Fort Weyr - Records Room

This windowless room is brightly illuminated with electric lights and glow baskets alike. Shelf upon shelf of books and hides, carefully catalogued, line this room. A few small desks are in the middle of the room, for studying, and the room boasts a pair of computer terminals for electronically archived research as well.

Since the artifact's discovery, Kimmila has been around more often than not, her blue lounging on Wiyaneth's ledge while the bluerider putters about the records room, the library, and the computer lab with a determined focus. On this day, as the rain pelts down outside and brings a slight chill to the otherwise mild summer, Kimm is in the records room off the council chambers. The electric lights are all turned off and the woman hunts by glowlight alone, flipping through an old stack of hides, one after the other.

The rain pouring outside usually leads to people all flocking inside to avoid it, or rushing to their destinations. Among those is Deitra, without her shadow for once. The huntress has been freed from her chores early, not for doing so well but for the fact that she was doing so poorly. Rather than hanging somewhere and being unproductive, she makes her way into the records room likely for the same reasons as Kimmila. The dark room earns a sigh and the young woman briefly drifts off to fetch some glows so that she isn't walking blindly through the room. After a bit of wandering, the sight of more light draws Deitra in that direction, pausing as she spots the bluerider before chuckling. "Yer lookin' ta see what the damn thing is, too? It ain't useful at all." Lips press into a tight line and she says nothing more as she joins the bluerider.

Kimmila glances over at Deitra when she enters, lifting a brow as she uncovers a few more glows. "They haven't plugged it in, have they?" she asks with a deep frown. "I can't find what the hell it is," she says with frustration, sighing heavily as she leans back in her chair, her hand falling to the table with a thump.

"Ain't sure. Was mad after seein' what it was." Deitra murmurs, "guess that's kinda why Padron's avoidin' followin' me 'round. Ain't wantin' ta make me mad." The huntress peers over at the hides and then settles down in a chair beside the bluerider. "Whatever it is, it looks pointless." Her hand is then used to prop her chin up, head tilted slightly in consideration before she stares off at one of the walls. Grey eyes then shift back to the bluerider and she considers the other woman, "so." Pause. "You jealous of the dolphineer and Th'ero? She seems real close ta him. I thought you two were a thing."

Kimmila frowns into the shadows that cling to the walls like the secrets the records refuse to give up. "I'm madder that I don't know what it /is/," she admits with a snort. She gives her head a firm shake and glances around to make sure they're alone, before she looks Deitra full in the eyes. "I don't trust it. Or those traders. Has Padron said anything to you? Seemed guilty or somesuch?" Then Deitra's doing a full 180 in the conversation, and the bluerider stills. Freezes and looks at the girl, as her mind tries to switch gears. Then she barks a laugh. "What?"

There's a grunt of response to what Kimmila says about her anger, leaning back in her seat and folding her arms firmly across her chest. "What if you never find it? Maybe it'll be in Landin' or somethin'?" The hunter offers curiously, head tilting slightly before she, too, peeks around to make sure they are alone. It's harder to do so in the dark, but there isn't any sounds of movement. "I ain't trustin' 'em, either, Padron's different, though. I don't think he knows anythin', he seems like he's wantin' nothin' ta do with any of it. But, I ain't sure… He ain't seemin' guilty at all." Arms fold tighter across her chest in thought before she's finally grinning again. "Thought you and Th'ero were a thing. Had somethin' goin' on. Then saw the dolphineer with him."

Kimmila scowls, sitting forward to flip through the hides again. "Then I'll sharding go to Landing," she mutters. There's a low laugh from the bluerider as the topic switches once again, and she shakes her head, giving Deitra a curious look. "We're not a 'thing', other than friends. What made you think we had something going on? Jeyinshi's his girlfriend, not me."

The bluerider's resolve to solve the Weyr's mystery brings a smile to the woman's lips but she says nothing more on that topic. Instead, Deitra peers at the bluerider in a rather skeptical manner. "Hm." She leaves her sentiments at that for a moment before offering her reply, "yer in Fort more than her, and I've seen you with him more. Though, ain't ever seen you do romantic things. Guess that coulda been a hint." Grey eyes consider the bluerider a moment longer before shrugging, "you two look like you'd be t'gether."

