Fort Weyr - Weyrlingmaster's Office

Large and fairly spacious, the Weyrlingmaster's office appears to have been fashioned for the dedicated, dutiful rider that undoubtedly will end up spending most of their days in here doing hidework. Several tapestries hang about the room in way of decoration; one large one hanging on the wall directly across the doorway is spun in the colors of Fort Weyr, the fort clearly visible amidst the black background. A bright, diamond-shaped marking upon the front of the fort gleams a bright peridot, undoubtedly for the weyrlings' wing. Settled in the center of the office, beneath the Fortian tapestry, is a large, polished desk made of durable sky-broom wood.

It's been a few days since the beanbag tossing incident, and duty has managed to keep Melze from being able to do anything about questioning Kairhys. In the end she settled on a trick that the previous Weyrlingmaster had used on her and sent a note via firelizard that she still wanted to have that conversation if he was free. Not quite a summons, but enough to get him out of chores for a short time. After it was sent she was left trying to decide which side of the desk made her seem less threatening, eventually settling behind it and running a hand along the surface grinning to herself. Ah, Memories!

If there was anything that the weyrlingstaff knew about the holdbred weavercraft apprentice, was that he was not one to dodge his chores. He was always on time, he worked hard, efficiently, and even took it upon himself to take more upon himself if at all possible. By no means did he work himself ragged either, pacing himself and taking a rest day when he needed it. Diversions though, they were few and far between, as if Kairhys went out of his way to avoid things that most would find enjoyable. In his precious spare time, and only on his infrequent rest days, the boy was always found in the hatching galleries, drawing. Otherwise, staff would of heard that he was friendly, even outgoing and helpful. It's actually only after chores are done that there is a knock and appearing within the doorway is none other than the six foot one teen, with his trademark lopsided grin and all. "You wanted to see me, ma'am?" he asks, brows lifting.

By the time of Kairhys' arrival the desk has developed a bad case of notebooks and an empty plate that once held something involving cream. Melze's head flicks up as soon as the knock sounds, and she quickly brushes away the remains of whatever it had been that she was eating while she read and waited. "Kairhys. Hi. Come in." Another quick brish at the edge of her mouth and she smiles, "It's nothing bad, I promise, just wanted to see how you were doing with candidacy and what the news is from the Hall. I used to live down there, but I don't get down as often as I'd like. Would you like a…." her eyes go to the now empty plate and she quickly changes the end of the sentence to be, "seat."

There is nothing but amusement etched into the boy's features, probably having noticed the offer of a treat turning into a seat as the greenrider noticed the lack of such deliciousness gracing the empty plate. "Sure, thanks." he says with a good-natured chuckle, long slim legs taking him into the office only after he's closed the door for privacy's sake most likely, and then lowers himself into a seat. "I'm doing good, I think." A sheepish sort of turn to his expression, due perhaps to the events of the other day during the bean bag toss. "As for the Hall, I'm not really sure about anything going on of there. Since candidacy started I haven't been able to leave the weyr." There might of been something more he would of said after that, but instead he focuses on the Weyrlingmaster herself. "How are you?"

Melze grins as the door is closed, pushing her reading material to the side so that she can look at him better and nodding as he speaks, "You can go out you know, you just have to have someone with you in case things start. And… you could have had a trip you know." She doesn't push too hard on that one topic just yet, instead asking quietly, "Are you enjoying being a candidate? I know it's hard, drove me crazy sometimes and then we did silly stuff that got us in trouble." By rights memories of trouble should bring some kind of expression of remorse rather than the grin she currently has, though it falters slightly as he takes her by surprise asking how she is. "I'm good, thanks."

Kairhys shifts some in his seat, unbuttoning his coat and easing himself out of of it as the greenrider talks, as well as unraveling his scarf from around his neck. It was after all more than sufficiently warm in the room. "Not sure I would be comfortable dragging some poor rider with me so I could go home and visit my family." he says with a wince, showing just how uncomfortable that made him just talking about it. "I have a firelizard, and I keep in touch with them, and check on how my sister is doing." Rumors are whispered about Kairhys' younger sister that not only was she the reason that the weaver accepted his candidate's knot, she was also deathly ill. As for the question of enjoyment, the boy laughs softly, flashing a wide grin pull of perfectly straight and white teeth. Teeth that Miki likes to call pretty. Which also amuses him to no end. They are after all to him, probably just his teeth. "I can't say that it's what I'd like to do all my life, but it's been a nice change from my usual routine." This said brows lift and he shakes his head, leaning against the back of the chair. "I have a hard time forcing myself to be silly for silliness' sake. Not that I don't enjoy being silly occasionally, just I don't know…to do things purely for the silliness of it seems frivolous to me, like people could be spending their time doing things that are more productive and meaningful?" A wince for this as well, till it seems he's thrown the woman for a loop with his own inquiry. "I..take it not too many people actually ask you how you are?"

