'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

A strange, rumbling humming begins, echoing in the bowl and trickling through to the Barracks. It's a deep, resonating sound that almost seems to spring from the very living rock surrounding you.

Bellanne lets out a scream as Tarish flops onto her bed, causing the two piles to merge. She takes a breath, digging through a bag she has and she whips out the banner. "There.. Banner.." Is all she says and then she lets out another scream-like sound and she gently pushes Tarish. "Up! Up!"

Iraja is following Rhoslyn back from the kitchen. He has a very distinct smell of chocolate on him today. He had been making truffles all morning. It's sort of a hommage to V'gay and also well. The truth is when he's nervous he bakes. Which is probably good that he has been put in charge of the desserts. The nervous energy did help him get together the super secret center piece that he was working on. Now he doesn't have to worry about it for the hatching feast.

Isa's head appears at the rumbling humming. "Uh…." She says, staring. "Did… did…" She gulps.

"Candidates!" Bre shouts loudly, her mouth stern but her eyes dancing with excitement. "If you don't already know what that sound is, than you shouldn't be here." Now she's all smiles as her arms cross at her chest. "Get your robes on and get them on quick. The eggs will be hatching any moment now! No time to play around!" She sends a separate glance to each candidate. "Now hurry! Hurry! Remember, you can only wear your robes and sandals! Nothing extra!" Or she'll confiscate and never return it. Mwaha!

Settled on her cot is Jayne, nose deep in a blue print as she studies the long lines, and measurements with a quiet hum in her throat. With a squint of her eyes, she pokes the paper a bit, then starts to add in a few more etchings across the paper. There. That's better. At the sound of the humming, she tilts her head up a bit, raising a brow. ".. Sounds like it's… time." She says quietly, shifting her eyes over to Tarish and Bellanne. "Which means any moment…" As Bre comes running in, she finishes with. ".. we'll be fetched."

Rhoslyn nibbles upon one of the remaining truffles she broght with her from the kitchen as she makes her way to her cot and sets her blue firelizard down upon it. "You sleep now." she murmers before turning about at the sudden commotion. "Robes? robes.. Robes!" Rhoslyn stutters out at the audible humming and commands. Quickly, she scurries about her cot to find her robe.

Nyxie glances up from the tinkering on the mechanical object. The looks towards Varrymn, waves, and then call out to her friend, "RHOSLYN. C'mere." Yes, must get attentions, you know… She pauses a moment, listening to the strange sound. Might be another training exercise. So far, not moving too fast, she's not. Then suddenly, Bre shows up and Nyx stares, then she leaps into action, tugging her pretty, pretty robe from her clothespress. Clothes fling, and suddenly she's in her robe, out of her other clothes, and tugging gently on the straps of her sandals.

"Nooo." Tarish moans as she's forced to get up, and looks about anxiously as if she's trying not to fall over from complete exhaustion. "I'm soo tired, Bella.. I just—" But she's cut off. Suddenly, Bre is there. Jayne yells. Bre yells. Tarish yells "Aaaaagggh!" And the world is going to fall apart at the seams. She doesn't even really attempt to get up at that point.. She just falls off the bed, and crawls over to her own cot, struggling to find her robe amidst her things. "I put it here yesterday.. Aha!" Suddenly, Tarish is naked. Then in a robe. And then glaring at Bre as if her entire world is suddenly falling down on her and /Bre/ is responsible. "I don't hear any humming," she says, scowling. "Better not be another drill!" Tarish is deaf when she's angry. Who knew.

Iraja doesn't know which way is up. J'xmi had them all going through the hatching drills over and over and so he was nice and calm. And yet when push comes to shove and now that H-day is here. Well, he's panicing just a little bit. Now is not the time for modesty, it's time to get on the robes. He just starts stripping down to those black skivvies that were hanging from the flag pole in the living cavern and he pulls on his nice clean robe. "Breath, just breath!" He's repeating the mantra to himself.

Isa reappears in her candidate robe, and staggers on one foot to get the other sandal on while nearly crashing into Iraja. "Ooops!" She says hastily, finally getting her foot in there.

Varryn leaves the cookie hanging in his mouth as he looks to Nyxie, eyes widening. Pretty much the baked good doesn't leave his mouth as he jolts upright and dives for the shiney new robe that's been provided him. Naturally it crumbles as he fumbles into the garment, sending a whimper from the boy, granted that might be cause he simply bit his tounge.

Bre stands by the 'barracks entrance, a happy grin on her face. "That's right, rush it along. You don't want to be in here when the first shell cracks. You'll miss the best part of the entire hatching!" Minus the impressions, at least. Those are even better. "No whining." Tarish is glanced at, the assistant weyrlingmaster narrowing her eyes. "This is what you've all been waiting for! So get dressed and get in line. And I assure you," Bre smooths out her hatching-day clothes. "This isn't a drill. It's the real deal." Pointing in front of the exit, the greenrider let's another yell out. "In line if you're ready! Now!"

Bellanne finally rises, taking a panicked breath and attempts to get together in a calm manner. After all the mockups, one /should/ be ready. Bella clearly freaks and drops out of her clothing quickly, pulling on her robe and tying her hair back. She takes a breath, and quickly scrambles into line.

Sliding into her robe after pulling off her clothes, Jayne doesn't take in the chaos behind her as she wills her mind to focus, and to hurry at the task at hand. Soon as she pulls her sandals on, she glances down at the solid white fabric, then turns to head for the door, giving Bre a quick, firm nod of the head.

Tarish grabs onto the back of Bellanne, hugging onto her shoulders.. But she reaches around, and grabs Jayne's hand as well. She's a bit nervous. No. More than a bit. She's trembling from head to toe, and looks ten times more angry than normal; maybe she's shaking from anger at being surprised. ONe way or another, she's in line, and giving Bre one of those "I hate you looks" while trying to not appear as if she's nervous. Because Tarish is stone. Stone cold.

Reziz throws on her robe forcibly, stumbling a little to get it over her head. She grunts and squeaks softly, but when she's finally gotten herself situated, she shoves her feet into her sandals and shuffling to follow the rest. The girl doesn't appear very nervous, but glances around the barracks warily all the same.

Rhoslyn's tuffles are scattered upon her cot, but at least she's quickly able to dress into her robe. turning to get into line quickly, she cannot help but to reach out and snag a couple of the truffles from her bed before hand. "it's too soon for them to hatch, isn't it?" she asks whoevers closest to her as she goes back to nibbling a truffle and getting into line.

Nyxie got her sandals on, and she dumps her things back onto her cot and then, with a wistful look at the thing she was tinkering with, the candidate slips over towards Bre and offers her a smile. Oh her way to the door, she also grabbed the hand of the robed Rhoslyn and sarted to drag her friend over towards the door. Muahaha.

Isa squishes herself into line right behind Tarish, literally squishing herself into the other Candidate. "Nope." She says to Rhoslyn. "Least, I don't think so."

Iraja just smiles at Isa, "It's okay Isa." He just tightens his belt and says, "You'll be fine. Just um, stay calm." He's survived the training of one of the most militant Masterchefs in all of Perns history. He can handle anything right? That doesn't mean his hands aren't sweaty and his knees aren't trembling just a little bit. He is all ready, and looking for Varryn. They made a promise to be there for one another on the sands.

Bre's eyes unfocus for a second and then coem back as sharp as ever. "Celyth says we must hurry." The only time her dragon is ever helpful, it seems, is on a hatching day. She gives the candidates a good once over and nods. "Nice job, guys. We might make some good 'riders out of this lot yet." Yep, she's all proud of the candidates. "Now follow me out to the hatching sands and remember your manners! You've all learned what to do and how to act on the sands. Make Fort proud!" With that said, the spunky greenrider turns on her heel and walks out the door.

** Travel Spam to the Hatching Sands **

The eggs are beginning to shiver, Wiyaneth and Limerith humming over their clutch. Elara hastens to her queen's side, dragging a flask of water that she's finally remembered to bring. She sets herself off to one side, well clear of any wandering dragons, and fidgets. V'gay soon joins her, and the two bend their heads in quiet conversation.

Bellanne nervously steps into the sands, gently prying Tarish from herself for a moment so she can bow towards the clutch parents uneasily. She waits for Tarish to bow and then she once again attaches herself to her friend's arm. "I'm scared." Is all she offers quietly, visibly fidgeting.

C'vez makes his way out onto the sands, dressed in his rider's gear with his assistant weyrlingmaster's knot displayed prominently upon his shoulder. As his winter-blue Lanzath takes to the viewing ledges above, his dark-skinned rider bows deeply to Wiyaneth and Limerith before he crosses the sands to approach Elara, giving her a nod of his head. "The hatchlings' first meal is already on the way and being set up. The barracks look to be in order too." Says the man by way of update as he settles in to watch and wait, seemingly unnaturally calm and patient, despite the few short years off the sand himself.

Nyxie steps in with Rhoslyn's hand clutched in hers. For only a few moments, she steps bravely towards the leaders and clutchparents and she bows to them, one bow for each. She then stands and slips off to find herself a place, walking slow so her friend can catch up with her.

Gentle Mountain Storm Egg begins to shiver as if from the cold, rocking back and forth and giving little jumps.

"Good luck, guys!" Bre says, backing away from the candidates as they all appear on the sands. The greenrider doesn't forget her manners as she turns towards the edge of the caverns, she gives a deep bow to the clutch parents, as well as their 'riders. Then she's off, moving towards the other dragonriders on the sands.

As Jayne comes out onto the sands, she takes in a deep breath, allowing her eyes to glance towards the Galleries for a moment, then settles her nerves as she gives the dam, and sire a proper bow at the waist. Giving Tarish a squeeze of the hand, and a quiet murmur of good luck, she trains her gaze now over to C'vez, nervously as she wets her lips in thought.

Rhoslyn's eyes are wide as she makes her way onto the sands, letting herself be lead by Nyxie until her hand is let go. A slowl, careful bow is sent towards the gold and others before she scurries quickly to catch back up with Nyxie. "I shouldn't have had those truffles.." she murmers.

Reziz strolls along behind a pair of mincing girls, staring around with wide eyes. For all that she's used to the sands, the sheet amount of *people* in the Galleries is a little unsettling; never mind the fact that her name is being shouted from the front row. Loudly. The girl slinks in near Jayne, smiling brightly to those around her, but not before bowing to the dam and sire.

