "Where'd the blue go?"

He had asked where that blue was, and seems he's gone and found him, right there as he turned around to look for him. Eyes. Right. There. "WHOA!" he says, and actually backs up a step and trips over imaginary something or another, flumping back onto his backside right then and there. Kairhys sits there and stares at the blue intent on him before his mouth just drops open. "ME? Are you…" Apparently this is cleared up quickly because the now former-weaver swallows hard and nods very slowly. Which lasts all of five seconds, really. "K'hys? Who's that….oh." And his shoulders slump, "We're going to have to have a long talk about that I think Jheth." He pops himself back up to his feet and brushes off his bum, before jerking his head the direction that the other newly Impressed have gone, but is blocked by an extended wing. A blink, and then a chuckle. "Oh I like you, we'll get along just fine."

Pieces of Soul in Bloom's surface begin to fall off gently, a small muzzle appearing from the blankets it had been wrapped in. Its emergence is both beautiful and graceful….until it tries to strike a pose and instead ends up stumbling forward a few steps, just barely avoiding a tumble.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Scamp by Day Vigilante by Night Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From afar, this dragon seems to be as dark as night, charcoal brown gently wrapping itself around him and deepening as it moves down his hide, concentrating at the tip of his tail. Spatterings of burgundy cling to his legs, as if the petals engrained on his shell had been seared onto the brown's body. Wisps of dark umber spread across his chest, originating from a cloud of color just above his heart and moving to the underside of his belly before crawling up through the inside of his wings. A streak of dark mahogany runs up this dragon's spine and up strongly pointed headknobs just before spilling down onto defined eyeridges. The color leaks to just past his large, whirling, eyes that seem almost almond in shape. Abruptly, the woody color gives way to a mask of shadowy bistre almost the same hue as black onyx. It sweeps across his lower jaw smoothly, save for streaks of pale taupe. Flecked with silver, the streams move down to their origin at the tip of his muzzle, which is dipped in the shining color. Beneath the subdued tones is a frame that seems small and delicate. Upon closer inspection however, one finds muscles that are lean and strong yet not so noticeable as to give away his hidden strength. The illusion extends to the rest of the brown's features, from slim legs to slender paws with their sharp obisidan claws all the way to his sharply defined and angular head. When the sun sets however, delicacy turns to something that seems almost sinister, metallic flakes accentuating the angles of his head with ghostly flashes while his body seems to almost disappear into the night.

Miki grins as she watches the blue stop in front of Kairhys. It isnt long before shes making her way towards the two, a bit of skip in her step. "Alright Kai, or Khys rather. Lets get you and Jheth there some food to sink yalls pretty teeth into." With a final smile in their direction, she turns away, hand beckoning for the pair to follow as she leads them off the Sands.

A brief flash of blue signals the tiniest of movements from the Beyond the Great Desert Egg, but it still immediately and seems reluctant to move any more.

A sharp intake of his breath follows the appearance of the brown hatchling, another male but a brown this time and what a brown he is. He smiles as he notes who the blue has chosen, "Congratulations Kairhys, well done!" then his attention is quickly drawn back to the brown with some attention given to the rest on the sands.

Nayale tilts her own head so that a soft cheek is resting against the top of Shalla's head, trying to offer her fellow candidate some sort of comfort. "If you, my dear, want to lug around a big enough pocket to put me in it and carry me around, who am I to object?" Naya looks liked she'd very much like being in a pocket. "Pocket-Nay!" When there is a lull when eggs are still eggs and the hatchlings have just recently impressed she lets her eyes wander to the faces of her fellow candidates. And then there's a new hatchling. "Look, Shalla a brown!" Master of the obvious, this one. "Grats Kai-" But then him and his new blue are gone and Naya's lips snap shut. Oops.

Jaylen has shrunk back into her safe shadowy place after the whole outburst when Dei impressed the gold. Concentrating on her feet as they shuffle to and fro. The scarred Istan dares one more peek to see what new hatchling has burst forth. Oh look, it's a brown, like Rhyrith..The girl peeks up towards the stands again with a look of concentration on her face. "He said he'd be here." She mutters under her breath, straining to see the familiar form of her Istan friend.

