Fort Weyr - Lower Caverns

This volcanic bubble is smaller than the Living Cavern, but no less well crafted. The walls are smooth, with electric lights placed into niches that used to hold glowbaskets. Another hearth burns here, with a pot on always keeping water hot for making tea or cider. Worn but comfortable couches and chairs are arranged by the hearth around a few tables where game boards and a few packages of dragon poker cards are laying.

From this cavern you can get to many other places - the tunnels of Fort Weyr having been dug far back into the caldera where the Dragons make their home.

The day is done and night has steadily rolled into the Weyr, and despite the coming of spring — winter sends some lingering tidbits of snow out that continues to drift down from the night sky. Because of this, it is still notably cold and people still huddle inside for warmth. While she is not one of those huddling for warmth, Deitra is settled in one of the seats in the lower caverns with a mug of klah settled in her hands as she sips away at it. Padron is near by, quietly working on sewing his robe for the Hatching. Such is the evening: quiet, uneventful, and slow. It is rather peaceful, mainly for the fact that Deitra is so distracted by letting the other candidate work and sipping at her klah that nothing is being spoken about.

Kairhys had finally gotten his robe finished, having charmed Xanshalla into finishing the garment up in his usual fashion. The weaver makes his way to the couches, having spotted Padron and Deitra on his way towards the living cavern. Likely to get something to eat. As what they were doing was rather self explainatory, he doesn't asks, rather dropping into a seat beside Deitra and letting out a soft groan. It had been yet another long day for the lot of them, and foolishness aside Kai was no less prone to tiredness than anyone else. He was just better at hiding it most days. He crashed out just as readily as the next worn out candidate. He sits there, quietly for a few minutes, just chilling out and tapping his hands quietly on his knees before he slowly lets himself lean over and semi-drape onto the poor huntress. "I'm bored." he mutters, half whinning before brown eyes shift over to the trader, just watching the bot sew for a spell.

Deitra looks towards Kairhys as he approaches, freeing one hand to wave before wrapping it around her mug once more. Rather than staring at some point on the floor, however, she continues to stare at the weaver as he drops down beside her and the groan is met with an idle smile. The mug is offered towards the other candidate, "got enough sweetner ta wake you up some, but not enough ta keep you up all night." There's a laugh as he begins to drape himself over her, her head tilting to rest against him before grey eyes close. "Same. Waitin' for Pad ta finish up then thinkin' 'bout ambushin' him in the bowl on the way back ta the barracks." Not that her ambush will go so well, now, what with her announcing it and all.

Padron lets out a soft sigh as he hears Deitra's plan, giving a slight shake of his head but never fully pulling his attention away from his work until he reaches a place in which he can take a break. "You'll have to be more secretive, now." A smile is offered towards Kairhys, "how are you? Have you already gotten your robe finished?" the smile grows a touch wider before he turns to consider his work. "Deitra's already got her's done, which surprises me."

Kairhys goes ahead and makes himself comfortable on Deitra there, taking the mug when it is offered to him and taking a few sips, his own eyes drifting mostly closed. "Ambush how exactly?" he asks, after a thank you for the beverage, which is handed back once he's had enough, though it's followed with a yawn that very well might signify that he did not get the benefits of the liquid that the huntress had spoken about. The sigh from Padron has the weaver's attention and he gives the trader a sympathetic look, his own smile less flirtatious then is was normally and more gentle. Perhaps because of the reason he had already voiced, or maybe even because Deitra had the whole torture thing covered already. "I'm all right I guess," he answers softly and friendly enough, though it's rapidly followed by a dark chuckle when it comes to his robe. "I worked my wiles on Xanshalla, she finished it for me the other day." Lashes lift, and brown eyes are gently deposited on the trader, watching him sew or merely just watching him. Brows lift upon learning that Deitra was done with her robe, "Oh? Who did you convince or are you some super secret seamstress behind the scenes?" he teases, and then glances back at Patron. "How are you, anyway?" No, he hadn't forgotten to be polite and return the sentiment.