Kimmila flips through the hides, her eyes there even as her attention drifts between them and Deitra's words. She chuckles. "I skip out on duties more than she does, I'm sure," she says with a wry smile. "And Varmiroth can travel her faster than her dolphin can. Fort is my home. My family is here. It's a place I enjoy visiting." Green eyes glance sidelong at the young woman, a brow arching with amused curiosity. "Do we now? Why's that?"

"Ah. Yer skippin' out on yer duties. No one's noticed yet?" A teasing grin is given to the bluerider, brows lifting curiously. "True. Dolphins ain't the fastest. Didn't think that anyone could travel by 'em." That thought brings a pause before she's reaching over to sneak some hides away from the other woman, attempting to help in the search. "You should transfer back, bein' as it is home here." Deitra offers softly, though there's a hint of bias. "Mhm. You fit well. In looks, personalities, y'know…. The important stuff that everyone talks 'bout."

Kimmila shrugs with a snort. "If they have, no one's said anything. Maybe because I was weyrmated to A'ven for so long," she says with an absent shrug, turning another hide over. Then she laughs. "I…don't know if you can travel by dolphin. It was a joke," she says with a little smirk. Deitra's next words have the bluerider's shoulders stiffening slightly, and another hide is moved. "I have my reasons for staying in Western," she says quietly. Then she snorts. "What do looks have to do with anything? We're friends. Wingmates. That is all."

"A'ven…" Obviously, someone hasn't been paying full attention to her studies! "Oh. Weyrleader." Deitra comes out with finally, after a long moment before she's laughing along with the bluerider. "Would be a hard travel, and cold. Shells, probably not worth it. S'why no one does it." So she declares for all of Pern right then and there before she's shifting to peer through the hides she's stolen from the bluerider. "I see." Grey eyes don't seek out the bluerider, lingering there on the hides and focusing on her thoughts for a moment. "Ain't sure what looks got ta do with anythin'. But, if yer certain yer just friends, then yer just friends. You just seemed ta be jealous the other day."

Kimmila nods, "Yes, the Weyrleader." Flip. She laughs. "How could I not be certain of that?" she asks, with a wry grin for the girl. "Jealous?" She blinks in surprise, having to think back, before she snorts. "Oh, in the caves. Might not have mentioned this, but I was caught in a cave-in a short time back. Crawling into that damn tiny cavern gave me a bit of a fright. Glad we found that stupid piece of crap." Scowl.

"Hm." Deitra doesn't say anything more about the Weyrleader or skipping duties before peering over at the bluerider with a laugh. "Was just teasin' a bit, really. 'm sure yer certain if yer relationship." With a chuckle she moves onto the next hide before peering over at the woman beside her. "Ah. You were feelin' trapped, then? 'm glad we found it, yeah, just wish it had some use ta it… 'm sure Fort's tunnels'll hold up."

Kimmila shrugs, "That's what they said about Western's," she says, darkly, her eyes glancing sidelong to the stone that surrounds them. "Shardit all, Deitra," she suddenly says, rising abruptly to her feet. "I need to get out of here. Let's go to Landing and see what they've got to say about this bullshit artifact we've had dumped on us by that lot of freeloading traders."

"Fort's better'n Western." The hunter-candidate states with no remorse, showing clear bias. The sudden swearing and Kimmila rising to her feet has Deitra peering again in her direction, brows lifting in surprise. "Really? We're goin' ta Landin'?" She doesn't let out a 'whoop', however. She simply pushes up from her seat, taking the hides so that they can place them back on their way out. "I hope Landin' has got the answers we're lookin' for. I hope Th'ero and Neyuni will take ta mind ta see what they're offerin' before acceptin' any deals next time."

Kimmila glances sharply at the girl as she grabs her jacket from the back of her chair. "Mind your tongue, that's your Weyrleader and Senior you're talking about," she says sternly, before she's stomping out and just assuming Deitra will follow.

Deitra gives Kimmila a firm look back, "they're still people, prone ta makin' mistakes. Ain't you supposed ta learn from 'em?" But, she doesn't press any further instead she adds a softer: "ain't meanin' ta disrespect 'em, just was sayin'…" She does, follow after the bluerider after settling the records in their proper resting places.

Fort Weyr - Administration Complex

A long and narrow staircase leads the way up the mountainside, pausing at the large weyrs of several golds, passing by the one that used to be Moreta's so many Turns ago, before leading up to the Senior Queen's weyr, and finally ending at the Weyrleader's weyr. This is one of the more frequently travelled areas of the weyr, with messengers running back and forth as well as the occasional visiting dignitary.

