Fort Weyr - Center Bowl

The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

For so long she had been acting like nothing is wrong, like it is still like it always was. To be completely honest she was a little sick of it. Polana slowly trudges on to the weyrbowl, looking around carefully to make sure nobody is around. Once she is convinced that she is completely alone she slumps down with a groan and leans against the weyrbowl wall. For a moment she just sits there doing nothing. But slowly her eyes begin to water and tears slip down the young drudge's face. She has not let herself cry since she hatching, telling herself she's stronger than that. Today she just couldn't stop herself though.

The heavy snow turned to heavy rain, though with spring right around bend it is not a surprise. Though for the moment it seems to have let up allowing some out to do things around the Weyr. One of those people's is Abigail whom is making her way through the bowl carrying a bag of clean laundry. Though she is not alone, a young brown dragon is following after her, his straps on proving there were other plans then dealing with laundry it seems. Niumdreoth lowers his head to snuffle and poke his head against that bag of laundry that his lifemate is carrying. "Niumdreoth, stop. We need to get back to the barracks. Or don't ye want to go flying?" The brown dragon grumbles out but the idea of going flying does get his attention.

She notices Abigail arrive but does not say anything. All she does is attempt to shrink back against the wall and hope she doesn't notice her. The last thing she wants to do is interact with a girl that impressed while she was left standing and thrown back into the life of a drudge. Opal, however, does not share her train of thought. The green gives an excited trill and flys over to her, happy to see a person and eager to show herself off. Look, Abigail! Isn't she beautiful!?

Abigail peers back at her dragon once he seems to have gone quiet, to some degree. The flittering of wings gets her attention and she blinks as her attention turns to the green firelizard that is before her. A soft oh escapes her and she smiles to it. "Ah, hi there." She ponders whom the little green may belong tone. Niumdreoth rumbles and lowers his head so it is level with his lifemate's shoulder and he can look at the little greenling. « Hello! » The brown offers to the little green lizard, he seems rather happy at the moment.

Opal gives a happy trill when Niumdreath greets her. A dragon was talking to her! This was just so exciting! As she flys around Abigail's head she calls for her bonded's other Firelizard, Mjolnir. Soon the brown appears from /between/ and peers closely at Abigail, struggling to remember her from somewhere. After a moment he gets it and sends her a image of her and Polana bathing a dragon. He then flys closer to her and attempts to land on her shoulder. At that moment Opal tilted her head to the side and sent Abigail another image, one of Polana slumped against the weyrbowl wall and leaking from her eyes. It comes with a very distinct feel of question.

Abigail ahs osftly while she peers at the new brown firelizard that appears. "Ya I remember ye. Ye little pistol." She does remember that day washing dragons, the two firelizards that are circling her got into a fight and her firelizards had to come in to rescue her so to speak. Niumdreoth warbles out softly while he watches. « What do they want? » Abigail ahs softly, attemping to figure it out it would seems. "I'm not sure." Nium settles down so he is sitting, head tilting while he watches the brown and green lizards curiously. « The green is casting images of her person crying I believe. Over there. » Once this information is given Abbey looks towards where Polana is and soon moves that way. "Polana?" Oh yes she does recall the others name.

Lost in her emotions as she is Polana fails to notice her Firelizards conversing with Abigail. In fact she barely notices anything until the brown weyrling walks over to her and calls her name. When that happens she seemed to flinch in surprise before peering up at her. Immediately she tries to hide that she has been crying but her puffy red eyes could easily give her away. She attempts to sound like herself on any other day when she asks, "what do you want?" Her voice cracks at want, causing her to mentally curse. Opal then flies back over to sit by Polana and crawls onto her lap, giving a small trill. She got a person, see? Everything will be much better now.

Abigail offers a faint smile to Polana once the other is looking up at her. "Hey…" She is rather use to the tone from the other girl. "Are ye alright?" This is questioned softly. "Can, I help ye with something?" Abbey has always been the helpful sort, even to the person whom has been rude to her in the past. Niumdreoth has following along, the brown lowers his head to coo out towards Polana. "He wants to know if yer alright too."

Polana is shocked when Abigail asks if she's alright. After staring at her in silence for a moment she mutters, "I'm f-fine why wouldn't I b-b-b-be?" A stutter makes its way back in to her voice as she chokes back another sob. It is clear to see that she is far from alright. After nuzzling her bonded for a while Opal turns to Abigail and gives her a helpless look.

Abigail ponders how best to answer that, well the other girl is sobbing after all. She takes in a soft breath while watching Polana. "Deary, yer crying. Something is the matter me thinks. If'nn ye dan't wish ta speak with me that is fine but I do hope ye can speak with someone. I would like ta help ye though if possible." Niumdreoth rumbles out, seeming to agree with this idea.

She is silent for a moment, struggling to find her words. She needs to talk to someone, she knows she needs to talk someone. But she has never been close friends with Abigail, in fact she isn't sure if they are even friends. After a little bit of contemplating the quietly asks, "what did I do wrong? I worked as a drudge for turns wanting to be a candidate, then when I get it I'm left standing and thrown back in to being a drudge. What's wrong with me? The weyrleader's dragon searched me, for shards sake!"

Abigail doesn't think they are friends, though that doesn't mean she won't try to be helpful with another that seems to need help. As the other spills her thoughts she just blinks looking a bit stunned for a few moments. "Polana, I'm rather sure ye did not do anything wrong." This said with a soft tone, an slight shake of her head. "There were many left standing that day, if ye recall?" For a moment she pauses before going on. "It was just not yer time to find yer lifemate. There are other hatchings, and other chances. Ye should not think so negative, and try to see it as a possibility of perhaps expanding yer thoughts, and who knows ye may just have to wait until the next hatching when yer's will find ye." She pauses once more. "Ye should not give up hope in finding yer lifemate. They will find ye when the time it right if it is ment to be."

Once again Polana is silent for a moment, contemplating Abigail's words. She then straightens up and says, "You're right. She will find me, and not if, when. My beautiful little gold will be there for me come the next hatching, I just know it." With that she stands up and gives herself a shake, preparing to go and get out of the cold. But she suddenly pauses and says in a soft voice, "Thank you. Just… Thank you."

Abigail tilts her head while watching Polana, a soft smile seen and she nods before a soft ah escapes her as she hears that the girl wants a gold it seems. "Ye can hope for a color, but when the one finds ye it can be any color Polana." A nod is seen while she turns moving back to her dragon and gives him a happy scratch across his chin. "Of course, go and get warm now." She waves before picking her laundry up and moves off.

With a small nod Polana turns around and heads toward the lower caverns.

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