Adalinus blinks a bit as the blue is RIGHT THERE! He gasps, but manages to avoid shrieking or something. Though a few candidates might notice an… unpleasant odor on the sands. But the blue has chosen Kai! "Oh, Kai! He's very nice! Congrats!" Oh Faranth. All his friends are dropping off around him!

"There goes the blue." Th'ero notes with a smirk, once he catches a clear enough glimpse of whom the blue chose. That earns a quirked brow and the Weyrleader then snorts, shaking his head. Unlike the previous Impressions, he doesn't seemed too taken aback by the newest but overall seems pleased. Velokraeth is just as smug as smug can be from where he observes next to Zuhth, thrum switching to loving croons for each of their hatchlings.

Scamp by Day Vigilante by Night Brown Hatchling stares around with wide eyes, surveying the white things in front of him. What /are/ those? Well whoever they are, they should learn to appreciate. Flaring his wings, the hatchling begins to strut forward, suddenly tripping over his own tail and sending sand flying into the air as he lands face down. Quickly his brown head pops up, looking around at the spectators. No one saw that.

Vaelariyon does a foot hop again. "I think my soles are in need of repair," the young man scowls, peering down at his feet for a moment, scrunching his boots into the sandy ground underfoot. "Hot hot hot hot. And I'm not talking about how sexy everyone looks." this is said aloud — it doesn't matter who hears it, really. "I am going to get something to stuff into these boots," he states, "as soon as we can get off these sands. Lifemate or no lifemate, I'm not going to walk around with worn out boot soles." A glance up then, and he catches sight of the blue's Impression. "Huzzah." comes his response. "Congrats and all." The brown is eyed thoughtfully. "He's dark. Really dark. Wonder if one could get pottery glaze to look like that."

Beyond the Great Desert Egg doesn't move again, or does it? There certainly isn't any obivous movement, but the shell appears to have turned through ninety degrees. Or did it?

Xanshalla laughs brightly, somehow managing to pull off a version of the obligatory sands-dance wtihout lifting her head. "Pocket-Nay, I like that! Oooh, that gives me an id- wha?" Her eyes, which had actually drifted shut, pop open again. "A brown? Where- oh. Ooooooh." Which about says it all, really, the croon full of approval for the newly hatched dragonet. And she totally did see, another giggle peeling forth as she watches him pick himself back up after the trip. "Poor guy. A nosefull of sand is no fun." Spoken like she actually knows.

Wiggle wiggle, wobble woggle goes Pillage Then Burn Egg, twisting and twirling across the sand.

Adalinus spots the latest brown to spring free. "That dragon has… muscles!" And everyone knows Ada's feeling on those. Then the little brown does a faceplant. "Though… he looks like he might need a hand using them and all." There's a blink for Vael then. "Your… souls!? Oh. Your feet. Yes. The sand is a little hot."

Scamp by Day Vigilante by Night Brown Hatchling brings himself to his feet, quickly flipping his head back and extending his tail for all to see. Once hes deemed that his form has been appreciated enough, he begins to move towards the line with purpose once again. Ugh, thats one ridiculous. And that one just isn't cute enough. OH! He skids to a stop in front of a small group of candidates, staring at one in particular with expectation. For a few minutes he simply sits there, blue eyes whirling in expectation. WAIT. He suddenly snaps up straight, brown head swinging back and forth in confusion before quietly beginning to slink away in embarrassment. Uh….Wrong person. Sorry about that! Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Kershaw watches the brown as he approaches a group of candidates and then turns away, he can't help but hide a grin as it seems the hatchling has decided that no one in that group is who he's looking for. His attention is drawn away as the heat has built up to almost intolerable levels in his feet and he starts the age old candidate shuffle, lift one foot, hold it in the air, lower foot and raise the other and hold it in the air. Not much but at least it will prevent his feet from suffering from third degree burns!

Beyond the Great Desert Egg falls over revealing a large hole in the base that its occupant had been slowly picking away at. Slowly, pulling itslef carefully from this egg slithers a polished green hatchling that shakes itself off, flicks its tail once and turns to face the world with her head held high as behind her the egg slowly collapses, soon the be ground to pieces in the chaos of the hatching.

