'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Public Announcement from Elara: Wiyaneth begins to hum softly in her rippling sunshine tones, and soon all the dragons of Fort are at it. The eggs of Fort Weyr are hatching! OOC - @tel #10420 to watch!

Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

People: Alakent Westal Jutin Zokia Broom
Firelizards: Talyn
Objects: Fort Preference Machine <fpm> Many Rows of Cots <NPC Candidate Object>

Obvious exits:
Center Bowl -CB-

Barracks> A member of the Weyrling staff bursts in through the door, his face flushed and black hair tousled. "Candidates to your robes!" he shouts, "they're hatching!"

Wiyaneth rumbles softly as she retreats slightly from her eggs, eyes swirling while she hums quietly. Elara squeaks and begins running in circles.

Barracks> Zokia blinks and sits up straight at the humming. "Is that the dragons?" She asks, looking around, and sees candidates hurrying into their robes, and she takes that as a yes, and quickly changes into her robe, out of sight, and then comes back, sitting down, and quickly slipping on her sandles, and tying her hair back, before she stands up. "Well, this is it…"

Barracks> Broom lets out a screetch of surprise and sits bolt upright on his bed, going white as a sheet as he just stills, then rolls over and grabs the crumpled robe next to him and pulls it over his normal clothes, forgetting to take them off to put the robe on.

Barracks> Alakent blinks as his eyes suddenly focus on the staffmember, and all previous hints at a conversation vanish from Alakent's mind as the boy hops to his feet. "Yeah, this is it." He confirms under his breath as he quickly slips into his sandles and he springs to his feet at the ready.

Barracks> Already dressed, but not done with his bottle, Jutin gives a slight sigh before putting the bottle down and standing up, "So soon? Oh well, lets get it over with ya know…" Taking a few steps forward, Jutin goes and crowds near the front of the barracks, ready to leave for the sands.

Barracks> The staff member taps his foot and claps his hands quickly, "Come on, come on! Hurry up, didn't we drill this time and time again? They're going to hatch and just have to find people in the Stands if you don't pick up the pace! Here, straight line right here by the door. Come on now, come on!"

Barracks> Alakent frowns, "We're hurrying." He tells the staff member as he quickly falls into line, a pout on his face as he smooths out his robes again.

Barracks> Westal had already been in his robes. In fact, he had just finshed slipping his on when the member of the Weyrling staff came in. He sits dow, though, and quickly puts on his own sandles, and stands back up. "Told ya it wouldn't be too long," Westal says to some of the other Candidates. And at the order of getting into a line, he does, near the back.

Barracks> Zokia moves toward the staffer as well, suddenly looking nervous as she lines up. She nods to the staffer, yes, yes, they drilled this, yep.

Barracks> Smileing softly, Jutin has that look on his face, the one that screams guilty…of course, he hasn't done anything yet…right? "I'm ready sir!" And stands in his spot in line, near the front, because hes ready!

Barracks> Broom finally gets his regular clothes off from under the robe, and hops up behind Zokia, balancing to pull his boot back on.

Elara continues running around in circles with a pale face before Wiyaneth's tail placed strategically over her path stops the Junior Weyrwoman, and she skids to a halt, standing there and wringing her hands. Wiyaneth rumbles softly and her eyes pick up speed as Peeling Paint Egg shivers quietly, shifting a few golden grains of sand.

Barracks> The staff member heaves a sigh - as if he's not just as excited as they are - and leads the way out and to the Hatching Sands.

Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominent and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Alakent wanders into the sands, and offers a deep bow to Anonmyth and Wiyaneth as his feet grace the hot sands. He rights himself before wandering over to the semi-circle, shuffling nervously in his spot and offering his friends a wary grin before the eggs are given a wary look.

Being one of the first onto the sands has its bonuses, maybe he'll start the hot foot dance a bit earlier then some, but he does get to see the eggs again. Politely bowing to both of the dragons on the sands, Jutin does it with a little bit of excess, almost touching his head to the ground as he bows. Standing up again, he takes a position, dead on center of the semi-circle.

Zokia moves out onto the sands with the rest. She pauses to give Wiyaneth, Anonmyth, and their respective riders a deep bow, before she moves out toward the forming semi-circle, twitching her hands as she stops in a spot.

Peeling Paint Egg continues to shimmy, while Elara squeaks, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Oh good!" she heaves a sigh of relief as the Candidates are spotted, and she wipes her brow. Her lifemate watches the group of white-clad things with a steady gaze. Checking to make sure no one has snuck in to see her eggs who should not be there. Let's see…there's that one, and that one with the funny hair. That one who almost tripped over her tail, and that sweet one. She rumbles with pleasure. All Candidates accounted for.

Atumnal Heart of Fire egg shakes and then becomes still.

Broom is right behind Zokia, and blinks at the cavern, quickly combing his ashy hair to one side and then bows as well, before turning to walk after her. "… I think I'm reverse claustrophobic." he whispers to Zokia, looking around, more focused on the people in the stands than the eggs.

Westal is amoung the last of the Candidates in the long line to enter the Sands. He bows, like all the other and he were told to, to Wiyaneth and Anonmyth. He then makes his way towards the semi-circle. A nod is given to a few other Candidates, "Well.. hear we are…"

Elara waves brightly to the Candidates before she squeaks again and presses both hands to her mouth, hiding a bit behind Wiyaneth's foreleg, peeking around with quick glances. They're hatching! She takes comfort in her dragon's soft hide.

Alakent nods his head as he shuffles a bit, "Here we are indeed," Alakent agrees as he gives the gallaries a glanc. "And just think, I thought I'd be up there about this time."

Peeling Paint Egg spins, making a tight furrow in the sand, reflecting the evening light before it settles yet again. Quiet and still on the outside.

Grining like a demon who is only recently been dreaming, Jutin grins happily and waits for the first egg to hatch…a silent murmer goes forth from his lips about which egg he hopes to impress…but who knows, these things are too random to account for taste. Maybe that one there, the far one…it might become his.

