Fort's Forests ~~ Fort Weyr - Forest Fork Road

This trail leads north into the depths of the traveller's forest and it forks here to lead also west, just as deep a forest lying ahead. The trees have been cut back from the trail to remove hiding spots for anyone that might take a fancy to the thought that easy pickings might be found along this trail. The surface of the trail has been packed down and consists mainly of crushed gravel and sand to provide a solid foundation and good drainage during rain storms and spring melt waters. A sign post indicates the distances to each area that the path leads to as well as a plaque indicating that the path had been completed under Senior Weyrwoman Elara's supervision and guidance.

The beginnings of spring are starting to touch upon Fort, animals returning from their hiding away from the winter cold and snow. For this reason, Fort's candidates are gathered in the forest for their chores to learn to hunt — for those who have not yet done these chores and learning the necessity of it all, along with how to deal with the fact that they will possibly have to deal with the death of animals should they Impress as their dragon does need to hunt to eat. Deitra is among those out, traps have been set recently and the group is moving to check throughout the forests. Padron is also with Deitra, listening intently as the huntress is explaining to those near by the normal routines of Fort's hunters. "Now, they ain't always goin' ta be dead when you find 'em, and they ain't goin' ta be at a point where you can save 'em. Best ta end it, if yer not able ta do it yerself, ask for help."

Kimmila can be trusted with Fortian Candidates, right? At least no one seemed to /mind/ when the visiting bluerider offered to go along on the hunting trip. So here she is, her newly cut hair pulled back into a runnertail at the nape of her neck, dressed in a loose green tunic and thick wherhide pants, breezing softly through the forest in Deitra's wake. Knife at the ready, the bluerider's keen green eyes peer into the shadows, keeping watch as the group moves, more focused on the outside world than on their little group. Making sure everyone stays safe and all that good stuff.

Neyuni has tagged along with the group of candidates, keeping quiet and observing from behind. or at least not trying to draw attention to herself as she slips away from duties for a bit of fresh air. Of death and gore she's used to enough over the turns with her own mate, but what those, or some of those among the group will face perhaps this might open a few eyes. As for catching the prey, well now that is another matter she might need a few lessons herself not having the wings or talons of her much larger half to rely upon.

Adalinus is along for the hike really. Plus he misses heading out to find and collect the traps and the kills. He's decked in his wintery garb, making him look even bigger and broader than usual. He's also got his knife. Both his ornate one and the hunting knife he usually takes along. He follows behind Deitra as well, taking in a nice deep breath. "Ah! Smell that crisp air." There's a grin to Padron then. "Best thing you can do for them is give them a nice swift death so they don't have to suffer. You can borrow my knife if you need to!" If he wants to, that is. A mustachioed smile is offered to the attending riders. Maybe they're making him a little nervous?

Th'ero is among the group, dressed in his usual somber black winter gear and also armed with a hunting knife though it remains still within its sheath bucked to his side. The Weyrleader moves slowly, brown eyes scanning the forests and also keeping a cautious eye on the candidates. It's not the first time he's been out hunting and he manages not to make too much noise as he moves among the trees. Should his path cross with anyone, he'll give a brisk nod of his head and perhaps a vague smile, but for the most part Th'ero is silent and observant. Surprise does cross his features though when he spots not only Neyuni, but Kimmila as well within the group and quietly he begins to wander his way closer.

The riders that are accompanying the candidates are all given a very careful look from Deitra before she's beaming a wide grin in each one of their directions before grey eyes turn to settle upon Adalinus as he speak towards Padron, nodding firmly in agreement. "Right, yer wantin' ta make it fast otherwise it'll get messy. Same with anythin' else, yer not wantin' ta play with yer kill, or, yer food essentially." The hunter goes on to say and then gestures towards one of the traps they begin to come up on. Once there, the hunter goes on to explain about what to do since the animal is dead already. The explanation is how to disarm the trap without hurting oneself and how to make sure it won't trigger when the trap is collected. "Any questions?"