Kimmila leads the way out to her waiting lifemate, buttoning up her jacket as she goes. "Of course people make mistakes," she says as she tugs on Varmiroth's straps, making sure they fit snug while the blue watches his rider with slowly spinning eyes. "Doesn't mean you have to talk about it or point it out to them, being that you're a Candidate."

"Ain't goin' ta say it ta their faces or nothin'. They ain't bad leaders or anythin', I respect Th'ero but 'm just certain that somethin' 'bout this whole thing is wrong. Especially with this /thing/ that was given ta Fort." Deitra adjusts her jacket and pulls out gloves, settling them onto her hands before looking towards Varmiroth curiously before grey eyes turn to consider Kimmila. "And it ain't like 'm goin' 'round tellin' the whole Weyr what's goin' on, or what 'm thinkin'."

Kimmila nods, "Good," she says firmly to Deitra, eying the girl for a long moment. "It's fine to have your opinions, so long as you mind who you share them with. Go tell someone we're leaving, and then we'll be off." Kimm's not dumb enough to just kidnap a Candidate, no matter how impulsive she might be.

Deitra gives Kimmila a long look in return, "'m bein' mindful. I shared with you, ain't goin' ta tell just anyone." A slight smile is given before she fires off a quick salute. "I'll go tell someone." She takes off then, finding someone of appropriate rank to tell before she finally returns. Her return is just as quick as her departure, running through the rain-filled bowl and approaching blue and rider once more. "All set!"

Kimmila is already mounted, her hood up and mask and goggles on while Varmiroth huffs softly against the rain, watching it spray off his muzzle. "Mount up," Kimm says, reaching down to help Deitra up, along with Varmiroth's assistance.

Landing - Dragon Clearing

You are in a large grassy clearing not far from the domes of the Hold along the southwestern edge of Landing's plateau. There is enough room here for a large dragon to glide in or to take off into the sky. All around the clearing are tropical trees and you hear the high pitched calls of wild avians or the scurrying of small animals. In the clearing is a rockface with a small stream cascading over it into a circular pool of clear water. The pool is large enough for a single dragon to wallow in, but mainly serves as a drinking trough since the lake is close by for bathing.

Here and there, you can detect small dirt paths that lead into the forest at all directions. These are the paths to the various 'weyrs' of dragonriders that are attached to Landing.

Deitra mounts up with the help, settling in and knowing enough about the straps to buckle herself in, at least. "All good." She offers to the bluerider before her hands settle on one of the straps as a brace rather than on the woman in front of her. Once they are settled down in landing, the young woman is unbuckling but not bailing before Kimmila has a chance to dismount or before Varmiroth has a chance to settle down low enough for dismounting.

Kimmila takes a deep breath when they're in Landing, her mood lifting somewhat as Varmiroth circles over the jungles before he lands. Dismounting, Kimm doesn't wait for Deitra before she's striding off towards the location of the records.

Deitra is taking longer than expected to dismount, likely struggling a few moments as to how she should properly dismount before throwing caution into the wind and simply going for it. She trips, stumbles, and barely manages to keep from kissing the dirt before finding her balance again and taking off after Kimmila.

Varmiroth croons with concern as Deitra fumbles, the blue helping her as much as he can, while Kimmila clearly doesn't notice Deitra's discomfort.

Landing - Library

Inside this vast chamber are many tall shelves filled with scrolls and hides. Being the main library and research facility of the Landing Craft Hall, there is usually someone inside the room at any hour of the day.

In the corner of the room, is a table with two research computer terminals. Here, the card catolog of the library is on line and much of the knowledge saved from AIVAS can be accessed through these computers. The waiting list is long for their use and they always seem to have someone at them, typing away on the keyboards.

Deitra shouts a thanks back at Varmiroth for the assistance that was provided, even if she still managed to stumble along. Once straightened, she continues to walk as if nothing happened. When they enter the library, the young woman lets out a rather loud whistle. "Didn't think Landin' was anythin' like this. Shells, there's a bunch ta read. We don't even know where ta start. We don't know what it is."