Fall Colors Egg does not seem to like being left out, and rocks a bit. Look at me! Look at me!

Zokia laughs lightly at Alakent. "I thought I'd be watching from the dragon ledges." She replies. "This views better though." She adds, looking at the moving and rocking eggs. "What do you guys think will hatch first?" She asks the others.

"I didn't expect to be here again myself," Westal says, glancing towards the Gallaries before turning back towards the eggs. "and anyway, from here I'll be able to tell if I won my bet quicker." He glances to Zokia. "I don't know… an egg." he answers.

Living Contradiction Egg gives a tentitive shake, barely moving any of the Sand which was carefully placed there by a loving Wiyaneth once upon a time.

Alakent grins, "Yeah, it is a nice view, you get a good look at all the action. But then again, I don't think I'll be paying as much as attention as soon as they begin hatching…" His eyes scan the shuddering eggs before shrugging his shoulders. "Dunno, I think they all have a fair chance of breaking shell first. Maybe that one." He points out, lifitng a finger.

Broom looks at Zokia a moment as he's ignored a second time, then moves to stand between two different Candidates, folding his hands behind him as he looks at the rocking eggs, trying to see that one he touched last… he stands up on his tiptoes to see over a few others, without actually moving forwards.

Pointing a finger out across the sands, Jutin points to the From the peak to the sky egg, "I think he will hatch first, and I think he'll be mine too…" Jutin smiles as he keeps a sharp eye out on that egg…hopefully, but who knows? "Wonder though…how people are gonna handle not impressing…"

Peeling Paint Egg shifts and crackles as tiny fissures appear in its surface. As the paint peels slowly from the shell, the hatchling within is slowly revealed.

Goth Boi Blue Hatchling
Light and shadow play a game of tug-o-war across this hatchling's pale blue hide. Dark circles of ebony frame his eyes, making the already deep-set orbs appear sunken. Midnight blue hues darken his muzzle and spine, while near-white powder blue stretches across his chest, belly, and haunches. Obsidian talons complete the stark contrast, glittering faintly. This tiny blue is rail thin, with ribs showing prominently and bony hips protruding.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Kevyn.>

Goth Boi Blue Hatchling sits blinking in the light for a moment, attempting to see after the darkness of his shell. After what seems like an eternity, the emaciated blue slowly finds his feet and stumbles toward the candidates. The Impression comes quickly, as he bowls over a young red-headed boy from Tillek and gazes into his eyes. "Goth!" cries the boy now known as M'son, and the pair moves quickly out of the way.

Wiyaneth warbles proudly as her first egg hatches, swinging her head around to nose her pale rider. Elara just squeaks softly and nods.

Zokia looks to Broom, and blinks. "Reverse claustrophobic?" She asks him, and then looks at Westal. "Well of course an egg." She replies lightly, and looks back to the eggs in time to see a blue hatch. "Congradulations M'son!" She calls toward the boy that the blue chose. "Goth, interesting name…"

Alakent shrugs, "I'll be happy, I can go back to my stables and look after my runners. It won't be a problem for me. I won't mind." The blue is noted, "Hey, blue broke shell first. What'd I pick, green right?"

Oohing slightly at the blue, Jutin thinks that it is pretty, but not what he wanted, right? Last time him and a blue met…it wasn't too pretty, so Jutin takes a slight step back to make sure other people have a better chance at impressing this one. "Oohh…a blue, how pretty it is…nice markings on one so young…"

Broom doesn't hear Zokia this time…well he does, but he's watching the blue, halfway between terror and excitement, and lifts his hand to chew on a nail, a bit of black soot found under it.

Fall Colors Egg does not like being left out. Not in the least. Everyone should be focused on /it/. It shimmers again, digging a deep furrow in the sand before spinning in aggravation.

Westal grins, "Yeah, once they start to hatch it ges a little hard to keep track, but not too hard. There are only twelve eggs, after all." He looks over at Jutin, "don't raise your hopes /too/ high. And it is diferent how everyone handles it. Only thing it did to me was knock me off my old routine." He looks over, only noticing that an egg had hatched when M'son cries out. "There you go… yes, blue first… yeah, I think you picked green."

Wiyaneth snorts softly at Westal. What do you mean /only/ 12 eggs? You try laying 12 eggs sometime.

Zokia blinks and giggles softly at Wiyaneth. "Be careful Westal, don't think she liked that too much." She replies. "But see? I know that dull egg would hatch a healthy hatchling." She remar,s, yeah, she did, really she did.

Alakent frowns, "Shards, good thing I didn't bet any marks on that…" His eyes flicker to the next egg that's shaking, "Well, that's one blue so far…Goth, strange name. And it is a nice blue, I like the coloring."

Wiyaneth looks smug and pointedly at Zokia. Her eyes swirl slowly and she stretches to nose the shards of the so-called 'dull' egg. Take that.

"For ones hopes, becomes ones dreams, and those become your reality…so to despair, would cut off all chances to impress you know. And anyways, I like my chances here, like all good things in life, risk is good." Jutin smiles happily and looks at the shakeing eggs, but keeping a little back until he sees what colors come out.

Fall Colors Egg rocks, falls over, and rolls around on the sand for a while before exploding open in a violent shower of shards.

Glow-in-the-Dark Green Hatchling
Your first thought upon seeing this hatchling is, "Is that color even /possible/??" For this lanky green appears almost phosphorescent in hue. Luminescent lime swirls chaotically with streaks of shimmering sapphire, and even occasionally a hint of lavendar. Accents of emerald, peacock, and even chartreuse emphasize her sleek musculature. Though the lighting makes it difficult to judge, you get the feeling this hatchling would glow in the dark.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Kevyn.>

Glow-in-the-Dark Green Hatchling bounds exhuberantly from her shell, bouncing madly about the remaining eggs in a wild dance to a beat only she can hear. There is no newly-hatched lack of co-ordination for this girl, no siree. A chaotic tumble that is strangely hypnotic, this dance is not one of performance but of self awareness. But soon, the music must end and this brightly colored girl must find her lifemate. And so she turns to the candidates, bouncing back and forth between them before finally settling on a tall girl with her long black hair in twin ponytails. Sonia gasps out, "Chrysmeth!" before joining the bouncing green in a dance off the Sands.

