Fort Weyr - Deeper Into The Weyr
The smell of fresh cut lumber comes from this tunnel, as the stone has been secured by fresh cut beam supports to help take the load of the rock due to historic tunnel collapses. The tunnel is illuminated by strings of glow baskets, and the odd electric bulb. Not previously known to have been used, this tunnel was once quiet and eerie, but now with the light scattering the shadows, it seems a pleasant stroll - a bit cool though, as one seems to walk at a slope downward, as if going deeper into the Weyr. Smaller tunnels branch to the left and right, leading elsewhere, yet these tunnels don't seem so well lit and it would be wise to bring personal lighting with one's person. These are the depths of the Weyr, once closed off and forgotten - now thriving again. A sign hangs on either side of the tunnel entrance, with bright arrows pointing straight ahead, to the rebuilt tunnel. The sign reads: Commonplace.

Neyuni is standing in front of the shadow's pass, an old fashion basket of glows in hand. She waits, as if expecting folks to magically show up, or perhaps and more likely word is spreading thru dragons and their riders of help in finding the treasure, its where about being, hopefully, narrowed down. As people arrive she mutters to herself, "How ironic, keeping an ancient treasure safe in ancient tunnels… that is the /last/ place i would have looked."

Who knows if it's coincidence or design that Kimmila happens to be here, the Western bluerider knotless as usual, her riding jacket hanging open over the dark blue tunic she wears beneath. As she walks her pocket glows with glows, as she's holding a strip of leather between her teeth. Hands slip through her hair to wrestle the strands back into a runnertail at the base of her neck, tying it firmly with that bit of leather. A few strands fall free, but she thoughtlessly pushes them behind her ear as she removes the glows from her pocket and approaches. "Ma'am," she greets, her smile crooked and the green glowlight glinting off the same color of her eyes. "Ready for an adventure?"

Jaylen is always down n these tunnels, it seems, she's hung out in them a lot since being searched. Of course, usually it's not this crowded and the scarred Istan candidate arches a brow at the group gathering. "Oh, 'tis a tre'sure hunt hmm?" This is mostly said to herself at the weyrwoman's words. Well now, she's not one to decline an adventure, so she'll hang out towards the back of the group to listen for any instructions or thoughts about where people think the treasure may be.

"Just because you don't want to wander in the tunnels doesn't mean /I/ have to do it for you." This tiny grumble escapes from Jeyinshi's mouth as she is ushered toward's the shadow's pass by an elderly man. Rather than responding to her protest, he pushes a glowbasket into her hand before turning around and disappearing the way they came. "See if I talk to you when we get back!" The dolphineer voices her final protest, though it falls on deaf ears and soon she is turning to the small group that has gathered. Lips turn up in a pleasant smile and she nods in greeting, despite her lack of desire to be there. "This'll be interesting. Even the Holder folk are curious." Which is why she's there it seems.

Kershaw wanders into the tunnel after hearing of the 'treasure' hunt that is about to begin, he looks around to see who else has arrived to participate and nods to his fellow Candidates who've shown up and gives a salute to the weyrwoman as he awaits the start of the hunt. "I wonder what this treasure might be, maybe a chest full of marks or maybe golden trinkets?" this is said to no one in particular and everyone in general.

Th'ero had been busy elsewhere when Velokraeth informed him of the news but the Weyrleader does make his way down to the tunnels, hampered only when he has to stop to briefly speak with a few folk who greet him. Formalities hastily passed, by the time he's approaching Neyuni and the others gathered, he's frowning and tired looking as he gives all a brisk nod. Dressed in a half-sleeved tunic and riding gear, though his jacket has been left behind, Th'ero must have been somewhere within the Weyr before arriving. "Figures." He murmurs to the Weyrwoman, gaze traveling past her to the shadowy tunnels beyond with a grimace. "We could be searching for some time…" And then his eyes drift over to Kimmila, a look of mild surprise crossing his features when he spots the bluerider there. "Adventure?" Th'ero muses with a slight smirk. "I suppose it could be called that." Another surprised look, though this one is reserved for Jeyinshi's arrival, though surprise soon turns to an apprehensive frown. "Words gone to the Holds?" he asks the dolphineer.

