Fort Weyr - Lower Caverns

This volcanic bubble is smaller than the Living Cavern, but no less well crafted. The walls are smooth, with electric lights placed into niches that used to hold glowbaskets. Another hearth burns here, with a pot on always keeping water hot for making tea or cider. Worn but comfortable couches and chairs are arranged by the hearth around a few tables where game boards and a few packages of dragon poker cards are laying.

From this cavern you can get to many other places - the tunnels of Fort Weyr having been dug far back into the caldera where the Dragons make their home.

Evening meal has come and gone, leaving the candidates with their free time before they are shuffled off to the barracks like a herd of weyrbrats. Or, maybe not shuffled but definitely eyed until the headed that way. Nayale is currently curled up by the smaller hearth of the lower caverns, nursing a warm cup of cider with a rather scraggly old blanket wrapped about her. She looks warm and comfortable on one of the worn couches for once. There's no sign of chilled red cheeks or nose and a pair of gloves and knit hat is pilled neatly besides her. She looks tired, eyes fighting to stay awake, but there's still a slight curl to her lips, a show of contentment even though she might be exhausted.

With a dampness about him that clearly says recently bathed, Kairhys emerges from the direction of the cavern where people did just that. The weaver apprentice, now candidate, makes his way towards the hearth with a promise for a comfy seat and maybe something warm to drink before doing whatever it is that he did in his off hours before bed. He stops though to pick up a few things from someone holding them for him, an elderly woman handing over smile and a well cared for leather bound tome looking book. He stays long enough to exchange a few pleasantries with her before bidding her good night and excusing himself. Now with that out of the way, the sixteen turn old finally is on the approach, putting down his book in order to work on his belt and footwear, and then takes up a mug and some cider to put into it before settling in on the end of a couch is that unoccupied, curling long legs up beside him with his book nestled on his hip. Wrapping long fingers around the mug, he releases a soft sigh, apparently lost in his own thoughts.

Kimmila is neither content nor lost to her thoughts as she steps out of the Infirmary, shrugging back into her jacket with a solid flick of the leather and wherhide. "I don't care what my mother says," she says over her shoulder to the flustered looking Healer behind her. "My arm is fine and I'm not going to do anything with it that'll put me out of commission for a month or more." The Healer sighs, stopping just outside the infirmary door, watching as Kimmila begins to button up her jacket. "I can't make you do anything-" the Healer begins, as Kimmila interrupts him, "That's right, you can't," she says irritably, her left hand absently rubbing her right bicep. "Thanks for your time, but no thanks."

Kairhys lifts his gaze from the contents of his mug, if only to slide brown eyes the way of Nayale when she speaks, seeming surprised that her question was directed to him regardless of the fact that he and she were the only ones gathered around the small hearth at the moment. Most were still gathered off in the larger area set aside in the main living cavern. Sanctuary as it were, was here. "Wha…?" he begins intelligently, and then flushes sheepishly as he realizes the mistake, looking to the big thick book poised on him. "Oh! No no, it's not a book that you read. It's my sketchbook. Yeah, sorry about that. I keep forgetting how it looks to other people." he laughs, the sound full of a humor and certainly pleasant on the ears. Though before he can add any more to that Kimmila is coming out of the infirmary and his attention is drawn that direction, brows lifting upwards at the volume or maybe even the abruptness of the intrusion. He too blinks a few times, "Only in a weyr." the holder mutters, readjusting his position by twisting and seating himself with his back against the arm of his sofa, book settled up against the length of his thighs.

Kimmila parts ways with the Healer and walks over to another chair by the hearth, sprawling into it bonelessly with a humorless snort. Glancing at the other two present, the knotless woman gives them a nod. "Candidates," she greets blandly, also giving Kairhys' book a curious glance. "What are you reading?" It's impossible to tell if she's just being difficult, or if she really didn't hear his explanation to Nayale moments before.

Nayale's smile is light as she turns away, cheeks slightly rosy, "Oh, a sketchbook. I guess I should ask, what're you drawing, if that's the case then." She shifts about under her blanket, trying to find a new comfortable spot that doesn't make her legs go numb. She's peeking back at Kimmila then, "How's Varmiroth? Did he still want to see one of my carvings? I've been making a few in my spare time between chores and lessons and such. Nothing all that fancy or anything though, I'm afraid." Naya is digging around in her pocket then, pulling out a few small quarter sized carvings. She stares at them, trying to figure out which one to offer to bluerider, eyebrows knit together as if this is a very difficult decision to make.