Broom looks at Jutin oddly, still chewing on his nail - or wht's left of it - then looks back to the eggs again, staring at the green one "Wow! She's almost like a glowglobe… only dragon shaped."

Zokia smiles sweetly at Wiyaneth, you won't catch her doubting an egg again, nope, cough. She ohs softly. "Whoa, what a bright green." She comments. "Congrats Sonia!" She calls. "Chrysmeth, pretty name."

Wiyaneth croons a warm greeting to the curious looking Green. Elara presses against her lifemate's hide again while a Weyrling staff member leads the new pair off the Sands with a grin.

O'ran ushers Sonia and her new lifemate off of the sands, watching as eggs crack and hatchlings spill forth. "Hm, quite a spread, I do believe, " he murmurs to one of the assistants next to him.

Grasping at the Clouds Egg gives a small twirl, dislodging some of its protective sand and making a strange swirl around it. But then it goes still once more. Nothing to see, really.

Alakent blinks at the green, "Now that's a strange color," He notes as he eyes the green. "Chrysmeth, that's a good name…fitting." He decides with a nod as his attention goes back to the rest of the clutch.

Westal looks up at the Queen as she snorts, eyeing her shortly before taking a small step away from her. "Hey, I thought, and still do think, that they all will hatch." he replies to Zokia. He looks back to the sandsafter eyeing Jutin quicklyjust in time to see the green hatch. "Well, Green was secondif that is greenI think it is, so your wern't far away, Alakent."

Echoing Laughter egg twitches slowly, rocking back and forth in a steady rhythm before falling still again.

Clapping happily, Jutin dosn't let anything get him down as he yells out, "Way to go Sonia! Knew ya could do it!" Oh well, odd coloring, but its unique, so its all that really matters in Jutin's eyes, "Wonderful way to go ya know! Hmm…more eggs spinning about…wonder which will hatch next?"

Living Contradiction Egg lets a gentle tapping be heard through all the caos. Taptaptap. Someone seems rather patiently at work despite the fact that the Living Contradiction Egg does not move at all.

A shiver seems to go through Grasping at the Clouds Egg, removing the last of the sand from its shell. A moment passes with no other movement, then slips neatly in two and reveals a Hatchling who looks slightly surprised at all the attention.

Disorderly Bard Brown
Sienna sweeps down the back of this Hatchling's slightly short neck all the way to his somewhat long tail. Yet it does not take a strait path but dribbles drop all four of his legs. For the most part he is a soft cinnamon, though that color is disrupted in several places upon this Brown fellow. Upon his chest are multiple blotches, splotches and splashes of colors too multiple to count which make it look oddly like a child's front when he plays with inks and are not careful. A small spot of jade can be found not only at the base of his neck, but also upon his right forepaw. Spots of topaz managed to spatter his wings which are a rather pale shade of tope, and are also found in small quantities between his forlegs. His eyeridges seem almost bronzed and copper tips his wings. Tail contains swirls of deep ebony while his muzzle is covered with stripes of both teal and the blue of a clear sky, both of which mix and look almost as if he was interrupted during the early stages of cleaning himself up and never managed, or perhaps never bothered, to get back to that particular chore. Never or to be overly built, those muscles which are visible find themselves skillfully highlighted by an almost white shade of golden-brown, and the areas where one might expect large quantities of strength are slightly darker and obscured and therefore hiding their true size and numbers upon the Brown.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Sala.>

Alakent shrugs to Westal, "Yeah but not close enough. Oh well." It looks as if the candidate could use another head as the boy keeps switching his gaze from one egg to the next, trying to keep track. "One green, one blue." And then the next egg hatches, "Oh, and a brown."

Zokia grins lightly as the green pair are lead off by O'ran, and then she looks back to the eggs, watching some spin, and she raises an eyebrow. "Hope they don't get dizzy." She comments lightly, and ohs as one of the eggs hatches a brown. "Nice looking." She comments lightly.

Westal frowns slightly, then nods, "I think that the next one to hatch will be brown, considering I've never seen a hatching here without a few of them. And—" he stops as another egg hatches. "See? There you go, a brown."

Broom finishes that nail and moves onto the next, looking at the Brown dragon, staring at him intently. "… Blue on a brown?" he asks, squinting… a trick of the light? He shrugged, then moved onto a third nail, sucking on the finger as eh looks towards the Rose Egg again.

Likeing this color the most so far, Jutin can dig the browns and bronzes. "Here young one he calls out quietly, taking a quick step forward before kneeling down, trying to beckon the brown his way, trying to convince it that he would be its ideal lifemate.

O'ran comes back onto the sands and actually laughs as the brown Hatches. "Ha! I had my Marks on that one for a brown!" he says loudly. "Yes! That's a Mark to me from … " And then he grins.

Wiyaneth seems to be taking charge of this hatching, as she swings her head around to rumble softly to O'ran. Gambling? A disapproving croon follows that look, and then she looks back to the Brown with a welcome rumble. Elara moves to hide behind Wiyaneth's tail.

Disorderly Bard Brown looks around with wonder and then lets out a snort as he spots all those _creatures_ dressed the same. To bland really. He must fix this. But all in its own time. With a soft creel, the Brown gets his legs beneath him and sways slightly, trying to get over the swirling of his Egg, perhaps?

Autumnal Heart of Fire Egg shivers slowly in the sands, tilting to one side, then pauses, as though unsure of what to do next.

Enchanted Forrest Egg knows what to do! Steady and continual rocking. Back and forth, back and forth with great skill and patience.

Zokia eyes Jutin as he kneels down. "Ok, think Jutin lost it." She softly comments to the other candidates, and then looks back to the newly hatched brown, watching him for a moment.

