Fort Weyr - Cavern of Pillows

This enormous cavern stretches on into the darkness, its walls bare and grey, the domed ceiling dissapearing in shadow. Save for the noise made by those who enter, it is utterly silent here, and even then the echoes that bounce off the cold stone are muffled by the floor. For the ground is covered in.. pillows. Dusty and old, pillows of every shape and size have been piled high, along with folded blankets, sheets, curtains, and other textiles. Rolls of fabric, their colors faded from age, have been stacked here and there, and the occasional bag or leather item is visible amongst the other things. There must be thousands of items in here, stored away for the weyr's use and then forgotten.

Free of her attachment for a little while — and likely to get in trouble for sending Padron on that little avian chase — Deitra is tucked up inside the caverns of pillows. A large, rather tall fort has been made of the pillows, carefully constructed so that the tallest of people may fit inside without it toppling over. Unless it is bumped into, of course. The former hunter is curled up inside, a pillow being held to her chest with her arms firmly wrapped around it. Vulnerable, for once, she sits there with her chin propped up and grey eyes staring off into the distance, into thoughts that leave her mind far far away from where she is currently.

It's quiet! Too quiet. Though that's why Ada's come here. He needed a quiet place out of the way to write a letter home. And to deliver the news that he'd been searched. Such things had to be put delicately! Especially since his family were expecting him to return home within the next turn or so. So he's got a leather-bound folder with him, full of previous notes from his folks and some nice crisp paper. Also he's got a fancy pen tucked into his front pocket. He's humming away, not expecting someone to be in here. When he spots the fort he moves over to peek into it. "Hmmm? What have we here?"

It isn't the sound of another entering that draws her attention, nor is it the sound of Ada's voice. It's when he peeks in does Deitra's gaze lift to consider who intrudes her fort without actually intruding. Grey eyes slightly widen before lowering and the pillow is drawn in closer. Hi Ada. It is a soft greeting as lashes lower, her gaze focuses upon one of the pillow walls of her fort. "Yer free ta come in, the door's over here." A brief wave of her hand towards the blanket covered entrance that is low so one would have to crawl to enter.

It's almost like being in a tent! But not quite. It was still a bit cramped though, Ada already has a hard time getting in and out of the tents. He pushes his paperwork inside the tent before carefully squeezing in himself. Once he's through, big hands rub a bit at Deitra's shoulders. "What's the matter, Dei?" He says in a hushed voice. There wasn't any need to be his loud boisterous self. Not in here, with just the two of them. "You can tell big ol' Ada! Maybe I can help. Or at least provide you a shoulder? Something happen with one of the candidates? Chores not working out?"

"Touched the egg again. They're different, strange… Y'know? Weird thoughts, and hopeful thoughts. Wantin' ta, I don't know, be the one some of 'em want, y'know?" A chuckle and a smile plays at Deitra's lips. "Ain't ever felt like this, b'fore." She leans into the big man, taking his offered support. "'m doin' extra chores in a bit, but, hadda get rid of Padron cause he won't let me think." A shift and brows are drawing into a frown as she peers carefully at the man beside her. "Why're you mad at me?"

"Hm." Adalinus responds about the eggs. "I haven't had a chance to touch any yet. Perhaps it is your maternal instinct, wanting to care for an unborn creature! Or maybe it's just all the lessons and chores and things around the weyr. Now you want to become a dragonrider! Or you want it more now that it's possibly close." He blinks a bit. "Extra chores? What for?" Ada looks down at her with blue eyes, then gives an exaggerated sigh. "I'm not mad at you, exactly. It's just that Kai said you told him we weren't together. So I figured you had made an executive decision about us without me."

Deitra snorts at that maternal instinct bit, "no. Ain't that. They ain't like babies or nothin', they got these complicated thoughts. It's like they were tryin' ta give you the hope you might be their rider, but yer not sure and they ain't sure. Probably wantin' it more now that it seems close, now that I've seen what the eggs're like." There's a laugh from the hunter-candidate and she grins widely at Ada. "Got caught prankin' some candidates." There's a lift of her brows at why he's not exactly mad at her before her head shakes. "Nah. We ain't t'gether, I asked you said no, that it was too soon and we left it at that. Kai asked if you were my boyfriend, told him no 'cause yer not. We never talked 'bout it."

Adalinus nods a bit. "Ah. Though… babies could also have complicated thoughts. We just don't know because we don't get to read their minds. It all sounds… different, though. How did the eggs feel? Were they leathery? You didn't feel like you might break one, did you?" Ada is clearly worried about puncturing an egg or something. "Oh? Did you put crawlies in their pajamas or something? Which candidates?" Ada frowns a bit at her explanation and nods. "I see. I suppose it's better if we're not together right now anyways. Extra complications with us being candidates and all.."

"Hn. Suppose they could, huh?" Deitra tilts her head, considering silently before shaking her head. "Didn't really pay much attention ta how they felt, forgot they were under my hand sometimes. Nothin' ta worry 'bout, they don't feel fragile or nothin'." She promises, giving him a gentle nudge. "Nah. Dumped water on their cots, ain't comfortable ta sleep in if they're wet. But if they were smart they woulda changed their blankets. Put rocks in their shoes, stink bugs in their cot." Deitra shows no remorse for what she did, not an ounce. "Had ta apologize and haveta help Padron make friends." His frown is met with an uplift of her brows, "ain't mad 'bout it or nothin'. You not askin', I mean. Figured you'd've taken yer own time ta do things. Prolly for the best that you waited."