Tarish isn't nervous, no. She's just shaking miserably and scowling for no reason, nope. But when Bellanne grabs her arm, she jumps a span or two, eyeing the girl with her dark green eyes and brows raised with annoyance. Almost. "Aw, stop it, girl," she mutters. "Stop being a sissy, everything's going to be fine. See? Everything's alright. You're being a right git, snap out of it." Course, she's more just pep-talking herself at this point, staring at the eggs as if at any given moment something is going to jump out and consume her. "Oy." Jayne's squeeze is returned, as she smiles at her.. really, truly smiles. A first for Tarish, but at this heated moment, now that they'r eon the sands, she seems to drop her guards and cares no about the fickle things. "Alright.. It's okay.." she mutters, sneering, to herself, and deeply bows to Wiyaneth and Limerith. "Step one, done." Step two? Wait for zee dragons.

Elara turns to smile at C'vez, nodding, "Thank you, thank you C'vez, oh I always get so nervous at these, I hope everything goes right…" She doesn't elaborate on what 'right' would be, though. She also gives a nod to Bre, "Thank you," she says softly to the Assistant Weyrlingmaster. Wiyaneth croons softly to the Candidates, her eyes spinning with soothing hues, her tone offering encouragement as she watches the eggs continue to twitch. Her babies are about to find their riders. Sniff.

Gentle Mountain Storm Egg starts to crack, lines criss-crossing along the shell.

Leithion moves onto the sands, his entire body shaking with both anticipation and nervousness. The young lad moves towards the eggs, though does stop to bow respectfully at the gold, bronze and their dragonriders. He picks at his robe and shuffles in place. Eee!

Iraja steps in behind Varryn. The blond just looks around, trying to take it all in. He bows quickly to the Queen and her mate. Hearing Rhoslyn's comment he gives a nervous laugh and says, "Don't blame my truffles for your nerves." He takes a spot next to Varryn and takes hold of his hand and gives it a squeeze. "Good luck." And then he looks towards the eggs, trying to figure out which will be the first to crack.

C'vez hikes up his shoulders to cross his arms across his chest, wetting his lips in silence as his eyes take in the sands, conscious of his dragon's humming both in his mind and in his ears, the usually silent blue a vibrating mass of bright, beautiful tones as he hums his heart out in a lilting song for those about to be born.

Bellanne gives Tarish a look, hissing softly. "I'm not being a sissy. It's scary. /Far/ worse than just watching a firelizard hatch." She mutters, clinging to her friend tighter as she stares at the eggs. "It's cracking, Tarish." She waves one of her hands out towards the eggs and pops her bottom lip into her mouth as she chews on it nervously.

Melting Brilliance Egg shivers in its spot on the sand, patiently rocking back and forth.

Varryn shuffles in with everyone else, trying to be another face in the crowd. With his red hair though, that's not going to be easy. When it's his turn, he bows politely to Wiynaaeth and Limerith, his eyes darting nervously all around him. And just like that, Iraja's taken his hand as he stands in a clump near Nyxie and Rhoslyn. The boy glances at the candidate holding his hand and tries an awkward smile. "You too."

"No. It's not cracking. An invisible person just took a pen and started drawing squigglies. Stop being silly!" Tarish nudges Bellanne with her elbow, but, holding onto Bellanne and Jayne in each hand.. well. She too is becoming lost in the excitement, staring at the eggs from this angle for the first time, and not knowing how to react. The other candidates get a good look down, too. It's almost as if.. Well. They're going to their doom, one candie at a time..

Bre smiles at Elara, nodding her head. "No need for thanks, Weyrwoman. I'm always glad to be of help on such a special day." And really, hatchings are as special as they come. She looks up to the ledges, knowing her dragon is up there. A cheeky smile stays ever-present on her face. Adjusting her attention to where it belongs, on the sands, the greenrider waits for the first shell to crack. "I wonder what color will be first." Bre mumbles, if only to herself.

Nyxie looks nervous herslef, now that she's not hidden somewhere in the fray. She takes her place, clinging to her friend's hand, she puts on a brave face and smiles to Rhoslyn. "It'll all be fine," she responds grinning at Rhos. The girl then glances around and waves to her father, where ever he may be, probaly somewhere in tehGalleries. She then slips her free hand into another candidate's next to her, Aubrey's.

Melting Brilliance Egg continues to wobble and rock, now beginning to form a single crack as the dragon within focuses its attentions on a specific spot.

Rhoslyn turns slightly to send a smirk towards Iraja. "Well, if you hadn't made them, then I wouldn't have eaten them." she replies before quickly returning her eyes to the rocking eggs. "I hope so, Nyxie." she murmers.

Gentle Mountain Storm Egg finally shatters, leaving a wet dark bronze hatchling on the sands. He stands and shakes himself, falling over only once as he goes on the prowl for his match. Bold and bossy, he nudges a few other Candidates rudely out of the way before coming to a halt at the feet of a tiny young man from the Harper Hall. "Sulemeth?" he stammers, "Sulemeth! Yes, yes I am your Harper, I am your P'sel!" The pair are led off the sands, a little wobbily but standing firm.

With a triumphant cry the has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Reziz's eyes are on those eggs, narrowed faintly. "Blue, Brown — or was it Green?" The girl squints, rubbing anxiously at her face. "I should probably remember which ones I bet on!" Jayne gets a wide-eyed wince, and a fait nod, but then the girl is focusing again on the eggs. "Aw, shards." She mutters as the Mountain egg reveals Bronze. "Could have sworn that one was blue." Glancing at the other eggs, her features briefly cloud with worry, but she seems to shake it off, squinting back at the eggs and shifting uncomfortably.

C'vez watches the first egg hatch and impress in swift speed, nodding his head in approval at the firstborn dragon - a strong and steady bronze. "A bronzeriding Harper, this will be interesting to see."

With a little wobble here and a little wobble there, Fragile Threads Egg gets to moving around, disrupting its orderly placement on the sands.

Bellanne squeaks as the egg hatches a bronze then gives Tarish a small shake. "That's good luck, Tarish! If a bronze hatches first!" She exclaims, wiggling her friend's arm in her hands as she watches the eggs. Despite her excitement, she continues to tremble in her spot.

Elara beams proudly up at her queen, rubbing Wiyaneth's hide gently as the gold continues to hum and croon her encouragement to the hatchlings, eggs, and Candidates all.

Bre can't help but clap as the first dragon hatches and it's a bronze. "That only proves this is going to be a good hatching!" Moving towards the newest pair, the greenrider smiles. "Congratulations! P'sel, you said? Well, how about you and Sulemeth go off to the side of the sands and get your new dragon something to eat?" She ushers the bronze pair away.

Tarish eyes the cracking bronze with her eyes firmly open. "That.. that thing.. It just.." Impressed, yes. She gulps, trying not to get funny on herself. "Right, Tarish. It's not that big of a deal. Argh Bella, stop griping so tight, you're going to cut off my circulation!" She rolls her eyes. "Yeah, lucky bronzes, right.. Just what the Weyr needs. Seriously, I'd like to see the day a blue hatches and Impresses first, give a Weyr a string of bad luck so people can actually have something to compare it to. Hey! Stop trembling!" She bats at Bellanne again, but shrugs.. She won't be nervous. Has to make an impression to Elara that she's not a bleeding git.

Iraja's chest pounds as the first egg shatters and there is a dark bronze hatchling there. He looks at the bronze carefully and then watches as it bonds to the young harper. He smiles at the first impression and congratulates the new pair. But it's not over, still plenty of eggs to hatch so his attention goes back to the eggs. "I'll remember that next time you want desserts Rhoslyn."

Jayne watches the bronze find his lifemate first, and rather quickly, giving a smile, and a wave to the young man. "He won't shut up about that now.. he was always so mouthy." She says with a slight chuckle as she reaches up to give one of her long braids a tug, rolling the strand of hair about her finger. Shifting her weight on the sands, she gives a light wiggle of a foot to try and take some of the heat off.

Melting Brilliance Egg finally breaks open in two perfect halves, gently depositing the newly hatched dragon onto the hot sands.

Isa steps into the sands then bows carefully to Winyeth then Limerith. Then she bows once to the Weyrleaders before she squeaks and scoots over to Tarish and Bellanne, gripping Tarish's hand or shoulder firmly.

Polished Figurine Green Hatchling
Molten glass is poured into a mold to craft this dragon in all her polished brilliance. Like any creation, however, this one is not without flaws that add to her beauty and uniqueness. Her color is imperfect and a bit of a jumble. The colors that were poured into the mold did not blend, and instead swirled around each other as they cooled. Spring yellow drifts against pale green, lazily enjoying a warm afternoon together, while darker hues race along her sides in a more furious pace. Tiny tendrils of white swirl here and there in lazy spirals like spinner webs born aloft on the wind. Her body is well formed and of average build. She is not stocky, nor is she overly slender and lithe. Her limbs are strong, her tail built perfectly to act as a rudder while she flies. Her wings are brilliantly hued, the glass stretched thin so light shines through the swirls, reflecting green on the ground beneath her.

Nyxie ooohs softly and points the bronze out to Rhoslyn and giggles. "Odd, but definately pretty." she comments softly, leaning a teensy bit against the candidate next to her. She then ooohs again, pointing to the green just shelled. "Lookit her."

Nearly bouncing off the sands with the force of the hatchling inside, the integrity of Fragile Threads Egg is soon compromised. Soon a crack begins to deepen along the lower portion of the egg.

Bellanne releases Tarish's arm, murmuring a soft apology. "I'm sorry, really.. I'm just freaking out." She chuckles and then shakes here head. "I can't stop shaking! It's not my fault!" A pause and she looks towards the green and lets out a soft ooh. "Look at her, she's lovely."

Rhoslyn fidgets even more as the first of the dragons impresses. "Oh, a bronze!" she exclaims before clapping for the newest dragonrider. "Did you see that Nyxie?" she asks, nearly bouncing on the sands where she stands. "Oh, and look!" she adds in time with the one she stands next to, pointing to another egg as it spills forth its hatchling.

Reziz wrinkles her nose and snorts softly. "I bet." She mutters softly, eyeing the rocking eggs warily. When the Melting egg breaks clean and half, it earns a little eyebrow-lift. "Nice." She comments towards Jayne, watching the little dragonet closely. "She's lovely. Got lovely colors — I bet my older sister will be trying to replicate *that* later." Snort.

Varryn cuts Iraja a slightly dissapointed look. "You had truffles left over?" If anything can distract him from the hatching, it's the talk of sweets. But then P'sel is congradulated and Varryn watches the fresh pair waddle off to the Weyrlingmasters. "Yeah…good luck. Huh?" Eyes back on the eggs, he shifts from one foot to the other with a little hiss. "Hot…still….hot."