Of course Deitra heard about treasure, not to mention that the weyrbrats were all a chatter about it and wanting to find it all for themselves. However, nothing was found from the other areas and finally it all has been narrowed down to one area. The huntress is among those who are arriving in the area for the search, and she is not without her ever present shadow, Padron. The two are talking quietly, well, Deitra's talking at the trader and is very animated in her way of speaking of the treasure. The trader wears a rather sheepish grin as he keeps up the young woman, shaking his head now and then for something she says. When they reach the gathering the huntress lets out a rather loud 'whoop' as a sort of greeting. "This is goin' ta be great." A sloppy salute is given to Neyuni and Th'ero before a friendly wave is extended towards Kimmila and Jaylen. Jeyinishi is given a moment's pause before a wave is given in greeting. "Wantin' ta see what it is the traders said they've found." A teasing grin is given towards Padron but nothing is pressed of the young man.

Padron is not so loud as his companion, simply giving Neyuni and Th'ero a formal salute and everyone else a polite smile as his hands are then stuffed into his pocket. He says nothing on the treasure, merely shuffling closer towards Deitra for the moment before again focusing on Neyuni. "How old are these tunnels? Have they always been in Fort?"

Neyuni takes a deep breath. "I suppose as much as I'll ever be." she replies to Kimmila "Last time it was just a bunch of dust and rockfalls. Let's hope things are still shored up…" ooh, adventure with a touch of danger! Her glowbasket is held aloft a moment "Alright, let's not get to excited now. We're here to find the ancients treasure which was found outside fort but tucked away here. We're pretty sure its within these tunnels." she gestures "but we need to take care when checking them out. Please try to stay as a group so that we get a good look through each room before we move on and not miss anything. And the treasure belongs to the Weyr, so whoever finds it doesn't get to keep it. These tunnels are ancient to Fort, perhaps even from when it was settled.. so again, take care. The item should be wrapped in leather, although it may be a bit dusty by now.." she trails off, turnign and heading into the tunnels before more questions can be asked, best answered by seein and doing.

Fort Weyr - Ancient Tunnel
This tunnel twists and turns, interspersed with columns created when stalagmite met stalactite. The columns consist of compressed layers of interspersed white, brown, and blue, much like the many layers of a candle melted down. Line of sight is broken, and most of the tunnel is hidden in deep shadow that writhes no matter what light source is used. Small paths scatter about, branching out into forks in the road, where darkness roams and direction can be quickly turned about. The use of caution must not be taken for granted. Behind, toward the west is the exit - ahead is a maze of shadows and rock, where dangers may lurk and the promise of return may be slim.

Kimmila chuckles, toying with the glow and letting it roll between her fingers as she stands a little apart from Neyuni. "I'm betting it's nothing," she says to Kershaw with a crooked smile. It's impossible to tell if that's her honest opinion, or if she's tossing it out there in the hopes that some other treasure seekers might take themselves elsewhere and give up the search. Jeyinshi's arrival earns a small and curious brow lift, but the bluerider nods a greeting to her just the same. "Evening." Her smile widens to a crooked grin once more at Th'ero's arrival, as she continues to spin the glow. "Everything's an adventure," she teases. Then, "Shards and shells, Deitra, do that enough times and we'll go deaf in these tunnels," she says to the Candidate, only half teasing. "Forever," she answers Padron with a wink, before she's striding off after Neyuni. But not without a quick glance to the ceiling. Just making sure…

Kershaw looks around the tunnel and takes time to examine each nook and cranny, who knows maybe the treasure will be here and the search will be short and sweet, or they'll be down here for turns lost forever their fate whispered amongst the old aunties and uncles…"You hear bout them that went searchin for that treasure, yeah you know in those old tunnels? Some say you can still hear em wanderin down there, been bout 8 seven days since last they were seen…" Kershaw snorts to himself as he looks to progress to the next area they are to search.

Jaylen trails after the group, glancing about looking for any nooks or crannies or shadowy places that may conceal treasures.

"Hasn't been spread around /too/ much. Folks with rider family have a vague idea. Old man better bake a lot this week…." The last sentence is half grumble and half mumble, though the dolphineer eventually shrugs. Deitra's wave in her direction is met with another smile and a hand lifts in return. "Hey there. And evening to you as well!" Jey tilts her head in Kimmila's direction. The raised eyebrows and strange looks seem to have no affect on the dolphineer, instead she immediately begins her search, crouching down to look behind a few rocks. "I belong under water not under earth." Despite the gruntled words, the dolphineer has a rather wide smile on her face and perhaps, just perhaps, she might be enjoying this.