Melze shrugs a little, tilting her head to one side as she studies Kairhys for a moment, "It's not bothering if you ask once and then take their answer, plus some of us might actually like traveling down there." There's a brief pause and she asks cautiously, "How is your sister?" She'd clearly heard the rumors, but isn't too willing to push her nose in too far. His smile is met with one of her own, though her own features would rarely be called pretty. "Silly can be fun, and sometimes you need to. Don't you ever just feel like doing something crazy just to relax? Like… I don't know. See how far you can slide on a patch of snow or something? Just now and then?" His last comment gets a chuckle and a slight, almost flirtatious, dip of her head. "Usually people only ask it to be polite and don't let you answer before they launch into their current problem. it's nice to meet someone that actually hesitates after asking it."

Kairhys shakes his head again, but leaves the topic of dragging dragonriders off to Fort Hold for his own selfish reasons alone, though from the look on his face it clearly said that this was just not an option. Brown eyes lift however from where they had dropped to the floor between his knees, meeting Melze's gaze when she inquires after his sister. His face said it all, that inflection of pain before he tries to cover it up with a smile. "Not so good. She's usually better after a couple of months, at least able to get out of bed and walk around. Do some light housework or go for a walk." Apparently this was not the case and the worry that he hid so well flicker across is features. Which were, handsome, but not devastatingly so. The sixteen turn old was good looking for sure, but probably not so much that people collided with one another when he walked past or cause a rise in whiplash statistics from the Infirmary. "Not really?" he laughs, shrugging lightly himself as he crosses his legs at the knee and drops his chin into the palm of one hand, elbow resting on the arm of his chair. "When I'm not working, I'm drawing. That's fun for me. I understand the need for play when your a little, but while I'm in no hurry to be considered an adult, I don't see the point in being silly for silliness' sake." A softer smile for this, echoing an underlying issue perhaps in the momentarily solemn young man, though he's soon easing back into laughter as the topic shifts. "I'm of the mind that you don't ask unless you care enough to hear the answer. Then again, that may just be me."

"I'm sorry." Melze's tone matches her words at his answer about his sister, the almost flirty look she'd had earlier fading to nothing but pure sympathy, "Is there anything they can do for her?" There's obviously some assumptions going on in her mind, the matching up of his sister's illness and his lack of fun for the sake of fun. "Drawing's fun!" Happy topic is latched onto, though there's still a little something there that hints at sadness. "You should try fun for the sake of fun sometime, it's not all for the littles. Everyone needs a little fun sometimes, being too serious just gives you heartburn. Guess that's why you weren't in the mood for the beanbags?" Finally the elephant in the room is addressed, but she adds afterwards with a grin, "Yep, just you. Well not just you, just rare to find."

Kairhys wasn't exactly known for his seriousness, but rather his own overly flirtatious manner with both men and women, though this time he had completely missed Melze's nearly flirty look amongst their varied discussion. He nods and glances down when she offers her condolences, merely shaking his head when she asks if there is anything that can be done. Though he does perk, holding a finger up as he digs around in the courier style bag he'd come in with seen to contain that tome light sketchbook he always had with him for the most part as well as other personal items, coming out with something wrapped in tissue paper. It's rather, floppy. "She did want you to have this." He places the parcel ties with care with some twine keeping the paper secured around it. "Yeah, it is." he chuckles, reconfirming the enjoyment he found in putting pencil to paper. "I didn't have heartburn. I just didn't see the purpose of it, or really understand why. I'm sorry." he twitches, and his cheeks flush some along with a return of that sheepish look. One of his hands comes up to rub at the back of his neck, which drops free again as he grins at the greenrider, "That is not the first time I've heard this. Guess it must be true. Someone else used the word 'rare' when describing me. I certainly hope that's a good thing."

Melze's expression goes from sympathetic to downright curious as the tissued item is handed over. "Me?" Shock mingles with curiosity as she reaches a hand towards it, "Really? I… thank you." It's definitely shock that her expression finally fixes on, and for a time it's almost as if she'd forgotten the rest of the conversation that had been happening thanks to this surprise gift. Eventually she blinks a couple of times, getting her brain back on track and nods, "I guess if you're not a silliness person then it would seem pretty dumb. It was sort of meant to show how chaotic a hatching can be, and how you sometimes have to make a split second decision to keep yourself alive. Plus it was a bit of randomness to break the tension a bit, there really were some people complaining about being bored and cold and things. I'm guessing you weren't one of them though, being rare and all that. Which is definitely a good thing, just for the record."