Polished Figurine Green Hatchling seems a little startled to be on the Sands so soon. She lifts her fragile looking head and swings it around, blinking about her. To her mother she looks for reassurance before she gets to all fours, her hunger driving her on faster than she might usually move. Each step is placed very carefully on the hot sands. It just wouldn't do to be caught off-balance. She senses this is an important decision that she has to make. Regardless of her hunger, she needs to be right in this. Let's take a moment and compose ourselves. She pauses, blinking her eyes against the sudden light outside of the egg and gathers herself. Head up, wings mantled, tail lifted off the sands. Hunger, yes, but there's another need there too…a need to find her rider. No, she must not rush this decision. Those white things draw her forward, and in that direction she moves, delicately and daintily.

Tarish smirks as the heat finally begins to wear through her sandals.. And it's painful. "Ugh." But the hatching of the green distracts her, if for a moment, and she chuckles evilly. "Oy Bella. Almost as lovely as you and A'mar. Maybe he'll actually fly that one, you think?" She continues her evil visage as the hatchling begins to move about. "It's alright, girl.. Take my hand.. Just don't.. /Squeeze/. I'm gonna need it later for my poker hand."

Iraja says, "Oh yes, she is very pretty. At least she is taking her time so we can get a good look at her. I barely got to see the bronze at all." He squeezes Varryn's hand, "Don't worry, there are plenty for you after the hatching." But his focus stays on the new hatchling. People can get hurt if they don't pay attention.

Isa breathes. "Ooh, she is so delicate." She murmurs softly, grinning broadly. Tarish gets a glare from Isa. "That is not appropriate, Tarish!" She says, chuckling softly however.

Pushing against the crack that has begun to form along the bottom of the egg, Fragile Threads Egg soon gives way and a patch of hindquarters and tail are just barely visible through the opening. Thrashing of the dragonet results in the break up of the egg, and before long the hatchling is free.

Rangy Auburn Brown Hatchling
Dark brown tinged with auburn is gently brushed over a the dragon's compact and long body, through which the faintest splotches of reddish cream and dark brown peak through. Though not of a particularly large size and possessing lean shoulders and build, there is no denying that the outstanding feature of this brown is the length of his body, accentuated by a perhaps longer than normal tail that ends in a defined point tipped in dark soil. This color motif reappears at the tip of paws and talons, as well as in freckled patches that color his pale buttercream wingsails. Filling out his rangy frame are sinewy muscles that hint at the reserves of strength and power that lie beneath his brown colored hide.

Bellanne flushes a bright shade and laughs softly. "Maybe?" She offers, then giggling she takes her friend's hand. She doesn't squeeze, though. "Maybe, maybe.. She'll go to you, eh? What then?" She teases her friend with a wink, wiggling at the sight of the brown hatchling. "Oh! Look at him!"

Nyxie points a little bit at the green, and then grins and points at the nicely shelled brown. "Ooooh, he's really a beaut." she comments softly, her eyes flying across the Sands, nervousness forgotten for awe and amusement.

Rhoslyn forces herself not to bounce so much where she stands as she continues to point towards the hatchlings as they break free from their shells. "they're a lot prettier than when they're in the shells. A lot bigger too."

Iced Indifference Egg wobbles, shaking sand grains from its shell cascading back to the ground.

The Rangy Auburn Brown Hatchling, once free of the shell, suddenly seems unsure of what to do with himself. With all that effort expended in breaking out, he now seems rather tired and weary, even going so far as to stretch out his lean body and yawn widely, displaying tiny, needle-sharp teeth. Goodness, but all of this is exhausting, and the shimmering heat seems to put him in the mind of curling up to nap. But, as he noses at the remains of his shells, the grumbling of his stomach urges him to sleep later. For now, something else calls, and to the candidates he then looks with a curious gaze.

Jayne admires the green, and the brown which has appeared on the sands, offering bright smiles at their youth, and clumsiness for the most part. With a look towards Tarish, then back out to the pair of dragons, she attempts to stand up a bit straighter.

Leithion shuffles in place, his feet slowly burning. "I never understood why we needed to wear sandals, when everyone knows the sands are hot." It really just wasn't something that clicked in his mind. "Eh, well."

"If I'm sitting atop something /that pretty/ then A'mar'll /never/ be able to keep his hands off me, dearie." Tarish snorts as she rolls her eyes, but the brown is what really catches her eye, and she gulps, biting her lip. "Now /he's/ not too bad. Looks a bit more like my type."

Polished Figurine Green Hatchling would never hurt anyone. On purpose. She stumbles a bit through a rather large drift of sand and looks down at her body with a snort of surprise and embarrassment. She's dirty! Oh no, oh no but this simply will not do! At the hatching of her brown clutchbrother she turns and creels at him. Help! I'm dirty and hungry and these white things are so strange to me! She creels again and swings her head back to look at the Candidates. She has to pick right, she has to, but she's so hungry…but she couldn't pick wrong, could she? No, the dragon always knows, and so she'll follow the path taken by all the dragons that have hatched before. She strikes out again, this time with a firmer purpose in her movement, moving along the line of Candidates and sniffing at their feet. She snorts, drawing her head back suddenly. That one needs to bathe more.

"Aww." Bre says, looking at the newest hatchling. "Her coloration is amazing. It's green… but not." Her voice cracks a little, and the air wooshes out. "And a brown! Excellent! A good start." The candidates get a glance here and there as well, the greenrider being ready at a moments notice. Just incase.

Iraja blinks as another hatchling pops out. He now has to divide his attention between two dragons. "So much going on at once." He squeezes Varryn tighter for support. His hands are just tiny bit sweaty, can you blame him? It's hot on the sands.

Bellanne snickers softly. "Would he really?" She shakes her head at her friend, finally relaxing. "I'd love to see you on a brown." She teases her friend, then watches the green with a quirked brow. "I wonder where she's going to go.."
Reziz scrapes the sand absently with the toe of her sandal, creating little furrows beneath her all while occasionaly hopping to redistribute her weight. She appears quite lost in her own world, but one eye is kept trained on the sands around her for any indication that she needs to flee and hide.

Isa says dryly, "I want Tarish on a green." She says to Bella from behind Tarish's back. "I mean really, Tarish and A'mar? Cute!" The brown distracts her though from continuing her conversation.

Varryn frowns ever so slightly with a quick glance to Iraja and then Nyxie, apprehensive as can be. Now there are two of them on the sands to watch out for. "Look at all those *teeth!* Oh jays. What're we doing out here?" The cold chill of dread spreads along the boys spine, causing him to shiver inspite of the heat.

Rhoslyn looks from one hatchling, to another hatchling and then to the eggs and back. If she's not careful, she'll make herself dizzy and it really isn't a good idea to fall on these sands. Not with so many hungry hatchlings around and soon to be around. "Tarish better have told the truth when she said she lied about her stories."

Iced Indifference Egg begins to crack, a fine network of fissures racing across the surface.

Rangy Auburn Brown Hatchling perks up at the sound of his distressed sister, and for a moment he seems to abandon thoughts of food and candidates to race across the sands after her. Well, race isn't the right word, as his gelatin limbs cause him to stumble and skitter across the uneven and shifting grounds, and twice does his leg buckle and sends him chest-first to the ground. But he persists, and only once he's gotten close enough to his sister to give him an encouraging nudge towards the candidates and a croon does he slow back down. She's safe, good! Content now, he settles in behind her, following in her wake to investigate the candidates after her.

Tarish snorts. "Anything that's bigger than Caldoth is fine with me, so I can threaten /A'mar/ with eating /him/." But she doesn't really maintain on that train of thought. "Aw shuddap Isa. Don't make me start a brawl here on the hands.. Or I'll have to shove you in Wiyaneth's mouth." She gently squeezes Jayne's hand. "You alright there, hon?" Rhoslyn is eyed. "Yes. I was lying. .. Maybe. Actually.. I really don't know." At this point? Anything is possible.

Bellanne shoots a glare at Isa, shaking her head before watching the eggs again. "A'mar doesn't even like Tarish." She watches the eggs again, gripping Tarish's hand a bit more. "Lying, about what?" She tilts her head towards her friend, giving her a look. "You better not have told stories of dragons eating people…"

Nyxie giggles softly to her friend, "What? Did she tell you that drags eat people?" she giggles, "Thats a tall tale. Otherwise why would there be dragonriders? Hmm?" she asks her friend, waggling a non-threatening finger at Tarish and grinning.

With the deep humming vibrating the sands, the Diamond-Encrusted Egg seems spurred to motion as deep, vibrating thumps can be heard within the shell as it begins to rock and sway.

Polished Figurine Green Hatchling leans against her clutchbrother for a moment, feeling comforted by his nearness. She nuzzles his neck in thanks and once more looks around her, her hunger burning in her like a flame. She needs to find her rider, and now. She picks up the pace again, pushing herself to move faster than she usually would in her need to find a rider and to fill this void in her stomach. She finally stops at the feet of a Candidate, and knows instantly that this is the one. This is /her/ one. She reaches out and takes the hem of his robes in her teeth and gives a gentle tug. Now she almost seems shy. Hi. Love me?

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Polished Figurine Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Isa grins at Bellanne. "What, I can't dream?" She asks, teasing both Tarish and the rest of the collective group. "C'mon, we need to break up guys, otherwise the dragons on gonna get confused."

Bellanne lets out a soft squeal as the dragon seems to impress /someone/. She claps her hands together with a grin. "I guess that one wasn't for me, huh, Tarish? Oh well. That brown's for you." She gives her friend a playful nudge, giggling.

The Rangy Auburn Brown Hatchling watches his sister impress and visibly lets out a sigh of relief. The chosen candidate of his kin is given a firm stare, a low warning rumble uttered as he passes on by. You take care of her, you hear! For a moment then, he has the candidates all to himself, and he hastens up and down the line, slowly growing more and more frantic as his stomach can be heard to roar rather loudly in the lean abyss of his belly. Hungry, so hungry, but he can't feed himself! Where is the one, oh there! One of those scheming candidates is given an intense stare, and then with a jubilant warble, the brown races to barrel against the legs of one, happily nuzzling kneecaps that he now claims as his own.

