Fort Weyr - Herb Gardens

A sturdy wooden door leads out to a peculiar section of the Weyr that's clearly taken some time to construct. Rather similar to the Weyr's bowl — though much, much smaller in scope — the space has been filled with all manner of garden goodness. Here, the air is redolent with the hum of trundlebugs and the spicy-sweet aromas of the herbs and spices that are flourishing. Sage, spiceroot, rosemary, thyme, and more make their home here; so, too, does comfrey, chamomile, mint, and a smattering of tea plants.

It is, for the most part, a purely utilitarian garden — the herbs grown are for the cooks and Healers alike to put to use. Each row is clearly labeled with plastic signs that are changed out seasonally as old plants are removed and new ones put in. Some plants are potted in half-barrels, while others make their home in the soil itself; all of them are well-tended not only by the gardeners, but also those cooks and Healers with a hand for them. Stone pavers have been used to sculpt walking paths between the rows, giving a further sense of organization to the place.

Yet, no garden would be complete without flowers and a small section has been set aside purely for those with a green thumb to experiment with floral creations that have no useful purpose than to look pretty. A gate leads to that portion of the garden, with a woven trellis laced with delicate pink blossoms arching over it. Across from the flower garden is the vegetable garden, where a large shed and a storage structure can also be spotted.

The weather at Fort has been especially terrible these past few days. Instead of a fine soft snow, cold rain had fallen down on the Weyr, leaving the ground covered in slicks of ice and piles of mud. This morning however, that weather had finally broken leaving an almost cloudless sky with warm rays of light making the temperature far more tolerable. Miki normally wouldn't be found in the herb gardens, but that is where she is this morning. Wrapped in a few jackets, gloves, and a scarf, the AWLM crouches near one of the beds of the herb garden, her breath forming small white puffs as she surveys the tarp covered plants. "Might be alright if we get you guys uncovered today, yeah?"

For some reason despite the warm recesses of the inside, Kairhys has escaped into the cold of the outdoors. He is sans sketchbook for once, but that might very well be for the fact that there is a considerable amount of snow and slush on the ground. The weaver apprentice gone candidate trudges on through the winter wonderland, bundled up in an appropriate amount of gear to keep him from freezing to death. Complete with a pair of weather proof boots in which the legs of his leather pants are tucked. Even if he looks like he might be warm and toasty with his gloves, scarf and jacket, there is still a rosiness to his cheek and the tip of his nose that might suggest how long he's been wandering around aimlessly. Upon stumbling onto Miki, the boy takes pause and then murmurs something of a soft apology before turning right around and apparently already leaving again. He's distracted, lost in his own thoughts if his expression was anything to go by, so it's possible he hadn't even realized who it was he was walking away from.

Miki tilts over a bit, windmilling her arms as she tries to keep balance. Luckily for her, the green rider /doesn't/ go toppling onto the ground. When the candidate begins to walk away after a quick apology however, Miki raises an eyebrow and quickly stands. Light steps take her towards the boy and she tugs at the back of his jacket. "What? I don't see you for a while and I'm suddenly a stranger? No hey Miki, how's it been?" The question is in jest and by the smile playing at her lips the AWLM certainly isn't offended in the least. "What's eating you?"

When tiny girl tucks on your jacket, seems even mind lost candidates such as this aren't oblivious. The weaver turns, and maybe even then doesn't really see the woman before brows sink down and he blinks a few times. "Oh. OH!" he says, and that might be when Kairhys really does finally see Miki as Miki rather than some person tending to the garden he may have been intruding upon. A guilty and apologetic expression comes over the boy's features, hands shoved deeply into the pockets of his jacket. "I'm sorry Miki." He at least sounds authentic, and he had the look of a kicked puppy. "Hey, how has it been?" This is said softly, as before, and with a smile that was hadly as playful and dazzling as it usually was. At the question directed as to what was going on with him, Kai sighs and his smile widens some but not all that drastically. It was a weak attempt at best, his heart probably not in it. "Nothing. Why do you ask?"

"Shards….took you long enough. Was starting to think I suddenly got a bunch of wrinkles and you didn't recognize me!" She steps to the side a bit, sinking down onto one of the walls marking of the herb beds and giving the candidate a once over. "Not bad. Busy as usual." His mannerisms earn a tiny frown before the woman practically snorts. "Right. There's nothing on your mind and I'm a man. You're not flashing those pretty teeth of yours as much as usual." With the statement Miki brings up one gloved hand, pointing at his mouth with knit brows. "Want to talk about it? It might help with whatever it is that's got you so spaced out."

