High Shoal Hold - Gather Grounds
Set a short ways away from the main hold, on a flat expanse well above the high tide line, are High Shoal's gather grounds. Today's food faire only fills up about half of the allotted space, being as it is a casual, if up-beat, affair. A semi-circle of stalls is loosely spread out, plenty of room available for punters to browse around in, though each stall has a little cordoned off area to help in the establishment of orderly queues. As might be expected, the majority of stalls are of the food and beverage variety, with all manner of spiderclaw dishes available, most even offering a free bite for people to taste test before deciding on a purchase. There are other types of edibles available as well, predominantly sea food but there are some red and white meats on offer, as well as vegetarian options. Other enterprising souls are there to hawk trinkets and souvenirs — from stuffed spiderclaw toys to jewellery charms to, in the case of one Weaver, spiderclaw hats — as well as less specific wares.

Further away still, a large pile of dried brush and driftwood has been set up on the beach in preparation for a bonfire, brightly dyed rope cordoning off a wide circle around it for safety's sake.

Spring may be only just creeping over Fort, but it's all balmy breezes and puffball-cloud-filled blue skies at High Shoal Hold, the near-by ocean an inviting expanse of blue-green. For a minor hold there's a sizable crowd as their little food festival has found its swing, families, friends, couples and singles wandering around, browsing the selected wares and trying out the various delectable on offer. Chattering and laughter, music, calls from vendors and the chittering of eager firelizards hoping for handouts all mix together into the cheerful dull roar of a gathering having a good time.

Who could resist the temptation at some clear weather and slightly warmer temperatures? When word went out that High Shoal Hold's festival had begun, some of Fort Weyr's weyrfolk and riders alike began to make the journey to the minor hold. Appearing from between, high above the Hold, Velokraeth takes a lazy pace glide, allowing the candidates for passengers to enjoy the view. Not long after him, two more Fortian dragons, a green and a blue, appear, also laden with passengers. It takes just a few moments before a clear spot is found for the trio to land and Velokraeth does it with ease despite his physical uniqueness. The pale bronze then lets out a low rumble of a greeting, to familiar and unfamiliar dragons alike, distracted for the time being while Th'ero takes care of the other necessities. The Weyrleader turns in his seat, pulling up his flight goggles and offering a vague, crooked smile to the two candidates behind him. "Remember the rules of Candidacy. They still apply, even though we're no longer in the Weyr. Don't stray too far, but do enjoy yourself." He tells them, the same words being echoed similarly by the two other riders to their passengers. Th'ero then begins to unbuckle not only himself but aiding his two passengers, should they need it, before dismounting, lingering only to offer a helping hand should it be required.

Jeyinshi is more than happy with the weather today, in fact, she may be downright joyful. Perhaps it has something to do with a white dolphin jumping in and out of the clear waters, or maybe she's simply glad she doesn't have to wear multiple layers of clothes. It isn't hard to guess how she got their, either hitching a ride from some rider or, Faranth forbid, swimming there with her dolphin. But for now, Jey has dry hair, dry clothes, and no wetsuit in her hands. Bent over a table at some stall, the dolphineer lightly touches several tiny figurines, a small smile playing at her lips. When the dragons from Fort arrive, they certainly aren't hard to miss and dark eyes look upwards, taking in the familiar form of a certain bronze. It isn't long before the dolphineer is making her way over to Velokraeth, stopping a few feet away and look up at both the dragon and his lifemate with a grin. "You /are/ here to relax, aren't you? Or are you just watching over candidates?"

A certain weaver apprentice is already present, likely due to the amazonian greenrider known as Sarina who was also wandering about but on her own with her gargantuanly tall son Severin. No where near the family unit, Kairhys was busy talking quietly with one of the holders from the area while nibbling on something seafoodish. From the look on his face, he didn't seem to know whether or not he liked it as if the votes were still out. The minty green Freijeth warbles a greeting to Velokraeth as he lands, not that the candidate boy who rode on her to this place seem to notice anything other than the rapidly growing collection of giggling festival girls.