Pillage Then Burn Egg's motions get more frantic, twirling turns to frantic shaking until one gigantic crack splits suddenly along the prow of it's snarling visage.

M'lo grins at the brown. "A strapping lad," he says approvingly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Make Way For The Runaway Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From the sands » The cloudy grey-green of jade enfolds this young dragon, enhancing her regal bearing with a shine that rivals the most polished sculpture a crafter can produce. Large bright eyes peer out from her proudly held head, the faceted angles and delicate muzzle lending her a fragility that personality does not warrant. Her emerald hued neck tapers back into slender shoulders, lean limbs continuing the richer velveteen coloring down to dainty feet tipped in alabaster. Her whip-like tail and flowing wings tend more towards grey, the shadowy sails complementing the color of her hide well as they fall around her like a train. Her only real flaw appears upon her back where ten dark green parallel scratches mar her perfection.

Jaylen winces at the brown's faceplant, wouldn't that hurt, I mean the sands are _hot_! But then he's up and she grins as he strikes a pose, but she's careful to stay hidden, especially since her human shield seems rather impressed by the brown's strength. A strong dragon for a strong guy, yes, well, it could happen right?

Vaelariyon peers at Adalinus closely for a moment. "Well, yes my feet," the glasscrafter-turned-candidate smirks slightly with an air of intelligent superiority, which is likely dashed as quickly as it surfaces. "Can dragons have muscles anyway?" he whips his head around at the words from the other candidate. "Well, I guess dragons have to have muscles, but muscle-muscles? Was there room enough to even develop them?" A glance towards the newly hatched green. "Well, she looks just about perfect."

A tremor shivers through the Twenty Sides of Fate Egg, causing the patterns on it to blur almost imperceptibly. It goes on like this for a few more seconds before it shivers to a stop, the tip of it tilted to one side.

Nayale is stealing peaks at every chance she gets, making sure most of her attention is on any dragonet that might wander too close where it could possibly do harm, but still making sure to keep most attention on her friend. "What type of idea?" Her hand goes waving as another egg hatches and releases a green. "Well that one's got a nice jade color." As for the brown, Shalla's comment earns her an arched blond eyebrow, "Have you had a nosefull of sand before? That definitely sounds painful."

Scamp by Day Vigilante by Night Brown Hatchling has been embarrassing himself all over the place, but you couldn't tell by looking at him. All confidence and amused whuffling, he begins making his way through the white robed things once more. Why are none of you unique? Look at all that white white white…..Wait, whos that? With bouncing leaps the hatchling makes its way over towards a small group before tilting his head in confusion as he looks down at a pair of feet. Are you dancing? He lifts first one fore leg and then the other, his pace quickening a bit for a few seconds. And now you're hiding? Thats easy too! A wing moves up and the brown ducks his head behind it, peeking up after a few moments. Almond shaped eyes suddenly make contact with those of the dancer, girl with scars running up her arms.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Scamp by Day Vigilante by Night Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Twenty Sides of Fate Egg begins to shiver again, the light tremors rolling through the shell at an increased pace. Faster and faster it goes, the entire thing rocking and shifting rapidly. It's almost as though some invisible hands were shaking it in some enclosed space. It's just possible to see the tiny spiderweb cracks tracing over the shell - not much longer now!

The fitful jerking of Pillage Then Burn Egg becomes steadier and more rhythmic, the crack slowly inching wider and spreading until the shell finally gives, one broad paw striking out through the crack, closely followed by the rest of its occupant.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< King of Kings Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From the sands » Deep ochre wraps this dragon in uneasy darkness, ruddy tones coloring the highlighted edges of his form. Hes not so much large as broad and muscular, and not the lean, wiry kind. His whole body screams with the bulk of undeniable strength and moves with the lightfooted ease of one completely in tune with both himself and his surroundings. A skullcap of smooth, burnished copper surrounds upswept, vaguely pointed headknobs of pure white, which contrasts with the almost fuzzy swath of auburn that runs from his chin, down his neck, to his chest. Inconsistent, irregular designs of sienna and sepia trace a criss-cross of faux-scars across his back, chest, and legs, giving him a rakishly experienced look. His wingsails billow, slightly overlarge for his frame, in hues of silvery grey that blend perfectly with the pale tones of his neck and back ridges. His glinting white teeth are wickedly sharp in his maw, combining with the glittering obsidian of his claws to make him look truly, deeply dangerous. Around each of his four ankles and along his powerful wingspars are traced repeating lines of delicate, angular sigils in brilliant crimson red, similar to those on his egg, yet somehow different, simpler, but in the right light they seem to almost glow, a brilliant beacon in the night.

