Fort Weyr - Scenic Overlook * Sheltered Ledge

An irregular opening in the outside western wall of Fort Weyr provides a sheltered scenic view of the mountains and valley's beyond. A sturdy but decorative metal railing has been installed along the length of the opening to keep the unwary from inadvertently falling. The low ceiling of the sheltered cavern juts out just enough to protect any observes from the worst of the elements as well as prying sky bound eyes. It offers a perfect spot to settle and watch the spectacular sunsets, stargaze, or just relax in a peaceful atmosphere and watch time go by. Towards the outer edges of the covered ledge's railing one finds a couple of woven reed chairs and small wooden tables where one or two folks can sit in relative comfort.

Night has fallen and it is unusually mild, even for late winter though the wind still carries a cold bite to it. The skies themselves are clear of clouds and the stars can be seen clear and bright. So it's no wonder some have taken the chance to stargaze this night, where the scenic overlook blocks most of the wind and the height gives viewers quite the panoramic view, with the Weyr and mountains stretching below and the endless sky above with it's infinite amount of stars. Th'ero had wandered up the narrow staircase purely out of curiosity as to where the steps led, lingering only for a moment in the shadowed cavern to investigate the doors before curiosity spurred him on further until the Weyrleader found himself stumbling upon the outlook, perfect for studying the skies. Entranced by the view, the Weyrleader slowly steps up to the railing, his back to the entrance with the wooden double doors still propped open slightly.

Jeyinshi would normally be back at Fort Sea Hold at this time of day, but today she remains at the Weyr. Rather than bothering the rider who had brought her to take her back, it seems the dolphineer had decided to resurrect a strange habit….sleeping in odd places. With blankets and pillows obtained from a friend, the dolphineer wanders the Weyr, eventually finding herself at a narrow staircase. "Perfect." She'd slept in trees, so why not in towers? A slow smile spreads across her face as she looks up towards the top, walking up the stairs carefully, peeking around the load in her arms. When she finally reaches the wooden doors, the dolphineer is slightly out of breath and stops outside for a second, putting her back to one side off the door and leaning on it. Unfortunately she hadn't noticed it was propped open and ends up stumbling backwards though not falling. "Wha…!"

Th'ero's head tilts upward as his brown eyes scan the black night skies, slowly roaming over the thousands of pinpoints of light that are the stars. It's unlikely the Weyrleader is overly familiar with all the constellations, but he knows natural beauty when he sees it. The whole moment is as silent as can be and could be even serene, something Th'ero doesn't find often these days. And it would have been a perfect spot to brood and reflect on his thoughts - but then someone is stumbling from the doors and the Weyrleader is twisting around, immediately on edge and tensed, his training from Turns ago still kicking in despite it being Turns since he ever was a guard. "Careful!" he calls out, striding forwards briskly and reaching out to help steady the one stumbling. It's then that recognition hits and Th'ero is blinking in surprise. "Jeyinshi?"

"No harm done, sorry abou—oh hey!" The dolphineer begins speaking as she is steadies, looking slightly sheepish as she turns around. Once she sees the Weyrleader's face however, the expression turns more apologetic than embarassed. "Guess there's a reason to call you Hero know, huh?" With her balance back, Jey hoists the belongings in her arms. For a few moments, her eyes rest on Th'ero's face, a warm smile coming to her lips before her attention is caught by the pair of red chairs. Swift steps bring her to one and the blankets are dropped down, a small oof escapes her mouth. For a few seconds, she rests her hands on the pile, catching her breathe. Soon however, she turns to face the bronze rider once more, leaning back on the pile and slipping both hands into the pockets of her jacket. "I interrupted some of your relaxing time, didn't I?"

"Please don't use that nickname." Th'ero glances downwards to Jeyinshi with a look that is all seriousness and no humor at all, though one side of his mouth does eventually curve up into a vague hint of a smile to take the worst of the sting off. Before the Weyrleader can move to help her with her belongings, Jeyinshi is moving off towards the reed chairs and he can only follow, gaze taking in just exactly what she trudged up here. When it dawns on him, he frowns. "Are those… blankets?" Th'ero asks slowly, before giving the dolphineer a long, searching look. "You weren't considering /sleeping/ up here, were you?" he says, smirking as he shakes his head. As she turns to face him, Th'ero slowly joins her by her side, turning so that he can lean against the railing. To her question, his smirk softens to a gentle, but warm, smile. "It's fine." He assures her. "I wouldn't call it relaxing. Just… time to lay out my thoughts."