While it is nice to get away from the Weyr, Deitra doesn't seem overly pleased to be about but is nonetheless indulgent of the activities. Th'ero's warning is met with an idle nod and a slight smile before the hunter is looking around with her nose slightly wrinkled. Jeyinish's appearance and greeting towards the Weyrleader earns an uplift of her brows but she says nothing in the woman's direction, instead, she veers off towards the food without much thought behind her actions. A plate is filled and then, she wanders off — not at random, this time — to where Kairhys is, scooting in closer to the young man and beaming a grin in his direction. "You!" Teasing, she grins a little wider. "Kai, what're you up to?" Gathering girls? Completely ignored.

"Ooooh, lookit, it's like a button box got spilled!" and other such inane but enthusiastic comments spill from Xanshalla's mouth as she takes in the view from the air, leaning as far as the straps will allow her to see as much as she can on the way down. Not only a day freed from chores, but a day going someplace she's never been has a result similar to giving a kidlet too much sugar. She practically buzzes with pent up energy. "Yessir, we'll be good!" she chirps at Th'ero, and must be using the royal 'we' — or is just that used to speaking up for multiple people that she doesn't realise what she's done. Once unhooked she clambers down like a squirrel, unused to dragons perhaps but climbing now, she's got that in the bag. "Oh, hello," is offered along with a cheerful wave after she's reached the ground, polite and friendly towards Jeyinshi regardless of her status as stranger.

Less perky but no less gratified by a trip away from the Weyr, Qeska thanks the bluerider as she accepts assistance down to the ground, but has no interest in lingering. Oh she'll stick close enough not to get called out for ditching, but the sweet-faced trader-candidate is much more in her element within this consumer-oriented gathering. She may not be giggling, but festival girl she most certainly is.

Kairhys untangles himself with a wide toothy grin from the gaggle of girls he'd suddenly found himself in the possession of as soon as Deitra comes over, lifting a hand and waving to the huntress. "Hey!" he calls, giving one clingy female a raise-browed look before she detaches herself and goes off to giggle away with her friends. The weaver gives his full attention easily to Deitra, though there is a fleeting glance given between Xanshalla, Jeyinshi, and a longer one spared to Th'ero before his smile blossoms to one far too pleased to see the grey eyed woman than was really necessary. "Dei! I waited for you for nearly an hour but Sarina insisted on taking off." he pouts then, playfully. "Forgive me?"

Much like the Pied Piper of Earth fable, an apprentice Harper strolls through the crowd with a train of giggling, bouncing children following along in her wake. But instead of a flute, she strums a lute, the better to call out her advertisement: "Puppet show, puppet show in fifteen minutes. Actors and actresses wanted! The fiercest roarer stars as our dragon! Follow me to the puppet show." Leading her young recruits off toward a small booth decorated with yellow and blue pennants.

Once all are clear from the straps and dismounted to the ground, Velokraeth turns his oversized head to give another polite sounding rumble to passengers and his rider alike before waddling off to, of course, mingle with the greens, Freijeth among them should she not reject his company. Th'ero only watches him go with an obvious smirk on his features, having at least had the time to store his helmet, goggles and gloves in a large pouch on the straps before his bronze sauntered off. As Deitra moves off, the Weyrleader gives her a brisk nod and a bit of a pointed look that seems to say 'behave', though the bronzerider remains silent. Xanshalla's enthusiastic behavior is met with a slightly amused smile, his head shaking a little until her cheerful wave to someone catches his attention. Even as he turns though, the familiar voice clues him in and now Th'ero does smile true and genuine. "Jey!" he exclaims, immediately taking the few short strides the dolphineer's side and slipping an arm around her. Now that ought to get some interesting looks. And isn't the Weyrleader just in a rare, strange mood? "It's good to see you. Has Sungie come as well?" As to her remarks of relaxing or work, he only chuckles dryly. "It's a little of both."

Jeyinshi doesn't seem to mind the raised eyebrows, simply sending a smile towards Deitra. And of course, she isn't so crass as to not respond when being addressed. In fact, the dolphineer is quite thoroughly enjoying the whole atmosphere. "Hi there." The greeting and a small wave is given in Xanshalla's direction. For a moment, eyes are drawn away at the sound of giggling girls, brows raising at the crowd that seemed to be centered around the weaver boy before shrugging. "Oh, Kel!" The arm slipping around her waist earns a giggle, of all things, from the dolphineer. Her own arms snakes around Th'ero quite easily before the other is raised to point out towards the waters. "He heard there was a festival and high-tailed it back here. All work and no play." And playtime it is indeed for it isn't just Sungie out by himself now. It seems a tiny crowd has gathered a bit of the ways up the shore and the white dolphin is putting on a rather grand show for them, flips, chatterings, and maneuvers all included. "Mmm, how about I make this a little more about fun then, mister Weyrleader?" A tiny smirk plays at her lips as Jey glances up towards him, a bit of teasing in her tone.