Kairhys blinks again, but this time in absolute dismay, gloved hands coming free of his pockets and held up palms out, shaking them slightly side to side in a negatory fashion. "No, no. You're beautiful as always." he confirms, that apologetic look shifting just slightly to one of horror. "Jays, why would you think for a second that of all things?" Flabbergasted, the boy's arms eventually drift to his sides and his hands migrate back to his pockets, tucking his face some behind the woolen wall of his scarf. He nods in reply to the supplied question he'd asked, brown eyes lowering to the ground, his gaze drawn back to her face when she snorts, brows knitting. Admittedly, he does crack a bit of a smile regardless of his mood, when the woman once more mentions his teeth being pretty. "What is it with your obsession with my teeth?" he asks, teasing of course, and obviously finding this line of questioning most amusing. "I…" he starts, and then his features twist as if in pain, perhaps a wince of a sort. "I…don't think it would really be right for me to…." Stopping there, he smiles gently and shakes his head, "Let's not talk about me, hmm? You have a new knot, congratulations are in order."

Miki lifts the corners of her mouth into a smile and begins swinging her legs idly. "Good to hear. Hopefully it'll be a long long time before I get wrinkles. Ick!" Once the look of horror crosses his features, the green rider giggles and tilts face up to the sun. "Mmm, well if it takes so long for people to place you, it usually means you're being forgotten! Natural way of things though, isn't it?" A small wink is thrown at the boy once he finally cracks a smile and a quiet sigh of relief escapes her lips before she's baring her own teeth, point first at them and then at his. "Mine aren't too bad, Pretty white and straight and all, but yours are better. Do you have /any/ idea how many people around here have bad teeth? Yellow and….ugh." Miki actually gives a tiny shudder at the thought. Once her little fit of disgustedness is over, Miki sobers down more. "Why wouldn't it be right? As long as you haven't hurt someone I don't see why you couldn't talk about it." The comment on her new knot is practically waved off, earning a simple nod in acknowledgement. "Thanks, but I'd really rather talk about you. I'm boring."

Kairhys shakes his head, somber save for the very faint smile on his lips, "Wrinkles are just skin. They don't change who you are, and anyone who says otherwise is shallow and not worth your time." The sixteen turn old tucks his face back behind his scarf, perhaps in some attempt to keep his face warm, blocking off the wisps of white indicating the exchange of breath. "I wasn't really paying attention, and I'm sorry." Again with the apologies, but the weaver doesn't linger too long there, especially after that wink that has him chuckling somewhat. Brows shoot upward when she bares his teeth at him, a second laughter he's laughing gently. Yes, the whole fixation on teeth he really couldn't resist being amused with. "I'm not sure? I don't spend a lot of time paying attention to peoples teeth. But you do in fact have a lovely smile." Shoulder bob after this when she makes such a fuss over the contents of people mouths, and once again he's shaking his head. Though this quickly fades and the boy sobers, averting his eyes. That snow covered bed over there, the one with the stiff brown twigs sticking out it over there, very interesting. He apparently can not find fault with her logic, though something about the way she talks now brings a particular slump to the teen's shoulders. "Because it's about someone else, and…it's pretty obvious to me now that you really didn't get how much I was into you before this…whole candidacy thing came up." he says, face still behind his scarf. "So maybe, it's not something I feel right talking to you about. Wrong somehow."

"This is true. And don't worry about." Miki also drops the subject then, scooting forward on her perch to allow her feet to touch the ground. For a few moments he busies herself with burying the toes of her boots into the icy snow. "Heh, thanks! I like to think it's my smile and not my height that makes the littles like me." When the boy continues on, she pushes her feet farther into the ground, digging up a bit of dirt in the process. When she looks up, the older woman actually looks pretty sheepish and brings one gloved hand up to idly rub at the back of her head while tilting it. "Sorry. I'm….sort of dense in that area. Or well, it's more like I'm out of practice. After I finally got that it wasn't a joke the whole drunk in the Tavern kiss thing happened and then Aniki blew a fuse. Never got a chance to apologize properly about the way I acted." There's a small sigh then before she takes a bit of snow and begins rolling it up in her hands. The snowball more to keep her hands occupied than out of a desire to throw it at anyone. "I understand. But if you do want to talk about it, I'm here to listen. Might be a better option than keeping it in and obsessing over it. That kind of thing isn't healthy."

Kairhys too, leaves the topic of wrinkles and things alone, staying where he is with his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his jacket. At least he doesn't look particularly uncomfortable as of yet, but there is much less tension in shoulders when they are talking about smile then when the topic shifts back to that about that night in the Tavern. "Actually," he begins, ducking just a touch more behind the wall of his scarf. "I'm the one that should be apologizing to you. I shouldn't of kissed you, not that I didn't want to and not that I didn't enjoy it, but…" A sigh follows and the boy looks down at his own feet, not looking particularly worried about the snowball that Miki was currently constructing. After all, one tiny woman vs a very tall youth with a single snowball between. How much of a threat was that? "I liked you, I still do. I didn't want to be one of those guys that just took what he wanted and you never heard from again. I'm attracted to you, so I wanted to get to know you before we…" He coughs then and coughs, leaving whatever he meant to follow this up to the imagination. Not that it would be difficult to figure out. He does glance back to the greenrider, before finding his feet again. There is a struggle there, a want to talk about whatever was on his mind, but his sense of honor might just to be getting in the way.