Th'ero starts a little when Deitra lets out a whoop of excitement, having been too caught up for a moment to register both her and Padron's arrival from the rest of the conversation going on around him. His head turns to give both candidates a long, lingering look and then he's turning back to face Neyuni now. He's silent the entire time the Weyrwoman speaks, though his mouth has drawn into a thin line and his brows settle into a heavier frown. Kimmila's teasing remark is met with a smirk though and the Weyrleader gestures for a few others to step ahead as he slips into the middle of the group. As they begin to search the first area, Th'ero steps back a little, not seeming to actively look, though he is making his rounds, watching the others. Jeyinshi's reply seems to bring a brief look of relief across his expression and then he's snorting in amusement. "No one said you had to help?" he teases her, though does smile to show there is no harshness meant.

Deitra stretches her arms up above her head, resting them there and grinning all the wider as Neyuni explains about the treasure and how whoever finds it will not be able to keep it. A nod is given and then another grin is shot in the direction of those who are likely disappointed about such facts. "Stayin' in a group should be easy 'nough, makes findin' it easier." The young woman murmurs to her companion grinning a little wider and then setting off after Neyuni. Once entering the tunnel the woman is breaking off to search the smaller corners and other various areas. Kimmila's teasing earns a laugh, "maybe that's the plan?" The teasing is returned along with a grin in the bluerider's direction before attention drifts towards Th'ero as he gives them a lingering look. A shrug but she says nothing in the Weyrleader's direction, clearly not worried at all by the fact that she's being watched for a short period of time. Her search, however, comes up with nothing.

Padron isn't so inclined to search, it seems as he straggles towards the back of the group. The talk of the tunnels, however, draw his attention as well as the actual structure. Kimmila's answer is met with a wide smile, "that's a long time. No wonder…" His gaze trails elsewhere and whatever else he has to add in about it is lost as his attention is. He doesn't linger at the back for long, quickly settling near Deitra and making sure that he won't get lost.

Neyuni looks about the maze of twisted columns, trying to keep her composure as the group spreads out in the room, searching but ti seems unlikely for the artifact to have been stashed amid this place leading to places unknown. The paths break off into ever smaller passages lost into the dark beyond the reach of her glows. As folks return empty handed from checking the immediate area she nods, taking stock. "Alright, lets move in to the East then. With this group I don't think it will take all thaaat long candidate" she addresses those whispering of the being lost and only in the first room already.

Fort Weyr - Ancient Tunnel
The section of the tunnel appears like any other, with rough worn rock surrounding from all directions. Besides a cold draft which makes the odd noise as it groans through the vast tunnel system, the air is silent and dead. There is no trace of any life in the long vast corridors of rock. There is only slight indication that people once walked these tunnels or lived in and around them - such as an old glow basket forgotten as it sits tucked away in a crevasse of a wall or a torch mount still secured into the walls. Further useless rubble like this strewn here and there, as if people eventually stopped cleaning up the vast walkways and mindlessly left items here and there. In this section of the tunnel, there appears to be a space between some of the fallen rock for one to crawl through, and a door abruptly behind the fallen rubble.

Kimmila glances to the Candidates, watching them search for a moment with a slightly odd expression on her face. Then she snorts a laugh at Jeyinshi, shaking her head. "Not sure /anyone/ belongs under the earth /or/ under the water." She grins. "Or in the air, for that matter, and yet here we are - Dolphincrafter and Dragonrider, beneath the ground with tons upon tons of stone and earth above our heads." She clutches her glow in her fist, briefly shutting off its light, which is good because it prevents her little shiver from being seen by anyone not looking directly at her. Then she turns away, pushing on and peering intently at the ground, her boots moving soundlessly across the floor as she looks for tracks in the dust. Tracks that wouldn't be very old, and yet not very fresh either. Silent for the moment, she follows after Neyuni, slipping into the next tunnel and heading directly to the right, steps sure.

Kershaw notices the rubble in this section of the tunnel and starts to search amongst the loose rocks hoping to find the missing treasure. He moves along the wall moving aside smaller rocks as he goes from rock pile to rock pile.

Jaylen is still lagging along behind, perhaps she's just checking over the rooms once everyone has gone on to the next. She sure doesn't recall seeing anything in this room the past few times she's been here, but then she wasn't really looking for anything in particular. Now she is, though, and she moves over to one corner to search around in a small pile of rocks and rubble, her curious firelizards chirping questioningly from her shoulders.

Jeyinshi turns to the Weyrleader and once she's sure no one's looking, sticks her tongue at him for a few seconds. Very mature. "Old man said he wouldn't bake bubblies for a week if I didn't…." And by the look and tone the dolphineer has at the moment, this indeed is something akin to the end of life. Potential tramatic incident aside, Jey stands, brushing off her pants before moving off to the East with the rest of the group. "Really? I think I was kind of meant for the water. Then again, I like swimming more than walking and eating so…." Lips tilt up in an amused smile at herself before stepping a few feet to the side and promptly stubbing her foot on a tiny outcropping which produces a small yelp. "Water. Water is most definitely the place for me, not land." She leans against the wall, close to where Jaylen is searching and looks at the rubble while leaning down to rub her foot a bit. "You and your flits see anything interesting?"