"So, that's what?" Westal asks, "Four so far, right? One of each color, excluding Bronze. I said how many of each?" he pauses. "Oh. I think I said two Bronze, four green… that's all I remember. I know I have it written down in the barracks—" he stops and looks at Zokia, then at Jutin, "I'd say he never /had/ it, myself…" yes, something Jutin did Westal didn't like.

Autumnal Heart of Fire Egg begins to move again, wobbling a little harder, and with more confidence, perhaps taking its cue from clutchmates. The vividly-hued ovoid falls off of the sandy mound and twitches spasmodically just a few feet in front of the Candidates.

Whispering as if chanting, Jutin beckons the brown forward, as if trying to summon it to him, "Come on young one, we'll be perfect together ya know." And hey, if he impresses, then this technique shoudl be taught to all candidates! He holds out one of his hands, as one would hold thier own out for an animal to sniff.

Alakent shakes his head as he eyes Jutin, before nodding at Zokia. "I think so. Wonder what he's doing?" He points to the brown curiously before eyeing the other eggs, "Any bets on what's next? I'm thinking a green."

Living Contradiction Egg is no longer pasively making tapping noises, but is almost violently shaking. Most of the sand about the shell is now gone, but the shell remains intact and without any visible signs of progress by the one within.

"I'd go with… bronze. If the pattern is consistan, it should be a bronze." Westal says, nodding.

Zokia eyes the contradicition egg. "Hope that ones alright." She says softly watching it shake violently, and then shrugs to Alakent. "Sounds like he's trying to convince the brown that he and the brown would be perfect together." She replies, and nods to Westal. "Would seem that way."

There is nothing more than a quiet tremble as the Autumnal Heart of Fire Egg collapses upon itself. A soft creel echoes as a moist blue head pokes out of the fiery shards. Another tremble and the small hatchling is freed. Wobbling over to a clustered group of Candidates, he takes just a moment to glance about before nudging a small lad, hard, with his muzzle. Notice me! The lad looks down and blinks, shocked. "Arboreth! Yes, we'll get you something to eat!" He looks wildly about for O'ran or one of the Weyrlingmaster's assistants, and is shortly led off of the sands.
Autumnal Heart of Fire Egg

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by O'ran.>

Alakent nods his head, "It looks that way, doesn't it…I don't think it'll work, though." Alakent notes as he eyes the other candidate on the ground. "Must be hot besides the point." He wrinkles up his nose as he catches the next impression. "Shards, it was a blue. Arboreth…strange name."

Disorderly Bard Brown finally stops moving and once more has eyes only for his next project, those rather boring white things. Are they making noise? Yes. With a warbles, the Brown moves forward slowly, his legs not quite under control just yet. Spotting his Blue ClutchMate Impress, he wuffles towards the new pair and continues on his way, toward the Candidates.

Broom continues to watch the Brown, looking towrds the blue, then back agian, then back to the still rose Egg sitting there, wiping his drooly finger on his robe, before murmering "They take their time huh?"

Weeping Twirls Egg takes an impulsive hop in the sand, actually seeming to 'jump' into the air before settling once more. Within moments, it begins to rock from side to side in a steady manner.

Sacrifice for Freedom Egg remains unnervingly still - crouched behind a small mound of sand.

Wiyaneth croons softly towards the Brown, encouraging him to make a choice.

If Jutin didn't say that when he put one hand on the ground, that it hurt and was reallly hot, he'd be lying through his teeth, a few more hand movements to encourage the brown on, "Come on young one, you'll be safe with me I'm sure." Heck, Jutin speaks to things that wouldn't understand him, and some even question his sanity..but for Jutin, it was never there to begin with.

Zokia ohs. "Look, we were all wrong, it was a blue." She giggles lightly, and calls congrats to the one that blue chooses. "Arboreth, interesting." She comments, and then looks toward the brown. "Come on little brown, you can do it." She says softly. "Isn't it amazing how fast they find their legs after being in the eggs so long?" She asks the others.

"Well," Westal says with a small laugh, "I've heard stanger. Sometimes the name seems more like a sentence." He turns looks at the brown as Broom makes a comment. "Seemingly. And it is," he adds, nooding to Zokia.

Alakent nods his head, "They do take their time…one brown, two blue, one green." Alakent's keeping track, it seems. "And I was guessing one bronze, two brown, four blue, four green, right?" He can't remember as he continues to watch the hatching. He nods his head at Zokia, his eyes still on the eggs and occasionally the brown. "It is…"

From the Peak to the Sky egg suddenly bounces into the air before landing back on the sands with a dull *thud*. It is still.

Weeping Twirls Egg hops again, cracks beginning to appear in the surface of the shell. The ovoid even seems to spin slightly as it continues rocking and breaking.

Disorderly Bard Brown snorts and wuffles around, seemingly trying to spots something or someone he's searched for all his days…well, minutes. His limbs under slightly more control, he opens his wings and flaps them as if trying them out before nearing the Candidates. No running to any one Canidates. As least not yet. Which of these strange being will be his own?

Weeping Twirls Egg slowly starts to crack open, slow enough to think that the hatchling is either having problems getting out or it isn't sure it wants to come out. Finally the little Hatchling breaks free of it's prison and stumbles out of it's egg, losing it's balance and falling onto the sand.

Stumbling Shy Brown Hatchling
Stumbling Shy Brown Hatchling stretches out his wings, still loaded down with egg goo and shards of broken eggs. This little Brown seems to be layered with colors and strange patterns all over his body. His base coat is a very light tan color, almost sandy in color that fades to an even lighter color towards the end of his tail. A much darker, chocolate color spills over the top of his head and runs down his back. If you look towards this little browns feet look like they are covered with bronze colored socks. As for the markings on this little guy the most noticeable is the dark colors swirl just behind his right eye, the other twirls and shapes are so light they you could miss them if you weren't looking for them.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Lyrriva.>

Getting up again slowly Stumbling Shy Hatchling looks around him. Not really sure what he is doing he wanders around looking for something or better yet someone. Darting around his hatching brothers and sisters, looking like he is playing a game of hide and seek. While he is doing that he bumps right into a tall boy from High Reaches and cries out. The boy gets on his needs and puts his arms around the little brown, "Shhh… Alkith. Don't worry I'll feed you. Come, there is food right this way." Together brown Alkith and Jolorin walk off the sands.