Padron gives Adalinus a shake of his head firmly, "no.. No thank you. Um. I'll be fine, really." The trader promises, keeping his hands firmly planted in his pockets and making no movements to assist, merely standing behind Deitra and watching.

Kimmila is content to let Deitra lead this hunt, as the Candidate knows these forests better than Kimm does these days, and Kimm has always believed that in order to truly learn, you must teach others. She gives the young woman a nod of approval and glances to Adalinus as well. "That's true enough," she says quietly, toying with her blade. Shifting her steps, she moves back towards the other riders in the group, giving Neyuni a respectful nod. "Nice to see you out, ma'am. How's your lifemate faring with the eggs?" she asks. "And you, sir," she adds, giving Th'ero a polite nod and a slightly playful smile. "Good to see you out, too." As they approach the sprung trap Kimmila steps forward, hovering just behind the Candidates as she keeps an eye out, making absolutely sure Deitra is going to disarm it without anyone getting hurt.

Neyuni flinches slightly as she's spoken to, "Sorry rider, trying to keep quiet mentally. Zuhth is doing well but I’m afraid my time might be cut a bit to short if she's too aware that I’m a teeny bit further than hollering distance." but just a teeny bit right? not like out in the middle of a forest somewhere far-far away…? A bit of a guilty smile follow before she perks, catching what she can of Deitra's instruction. Random thoughts flicker through her mind and one sneaks out. "Um… it won't take my hand off if I accidentally don't disarm it right?"

Adalinus steps over around Deitra as they near up on the trap. He crouches down by it as well. "It takes a little muscle to get it disarmed. But don't go crazy, or it'll bounce and snap shut again." Ada pulls the big burlap sack from where it's tied to his belt. Ada, pack mule. He'll take the animal from Dei and tie it up a bit with some twine before tossing it into the bag and hefting it over his shoulder. There's a smile to the weyrwoman. "Not generally. Once you remove the bits on the side here it becomes loose. Only when you're rearming it do you have to be mindful. Then you want to avoid the danger zone." He motions with his hands over the trap. "I find actually moving over to one side or the other keeps me from reaching over it. I've still got all my digits!" He wiggles his fingers.

The polite nod is return to Kimmila, though Th'ero gives a quick, questioning look to the playful smile. In the end, he only shakes his head, one corner of his mouth quirking upwards in a half-smirk, half-smile before the Weyrleader is back to his usual thoughtful, neutral mask. "Good to see you, too." He says in a low voice towards the Western bluerider, before turning his attention briefly to Neyuni. There's a slight chuckle from him as he tilts his head a little to the side, "Might as well enjoy the outdoors while one can, then." Th'ero muses, no doubt including himself into that little remark. As they all approach the sprung trap, the Weyrleader lingers behind a little, still watching as Deitra and Adalinus take over and show Padron the ropes, being observant as ever but not actively taking part - yet. Th'ero's got bad luck when it comes to traps, after all!

There's likely a candidate or two daring one another to stick their hand in while the hunters are working with the trap, but Deitra's giving them a stink eye before attention is turning towards Kimmila for the nod she gives. A nod is given back in acknowledgment to the bluerider's approval and a smile playing upon her lips before attention turns to Neyuni for the question she asks, but allowing Adalinus to take charge of that one as she hands over the animal. "Even the danger zone ain't goin' ta take yer hand off, at least. It'll /hurt/ though." A wide grin is given towards the Weyrwoman before she gives Th'ero a nod as well, greeting and a hint of thanks behind it. Padron, on the other hand, is simply content to watch with the other candidates to learn the ropes, lifting his shoulders and hiding the lower half of his face in his jacket as he watches.

Kimmila inclines her head to Neyuni with an understanding look. "I'll be quiet," she promises, idly tossing her blade's hilt in her hand, letting it twist with each small movement of her palm, wrist and fingers. Glancing back to Th'ero, the bluerider just grins at his questioning look, not answering that implied question or elaborating on it. "And that's a good thing," she says down to Adalinus with a soft chuckle. "It's a good habit to get into, for sure, walking around the trap instead of reaching over it. I met a hunter in Southern - amazing ability to track and find animals - but he only had two fingers left on his right hand. One was lost to a feline, but the other two were lost to traps he wasn't being mindful of. Just like any tool, you have to be careful with it." Pushing a loose strand of hair over her ear, she crouches down to observe.