Very mature indeed and not unnoticed by Th'ero, though he manages to resist the urge in returning the favor to Jeyinshi. Instead, he only shakes his head and gives a vague, if not crooked smile. "And that is important…why?" he presses to the dolphineer, though soon his attention is drifting elsewhere. "Shells, Kimmila, you'll give some a case of claustrophobia with that description." Th'ero tosses at the bluerider as he passes into yet another section of tunnels, shuffling along with the rest when Neyuni directs them onwards. The smirk that follows is obviously teasing as well, though the Weyrleader is soon moving on, slipping among the group with an ever-watchful eye. A sign of concern for the searchers or is there more to his restless wandering? When his gaze spies Kershaw picking among a pile of rubble, Th'ero pauses long enough to murmur a few low words to the candidate. "Careful not to dislodge too much from there." He warns with a slight smile to take the edge off, though giving a nod of approval for the candidate's effort before slipping away into dim light and shadows.

When they move the next room, Deitra takes her time in making her way that way if only to prevent Padron from getting lost. "Hopefully it ain't goin' ta take that long, there's only so many tunnels and rooms ta check. And stayin' in a group means yer not goin' ta get lost and never find yer way back." Shoulders roll in an idle shrug before she peeks over her shoulder at Padron, reaching out for the other candidate and dragging him along with her as she begins her search again, looking for the leather wrapped object. Attention briefly drifts towards Jeyinshi and Th'ero, curious of their conversation before again turning away in attempts to not be so obvious about it. After a moment she drifts over towards Kimmila, "track ain't goin' ta be useful. Lotta people like comin' here ta explore, some of 'em are my own tracks." There's a gesture to a specific tread before gesturing to the spot she just stepped.

Padron does drift after Deitra, even after being dragged, his attention being focused on the tunnels before he turns his gaze towards Kimmila as they are now close to her. "Are they natural tunnels? The look natural… It takes a lot of work to make tunnels." He muses out loud, thoughtful before giving the bluerider a smile. Whether or not she answers, his attention begins to drift as Deitra, too, returns to her search.

Neyuni shivers in the chill of the still air, catching some of Kimmila's words "I try not to think about it sometimes, but these caverns have been here for so long, the rock hasn't smooshed them yet…" never mind the slides and piles of rubble she pauses in the middle of the area as the group again spreads out. This time there are some "treasures" returned but an old shoe and a torn reed basket are of no particular importance. "Good eyes though." she encourages as she looks around. Her glow light falls upon a smaller crawl space, less obvious than the other exits from the room it begs invitation to be checked out. Maybe the treasure is safe within that untraveled path. She'll find out whether or not she's a good enough leader as she casts a look toward Th'ero before clearing her throat a bit "let's make sure nothing is overlooked through here first" she holds the small glowbasket with her teeth as she gets down and crawls through the small space before anyone can object.

Fort Weyr - Ancient Workshop
Nearly lost in the fact that this room is half buried by rocks already, the room seems to have been a valuable mechanics workshop. There are instruments in this room that have not yet been shattered by falling rock. Devices and tools of foreign creation seem to scattered now haphazardly due to a table and a shelf that have been destroyed due to the collapse of the ceiling. Most of the tools and items in this workshop would be rendered useless for the era of the present day folk; yet, some are still listed on the AVIAS machine in landing. Covered in rust, dust, and rock in the far back corner is a machine that looks rather bulky and startling similar to the image of 'sleds' that AVIAS has reportedly never rendered designs for or given access to. Yet, here one is. Rusted and practically dismantled, but here nevertheless.

Kimmila glances back curiously at Jeyinshi, "So how are you handling being at Fort, then, where you can't swim nearly as often as you could at Western?" As she follows the group she holds her glow in a loosely cupped hand, nearly bumping into Kershaw despite her efforts to avoid it. "Sorry," she murmurs to the young man. Glancing back at Th'ero, the bluerider just shrugs. Perhaps she's feeling a bit claustrophobic herself. After all, it isn't /that/ long ago that she was caught in a cave-in at Western. "And some of them are mine," she says to Deitra, crouching down and pointing to a dusty print, "but you can learn a lot from tracks, just the same. For instance, why was this person in bedroom slippers? Padron," she adds, straightening and beckoning to the boy. "Does the same leatherworker make all your caravan's shoes? Come here, let's see the tread and see if we can maybe find a path to follow. And lots of them are natural caves, that've been expanded by human hands." Distraction! That's what she needs to keep her nerves down. But then Neyuni is crawling through that tiny, tiny, itty bitty space and the bluerider stares, frowning intently at it. Then she sighs, pockets her glow, and crawls after.