Wiyaneth seems rather pleased with herself as she watches her eggs hatch into such fine dragons. She noses Elara, who presses further behind the Gold's tail. Nope, not looking. Nope.

Living Contradiction Egg starts tapping once more from within, the violent movements stopped. This time some advancement is made: the slightest strace of the beginning of a crack has show itself just above the sand.

O'ran watches as some more hatchlings appear and guides each off of the sands in turn with a genial smile. Come tomorrow morning, he'll look just a little bit stricter, o'course. He glances toward Elara and Wiyaneth and grins toward the pair, giving them a thumbs-up.

Looking at the brown hatching, Westal almost misses the hatching of two more browns. "Well, they don't call fort the Brown Weyr for nothing, I guess."

Elara isn't looking and misses the thumbs-up, but Wiyaneth croons towards the WLM.

Ooohing slightly at the second brown hatchiling, Jutin claps quickly for the new pair before he looks out again onto the sands for that other brown…come on, come to Jutin! Oh well, its too hot to crouch down much longer, so Jutin stands up and takes a step back to gain his balance…"Hope he comes here…"

Enchanted Forrest Egg trembles slightly as if struck by sea spray, and then calms yet again. Patience..

Zokia eyes the pale Elara a moment, before she looks back to the eggs, in time to see another brown hatch, and calls congrats to Jolorin and his brown hatchling. "Alkith, another nice name." Shje says, and looks back to the still wandering brown.

Alakent blinks as the next brown hatches, "Two brown, two blue, one green." He murmers half to himself as he continues to eye the eggs. "Alkith, nice name. And yeah, you're right, Westal. There are a lot of browns around here…"

Ancient Giant of the Forest Egg tilts slowly forward, managing to fall flat on its … front? The egg merely tips over, laying upon the sands in an oblong, awkward manner. Hrm. Now what?

Disorderly Bard Brown stops suddenly, his wings opening slightly and reflecting light as varied as the sprinkles of colors upon the wingsails. Then, rather suddenly he rushes towards a certain young man who has gained his attention just by finally being near enough to find and to greet. A rumble is given, almost comical due to the fact that it isn't very deep just yet, and the chosen one is butted in the chest. I'm here!

Broom looks to the crooning queen, and tries to findout where the weyrwoman went "Hey, where'd Elara go? " he asks, suddenly worried and looks towards the others, blinking and smiling a little at the pairs, despite his own worry and anxiety. He himself wasn't bothered by the heat. nothign worse than a hearth here.

Echoing Laughter Egg rocks back and forth still, deeper and deeper into the Sand. It doesn't seem to mind much. It takes everything which comes to it and incorporates it into the rhythm of it's movement.

A'kent blinks as his eyes go distant a second, eyeing the brown in front of him and only coming out of his trance when the brown buts him. "Yes, Ressamth, it was great. Let's go get you something to eat, huh?" AlakentA'kent nowlooks around curiously.

Smileing happily for Alakent, Jutin whistles softly, "Way to go Alakent!" But then he gives an inward sigh, oh well, such is life not to have the first thing you want, but then Jutin's eyes blaze up again, there will be better later, and he'll be ready for all that come his way!

Zokia ohs. "Looks like the brown chose, who did he choose?" She asks, and tries to see, shifting in her spot as she waits to see who the brown chose, and what his name is. As she waits, she looks back to the moving and rocking eggs, curious to see what'll hatch out next. She then blinks. "Alakent! I mean A'kent, congradulations!" She cheers to the boy. "Ressamth, nice name, he's handsome."

Westal nods, "Yeah. Nice name, I agree." he says with a nods as he looks back to where he last saw the Disorderly Bard Brown, looking just in time to see it rush towards Alakent. Westal claps as the pair is made. "Well, see? I told you you had a very good chance. Congratulations."

O'ran steps forward with a grin as he sees the brown Impress to Alakent — sorry, A'kent. "Ressamth, is it? He's a fine looking fellow, " the Weyrlingmaster comments. "Follow me. We'll get him something to eat."

From the Peak to the Sky egg leaps again. It wants to be free!

A'kent frowns, "Now I owe you five marks." A'kent tells Westal and nods to the WLM as he follows the man out.

"I just won 5 marks from you Ala," Westal adds with a grin.

Sacrifice for Freedom Egg trembles slightly in nervous anticipation.

Broom watches Alkent wander off, then looks at Zokia, smiling shakily,trying to calm down a little bit and he looks to the eggs again. "There's a few who're having problems, I think. Think they'll be okay?" he asks her.

Ancient Giant of the Forest Egg twitches again, movements becoming more and more violent. Now has the moment arrived!

Wiyaneth heard that. She snorts softly. Why is everyone thinking that her eggs are either duds or need help?

Zokia grins lightly. "And he thought he wouldn't impress." She says, like she thinks she will? No way, cough. She shifts in her spot as she looks back to the eggs. She then looks to Broom, and gives a shrug. "I don't know…" She says, and sends a nervous look to Wiyaneth at the snort, she didn't say it, honest she didn't!

Smileing and watching the shakeing eggs, Jutin smiles happily, "Come on eggies, shake, rattle, and roll!" Of course, he means this, he wants to see more hatchlings grace the sands! "I hope I don't need to chant for the next one of you." He smirks but smiles anyways.

Sacrifice for Freedom Egg shiver again and then pauses. Crouches. Waits. Steady now, just a few more heartbeats…

Broom looks that way and goes a little pink "Uh… I just said it LOOKS like it… I've never seen a hatching before so maybe this is normal." he quickly speaks.

Sacrifice for Freedom Egg trembles one last time before spinning and exploding in a shower of shards, leaving the hatchling blinking in the light.

