Fort Weyr - Beven Dance Hall
This immense cavern is lit by a thousand glows, reflecting off the polished wooden dance floor which dominates the chamber. The lights are kept in hanging baskets, held by hooks on ornate wooden stands which have been set at even intervals along the smooth stone walls. The ceiling rises dramatically to form a shadowed dome nearly a dragonlength far above. Warm despite the distance underground, the air in here has a light woodsy scent, overlaid by the faint smell of oils. The ground underfoot has been painstakingly levelled, with wooden planks in alternating hues arranged in a striking cross-cross pattern, with a wide, gradual spiral at the center, the inlaid design whimsical and flowing. The far end of the cavern holds a stage, the back a grand wooden semicircle that presses right up against the wall and curves partway over the performance area.

Despite the time moving on towards spring the weather appears to have been getting worse instead of better, and one particularly bad day finds a summons going out to the candidates — Any who were scheduled outdoor chores or free days are now to attend the Weyrlingmaster staff in the dance hall for a pre-hatching briefing. Fairly simple if it weren't for the fact that upon arrival it appears that the dance hall has been prepared for something other than a meeting. Instead of chairs or benches to sit on there is only the plain wooden floor, and standing near the stage is a smiling Melze, one hand resting on the top of a barrel.

The summons go out and the candidates come in, as how it should be. Among those filtering in is Deitra and, of course, Padron who is constantly stuck to the young woman's side. Upon arriving, Deitra's brows lift at the lack of chairs, then furrowing in consideration of what may be in store and slowly, grey eyes lift to stare at Melze as she is there with a barrel. Padron seems to have done the same for the young man is leaning over to the huntress and whispering — not so softly — "what's with the barrel?" Deitra merely shrugs in response, gesturing for him to follow so that they may stand near the stage and maybe to get a better look at what is happening and what this lecture may be about.

Adalinus is one such candidate! Maybe he has free time, or something else. Or maybe he's just curious. Also, meeting at the dance floor? Ada can only assume some of this involves… dancing! Or at least some other physical activity that requires lots of space. They weren't told to wear nice clothes or anything, so it probably wasn't a dance lesson. Some of the candidates might be scared, but Ada isn't really. He doesn't know Melze! And so he offers the rider a cheerful "Hello!" for a greeting. "Squat thrusts with the barrel on our backs, perhaps?"

Kairhys shuffles in along with a few others, softly murmuring with one or two of the other candidates. It's a smaller group, as not all were assigned to outside considering the weather and those with a day off aren't exactly numerous. His little group pauses, and like Deitra blinks at the lack of seating or anything at all save for the weyrlingmaster up there with her smile and barrel. "Oh that can't be good." he mutters to one of the others, who given her expression, must agree. Eyes wide and perhaps a touch paler.

Optional chores means /technically/ Xanshalla was on indoor duty, the girl having chosen to chill out with her former compatriots amongst the seamstresses. But on the theory that optional means she can opt in for the pre-hatching meeting, whatever that may be, she and her curiosity come bouncing along. Almost literally. She's skipping when she comes through the doors, bright patchwork skirt flipping around her ankles. There's a pause while she takes in the lack of seating, the barrel, the smile on the Weyrlingmaster's face. But with a shrug, she cheerfully continues forward to a few feet away and promptly plops down on the floor with a little finger-wiggle wave. "Hi Melze! Everybody." Beam around at her fellows. No trepidation here for the unknown, just bright-eyed eagerness.

While not right-there-with Shalla, Qeska is also making her appearance, strolling in with a sweet smile on her face but calculation in her eyes. Eyebrows are with prim judgment at the lack of seating, and she gives a little sniff before sauntering closer to the stage.

From somewhere behind the stage, Miki appears, stretching as she makes her way to the stage. There is a hint of mischief in those bright blue eyes as she watches the doors. As soon as the first few begin making their way into the hall, the green rider steps the few feet towards the barrel and leans on it. "I hope no one's wearing their good clothes…" A hand lifts to wave at the few she knows, face promptly screwing up at the mention of squat thrusts. "Ick. That just sounds unpleasant."

Melze's reaction to the squats suggestion is thankfully teasing, but she grins and nods. "Next time." She waits a moment or two to make sure that this little group is everyone that they're going to get. "Okay! We heard a rumour that there has been some complaint amongst the candidates that it's too cold and that chores in the cold are boring and… cold. The word cold was certainly used a great deal. We can't have anyone feeling cold. There was also a report that some people have been shirking on their exercise time. This also is not good. When the hatching comes you need to be able to deal with heat and with making decisions in a split second. It could save your life." So far… lecture it is.

Deitra's gaze is turning to meet Adalinus as he offers up the suggestion of squat thrusts with the barrel, grey eyes rolling upwards before her head shakes idly with amusement and a smile plays upon her lips. Grey eyes then flicker over towards Kairhys, then to Xanshalla, giving them both a slight wave of greeting up until the point where Miki makes herself seen on the stage. The wave is returned before her hands are tucked carefully behind her back, her head tilted just so as she listens to Melze's lecture of the cold and of those who are slacking on their workouts. Her nose wrinkles a touch, but, nothing comes forth from the former hunter, simply listening.

Padron isn't as dismissive of the squat thrusts as Deitra is, turning a quick look to Adalinus and then to Melze as she's dismissive of the topic. Slowly, he begins to relax again at least until he's noticing his sister and he straightens just a bit, looking a little taller as he smiles in her direction. But, like Deitra, he's quickly looking back to Melze to listen to what the Weyrlingmaster has to say.

Did summertime make chores more fun? Ada didn't do much complaining about his chores really. Probably to the annoyance of the other candidates. Also he praised the exercise routines! He even participates in them when he's not assigned. Ada, he is crazy. He gasps at the notion of people skipping their PT. "What! Who would skip out on their exercise? How else are we to keep up with dragons?" There's a nod to the arriving candidates. "Shalla! Am I still your best friend?"