Deitra returns the wave after freeing one hand from her plate, grinning all the wider as he remains attached to by some girl. "Yer rather popular already. As ta be expected." She teases more, shifting to take some of the food from her plate and popping it into her mouth. "Hmm." Is her response to his question of forgiveness, lingering in silence as if truly considering it before laughing. "I ain't mad. Got held up longer'n I thought I would. I forgive you." With a wink, she take a bit more food though attention is drawn by the Harper calling about a puppet show, lips pressing together in consideration. "You should go do it. It'll be fun. I'll watch and cheer you on."

Manners satisfied, Xanshalla scampers off into the crowd, for once not the most brightly — or garishly — dressed individual present. Her course is a similar one to Deitra's, though only half as far. Fooood!

Th'ero's brows rise at the use of his former nickname, but the Weyrleader seems not to mind in the slightest. His gaze follows to where Jeyinshi points and her remark only earn an amused snort from him. "Figures. I should have known he'd be here and looks like he's attracted attention already." He muses, before his glance turns downwards, giving the dolphineer a long look before chuckling. "I think I know better then to say no." Th'ero teases gently, smirking back as he begins to gently guide Jeyinshi towards the stalls. "Though I /do/ have to watch the candidates. Even if other riders came along. Wouldn't do well for word to spread that Fort's Weyrleader lost candidates." True to his words, even as they begin the slow walk towards the crowds and stalls, Th'ero's attention is already drifting to follow Xanshalla as she makes for the food, another amused smile curving the corners of his mouth upwards, then turning to catch sight of Deitra and Kairhys nearby. His gaze lingers on them for a moment, thoughtful and curious, before he politely turns his attention back to Jeyinshi.

Kairhys continues to nibbles on the contents of his plate but after a few more moments he eyes it dubiously and decidedly puts it down inside one of the oversized trash bins scattered about. Apparently he was done with that, but at least there was only a bite or two left, so not much was really being wasted. "It's the white knot. I think." he tells Deitra, pointing to the thing on his shoulder, and then chuckling with a bob of shoulders in a passing sort of shrug. Now that his friend was there and paying him attention, the gaggle he had collected might as well not exist. Not that they were lingering. With the promise of a role in the puppet show, the girls were heading off quickly in the direction of the auditions, but Kai wasn't of a mind to follow. At least not yet. He gives the huntress a long look as she considers whether or not she was going to forgive him, bordering on pouty, but not quite there. Not that was at all a factor in Deitra's decision, but the weaver perks up nonetheless. Yay. Forgiveness. He opens his mouth, likely to drop some wise ass comment or another to this fact, but is distracted by the perkiness of Jeyinshi and then that particular arm being draped over her shoulders. Yes, Kai will just stand there and stare for several moments brows twitching to knit and brown eyes flickering from dolphineer to Weyrleader before a single beat of a heart is set aside to break, before the sixteen turn old is brilliantly smiling at Deitra. Just ignore the glassy look, the the faltering grin not quite as sparkling as perhaps he intended. "Oh I think I'll pass. Why don't you try and I'll cheer YOU on? Hmmm?"

A small gang of tiny teens have given up their efforts to seem older and more sophisticated, their shoes abandoned and skirts kilted to leave still-skinny legs bared up to knobby knees as they run giggling through the crowd, swirling long streamers of multi-coloured ribbons attached to the ends of small sticks in crazy loop-de-loops. "Oooh, a dolphin!" one squeals, and leads the charge over to watch the water-bound antics.

Deitra is unaware of Jeyinshi and Th'ero over there, well, not so much unaware as not paying attention as the Weyrleader looks in their direction again. And she isn't making trouble, either! The huntress is being good, simply putting food in her mouth and keeping busy with that and talking with the weaver-candidate. "Mm. Yeah. They wantin' what they can't have. Poor girls." Laughter slips out and she offers her plate out towards the weaver, a sure sign of forgiveness there. "Want some more? Ain't even sure what this thing is." She gives it a poke before popping it into her mouth without much regard if she'll actually like it or not. Her gaze is drawn over towards where the weaver looks, brows lifting and then she's offering him a smile as if she did not see a thing. "Nah. I ain't able ta speak like you are. Yer much more… Silver-tongued. We can go watch… Or—" She breaks off and watches the teens take charge to the water. "You want ta see a dolphin? Or we can get more food."