Spotlight's Excitement Blue
As the sun rises to bathe Pern in its light this is one of the first dragons there to meet it. Golden hues of Blue ripple over his face, broad muzzle and large eyes captivated by captivating. His eyes swirl like a thousand tiny lights seeking the spotlight while his slender neck arches in the perfect curve of cyan. His wings are like sapphire curtains being drawn away from a stage, their inside sails dazzling as they catch each hue of light and dark to mingle together and create an atmosphere of excitement. His tail swishes back and forth in a steady rhythm, strong but graceful.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Elara.>

A loud rumble is heard as a rather large bronze erupts from the Ancient Giant of the Forest Egg. Storming toward the Candidates, he screeches to a halt in front of a trembling lad. "A … A … A … " Blink. "Aestateth!" he manages to get out. "Yes! I'll get you food!"

Spotlight's Excitement Blue appears on the Sands with wings spread in all his quiet majesty, basking in the glory and applause of all in the Galleries. Okay. So not really. The small blue hatchling stumbles away from his egg, shaking his head to clear it. What's happening? This isn't how they rehearsed it!

"They'll be fine… or hopefully will," Westal comments. "Some not hatching is rare now, I think. and anyway, they are Wiyaneth is their mother, so I'm sure they'll all hatch." Making up for something, is he? "See? A bronze and another Blue."

Zokia ohs. "Look, a bronze!" She says to Broom. "Aestateth, nice name." She says, and then looks back to the eggs, spotting the blue that hatched next. "Oh my, look at him, he looks like an early morning sunrise, or sunset." She comments to Broom.

Broom nods at Westal, looking towards the blue "Wow… he's gorgeous…" the sweep whispers, then looks at Wstal again, nodding "Not many greens yet… but there's still eggs left." he smiles at Zokia "Yeah. He looks like he got caught without his hide on." he whispers so the queen couldn't hear.

Giving a happy hoot towards the new brown pair, Jutin smiles happily as he says "Way to go, bronze and lad, perfect pair in all aspects…now…whos this?" Jutin askes questioningly as he notices the new blue on the sands, "And how are you today?" he asks.

Wiyaneth can hear! She snorts at Broom, her tail swishing slowly back and forth.

Rose Cherry Egg begins to rock quickly in the sands. Within moments, its tempo speeds up into a frenzied twitching on all sides. The hatchling within, if it could talk, might be screaming for help to release it from the shell!

Spotlight's Excitement Blue 's eyes swirl slowly with shades of red like thrown crepe paper. No no no! This is all wrong! He sits back on his haunches, his wings forward to cover himself. He's caught off-guard, and creels softly. Then he shakes his head firmly and pushes himself to all fours. The show must go on! Now. What does he need? Food. Those white things look good…

O'ran comes back from leading another weyrling pair off of the sands and mops his brow quickly with a handkerchief. "Handsome blue, " he says genially, smiling over at Wiyaneth. He knows she can hear. "Lovely new hatchlings." Grin.

Wiyaneth croons very sweetly to O'ran. Finally someone who gives her eggs and hatchlings the compliments they deserve.

Broom doesn't bother to cover up this time and giggles a little at how he acts. "He's nice… " then he's distradcted by his favourite egg starting to rock and roll now, turning quiet as he focuses on it.

Rose Cherry Egg spun violently on the sands and almost hit an egg that was shaking right next to it. Finally it burst open, shards of it's egg flying all over the sands, and spilled out Prim and Proper Green Hatchling.

Prim and Proper Green Hatchling
Prim and Proper Green Hatchling look almost just like her name. Her hide is a dark olive color, dripping with egg goo and sand (which she is very disgusted about). Her wings seem to be a little larger then her body, so she looks a little funny walking around on the sand. Splashing over her face is a darker forest green that fades away as it moves down her body. As you look down towards this little dragons feet you'll see that they too are a little too large for this little green and seem to be covered in mud but if you look closer it's really just a dark brown-bronze color that cover the bottom part of her feet.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Lyrriva.>

She cried out when she found herself on the ground and in the dirty sand. Turning up her nose at the sand she starts searching for the perfect one, to clean her up and feed her of course. She first stumbles over to a small boy but she quickly turns away and stumbles back to the other side of candidates. Searching each face she starts to get a little worried but finally sees one that looks clean enough for her. She runs head on into a candidate who leans down and surrounds the Prim and Proper Hatchling in her arms, "Your very beautiful. Of course I'll feed you… Yes, clean you up too. This way, Tyth." Together Nelocin and Tyth walk off the sands.

From the Peak to the Sky egg leaps again and lands with a rather loud *crack* and is still as if dazed.

Zokia eyes Wiyaneth's reactions to Brooms comments, and she nervously takes a step away from the skinny candidate, just incase, really. "Think you should watch what you say Broom." She says softly to the boy, just a suggestion, yep. She ohs at the green. "Congrats Nelocin and Tyth!" She calls to the green pair as they go off the sands.

Westal watches the blue hatchling a he rears onto it's hunches, then back down again. "Strange, what he is doing, but a bit amazing that he can… and another green." he says with a smile. "I just might win that bet."

"A pretty green for a pretty lass I must say." Jutin smiles happily as another pair march off the sands, "And another green to come up after it I dare say, and this blue in front…wonder who its gonna choose to be its lifemate?" Jutin smiles softly…less people around him…but still too many for the odds he likes.

Spotlight's Excitement Blue begins to pace up and down the stage made by the sands, gazing down at his audience of white things with sparkling eyes. His wings unfurl slightly as he basks in the attention. His eyes nearly close and muzzle lifts, and then he trips over a talon and goes sprawling at the feet of a couple young girls, all of whom shriek and jump back. The little blue creels in surprise and rights himself. He meant to do that. Honestly. Shaking off his mistake, he continues to pace, gazing into all sorts of pairs of eyes, searching for his perfect playmate…

From the Peak to the Sky Egg rocks and then explodes into a thousand shards as the dragon within is released.