Kershaw takes Th'ero's warning to heart as he starts to search along the walls this time taking extra care to not move anything too much so as to not trigger a cave in accidentally by moving a pile of rubble that might be holding a ceiling or wall up. So far all he's managed to find is a lot of rocks, dirt, and more dust than he cares to find. Yet not even a single trace of the treasure has been found leaving him to wonder if the treasure is truly in these tunnels or if it had been moved elsewhere?

Jaylen glances up at Jeyinshi briefly as she asks about the flits. The Istan gives a slight shrug, "Not really, jus' mostly rubble an' rocks, lotsa dust." Hey, she only speaks the truth. "They're jus' c'rious 'bout what we're doin'." Both firelizards are still pretty young, probably not even a turn each, stuff is still new to them. "I d'nno, maybe th'stuff's not 'ere 'tall?" Then the group is headed into the little workshop and she chuckles, "Been 'ere lotsa times, ne'er saw nothin' but ol' tools an' doodads."

"It's important because his bubblies are the best. Actually, they might even be better than the ones Iris makes. And besides….he gives me lunch. I'll starve." A complete and utter exaggeration coming from the dolphineer. As the call goes out to crawl into the tiny space that the Weyrwoman has entered, Jeyinshi pauses. There is a second where she seems that she may actually be balking, but curiosity seems to win out. "Bubblies. Food." Or maybe it's the desire of promised food that's actually driving her. Once she's through and into the space, waiting until Kimmila is through as well before replying. "It's hard, but I'm learning to adapt. Because that's what we have to do. Adapt and keep going." At Jaylen's mention of tools and such, the dolphineer looks about, letting out a low whistle before wandering over to examine a pile of….something. "Maybe it's not half bad down here."

Th'ero looks like one who would be objecting, though he says nothing once Neyuni ducks down to crawl into the next area. The Weyrleader pauses, staring at the entrance before giving a little sigh. This is so not how he was planning to spend his time! And perhaps he's also lingering due to the same memories Kimmila may have of the same cave-in back in Western. "All that fuss over bubblies? Really?" Th'ero muses with a dry chuckle, shaking his head as the dolphineer approaches the entrance the crawl space. Clearly the Weyrleader has no taste of sweets. Even so, it's still a heartbeat or two after Jeyinshi has crawled through before Th'ero follows and when he finally does straighten again, he's dusting himself off, trying not to grimace. It's not long though before his gaze wanders again and he begins to slowly explore the ancient workshop, pausing now and again to examine some detail or another, though he still leaves the majority of the searching to the others.

And the decision to go through the crawlspace is met with a grin but she doesn't take off right away, instead, lingering near Kimmila and peering down at the tracks from the bluerider. "Huh." Her nose wrinkles and the woman considers, peering at the different tracks before looking up as Neyuni makes her way through the crawlspace already. Without a pause, the hunter is taking off after and following the others through the space. It is all eyed curiously but, distractions are pushed aside and she begins her search again, peeking over every nook and cranny.

Padron jumps, so lost in his thoughts that the sound of his own name startles him. "Oh. Yeah. But, it wouldn't be much help… I've walked through these areas with Deitra." He offers an apologetic smile and a shrug before he, too, follows the others through the crawlspace. He's more interested in what's through there rather than finding the leather wrapped item.

Neyuni stops as she enters, bumped from behind by the one following, whethrer an eager treasure hunter or one checking on the sanity of the weyrwoman, Neyuni moves out of the way closer to the 'sled' recreation. At least this room, the workshop is just big enough for the group and it takes more time to search, rummaging amongst the aged and useless for that one piece of valued treasure. "Remembver it's wrapped in leather, or it should be." not that it will make it any easier to find amidst the rust, stone and dust of ages. This room takes longer to check out and she's shaking her head at the various rusty and broken bits which are brouht. "No, no… NO!" the last louder and sharper than she intended, the sound of a distant rock tumbling echoes after and she adds again "It shuld be in leather, lets… lets move on."

