Fort Weyr - Scenic Overlook * Sheltered Ledge

An irregular opening in the outside western wall of Fort Weyr provides a sheltered scenic view of the mountains and valley's beyond. A sturdy but decorative metal railing has been installed along the length of the opening to keep the unwary from inadvertently falling. The low ceiling of the sheltered cavern juts out just enough to protect any observes from the worst of the elements as well as prying sky bound eyes. It offers a perfect spot to settle and watch the spectacular sunsets, stargaze, or just relax in a peaceful atmosphere and watch time go by. Towards the outer edges of the covered ledge's railing one finds a couple of woven reed chairs and small wooden tables where one or two folks can sit in relative comfort.

The day is ticking away, slowly oh so slowly. In fact, it's not even that late as it is just past lunch. Candidates have returned to chore, at least those who don't have a day off. Because of her punishment, Padron's chores always line up with Deitra's so that she may help him around the Weyr and help show him around. So it is of little surprise that the two are sitting at one of the tables with quite a few hides spread out. "I hate history." Deitra's voice can be heard as the huntress is far from quiet about her dislike and the trader merely sighs, quietly returning to his reading outloud while the hunter begins to doodle in her own sketchbook full of notes. "'m not sure why yer readin' it ta me, Pad. Shells."

Padron heaves another sigh, "because you were supposed to help me with it but you didn't know anything—" There's a cough, "okay, as much as you /should/ have. Think of it as catching two animals with one trap?" A smile is given to the huntress and he quietly turns his attention back to the hides.

Kimmila's voice reaches the room long before the rest of her does, as her light call of, "I'd better not catch any Candidates making out up here!" precludes her entrance into the room, pushing open the wooden doors and then continuing onto the overlook. Her green eyes glance between the two Candidates, and then focus on Padron with a twisted little smile. "Boo," she says lightly, grabbing a chair and pulling it up, tipping it back on two legs as she leans and props her feet up onto the railing. "How's you both?" she asks, flashing them both a smile. The bluerider looks…/happy/. Content and relaxed. Maybe it's because she's finally gotten her hair cut? Gone is the long, ill-kempt braid that hung to her waist. It's been cut stylishly in many layers, hanging to just past her shoulder blades, healthy and shining.

Deitra snorts with laughter at Kimmila's call, looking at Padron with a rather teasing grin. "I wouldn't kiss you." Her grin grows wider before her gaze is dropping down to her sketchbook, closing it once the bluerider pulls up her chair as all of her focus settles upon the other woman. "'m good," a look towards Padron, "he's doin' good." Again, putting words into the poor man's mouth. "Yer lookin' cheerful. Somethin' good happen?"

Padron jumps as Kimmila says 'boo' giving the bluerider a wide-eyed look, sheepishly turning his gaze away for a moment before he's straightening and attempting to look a little more confident. "You got a hair cut." The trader points out, "it looks nice. How are you, ma'am?" He's not as easy-going as the huntress is, ever polite.

Kimmila shrugs at Deitra, tilting her head to look back at the pair of Candidates before her gaze is cast into the air beyond the ledge. "Little turnday gift to myself," she says to Padron, her smile widening. "Thanks. And I'm doing well, thanks. What're you two up to, all the way up here?"

Deitra peers closely at Kimmila as she doesn't quiet answer. "What happened? Didja have 'nother good hunt? Didja find a secret stash of feline pelts and now yer set for life?" Grey eyes continue to peer at the bluerider, searching for an answer before she's leaning back into her seat. "Or, yer just happy for yer turnday?" Her head tilts and a sigh is heaved, "borin'." Attention drifts back to her sketchbook, opening it and again beginning to doodle.

Padron smiles a little wider at Kimmila, "happy turnday. We're doing some extra studying." The trader gestures towards reading materials on the table, "well, I am. Deitra didn't know the answers to the questions I was asking so we borrowed these so I could learn. I was reading it to her as well to help her learn. She's not really interested." With a shrug, he simply smiles again. "It's generally quiet here, so, I thought it'd be a good place."