Deitra is for Kairhys' comfort, it seems as she's quite content to simply lean on her and whatever else. Grey eyes are upon the other candidate, watching as he takes a few sips from the klah before she's reaching for it again, to finish off the rest. "With snow. Maybe shovin' it down his shirt. Or peltin' him with a few snowballs. That kinda ambush." A wide grin is given as well as the young woman sticking her tongue out at the trader-candidate before she's tilting her head to rest against the weaver. The yawn isn't noted, mainly for the fact that her head is against the weaver and she's trying to find an odd angle at which to sip her klah from. Nothing works, from the looks of it, and she simply gives up and opting to rest rather than drink. A soft bit of laughter follows the commentary of getting Xanshalla to make his robe for him, nodding idly. She sits up straight at the teasing questions, laughing loudly. "Got my foster mother ta do it. Talked ta her 'bout how I could look indecent in the wrong robe. Made her feel guilty 'bout it b'fore she gave in and agreed ta make it." A wide grin and the mug is lifted to her lips to hide it, though her eyes are having a harder time hiding the mirth.

There's some laughter from Padron, "I think you're supposed to make it for yourself. Though I'm not entirely sure why." The trader muses out loud, his tone thoughtful and distracted until he's eying Deitra and rolling his eyes at the young woman as she declares how she acquired her robe. "You're both lazy." But his tone is not scolding, lingering in the area of amusement. "I'm fine, thank you. Better now that my robe is almost done." He resumes his sewing, silent for a few moments in which he finally finishes the sewing. The thread is tied off, then the extra is quickly cut off before he's holding it up in consideration. His work doesn't look awful, but they aren't the prettiest stitches in the world — they're sturdy looking, at least. "Done." With a grin, he folds it neatly and settles it beside him, content to linger in the lower caverns rather than heading right back to the barracks. "Looking forward to chores ending. How about you two?"

"Ahh." Kairhys says upon hearing the explination about the plan that Deitra had for poor Padron, seeming to lose interest in the topic after that. Then again, unless there were littles involved, the weaver had never been very interested in the throwing of balls of snow. He does sit up himself at some point, removing his six foot one frame from the huntress, dropping his feet flat to the floor. He chuckles at mention of how she got her robe done, but pouts some at Padron when he called the pair of them lazy. "Not lazy, uncoordinated." he says, and holds up his hands, the long tapered fingers all plastered up with bandage after bandage. "I kept stabbing myself with the needle. Xanshalla took pity on me and made me a robe, the one I was working on was rapidly turning dried blood color." He wasn't kidding either. He shrugs though at the trader and pushes himself to his feet, drifting by on his way to the hearth to ruffle the boy's hair with flirtaious intent, chuckling. He did so love to mess with those who let their guard down. "Chores don't bother me, so I can't say it much matters to me either way. You Dei?" he asks, before grabbing a mug and filling it with klah, hunkering in besides her again.

"Hey," Deitra gives the weaver a look, "you can't say it ain't fun ta put snow down someone's shirt and ta see 'em squirm!" The huntress insists, giving the weaver a very pointed look as he sits up and continuing to stare at his face until Padron is calling them lazy. Grey eyes flicker in his direction and she's sticking her tongue out at him, "yer just jealous. And, yeah," she quickly adds in to the rest of Kairhys' statement. "We're uncoordinated, stabbin' ourselves all the time." Not that the young woman has any bandages on her fingers, they're all fine and dandy and show no stabbings in attempts to sew. "Shells. Musta been a lot of blood. And it ain't like they'd let you go out in red." If he did manage to paint the whole thing red with his blood. Her mug is considered as the weaver fills his mug, then pushing up from her spot on the couch when he settles down once more to head for a refill. "Nah. They ain't that bad, 'm enjoyin' them." A grin is beamed in Padron's direction as she fills her mug, then shuffling back to join Kairhys, settling down beside him and sipping happily at her klah. "You were probably doin' a lot of chores as an apprentice, right, Kai?"