Kimmila sighs as she looks around, giving her head a slow shake. "The computers," she mutters, not sounding too pleased with it. Walking forward, she signs them both in and then slides uncomfortably into a chair at one of the terminals, fingers hovering over the keys before she begins slowly typing into the search feature. Her typing is awkward and slow, but at least correct. "What should I look for?" she asks, even as she's typing 'metal artifact liquid plug'.

Deitra lets out a soft groan for the suggestions of the computers, shuffling slowly after Kimmila and stuffing her hands into her pockets. She puffs up, much like a disgruntled animal and stares at the screen as the other woman begins to type. "Huh." There's a furrow of her brows, "maybe… Yeah. That sounds fine. I still think it'd be easier ta find some books or somethin'." Shoulders are rolled and she's looking to the shelves. "Just gotta find a way ta narrow it all down, s'all."

Kimmila nods her head to the computer, "That's what we're doing," she says, her voice thin. "Looking up books with those key words. I'm guessing Smith, too, might be a good section…" She stares at the computer monitor and then digs a hide out of her pocket, jotting a few things down before she stands. "C'mon," she says, nodding to the Candidate and showing her the letters and numbers on the hide. "This'll tell us where the records are. It's really an ingenious way to organize things, even if it does require computers."

"Oh. Guess computers can be useful." Another disgruntled statement before she's leaning over to peek at what is being taken down for notes before jumping back as Kimmila stands again. And with the call to follow, she's quickly following after. "Yeah. It's smart, I guess. Computers're just annoyin'." Lips press into a thin line for a moment before she's staring at the numbers again. A hand reaches out, her index pointing out one a few of them. "I'll get those then we can meet at a table and look." Whether or not the other woman agrees with the plan, Deitra takes off to do just that.

Kimmila blinks after Deitra, having her doubts that the girl can even figure out the catalog system. Still, she goes off without hesitation to get a few other books, bringing them back to the table and sitting down with a low sigh, cracking open a volume.

Deitra doesn't figure out the catalog system right away, no. She even finds someone to help, being as she's determined to do it on her own — for the most part — and refusing to give in so easily. So she does eventually come to the table with the required records, grinning smugly to herself as she sits down and begins to go through the reading material herself. "It better be useful. Shells. Ain't goin' ta be happy if it ain't. Part of me's hopin' that it just /looks/ useless."

Kimmila shrugs, "I just hope it isn't dangerous," she mutters under her breath, setting another book aside with a sigh and dragging another one towards her. "Problem is we can't search by a /drawing/ of it. We need words, and we don't have a /name/." She glances around the relatively busy library and gives her head another shake.

"Hn. Maybe we'll be lucky and there's someone who knows all records and we can show 'em a drawin' of it and they know the name." Deitra murmurs, "hope it doesn't like… Explode or somethin'." Fingers tap along the pages of her reading material, idly flipping through, scanning obviously. "This is frustratin'."

Kimmila shakes her head with a soft snort. "No one knows all the records, Deitra. And I'm not so sure we even want to be spreading the picture around." She glances sharply at the girl. "That is exactly what I'm afraid of," she says, her tone soft but dark. "I don't trust it. Wish they'd throw it off a cliff into the Fortian sea."

"I heard of people that know everythin'. Like, they've read somethin' and remember it all." Deitra insists, but the key words to the whole sentence is 'heard of', never actually met. "True. Probably best not ta spread it 'round, may bring more problems just 'cause of that. Shells and shards." The hunter grumbles even more, "but, who'd make somethin' that you plug in and it explodes? It ain't likely ta work anymore, anyway, right? 'Cause it is so old." Her bottom lip is taken into her mouth and chewed on as she reads on. "Maybe we could steal it, find a way ta cut the power out in the Weyr at night, steal it, then chuck it."

Kimmila glances over at the girl. "Have you met any?" she asks dryly, with a slight twist to her lips. Then she snorts. "I don't know, Deitra, and that's what worries me the most." She heaves another sigh, pushing another book aside.

"Nah. Just cause you ain't met 'em don't mean they ain't out there somewhere." Deitra insists, grinning widely at the bluerider though it fades just as quickly as it formed as Kimmila again expresses her worries. Lips press together again in a thin line, attention focusing on the book but eventually pushing it aside and reaching for the next one. However long they continue, a few more searches are made on the computer, a few more books explored but the their efforts prove to be for naught. Eventually, they do return to the Weyr with more questions than answers on the mysterious object.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.