"You said I could still call you that! Of course, I can always be more formal if you /want/ me too…" By her tone though, she's neither hurt nor serious, simply joking. "Does he always have girls hanging off of him?" But of course, they're soon moving towards the stalls. And where there are stalls there is food. The dolphineer wastes no time, ordering up a few snacks and presenting a plate to Th'ero. A few morsels are popped into her mouth before eyes wander off to watch Xanshall disappear, an amused smile appearing on her face. "She seems like she's having fun." The Weyrleader's next remarks have her chuckling however and she leans back against a table set near the food stall. "I guess losing them might look a bit bad. Want to go say hi?" Jey tilts her head towards the two candidates for a few moments before a loud click and squeal carried from the waters reaches her ears. "COLORS! Ribons!" The exclamation could no doubt only have come from Sungie, whose enthusiasm only increases with the new addition to his audience. "It's been at least 4 turns and he still hasn't calmed down. Have to wonder if he ever will!"

"I think he'd be quite dashing on a stage," Qeska emerges from the crowd near Deitra and Kairhys, somehow having already managed to adorn herself with a long necklace of shiny glass beads. "But their little play seems more geared to the younger set." She doesn't quite wrinkle her nose, but the distaste is there none-the-less. "Have you been here long, Kai?"

"No, not formal, please. Not from you." Th'ero jokes along with Jeyinshi as they wander closer to the stalls. "Who does?" The Weyrleader asks, frowning a little in confusion. Then his attention is distracted again when the dolphineer orders them food, accepting the plate though he doesn't touch his food quite yet, with both his hands occupied as they are. As the small gang of teens run by, giggling and streamers of multi-colored ribbons trailing behind them, Th'ero comes to an abrupt stop to avoid colliding with them. Though it could also be an excuse to just pull Jeyinshi closer to his side, unaware of what the effect of having the dolphineer so close is causing to some. Brown eyes follow the youths as they blaze a trail to the waterside and then simply gives a shake of his head, side glancing to Jeyinshi. "See, this is why I dislike crowds." The Weyrleader almost mutters under his breath, but his good humor remains, to judge by the grin that has yet to falter. When Jeyinshi suggests going to greet the candidates, Th'ero pauses thoughtfully before giving a dismissive shake of his head. "Ah, let them have their fun. There will be time later to mingle. First time in awhile they have some freedom." In other words, no riders breathing down their necks every second. Oh, they're there and watching, but not hovering over shoulders.

"This sort of thing only happens when I'm unable to do anything about it, of course." Kairhys mutters to Deitra, mostly under his breath, though there was a measure of good humor involved at least. At the offer of more food, thed weaver shakes his head and makes a face, clearly having had his full already. "I had a bite of everyone's plate feels like, if I eat any more I'm afraid I might burst." A chuckle for this, despite whatever imagery it might conjure up. "Thank you though." Kai looks thoroughly amused however when Deitra refers to him as silver tongued, keeping his attention fully on her rather than letting it deviate off towards things better left unseen or thought of. "Silver tongued? Really? Me?" A laugh soon follows, perhaps a bit louder than he would of liked, considering the flush that tints the bronze of his cheeks a light dusting of rose. He at least has successfully squashed all emotion that had revealed itself when faced with Jeyinshi and Th'ero over there, instead flashing another grin, this one for Qeska as the girl shows up. "You're biased," he smirks, sliding his hands into the back pockets of his cargo shorts, much more adept to the warmer weather than the leather trousers he sported back at Fort. "How fortunate I am to be lavished with the attentions of two such beautiful young ladies." Carmel charm warmed and melting from his every pour, Kairhys positions himself with his back to the weyrleader and his lady companion, before answering Qeska's following question. "Hmm? Oh only about a quarter to half hour I believe. You came with Deitra?"