Padron looks about to laugh, until the proof of why the weaver didn't sew his own robe is given and his grows are drawing into a frown. "Well, that's good that she helped you out and finished it for you. It wouldn't be good for you to have your hands out of commission. Deitra's just lazy, then." Lips press into a firm line as he eyes the young woman, though there are more reasons than one behind the look he gives her. "I guess they're not too bad, but, I am more eager to see what happens. If Qeska will Impress or not. My sister says she will, and I'm starting to believe it." The young man muses and furrows his brows in consideration, thoughtful before peering at Kairhys and Deitra. "What are your plans for after the Hatching, if you don't?"

Kairhys tsks softly at Deitra, murmuring something in the vacinity of her ear before he once more chuckles darkly and busies himself with very carefully sipping from his newly aquired mug. He nearly spews the contents outwards though when she starts talking about her own uncoordination, brown eyes dropping to her pleftly while and unmarked hands before he shakes his head with his lopsided grin there on his face. He'll just be keeping his comments there to himself, but he does laugh when the huntress comments about the amount of blood that he himself had sort of suggested was present on the robe that he had been trying to sew. "I was overexsagerating, Dei." Content then to sip at his drink and listen to the other two candidates for a time, the weaver looks between them as they speak, though pipes up when Padron frowns. He offers the lad a smile and nod for his surmation there, but his expression softens when he once more calls Deitra lazy. He doesn't have anything to say really, other than to shrug. "I'm not in any rush for candidacy to be over. I've made a lot of friends that I probably won't see again once I get back to my weaver duties." He shakes his head at Deitra question, "No more than I do now. Mostly cleaning up after classes and such." As for plans after the hatching? "I'll get back to the craft of course."

Deitra cackles loudly at that murmur from the weaver, her head tilting back as she continues to laugh and going on for a good moment or two before she settles down and simply grins at the weaver. "Yer goin' ta have ta share 'em with me sometime." She insists, loudly for others to hear and giving no hint at all to the subject at hand which only brings an even more impish grin to her lips and it is simply directed in the trader-candidate's direction. "Gettin' my runner. Or, maybe a canine first. Dunno yet." But they are plans, at least, and a delayed reply towards Padron's question The accusations of laziness are ignored, only a grin is the non-verbal response if even meant for that statement. "I ain't wantin' Qeska ta." She leaves it at that, however, taking a sip from her mug and then peering at Kairhys. "Yeah, and I was, also. Paintin' a whole robe red would have you in the infirmary, 'm sure." Her tongue goes out before the grin returns and she takes another drink from her mug, falling into silence to listen to the weaver speak. There are idle nods, not entirely agreeing with everything but certainly letting the man beside her know she's listening. "Yeah. Got a few from out of Fort… Still, ain't like yer never goin' ta find time ta visit eventually. And you can write."

Padron smiles warmly at Kairhys for the softened expression, inclining his head in the slightest of nod before smiling widely at the hunter-candidate. "You always seem to know what you want done." The trader offers before looking towards Kairhys, "you, too. You both seem like the type to go forward with your plans." As for his own plans? They are not offered up, and he's simply content to leave it that way. "I agree," comes belatedly. "You can write or try to visit. A lot of people have firelizards and firelizards are supposedly good at finding people if you know their general area, right? Though, you'd have to train one, but, still."

The weaver smirks over at Deitra, almost in a conspiring way. "Someday, maybe." he quips, though from the glint in his eyes it's more than possible that he had absolutely no intention of sharing whatever it was that the woman was after. Taking several more sips of his klah, Kairhys relaxes more and more as time passes, lids hooding partically over seemingly muddy brown eyes. He listens to Deitra's plans after candidacy, and while he does look to the other boy for his take on the matter he doesn't push for any further information than what he was willing to part with. He also makes no comment about Qeska or on what Deitra says about Padron's sister. Yep he was leaving that alone. He also agrees with the writing and such, not adding anything even as he rises from his seat and downs the last of his klah, his stomach growling loudly. "Right. I should eat." he twtiches some at this, a sheepish sort of expression on his face for the sheer volume of his hunger. Returning the mug to the collection bin he lingers a few more moments, "Oh and if you guys want, next time we have a day off we should all go hang out somewhere outside. Getting tired of being cooped up inside, aren't you?" Lifting a hand then, he waves some and half bows before making his exit. "I'll catch you guys later." And then he's gone.

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