Tarish eyes as the green finally chooses someone.. And at that, she sorta gulps again. Second Impression. This is the first hatching she's never made any bets on, and actually watching people she /knows/ Impress.. It's different. It makes her scowl deepen. And deeped. "I um.. Yeah, get off, Isa." The dark-skinned woman begins to gently seperate herself.. But Bellanne's comment gets an eyeroll. "Aw shush it, Bella. He's /totally/ yours." Since Bellanne was manly and all, yes.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Rangy Auburn Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Varryn drop Iraja's hand, his face a pale sheet of stun and awe. "Malieth? My Malieth? Me?" Isn't it incredulas to think she might have chosen wrong? Yes, so he shakes off the thought with a slowly spreading grin. "Jays you're hungry! Lets get you soemthing to eat!"

Rhoslyn nods her head towards the others before letting the topic slide and going back to worrying about what is going on with the hatchlings. "I don't know what to worry about more, the rocking eggs or the hungry hatchlings." she murmers before more impressions seem to be made. "oh, congratulations!"

"There she goes!" Bre states as the green dragonet finally impresses. "Ah! And to young Varryn." The asst. weyrlingmaster makes her way back out to the sands, and grins at the newest dragonrider. "You said her name is Malieth? And yeah, it doesn't surprise me she's hungry. C'mon! Follow me to where the food is."
Isa doesn't shout, but she does let out a cheer. "Go Varryn- or, V'ryn? Go V!" She calls out to the newest rider.

Iced Indifference Egg finally fails, breaking into hundreds of tiny shards and leaving its occupant wet on the hot sands.

Shadow in Darkness Brown Hatchling
A dark bundle of muscle and bone, this wraith-like brown is such a dark shade he appears to be living in eternal shadow. Deep klah drips along his narrow muzzle, lightening as it pours along his heavy eyeridges. More prominent than most dragons', it gives him a slightly brooding look. Bark hues trudge around his neckridges, which are sharper as though the rounded edges were worn down. Cinnamon speckles his hide along his shoulders and belly, lightening his presence with faint shimmers like sweetener sprinkled into a mug. His wings are broad, like a cloak of darkness which block all the light in the world. Despite that, if you look closely you'll find thin veins of white and tan weaving their way across his sails in a complicated twining pattern. His tail is long and serpentine, color darkening ever more until it ends in a black point at the fork.

With the unrelenting dance of the Diamond-Encrusted Egg out on the hot sands, it comes as no surprise that one particularly hard thud from within sends a sparkling eruption of shards to blast off one side of the egg, settling down to earth in a shimmering cloud of white and black and silver. From deep inside the small hole, something dark uncoils, one glittering red eye peeking out from within. Soon, the time will come to be seen.

Jayne nods her head slightly to Tarish as she hears the question brush along her ear. ".. I'm fine." She says in a quiet, subdued voice as she takes in a deep breath, giving Varryn a quick smile, and a wave as he impresses. ".. Maybe he'll finally be happy for a change." She says, shifting a quick look to Tarish, hiding a smile, then sighs to herself. Another Brown joins his brother on the sands, and he gets a good, studying look.

Varryn calls back, "She called me A'ryn!" It's really an after thought…

Bellanne squeals and claps for Varryn. "She's lovely Varryn!" She cries out, grinning at her friend. "Ah, nope. He went to someone else. Too bad." She winks at her friend. "Maybe I'd be good on, brown, eh?" With that, she claps for the brown pair with a giggle. "Ooh. A'ryn, that's lovely for his name. Don't you think?"

Varryn has left.

Iraja just blinks as the green takes hold of Varryn's robe and he instantly let's go of the other candidates hand. He's so happy for Varryn, he's his best friend. He just smiles and is only suddenly aware that he just lost the person he was holding hands with. And ontop of that, he lost track of the brown. Where did he go? And then there is more cracking and another hatchling is free. So much going on, he seems confused.

Nyxie squeaks softly and lets out a cheer! "Varryn! Congrats, she's lovely! A'ryn!" And then the brown makes noise and she turns her head to figure out who the brown went to, and grins. She then turns her eyes back onto the sands and ooohs softly at the new brown. "Lookit him, Rhosly."

Tarish says "It's Varryn.." Tarish is /almost/ proud. Almost. But she's not exactly sure what to say to the little boy she desperately defended.. So both Jayne and Bellanne get a squeeze. "I… This is… This is /weird/ guys." Her friends are just squeezed in closer. She kind of wants to run away, so she's trying to hide. A bit."

Bellanne gently pats Tarish's hand, smiling. "I know. But, maybe we'll join them too. Jayne, don't you agree? Maybe we will." She smiles and continues to pat Tarish's hand with care. "Don't worry, Tarish." She grins and looks to the eggs, waiting.

Rhoslyn follows the gaze of Nyxie to look towards the newest brown on the sands. "he's handsome." she replies to Nyxie before a glance is sent back towards Tarish. For one so full of words before this all began, she sure seems to almost have changed her tune. Maybe. "I wonder where he'll go?"

Reziz suddenly glances up at the eggs, watching them warily. "I hope they all hatch." She murmurs to nobody in particular, eyebrows knitting. The girl swallows anxiously, fidgetting with the hem of her robe now. But her attention is caught by the little Green's impression, and a bright smile is offered to Varryn — A'ryn! — but she completely misses the rangy Brown's impression, caught up in watching eggs rock and break. "Look at the him!" She whistles. "Wow, shells he's dark." Right. Clever, that Reziz.

Shadow in Darkness Brown Hatchling remains perfectly still for a moment after he hatches, only his eyes whirling with bright red hues as he looks around. A hunt, hmm? Well, this should be interesting. He begins to move forward with a grace that's feline-like and yet with the strength of ten dragons. All the Candidates admire him in his easy-going charm…and he falls flat on his face with a *thwump* into the sand. He lets out a startled creel and then turns it into a roll, ending up on his belly and leaving a long furrow in the sand behind him. Yes, he meant to do that. The Candidates are amazed by his grace and style. Shaking some sand from his egg-wet hide he moves forward, hunger driving him on with a single-minded intensity. Must find food.

"Don't you tell me to hush, girl," Tarish snaps back at her, biting her lip as eachof her brows begins to clench, and her lip gets a bite so fierce she almost forgets to realize that another brown has hatched. "Look, Bella! Another dragon has hatched, goodness me, I didn't think it was possible!" Her sarcasm just leaks as she sneers even deeper, trying to think of a way to flee. This is almost too stressful for her.. But she remains. She doesn't want to look like a coward in front of /Bellanne/, or even Jayne. They're supposed to be her friends.. Even if she's so self-centered she can barely care at this point.

Nyxie nods faintly to Rhoslyn, still clinging to Aubrey's hand also. She smiles a bit, "At least its going fast. Kinda." she whispers to Rhoslyn and eyes the brown on the sands throughtfully. "He is lovely." she agrees. Yes, let's just watch a little.

Bellanne grins at the brown, chuckling then looking at Tarish. "I didn't tell you to hush. It's okay, Tarish. /Relax/ or try to?" She smiles, figetting herself and she takes a breath. "Well, one would hope they all hatch." She winks at her friend and looks for the next egg to crack.

After a time spent watching the world outside, the steady rocking of the Diamond-Encrusted Egg comes to an end, and with one explosive shove, wings and talons send the weakened egg flying across the sands as the darkling hatchling within throws off the shackles of her glamorous prison to reveal herself to the world with a deep, almost subsonic thrumming that vibrates the sands at her feet.

Dancing With Lightning Green Hatchling
So deep is the color of her hide that this small, slender green appear black, a shimmering coat of ink that bathes her long, serpentine form in a wraith-like cloak. Supple and lean, she has a viper's grace, all elegance and fluid motion like a dancer, each movement wrapped in a sensual flow and purpose. She stares and watches with the deep, entrancing gaze of a predator held behind jeweled eyed narrowed and drawn to exotic points, set with a distinctly wedge-shaped head even more pronounced and angled than most that gives her the look of beauty cast in a severe, sharp light. The shadows give her mystery, hiding the true purpose of her darkling form until she steps into the light and lets the truth be seen. All around her, spirals of light rise up from the darkness of this dragon's hide, like lightning raining from the clouds or the entrancing dance of glowsticks in the night. The green whorls and tendrils that play across her hide are the vivid, venomous hue of acid, such a startlingly bright green that their effect would be lost if her hide was not the dark canvas that it is. They never seem to remain in the same place, ebbing and sliding along her body as she moves, their patterns all the whim of the light that hits her hide. They seem lost in the darkness of her wings, their thin and veil-like transparency cloaking the colors away and drawing them back into the velvet and embracing dark, away from the harsh and brutal light.

Isa gasps slightly when the brown crashes into her knees and promptly starts nuzzling her kneecaps. She bens down to touch the brown on the head and nods. "I promise, I promise." She reassures him. "I will feed you now, Caluprith!"

Jayne shifts her eyes to the pair of girls next to her for a moment, letting out a soft breath. She doesn't make much of a comment as she continues to worriedly wring her hands together, fingers lightly clenching up. ".. Sure. I suppose we will." She says to Bell, trying to give her friend a bit of an optimistic outlook, though something in her voice possibly says otherwise. As Isa impresses, she gives a slight smile on her face, before turning her attention to the green which has impressed. "They just keep coming, one after the other."

Iraja rubs both his hands on his white robes and then rubs them together nervously. He looks at the brown and then looks around. It's always awkward when you're left alone. Who to gravitate towards? Who's hand can he hold now. And then there is another hatching. A green this time, his attention stays on her for a moment before shifting back to the brown. "If only I had more eyes."

Bre loves this part of her job. Nothing like moving about the sands to the newly impressed! "Shards, that brown went and impressed as well?" The greenrider picks up the pace to get back towards the clumps of candidates faster. "Isa." She says softly, smiling at the now-weyrling. "How about you and Caluprith follow me and you can get him fed. I bet he's hungry." Motioning for the two to follow her, Bre moves off the sands.

Isa has left.

Rhoslyn's hands clap again as another impression is made. "Oh Isa! Congratulations!" she calls out, watching the new pair for a moment until the next egg cracks and reveals it's occupant. "oooh, Nyxie, look, look look!" she insists, pointing first one way and then towards another.

Bellanne smiles at Jayne, nodding. "See, Tarish? Nothing to worry about." Her hands clap for Isa and she chuckles, "Caluprith is an interesting name." She shrugs her shoulders and uneasily grips Tarish's hand. "Look at that green.. She's pretty, too."

Titanium Ice Egg moves just a little bit, testing the waters so to speak then it goes quiet for a few seconds before it starts moving again in a differnt way before seeming to sulk in silence.