Sungie has fangirls! Or cheerleaders. Or a combination of the two, as the streamer-bearing girls get themselves organised into a line where they can both watch, and encourage with wide waves and twirls of their ribbons. They'll likely be there for as long as the dolphin has energy to entertain (or a group of cute boys walk by).

"Frosted firelizards! Try a sample, buy a box! Hi there, would you care to try a frosted firelizard?" an apple-cheeked trader strolls through the crowd, bearing a large tray of palm-sized cakes shaped to look like sleeping flitters, though the only colours represented are green, blue and gold.

Deitra looks to Qeska as she joins their little group, eyes rolling upward before more food is popped into her mouth to avoid commentary for what the other woman has to say about the puppet show. "It's awful, really. I feel for you." Deitra mutters back, grinning all the wider to her friend and then nodding for his rejection of the food. "More for me." And she does continue to pop more food in, constantly making sure that her mouth is full. "Mm. You are. Promise." A wide grin and then she's popping a bit more food into her mouth, her gaze drifting over at the louder announcements that are being made from the vendors, but she's firmly planted in her place near Kairhys. "See. Silver tongued. Charmer." With a laugh, she considers their surroundings. "What're you wantin' ta do, Kai?"

Qeska shrugs artlessly, neatly flipping a section of hair over her shoulder as she smiles at Kairhys. "Only by chance. The Weyrleader and his entourage," which sounds a lot better than 'I got a ride with a bluerider.' "Do you two have any plans?" she continues, though only including Deitra peripherally. "I saw this /lovely/ Weaver stall across the way and I could /so/ use some professional advice," and there go the fluttery lashes. "Deitra, darling, maybe he could suggest something for you, as well." With a quick up-down glance at the huntress' garb.

Jeyinshi grins, "Everyone. Even you seem like you're enjoying yourself." Hands move up, now attempting to take the plate she'd just given him right back. "You should ea-" The dolphineer cuts off as the mini-stampede rushes past, easily moving closer to the Weyrleader as she is pulled. Jey, as dense as ever about these sorts of matters, doesn't seem to realize any odd reactions off in the group of candidates either. "Really? Cause this is exactly why I like crowds. It's alright though, I'm sure between the two of us we can find some sort of balance." And then there's the dolphin, another to enjoy crowds and colors. Even if the girls disappear, Sungie isn't likely to tire out any time soon, his white form easily visible to all who care to watch. "It's been a while since they've been able to get out of the Weyr, huh? Probably good for the—ohhh. I want to try that." That being the frosted firelizards. It's really any wonder that Jey can manage to hold a conversation at all with the amount of food around. Because it /is/ the food she's interested in and not the interesting little trinkets some stalls are selling.

Even when cut off, Th'ero is able to pick up enough of what Jeyinshi had meant to say in order to assume the rest. "I know I should eat." He muses, still holding the plate and most likely just right out of her reach. When the coast is clear, he begins to move along again, gaze now scanning the crowds for the hopeful sight of a bench or ledge of sorts so that they can sit. Once a suitable spot is found, the Weyrleader is gently guiding the dolphineer with him, careful not to bump into other festival gatherers. By the time they reach it, the bronzerider looks visibly relieved, though he gestures for Jeyinshi to seat herself first on the small bench. "You don't find the chaos of the crowds unsettling?" he asks her, sounding both amused and curious. Th'ero is just about to settle himself, when the cry for frosted firelizards goes out and Jeyinshi makes her interest in one known. With a sigh, he sets his plate down and then leans down to give the dolphineer a light kiss - to the cheek. Those who know the Weyrleader well know that that move was a huge one, for one like him, even as chaste as it is. "I'll be right back, then." He tells her, not lingering long enough for her to argue as he navigates the crowds again to greet the vendor of the firelizard-shaped cakes.

The apple-cheeked trader pauses as Th'ero nears and delivers a broad smile. "Take your pick to suit your tastes. The filling gives the flavor. Green's redfruit, the blue's berry and gold is yellow citrus. If you fancy trying the lot, our stall's the one with pink, green and yellow ribbons on the posts." He gives a nod of his head to indicate the general direction. Once the Fortian has made his selection the vendor will be moving on, voice once more melding into the overall chaos.