Make Way For The Runaway Green Hatchling moves with surprising grace for one so newly hatched, but also with care and stealth as she tries in vain to not be seen. Flattening herself behind one of the few eggs left intact on the sands she peers around it, trying to get a good look at the line of candidates while holding her breath and trying to not be seen. Slowly she creeps out, and breaks into a run as if her life depended on it, hurrying across the expanse of sands and practically burying her face in the sand at the feet of a skinny boy from Igen. None are more surprised by the choice than the boy now known as C'or, and to add to his shock the young green stands up and deliberately smacks him with one wing. Even as they're lead off it seems C'or and Aravith are in for a lifetime of arguments.

With a triumphant cry the Make Way For The Runaway Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

From the sands » Kershaw watches the brown as it seems to have found his partner then his attention is taken as first a green hatches then impresses then another brown hatches. He wonders who the first brown has chosen but is sure that who ever it is, is more than deserving though he'd not have complained if he'd been chosen by the brown.

Jaye blinks, dancing? Well, okay maybe it might look like dancing. "Jelly?" She scratches her arms a bit as she stares at the brown. "Oh! Jaye! I'm Jaye? And you're Maehwazzit?" Wait, what was that, she rolls something around in her mind. "Maehwazeyeth?" What an interesting name. Wait! That's a name, isn't it? "Oh! Me?" And then she's reaching for that dark brown head, touching it expermentally. "I love you too, Maehwazeyeth!"

Adalinus looks down at Vael for a moment. "Well, they must have muscles, right? I mean, how else does one move about?" Though not the really thick muscles that Ada was so fond of. There's a bit of a blink as another brown is tumbling free. "Lookit that one! More muscles than the last! What have these dragons been eating!?"

Melze is actually quick to step forwards this time. "Congratulations Jaylen! Food and oil's this way." She even manages to wait until the new pairing is beside her before moving off, though not before glancing back at Neyuni.

King of Kings Brown Hatchling rights himself slowly, flicking his tail in a sharp circle to send the last vestiges of egg goop flying off with that simple, sharp, precise motion. His head receives a similar sharp shake to dislodge a few remaining bits of his crumbled shell and then, only then, does he deign to spare a glance for the candidates. He lets out one sharp, derisive snort, then turns his attention to the shards of his egg, flipping them almost forlornly with one claw.

Neyuni gets lost in the choas of shards and hatchlings as she stands with Th'ero. The weyrlingmasters come and go as new partnerships are made and suddenly there is but one egg left, but so many more candidates than that and the one brown searching. "Hmm, nto too much longer." both joy and sadness in her words.

Pop! Twenty Sides of Fate Egg suddenly jerks fre of its sandy depression and begins rolling at a slo but steady pace as though it was just thrown violently. Bits of shell fly free of it as it continues, the multiple sides of the egg flashing with each rotation. Where will it stop? Nobody will ever know, as it crunches against the nearest bit of stone wall and bursts open, spilling egg goo and a bundle of floppy hatchling out onto the Sands with a wet sloppy sound. A bit dazed, confused and dizzy, Fighting With the Legends of Yore Bronze Hatchling staggers forward, ready for whatever adventure awaits him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~< Fighting With the Legends of Yore Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~

From the sands » Gawky, gangly and seemingly all stick-thin limbs, this hatchling is quite large but not very substantial. Pale, washed-out bronze flows over his scrawny structure, the color bleached and barren like frosted copper. Freckles of a darker hue are scattered across the bridge of his oversized aquiline muzzle and create shadowy rings around his wide, expressive whirling eyes. Hints of a ruddier brass touch along the wide set of his bony shoulders and run down the length of his thin back to pool at the tip of his lopsided tail spade. Smooth segments of interlinked brass and copper cover his chest like raggedy armor, while his lanky limbs are so pale it looks as though the sun has never reached them. As weak and undersized as he looks, he maintains a confident set to his flaxen-sailed wings and an energetic spring in his step.