Kairhys exchange a glance with several of the other candidate, but he quietly excuses himself from his smaller cluster of the whole small group and picks a spot near no one in particular, hands sliding into the pockets of his pants. For the most part the weaver has his attention more or less focused on Melze, but rather than looking guilty for anything there is an expression of surprise, brows shooting upwards when she tells them all about the rumors that have been going around. The lecture has shoulders slumping some, taking on the posture of the teenager he honestly was rather than straight and stiff, brown eyes shifting off the stage around the same time as Miki appears from where ever she had been hiding backstage. He jerks his chin up at Deitra though when she waves his direction, lopsided grin in place. Another of the same there for Xanshalla as well, though he merely shakes his head there at Adalinus. Chuckle and all.

Xanshalla's guilty expression pegs her as one of the ones who shirks on their exercise time, and she starts fiddling with her hair as she listens to Melze speak. Despite his crazy love of all things physical, she scoots along the floor until she bumps up against one of Adalinus' feet. "Yup! Now shh. Pay attention." Craning her neck just doesn't cut it, she actually has to lean backwards to grin up at the big guy.

Qeska too, manages to somehow not do as much running and jumping and lifting as some of her fellows, but that particular trader just shakes her head and looks bored. She drifts around the back of the little group, edging up to stand near her twin and murmuring in a way that's probably meant as light humour but somehow sounds a little mocking, "Like upper body strength is going to help us think faster."

Miki grins, "Can't have the lot of you getting frostbite now can we? Of course there are some of you quite keen on exercise…" The statement comes with a small head tilt towards Adalinus, "And then there are the others who aren't so much." Fingers idly drum on the top of the barrel, the AWLM seeming a bit more fidgety than usual. "Of cousre, it's not just frozen toes we need to avoid, but major injuries that might lead to a permanent lights out, yeah?. Which is why we're here…." Trailing off, Miki tilts her head towards the Weyrlingmaster, leaving any further lecture and explanation to her.

Melze eyes Ada for a moment, clearly believe it to be a case of 'he who protests too much', and as a consequence Xanshalla gets eyeballed at the same time. Guilt by association? At least kairhys and Detira appear to be behaving, and it's to them that she mostly directs the next part of this most odd lecture. "Anyway, we can't have people getting cold. Or lazy. So we figured we'd make you all run around a little and then see what happens after that." Though she tries to hide it somewhat there's a grin trying to break free — she's really enjoying this. "How many of you remember playing musical chairs when you were littles?" A pause for answessr, then she continues, "Well we're not doing that. We did borrow a harper though, so you will have music." On cue a singple harper with an old battered gitar wanders out onto the stage and sits down with his back to them. "While the music plays you can wander around as you see fit, feel free to run if you want, but when the music stops…." She glances at the barrel, but doesn't finish the sentence.

Padron looks a little sheepish for what Qeska whispers to him, shaking his head. "You should do your part, Qes… There's a reason." It's a soft insistence, but nothing more than soft as he straightens a little more when Miki begins speaking again, He then gives Qes another look, "see? That's why…" But that's all he whispers to her as Melze begins speaking again, causing the young man to stand a little taller and quiet. When the game is explained, eyes widen as the Weyrlingmaster trails off and looks to the barrel. "Is she going to throw the barrel at us if we're still moving?"

Deitra barely manages to stop her laughter, her fist lifting and the young woman coughs as a way to prevent herself from completely interrupting the class. "Shells, no. That ain't safe." She squeaks out towards Padron, taking a few breaths to recover before turning attention back to Melze and the barrel over there, grey eyes still bright with amusement.

Adalinus gives Shalla a mustachioed grin. He doesn't have to lean back, maybe lean over a bit to see her. There's an eye given to Qeska. One might get the feeling Ada would show her the meaning of upper body strength if there weren't riders here and they weren't expected to be on their best behavior. Ada certainly isn't suffering from lack of exercise. Though he does give Melze a questioning look when she taps the barrel. Then he starts stretching out a bit. "I hope you're not sore from exercises!" He warns Shalla a bit. And really, everyone else.

Kairhys opens his mouth as if to speak up but for some reason he closes it again and begins to drift off towards Deitra, softly excusing himself. Course it might be Padron he was trying to get closer to considering he plants himself at least a comfortable distance behind the two, gaze lingering some on the back of the boy's head. Could be he was just listening, because the moment that the guy stops talking his eyes wander off elsewhere. Like to the back of Deitra's head.

Unable to suppress a sigh, Xanshalla scrambles back to her feet. "I shoulda stayed with Voranwe and the girls…." Still, she's here now. She does look ruefully downwards, plucking at her skirt. So not designed for running in. "You got any bright ideas for getting me through this alive, Ada?" she teases her friend. Then, towards the weyrlingmaster pair, "So um, when the music stops, do we all gotta run back to the barrel?" Taking a guess from the mention of not-musical-chairs.

"I am, Paddy dear, I am," Qeska assures him that she's performing her role, with a smug little smile. Beyond that, though, she's still not looking very impressed with this little event, and allows her attention to wander into contemplation of the other candidates, in particular giving Kai a sly once-over.

Miki picks up almost immediately where Melze trails off, "When the music stops, one of us will shout a word or phrase at you. If we shout 'Star Stones' all of you guys are going to sprint to the right side of the hall. We shout "Weyrwoman's coming" you freeze in your best salute pose until we give you the okay." The green rider pauses then, a slow smile coming to her face as she looks over the group. "And when we say 'Earthquake' every one of you gets on the floor, stretched out flat and facedown with your hands over your heads. So it's a bit like what you're thinking Shalla, not completely. Of course, there are other things we'll call out too…." Further explanation is left alone then as amused eyes wander towards the Weyrlingmaster.