Fort Weyr - Ancient Tunnel
The section of the tunnel appears like any other, with rough worn rock surrounding from all directions. Besides a cold draft which makes the odd noise as it groans through the vast tunnel system, the air is silent and dead. There is no trace of any life in the long vast corridors of rock. There is only slight indication that people once walked these tunnels or lived in and around them - such as an old glow basket forgotten as it sits tucked away in a crevasse of a wall or a torch mount still secured into the walls. Further useless rubble like this strewn here and there, as if people eventually stopped cleaning up the vast walkways and mindlessly left items here and there. In this section of the tunnel, there's a pile of junk heaped and strewn around - scraps of metal, shards of wood, large pieces of stone, and brittle or broken tools.

Kimmila is silent, and quick to leave the narrow crawl space, distancing herself from the group once they're back in the larger tunnel. Standing alone against one of the far walls, the bluerider rests her hand against the stone and dips her head down, staring fixedly at the glow she holds in her opposite hand. Either that or the ground. Or maybe nothing, as her eyes sink closed and she simply stands there.

Kershaw moves towards what looks like a pile of old rusted tools, as he approaches he looks around the pile but doesn't spot the leather wrapped bundle they are looking for so he continues his search around the area that the tools are located then expands out away from the rusted pile of tools towards the walls of the tunnel looking for any crack or depression where the bundle could have been hid. "Who ever hid the thing sure did a good job of it, haven't seen anything that looks like what we're looking for at all so far." He moves towards the far end of the section of tunnel they're in and starts another search there seeing as one place is as good as another.

Jaylen heads out of the small workshop, taking a moment to breathe now that there's more room and the group isn't all crowded in one small space. She heads after the group as they head further up the tunnels, peering this way and that at various piles, focusing on one particular pile of junk, she kneels there, pushing tjis and that aside and just generally poking through looking for any leather to give away the location. Nothing but a lot of dust, she gives a sneeze and backs away a little, wiping at her nose with one too-long sleeve.

"Alright alright, fine. Maybe it's just because I'm curious too." This is directed at Th'ero, but with her inspection done, the dolphineer moves away along with the rest. "Right. Leather. I guess they chose the right material to wrap it in, blends perfectly." She pauses then as Kimmila stands off to the side, brows furrowing in concern. "Hey, you alright? Do you need to get some air or anything? I can head back out with you if you want…." Jey bites her lips as she watches the rider, glancing back the way from which they'd come.

Th'ero looks up from the curious item he had been inspecting (and obviously not the one they're searching for) when Neyuni's sharp response echoes across the small workshop. Carefully setting the item back down, he turns to stride towards her, but the Weyrwoman has already begun to move on by the time he approaches. "I guess we backtrack then." The Weyrleader points out, to no one and anyone, though whatever good humor laced his voice dies soon afterwards as he gives the entrance (and only exit) a wary look. He doesn't linger as long this time though, and waiting for one to pass ahead, Th'ero soon follows out and steps aside, almost bumping into Kimmila as he does. And the Weyrleader doesn't have to glance at her long, to notice the change in the bluerider. "Are you alright?" he asks her, just as Jeyinshi echoes the same to her. The dolphineer's suggestion is met with an approving smile from Th'ero, though for a moment his gaze seems conflicted. "Maybe we should steer clear of tiny crawl spaces for a bit. Seems unlikely they'd tuck it away that deeply." He suggests, but even his tone betrays that he doesn't quite believe that.

Neyuni moves rathe rquickly into this new, and alrger area. Perhpas a simialr relief to get somewhere the ceiling isn't quite so close at hand. She goes over toward Kershaw and Jaylen, seeing if they might have found hint of anything, lathery or not. There's sympathy to her expression with jaylen's sneeze "My nose is twitching too. So many footprints and yet so much dust still left. I think our predescessors didn't search all that closely. Who knows, we may find more than the trader's treasure here too."

Kimmila instinctively reaches out when someone steps near, resting her hand briefly on Th'ero's forearm before she looks up to him and then over to Jeyinshi. Visibly gathering herself, the bluerider lets the Weyrleader's arm go and pushes hair away from her face as she straightens, twirling the glow in her fingers again. "I'm fine," she says, soft but firm, and then adds as a quick afterthought, "but thank you."

When nothing turns up, Deitra retreats from the crawlspace and follows the group to the next area, searching idly and determined to find whatever it is that they're looking for. After a few the hunter muses out loud, "I wonder if it is really somethin' important. Or if it's a fake." She doesn't say more than that for a moment, shuffling around the area in search before peeking over at Th'ero. "Ain't the smartest thing ta hide it in a place that's right in reach. They didn't want anyone ta find it easy, from the sounds of it." A wide grin is cast in his direction before she's turning attention away. Padron is quiet through Deitra's musings, lost in his own thoughts but making sure to keep close enough to her.