Xanshalla squirms a bit and has to pull away, lifting her left foot and shaking it vigorously. "Ow ow ow, sand hot!" Once she manages to get the sand-grains shaken out of her sandal, she lets out a long sigh. "Idea? Oh. Little dolls that look like us! Then we really /could/ carry each other around in a pocket!" Her expression turns a bit sheepish, before she is forced to nod. "Yeah. I was racing some friends and stupidly looked over my shoulder to check my lead and… splat!" She claps her hands together in demonstration. Speaking of…. "Oh hey where'd he go?" She looks around, then starts clapping again for another successful impression. "Wow. how many left?"

Melze returns just in time to see an egg quite literally pop out a hatchling. Surrying back she takes up her position once more, and now she's even managing a little grin.

Velokraeth gives an approving low and welcoming croon to the newest of the hatchlings and his offspring, smugness still so clearly evident in the way the pale, malformed bronze holds himself. And then it's back to thrumming, loud and clear. Th'ero seems to be also lost in the chaos, though still by Neyuni's side all the same. The heat of the sands have got to him long before, though the Weyrleader doesn't remark on it. "No, not much longer now." he agrees with the Weyrwoman and then glances sharply to where the last egg hatches to reveal the first bronze of the night.

Kershaw catches the emergence of the bronze hatchling from the corner of his eyes, now though most of his attention is on his feet and the heat that is slowly turning them into lumps of cooked meat…right foot up, left foot down…left foot up, right foot down…repeat as needed.

Vaelariyon grins a bit at Adalinus. "I'm not sure how muscled dragons can really be, but it would certainly be a sculpting project to investigate." he peers at the second brown hatchling, "you could almost see that curve of tail like so, and then that angle of the hip." he shrugs a bit, noting the Impression of the first brown, and calling out his congratulations before a glance at the bronze — the last hatched — is made. "Looks scrawny." is his observation. And he'll leave it at that.

King of Kings Brown Hatchling finishes his careful examination of his former home and rises carefully to his feet once more. He gives one full-body shake, rustling out his wingsails noisily before he finally traipses slowly up to the candidates. Starting at one end of the rough semi-circle, he carefully examines each candidate with a baleful look and a wuffle of their scent before moving on. Too skinny. Too fat. Too weak. Merely unworthy. Truly, this brown is a hard one to please.

Adalinus is keeping an eye on the browns, distracted for a moment as the bronze pops free of his shell. "Ooh, I was starting to think there wouldn't be bronze. Wouldn't that be strange? No bronze. But there he is." There's some deep breaths taken. Just a couple more dragons left. No one's been mauled at least. So that was good. "Mm." He responds to Vael's comment about the bronze. "Very scrawny." Ada puffs out his chest as he waits for the brown to come inspect him.

Kershaw shakes his head as the brown seems to be taking his sweet time picking out his new lifemate, quite particular he is and all the while his feet are throbbing with the heat that has managed to penetrate through an extra thick sole of his sandals.

"That sounds -amazing-!" Nayale bounces, kicking up the hot sand around the pair. "Seriously! Are you going to make them? I'm not crafty at all so don't look at me." Because really, she's pretty much the least crafty person on pern, unless you give her some wood to fiddle with. And at the story, Naya is giggling, shaking her head at the picture. "Where'd who go? That was totally the last egg that just hatched!"

All has been quiet from the Chyhi front. Must be the bafflement of just this WHOLE experience. Her fellows around her have impressed and only like a brown out. Or something. Paying attention isn't really something she's great at. "I'mma need me the biggest beer I can get m'hands on, lemme tell'ya." She jokes, jabbing her elbow into a nearby, mildly panicky candidate. "Look like yer 'bout to pee yourself, lad, jus' hold it in some, aye? I reckon that last beastie will do his business an' well be free from these 'ere sands an' I'll even buy ya a drink! Maybe let'cha cop a feel too." Eye brows are waggled, the candidate next to her moves a few steps away. Awwww.