Melze nods along with Miki, though she's now keeping a close eye on Kairhys as he stares at people. "If we should Lakeshore, you run to the… um…" She turns round for a second, thinking, eventually waving one arm, "Left!" Back to face them and now she's full out grinning, no trying to hide it. "Chores means you get down on all fours and scrub the floor. And my own personal favorite… Hatchling!" This time she reaches into the barrel, pulling out beanbag. "If we shout hatchling, you'd better hope you can dodge. All ready?" There's hardly any time for complaint as the harper on stage almost immediately starts playing a happy little tune.

Deitra tilts a quick look in Adalinus' direction as he gives his warning about being sore, shaking her head again. It's the sound of movement behind her that draws her attention back towards Kairhys and there's a gesture for him to join her, scooting over to the side and allowing a space between herself and Padron should the weaver wish to take it. Attention drifts over towards Shalla as she asks her question on what they will be doing with the barrel, pursing her lips in thought before turning to Miki and listening her explanation of the rules of the game. Then Melze fills in the rest of the game and then they're thrown into the game as the harper begins the mussic. With a shrug, Deitra looks towards Padron and then Kairhys, nodding her head in a gesture to follow along.

Padron gives Qeska a look, mouth opening in a silent protest before again closing. Attention instead turns to Kairhys and he smiles pleasantly at the weaver until he's quickly turning to pay attention. Melze's introduction of the beanbag earns a soft hiss from the young man. "I /told/ you she was throwing /something/ at us!" As Deitra begins her walk, he's quick to follow after her, gesturing for Kairhys to join them.

Adalinus tries to mentally make note of all these words and their associated actions. "Wait! I have questions! Which side of the hall is the right? Your right or our right? Can we move to avoid the 'hatchlings'? Ack!" Ada encourages Shalla to at least move away from the barrel of beanbags. Of course there wasn't really any other need to move, except for possibly after the music stops. "Is there a prize for the winner?" Though it doesn't seem like there is a winner, really.

At the multiple gestures for him to join them, Kairhys grins in his usual way, stepping forward and wriggling himself in between the pair. "Oh I like this, nice and cozy." he chirps, though he's quickly distracted to the goings on around Adalinus and Xanshalla, and the questions being tossed at Melze. Who apparently had her attention on himself for whatever reason. His grin deepens, toothily, showing off the perfectly straight and white smile the teenager had. Cheesy yes, cute perhaps, but nonetheless an acknowledgement of the fact that he saw her looking at him. "She can throw anything she wants at me." he mutters to Padron, both boys quick to follow after Deitra. Though there is a shudder and his shoulders hunch some, brown eyes cast over at Qeska and catching that long look the girl was sending his way. There is a pause and then a deeper smirk, a challenge on the holder's face. The message was clear. Bring it.

Xanshalla reaches out with a stiffened finger to poke Adalinus in the side, "She did say 'hope you can dodge,' silly, so I think that's a yes, we can try to avoid them." The 'your right or ours' was a good one though, and she does look over hoping that an answer to that one at least will be forthcoming. Skirt flapping around her legs, she starts off at, not a jog or a run or even a walk, but a bounce in time with the music, her only choice of direction seeming to be away from forming clusters, after the initial guidance of Ada's nudge.

Ever one to try to wring some kind of personal advantage out of a situation, when Qeska heads off at the music's start, she's making a line for a couple of other girls, her smile bright as she says chumily, "We can help each other with warnings, come on." And holding out her hands she links up with the bemused pair as if they've been the best of friends since childhood, and gives them no choice but to trail along in her wake. Whatever game she's playing, she's apparently decided to meet Kai's challenge by pretending he suddenly doesn't exist. Women. Especially teenaged ones. Oy.

Miki attempts to stifle a giggle at the explanation for Hatchling and fails. Once the harper strikes up his tune, the green rider reaches into the barrel, picking out a couple of bean bags and tossing them from hand to hand. "Oh you guys are lucky it's just beanbags we're throwing Padron!" As the music plays, Miki hops up to sit on the edge of the stage, swinging her legs back and forth. "Move to /your/ right! And you better try and avoid the bean bags. Think of them as real hatchlings. You wouldn't stand stock still and let some hatchling maul you on the Sands, would you?" The AWLM bobs her head along to the music then, closing her eyes and looking as if she was quite ready to get up and dance, though she does refrain, thank Faranth! "Mmmm, prize? Whaddya think Melz?"

Melze's grin just widens as the questions come, almost as if that was the reaction she wanted. She certainly doesn't seem too phased by the fact she was caught looking at Kairhys, even going so far as to nod in his direction just before she lifts another beanbag from the barrel — always best to be prepared and she does have two hands after all. "Well we could have a trip to the LAKESHORE!" She pauses as if to confirm that yes, that was the command. "But I think R'oo had it right last clutch. Winner gets a trip anywhere they want on their next rest day. But… that means we need to figure out a way to get people out. Rules change! You get 3 lives! Any time you're the last one doing something or get hit by a beanbag then you lose a life!"

Adalinus' questions draws Deitra's attention back towards Melze and Miki, brows lifting and mainly attempting to hear if there is a prize or not. Kairhys earns a laugh for his statement of being cozy between herself and the trader before she grins widely. Then they finally catch up with her, the huntress rolls her shoulders. "All we gotta do is keep t'gether and be mindful of whatever is bein' yelled. If yer not knowin' what to do, follow after one of the others…" Qeska's sudden ignoring of Kai earns a soft snort from the huntress, "yer sister's odd, Pad." The command has the young woman instantly switching directions, jogging off to the left.