Neyuni looks a bit skeptical but takes note of what is said. Digits, digits are good to keep. "I'll certainly take care then, thank you." only then noticing Th'ero int eh crowd. "yes, a bit of fresh air is nice, although dead things don't smell to good." another random question to the hunters "How do we know that something hasn't been dead to long…?" and a quick glance back to the weyrleader, more teasing… "you following me now?"

"I certainly wouldn't want my hand stuck in there when it snaps, though!" Adalinus adds. "Even if it doesn't bite it off, it can probably break all the bones in there. Ooh, I'd like to keep all my fingers if I can. Won't be fighting any felines anytime soon." Even Ada's big manly bones! He'll let Deitra explain the rearming, as well. "Well, we try to circle the traps every day generally. Keep track of where we've laid them and which ones have game in them on the regular and which have gone dry. Traps are my specialty! Mostly because I don't know too much about the live game hunting. At least not yet." Ada shifts the sack over his shoulder a bit as he waits for Dei and the others to finish up with this trap.

There's more then one person giving the reckless candidates a narrowed look and Th'ero is one of them. And just to ensure their continued good behavior, the Weyrleader slides a little closer to their positions as and added, though silent, hint to behave or else. "She's right." He points out suddenly, moments after Deitra remarks on how it'd hurt. "Or you'll set off the entire lot and we'll not get much hunting done at all." There's a bit of a knowing, amused look sent to both Deitra and Adalinus at this point, before his attention is pulled elsewhere. Th'ero chuckles again towards Neyuni as he crosses his arms loosely over his chest. "These won't have been dead too long to smell or at least… not much. Cold probably helps stave of the worst of it. Be thankful we're not fishing." There's a grimace from him then, before he gives a mock hurt look towards the Weyrwoman. "Of course not!" he teases back with a slight crooked smile. "Much to busy for stalking." Talk of traps and live hunting catch his attention next though and Th'ero is soon fixing Adalinus with a curious look. "Really? You've never tried or gone live game hunting?" he asks, though still keeps his voice relatively low.

"Shells, two fingers?" A shake of her head, "that's just not payin' any 'ttention ta what yer doin'." Deitra shakes her head and finishes with the trap, nodding along to what Kimmila says about paying attention. "Complete attention." The hunter pauses and looks to Neyuni for her question, "you can tell an animal's been dead for awhile when it's gotten stiff. Ain't likely that you'll have anythin' over a two days, though, likely ta get stolen by wild firelizards and the like." She goes on to explain, rising from the trap and taking it with her now that it is fully disarmed, offering it out towards Adalinus to take. "So like Ada said, we check 'em regularly so that we ain't missin' anythin'. If a trap hasn't gotten anythin' for a day or longer, we move it 'cause it's likely ta have been found out and they're avoidin' it. 'S'why you don't keep a trap where an animal was just caught. They smell it." Th'ero's agreement to her statements earns the Weyrleader another grin, along for his second statement. "And we ain't the most happy of people when the traps get bothered. They ain't in places that people'd normally be walkin', 'less yer just bein' crazy and walkin' off the paths." With that, there's a gesture towards the next trap and the path they'll be taking to it before she sets off.

Kimmila chuckles softly as she pushes herself to her feet. "Do you have any desire to hunt live game?" she asks Adalinus, glancing back to Th'ero and Neyuni with a raised brow. "Not that I'd offer to endanger any of Fort's Candidates," she's quick to say, "but perhaps a trip could be arranged, depending on how the hatching pans out…" She reaches up to briefly toy with her feline talon necklace, before she nods to Deitra. "And he was adamant about safety from there on after." Pause. "And not drinking while hunting." There's a slightly wicked grin for that, the bluerider momentarily lost to her memories as she laughs softly to herself. "Aww, but walking off the paths is the fun part."