King of Kings Brown Hatchling keeps up his careful examination of the potentials, passing up each with little more than a disdainful snort. When he finally nears the end of the line, its with slow steps. Perhaps no one is worthy. When he finally comes to a lad after his own heart. His blond hair is carefully sniffled, his muscular form examined, then, as if finally acquiescing to the inevitable, his pale blue eyes are met by the hatchlings hungry ones. This one is his.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the King of Kings Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Vaelariyon shrugs nonchalantly at the comment from Adalinus. "I suppose if one went for scrawny. He'd better find someone to stuff him full of food and fill him up till he's nice and round." He tilts his head, scrutinizing the dragonet for a moment, and then glancing over at that brown. "And he's picky." No, wait, looks like he's made his pick.

Fighting With the Legends of Yore Bronze Hatchling promptly staggers and falls muzzle-first in the sand. Whoomf! At least it wasn't too critical of a hit, as he manages to wobble back to his feet. Still dizzy from his wild ride in the egg, he squints at those faraway white-robed things and starts to weave and wobble drunkenly towards them, intent on finding a partner for his adventures. He may not have the initiative this time considering his wooziness, though he's stubborn about it. It may be fate that makes the bronze flop down in front of one of the two Traders, or perhaps it's just a side effect of the dizziness. Still, the bronze stares resolutely and lovingly upwards.

Padron nearly staggers and falls himself. He's quiet and shocked at first, though soon a huge grin splits his face, "P'on? Davarnesonth? Of course! There's a very very good chance you'll be able to get some meat. The odds are very high." Padron, now P'on, can't seem to stop smiling as he leads the bronze off the sands. At least the hatchling has regained his balance now.

Kershaw catches the moment of impression for the brown though which candidate he picked he can't tell, and before he can note who it is the bronze has picked P'on as his new lifemate leaving him where he's been before…on the sands with no dragon for him. A soft sigh escapes his lips as the realization sinks in and he slowly nods his head, yes it seems to be final it's not meant to be for him he is destined to do something other than become a rider.

Adalinus looks around anxiously when the brown gets close. As the dragons start to inspect him though, Ada seems to relax a bit. And the anxiety seems to melt away. "Me? Oh! Yes, Njordeth! A'lin… right!" Ada straightens himself up and somehow looks even taller next to the muscled brown. His muscled brown! "Yes! Let us go! Though… I am hungry all the sudden. We are hungry! Let us feast! Come, Njordeth! Let us find our way from the hot sands!" Ada, or A'lin now, gives the muzzle of the beast a firm pat and gets a mustachioed grin plastered on his face. Then he's… looking around for what to do next.

Miki steps towards the newest brown and his lifemate. "Congrats! He'll need some food to build-up those muscles now, won't he? Let's get your bellies filled!" Fingers beckon the two forward and soon the AWLM is leading the final pair away from the sweltering heat.

Qeska, up until now sulking quietly with arms crossed over her chest, is brought to gaping disbelief once more. But not silent this time, oh no. "What?! That is so not fair!" she exclaims as her twin is the one who triumphs.

Th'ero seems to stiffen for a moment when the bronze makes his choice, his smile faltering for a breadth of a second as his mouth almost just hangs open. The Trader's son? Then with a shake, his expression turns back to it's cheerful, though still vague, smiling way. "The night has led to some interesting results." The Weyrleader murmurs to Neyuni, now that the sands have quieted enough for it. Then the brown has made his match and Th'ero chuckles, another approving nod sent to the pair.

Xanshalla nods so hard her hair falls out of its runnertail and tumbles down around her sweat-dampened face. "Oh I will! But just for you and me though." is decided. "Oh really?" Blinkblink as she stares around, needing to confirm for herself that everybody's hatched, if not all paired up just yet. "Oh." She likes that word, though this time it's spoken with disappointment, as if she's utterly forgotten how terrified she was at the beginning of all this. But that no doubt has been helped by being so fortunately ignored by great giant baby beasties with sharp teeth and sharper claws. "ADA!" is suddenly shrieked out — she's not lacking for energy quite yet. Or volume. "Ada got brown, see see see didja see?" So focused is she on her big friend that she completely Padron's surprising impression. That'll disappoint her.