Padron chuckles at Kairhy's statement, "why would you let her?" The question is soft, meant only for the group that's formed because of Deitra. Though he's staring at the back of the young woman's head for the mention of his sister again, saying nothing. When Miki singles out his name, Padron briefly freezes and looks towards the stage before hurrying to make up for the pause. "At least it isn't snowballs. That'd defeat the purpose of everyone complaining that they were cold, wouldn't it?" When Deitra's path changes, he moves to follow along without hesitation.

"Hm?" Ada looks down as Shalla pokes him. "Well, we could be instructed to just keep our feet in one place while moving the rest of us around?" There's a blink as Qeska heads off to make two girls her best friends. Ada is taking a general stroll away from the barrel, but halfway between the two walls. "Three lives… wait, Lakeshore! That means… right! No, left! L is for lake!" He turns to face the riders. "Our left! Our left!" And so, after some deliberation, Ada moves to the left. He's not in a full out run, he doesn't want to barrel anyone over, but he is moving!

Xanshalla has a moment of flailing once the first directive is called out. She stops, hair whipping as she looks from side to side. "Lakelakelake— left!" So she starts to her left, which is actually the weyrlingmasters' left because she's now facing the same direction as they are. Oops. The moment she realises her mistake she backpeddles, shoes slipping on the slick floor and hampering her progress. But finally she does get herself turned around and dashing in the correct direction, thankfully not the last, but only just barely.

As for Qeska? Well, she looks rather like the prow of a very odd ship, sailing along at a brisk pace with her two escorts still firmly in hand. No hesitation from her, at least not this early on, one of the poor towees getting swung out wide when she turns sharply to the left at the call.

Kairhys laughs and swings an arm around Padron's shoulders, leaning in and murmuring something against his ear before that grin of his is seen to nearly split his face in two. A squeeze for the lad before the weaver moves off, mostly to awkwardly drap is much taller frame over Deitra, "Sure hope that whoever was complaining is here for this. Otherwise it makes no sense to force those of us who hadn't been complete wherries do all this silliness." he pouts playfully, making it difficult undoubtedly for the poor huntress to be moving so quickly now. Melze's reaction gets a chuckle at least, but not so obvious as the laugh that Qeska's does. At least the kid was having a good time. He grins Adalinus and Xanshalla's way as well as the nineteen turn old musched guy has a memory spasm outloud, still trying to use poor Deitra as a leaning post. Walking and all. Yeah he wasn't helping the poor woman at all, then again he wasn't taking much of any of this seriously. "Hey Ada, relax. It's just a game."

"Ohhhs, good plan! Gets you out of the Weyr for a bit too." There's an outright laugh as the scrambling continues, a quick grin tossed at the ones still trying to get their directions right. "Hmmm, looks like some people aren't taking this seriously. This is like training folks….. Maybe the ones that do the worst should be assigned to extra diaper changing duty, or maybe stable mucking….ah! Latrine duty sounds good too!" Amusement is sprinkled in Miki's voice, but her tone says that she's only half-joking about the chore assignments. "C'mon guys! Get a move on, yeah?"

Melze watches the scrambling with a mix of glee and sympathy, but it's the glee that lasts longer in her expression. "StarStones!" She waits for people to almost get there, almost make it to safety before yelling. "HATCHLING!" beanbags fly, though perhaps luckily for the candidates her aim's not too great - Deitra and Kairhys her targets.

Deitra lets out a loud groan as Kairhys drapes himself over her. "They better be." The woman grunts softly, trying to shrug him off of her. "We're goin' ta /lose/ Kai. Stoppit." Her hands lift in an attempt to bat away the weaver so that she can keep moving properly. "I want ta win." There's flailing arm movements in attempts to free herself. The call to move towards the right is met with a grunt and she carefully tries to maneuver her way with her extra weight that's attached to her. When the call of Hatchling is made, well, there's no more flailing, simply a full out attempt to run from the beanbag.

Padron blinks at Kairhys as that arm swings around his shoulder, along with the words that come from the weaver. Mouth opens and then closes again and rather than taking off after Deitra and Kairhys as the man begins to use the woman as a post, he just lingers a safe distance away from them. When the call for Star Stones is made, he at least has enough sense left to head towards the right.

"Come on, Shalla!" Since Deitra appears to have a new wingman, Adalinus has taken Shalla under his wing. When the second round of instructions is called, he turns to start running in the opposite direction. He'll grab Shalla's hand in the process, and drag her across the floor if need be. "It may be a game, but I intend to win!" A trip anywhere? That sounded like fun! "Hatchlings!" He warns. "Incoming!" Though thankfully he's not near Deitra and Kai, so hopefully the dodging won't be too difficult. At least he's good to hide behind?

Kairhys grins at Padron, continuing to hang on poor Deitra despite her shrugging and flailing. "Why do you want to win?" he asks, probably just trying to be difficult really. When the huntress breaks out into a run, the beanbag harmlessly strikes one of the weaver's hips and then falls just as uselessly to the floor. He bends and scoops it up, giving it a toss back Melze and Miki's direction. "That mean I'm out or something?" he asks, brows lift upwards in regards to the weyrlingmaster and her assistant, moving off to the side. Back towards Patron and Deitra of course, but he drops onto his butt upon the edge of the stage in order to apparently tie the laces of his boot. They had come loose. "So this is training?" he asks the greenrider in charge of chucking things at people. "To teach us how to dodge, hatchlings?" Procrastination perhaps, perhaps curiosity, maybe even a mixture of both. He smirks at all the running and ducking and weaving, more interested it seems in the activity of others than really participating in the dodging of bags of beans.