Neyuni snorts a bit in reply to Th'ero, but seeing him keeping a closer eye on the more playful of the candidates she doesn't reply directly. Instead nodding a bit at the advice from Adalinus and Deitra. She catches a bit of Kimmila's glace blinking in that innocent look back before eying the path to be taken. "That's a path?" hurph, "might as well just run randomly thru the woods, but I guess one wouldn't want to stumble upon one of these traps." attention drifts back toward Kimmila as Neyuni makes her way as carefully as she can as the group moves along "Fun? it sounds dangerous. Might be more of those pits and caves around like the traders ran into, or over, or…" she shrugs

Adalinus looks to Th'ero. "I've gone a few times, sure. Never had much success though, even with the group. I'm a little on the big side. It's hard for me to move around stealthily." He's a little big? "The furs and food are important to the weyr's livelihood after all. We take it very seriously when others start pulling up the traps. We don't want to end up buying our own furs from the thieves." A curious look is given to Kimmila. "Hm? Are you offering me some private lessons? Perhaps when the hatching is over!" There's a chuckle from the big man. "Drinking is for after the hunting." He coughs then and looks to the other riders. "When you're not a candidate, of course."

There's a slight cough from Th'ero when Deitra goes on to mention traps being bothered and unlikely to be stumbled upon, but there is no actual comment from the Weyrleader, only a thoughtful (if not distracted looking) frown as he turns to slowly follow the rest of the group. His eyes still linger on the candidates, ever watchful for one who may decide to poke a trap after all, despite the warnings. "I know you'd not endanger the candidates," Th'ero assures Kimmila, smiling faintly as he seems to consider the idea. His shoulders then shrug as he turns his head a little to glance over to Neyuni, waiting for her piece on the matter. "Live hunting might have too many risks… even if we go for the tamer prey." He both agrees and points out, mouth drawing downwards as he frowns in thought. Adalinus snaps him out of it though and Th'ero's gaze turns towards the candidate, "Ahh, I see." The Weyrleader murmurs, before adding. "But what if it's just a lack of practice?" Sure, lack of practice. But he's only trying to be encouraging! There's only an amused snort given to the drinking comment and then Th'ero is silent again, focused now on the path, or lack of one, as they move onwards.

Deitra laughs loudly, "yeah. Ain't the smartest thing ta hunt after you've been drinkin'. We got a strict rule that yer not supposed ta come on the hunts if you've been drinkin'." There's a firm not to what Adalinus says, "yep. After the hunt when yer not a candidate." Neyuni's question on the path earns a shake of her head, "it ain't really a path, just the quickest way ta get ta the next trap." She gives Kimmila a brief look, chuckling to herself for the bluerider's comment about the fun of lack of paths. "Ain't run inta any pits or caves for as long as we been out in the forests, but they seem ta pop up randomly."

Padron looks as if he may begin to lag behind the group for the talk of caves and pits that the traders had found, shuffling his feet and certainly going slower than before. He isn't too far behind, at least.

Kimmila shrugs at Neyuni with a little smile. "It's lots of fun," she says. "Ahh, well. Maybe?" she says as she looks over at Adalinus, her brows furrowed slightly. "Wasn't thinking /private/. More like a group. I just like to hunt and it's hard to find people to go with, sometimes. And it's dangerous to go alone." Which is why she goes alone a lot. She gives Th'ero a bright smile, green eyes twinkling, as she follows along after Deitra. "I'd never /knowingly/ endanger /anyone/. Unless they really wanted to be," she says, her tone as light as her steps as she follows along with the group, walking slightly off the path. Maybe to prove a point. Or maybe just so she can stay in the conversation without being in the front or way behind.