Kairhys does look for Kimmila's knot, but considering it isn't there his expression shifts to one of confusion before he dares a sip of his drink. He recoils instantly, softly cursing under his breath. Someone burnt his tongue. It takes him a few rather comical shifting of facial features, mostly knitted brows and crinkles of his nose, and only after the inital ache has passed is he able to answer the bluerider, "It's a sketch book ma'am." he dares, probably assuming that was the best way to address anyone knotless, before he looks to Nayale and pauses again he touch a finger to his offended tongue. "A little bit of everything, it's a hobby of mine." This said, he sets the mug down on the nearby klah table and gives it the stink eye, as if it were responsible for the harm done to the sensitive inside of his poor mouth. There it will likely stay for some time, and it's promptly ignored in favor of peeking over his knees at his fellow candidate and whatever it was she was doing, curiously peering after whatever it was there that she had in her palm. Unlikely able to see something in great detail from where he's perched.

Kimmila's green eyes focus on Nayale for a moment, uncomprehending. Then realization dawns as her memory kicks into gear. "Oh. I knew I recognized you. Yes, he does. Well, he will when I tell him you do carvings. Then he'll no doubt want to do some of his own." The bluerider rolls her eyes, but she's smiling just the same as she glances over to Kairhys, a twisted little smile on her lips. "Oh yeah? I'm surrounded by artists. That's neat, what's your favorite thing to draw?" When he puts down the klah mug the bluerider peers at it and then leans forward to pick it up. "Mind if I have this?"

Shena wanders in from the residents' caverns, looking rather sleepy and a touch unkempt. This may explain why, despite the late hour, she makes a beeline for the klah. She fills a large mug full, then looks for a warm spot to drink it. Naturally, the nearest seat towards the group by the hearth is the obvious choice. "Evenin'." She offers tiredly as she slumps in and starts drinking.

Nayale pokes her finger at the little wooden carvings, rolling some over while pushing other upright. The tip of her tongue sticks out betwixt her lips before she finally selects one. She pinches it gently between fingers, curls her hand around the other ones and offers up the solitary figure to the bluerider. It's a small dragon, curled up in the sleeping position, head resting on its overly plump tail. "Just make sure he doesn't accidentally snort it, my dad's dragon did that once and wasn't all that happy about it." An awkward little chuckle is given before she crams the other figurines in her pocket. "I was never very good at drawing, but I like to do it too." Just please, don't ask to see her sketchbook, it really does look as if someone half her age was the artist. The cup of cider she was holding between her legs while dealing with her miniature pieces of art, is retrieved and sipped at. Her free hand is lifted and a wave is given to the entering Shena, and words don't follow until she's finished her drink. "Evening!"

Kairhys shakes his head at Kimmila as she appears to be after his beverage, giving the woman a smile and a simple have at it gesture with an up turned palm, "People." he tells her of his favorite thing to draw, "They're a lot harder to draw then most things, I think that's why I like doing it. A challenge." Completely unsolicited, but there it is. He's quickly distracted again, as he stretches his legs out over the empty space before him on his couch, now truely his as he takes it up in its entirety, sketchbook still resting over his thighs but at least now laying more or less flat rather than being precariously tilted upwards. He's watching whatever it is there that Nayale was doing with her mouth, enraptured, before his eyes travel with whatever she was handing to Kimmila. There is a bit of a frown as he apparently is unable to see what all the fuss is about, but it lasts about as long as it takes a heart to beat, his smile toothy and in place once as his fellow candidate addresses him. "Drawing is unfortunately about all I'm really good at." he admits with a bit of laugh, shrugging broad shoulders. Shena's arrival quiets him down though, folding his hands over the sketchbook after bobbing his head in greeting. "Hello."

Kimmila leans forward to pluck the carving from Nayale, turning it over in her hand and smiling. "He'll be real pleased with this, thanks. I'll make sure he doesn't inhale it, too," she says with a laugh. Taking Kairhys' poor abandoned klah, she blows across the top before taking a small sip. "People are impossible to draw," she murmurs. "It's quite the challenge, that's for sure." Turning the carving over and over in her head, she almost misses Shena's arrival, glancing up with a little nod. "Hey." Looking down at the carving again, the bluerider frowns, her eyes going distant for a moment, a crease deepening between her brows. "Erph," she mutters, closing her fist around the carving. "He's already started," she says, rolling her eyes. "Any of you want to help my daft dragon make a carving?" Please? She looks hopefully at the three of them.

Shena seems to slowly stir more awake as the klah enters her system. She returns the wave from Nayale, following it with a little bit of a smile. "Nothing like a warm hearth fire after a long day, is there?" As she becomes alert enough to follow the conversation, she blinks at Kairhys. "You draw?" She asks, sounding surprised. "I used to draw, myself. Not much time for it anymore. What kinda things do you draw?" The request from Kimmila earns a confused look. "Carving? What, like a wood carving? Sure, I can handle that. It's my specialty, y'know." She taps the knot on her shoulder.