"Wha…? Eep! Ada!" Xanshalla's protest is a laughing one as the big man grabs on and she's left with little choice but scrabble along after him. "Waitwait, your legs are too long!" She tries to peek around him to see where beanbags are coming from, but since they're well away from the intended target and he is indeed, good to hide behind, she's not too terribly worried about the hatchling call just yet.

Not looking at who's being aimed at, on her way across the room to the right, Qeska stops abruptly with a dramatic, "Oh no, dodge!" given to her two — and now it becomes clear — human shields. Because while the two girls scramble a bit trying to figure out what direction they need to dodge in, Qeska is calmly placing herself so that any stray projectiles will bounce off one of them before ever reaching her. Sneaky wench.

It's with glee that Miki begins tossing bean bags every which way at Melze's call. From all her snowball throwing antics, the AWLM has pretty perfect aim, but as for force…..it is seriously lacking. A few of the candidates are met with bean bags to the back of their heads, though luckily the hits feel like light taps more than anything else. When Kairhys comes over to plop down on the stage, Miki raises an eyebrow, taking another bean bag and tossing it from hand to hand with a shake of her head. "Yup, dodging hatchlings. But you still have two more lives so get your butt back out there!" Grinning widely at the group, Miki raises her voice a bit. "First three out get extra physical training! And if I don't think you're trying hard enough….y'all are going to get intimate with the animal pens!" This last bit is said as eyes lock onto the weaver-candidate.

Melze squeaks slightly as the beanbag comes back the way, not quite having anticipated that move. She takes Kairhys' being 'out' on the merit of 'if he says he was then I guess he was' or in other words more throwing! Xanshalla is her target this time. "Sort of." She keeps her voice low, directed at Kairhys, "If nothing else it breaks the monotony of CHORES! for you all and lets us get in some throwing practice. WEYRWOMAN'S COMING! And dodging is important if it looks like you're going to get mauled." It's only after Miki starts threatening extra chores she realises he's doding in an altogether different way - dodging the game and he's shooed back out into the fray.

"'Cause I ain't a loser!" Deitra calls out in answer to Kairhys' question, her desire to win having nothing to do with the prize from the looks of it. The dodging is continued and poor Padron is left to fend for himself as Kairhys is hit and dropping out. It comes to the point where she resorts to using others as shields as she makes her way past them. The call of chores has the young dropping down to the ground, pretending to scrub and then hopping to her feet to hold a salute until told otherwise. At least she's quick about it and moving properly!

Padron turns and makes a face as Kairhys is hit and essentially is out, distracted to the point where he, too, is hit by a beanbag. A grunt is released and the beanbag is left on the floor. With two lives left, he continues, moving to drop to the ground for the call of chores. The call for the Weyrwoman doesn't earn as quick as a reaction, as he's still moving to place himself closer to his sister before taking his saluting position.

"I could go home with a free trip anywhere!" Adalinus admits about the game's prize. Even if it was just for a short visit and all. But it also meant he wants to win! And Shalla is apparently coming along for the ride at the very least. Then there are beanbags being tossed their way. "Run Shalla! Run! Save yourself!" Ada assumes the bags are being tosses at him. Ada doesn't even have time to get his massive self to the ground before he's getting back up to give a salute. Back straight, fingers to forehead. "Ma'am!" Is even added.

"Well if it's just to break up the monotony then I can see…" Kairhys starts to say, finished with tying his footwear there and sets the thing back onto the floor. He cheers on the valiant efforts of Adalinus and Xanshalla, standing up and clapping as they continue to dodge the bean-filled sacks called hatchlings, chuckling at the fun his fellow candidates seem to be having. "Wait, why do you guys need throwing practice in?" he asks of Melze, still parked on the edge of the stage, as if he was serious about being out with that one hit. "You're not a loser even of you lose, Dei." he calls over to the huntress, and gives a nice long look up and down of poor Padron, ending with a brow lift and a grin for the face the boy makes at him. Completely unphased. Though for Miki the weaver just nods, "That's fine." Seems he doesn't mind the extra work or physical training. "Can I stay and watch at least? Or do I need to start on the animal pens right this second?" There was no disrespect there at all, he was merely asking, and doing so seriously. For once. Strange that.

Xanshalla's lost a life because she didn't realise, even with the emphasis, that the call for chores was /the/ call for chores. It both and looked and sounded more like Kairhys was getting a scolding. So she is quite obviously still standing when everyone else is diving for the floor. Which means she can't hide behind Adalinus when that beanbag comes flying her way. A squeak and she launches herself sideways, trips over her own two feet and lands on her hip with a bounce. "Owwww." But it's just a bump and for all that she whines about PT she has had a rough-and-tumble sort of upringing, so she's scrabbling back to her feet swiftly enough to attempt a salute. Only to poke herself — gently! (but still) — in the eye. "GAH!" Beat. "Was I quick enough, or am I down to only one life?" Because she is so not paying attention to how fast everyone else saluted.

Having swiftly gotten wise to Qeska's tactics, the two girls share a hurried whisper-conference and then at the call of chores, wait for the trader to start for all fours before hopping over her with false calls of "Incoming!" It's not until Q has risen again to salute that she realizes she was tricked, her expression flashing irritated before she schools it instead into a playful pout. It's all just fun and games. And a life lost, because she's a little too interested in /not/ looking like a complete idiot. She's the last salute to snap.

Miki smiles sweetly at Kairhys' questions , "Not trying hard enough is one thing. Not trying at all….well, it's not just stalls you'll be mucking. I'm sure the Beastcraft would /love/ to have someone feed, water, brush, and saddleup the runners for them. Maybe Ely will even let you help out with goats ye—OH!" With a giggle, the AWLM stops midsentence and watches the incident with Queska and Shalla. "Queska's down! Shalla you still have two left. C'mon dears. We know you want to get out of the Weyr for a bit! Nothing else short of an EARTHQUAKE will let you!"