Kershaw moves further into the tunnel taking care to look into any area that might contain the missing bundle. As he moves along the wall he nearly trips on something just barely managing to catch himself from falling face first onto the ground, "Shards that was close, near ended up kissing the ground there!" Kershaw kneels down and searches the area to find what it was that managed to trip him up, a smile forms on his face as he stands "Over here, I think I found what we've been looking for!"

Neyuni is drifting from candidate, to resident and candidate again, drifitng closer to Deitra and Padron to hear "Well, I suspect it is ancient, btu it may stillnot be very important. What if its jsut an old metal boot. Fascinating… but not necessarily useful." jsut like having one sock, or soemthing. an expletive catches her attention next, already lookign towards where Kershaw had been searchign as he then seems to have found something. "And, perhaps not so long to wait after all." she makes her way closer to where the other candidate has stumbled.

Jaylen manages not to sneeze anymore, though she starts to stand from where she was knelt. Then Kershaw's words reach her ears and she peeks towards the other candidate curiously. As Neyuni heads towards him, Jaye just kind of leans against the wall by where she was searching, waiting to hear what it is and if it is indeed the treasure they were searching for.

Jeyinshi furrows her brows, "If you're sure. Just, let me know if you do need to." She doesn't wander away quite yet however, simply hovering a few feet away from the bluerider and idly kicking at some rubble despite Kimmila saying she is fine. Even when the cry of some sort of discovery goes up from one of the candidates, the dolphineer doesn't move too far, simply craning her neck to watch with dark eyes brimming with curiosity. "Is that it?" Whatever that is.

Th'ero starts a little when Kimmila's hand rests on his forearm, gaze shifting downwards to stare at her hand until she's letting go. There's an awkward look and smile to the bluerider and a quickly murmured, "You're sure?" before his attention shifts again and this time to Deitra. "It does seem like they've ah… hid it well. I suppose it would make no sense to leave it out in the open." He tells her, though his gaze moves on to Padron, questioning and would have lingered longer where it not for Kershaw's sudden call. Unaware that he's standing with Kimmila to one side and Jeyinshi to the other, Th'ero turns to glance to the dolphineer now, a slight smirk curving up one side of his mouth. "Seems to be." He says, watching as Neyuni approaches and giving both Kimmila and Jeyinshi an apologetic nod of his head before moving away and stepping closer to the Weyrwoman. If it is, in fact, the artifact they just crawled through tunnels for, the Weyrleader wants to be there when it's unwrapped.

Kimmila gives Jeyinshi an odd look. "Thank you," she says again, "but if I wanted to leave I could find my own way out." As Th'ero moves off towards Neyuni at Kershaw's call, Kimmila follows along after, but hangs back at the fringes of the group so she doesn't get in the way. She does, however, hold up her glow to offer some more light to the unwrapping.

Kershaw looks up to the weyrwoman and smiles, "Do you think this is it ma'am, its wrapped in leather like you said it would be and I don't think anyone would have found it if I'd not tripped on the thing. Hard to tell what it is though but it sure is wrapped tightly!" Kershaw moves out of the way to allow the weyrwoman access to the bundle but remains close enough so that he can see what it is that he's 'discovered'.

Deitra's attention is drawn at the sound of shuffling about, peering over in Kershaws direction before attention is drawn towards Neyuni as she approaches. A nod is given to the Weyrwoman along with a slight smile. Mouth opens then promptly closes, "it'll be annoyin' if it ain't somethin' that's useful." She finally pops out, her tone a low grumble as she makes her way after the other woman, curious to see what the object is that Kerhsaw tripped over. Th'ero is given a grin as he agrees with her point, "exactly. It ain't smart ta just leave it in the open, but it looks like they did." Seeing as Kershaw did /trip/ over it.

Padron nods to Neyuni and smiles, but, commentary about what the thing is is kept to himself — or,maybe he doesn't know, either — as they head over in Kershaw's direction. The Weyrleader's questioning look isn't met all, his gaze quickly finding the back of Deitra's head and attempting to simply go unnoticed.