Shadow in Darkness Brown Hatchling continues to prowl forward. The hunter is out on a dark…okay, bright night. Day. What time is it anyway? Okay, anyway, he's out on the hunt, on the prowl, and he wants to find something to eat! Food is very important, yes very important. He finds an egg shell on the sands and sniffs at it curiously. Is this food? No, not food. Perhaps a change in logic is needed. Find a rider first, then the rider will feed him? Well, he's an independent sort but his own hunt isn't going too well at the moment.

Dancing With Lighting Green Hatchling is here! Crouched, her head slowly sways side to side above the sands, her deep subsonic tones and her hot blasts of breath making the sands around her shudder. Slowly she curls back one corner of her lips, a quirky look taking to her eyes as she begins to stalk towards the candidates, eyes glowing red in her dark, acid-laced face. Seems someone finds the line between friend and food a little hazy.

"Maybe he will be," Tarish mutters to Jayne, but, shrugs. "it is pretty chaotic.. I've never seen so much.. well.. chaos." But Jayne's hand is gripped tigheter and tighter. "Well, they better all hatch, I don't wanna be sittin' around waiting for the last one while the food is waiting…" And as Isa Impresses, Tarish just sneers. "Great. Another dandy rider, that'll be.." But the green gets afunny look, it's coloring almost surprising to her. "Yeah. Pretty. Sure." They all look the same to her. Big gooey winged things with a huge appetite.

Nyxie nodnods to Rhos, her eyes flittering across the Sands, her muscles seemingly rather tense. She peers more at the eggs at the moment, just watching to see which ones are twitching. She does smile, however, as the brown sniffs said egg shell.

Reziz smiles faintly at Bellane, drifting a bit to one side, probably not even realizing it. She appears to hear and feel the sudden change in thrumming, and winces a little, but when that Diamond-encrusted egg breaks to reveal the newst green, the girl looks little short of awed. "Wow." Is all she can manage, staring between Brown and Green with wide eyes. But then, dutifully, she's egg-watching again.

Bellanne smiles at Reziz back, nodding her head. She clings to Tarish again and looks uneasy. "That'd be horrid.. If all the eggs didn't hatch." She smiles at her friend and laughs. "You may be a rider too, that's why you're here. Going to insult yourself if you Impress?" She asks playfully.

Rhoslyn shifts herself a little further behind Nyxie as her eyes stay upon that one green hatchling with the red eyes. "Maybe tarish's stories weren't so far fetched." she murmers to the other girl before turning her gaze to something a little less hungry looking. "There's less eggs left."

Shadow in Darkness Brown Hatchling decides that it's time to end this. He's too hungry to continue the hunt much longer. Wings spread (what are these things /for/, anyway?) he warbles happily to his green clutchsister, and then takes pause, a little nervous. She looks…angry. He side-steps, stumbles, and moves away. In his movements he flops at the feet of another Candidate and looks up into her face. And suddenly his life is complete. He's waited so long…all few minutes of his post-hatching life to find her.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Shadow in Darkness Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Dancing With Lightning Green Hatchling watches her equally dark brother impress and seems to snort in approval. With the spaces cleared for her, she seems to swell under the spotlight of being the singular baby on the sands, and she raises her head to let out a loud, ringing cry. HAH, you're all her's now! With her feet under her, she leaps forward, racing across the sands to flank the line of candidates. Time to get those feet moving, White-Robes!

The Prisoner of Winter Egg's first movements could easily be missed, as if movement was hard for this heavy egg. It's a very subtle shift, more like a shift of weight as it rolls to the left and settles in upside down. There, it seems to get stuck in a ditch to wiggle in a half-hearted attempt to be free.

Bellanne claps her hands together as the brown impresses. As the green seems to rush foward, she lets out a soft squeak and is quickly bouncing away from Tarish to move out of the way. She takes an uneasy breath, trembling slightly. "Shards…" Her gaze drifts towards the eggs now, and she chews her bottom lip again.

Wiyaneth rumbles sternly at her green daughter, concern for her safety and that of the Candidates first in her mind. Elara gasps and clasps her hands together, standing nervously on her tiptoes.

Jayne blinks her eyes as the green suddenly starts bolting towards them, giving her head a quick shake. "Hey guys, we gotta move it!" She says, giving Tarish a bit of a push forward, as she starts to dart the other way, creating some space. Hopefully she won't collide into the great white wall of robes.

Nyxie isn't paying attention, but suddenly she looks down. Her slender hand moves and gracefully she touches the brown's neck. "Come now, Eixynth. Let's eat." she murmurs quietly, turning and stepping off the sands, ducking away into the shadows. Her red head dissappears, followed by the brown's darkness encrusted tailtip.

The Baker candidate, Iraja, stares at the brown as he examines the shell. "Think he has regrets for leaving the shell?" And then he's moving along and he is going to try and move to join Nyxie and take her hand but unfortionately that isn't going to be the case. As she is snatched up by a dragon… He looks around for someone else to cling on to but when he catches the sight of the green. Well, maybe moving isn't such a good idea right now. Stay by yourself while she charges down the ones grouped together, Much better idea.

N'yx has left.

Titanium Ice Egg makes a sudden movement and rolls halfway around. There's a screeching sound, sort of like nails on a chalk board and then all is silent from it again. Once more the egg itself almost seems to sulk.

Reziz grunts, nodding. "That's not the worst of it." She assures, with a glance back at those remaining eggs. Could any of them possibly pull a repeat of the terrible scene she'd watched at Eastern, the dragon who hatched and didn't even move, didn't Impress? But, a more cheerful look is dredged up — quickly replaced by a look of distress as the Green starts charging. "Shardit all! /She's/ certainly lively enough…" And she's happy about that. Really. The look of horror as she dives behind somebody, missing yet another Impression.
is just a ruse.*

Dancing With Lightning Green Hatchling doesn't seem to heed her mother's warning, her carefree warble sounding as she races past the furthest edge of the candidates, weaving in and out of the little cliches and clusters. Move, move! She squacks, judging and deciding as quick as the lightning on her body as she races for the largest group of all. Suddenly, her eyes blaze bright as firelight, and she all but roars as she skids to a hault, kicking up a wave of sand as she comes nose to nose with one bolting candidate, blocking off her escape. And wheeere do you think /you/ are going, hmm?

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dancing With Lightning Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Rhoslyn blinks as she steps back from her friend as the brown comes right up to Nyxie. "Oh Nyxie. Congratulations!" she calls out as N'yx and Eixynth start to walk off. even the rushing green is forgotten for the moment, or was until then. Slowly, she edges her way towards those still standing upon the sands.

Leithion lets out a little sniffle, "Congrats, Nyxie!" He waves at her retreating form. "She went and impressed." Must… not… cry. "I'm so proud." Yes, he is. But then he looks back at the hectic hatching.

Tarish isn't really startled; but that's mainly because she's in a daze, and has a hard time being able to tell what's going on at this point. "I.. Gluck, Jayne!" She says as she watches her friend dart away.. But that leaves her with Bellanne, who.. She's not sure how to react to. "Shards what? Jeez girl, if you're going to get frightened at everything that moves, you may as well not have come out here. You're /fine/. C'mon, stiff upper lip, don't make me throw you to my poker pals…" But the green Impresses.. And.. her eyes open wide. Too wide. "Another Impression." Well, duh.

Still stuck in its sandy wallow, the Prisoner of Winter Egg continues to rock to an fro, digging itself a deeper hole as if it didn't want to hatch, but bury itself back into the warm nest of the hatching ground. However, the shell is weak these days, and one roll too many brings a loud *snap* and a flurry of crackles to spread across the surface.

Titanium Ice Egg makes a resounding crack and the egg splits in two spilling out it's surprised, though pleased, occupant onto the sand. Freedom! Course sprawled out on one's back is not generally how one envision's starting out life, but…

Jungle Vixen Green Hatchling
Small, lean and fast. Emeralds form this dragon's body, their many facets creating brilliant hues of nature's favorite color. Dark green graces her muzzle, dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves to leave honey highlights along her narrow and delicate face. Her eyes are large and round, perfectly set beneath dainty eye-ridges. Her hide glitters with a refraction of light along her chest and down her flat belly, her color taking on the texture of fine silk clinging to a sensual form. Her tail is long and slender, sure to be a worthy goal of chasers during her flights. Wild vines twine around the caressable tail, with hints of leaves and flowers growing, and even a few hints of semi-sweet chocolate. Her wings are narrow and slender, and display an unusual pattern. Spring greens darken to rich jungle hues over and over again, and if you look closely you might notice the pattern is vaguely reminiscent of feathers.

Bellanne claps for Nyxie with a grin, then glances towards Tarish, rolling her eyes. "You almost got hit! We all did. That green was coming for us." Her eyes roll and she looks for the green only to see her with a candidate. "Oh.. Well, maybe that /was/ a bit pointless. But still!

Jungle Vixen Green Hatchling shakes herself free of her shell and takes a few precious seconds to pick egg shards from her body and fling them across the sands. One bounces off the Etched Glass Egg, which wobbles a bit in response. The green chrrs softly in her throat, a low and throaty growl. She looks herself over and seems more than satisfied. She's stunning! Her long tail is swished back and forth for a moment before her admiration of herself is interrupted by that pesky hunger. She needs to find someone to get her food, and get her cleaned up so she can look her best. Now let's see…who will be a worthy comrade?

Jayne gets a few feet away as the Green suddenly cuts off and starts in her direction, which makes the dark skinned woman give pause. With widened eyes, that seem nearly disoriented, and panicked. "Wait.. wait what?" She blinks, then tilts her head upwards to stare at the eyes of the Green. Licking her lips, a smile boasts along her face swiftly as she reaches up to throw her arms around the neck of the dragon, giving her a firm hug. "Tanzelith! I do see you! Come on then, lets fill your belly up. You, and I have a lot to talk about." She says, dragging her fingers across her life mate's jawline, then looks over to Tarish, and Bellanne. For a moment, a frown tucks against her lips, only for a second. Hopefully, she won't be impressing alone. "Come on." She urges again, then starts off towards Bre once she spots her in the distance.

With the egg weakened to the point of cracking, the Prisoner of Winter Egg is at the end as the one trapped within shoves one heavy forelimb through the shell, and then another and another, until at last four stout legs stick upright. The rest of the egg is quick to fall apart, and there sprawled on his back, is the Last One Standing brown hatchling.