Neyuni pauses, as if for breath although she's clearly not that out of shape. The group continues, though she looks at the woods beyond, what might be lurking and rubs her arm, shivering momentarily before picking back up. it sets her next to Padron, though she offers comment to the other riders on the hunting "After would probably make more sense, but then this is educational as well. Definitely nothing on dangerous prey, but I do think the Weyr likes the variety of meat the hunters bring." so, she could be perhaps convinced either way before she looks to Padron. "Ah now, lad, wasn't you who fell in was it? Cheer up."

Adalinus nods a bit to the weyrleader. "Well, lack of practice I'm sure has something to do with it, too." He grins a bit and nods to Kimmila. "A group would probably be better. Usually I stay and mind the campsite while everyone is out. Set up the tents, get the fire and food going. Keep the animals at bay. That sort of thing." Speaking of paths, Ada looks down what might be considered a path through the trees. "Hm. I'm going to check the ones down this way. I'll meet up with you all back at the weyr." There's a nod to everyone and a polite bow to the weyrwoman and weyrleader before Ada heads off down the forking trail.

Th'ero gives Kimmila a bit of a pointed look for her bright smile and his mouth curves upwards into another brief, knowing smile. The Weyrleader then shakes his head, glancing downwards for a moment as he carefully navigates over a large, snarled looking root. Wouldn't that just be perfect, for him to face plant in the middle of the forest? "Can be dangerous to go even as a group." Th'ero remarks to the bluerider, though it almost sounds as though he's teasing her lightly, perhaps a challenge? "I guess it'd only matter as to what you were hunting." He adds, before giving a nod of agreement towards Neyuni. "It would be nice to have some selection. Give the cooks something new to work with, in the least." Th'ero then turns his gaze back to Deitra and Adalinus up ahead, though he frowns when it's obvious that Adalinus is breaking off from the group. "Wait, should he be going off alone?" he asks, seemingly to no one in particular, though his gaze does settle on Deitra before darting over to Kimmila and Neyuni both.

"I'd like ta be 'part of that group, 'm always up for some huntin'." Deitra offers towards Kimmila as the come up on the second trap. Again, luck is with them and the animal has been properly taken down by the trap. Rather than doing this one herself, a volunteer is picked and assisted through how to disarm the trap properly and carefully watched the whole time so to avoid any potential injuries. When Ada takes off, a frown briefly touches her features before she's nodding once in his direction before looking towards Th'ero. "Ain't like he don't know what ta do… But, prolly not, bein' a candidate'n all. Sir." See. She remembers her manners!

Padron flusters a little then shakes his head, "no, ma'am. Not at all." He offers a smile towards the Weyrwoman and inclines his head slightly, keeping his hands firmly tucked into his pockets as he slows to a stop to watch Deitra and the other candidate with the trap.

Kimmila grins crookedly back at Th'ero, giving the Weyrleader a quick little wink. "Everything's a little dangerous. But no, I wouldn't take Candidates on a live game trip." Glancing after Adalinus, her eyes flick back to Th'ero and she shrugs. "Sure he'll be fine," she says, her words contradicting with Deitra's said. The bluerider shrugs, climbing up onto a rock to survey this part of the forest with a bit of a better vantage point.

Neyuni frowns a bit as Adalinus goes off alone. "Actually, that is a good point, specially when the eggs get a bit closer to hatching, might have to lock you all in. A few bits of meat is hardly worth missing the hatching." of course that is still a bit off, though her gaze goes soft, clearly communicating distantly and if she flinches slightly she hides it mostly behind an arm, rubbing at her eyes before considering Padron again. "I think you should do the next one, given how interested in it you seem. I'm sure Deitra won't let you lose any fingers, although here I thought traders did a bit of hunting in their own travels." she tries to get the lad to talk a little bit. Good thing they aren't hunting live game.