Melze is extremely glad for Miki since she lost complete track of who was doing what since Kairhys has once again claimed her attention - lucky boy. "Always does good to keep your aim in, you enevr know when you might get called to help at a fire and have to use buckets because it's too small a space for the dragons to really help, or for doing fast exchanges if you're helping with a long delivery that can't go between but needs to move quickly and isn't fragile. Lots of reasons. More interested in yours for not doing it, though." Almost absently she yells, "STARSTONES!" then takes a breath and adds on, "HATCHLING!" Quieter she adds, "Here." And thrusts a couple of beanbags at Kairhys before loosing a few herself in the general direction of candidates.

Deitra sticks her tongue out at Kairhys, "if you lose, yer a loser!" Deitra insists loudly before grinning widely at the weaver over there before attention quickly returns to focusing on making sure that she doesn't get herself out. Distracted by this, she is missing Kairhys' new chores that are being given to him, especially as Miki calls for the earthquake. The woman again drops down, her hands covering her head. More calls have her jumping up and heading towards the right for Melze's yelling of Starstones. And more Hatchlings has Deitra looking that way to assess when she'll need to doge. "Hey! I want ta throw beanbags, too!" Never mind that she just got /hit/ by one.

Padron is not doing so hot with all the different calls and trying to keep track of Qeska as she's called out, not only does he not drop for the call of earthquake, he's also hit by a beanbag. The poor man is out, and rather than standing there, looking rather out of it, he's shuffling over towards the stage and out of the line of fire.

Adalinus loses a life someplace between Earthquake, Starstones and Hatchlings. Possibly even more than one, with all the bean bags flying about and the fact that he's such a large target. "Down! Up! To the left! I mean, to the right!" He's trying at least, to keep up with everything. Unfortunately he's sort of left Shalla behind as his partner. He does notice her take a bump to the floor though, and moves over to get her back onto her feet. "Let's go, Shalla!" She won't even need to stand, Ada is picking her up by her waist and hoisting her up like a doll. She can probably wriggle away to her own feet now.

Upon getting beanbag thrust upon him, Kairhys blinks and hurriedly tries to collect them all, unable to help himself from laughing softly at the implication that he was now to help the woman chuck the things at his fellow candidates. "Oookay." This the boy doesn't seem to mind, pooling the beanbags into the crook of one arm, but he nearly drops them when Miki smiles so sweetly at him, and puts down her own special line of repercussions. He even pales considerably. "Y-yeah. I'll do anything but be anywhere near the stables. I don't do runners." he mutters, a bit of strain in his voice that could easily be construed as fear. There's a story there, and while he doesn't break down and tell it, he's not faking or hiding that he was dead serious on this. He misses Qeska going down, but the encouragement coming from one of the weyrlingmasters has his attention distractedly moving over to poor Xanshalla, concern flickering over his features. "You okay Shalla?" he asks, seemingly having forgotten about the pile of beanbags as he takes a set forward. Brown eyes dart towards Deitra, and he sticks his tongue out right back at her, "Can't have it both ways, us losers don't need you." Not that he had tried all that hard not to get hit once, because he simply yielded after the first. Padron coming over has the weaver grinning wider, handing a few of the bags over, "Here." Poor kid has Kai's attention probably more than he ever wanted, though loses it as he peeks out towards Xanshalla and Adalinus again, seeming relieved that the woman seems to be all right, "You're supposed to protect the women folk, Ada!" he calls over, and poises to throw a beanbag for the next time that one of the riders calls for a hatchling.

"I think I woulda preferred doing this outside," Xanshalla complains to Ada. She's never complained about the cold. She's crazy in her own way, and /likes/ winter. "Yeah Kai, I'm good!" But no sooner has Adalinus set her on her feet then she has to go diving for the floor again. "Ow! Berries!" she 'cusses' as she slaps her hands a bit too hard against the wood paneling. Also, "Wha— too fast!" is shouted loud enough for everyone within the hall to hear, as she tries to get to her feet to run right… and trods on the hem of her skirt, falling flat on her front again. Well, unplanned demonstration for why candidate robes are better off being knee, not ankle, length. Instead of trying to right herself again she just flops over to lie on her back and stare at the oh-so-distant ceiling. "Oof," is said half-heartedly when a beanbag arcs over to plop perfectly dead center on her tummy. Which results in the rather cheerful announcement of "Yay, I'm dead!" Sitting up, she rolls over and combat crawls to the stage, before curling up in a ball near Kairhys' feet. "Revive me when it's over," she quips up at him with a dimpled, nose crinkly grin. And then she's cheering on her fellows who are still in the game, without any particular favorite. "Go, Dei, go!" and "C'mon Ada, win that trip to visit your folks!"

Qeska's gone the direction of her brother, lower lip being plumped out in a pretty little pout. But she's not given up just because she's out, tilting her head contemplatively as she asks Padron, "So, what do you think it'll take to convince the winner to share their trip with m— us?"

"Awwww, Melz! You're ruining the whole 'scary responsible Miki' thing I had going!" Not that Miki actually looked that scary with her less than five foot height. For now though…it's beanbag throwing time and she takes a couple from the barrel. "Ummm, Dei's down to something. And Pardon's out. Uhhhh, Adalinus got hit too….urgh, whatever! I'm not counting anymore! Keeping track is giving me a headache…." The last bit is half chuckled and half grumbled under her breathe. Kairhys' reaction earns a curious glance towards the boy and she simply shakes her head. "Shells, don't make that face! It was mostly just an empty threat to get you up and running. But you /do/ have to attend extra training and perhaps an extra day of latrine duty. Or maybe you can wash dragons at the LAKESHORE! C'mon guys! Just a bit longer and you're done!" A bean bag is handed to Shalla as she approaches, also throwing the girl a wink. "Not bad for someone wearing a skirt!"