Resisting the End Brown Hatchling
Winter's long storms have all but leeched the color from this dragon's hide, giving him the impression of autumn's last lingering leaf, its rich greens long faded into dull and transparent parchment wings lined in dark, parched veins. His body might have once held the fire-kissed luster of copper and vivid burnished mahogany, but the cold and stormy skies turn it to a fire-scorched ashen brown, like old rye grass still desperately clinging to some hint of warmth in soft auburn tones. Even his hide is deeply wrinkled like the cracked, frost-burned earth, yet below the broken surface awaits new life, ready to burst forth at the first touch of spring's renewing rains in a symphony of flashing ruby, sun-golden terra cotta, and the rush of new maple growth. There is a patient strength to this dragon, built into every tightly coiled fiber of his stocky and sturdy frame, even down to his heavy, sturdy legs like the trunks of trees rooted to weather the most violent of storms the North Wind can throw his way. Solemn, does this weather-worn dragon appear, but upturned eyes remain bright even in the darkest and coldest time, shining in their heavy, sharply-ridged sets like two jars of summer's last fireflies, glittering and dancing the night away, challenging the unforgiving times to come.

Bre goes and fetches another candidate-turned-weyrling and shooes them off to the side of the hatching sands. The greenrider is huffing and puffing a little, with all this movement. Noise is heard and another impression made. "Oh! That pretty green grabbed someone." Turning on her heel, she meets the new greenrider somewhere in the middle. "Ahh. Jayne! Congrats. You and Tanzelith make a lovely pair!" Motioning to edge of the sands, Bre moves on, making sure the two are following.

Jayne has left.

Crystalline Entity Egg begins to move with a suddeness that has it rolling away from it's mates and away from the candidates even. It comes to stop, but only briefly as it begins moving again, though it only wobbles now instead of continuing to roll off.

Iraja is glad that the green doesn't maul anyone and cut them open. He's not squimish but no one wants an injury on the sands. He just takes a deep breath and watches as the green bonds and then another green is hatched. Unfortionately she makes her entrance into the world on her back and he has to laugh just a little. It's adorable. He looks at the green, as she is very beautiful. And then he see's the other hatching, a brown. His attention torn between brown and green it would seem.

Rhoslyn continues to inch towards the others still on the sands, though careful to keep her distance from some people. A moment later and her hands start to clap again as another dragon finds it's lifemate. "Yay Jayne!" Too nervous to do much else, she stands where she is, shifting from foot to foot. "Wish I had more truffles."

Bellanne claps for Jayne, grinning. "She's lovely Jayne! Congrats!" She calls out then she lets out a soft ooh at the brown. "Look at him, Tarish. He's wonderful. Maybe he'll get you and you can join Jayne." She grins at her friend and fidgets, looking around the sands before watching the Crystalline Entitiy Egg as it begins to move.

Reziz glances around her human shield, in time to see one of her friends impress — Jayne gets a gasp and a happy laugh. "Yes!" She chortles, sneaking out from behind the tall Igenite boy. Cough. She totally didn't hide like a little baby. Upon her return to the wide open, the girl spots the newest dragons to join those on the sands, and smiles brightly. "Nice." She murmurs happily, standing a little off to the side now, looking no worse for the wear from her little scare.

Resisting the End Brown Hatchling finds the world rather, awkward. But then, he is sprawled on his back, and soon enough he figures out that his mother is not laying on the ceiling as his first vision of the world would leave him to believe. He rocks side to side, almost turtle-like, until he rolls himself over onto his feet with a grunt. There we go, now things feel right. Craning back his neck to look over his shoulder, he spies the candidates and slowly swishes his tail across the sand. Those seem to stand out, guess that's the way he needs to go.

"Nyxie? Dear me.." Yeah, poor Tarish. She's none too happy about it. Mainly because Nyxie is corruptable.. But, maybe she'll toughen up, with a brown. "Another green? Sheesh, they're everywhere." But she's still clinging. Her face is still rotten sour, and her eyes are hanging deeply. "Jayne.. Jayne got.. got a green." Something lurking in the back of her mind — knowledge about something Jayne told her — cause her to cringe.. "Hopefully.. She'll be happy now." Bellanne gets a chuckle. She's almost over her nervousness, and shakes her head at the girl. "Aw, silly cakes. It's /yours/." Well, if Bella is going to jest, she may as well jest back.

Jungle Vixen Green Hatchling begins to strut forward. These sands are hers. As the brown hatches she pauses a moment and swishes her tail at him. Forget the white things, let's blow this wherry-stand and go find someplace to cuddle. Her stomach rumbles and she snorts, a soft sigh. Now what is this all about? With a sweet trill to Resisting the End Brown she swishes her tail a last time, swings her hips and moves forward to find her rider. Plenty of time for brown-baiting later, she supposes.

Bellanne chuckles softly, "I hope she'll be happy, too." She notes idly to her friend and fidgets. "I'm serious, Tarish. I really think that brown will go to you." She smiles and looks towards the green, raising a brow. "Eh.. She's.. Interesting." Chuckling, the woman shakes her head and watches the eggs again.

Iraja starts to laugh as the green hatchling seemingly is flirting with the brown. "Jeez, that green is going to be a handful for her rider." He laughs and blushes just a bit about the idea of it. "V'gay didn't cover what to do when the dragons are the ones flirting during Weyrlinghood."

Crystalline Entity Egg makes another sudden movement that sends it rolling for a few feet before cracks begin spreading out across the surface, one shard falls away, showing a darkness within and then the sudden gleam of a whirling red eye.

Rhoslyn isn't sure where to place her gaze and so her head continues to turn this way and that. A hatchling over there, one over there, an egg rocking in that direction. "I'd gues you'd just have to go with it, I don't think they'd punish a dragon if they started it." she pipes up randomly.

Resisting the End Brown Hatchling gets his feet under him and pushes his heavy body upright, taking a second to shake free the shards and sands. He doesn't seem in a hurry as he lumbers for the candidates, a bit slow and ponderous really, but then he's barely looking in any other direction but straight ahead and a little to the side.

Without any warning at all, Etched Glass Egg quivers momentarily before shifting slightly to the left.

Jungle Vixen Green Hatchling wasn't flirting. Is it wrong to know one is stunningly beautiful, and wanting everyone else to know it too? And who would want to punish /her/? No, she's flawless. Fabulous. Dangerous. She growls a bit to add to the 'edginess' of her image. It comes out a little like a croak and she pauses. Have to work on that. Time for that later, though. Now…to find the perfect rider. Her perfect mate. The one she can lead astray…and she finds him and looses herself in his blue eyes with a soft, sweet croon.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Jungle Vixen Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

"Yeah yeah, girl." Tarish rolls her eyes yet again, her nervousness gone, and her feet beginning to burn so much she's doing a little dance on the sands. "Your seriousness is just silly. I'm not walking out of here with a dragon. I'm leaving with a runner and a few hundred marks, and going to Southern to find my dad." That… came out of no where. She hasn't even mentioned her father at any point, so she hopes that Bellanne just ignores her, as she taps the woman's shoulder and points to the green. "Look! Impression!" Yet again, since that's what they do.

Bellanne blinks at Iraja, chuckling. "I don't think I've heard of a Weyrling dragon flirting." A pause and she squeaks as the green impressese. Her hands clap together before snickering at Tarish. "Don't doubt yourself. And.. Hn.. Well, that's news to me. Come back and visit, if you go." She states, then grinning at her friend before looking to the eggs.

Resisting the End Brown Hatchling finally reaches the candidates and pauses at the line of no return, just staring at one particular clump of folks, his eyes seeming settles on one, and only one, face. There's not a glance spared for anyone else, and as a deep and adoring thrum comes from that deep chest, the brown steps over the line and buries himself against the chest of his chosen one, never to be parted again.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Resisting the End Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Iraja laughs back at Rhoslyn, "As long as it doesn't end up getting you scrubbing the old aunties and uncles." He shudders at the idea of getting stuck doing that again. But then he has his attention drawn away. He takes a deep breath as his bright blue eyes focus on those of the green vixen. This isn't going to be good for the both of them. "Yes, forever and always your R'ja." His blue eyes sparkle just a bit from unshed tears. "Let us go get food Ashkalith."

Bre fans herself with her hands, letting out a quick sigh. Phew. She's getting told old for this. Another impression triggers her asst. weyrlingmaster instincts, and Bre moves across the sands. Another green has impressed, and she couldn't be happier. "Y'know," She states when she gets up to Iraja and Ashkalith. "I've always said we need more greens in Pern. Glad you can be one of them, R'ja!" The weyrling gets a smile. "C'mon! Let's go feed your dragon." Off the sands she goes!

R'ja has left.

Rhoslyn feels like she's cooking upon the sands even with the shifting from foot to foot and there still a few unhatched eggs, although those hatchlings already hatched seem to be impressing rather quickly. Her hands come together in their quiet clapping as she calls out congratulations to the newest riders to impress. "Well, looks like you'll have to worry about that! Way to go!" she replies towards Iraja.

Shifting more and more to the left, Etched Glass Egg pauses in movement before there's a resounding THUNK from within, and then small cracklines begin to appear across its surface.

Crystalline Entity Egg seems to almost groan with effort and then there is an audible roar as the occupant breaks free, a darkened tail flinging forth and wings outstretched as the last of the shell falls away.

Terror of the Seas Gold Hatchling
Bronze shadows darken the already deep shades of this golden dragon and make this already small gold appear even smaller. An illusion to be sure and a deceiving one as well. For at first glance she may seem fragile, but in truth she's as limber and lithe as a young boy, giving her a look that is more masculine in appearance than feminine and one might almost mistake her for a bronze. Her shadings give her a wild look, a dark patch the falls across an eye and tendrils that dance down her neck like wind blown hair. Hher wings are like billowing sails, while her face holds a keenness that can cut to the quick with the snarl that seems to be a permanent fixture upon her lips. Her eyes are tilted in such a way that she seems to glare, with glints that seem to speak of dire secrets. Her tail is almost like a saber to her, whip-like and likely to be slashed at an unwitting foe.

"You heard nothing." Tarish said nothing, really. But her scowl keeps existing, and she seperates herself from Bellanne a bit. She needs her space. "Don't get eaten without me," she mutters as she begins to frown even more. Her little outburst has left her a bit unhappy.. Insomuch that she really dislikes that Bellanne may know more now than she did before. Tarish is too secretive for that. Her bobble-hop to try and avoid the heat just issues more cringing.. And more cringing.. and more.. Until she begins to moan loudly, eyeing Iraja almost enviously that he gets to leave the Sands finally. "Grats, boy!" she yells after him. The dessert maker, she thinks, isone of the few who deserved to fly at this rate. He needed something for his prize.. But, when the brown Impresses, and the gold hatches.. Tarish completely freezes. /Freezes/.