Kimmila peers right back at Deitra, a little smile on her lips as she knows /exactly/ what she's doing by avoiding really answering the question. "I just had a very good turnday, that's all." Then she snorts. "What's the fun of just /finding/ pelts laying around, already finished and ready? There's no sport in that." Reaching up, she absently toys with her talon necklace. "Oh yeah? What are you studying? Maybe I know the answers to a few things," she says, leaning over in her already tilted chair to see what the trader's looking at.

"And what happened on yer turnday?" Deitra presses again. As for the fun in finding pelts the huntress heaves a sigh, "yer not thinkin' 'bout it fully. Findin' 'em means you just sell 'em off, don't wear yer knot or give yer real name or nothin', then you buy somethin' you've always been wantin'. Then when you want some for yerself, you hunt 'em." With that, her stylus begins to move as she begins to sketch something rather than simply doodling, the shape taking the form of a feline.

Padron rolls his eyes at Deitra and gives Kimmila a rather apologetic look before he's scooting the material over for the bluerider so she doesn't have to lean over so much. "Mostly about Fort. Previous Weyrleaders, the history. I felt that it would be best to understand where I'm staying with the possibility of Impressing."

Kimmila just smiles innocently at Deitra, and then she laughs. "And you've done this, then? Sold off furs without giving your real name? What would you buy?" Looking over at Padron, the bluerider's brows lift slightly. "Good for you," she says firmly. "If you want to know all that stuff, you should talk to my mother. I can only really talk about the leadership when I was here, growing up, which was my mother and X'an."

Deitra shakes her head, "nah. I ain't ever done it, but, if yer findin' a buncha furs and sellin' 'em, 'm imaginin' whoever hunted 'em and got 'em ready would be lookin' out for it. Then they'd want ta find you ta get their marks." She gives Kimmila a rather serious look, "so you gotta make it so you ain't goin' ta get found. Simple." Or, simple in her mind, really. "I'd buy a runner. Dependin' on how much I got left, either a canine or get a cabin made. Got a woodcrafter friend who could get me a deal." With a wide grin, she continues her sketch though moving from the feline to a cabin.

Padron eyes Deitra for a long moment, "you really planned this all out, didn't you?" Though it isn't entirely a question as he shakes his head and looks back to Kimmila. "Uh. Thanks." A rather sheepish smile takes place of the amused one. "If it wouldn't disturb her, I think that I would like to ask her about the Weyr."

Kimmila gives the female Candidate a long, searching look. "Wow," is all she says, before she laughs. "That's a pretty impressive plan. But why are you assuming they're stolen? Maybe they're just hides that someone left behind when they moved, or after someone died?" In this non-exitant, hypothetical situation. "A cabin? Like…a real cabin made? Why?" She grins at Padron and chuckles. "It wouldn't disturb her. You'd probably be /begging/ to get out of there, actually, after she'd made you drink three pots of tea, eaten a whole trove of cookies and biscuits, and listened to her rattle on for candlemarks. She'd love it, believe me."

Deitra beams a wide grin at Kimmila for her first statement to her plan, nodding her head as if that was the reaction she was expecting. "Well, guess it would depend on where you'd've found 'em. Hidden in the forest? Hidden for a reason, hidin' their stash. If they were forgotten, then yer not needin' ta take those measures." With a nod, she continues to sketch out her cabin. "Yeah. 'Cause 'm goin' ta need a place, private, ta store my trophies. Someone suggested it, I liked it so 'm keepin' it as a goal."

"Oh. That's good." For not disturbing Kimmila's mother, but his brows begin to furrow as she goes on. "Uh." Padron flounders for a proper response at first, "I'm sure it'd be fine. As long as she is happy, though, I'd be happy to listen and to learn."

Kimmila eyes the girl curiously. "If you found a hidden stash in the forest, would you take it? And…is this assuming you don't impress? Or would you do this even if you did? Or would you keep them in your weyr, then? Varmiroth lets me have a few rugs in ours but not much else really, in the dead animal category." She shrugs with a little smile, and nods to Padron. "I'm sure she'd love you forever, for sitting and listening to her."