Distracted as she is Melze winces as Xanshalla goes down. "You're still the scary one." She grins at Miki, "I'm the nice one! Well… for now." And what happens next may well change her designation. "EARTHQUAKE! WEYRWOMAN! CHORESSTARSTONESHATCHLING!" In the end it all runs into one jumble of a word, and confusion that ends in beanbags!

What better way to retort to the retort of her sticking her tongue out than sticking her tongue out again? Deitra does just that, aimed at Kairhys, "I ain't needin' you, either, or yer beanbags." A finger is waggled at the weaver before she's quickly attempting to pay attention again. Shalla's spills are met with multiple winces, "doin' okay, Shalla?" She calls out in question towards the other candidate, brows furrowed in concern. Though attention only lingers on the other for so long as more calls are made, trotting off towards the left for the call of lakeshore. Down she goes for Melze's call of earthquake, and up again for saluting the Weyrwoman. As it all becomes a jumble, she tries her very best to keep up, liking missing a thing or two before being hit with a beanbag.

When Kairhys offers a few beanbags in his direction, Padron grins in return though he doesn't seem so inclined to actually throw them out while waiting for the call of Hatchling. Attention goes to the scrambling Ada and Shalla, making a sympathetic face when Shalla goes down and eventually makes her way over, curling up near Kairhys. He leans down a bit, "are you okay?" He presses softly, at least until Qeska makes her way beside him which brings him to straighten. "Not sure. You'd have to ask, Qes…" Whether or not he's interested in the trip is not given away by his expression or behavior because when Hatchling is called, he's tossing out beanbags. No care is given to his aim, nor is her particularly throwing, just tossing them into the air and waiting to see where they hit.

"I'm trying!" Ada shouts to Kai. "You're supposed to be helping me! Not wherrying out!" It was a little more difficult protecting Shalla from herself, though. Ada doesn't much like the cold, but he does like the physical activity. No sooner is he letting Shalla go than she's tripping over her skirt and falling back to the floor. Alas. There is only so much a man can do! At Melze's string of… instructions? Ada can't make heads or tails from any of that. Instead he just runs about, trying to dodge the volley of beanbags being thrown at him. Even the big man is sweating and panting from all the running around. "Too many beanbags! Too many beanbags!" Surely Ada is lobbed with at least one, if not several of them.

It's not nice mocking a man with beanbags, and Kairhys laughs at Deitra as she tells him she doesn't need him or what he was holding. Course that also means that he's throwing beanbags her way left and right now, on top of the instructions that Melze was tossing out as well. Yeah, he shows her no mercy, at all. At least he's enjoying himself. He grins over at Adalinus as well, "You want me to help?" he asks, and sure enough he's chucking beanbags towards the poor man who just can't keep up with all of it. Soon enough, the weaver is out of ammo, and Xanshalla is at his feet. What she says up to him has the teen laughing again. "By any means necessary?" he responds playfully, wiggling his brows and giving the woman the gentlest of nudges with one of his legs. A look is cast to Miki, but apparently the weaver had nothing wisecracking or amusing to say to the woman.

"I'm good! Keep running!" Xanshalla calls out to Deitra, regardless of whether or not the huntress is still paying attention by that point. Padron's show of concern is met with a small smile and a quiet nod, either from a sudden fit of shyness or just not wishing to remind his sister that she's present. "Yes," she laughs up at Kai, totally not getting it. "Er wait, no! No buckets of ice water, please." Clueless, thy name is Shalla. The beanbag Miki gave her is bounced once in her hand before she sets it down next to her knee, more focused on prodding at her hip like a twit to see if it still hurts. For the record, it does, as she winces and switches to sliding her palms against the material of her skirt. The final chaotic call has her giggling, hands lifting to cover her grin, though the scrunched up wrinkles at the corners of shining eyes pretty much give it away no matter her efforts. "I have no clue who won after that," she notes.

"I did ask, Paddy," Qeska says, rolling her eyes at her twin as she sighs. "You're supposed to be helping, here." Pause. "You're spending so much time with that Deitra. Is she at all feminine? I have that nice bracelet I could offer her, you know the one." Whether he does or not is immaterial, as she's more talking /at/ Padron than with him, plotting aloud. His attempt at throwing gets a tsk and a shake of her head, but she makes no comment beyond that. She likely doesn't need to.

Miki grins, "Nice one my butt! Don't think there's a truly nice one between the two of us." This time around however, the green rider refrains from throwing the beanbags, instead eying the remaining candidates as they go into a scramblefest. "Uh, that one's hit, and that one….ugh." The AWLM furrows her eyebrows for a few moments, idly playing with the corner of one beanbag as she tries to determine the order of elimination. "Unless you caught the order they went down in Melz, we could call it a draw? You take one somewhere and I'll take the other?"

Melze laughs. "Sure there is. Take the best bits of you and the best bits of me and there has to be some nice in there somewhere." She gets lost as well when everything descends into utter chaos, but with a giggle offers her own jokey solution, "Can't we say it was a draw and that means nobody won so nobody goes?" Her attempt at a straight face lasts less than a minute before she starts laughing and nods, "Okay, they both win. Next rest day come find one of us and we'll go wherever you want." After this announcement she does add quietly to Kairhys, "When you get a chance could you swing by the office too? Would like a word."

Deitra has certainly worked up a nice sweat — if sweating could be called nice — as she continues to attempt to dodge the beanbags by running. Though it certainly doesn't help that she becomes the subject of Kairhys' attentions. "'m goin' ta get you back, Kai!" The huntress warns as she's pelted by a few more of the beanbags. She's lost count, but, surely she's over three for her hits. This does nothing to damper her attempts to win, however. Shalla's call is partially what keeps her going, and when the call of a draw is met, the young woman finally comes to a stop with a loud cheer of triumph.