Adalinus shrugs a bit. Babies. They were the unknown. Always quietly plotting. Ada looks relieved when Deitra says they don't feel fragile. "Oh, good! Perhaps I will try to join the next touching then. Just for the experience." He gasps at Dietra's prank. "Shells and shards, Deitra! Whatever possessed you to do all that, then?" Also, why and how did she get caught doing it? "Who is this Padron fellow? His name isn't familiar to me." There's a shrug about him asking her and he looks a bit put out, but doesn't say anything else about their fizzled out relationship.

"You should. Supposed ta help them get ta know you and somethin' like that." Deitra stretches out a bit and shrugs, "I ain't likin' 'em, so, I did that to 'em." Nothing more than that, she simply smiles at him before sighing. "Padron's one of the people I was prankin'. Have ta be nice ta him. You'll probably meet him at some point cause I gotta stick 'round him. 'm probably goin' ta get in trouble for sendin' him off on his own."

Adalinus nods to Deitra about the eggs. "So I've heard. It's just all a little strange sounding for me! Though when at the weyr and all… So I'll try it out the next time we get a chance." He peers at her then. "You don't like some of the candidates? Which ones? Other than this Padron guy. Perhaps I can distract him for a while for you. Or look after him. How old is he then?" Ada twists his mustache in thought, then. "Most of the candidates I've met have been very friendly and all."

Deitra laughs, "it is, ain't it?" She leans over and gives him a gentle nudge, "yer goin' ta be fine. Maybe you'll enjoy it." With a chuckle she slowly stretches out her legs. "Qeska. Padron's sister. Nah. It ain't a problem, Ada. Ain't like he's two, he's just a little shy." A head tilts to crack her neck. "Nnf. I got my reasons, 's'all. Yer not needin' ta know 'em, just pretend everythin' is okay."

Adalinus chuckles. "Well, I rather hope I enjoy it, really. If I don't then maybe I'm not cut out to ride a dragon." He picks up his leather case of papers and fingers through it a bit. "I see. I don't really know her that well. Did she do something to you? Or did you just not like her from the start?" He grins. "Everyone is shy around you, Deitra." Then he peers at her. "Whenever you say something like that it always means trouble for the rest of us."

"Ain't sure that's got anythin' ta do with ridin' dragons. Ain't sure, though." Deitra waves a hand, dismissive of that topic before leaning over to consider the leather case. "Can't really talk 'bout it. Ain't goin' ta keep dpin it, 'm goin' ta try and be nice." Her brows lift at the statement of everyone being shy around her. A snort of amusement and she shakes her head. "Nah. Ain't sure that's it, maybe 'm intimidatin'." Her legs are drawn in and an ohso innocent smile is given to the man beside her. "Nah. I promise it ain't goin' ta bother you."

Adalinus scratches his chin a bit. "Hm. Well, don't dragons talk to their riders in the same sort of way? Obviously it's a little different with your own dragon that knows you." There's a squinty-eyed look at Deitra for a moment. Then suddenly, he's bearhugging her, and she can't escape! "You never tell me anything anymore, Deitra! And you don't want to date me, either! Am I falling out of favor with you!? Am I not muscley ENOUGH for you? People aren't used to being around a strong, beautiful lady like yourself!"

"Yeah. But, it ain't like yer not goin' ta hear nothin' from 'em. Not sure what yer worryin' 'bout, Ada." Deitra shrugs and is about to lift her arms to stretch when she's suddenly drawn into a hug. A soft little grunt, but she does not start to squirm away. "I /can't/ tell, Ada. Yer not out of favor. I ain't ever said I didn't want ta date you, dummy. You never /asked/! Ain't like we can do anythin' 'bout it." The woman sighs and rests her head against him. "Mhm. Strong and beautiful."

Adalinus blinks. "But… what if I can't hear them at all?! Does that happen? I don't think I've ever heard of that happening, actually. So I suppose I don't have anything to worry about, then." He peers at her, trying to read the through out of her face. "Well… alright. How am I supposed to back up you though, if I don't know what you're up to?" He sighs a bit, then. "Let's just… pretend none of that happened. And later maybe we can try again." He rubs her back gently. "Yes, indeed."

"You got Searched by a dragon, yer goin' ta be able ta hear 'em just fine." The woman insists firmly, chuckling a bit and shaking her head at him in a fond manner. Deitra sighs and gingerly pats him on the head, "yer not needin' ta back me up on this, 'm goin' ta be okay." She shifts and then considers him, frowning a bit. "Fine, forget if yer wantin, I ain't goin' ta." With that, she tries to squirm away. "Forgettin' ain't goin' ta help anythin'."

Adalinus nods to her a bit. "I suppose that's true." Even if the circumstances surrounding his search were a little on the strange side. A blonde eyebrow is raised towards her. "Well… alright then. Be careful." He frowns right back at her. "What is going to help, then? You want to be boyfriend and girlfriend? Would that help, if we make it official? If not, I think it'd better to just forget about things and then come back to it later."

"'m bein' careful, she promises." Deitra grins widely at him and pats him gently upon the shoulder. "We'll wait, then, Ada. I gotta go find Padron b'fore I get inta big trouble. See you 'round, Ada. Don't get roped inta extra chores, hm?" With a wink, she makes her way out of the fort.

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