Bellanne claps for Iraja, now, R'ja and grins. "She's pretty, Iraja!" She calls out, grinning and gasps at the gold dragon. "Oh shards, Tarish. She's for you." She now teases her friend and takes a step back. "Wow.. Just.. Wow." She takes another step back and looks at the other eggs.

Terror of the Seas Gold Hatchling rocks from side to side as she hatches, as though she were caught on a wave-tossed ship far out to sea. Her movements are quick and choppy, though she doesn't yet have the coordination to make the movements graceful. She's awkward at the moment, but doesn't notice. Yes, she is a gold, and she's stealing the show, and she doesn't care one way or the other. Look that way, at the unhatched eggs while she goes on a mission of plundering. Go on! Look! Over there!

Shaking from within, the cracks along the surface of the Etched Glass Egg spread and deepen before a small segment is lifted up from the egg's surface. A paw sticks out, then another, and before long the rest of the egg is ripped to pieces and a hatchling sprawls out onto the sands.

Rhoslyn's eyes go wide as the gold appears upon the sands, "Oh my." she remarks though the words from the others still left out standing nag at her attention. "Isn't that just what Tarish needs, to be stuck as a junior Weyrwoman with Elara!" she calls out with a mischievious grin.

Bouncing Baby Blue Hatchling
Fine veins of lapis criss cross the hide of this small, lightly built dragon. Either end of the delicate blue is tipped in a lighter pastel blue, marred only by the darker periwinkle hues of the branching lattice that weaves around his hide. Traveling down his neck the pigmentation darkens such that the fine pattern etched into his hide is no longer visible. Accentuating the lean muscles of his form are shadows of a glimmery dark royal purple with an oil-slick sheen of green atop them. His wingsails are a lightly brushed blue tinged green by the close proximity of ichor-carrying arteries and veins to the thin skin through which light so readily shines through. The branching pattern continues even on his talons which are a marbled ivory. Though lightly built, there is a sturdy appearance to the blue in the form of dull, rounded headknobs, thick bones in his wings, and a rounded tail.

Bellanne laughs and winks towards Rhoslyn, "Exactly!" She exclaims, grinning. "They'll be at each other's throat all the time. And with Tarish's snappy demands, we'll always be prim and proper." She teases her friend. "Just kidding, Tarish. You know we care for you. It'll just be too funny to see you on gold."

Bouncing Baby Blue Hatchling seems to take the unconscious command of his golden sister to heart, and takes that moment to hatch and maybe draw the eye away from her, if even for a moment. He explodes onto the scene with a squeal, wet and wrinkly wings unfolding with all the grace of sopping wet and crumbles saran wrap. The baby blue scowls at this, fluttering one in an attempt to shake it into shape. Come on now! He's supposed to look good, not like some drowned frostbitten wherry.

Tarish glares at Rhoslyn with thin, beady eyes. "When this is through," she threatens, her fist clenching and her eyes darting now between the gold and the blue. "I.. I didn't know there was a gold.." Tarish mutters, glad she didn't bet on this; she would've lost quite a few marks. "Care about me?" She snarls at Bellanne. "Sure. Just along with V'gay, hmmm?" Her nose scrunches and quietly, carefully, she begins to back away.. Maybe she can escape while she still can. Her feet are burning, she wants to scream, and she's seen some of the candidates she loathes the most walk away with winged meat-traps. This is almost too terrible to be true.

Nighttime Surprise Egg goes from being completely still to leaping into the air in an instant, pounding itself against the ground in its eagerness.

Bre does falter in her steps across the sands as a gold hatches. A look is sent to the clutch parents, then back to the dragonet. "Shards! I didn't know there was a gold egg in the lot." But perhaps others didn't either! No matter, her job isn't to be able to tell what egg holds what. Another hatching is heard as as Bre turns to look, she can't help but grin. "About time! Didn't think there would be a blue in this lot."

Rhoslyn's head bobs up and down in a quick nod as she continues to glance between the hatchlings and the other candidates. "Of course we care about you, tarish." she calls, voice faltering a little as she giggles at the actions of the so called meat traps. "If you get past their size and all, they're actually kind of cute, don't you think Bellanne?"

Bellanne giggles at the blue hatchling, shaking her head. "He's cute." She offers then winks at Tarish. "You know I didn't mean it, Tarish. I'm rooting for you, though." She chuckles and crosses her arms idly, rocking on her heels to attempt to cool them someone. "Yeah, I agree, Rhoslyn. Really cute. I really like that blue."

Terror of the Seas Gold Hatchling goes on the prowl for some treasure to add to her hoard. Her hoard…She looks over her shoulder at the egg she's left behind, and hastens back with stumbling steps to pick up a bit of a shard in her mouth. Her hoard begins with this! She carries the shard of her egg in her mouth as if it were the most precious gem, or the key to a cache of treasure. Now to find another thing to add to her collection. Something white…and breathing.

Bouncing Baby Blue Hatchling seems to give up on his unfashionable wings, huffing with a deep, pitched exhale as he picks up the pace, part walking and part scampering across the sand as he begins to experiment with his limbs. A saucy warble is passed over to his sister, eyes sparkling with mischief. How about they bum-rush this lot? They look a little shell-shocked, not to make a pun… er, yes, yes that is a pun.

Tarish backs up a bit more. The blue gets a stare that.. well. She's not really sure how to react to it. It's rather silly looking; but then again, most of the dragons were.. Especially that gold.. And it's strange actions make her a bit more intimidated, even if she had wildly told Bellanne before that there was no reason to be afraid of them. Yes. She is very afraid, right now. "It's kinda silly looking," she remarks to Bellanne and Rhoslyn, rubbing her head and trying to keep her hair out of her face.

Bellanne chuckles softly, moving to gently push Tarish forward. "Don't worry." Is all she says as she idly tilts her head. As she watches the blue, she chuckles and tsks. "He's going to annoy her…" Is all she says. A glance towards Tarish in with worry written on her face.

Nighttime Surprise Egg continues to move, a million tiny cracks forming all over the surface, beginning at one end and shooting out like waves.

Rhoslyn shakes her head as she rolls her eyes at Tarish. "He's not silly looking, he's cute!" she declares before nodding quickly in agreement again with Bellanne. "Looks like he might…" she murmers as she moves back away from the two hatchlings on the sands. A little more room to manuever if they decide to rush them.

Leithion shuffles around, before noticing he is pretty much all alone. Eeep! He moves over by a few other candidates and gives a shakey grin. "I can't feel my feet anymore." Oh yeah, and it's actually a relief.

Terror of the Seas Gold Hatchling rumbles at her blue clutchmate, captivated for a moment by his color which is mirrored in her eyes. Perhaps later. Right now she needs to find something else for her vast collection of treasure. She ignores the boys (pesky things) and looks at the girls, scrutinizing. Which shall she take? She picks up a lot of emotions, and zeroes in on one set she finds most intriguing. You are complex, dear one…She walks right up to a candidate with green eyes and gently puts the egg shard down at the girl's feet. This is mine. You are mine. She gently nudges the girl's legs, tail swishing happily.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Terror of the Seas Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Tarish is still backing up.. But stops. Something stopped her. That gold.. It looks at her funny. It nudges her legs. It zooms in on /her/. "What? What do you mean, me? No.. I.. Uh.. Yes.. Adventure? Grub? Um.." She looks about. She's not sure what to do. "Sev.. Seviadith? I.." She drops onto her knees in the sands, and grabs ahold of the gold's head. "Haha.. Funny.. Well.. I guess.. I guess we can.. Can go get some food." But she's still lost in shock. She can't even begin to look at anyone else.. Absorbed, dumbstruck, and smiling from ear to ear, the evil look on her face deepens to evil-happiness. "Alright.. Let's.. Let's go." Stutter stutter.

Bouncing Baby Blue Hatchling shows a great deal of disappointment as his game is dismissed. Aww, you're no fun. With a flick of his tail, the newborn blue gives a long and hooting squeal. Come on, now! She impressed, but he is still here, and he is /just/ as awesome! You!, trills he as his head swings round to fixate on one girl, one who's defended him and called his wonderful. You understand! And so the baby blue races for his chosen, leaping to the ground at her feet and rearing up so he can plant his hands on her shoulders. They'll show them all what really matters!

Bellanne claps her hands for the pair, once again taking a step back. She glances towards the other candidates left, looking uneasy. She grins at Tarish, "Seeeee?" She teases her friend and watches the pair with happy tears in her eyes.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Bouncing Baby Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Elara blinks at Tarish, leans against Wiyaneth, and closes her eyes. Bad dream…bad, bad dream…

Nighttime Surprise Egg bursts into a trillion shards, so fine they settle like dust on the pale blue dragon's coat. He moves awkwardly, bumbling across the sands until he finds a dark haired woman to creel up at joyfully. She gasps and drops to her knees, "Yes, Athoth! We will go sailing, but right now it's time for food." Glassy-eyed and stunned, the SeaCrafter girl named Loli leads her new lifemate off the sands with some help from one of the Assistant Weyrlingmasters.

Bre lets out a rush of air as the gold impresses. "Oh… oh wait…" She needs to zero in on who, exactly, the gold picked. A groan is let out when she spys who it is, but throughout that, she still has to snicker. "That figures." Bre walks over to Tarish. "Congrats, there, Tarish. I have a feeling you're going to give the lot of us a run for our money." By us, she means the weyrlingmasters. "C'mon, let's get you and Seviadith off these sands."

Tarish has left.

Elara takes a steadying breath and walks forward towards the remaining Candidates, weaving her way through decimated egg shards. "Thank you so much for Standing here at Fort. I know some of you might be feeling disappointed right now, but know that this is not the end of the road for you. Your dragons simply have not been shelled yet, and we would encourage you to remain at Fort and Stand again in the future. If you wish to return home or to your crafts, dragons are waiting to take you." She smiles gently, "If any of you would like to talk, I'll be in my office shortly." Wiyaneth croons softly and Elara smiles, looking up at the galleries, "Please join us for our Hatching Feast, which our Candidate Class put together!"

Bellanne claps her hands for Rhoslyn now, too. And she blinks as she is left on the sands, shrugging her shoulders idly. "Guess that's it, then." She shakes her head and starts out. "Figures." And she walks out quietly. She's watched the drill in High Reaches. Besides, she's got that banner to set up.