Jeyinshi raises an eyebrow at the request, shaking her head after a few moments and grinning a bit. "Don't worry, you're still just Th'ero to me….or Kel. But moreso Th'ero now…I think." The dolphineer pauses then, pondering her own words for a bit before looking down at the blanket pile behind her. The tiniest of winces crosses her features at the frown and for a few seconds she remains silent. Eventually moving over to stand at the railing with him, close enough so that their shoulders just lightly touch. "You know me to well…though I guess the pillows gave it away. I am….was….going to sleep up here actually. Though, I guess I shouldn't anymore." Clear skies, bright stars, and surprisingly mild weather for the Fort night mean that Jeyinshi could quite comfortably sleep at the overlook. She turns her head then, giving him a sidelong glance and returning the smile with a warm one of her own. "I guess you'll have to layout your thoughts when I'm not around. Or you can just share them with me."

Th'ero gives a little sigh when he realizes he may have been a touch too harsh with the dolphineer, a gloved hand coming up to scrub at his jawline. "Th'ero is fine, so is Kel." He agrees, though awkwardly as he pauses, more on the tip of his tongue but he bites it back. When Jeyinshi does confirm his suspicions though, his frown deepens for a moment before the Weyrleader just gives another shake of his head, relaxing with a slight drop of his shoulders. "Fort's weather is unpredictable." He chides softly, though humor does creep into his tone at least as he watches her approach, another slow smile curving the corners of his mouth upwards. "And besides, I do have a perfectly fine ground weyr, you know. That's /warm/?" Never mind that he's never in it, but Th'ero makes the offer all the same. Indeed, it's a clear night and the view from this overlook is bordering on panoramic, with nothing but a field of stars above, the Weyr and the mountains below. It's a peaceful hidden nook, if one can brave the narrow stairs and somber inner caverns leading to it. Her offer though is given a thoughtful frown and then Th'ero is smirking again. "I wish I could, but you know I can't… not everything." Can't or won't? "Plus I'd bore you to tears."

Clear skies and mild weather? Sounds like a surprisingly romantic night! Too bad Ila'den is on scene to make a fantastic mess of it all. The bronzerider is puffing up to the lodge with his lady love on his back, which should probably afford enough noise to forwarn Th'ero and Jeyinshi of their impending interruption (if Ila's distant words of, "You have /got/ to stop feeding me bubblies," does not). He's got two arms hooked underneath Iris' legs to help support his weyrmate, and while he's considerably winded when they come through that large opening and spot the weyrleader and /his/ lady (leave it to Ila to make assumptions), it doesn't stop the man from tossing Th'ero a rather roguish grin. "Are we interrupting something, /weyrleader/?" he inquires, but where any decent human-being probably would have apologized profously and ducked right back out the way they came, Ila'den is squatting down so that Iris can clamber off of his back- should she choose. "Beautiful night tonight, isn't it? A night for romance, and kissing…" Wink, wink, killed by his own laughter. "It's been a while Jeyinshi, Th'ero. How have you two been?"

If Ila'den's noise made their arrival less than sneaky, Iris certainly compounds it with her laughter, and when he allows her off, she stays just behind him and to the side a little, so she can both greet Jey and Th'ero but also rub that back which just carried her up how far? There's a litte kiss on his cheek and a murmured, "Thanks, love," before she turns her grin onto the other pair, one of her hands raising for a moment to wave. "Western's greetings to Fort, Weyrleader Th'ero- I apologize I haven't come to visit sooner- your eggs look beautiful- Shadha was even a little jealous of the pretty images I shared with her- thought it best she keep a distance from broody mothers, though."

Searching eyes turn towards his face, a small frown pulling at her lips though she doesn't quite say anything when there seems to be no explanation forthcoming. It doesn't take too long for the expression to disappear however, a slightly amused smile replacing it as she hitches a thumb over her shoulder at the blankets. "That's why I brought such a huge pile for such a small me." Jey gives him a small hip bump then, stretching her arms out as she looks over the railing and up into the sky. "I wasn't sure if I was….well actually…I just didn't have the guts to ask. Figured this would be a fun alternative." Which of course brings into question the dolphineer's idea of fun. "Not everything of course, but….." The woman pulls her arms in, fingers curling around the railing and holding her up as she leans back, almost hanging off of it. "Is there something you're not telli—" The woman cuts off as she hears voices coming up the stairs, instead turning around to lean on the railing and peer curiously at the doors. For a few seconds she seems confused, perhaps attempting to place the voices. Once the pair come into view however, Jey is quick to grin, raising a hand to wave. "Ila'den, Iris! Shards, it's been ages. Not doing too bad, yourselves?" A slight chuckle escapes her lips at the piggybacking and dismounting. "I think it's the two of you that are having the more romantic night."