Kairhys laughs again at the surprise the gift has brought to Melze's face, "You asked about one of these when you saw me wearing the gray one that my sister made for me." he informs her, perhaps even giving a little verbal nudge as a reminder of that conversation that happened quite a while ago. "It's actually better than mine, but I've had it a long time and she's gotten a bit more practice in since then." A smile and a nod for the thanks, accepting it graciously. He doesn't persist in the opening of whatever it is, rather easing back into the conversation instead, not nearly as distracted as the greenrider was with the presentation of the tissue wrapped offering. "Well, no. I can be silly, but I guess that sort of thing isn't really my brand of silly. If that makes any sense. Then again I don't think slap-stick and physical comedy is all that fun either so…maybe that's why." Another nod follows, "Oh no I understand that much, I guess it's just something I think should be taken more seriously rather than making a game out of it. Life and death situations aren't something I can personally make light of. I hope that makes sense?" There's a pause there, and a smile for the pseudo-compliment, before Kairhys chuckles humorlessly. "Really? Bored and cold and…things?" He shakes his head at this, clearly finding this information disheartening.

"It's amazing." Melze's reply is genuinely pleased, and almost immediately confirms that she had indeed forgotten that conversation way back at the snowball fight. Even without opening it she's declaring her love for it, something that only becomes more apparent when she does start fiddling with the paper to reveal it. "Can you tell her thank you for me? And ask her what I can do in return. Payment of some kind is needed, and don't you dare tell me no. My Grandma raised me better than that." His mention of the game and his reasons for being against it makes her nod. "Sometimes there's a little too much seriousness. All you get through Weyrlinghood is don't do this or you might die, don't do that or you might die, and before the hatching it's sort of the last chance for a while to do something that won't possibly kill you. between us… it didn't quite go the way we'd thought it would. R'oo did it better during our clutch and we stole his idea and made it worse instead of better. Though at least ours weren't coated in dye this time." Another nod follows, "Really. People accept sometimes expecting one thing, they get another. Speaking from experience." An experience she doesn't seem too unhappy with though, thankfully.

Brows are lifting again, this time as Melze makes her assumption that whatever might be in that delicately wrapped package would be any good, but as it's revealed to be a finely knit back feline eared hat with ear flaps complete with pink accents to represent the interior of those ears. The yarn is incredibly soft, and undoubtedly would prove to be warm as well considering it's thickness. "I'll tell her, but I doubt she's going to accept any kind of trade or payment unless it's like…yarn or something she can use to make more of this stuff. It's really all she does all day besides sitting at her window and looking up at the sky." he says, and then smiles sadly. "Cielyn would of made a much better candidate than me. She gets so excited around dragons. She loves them." It's not said in a way as to denote any negative feelings himself on candidacy or dragons, it was deeper than something so superficial. He looks up at the weyrlingmaster and blinks a few times, "I haven't once found candidacy boring or too serious up to this point, but its just been chores and exercising. No less tedious than craft work or any other vocation." Vocabulary, Kairhys totally had it, and he seems to realize it, and flushes a bit deeper. "I didn't expect anything, I've never been a candidate before…" Then there is a deeper smile, proving perhaps that the kid likely could turn a head or two if he really wanted to. "I don't regret accepting, not now, and probably not ever."

Melze nods, fondling one of the little ears happily. "I'm sure we can work something out. Shells I'll even fly down there with Rona and give it to her myself if you think she'd like that?" Some get excited about dragons, apparently Melze gets excited about kitty hats. "Of course you'd need to come with me to make sure I got to the right person." There's maybe a hint of mischief in the smile that accompanies the statement, a determination to get him out of the weyr to enjoy himself if even just for a second. "There's chores and exercising, and waiting. It's the waiting that gets most people. I guess if you were an apprentice then you probably had all the no drinking rules and things too already. That's another one that… can cause problems." She flushes slightly, another memory stirred and a definitely happy one. "Why did you say yes? Just curious. You tell me your reason, I'll tell you mine. Though I bet yours is much more sensible than mine was."