"If I found a hidden stash, it'd be their own fault for not hidin' it well enough." Deitra muses, "though, I suppose I'd give it a month b'fore takin' action." A pause at the bluerider's questions, brows furrowing. "I guess it's more if I /don't/. Haven't really thought 'bout the Impressin' bit, but, ain't much I can really plan for until it happens." With a shrug, the sketchbook is closed. "If my lifemate ain't fond of huntin', 'm supposin' we'll have ta work it out." Her bottom lip is taken into her mouth and chewed upon as she begins to think over this possibility.

Padron chuckles, "I'm willing to listen and to learn, really… I don't see why it would be something to love me over." A grin is given, "but, there's quite a few of the women in our caravan that like telling stories of the history of the caravan. It must be like that."

Kimmila chuckles, "I'm sure your lifemate will be fond of hunting, Deitra. Haven't met a dragon who didn't enjoy it at least a /little/, since that's how they have to eat, and all. She gives the sketchbook a curious look, but doesn't pry. "She is just a proud woman, Padron, and loves to talk about Fort's history. Finding a willing audience is sometimes difficult, so she'd love you for that."

"'m sure hopin' so, shells. Even if it is just a little… 'm sure that'd be enough ta talk 'em inta a feline hunt. Unless they ain't inta huntin' beyond eatin'." Deitra shrugs and shakes her head, "nothin' ta worry 'bout until it happens. If it does." The look to her sketchbook draws her gaze down and back up, "just a buncha animal sketches. Sometimes somethin' that ain't animals."

Padron lets out a rather soft 'oh', cheeks coloring a faint shade. "Nothing is wrong with having pride of where you came from. And it s a lot more interesting than simply reading it. I'll have to talk to her."

Kimmila nods at Padron with another little smile, and leaves that conversation as it is. Leaning back in her chair, she links her fingers and rests them across her stomach, smiling out at the world beyond the weyr. "Sure it'd be fine, even if they stayed at the weyr while you went off and hunted. Varmiroth isn't particularly interested in hunting but he loves the outdoors, so he's happy to explore and relax while I hunt."

As their conversation goes into silence, Padron seems rather content to simply listen, arms folding across his chest as he leans back into his seat and idly gathering his reading material so that it is easier for when they take off.

"Hm." Deitra tilts her head idly, "yeah. Yer right. Sounds like you and yours get on really well. I asked Elara 'bout how her relationship with her lifemate started out." And with that, she leans in and grins at Kimmila. "How'd yers start out? Were you two always gettin' on well?"

Kimmila chuckles softly, giving her head a nod. "We do get along really well, but only because he puts up with me. I'm far more difficult to live with than he is," she admits with a crooked grin. "But yes, it started out that way, for the most part. He was real quiet when he was a baby. Kind of took me a long time to figure him out, and even now I'm not sure I've got him all the way pegged. He's an odd one, but his quirks are harmless ones that are easy to live with."

Deitra chuckles at that, tilting her head as she listens to Kimmila. "Sounds like he's understandin' of how you are." The hunter-candidate then quiets quickly to listen to the rest of what the other woman has to say. "Huh. Sounds a lot different'n Elara's… Everyone's different, though, 'm curious how everyone's goin' ta be." A deep breath is drawn, eyes are closed as she mulls in her own thoughts for a bit. After a moment, she hops up from her seat. "Thanks for talkin' with me, Kimm." Padron is addressed next with a single look, "c'mon, Pad. Got somethin' ta do." Poor boy is stuck trying to figure that out as she's making her way back into the Weyr.

Padron makes a soft sound of protest as Deitra takes off and then quickly gathers everything from the table. "Thank you, ma'am. See you… Uh. Later." A quick, messy salute as his arms are full before he's chasing after the hunter.

Kimmila lifts her hand to return the salutes, smiling after the two Candidates. "Later," she calls, and then she's back staring thoughtfully over the railing, into the empty space beyond.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.