"And why wouldn't you think I'd allow you to stay?" Th'ero teases Jeyinshi gently, taking the small bump to his side in stride and in turn it brings a brief grin to his features. It could have been a romantic night, if Th'ero were the romantic type! Footfalls, laughter and distant words have the Weyrleader turning his attention from Jeyinshi though, so much left unsaid, as his head tilts to the side with a curious (if not slightly suspicious) look to his features. Instantly, he's slipping himself closer to the dolphineer, one arm possibly even sneaking its way behind her in a protective manner. Maybe he doesn't like how she leans on that railing? And while he was surprised first by Jeyinshi's arrival, he's definitely taken aback when the bronzerider comes striding through the doors - and not because Ila'den is carrying Iris on his back, though he does give a long, puzzled look to that detail. The roguish grin is met with a crooked one from Th'ero as he recovers enough to at least give a quick, low chuckle. "Hardly interrupting, bronzerider." He tosses back, rather cheekily given his rank. But then he's smirking towards Ila'den's implied words, though when he speaks, his tone is obviously amused. "If you can stand the cold, I suppose!" The Weyrleader points out, neither denying or agreeing and then shrugging his shoulders. "It has been awhile. And I've been… well." Yeah right. Just well? Iris' greeting is met with a returned wave, though Th'ero is soon making a vague dismissive gesture. "No apologies needed or formalities, really. And ah, thank you. Velokraeth is rather smug about it all. Swear he broods more then Zuhth does."

When Iris is kissing him on the cheek (which Ila'den has to duck down obligingly for), he brings one arm around the woman's shoulders and presses his lips into her temple before murmuring a softly spoken (and playful), "You're most welcome, my dear, but you're on your own for the journey down." She's released just as quickly, and Jeyinshi's voice has his full attention momentarily training onto her. "You look as lovely as ever," Ila offers up, and it /may/ be misconstrued for flirting if not for the obviousness of just where, exactly, his devotion lies. "I'd be doing better if not for Iris' disturbingly delicious bubblies. Between her and Teimyrth, it's any wonder I can even stand anymore. She feeds me, he makes me run. Vicious, vicious cycle, but thank you for asking." It's the talk of dragons that has Ila'den lapsing momentarily into silence, and then laughing at Velokraeth's smug behavior. "I think perhaps he and Teimyrth really /are/ brothers. I can't get him to shut up about how /proud/ he is. You would think that /he/ was the clutch's father, but he's been quite incessant about coming to congratulate the both of you. I've been trying to find you as well, Th'ero, but you have become quite elusive since being promoted in rank." Proud Uncle-dragons? Is that even heard of? There's a pause, a moment when Ila seems to be enjoying Iris' rubbing hands quite /thoroughly/, and then he offers up, "Congratulations, by the way. And congratulations to /you/, Jeyinshi." Vague? Clearly, but the grin he offers the girl seems to say he's /definitely/ teasing her about something. Th'ero, mayhaps? Again, leave it to Ila to assume!

"I suppose I've got to get my exercise somehow," Iris counters Ila'den with a faux-weary sigh, shrugging and giving her attention, also, to Jeyinshi and Th'ero. Jeyinshi gets a laughing grin and a wink. "I must admit, a girl needs a change of scenery every now and again to freshen things up, and what better idea than to visit Fort? Fancy running into you though!" she pauses to throw a glance at Ila'den, "You'll have to watch us out, dear, I don't know if you ever got the chance to see the two of us in action," her grin is sassy, suggestive, and she breaks away from rubbing Ila's back to meander towards Jeyinshi, a hug in mind. "What've you been up to?"

Jeyinshi grins, "Why wouldn't I indeed." For all the tenseness the Weyrleader has going, the dolphineer is completely opposite, which doesn't mean she's shirking away from the protective arm. Instead, the woman takes the opportunity to quite subtly scoot a teensy bit closer. "You're looking pretty handsome yourself." And just like Ila'den, if she wasn't sticking close to Th'ero someone might think it was flirting. A small chuckle escapes her lips at the talk of bubblies and running and Jey falls quiet for a bit as they talk of dragons. When she's being addressed once more though, the dolphineer lifts a brow, her expression turning into one of confusion. "Umm…thanks, I guess? What for?" As Iris begins stepping towards her, Jey moves too, arms opening to hug her as well. "Mmm, they're far too comfortable with themselves when it's just one of us around. Perhaps we should fix that?" One dark eye winks as the dolphineer makes the comments and giving Iris a quick squeeze before letting her arms drop.