Kairhys tilts his head to one side some, a look of curiosity setting in, probably for that mischievous glint there. Brows shooting upwards before he chuckles and gives Melze one of his lopsided smirks. Perhaps taking meaning there that wasn't implied, not that he seems to mind either way. "I think Cielyn would really like meeting your lifemate. The first dragon she ever got to meet up close belonged to P'rius when I got searched, and she loved it." He shakes his head to the next part, "I'm a pretty patient guy. But as you've said, I'm rare." he laughs and then flushes some, coughing and rolling his eye upwards. "I uh, actually didn't following most of those rules. I'm not really a drinker though, not worth the hangover afterwards. I don't like fighting either no matter how angry I might get." That really only left one thing and the weaver finds something on Melze's desk that is so enrapturing that he needs to give it nearly his full attention. "Not that I've been doing those sorts of things since I was searched. Not when I've been told what it can do to…" He grows quiet then, "Not that I think it'll happen." Vague as that is, he does finally look to Melze again, his look soft and full og love before he drops his eyes back down to the edge of her desk. "I said yes, because Cielyn asked me to."

"Rona can be… well usually she's okay with people but sometimes she gets a bit grumpy. We'd need to pick our time, but I'm sure we can arrange something. Maybe even take her for a ride if she feels up to it." If Melze has even considered any other way that her comment could have been taken she seems oblivious. "The rules are definitely there for a reason, but I remember… well let's just say that sometimes it can get a bit awkward. Same goes for if you Impress, only then you need to be even more careful because if you think about breaking the rules then you're likely to get tattled on by someone that you can't hide your true feelings from." Again an assumption, that she knows what he was meaning. "You never know what might happen. But if you ever kiss someone and then they run away come and tell me and we can swap stories on that one too." She pauses, chuckling slightly, then smiles. "I said yes because I thought it would be fun. And because R'oo was cute and had me locked in a cage at the time."

"It's something we can talk about, but I don't think I feel comfortable letting my terminally ill little sister get on a grumpy dragon." Kairhys replies honestly, giving Melze a very apologetic but strangely grateful look before he folds his hands in his lap, fingers interlaced. "I'm mostly talk anyway. Though I've been trying to cut back on that as well." This interjected, the weaver flushes even darker when she talks about tattling and true feelings that try to remain hidden, shifting almost uncomfortably in his seat. "I don't really think that something like that is going to be a problem, ma'am. I have little contact with…" And he stops there, clearing his throat and admiring suddenly the craftmanship of the desk between himself and the greenrider. Not for very long though, as brown eyes lift up and a single brow quirks. "Pardon?" At least he can't possibly flush any darker than he was now, gaze darting off elsewhere. Again, not for long. That bit about the cage has the teen's eyes widening as he settles them back onto Melze herself. "A…cage?"

Melze smiles and nods, "She's onyl grumpy when she's getting ready to rise, that's why I mean about picking time. But we can definitely see how things are at the time. At the very least we can do an introduction and take it from there." His reaction makes her curious, and she can't quite resist the questioning "With?" that slips out as if she expects him to confess fully with just that one query. Curiosity gives way to laughter though as the cage is mentioned and she nods, "Well I guess jail cell is probably a little more accurate, but he wanted me to test it out and then pretend to be the old Weyrwoman, only she turned up and things got complicated. Now… well, I guess ti worked out okay in the end."

Kairhys ah's and nods as Melze explains, seeming to find this acceptable at least as the boy relaxes visibly. "We'll have to see. Most days she doesn't even have enough strength to get out of bed as of late, but…" He'll just let that there trail off, before he shakes his head at her for the following question, apparently not going to share. Again he offer her an apologetic look and instead moves on to the story she tells of her own search, though the more she shares the higher his brows lift upwards. They continue to do so until they are unable to go any higher. There is a few blinks, and silence before he chuckles awkwardly. "I guess that's just one of those things you'd have to be there to understand." Or Melze was just really bad at storytelling. A rumble of the boy's belly audibly interrupts and Kairhys pushes himself up out of the chair, "I need to grab something to eat before I head back to the candidate barracks. Is there anything else you need ma'am?" he asks, already putting his jacket back on and buttoning it up. Last thing done is the way he wraps his scarf securely around his neck. There was an urgency to leave now, not that he was particularly edging towards the exit or anything yet, but that might just be a matter of time.

Melze nods, "We'll see. There's bound to be something… we'll see." It's clear that she's having ideas of some sort or another, but whether or not they'd actually be viable is another story. Instead she latches onto the safer top ic of her Search and laughs, "Oh you definitely had to be there. Or rather, it was probably good that nobody else was. But it all worked out okay in the end, and I got to go through candidacy with some really nice people. And a couple of weird ones too." She's about to go on further when he's pushing away from the table and she falls silent, keeping anything more for another time. "Nope, nothing else I need just now. Go and eat. I'll see you around at some point and we can plan things. Thanks again for the hat!" She watches for a moment until he leaves, picking up the hat and playing with it some more. Eventually she tries it on and grins, a grin that soon becomes a laugh as plans start to form in her mind - which can only mean bad things for someone she knows.

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