Neyuni kneels down to inspect the bundle. it is indeed leather wrapped, about th elength of ones chest and maybe half as wide. How much is wrappign and how much is artifact is soon to be discovered. She pauses, tbu as more glowlight is added fingers work the leather loose, curiosity overcoming more methodical inspection she finally gets down to the object itself, lifting it carefully but also holding it as much to show the assembled group without dropping th ething. It's use is not obvious, but it seems in good condition. Its rathe cylindrical, with metal on either end, one end twice as heavy as the other. The metal seems coated with soemthign, which has kept hte rust of time at bay, although it gives it a bit of a dull finish overall. The center of it is plastic which seems filled by a fluid. From the heaftier base is clearly a plug, whatever it is intended to be run on electricity. "I supose we'll have to find a plug nad see what it… does?" cause otherwise hte weyrwoman looks mystified as to what it may be "I don't recall anything like this in the records." she looks around the audience to see if there might be any hints of recognition.

An eyebrow moves up while one corner of her mouth turns down slightly in response to the odd look Jeyinshi receives from the rider. "I'm sure you could and I really wasn't trying to imply you couldn't." When both riders move off however, the dolphineer isn't too long in following. She arrives just as the Weyrwoman begins holds the object up for the group to see. "Never seen anything like that either, but it does seem….uh. Well, I guess we'll see." Jey tilts her head, still studying the object and eventually coming up with a fruitless shrug.

Jaylen arches a brow, then gives a shake of her head, "Ne'er seen nothin' like that afore." Well, now that the hunt has concluded, the candidate will continue to lean against her wall, soon people will be departing and the tunnels will be empty again.

Th'ero watches intently as Neyuni begins to carefully unwrap the object, curiosity getting the best of him though he's careful not to block the light from the many glows suddenly arriving to speed on the discovery. When it's finally revealed though, the Weyrleader's reaction is one of… neutrality. It was not what he was expecting, that's for sure and he peers at it almost warily. "It should have some use?" he eventually ventures to comment, almost sounding hopeful though he doesn't seem to certain. Eventually, Th'ero steps back, letting others to crowd closer for a better look.

Kimmila stiffens when she sees the object, and leans over (and up!) to whisper something softly to Th'ero, her face in shadow as she tucks her glow back into her pocket.

You sense Kimmila eyes the item and then she snorts softly, shaking her head. "I wouldn't plug it in," she says firmly. "Who knows what electricity will do it." Her eyes dart briefly to Padron, and then over to Th'ero pointedly. "We don't know what it /is/. What if it's something dangerous?

As the group of searchers gather around the Weyrwoman for a better look, Th'ero remains on the outside, arms crossing over his chest and is pointedly looking away. Eventually, it's settled that the artifact should be brought to surface for more examination and with a shared look and nod between him and Neyuni, the new discovery is taken away, leaving the Weyrleader to linger behind (and purely by his choice). When Kimmila leans in to whisper to him, Th'ero turns his head to listen, his frown only deepening further and his mouth drawing down into a grim line. Something is whispered back to her. "We don't know what it is." He says out loud though, a slight sigh following his words. "I've never heard of anything like it described before." Suddenly, Th'ero seems to have had enough of tunnels and dust and dark. The Weyrleader is now looking a touch annoyed on top of his already tired look, his mood almost as dark as the tunnels they just searched. "I need some air." He almost mutters, turning on his heel and striding out and away to the more commonly used lower caverns. Distracted as he is, he doesn't even pause to offer farewells, leaving it to them to either chase him down now or later.

Kimmila senses that Th'ero tilts his head down to lean in and whisper. "I don't want to plug it in either. I don't trust technology to begin with and this…object unsettles me." He doesn't miss the subtle hint either. "That's crossed my mind. But I can't call it out here. Not now."

Jaylen finally pushes herself off of her wall and starts to head out of the tunnel now that the whole excitement of the find has worn off and most people have retreated back into the weyr proper, waking quietly amidst the dark dusty shadows.

Jeyinshi's attention is drawn away from the object after a few moments, dark eyes narrowing at Kimmila and Th'ero. Some thought seems to drift into her mind then and the dolphineer stiffens suddenly. "Ah!" Her mouth opens and the voice coming out is certainly louder than at all necessary. "I guess I've got to report to the old man about this." And then she is disappearing as well. Perhaps the old man would feed her for her efforts!

Kimmila exhales sharply, giving her head a firm shake and taking a pointed step away from the item as it's carried past her, her hand resting on her dagger hilt as it goes. Green eyes flick up to Th'ero and she nods firmly at whatever it is that he says, and then she's looking around to those who still linger in the tunnels, giving Jeyinshi's shout a surprised look. What was that? Then the bluerider nods again. "I'm going to the records room." Exchanging one cave for another? It seems so, the Fortian native shaking off her discomfort to go do some research about the mysterious item.

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