Smooth and hip, this jazzy dragon's hide ripples with smoke and the notes of a wailing cool. Eyes sparkle like a thousand glowstones in a head continually swaying as if to some invisible beat. Wings shimmer with cyan and azure, switching from dark to light as quickly as a Harper changes tunes. His tail is long and slender like a reed, and taps to the music which rules his life.

Zest and Zing Blue rolls out of his egg and sits on the sands blinking for just a moment before he rises to his feet. Wings spread for balance the hatchling taps his way across the white grains to find his mate in a SeaCrafter lass, Muria. Her eyes widen and she shrieks, "Reoboth!"
Zest and Zing Blue

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Elara.>

Broom looks toawrds the spritely blue again and comments "Though he recovers fast from embarassement…" but he looks back to the Rose one again.

Chuckling softly, Jutin likes to see oddities in life…though he hates pain…"You okay young one?" he says softly, makeing sure its not hurt or anything, stifleing his laugh, Jutin just leans back slightly on his legs, makeing sure all of his weight it balanced.

Zokia ohs. "Congrats Muria and Reoboth!" She cheers to her. "Nice blue." She adds, and nods to Broom. "Yes, he certainly does." She agrees with him. "Wonder who that one'll choose?" She asks Broom, looking back to the blue.

"Another Blue." Westal comments as Muria's lifemate hatches and meets her. "And that one still looking," he says, nodding to the Spotlight's Excitement Blue. "I don't know who he'll choose, but I do hope he doesn't fall again."

Spotlight's Excitement Blue regards each person steadily, as if sizing them up to take the most important role in the play this Blue's life is going to create. Wings spread, he skids to a dramatic halt, letting loose a silvery trumpet as the blue eyes of his perfect partner are found.

Living Contradiction Egg gives a shiver and a loud tap is heard just as a great shake takes it over. Then, someone, the Egg seems to be frightened into stillness once more. Though that will doubtlessly not remain for long if its fellow Eggs are any indication.

Enchanted Forrest Egg shakes one more last time before it stills in the quiet just before the storm.

Jumping back a foot, Juti'ni opens his eyes a bit and looks at the blue, this is a bit off guard for him, no? "Uhh, good day to you I guess was the perfect call, come on, lets go and have a party, meat and more of it!" Jutin bends down to pick the blue up and smiles, "Come on Astreith! Lets go!" As Jutin keeps his spring in his step and looks around for the exit.

Westal smiles to Juti'ni as the blue is Impressed to him. "Congratulations." he says, if a little reluctant — his saying of this word seems to be reserved to friends of his… or at least people he knows.

Zokia ohs. "Look Broom, think the blue chose." She says to the skinny boy, trying to see who he chose, and then grins. "Congrats Jutin!" She cheers to the blue. "Handsome blue, and Astreith is a very nice name to go with him."

Enchanted Forrest Egg slowly rocks and then splits into many jagged pieces to reveal the broad chested Green hatchling within.

Cool Darkness Green
Rich and dark hues of green rise from within this lass and radiate outwards like hands stretching to hold and protect. Browns mingle at the base of her spine and flow down around her body like a cloak, and up over her headknobs, protecting them from the elements. Her tail slowly swishes back and forth like a swinging candle, and her wings are broad to speak of many turns of steady flight.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Elara.>

Cool Darkness Green seems startled by the heat, and wishes to find herself a safe and cool haven in the mind of her lifemate. She reaches, stretching and pushing forcefully mentally at the Candidates, causing a few to hold their heads and wince. Purpousfully she finds her lifemate in a lad from the Weyr itself. She sets herself down at Teril's feet, and the lad wraps his arms around her strong neck, "Oh Saegath! Yes, yes it is hot, let's get you off and get some food."

One of the Staff springs forward to lead Juti'ni and Astreith off the Sands.

Living Contradiction Egg moves rapidly from almost hopping with anger, to letting a persistent tapping be heard from within. A moment later another violent shake complete the patient work at cracking the shell which was done from within. The Hatchling gives a chirp of surprise before lowering itself into almost a predatorily position, hissing as its eyes fall upon all those shapes in white.

Spontaneous Explosion Green
Mint green, simple, deceptively calm and relaxing forms the first impression of this Green. But that illusion is soon dissolved, as only when she is perfectly still does his Hatchling hold that innocent coloring. A turn of her head reflects a jade muzzle with bright bronze highlights making it look much longer and thinner then in reality. Neck becomes a mixtures of jade, emerald and a deep golden tone. All four of her legs remain mint, though her talons glitter with a deep olive green. Her tail seems to be completely overgrown with vines as forest green swirl along the mint to be found there. Her body remains greatly mint, yes lime green races from her chest, down to her stomach and then races up her shoulder blades to finally occupy her wingsails. These seemingly thin wings seem to almost radiate with strength when they are open, yet look bland when left upon her back. Yet unfurled to her sides, the wingsails clearly show every possible shade of green glittering and shimmering for all to see. It seems that this Hatchling might have originally been a plain mint lady, but has chosen to become one who would stand out in any crowd.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Sala.>

Broom bites himself and yelps, then looks at Zokia, then back again, and looks at his finger. "Calm down, calm down… why am I so nervous? " he shrugs, then takes a breath, and smiles at Zokia, starting to get over the shock and excitement. "Yeah… I think that one's perfect for Jutin… Help him build more catapults.

Wiyaneth croons happily, her eyes spinning. She swings her head back to nose her lifemate, but Elara just curls up tighter against her Gold's tail.

Westal can't help but grin broadly and yell, "Congratulations!" to Teril as his brother Impresses to the Green. That there is enough to make him go home happy. He looks as another green is hatched. "Another few greens. A I do think you may be right, Broom… even though that may be bad."

Spontaneous Explosion Green is muck quick to act than any of her fellows, but perhaps not in the expected way. Her feet propelling her forward, this Green almost catches some male off guard before her wings open with a snap and she stops herself a hairlenght from the lad's skin. Several steps back are taken as she begins to clear, suddenly looking rather smaller than before.

Broom yelps and leaps to one side as the green charges by him and a few other Candidates. "… She knows where she's going!"