Rhoslyn giggles as she claps her hands as Tarish impresses to the gold hatching. "It looks like we're in for it now, Bellanne." she remarks before the cry from the blue still on the sands. The sudden bounding of the blue freezes her in her spot. She stares wide eyed, face to face with the hatchling. "Oh.. alright, Osteyoth. Of course we're have fun and definitely get you food." she replies, voice awestruck and quiet for the moment. "Let's go." she adds, moving to head off where the others went.

Bre waits for the last to eggs to hatch and dragons to impress. Go on, Loli. Just follow where the other weyrlings are going. I'll be with you in a moment." Rhoslyn now gets her full attention. "Hello, bluerider." She giggles, winking at the new weyrling. "Osteyoth, huh? Go on and follow the others. I'll be right behind you." Heading off the sands, Bre goes by the weyrlings.

Fort Weyr - Off the Sands
A small section off the sands where bowls of freshly killed and cutup meat await the arrival of the newly paired lifemates. Various members of the weyrlingmaster team keep a watchful eye on the pairs, giving quiet instructions here and there and showing the new riders their first washing and oiling lessons.

People: Elara Jayne N'yx Tarish R'ja Isa A'ryn Rhos Bre
Dragons: Malieth

Obvious exits:
Weyrling Barracks <wb> Sands <sa>

Elara steps off the Sands and takes a swig of the water, "Congratulations, Weyrlings!" she says, smiling broadly. There's no reservation on her joy at the moment as she scans the new pairs. "Master Harper Alisar composed a song for Fort's Weyrlings many Turns ago, and in a moment he'll be here to sing it to you. Until then, congratulations again, relax, feed and oil your dragons, and I'm just…going to sit down…over here…" she says, trailing off. She sits on a cot and closes her eyes.

C'vez follows the Weyrwoman off the sands, pausing only briefly to look at one old shard half buried in the sands. Nope, not Lanzath's egg. The sweat on his bald dome is evident as he leaves the heat, a hand raising up to wipe it clean. "My congratulations as well, Weyrlings. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask, but for now Elara is right, relax and enjoy this moment. It passes too quickly."

Tarish scritches on Sevidath's back, smiling deeply.. Strange for her. But she catches glimpse of Elara's entrance, and simply, gleefully, cackles. "So.. Elara… Guess you're stuck with me," she says sarcastically. And suddenly, realization sets in. "What.. I'm stuck here?!" Agggh! She falls to the ground a bit, and begins rubbing her face. A devillish croon comes from the gold, but she doesn't know how to respond. "Er.. Thanks," she says to the congradulations. She's just realized. "Scorch it. I'm.. I'm going to be a weyrwoman, aren't I."

The dark skinned Green rider is watching Tanzelith curiously as the young dragonet is rubbing herself up against along side of the wall, then pushing her paws eagerly into the ground, allowing her small claws to drag into the dirt. She croons loudly in excitement, before rolling onto her back, arching herself side, to side, as if needing to get a handle on 'everything' around her. Jayne raises a brow up slightly as she watches with a look of amusement, her hand still bloodied with the meat she's been holding. "You ganna eat this or not?" She asks.

Bre dusts some of the sand off of her clothes. "That's what I get for dressing for the feast too early." She grumbles, but then puts on the happy_face for the weyrlings. "Congrats to all of you. Enjoy them now, while they are so young. They get more pushy as they get older." She winks, then moves to the side.
seviAdith, durh. **

N'yx is silently curled on the floor, mostly only her head can be seen, the way that Eixynth has curled himself around her, all but hiding her from view. The redhead giggles softly and just smirks faintly the n cozily closes her eyes and just grins.

C'vez can't help but laugh as he looks aside to Tarish, "The one time you can use a drink, but have to avoid it more than ever." His eyes then, at last, wander towards Jayne, perhaps to register for the first time that she is in here… with a very squirmy green dragon. There's the slightly distant look in the man's face, likely responding to a comment from Lanzath, before he finds a seat of his own. "You're right there… Bre."

Caluprith wraps his tail around his min- er, Isa, and he bugles slowly at the young gold hatchling, then to his fellow brothers and sisters. Isa caresses the top of the dark brown/auburn head, both leaning into each other as they watch. The brown looks tired- Isa can feel i t with the small, soft smile that she's giving Caluprith. "Caluprith." She says softly. It's like she can't get over saying his name. "Cal-u-prith."

Alisar arrives, looking jubilant about the happy occasion. He greets everyone quietly with a nod. "Good day to you all." He waits to see if anyone has the energy to answer him, and chuckles.

Isa says sleepily, "Good day, Craft Second, Master Harper Alisar."

Rhos smiles as she seems to fill he blue's belly finally, shifting about as the harper arrives to be able to gently caress the headknobs of her lifemate. "Hello." she replies quietly.

Reziz is staring avidly down at Endellioth, who is staring just as avidly up at her. "I — still don't…get it, Endellioth." She murmurs, shaking her head. "You — know? Oh," The girl glances up at Alisar, and offers a wide-eyed look, then a wan smile. "Hello, sir."

C'vez dips his head to the harper, giving the man a quiet smile. "Welcome, Master Alisar." Says the man in his lightly graveled voice from his seat watching over the weyrlings. It doesn't seem long ago he was in the weyrlings' spot, watching Alisar arrive for the very same thing. How fast nearly four years flies.

N'yx is still covered in brown dragon, unvisible excepting for her head. Yes, her head. The red curls and pale face set her off from her dragon's hide, however twined he is about her. They're fed and oiled, and are already acting like a tight knit family, they are. Crazy. Eixynth squeezes a little, N'yx squeaks. "Hi," gasp.

Tarish is feeding the gold.. But Seviadith seems to have insatiable hungry, and can't seem to stop clinging to Tarish as if she's going to lose her. "I'm not going anywhere.." she mutters. "No. Not stolen. Yes, I'm yers, stop being silly—oh!" She nods to Alisar, and sneers a bit, still stuffing the dragons tummy. "Great job Sevi, I gotta be a weyrwoman. Yes.. No.. /No/." Strange little conversation she has going there.

Alisar sits, looking a little tired himself, older — but his mobile smile is still bright. "For a number of Turns now, it has been my honor and privilege, on this day of change for all of you, in the quiet of the new moment, to sing a song that I composed when I was Weyrharper here. I hope that it carries you forward to the best possible of days. Turns from now, this day will never be forgotten by you, or your lifemates. Such an occasion does indeed cry out for a song like this." He begins to ready his guitar.

Alisar begins the gentle rise and fall of a rippling melody, played slowly and with much feeling. The intricate fingerings weave a soft tapestry of dreamlike sound. It reminds those who listen, briefly, of a softly burbling stream. These first bars are clearly written as a ballad, and the chords are so richly woven that it could almost be called a lullaby. He fills his trained voice with gentleness, yet resting just underneath is hope, and beneath that, there is strength.

The sun rose today, as it always has done
And the stars, they burn steadily on
Called awake, yet again, as night's sweet dreams run
My eyes stray, to the robe, that loving hands spun.

Will today be the day? Is it finally here?
Will I find, on the sand, is my destiny clear?
None can say, what will come, but my fate has been cast
Will I be, when the day is gone…

The tune becomes more busy as the tempo increases. Still held in richness as Alisar's fingers dance easily over the strings of his guitar, the melody becomes more urgent, almost fleeting.

Time runs away, chores complete one by one.
New best friends, standing tall, as we wait through it all
What was that? Do you hear?… The unmistakable call.
Will I be, when the shadows fall…

I am caught unaware, in a strangely shared dream.
Yes, today is the day! How unreal it does seem!
That new voice, in my head, can it really be you?
Called awake, yet again, will this dream still be true?

Alisar increases the tempo yet again, beginning a new melodic line. Listeners are invited to be caught up in the joyful energy. The melody attempts to invoke, in those present, simple, heartfelt, and welcome surprise. The baseline of the melody remains steadfast, still as soft as a lullaby.

I am found, can it be…
It's not real, is this me?
Will I be… what I am
Now that "I" becomes "We"

The Harper repeats the main melody again, once through, without accompaniment, gently slowing the song and dropping his baritone voice just a little, as he begins the lyrics again. The song softly weaves its way on, heartfelt, into the now quiet space.

Drift to sleep, day is done, I am yours… we are one.
Caught at last…

Alisar returns to the original tempo and melody, singing the last verse in the same vain as the first. His fingers renew the ballad with promise, hope, gentleness, and strength.

The sun rose today, as it always has done.
Called awake, by your voice, as night's sweet dreams run
None can say, what will come, but my fate has been cast
Caught at last….

In a dragon's dream.

Alisar keeps the last note on the strings until it fades out on its own.

C'vez listens to the sound, as does Lanzath on his distant perch, the two sharing long ago memories of that song on a night that felt not unlike this one, when a boy and his blue first said each others' name. "Well sung." He says quietly, so as not to disturb the quietness of the moment.

N'yx looks thoughtful all the way through the song, going as far as to close her eyes and let the song wash over her. She sits in silence a few moments after he finishes, and quietly, as one, she and her dragon make a noise, "Thank you." Eixynth quiets, "It was inspiring," she murmurs softly.

Caluprith sways slowly to the song, making Isa regard her dragon in slight surprise, but considering his personality, she grins and turns back to Alisar, swaying with the brown as the song ends. The silence stills Isa's heartm then she reaches up to brush something away- a tear, perhaps? Caluprith nuzzles his rider slowly even as she says softly, "That was… beautiful. Thank you." She says softly. Caluprith bugles slightly, his own thanks.

While a bit surprised — she's heard many harpers songs before — something hits accord with Tarish.. And she smiles. Smiles /deeply/. As if the moment before was suddenly clarified into words, and, hearing it end, she's /almost/ sad. Almost. But Seviadith is still demanding her attention, which she gives generously, still not sure how to react to having this /voice/ in her /head/. "Sssh. I.. Thanks harper. That.. That was nice." Nice being ridiculously understated, but she's still a bit caught up in the moment, as her dragon is. Seviadith doesn't want to stay still, though, waggling about her tail, glad to have it free from the shell and begins to poke the green next to her, Tanzelith. Why hello.

Elara smiles as she sits there with her eyes closed, listening to the song. "Thank you, Alisar," she says softly. Then she rises, "I'm going to go mingle with the guests. You're welcome to join us if you'd like once your dragons are fed and oiled and sleeping. You'll sleep here tonight and then move to the barracks tomorrow." She waves and slips out.