"I'm sure he does know how to handle himself," Th'ero turns away from the path that Adalinus had so recently disappeared down to now focus on Deitra, a frown knitting his brows together as the Weyrleader still isn't entirely convinced on the idea of even letting a more then capable candidate wander off. So a similar look is given to Kimmila and then he is only shaking his head, sighing a little. Neyuni's comments earn another crooked smile from him, "Do you think they're getting close then?" Th'ero asks, sounding purely curious and not too worried. Though when the Weyrwoman does mention hunting among the traders, there's a curious look given to Padron now, as if the Weyrleader is only just realizing he's among the group. His lingering look is disrupted though so that he can shoot Kimmila another vague grin. "Of course everything is a little dangerous." He muses, shrugging his shoulders. "Else life would be boring, I think."

Deitra gives no protest as Kimmila contradicts her words, mostly for her own agreement. Neyuni's statement of locking them in the Weyr for Hatching time earns a soft laugh, "otherwise we'd have ta run all the way ta the Weyr, try ta get dressed and get out ta the Sands. Probably best ta suspend the huntin' and fishin' chores." The hunter muses idly, nodding to the candidate as they properly disarm the trap and the animal is taken and properly taken care off and passed off to whoever takes the place of pack mule next. Th'ero's question of the Weyrwoman has Deitra looking in her direction expectantly, brows lifting in question.

Padron looks to Deitra, as if expecting the hunter would jump in and speak for him before he's giving a smile to Neyuni. "I guess I could. She wouldn't let me, no." There's a pause and the young man nods once. "The traders do hunt, I normally don't participate. I normally just get in the way." His gaze is traveling over towards Th'ero as he notices the Weyrleader looking at him. Straightening just a bit, he clears his throat to supply, "I help with the cooking."

Kimmila hops down off her rock, sheathing her blade when her boots touch soil once more. "Mmm," she says to Neyuni, nodding and also awaiting her answer to Th'ero's question. "Think Deitra's right, in stopping hunting and fishing trips for Candidates. If they're getting close, then it's time to keep them bottled up in the weyr." There's a half smile and a slight grimace for that, even though she's far from her own time as a Candidate. Restrictions, no matter if they apply to her or not, are always grating for the bluerider.

Neyuni shifts, looking a little uncomfortable at the sudden attention. Erp, why'd she mention the eggs! "Umm… not for another sevenday at least, maybe two. It's probably safe to go out as long as there's a rider around for the next four days or so, but after that, well we may start keeping you a little closer, just in case. Hopefully that won't be a bother." she eyes the group of candidate, no riots please? "An the lakes thawing now, you'll be able to fish there as well." whether there’s much to catch is another matter, but she clears her throat softly and gives Padron a little nudge. "Well just go up there and do the next one. If you don't impress, perhaps it'll help with your own family in the future." she gives Deitra a quick private look, he's to be next, at least, if they're not out of traps already.

Th'ero grimaces as well at the thought of bottling up the poor Candidates within the Weyr, the Weyrleader not having fond memories of his own experience on being bound to the confines of the Western Weyr's walls. But the bronzerider has always been a fickle sort. Neyuni's clarification though brings another one of his faint smiles and perhaps a bit of a relieved drop of his shoulders. "Looks like you'll all be getting your freedom for a few more days at least." Th'ero teases the group of them lightly, gaze settling on Deitra and Padron last, though he's no longer giving the poor ex-trader candidate such a thorough glance, satisfied, perhaps, by his earlier response. At the mention of fishing though, the Weyrleader noticeably wrinkles his nose before smirking. "I suppose we could organize some fishing groups too, since some spots to run closer to the Weyr." He admits, before glancing back over his shoulder. There's a thoughtful pause, as he seems to consider some inner thought, eventually giving a slight sigh. "I'm going to go see where Adalinus got to. We'll come and cross paths with you back to the Weyr." Th'ero says, though leaves the too tempting "if I find him" left unsaid. With a brisk nod and a half-salute, the Weyrleader turns away, carefully retracing back to the path the candidate had taken prior and soon disappearing down along it himself.