"Nah, don't worry about it. It's not like I was behaving particularly well that night either. And since I kissed you back instead of pushing you away you can't exactly have all the blame." She shrugs a bit before taking a chunk out of the snowball and crumbling it up. The little bits of snow are then held over her boots, a grin spreading across her face as she lets it drift to the ground. "Mmm, well thanks! I think you're cute too, and that's a pretty good approach to things. Being one of those guys would've put you on my bad list pretty quickly." And Miki really only has two people on her bad list. "Buuuut. The fact of it all is that we didn't go down that route and so it's not like I have any expectations of you. And /that/ means I'm not going to be offended in the least with whatever's on your mind. So why not just give it a shot? I swear I'll hop up and wander off if I think it's something I don't want to hear."

Kairhys sighs, "We were both kind of loaded." he points out, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Again with the apologetic look sent the assistant weyrlingmaster's way. He's distracted though with what Miki has going on with her snowball, brows once more drifting upwards, perhaps for the amount of delight the woman finds in such a mundane task. Cheeks darken however when she says what she does next, but he doesn't bother filling her in as to why, but he does look back her way when she says that he would make it to her bad list if he had turned out to be one of those guys. "That's something, I guess." he manages, a quick smile sent over before he glances back over his shoulder at a tree likely planted for shade plants in the herb garden, leaning his back against it. Another sigh escapes and he gives the greenrider a long look before he shakes his head, settling in as it were. "I really…" A pause and he rolls eyes upwards towards the azure of the sky, "…like this guy, and he has no clue. Oblivious, would be an accurate description. I don't know if it's intentional, like he's trying to be polite and just ignore it…or if he really is just that dense."

Miki waves off the apology before turning back to her snowball destroying work. It doesn't take long before it is all reduced to rubble and she begins the process again, rolling the white fluff between gloved hands. She looks up as he leans against the tree, stopping her efforts for a moments to listen to his words. Once she's finally heard the explanation, a small smile plays at her lips and and she drops the snow. Bringing her hands together, she brushes the snow off before placing them to either side of her for support. "Hmmm, I see. Have you tried just telling him? I think that's the best way to go about it. I mean, sure it might make things awkward and maybe he'll reject you, but maybe he won't! And at least then you'll know you gave it your all in stead of just watching the chance drift away."

Kairhys keeps whatever he thinks about Miki's construction and deconstruction project over there, especially when she moves on to reconstruction, to himself. His brows do lift up some, however, no comment follows. Instead, the boy rests the back of his head against the smooth trunk of the sturdy little shade tree, it's branches bare of even a scrap of foliage at present. "You don't just walk up to a guy like that and tell him you like him like that." he interjects, cutting into what the greenrider is saying, almost in an argumentative fashion, but as she continues on he snaps his jaws shut and closes his eyes, his features seen in profile and clearly etched in was the beginnings of frustration. The shift isn't slow or progressive, it's there in it's full glory and then he's trying to shove it back down inside himself, perhaps where he hides everything he genuinely felt. "It's Th'ero." he snaps, maybe more harshly than he intended, considering the wince that follows. He hunches then, covering his eyes some with one hand, shaking his head and letting out a very heavy sigh.

Miki shrugs, "Well it's not like you're JUST telling him. You've been dropping hints. Obviously. And you've known him for a bit haven't you? It's not like I'm telling you to go talk to a stranger." She digs her boots into the snow again, apparently not one for sitting still. And in her distraction, it's too late and the candidate is already snapping at her before she realizes it. Eyes harden slightly then, fingers curling where they rest. "Well good for you. Next time if you don't want to listen to advice that you don't think you can put into action, maybe you should tell me first, yeah? There's no need for that kind of crap." One leg moves up, crossing over the other, her foot idly shaking. "So what if it's Th'ero? It's not like he's going to throw you out of the Weyr or anything like that."

"Listen, I'm sorry I didn't mean to…" Kairhys says, beginning an apology for the way he'd snapped off like he did at Miki, but then she responds the way she does and slowly the boy's head turns her direction. There is a surprised lifting of brows, and then they furrow deeply and for once the kid has a frown on his face. He looked about as pleased to be spoken to like that, as she probably had been being so abruptly cut off with his apparent not so momentous news. The sixteen turn old pushes himself up off the tree then, pausing a moment with the majority of his face tucked behind his scarf, brown eyes that were usually either soft and friendly, or sparkling with mischief now cut with the smallest hint of a hard edge. "Never mind. Sorry for having bothered you…ma'am." He turns then, and begins to head back towards the weyr.

"Wasn't a bother until…." When he calls her ma'am, the rider trails off, stiffening considerably. "Now you're the one that's pissed? Because I told you off for talking like that? Guess I'm not allowed to be annoyed." Miki stands then, not even batting her eyes at the way he's frowning. "Sorry I don't think it's a sharding big deal that you like the Weyrleader. He's a human so I don't see the big problem here, but whatever." But by the time she manages to finish what she's saying, he's long gone and so it's the herbs she begins to talk to, muttering under her breathe about bad weather, icy ground and other things. After a few moments, there is a green form that circles in from above, making it's way over to the feeding grounds and soon enough Miki begins to follow, no dout going to meet her lifemate and a certain egotistical little brother.

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