Echoing Laughter Egg continues to rock like it was on board a ship. Rock, rock, rock. La la la.

Zokia nods lightly to Broom. "I agree, should be interesting to see what goes on with those two." She says lightly, and reaches to pats his shoulder. "Take deep breathes." She says to him, doing that herself, and then ohs at the other green. "Congrats Teril, and Saegath!" She calls to the boy, and nods to Westal. "Yes, suddently alot of females." She agrees, and looks back to the green. "Becareful!" She calls to the male who nearly got hit by the green.

Broom then looks up, and blinks… realizing his egg had hatched and impressed… he looked rather deflated now and watches the green instead warily, taking several steps back.

Spontaneous Explosion Green continues to sway for a moment before a low hiss if given once more. She almost pounches upon a pair of nearby girls who rush back in fear, barely excaping serious injury. An angry trumpet is let loose then as this cowardly retreat. Not who she was searching for, apparently. Suddenly an angry Green becomes but a confused Hatchling, looking around at those things in white which have not moved away in fear.

Wiyaneth croons softly and soothingly towards the Green. Calm, my dear.

Echoing Laughter Egg shivers and slowly, shard by shard breaks appart to reveal the small Blue hatchling within.

Soothing Colors Blue
The blues of this dragon's hide speak of eternal warm summers and comforting fall evenings. Shapes upon the sleek new hide speak of many things coming together to form this dragon - light, life and joy. His tail is slender and graceful like a Harper's hand on the strings of her instrument. Eyes spin with a slow depth, inviting anyone who wishes to join him in this quest to jump on in. His wings are broad and rippling with different shades, catching the sunlight and seeming to reflect gold.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Elara.>

Soothing Colors Blue reveals himself to the world with a graceful flick of his tail, stepping forth from his egg with a smooth move before tripping a bit on a wing caught on a talon. With a soft creel he adjusts himself, never jerking or seeming out of place. He moves along the line of candidates and finds the love of his life in Athila's eyes. She squeaks softly and envelops her lifemate in her arms. "Yes, Hallath, yes."

Zokia blinks wide eyed as she watches the green. "That ones…" She trails off, no, she doesn't want to anger Wiuyaneth, so keeps the rest of her comment to herself. She smiles lightly. "Congrats Athila!" She calls over. "Hallath, nice name." She comments, looking over the blue a moment, and then looks back to the green who looks…aggresive.

"It think it is the hatchling should be the one watching out, myself…" Westal says, adding his own thoughts. He pauses, watching the last of the hatchlings and eggs. "Another Blue, see?"

Broom watches warily as well "She's brave." he finishes for Zokia, not seeing the blue who'd hatched.

Spontaneous Explosion Green warbles an appology to her Golden mother, then is soon hissing again as Hallath dares to come and make a choice before her. A buggle is given and the Green prances in place for a moment, apparently due to some great alarm, before calming down greatly. A perfectly still mint colored Green Hatchling stands in the place where that…Beast stood just moments before. Now each who is Standing are given slow, almost calculation looks, letting the colors upon her head and neck shine for all to see. Important choice this one.

Wiyaneth croons almost hesitantly. What is /up/ with this Green?

Zokia nods to Broom. "Yes, I agree." She says to the other candidate, shofting in her spot as she watches the last hatchling. "Hey look, she calmed down." She says to the other candidates. "I think." She adds, who knows what's up with the green, only the green knows that.

Broom walks back further as he's eyed carefully, wanting little part of this green, and looks around to see who may seem more appealing to her.

Spontaneous Explosion Green gone in the calm as another rush overtakes the Hatchling before she snorts, yes she dares to snort, at Wiyaneth before slowing her gait to proud strut. Finally she fines the one who was searched for. A loving coon excapes from her as she looks her Chosen in the eyes, closely followed by a firm croon. You have no choice in the matter.

Wiyaneth snorts softly

Zokia watches the green, and then nods to Westal. "But it seems like we have more to fear from her then she does of us." She comments. "Broom, don't leave." She says to Broom. "She won't hurt you, I don't think." She adds, and looks back to the green, blinking as said greens eyes look back. "E-Einheith?" She asks the green. "Er, yes, lets go do something about both those problems."

"Seems almost as if she were a statue… well, not a fully one.. okay, not a statue at all." Westal says this before shrugging. When she starts to move, Westal watches, and when she picks Zokia as her lifemate, Westal claps, "Congratulations."

Broom stops at that, looking halfway between releived and happy and smiles a little at Zokia. Don't like dragon or egg, that one… "Einheith? Good work, Zokia… and good luck!"

Wiyaneth looks around to find her lifemate, and slowly Elara rises from her crouch and hiding place. She shuffles around Wiyaneth and heads for the remaining Candidates, weaving a bit in the heat as she beckons them forward. "Th-" her voice cracks and she starts again, "Thank you all so much for Standing. Your lifemates weren't in this clutch, but I do hope you'll stay here at Fort and perhaps try next time." Her hazel eyes shimmer, "You all were /so/ wonderful. I can't say how much fun it was. You made Fort a better place." Wiyaneth stretches her neck until her head is beside her rider, and with softly swirling eyes she sends out soothing feelings to all on the Sands.

Broom looks at Elara, and blinks a few times, before looking around a bit, seeing only shells and muddy sand, steaming now from the heat. He thinks, then nods and straightens, before bowing towards Elara "I'm honored to have stood for the clutch, Lady. I would be glad to try again next time. " he then turns towards the Galleries, and bows once more, before turning and walking out, shaking only slightly.

Soothing? Why does Westal need soothing, he just won a few bets /and/ 50 marks. Elara is nodded to before he looks around to the other Candidates. "Well, shall we? I mean, the Sands aren't getting any cooler. And there is food, right?" with a smile on his face, he starts to leave the sands.

Elara bobs her head several times as she looks around, and then up at Wiyaneth who is eying the disruption in the Galleries with a steady gaze. Then the young queen snorts and stretches her wings out full. Elara giggles, "Yes love, let's go fly."