Deitra beams a wide grin as Kimmila continues to agree with her statements, nodding along until her attention is again drawn towards Neyuni as she goes on about the eggs and the time left for them to continue hardening. "Makes sense. Ain't goin' ta bother me much, 'm getting' out all I've been wantin' ta. Been on huntin' duty for the last few days." A wide grin plays on the young woman's lips before she's nodding. "Fishin' would be fun, would like ta take 'part of that group. Know a few good tricks on fishin'." The look the Weyrwoman gives her is met with a nod, certainly not going against her. Th'ero earns a salute-wave for his departure before she's nodding towards the next trap and gesturing for Padron to come closer so that he can get a turn.

Padron nods as he's given a nudge from Neyuni, "okay. Next one is mine." A sheepish little grin from the former trader and then he quickly hurries to catch up with Deitra at her gesture.

Kimmila salutes the Weyrleader as he heads off, and then the bluerider is sighing. "I need to get back to Varmiroth. And Wiyaneth," she murmurs, more to herself than anything. She's not supposed to be here anyway. "Later!" she says with a little salute offered to the remaining party, before the bluerider is slipping off the path, heading in a direct line back towards the weyr.

Neyuni loosely crosses her arms over her chest as the other two riders disappear. Alone, in the woods with a bunch of candidates. "No, you can't bribe the eggs to hatch faster" she responds even before one of the younger candidates can speak, just seeing the expression on the Bitran and she knows. Then something clicks "Wait, your chore hasn't rotated in several /days/?" eyes narrow thoughtfully… someone already pranking in the barracks? and as a bit of an afterthought "Fishing is so boring though, maybe cooking instead. We still have a few spices left to work with."

Deitra waves a farewell to Kimmila as she takes off, "later, Kimm!" And being that the bluerider is so often in Fort, the sentiment is likely true. Woe for Neyuni, being stuck with the candidates in the forest as they gather from the traps. "Last one." The hunter-candidate offers in Neyuni's direction, grinning widely before laughing at the Bitran candidate's thought of bribing the eggs. "What would you even give 'em? What more would an egg want?" Rather than musing over that, the young woman nods. "Yep. Everyone else got somethin' new, Pad and I've been stuck with huntin'. Not that 'm mindin' it any. 'm sure it'll change soon 'nough." The trap is easy enough to find, but not so lucky is Padron as the animal is not dead. With a grin, Deitra gestures towards the former trader and giving a silent explanation along with handing the knife over in his direction. The rest of the groups have mixed reactions, some of disgust and some simply turn away.

Padron nods along with Deitra's statements on the hunting chores, "it isn't that bad." He agrees with a smile. "Fishing is a good way to sit and collect your thoughts. I'd like to do more cooking though, the spices are great. I wish we had more kitchen chores." When the animal in the trap is still moving, there's a visible wince and he takes the knife that's offered. After a moment of struggle, a decision is finally made and the animal is quickly put from its misery. With a face made, he looks to Deitra for help and the huntress moves to his side to assist. More instructions are given verbally to the rest of the candidates.

Neyuni makes a little face as the last trap reveals an animal not quite dispatched. This is life and she focuses less on Padron and Deitra than the other candidates, noting their various reactions. "If you impress this is nothing to what you'll be doing with meat chopping and slaughtering to keep the hatchlings fed… and do dragons eat!" she looks out at a darker spot in the woods, no, nothing there right? "Seems like a fairly good haul, but its making me hungry. Did anyone bring snacks?" a hopeful look, "Or do I have to go find some edible bark to gnaw on?"

"Yep. Yer not goin' ta have ta get used ta choppin' bloody things up." Deitra notes as the animal's death isn't isn't the cleanest, as no death really is. The knife is waggled in their direction, blood and all. "Dragons ain't the type ta eat veggies." Though she certainly isn't the best authority with the whole dragon-thing, but she is a resident that was born into the Weyr, so she knows enough. The blade is wiped clean then settled into the right pouch, "now, you gotta clean up the trap cause it ain't goin' ta be any good with blood on it. Can't reuse it. So you gotta take it with the rest ta be cleaned, cause they can smell it." With that, she steps back to let Padron disarm the trap properly and she pulls her pack from her back, taking out some jerky and offering it towards Neyuni. "There are some good bark 'round, though. If yer wantin' me ta find some." A wide grin and she inclines her head slightly before turning back to Padron and nodding for his progress. The animal is taken, then cleaned and put with the rest.