Th'ero does catch a glimpse or two of the exchanges between Iris and Ila'den, though he seems to be pointedly not glancing too long. The Western bronzerider's near-to flirting comment only earns a snort from the Weyrleader, obviously not minding it, though he does watch Jeyinshi curiously for a moment to gauge her reaction. Talk of dragons does have Th'ero's attention though and his gaze moves back to Ila'den, curiosity plain as day on his features. "Oh? I had no idea Teimyrth was proud." He admits, almost looking sheepish at this point. How would he know? Th'ero did just up and disappear from Western, after all and hasn't been back for months now. "I've always been elusive. I just now have a good /excuse/ for it." He muses, chuckling dryly. As Iris begins to approach Jeyinshi, Th'ero releases his grip on the dolphineer and moves away a little to let them reconnect without him looming so close. So it's as he's taking a step or two closer to Ila'den that the bronzerider's last comment startles him. "Congratulations?" Th'ero almost exclaims, gaze darting to Jeyinshi, missing her reply in his confusion and the Weyrleader assumes something /entirely/ wrong from those words, if the sudden paleness to his skin an indicator. Leave it to him to still muddle things up so awkwardly!

"What indeed," Ila'den offers, the words broken at each syllable to suggest that she should know /exactly/ what he's talking about. If all else fails, those grey eyes are going to Th'ero, brows rising with suggestion before that wicked grin is back on Jey as she tucks herself in closer. In Ila'den speak, that means: On catching him. To anybody who /isn't/ fluent in the former renegade's mannerisms, this could mean a /plethora/ of things, and whatever's making Th'ero turn shades is certainly one of them. The bronzerider actually looks the Weyrleader's way in just enough time to catch his confusion, and he's quite good a keeping a straight face when he, wickedly, claps the man on the shoulder and says, "You didn't think the dragons and newly acquired leadership were the /only/ things I was here to congratulate you for, did you?" He /does/ enjoy making Th'ero squirm, thank you very much. The women embrace, but Iris' words have him crinkling up his nose and sneaking in behind her once Jey has dropped her arms. He scoops the little woman up, kisses her smack dab on the cheek, and says, "You're going nowhere near Jeyinshi if you're planning on giving me even /more/ trouble, little lady. Th'ero, keep your woman away from mine." He's joshing, clearly, but he's also very cleverly trying to change the subject, so that Th'ero is /left/ with questions. Best. Clutch-mate. Ever.

"We definitely should fix that," Iris agrees, squeezing back warmly. One arm drops, the other twines behind Jey's back just long enough for Iris to turn and smirk wickedly at the bronzerider, gaze on Th'ero as memory flickers. "Oh Th'ero, I'm sure /you/ can remember how-" and she's cut off when Ila'den scoops her up. A shriek escapes- delighted, though, and she wriggles till she's back on solid ground and playfully punching Ila'den. "Come now, I get all kinds of crazy when Jey's around to influence me- crazy I can't help but thing you'd /like/." Cackle! More soberly, she adds, "Really, Jey, what on Pern have you been doing? How is training going?"

The poor Weyrleader's face paling and such are completely missed as Jey is busy greeting Iris, which might make the situation even worse because she certainly hasn't clued in on the implications of it all. "Congratulating for sometime else too….?" The phrase is half question half statement, but as her friend is scooped away, the dolphineer chuckles, stepping towards the railing once more and leaning over it. "Hey, she started walking over first. Besides, everyone needs the sort of trouble we're bringing. Spices up….life." The pause in the middle of that last sentence could be construed as several things, and it may have even been done intentionally considering that impish grin on the dolphineer's face. "Me? I'm pretty good! I wish I was doing training. No more field work for me over here, now I sit behind a desk and push paper. Life's nice and quiet. How about you?"