Padron gives Xanshalla a longer look as she nods that she's fine, then promptly leaving her along as he looks back to his twin. "Oh." A dumb response, yes, but he likely doesn't know what to say to that. "Deitra doesn't like feminine things… You'd be better off offering her a dead animal." It's true!Whether or not his sister heeds this, he shrugs and tucks his hands into his pockets and grinning for the draw that is announced.

Kairhys laughs at Xanshalla for her response to his teasing, shaking his head and murmuring something about obliviousness before a cheer goes out for the winners. "Congratulations you two." he calls, sounding genuine at least, though that fades as Melze leans over and brows lift. "Because I didn't want to run around all silly and dodge beanbags on my rest day?" he asks not loudly or quietly but conversationally, and then he nods with a friendly and unbothered smile, easing his shoulders back. "Okay." That said he pops up, careful not to jostle Xanshalla down there, and steps away to help pick up the beanbags. He grins and winks at Deitra, even if it's done belatedly as he passes her by, stooping and snagging up more bags. Only when they are all picked up does he dropped them off on the stage for the weyrlingmasters to put back in their barrel. Maybe he did it all by himself, maybe other candidates helped. Either way, everything is cleaned up. "I'll see you at your office then," he tells Melze, and upon being dismissed, he heads out the door.

Adalinus pouts at both the riders when Melze suggests that no one won and no one would get a trip anywhere. He hasn't quite fallen into despair though, when Melze seems to give in. He does move into a cool down walk though, and pulls off his shirt, which he uses as a sweat rag. Isn't that lovely! He stretches out a bit. "Whew! That was a workout! Thanks, riders! Dei, where you heading when they take you out on a trip?" His destination being obvious, even if he hadn't mentioned it earlier.

Oblivious, and not possessed of super-hearing, so the murmur goes unheeded, Xanshalla's admittedly short attention span having already moved on from the joking around. "Ooh, you guys are lucky! Where're you gonna go, Dei? Ada said—" what he said doesn't get repeated because she's laughing over the two of them hitting Deitra in stereo with their questions. She does reach up, aiming a supportive pat at Kai's foot or knee, whatever she can manage to reach as he hops up to go clean after the exchange with Melze. "Ugh, Ada, you win a trip /anywhere/ on your next rest day, and you're thanking them for the /workout/?" Narrowing her eyes at the shirtless wall o' muscle, she picks up her until-now-forgotten beanbag and lobs it at him as he walks. And then she's crawling forward a few paces before getting carefully to her feet, to wander around and help with the cleaning up.

Qeska stares at the side of Padron's head for a long moment, before she sniffs at him in a sisterly huff. "Fine. Be that way. I'll find out on my own." Obviously she doesn't believe the dead animal advice. Without asking if they can leave, or offering to help with clean-up, she sweeps off out of the dance hall. Maybe if all their supervisors think she's still with the weyrlingmasters, she can find a nice dragonpoker game to cheat at.

Miki begins piling the beanbags back into the barrel as they get brought to the stage, whistling a bit. There's a glance towards Melze and Kairhys at the exchange, but the AWLM says nothing, instead hopping up and making her way over to the harper that had been so diligently playing for them. "Thanks. Hope you had as much fun as we did!" She disappears behind the stage for a few seconds, coming back out with a water flask and handing it to the harper. Once he's taken it she moves back towards the stage edge, crouching near the barrel and glancing around the Hall to see if there's anything else that might need picking up.

Melze laughs and shakes her head, "I'm the nice one, remember. Just haven't had a chance to chat to you yet." or some of the others, but it seems he's the one she's picked out for now. She certainly doesn't outwardly appear angry so if he's in trouble it's not showing in her expression. "Okay people, go and get cleaned up. If a couple of you could help round up beanbags I'd really appreciate it! And, yes, have a destination in mind when you come to see us you two, otherwise you're going to the ice lake for a swim."

Deitra laughs as Kairhys winks at her, a breathless one for all the movement, but entirely cheerful nonetheless. Rather than taking off her shirt and using it as a sweatrag, the former hunter simply uses the lower half of her shirt to dab at her face. "'m goin' ta need a bath b'fore I end up stinkin'." Ada draws her attention and then Shalla is chiming in with the same question. Laughing more, the former hunter shakes her head. "Ain't sure yet. Never wanted ta leave Fort b'fore, so… Somewhere awesome. Maybe Igen ta prove ta everyone that I'd melt there." With a laugh, she moves to begin helping with the beanbag cleanup. "'m open ta suggestions." Especially since they /need/ one in order to get away.

Padron looks towards Qeska, "I'm serious!" But she's making her way out already and the young man merely shrugs in defeat before he, too, joins in the beanbag clean up.

Adalinus chuckles a bit, letting his shirt drape around his neck. "I like a good workout!" He helps collect beanbags as well. "But it was a general thank you." He dumps off the beanbags into the barrel." He motions to the barrel and looks between the riders. "Need a hand with this?" Or maybe they plan to roll it back or something. Or make the losers do it. "I am also in need of a bath! Ista is quite nice this time of year, as well. Not too warm." Ada stretches out a bit.

"Or you could go down to the southern continent!" Xanshalla chimes in with another possible destination. "They're supposed to have seasons opposite to us, so it'd be nearly autumn. I think that'd be weird." Which also means nifty and exciting in Shalla-speak. She toddles around in an effort to see if there are any missed beanbags still lying around, but fails to spot any. "I should probably go see if I can get a salve for my bruise," she notes, and without really waiting for a dismissal, she wanders off while the thought is still in her head. Barrel, what huh?

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