Kairhys misses the eyerolling from Deitra, placing himself more or less between his two fellow candidates, perhaps in an effort to stave off what he thought might turn into a feline fight or something. Or maybe he just liked the idea of two beautiful women at his sides. He can't help the chuckle spared for the huntress, "Oh I'm sure you weep rivers of tears for me. Inside." he quips back, letting her have her way with the food without much more than a shrug of his shoulder and a winesome grin before Qeska has his eyebrows lifting. For some reason he ignores the part about the Weyrleader, though for much more obvious reasons than perhaps he realizes and focuses instead on the part about the bluerider. "P'rius?" he asks, now looking for the handsome but equally unavailable bluerider, and probably not seeing him either. He shakes his head a moment later when asked about plans, glancing to Deitra. Course what she says once again has the weaver laughing, and offering an arm to the woman, and then one to Qeska as well. "Weaver stall sounds like an excellent idea." He winks at Deitra though, for calling him silver tongued and a charmer, as if there was a secret between them. Or maybe he was just flirting with the huntress. Who knows. The firelizard cakes are eyed, only as long as it takes for Th'ero to work his way over there, and then the teenager redirects himself quickly, smiling at his two lovely companions.

Deitra is again pinning Queska with a look, though this time it is none too pleasant and a very slight twitch of a smile plays at her lips. Comments are bit back as she is likely, literally, biting her tongue in order to keep civil. Oh ! Look! There's still food on her plate and she is promptly stuffing a bit more into her mouth to occupy it and not really giving much of a response to her suggestion. Instead, she focuses on Kairhys as he settles between them and promptly swallowing her mouth full of food. "Rivers. Oceans. All on the inside." She winks at him playfully, clearly perking up in her mood now that she doesn't stare directly at Qeska. Happily, she takes the offered arm. "We'll go ta the stall, but, I ain't likely ta get anythin'."

"Who?" Whether Qeska recognizes the name or not, she's playing dumb. There's only one male who exists in her world, or at least that's the impression she's striving to give at the moment. "Oh, wonderful!" she enthuses — being much too sophisticated to gush — as she cozily links her arm into Kairhys'. "It was just over this way," and off she starts into the crowd, angling a pretty smile up at the weaver-candidate. "And I'm sure the stall keeper will be pleased to have a chance to chat with a colleague." She may think she's being coy, but it wouldn't take a genius to figure out she's trying to set up a discount for herself. Leaning forward a little to peer around her erstwhile escort, "Tell me Deitra, do you even own a dress?" Wide-eyed curiosity is the expression she gives, her voice lilting sweetly.

Jeyinshi makes a few rather sad attempts at jumping to reach the plate, giving up in the end and simply letting him steer her away with her own plate in hand. Once they've arrived at the bench, the dolphineer slips down onto it, putting the plate beside her and patting the empty space on her other side, waiting for him to settle down as well. "I think it's fun really. Feels like everything's more alive. Also, it's a good way to distract yourself from the more sober things that come up during alone time." Taking a bit from her plate, Jey pops it into her mouth, chewing. As Th'ero begins to lean down instead of moving to sit, the dolphineer quickly swallows, eyebrows raising a bit. When that kiss is dropped to her cheek though, a wide grin spreads across Jey's face. There isn't a single protest as he walks away, no, the dolphineer simply sits there looking like a rather smug feline that had just gotten a life's supply of cream and milk. "Don't take too long!" And her words are perhaps not just because she wants to try those cakes as soon as possible.

Th'ero makes his selection quickly, pointing to a gold frosted firelizard and making the exchange before turning back to face the crowds once more. But not without one final glance towards the gathered candidates. There's a quirk of a brow when he spots Kairhys surrounded by Deitra and Qeska, but his interest is brief. Satisfied that all are behaving and unaware of the subtleness that more is going on then meets the eye, he glances away and moves on. By the time he's reached Jeyinshi again, the Weyrleader looks more then relieved to be back and he pauses only to pass the palm-sized cake to the dolphineer before gathering his plate and taking his seat with an appreciative sigh. "Hope you like citrus." He muses to her, before tucking into his food, eating rather rapidly. Either Th'ero is starving or he's in a rush to eat as much as he can before something interrupts him. Luckily for the Weyrleader, nothing goes awry and he begins to relax. Eventually, the food is finished and Th'ero seems to grow restless. So his hand is offered to Jeyinshi, and he leans forwards again, though this time to whisper something to her. Moments later, the two are seen leaving, the Weyrleader's arm around the dolphineer again as they disappear among the stalls and into the crowds. Seems like the candidates are under watch from the riders who followed him here, for now.