Clearly, Th'ero is missing a few key hints and the Weyrleader is left clueless, though he's careful to hide most of his confusion behind a slight smile. Brown eyes meet grey and it's also clear that he's failing to pick up on Ila'den's mannerisms this night as well. And here he was, making good progress in reading others! Velokraeth is going to be so disappointed. Th'ero's gaze doesn't waver, even when the Western bronzerider claps him on the shoulder and that only seems to set the seed of worry and confusion even deeper. Luckily he can keep a cool head and a relatively straight face himself. "I actually had no idea you two were in Fort at all." Th'ero admits, speaking slowly, still uncertain of so many things. He may not be visibly squirming, but he is on the inside! "Though I am glad to see you both." The Weyrleader adds, about to ask more, so obviously left with questions, but then Ila'den is moving away to sneak up behind Iris, leaving him to only shake his head. "Don't need to warn me." Th'ero agrees in turn, though he only gives Jeyinshi a quick look, a crooked smile on his lips. "Oh sure, trouble does bring spice to life - if you're the one dishing it and not receiving." Iris however, has him blinking and now the Weyrleader does look confused as he glances between his two clutch-mates. "Remember what?" he asks her, though the question seems directed to Ila'den as well. Jeyinshi's lack of response only seems to add more fuel to the fire to Th'ero's misunderstandings, but the Weyrleader is at least keeping his growing worries well hidden.

Ila'den is a good weyrmate, and he shows it by feigning hurt where Iris lands her hit. The offended area is rubbed as he shoots a sullen glance towards his weyrmate, and then he's reach out to catch some of her hair betwixt his fingers. He tucks, ducking his head so that lips brush her ear, and whatever is whispered leaves him laughing to himself, and giving the goldrider a very gentle push towards her friend. "Life," Ila'den repeats, eyes for Jey as a slow, approving smile comes across his lips. "There are plenty of ways to spice up life without women running around to cause trouble. Of course… There wouldn't be much… life without women, would there?" So his attention is back on Th'ero, and he's dipping his head in acknowledgement of the Weyrleader's words. "My apologies. Teimyrth was more interested in getting as close as he could to eggs, and had no interest in forewarning anybody that we were upon Fort. Probably counter-productive, but he's quite single-minded and stubborn when he wants to be. Regardless, we're glad to see you too. It's been hard to keep up with everybody since graduation. Seems like we've all fallen in line with our own lives and our… new responsibilities."

After briefly flushing and smirking in return to Ila'den's whisper, she nosewrinkles at Jeyinshi. "/Why/ in Faranth's name did you even move here?" Except the obvious reason, of course. "What about Sungie? Fort's nowhere near the ocean, are you going crazy yet from missing it? I know I would be… I go crazy enough just not having time to go out every day and enjoy it. Being a desk jockey is not all it's chalked up to be." Even if it brings in more income to touch up their new weyr. "But me, yeah, same… behind a desk lots, setting up a new weyr- I blew up my oven a couple months ago. Fortunate timing though, we decided to consolidate and there just so happened to be a nice big weyr to take over- you should see his sister's room, it's like a little weyrbrat's heaven. We're going to commission an artist to paint skies and dragons on the walls someday." She glances over at the bronzeriders, their conversation registering when she pauses. "You're both missed at Western, you know. Not to begrudge you both wonderful dreamy new positions but you're missed."

Jeyinshi grins, "But the /best/ spice is the one that trouble-making women produce." There's a curious glance towards Th'ero at his reactions, as well hidden as they may be, but she makes no move to ask outright whats on his mind. An awkward chuckle escapes her mouth at Iris' question and the dolphineer tilts her heads towards the Weyrleader. "Cause of this one. Though I really should've stopped by and said something instead of up and disappearing, sorry about that." Her eyes carry a hint of guilt though talk of Sungie has her back to normal soon enough. "Sungie's back at the Hall for now, until the weather gets warmer here. But I do live by the ocean, at Fort Sea Hold. I might be stuck behind a desk, but I can go there whenever I want….but that sounds cute. I'm sure she'll love the room!" For a couple of seconds the dolphineer zones out, perhaps imaging the paintings Iris has been talking about. "Western's missed too. It's nice here, but I really do miss everything."