Adalinus follows in behind Miki. "Food!" And Njordeth follows in behind Ada as they head off the sands.

Vaelariyon's shoulders tilt up into another one of those lazy shrugs as he watches the bronze Impress. "Sure hope that kid knows how to feed him up right." the young glasscrafter observes. "Hey, congrats." this smile is wry, given to the newly Impress A'lin. "You'll have your hands full." He shifts from foot to foot again. "And I'm getting off these sands and getting these boots off before I burn my feet. Ladies," a glance over at Xanshalla and Nayale then. "Can I escort you off?"

Neyuni looks mildly surprised as well as the brown and bronze make their choices. This should be an interesting class of weyrligns indeed, good thing its not in her hands. "INdeed," she agrees with Th'ero's assesment "but the dragons always choose right." only now there are only shards, no more dragons only candidates left and she squirms a bit as Zuhth stretches her wings and launches skywards, freed from the sandy grounds. A hand brushes her hair back in place and she looks to Th'ero expectantly. "Why don't you do the honors?"

ALAS. No more dragons. But that's okay! Cause Chyhi's going to drink and celebrate, cause that's how she ROLLS. "TO THE BAR!" She shouts out, "TO TOAST TO THE WEYRLINGS!" C'mon. TIME TO DRANK. Draaaaaank.

"Me?" Th'ero gives Neyuni an incredulous look, almost rebellious before his shoulders simply shrug and he gives the Weyrwoman a slight nod. With a reluctant sigh and acceptance of the task given to him, Th'ero pauses only to clear his throat and straighten his shoulders a little before striding forwards. He was never one for public gatherings, let along public speaking, but he's making a good effort at it. "Unfortunately it would seem that your dragon was not shelled tonight." He begins, voice level and tone gentle, followed by a vague smile as he surveys the candidates left on the sands. "But potiential was obviously sensed in each of you and all of you are welcome to stay in Fort, should you choose and stand again." Th'ero then turns slightly, one hand making a sweeping gesture of sorts in the vague direction of the living caverns. "And all are welcomed, of course, to the hatching feast." He adds, lingering only long enough to give an awkward nod of his head before he retreats back to the safety of the sidelines.

Nayale doesn't look upset or anything when the last dragon chooses their mate. "Well that's that, isn't it." Pause. "Oh, was that Ada? I can't even see half the time who it is before they're walking off. Congratulations Ada!" And at Vaelariyon's offer, she winks playfully at him and offers him her free hand. "Sure thing." And she starts her march off the sands, after Th'ero has said his piece of course, because she's not about to be -rude- about it.

Velokraeth falls silent the moment the last of his offspring have paired off, giving both the bronze and brown approving and loving looks each. The pale bronze then stretches his own wings, whirling gaze following the departure of Zuhth. A low chuff escapes him, almost akin to laughter and then Velokraeth follows suit, exchanging hot sands for the cooler outdoors to mingle with Fortian and visiting dragons alike.

With the cavern emptying, Sohnyuoth also takes her leave, pale wings taking her out to the bowl. She'll no doubt be going to find her lifemate who's busy in the barracks. Finding Miki is just an excuse though, her real goal is to go look at the new dragons she thinks are oh so amazingly cute!

Kershaw listens to the speech, one he's heard before. A slight nod of his head in acceptance of the words though he's a lot of thinking to do and a serious look at his future be it here at Fort or elsewhere. "Thank you for the opportunity Th'ero, it was an honor to stand for this clutch.." His words trail off as he heads off the sands and heads towards the barracks to gather his things.

Melze waits until she's sure the sands are clear of eggs, clear of hatchlings, even waiting till the candidates start to shuffle out. "Now the fun really starts." There's a second's temptation to head straight to the inevitable party, but instead she looks off in the direction of the weyrling barracks. "Coming Miki?" She doesn't wait long for a reply, just wanders off.

Xanshalla gives Nayale a hug as she listens to the closing speech without really paying any attention to the words actually spoken. "I am /starving/!" she announces suddenly, before toddling off after Naya and Vael.

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