Padron is still making a face as the animal is dead, taken from him, and he finishes with the trap. He keeps hold of this, the bloody thing held away from himself. "Are we going back then?" It's a hopeful tone as he avoids looking to the bloody trap and away from the animal Deitra keeps hold of. Neyuni is given a rather hopeful smile, pleading. "It's a good haul, we've gotten a lot. And Adalinus and the Weyrleader should have a lot, too." There's the pleading look again, even.

Neyuni licks her lips as the animal is cleaned, from the dry air she sighs. The jerky later offered is taken. "Thank you candidate. I actually prefer making tea of the leaves, rather than chewing on bark. I suppose I was being a bit, sarcastic." As much as anything, food is universal happiness and Yuni watches as everything is gathered. She eyes the skies through the barren branches above amid several evergreens which blot out the dimming light. "I suppose it's getting late and we should get back, though I was hoping to have time for a quick shelter building. The weather can change so quickly here that's a handy skill. Hmm" an idea blinks on "Perhaps everyone can gather a few items and we can see what we can make back at the weyr instead!" outdoor camping… inside?

"Welcome, ma'am." A wide grin, "well, the bark's pretty good for lotta things. Tea, eatin'." Deitra leaves it at that, less she begin to lecture on the wonders of nature to the rest of the group. Survival is a key skill for a hunter, after all, and knowing what to eat is also something good to know. "Oh! That's good ta know." Is agreed upon and there's likely a few groans at the thought of being delayed even longer in the forest simply to build a shelter they wouldn't even use. But the suggestion of gathering and simply building it in the Weyr prevents it from growing too loud. "There's a buncha fallen branches and logs 'bout still, and there's some low ones hangin' on the trees. Seein' as the leaves ain't back yet, they'd be the best ta use." The hunter points out, gesturing towards some of the lower branches to the other candidates. "Whoever's got the ax should get some of the lower branches, don't take a lot. Everyone else can get the ones on the ground, ain't goin' ta matter if they're wet or not. Ain't got any leaves or brush or nothin' good 'nough, so best ta just stick with wood." A nod to Padron as he remains holding onto the trap, and he doesn't seem so inclined to help with the gathering of the wood as Deitra is as she's already starting to poke about for suitable branches. "We'll have a nice big shelter in the Weyr for you, ma'am." Deitra notes with a wide grin in the Weyrwoman's directions as the candidates set about their task to gather for their shelter.

Neyuni looks pleased as the candidates buckle down and gather various sizes of branches in addition to the trapped leavings which have been gathered. "Very good," she checks the haul being gathered. "No, you'll never be able to carry that log all the way back, that other branch is better. Deitra," her attention shifts "could you lead back. Afraid the trail isn't so obvious to me at the moment and I think the shortest path'd be good long as there's no rivers in the way." a few more groans and everything seems gathered as much as it can e. "And look on the bright side, after a nice shelter exercise the wood'll dry out and you can have a giant bonfire in a night or three just for fun."Work ahead, but still always time for some play. She offers encouragement, taking up one end of a larger log herself as things get organized to get back home. Home and warm and so much more ahead.

The approval that is given seems to lighten the burden and the candidates are more happy to participate, some gathering a few more to carry until they've got a nice pile formed and making sure to avoid something that's too large for them to handle. Deitra's attention shifts at the sound of her name and she nods once towards Neyuni in confirmation. "Yes, ma'am. Shortest path back. Ain't no rivers in the way of it." There's a shift of direction, making sure to point herself on the path back towards the Weyr. "Oh! Bonfire! Could probably ask nicely and get some of the spares ta cook in the fire, make a big thing outta it and call it a welcome of spring part or somethin'." The young woman offers loudly towards the other candidates and the group seems to agree by the pleasant chatter that seems to follow. And off they go, off towards the Weyr and the promises of more fun after a little bit of work.

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