Th'ero gives one last confused look towards Ila'den and Iris before he finally gives in and just stops his inner struggle in trying to sort through his jumbled thoughts. So when the bronzerider mentions life and women, the Weyrleader is actually chuckling and looking a little more at ease and enough that his arms come up to cross loosely over his chest in his usual relaxed stance. "No, there wouldn't. It'd be a sad and quite boring world without women." Th'ero agrees in a low tone to Ila'den, though he's soon giving him a long look as the bronzerider speaks, an actual genuine smile being given in the end. "Don't apologize. It worked out in the end, after all. Teimyrth is that curious of the eggs, hmm? And he's stubborn too? Maybe he and Velokraeth are similar in ways." When the mention of lives and responsibilities is brought up, his smile does falter for a moment and Th'ero glances away, out over the railing to where Fort spreads out below them. "It does seem that way, doesn't it? It's been… hard being cut off from Western. And new responsibilities?" That has him glancing back at least, brow quirked upwards in a questioning manner and a quick darting look to the other bronzerider's shoulder for a not-quite subtle check of the others rank. But before he can add more on that subject, Iris has his attention again and he turns to give her a smile, though his eyes almost look sad for a moment. "I…hadn't known. I miss Western too." Th'ero admits after only a bit of hesitation. And is that a look of guilt given to Jeyinshi? Nah couldn't be.

"Aye, sad and boring, but considerably more sane. This one and that wicked little sister of mine are more than enough to drive a man wild." But Ila'den is nodding to Th'ero's questions about Teimyrth, adding, "He's fiercely protective of those eggs, from a distance of course. It seems for all of his indifference, he's quite fond of his clutchsibs, and he's taking pride in Velokraeth's achievements. He's about to say more when there's the *POP* of a little green flit appearing from between, twittering as she lands on Ila'den's shoulder and nudges at his neck with a little note. The script is taken, unraveled, and eyes trail quickly before he's giving Jeyinshi and Th'ero both a clipped smile. "Speaking of brats," he murmurs, and then catches Iris around her waist. "Our little sister seems to have gotten herself into trouble while we were away, and it seems rather imperative that we get back." He's shuffling the goldrider onto his back, and then giving a rather awkward wave to the pair before turning his back to them both. "I promise to have Iris come and visit you more, Jey. I think she could use more than just me and a troublemaking eight-turn-old for company. Th'ero! Congratulations again. Hopefully we can meet up again soon, if your duties don't keep you." And the bronzerider is piggybacking his lady-love back to his egg-eyeing bronze.
Iris has connected.

Jeyinshi catches that look Th'ero is shooting at her, and the dolphineer doesn't seem quite too happy with it (whether its a guilty one or not), even wincing. "But I love it here, even with everything new. And I've friends down at the Hold so it's nice." The statements are said with perhaps more fervor than needed and watching the Weyrleader out of the corner of her eye all the while. "I'd definitely like it if she could! I need some company my own age too." Not just old men that tell her stories and give her food. "Hopefully we'll see each other again soon, take care!" Jeyinshi lifts a hand, waving after them with bright eyes. Once they're gone, she turns to Th'ero, opening her mouth to say something only to be interrupted by a yawn. Eyes are rubbed idly with one hand and when she looks up there's a warm smile on her face. "So I hear your weyr's pretty big for just one person. Mind if I do some space filling tonight?" It seems as if Jey has abandoned ideas of sleeping atop the ledge tonight and she goes to pick up her blanket pile before waiting on the Weyrleader.

"Sane? Perhaps, but I'll take your word on that one." Th'ero muses, chuckling when Ila'den mentions the woes of having a younger sibling. The Weyrleader is then surprised again, for the third (or is it fourth) time this night. "Really? Well, he's welcome then to come and observe at anytime, so long as Zuhth doesn't take offence. And you are both welcome too, of course. Velokraeth wouldn't mind the company, I think." And it's highly likely the bronze is already deep in conversation with his clutch sibilings. There's a curious glance given to the arrival of a green firelizard, though when Ila'den shares the news, there's only a bit of a grimace and a sympathetic look given to the bronzerider. "Hope it isn't too serious!" Th'ero says, all while trying not to show too much disappointment that their little reunion is ending so soon. The wave is returned, followed by a brisk nod and another genuine smile. "Thanks, both of you, for the congratulations and for visiting. Hopefully our next visit isn't as delayed! I'll try my best to visit Western this time. Duties will probably require it at some point." He admits as both Ila'den and Iris disappear, before turning back to Jeyinshi. Not everything went unnoticed by the Weyrleader and when Jeyinshi yawns and mentions crashing in his weyr, Th'ero simply sighs, though he gives her a warm smile and a look that says it all. "You know the answer to that. Besides, I think I do need to speak to you after all, if you're not too tired." He admits, stepping close to the dolphineer's side, one arm slipping around behind her back so that his hand rests lightly on her lower back before he begins to move away, guiding Jeyinshi with him.

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