"People are difficult." Naya offers up the similar opinion, snickering at some unknown thought that flows through her mind. "I stick with dragons or objects that don't get their feelings hurt if you don't render the representation well enough." Her eyes are clear and bright as mirth dances through them. "Easier to keep friendships enact as well." As if she's speaking from experience or something. Her ratty looking blanket is tugged around her shoulders a little tighter as a sudden chill runs through her. "Sure thing. I can make more, if you think he'd like them. They're real silly, honestly, doesn't take too much time. It's the only thing I'm good at as well." A playful wink is tossed at Kairhys before Kimmila's next question gets her giggling uncontrollably. "I'm not sure how well a dragon could cave, ma'am. I mean, their claws are definitely sharp enough to shred wood but…" She trails off offering a shrug before Shena is there and to the rescue. "Ah! She'd know better than I. I'm not even an apprentice, even if I know as much as one." She pauses briefly, lips quirking, "And yes, a warm hearth is amazing up here with the snow and all."

"They're not impossible to draw," Kairhys laughs, but not in a mocking manner, crossing his long legs then at the ankle. "It just takes practice." He sounds as if he really believes this, "I was rubbish at drawing hands and bodies for the longest time, but I kept at it and stuck with it, and one day it just sort of all clicked." Perhaps he's simplifying it a little bit, casting a knowing look Nayale's way, brown eyes widening to a degree. "Right? But you have to be careful with dragons sometimes as well, especially if they know you're drawing them. Some of them can be quite vain, and persistent if you don't draw them just right." He blinks once at the wink sent his way, and then laughs heartily. "Oh I like you." he teases her with a sly look, soon his attention whisked off by Shena inquiring after him and the weaver nods, "I do draw, yes." His hands don't move from the sketchbook in his lap other then to fidget with one another or at the leather tie holding the cover tightly closed over secure pages. Who knows how many are actually filled or if the kid was any good at all. "Anything I can see, I can draw. I'm unfortunately not very good about adding personal touches, most of my work is solely realistic. So for the most part I sort of feel like it's all very generic, rather than my own artistic expression." As there is talk of dragons and carving, the poor boy looks wearily over at Kimmila, a pleading expression in suddenly bottomless dark eyes. "Another time?" he asks, brows woven together towards the center there. Someone doesn't want to move just yet.

Kimmila blinks, looking thoughtfully between Kairhys and Nayale, before she's chuckling. "C'mon," she says as she stands, giving Kairhys a look, "it'll be entertaining to watch. You could even sketch it," she says, her lips twisting up into an amused smirk. "He's out in the bowl, already uprooted a tree from somewhere. I just hope it's not another one of Nabol's prized apple trees, like he used for his last piece of art." The bluerider rolls her eyes and sighs, giving her head a shake. "I'm Kimmila, by the way." Oh yeah, introductions. Those are good, sometimes. "Let's go?"

Shena looks just a little weary at the thought of doing yet more woodworking today, but she just can't say no to a rider. Dragons can be testy, after all. And at least this sounds more interesting than one would ordinarily expect work to be. She drains the last of her klah and sets down the empty mug before hopping to her feet, giving Kairhys a little grin. "Awww, c'mon, it won't be so bad. Like she says, fun to draw." She looks back to the Bluerider. "Shena, Journeyman Woodcrafter. Lead the way."

Nayale bobs her head, snickering at the comment about dragons being vane. "This is very true. I typically stick with my father's dragon, as he's a good sport and doesn't get to angry at me no matter how I butcher my drawing." Poor blue is always the one having to deal with his rider's children and the multitude of tortures they can come up with. "I like everyone, can't say you're the exception." She gives her fellow candidate a rather sly look and another wink before Kimmila and her orders get her making a bit of a face. "I would really love to Kimmila, but I should really get back to working on my robe. I'm not very good at sewing so it's going to take me forever to finish. And they say the eggs are hardening pretty fast. Next time? I promise!" Naya really does look as if she wants to go too, but she knows if she follows the group out, she won't get any actual work done. And with that she's quickly gathering up her things, slipping her shoes on and making for a quick exit, "See you at the barracks later!" Is shot at Kairhys before she disappears from sight.

Kairhys clucks his tongue on the roof of his mouth over at Nayale, "No dragons in my family to speak of, like, ever." So that was out, apparently. "Best way to do it is to find one that's sleeping off a big meal or passed out in the sun. They're immobile for hours." He tells this to her like it was some big secret or something, leaning over in her direction and lowering the pitch and volume of his voice. Whispering almost. He flops back though and very nearly pouts, but it's a playful sort of thing and not overly done. Perhaps something else that the teen has practiced and perfected. "You're lucky." That pout may of faded quickly but it's back with a vengeance when Kimmila tries to rouse him from the sofa and the stubborn boy gives his head a shake, though he is getting up. "Now that she mentions it," he says, jerking a thumb the escaping Nayale's way, "I have yet to convince one of the girls to sew my robe for me, as I keep stabbing myself every time I try. I should head back there and work the old Kairhys charm." he grins, devilishly so. Though whether or not the kid was serious or not was hard to say, considering that smirk he had right there. "If you ladies will excuse me." he says, giving a very courteous sort of bow, which really sealed the deal on the whole roguishly handsome look he had going on, before he snags his book before it had a change to fall to the floor, soon bounding on after the other candidate.

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