Kairhys laughs at what Deitra says to him, pausing only so long as it takes for both ladies to take his offered arms and then leading them off in the direction of the weaver stall. Though Qeska's comment has the boy's brows lifting in unison. "P'rius? He's the bluerider that searched me." he informs, obviously missing the implication that girl was trying to hint at, but smiles down at her toothily anyway. Cheesy grins aside, Kai nods to the huntress. "I could design you something if you like." he murmurs, fairly low when she says she was unlikely to pick herself out something from the stall. As they arrive, he shoots Qeska a look that clearly showed his displeasure at her attempts to goad Deitra into some sort of verbal brawl, letting out a sigh and leaning over some to peer at a bolt of fabric for sale. Mostly for show, as the weaver had more than once protested having any interest in sewing or making of actual garments. His was the creative aspect, leaving the actual hand work to those that knew what they were doing. He hadn't even sewn his own robe, having charmed the task out of several of his fellow candidates. Two girls and one of the boys.

Deitra is following after Qeska takes off, being that she's attached to Kairhys' other arm. She's quiet, simply ignoring Qeska until she addresses her and there's a twitch of her lips. "No. Ain't interested so yer goin' ta want ta stop mentionin' it." She leaves it at that and begins to clear off the rest of her plate, though it takes some movement to make sure that she keeps her arm linked with Kairhys'. "Ain't really wantin' anythin', Kai. 'less you can design me some pants with even more pockets. Or a vest. A vest with lotsa hidden pockets…" The thought seems to distract her enough to keep her appeased and peaceful.

Qeska lays it on thick, still a bit too young and inexperienced to really have the knack of artful flattery. "Really? He shows excellent taste, then." As if the dragon had nothing to do with it, though in her mind, given the manner of her and her brother's 'search,' they don't. A sigh of her own is released, perfect lips pulling into a pouty little frown. "I was only trying to be friendly; we just haven't had a chance to get to know one another like you and Paddy have," she attempts to wave off her ineffective sparring. She's apparently bright enough to at least know when she's been bested, so she diverts her attention back wholly to Kairhys, sliding away from him to go find the pre-made dress that had caught her eye earlier. It's pink, and more pink, with a neckline so low she should probably be glad she has a small bust or she'd never fit into it all the way. Holding it up in front of herself, she sways coquettishly side to side. "This is the one, Kai, what do you think?"

Kairhys delightfully ignores the interplay between the two women, finding that bolt of cloth enchanting for all the interest he shows it. There is a twitch and an amused glance spared to Qeska for her comment about P'rius' good taste, letting a bit of a chuckle slip for her benefit before he straightens again. Apparently done with the fabric gawking. Deitra's answer to his offer has the young weaver apprentice giving the huntress a blinking look that softens with his affection for his friend. "I'd design anything you'd like." he says, but then Qeska is wandering off, drawing brown eyes in her direction. The pinkness of the girl's selection has Kai schooling his expression, trying very hard not to do something he would regret, such as bruise the child's developing ego. "It can only be as lovely as she who's chosen it, and even then pale in comparison." he flatters, but then someone calls his name and he turns, finding a small group waiting on the edge of the theater grounds. One a sickly looking girl who was still strangely stunning. "If you ladies will excuse me…my family seems to be here." He gives each a very polite bow worthy of a Lord Holder's son, before making his way towards the worn looking couple and their tiny thin daughter.

"Mhm. Sure. Padron's stuck with me 'cause of reasons you should know." Grey eyes roll upwards and she heaves a sigh. "If you've talked ta him, I'm sure he'd've told you I ain't inta frilly things or dresses or any of that." The plate is cleared and the young woman frowns at the fabric that lays before them, not paying any attention to Qeska as she asks for Kairhys' opinion on the dress. Attention turns back to Kairhys and she grins as he offers to design things for her, nodding her thanks and saying nothing more. But when Kairhys goes to bail? The hunter suddenly looks like she's been caught doing something quite awful. "I should find Chy ta make sure she ain't got her head stuck in a jar or somethin'." And with that, Deitra flees.

Summarily abandoned, Qeska huffs a little, but then promptly turns her attention back to the important things. Such as finding out how she can knock a mark or so off the price of that dress.

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