Fort Weyr - Galleries

The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

It's just after dinner on this blisteringly cold winter evening, chores are done for the day, and many of the residents along with candidates have taken refuge in the galleries above the sands. Some to gaze and dream in the direction of the slowly hardening shells of the eggs below, while others had more selfish reasons, such as this being the warmest cavern in the entire weyr. While not exactly staring at the eggs, Kairhys has a large thick book open in his lap in which he sketches, seated off to the side and with relatively few people around him. Others are bunched up together in clumps here and there, occasionally a laugh rises above the general murmur of conversation. There ia general feel of calm and relaxation here, and a distinct lack of stress. Perhaps that is why the weaver chose this spot to sketch in his off time, or maybe he was cold and bored.

Stomp, stomp, stomp. "/Whoooooo-yeeeeeeee/!" Quiet? What quiet? The ever-energetic Chyhi cares little for any sort of peace and quiet that may be hovering around the area. The eggs aren't given much of a glance as the hunter moseys her way farther into the galleries. "It's hotter than a stuck swine sweating over a bonfire in 'ere!" A slap to the leg in her own amusement and Chyhi stomps her big-booted form over close to where Kairhys is sitting. Sitting her rear down, the teenager gets to work. Fingers move fast as each boot is unlaced and then pried off and placed to the side. Then socks, thick and damp and smelly, are peeled free from her toes. Each leg is extended to the seat ahead of her and propped up. Toes wigging as a relaxed, "Aaaaaah, tha's wha' I'm talkin' bout." is issued from the girl. Mmmm.

There's another candidate who's been tucked high up in the stands, a shadowed spot that helps to make her typically bright apparel less eye-catching. Whatever Xanshalla's plans for a bit of quiet time in the warmth might have been, Chyhi's creative description as the huntress enters startles a laugh out of the girl. Uncurling from her spot, she starts to hop down the rows, waiting until she's closer before asking, "Have you ever sweated over the fire, to know how hot the swine is?" she asks playfully.

After dinner and extra chores — it's what happens if you get caught pranking people! — Deitra is free! Finally free! For the most part, but not entirely so as the woman seems to be carrying an extra bit of baggage with her. From the looks of it, neither are too happy. The young man that is stuck with her is a rather intimidating sort, looking like he is up to no good simply by looks alone. "I don't like you." Can be heard from the woman, grumbling back at the man that's following close behind her. "'m sure I made that clear." There's a grunt of response from the man, "completely." With a huff, the pair go back to their silence as they make their way into the galleries. A certain sister is spotted and given the stink eye, before she's casting that gaze upon the young man behind her. "Stay here." And with that, she's quickly hopping back down the steps and out, completely missing Xanshalla. It doesn't take her that long to return, and notably with a huge ball of snow which is promptly thrown at the back of her sister's head. "That's for the other day!" The young man simply looks startled at Deitra before she's gesturing for him to follow, making her way down to find a seat in the rows closer towards the eggs. "This is Padron, 'm stuck with him."

It would be rather difficult to miss Chyhi's entrance, unless you were deaf. In fact, more than a few of the people clustering here turn to look at the young woman as she comes in and makes herself, comfortable. Kairhys actually managed to ignore the boisterous arrival, but it seems his nose was not able to do the same about her smell. The holder is all too soon stiffening and frowning, hastily closing his book and actually physically moving away. He's at least not so rude as to point out why he might be moving, so maybe it wasn't the stink rolling off those sweaty socks after all. He pauses and crinkles his nose at Xanshalla up there, as if asking her not to encourage Chyhi or perhaps to warn her of the biohazard before he drops himself down again further down the bench. The book is reopened over his lap and then the pencil taken up again, shoulders relaxing once more. As more rowdy people make their way inside in the form of Deitra and her equally angsty shadow, well, the weaver's shoulders hunch over the book. Snowballs being tossed around and general chaos. Just another day of candidacy.

Oh those toes, how they wiggle so enticingly. A soft sigh of pure euphoria leaves Chyhi's body as she snuggles into her seat, seeping into the warmth that is the galleries. That is until a freezing cold ball of snow is chucked at her head — and hits! — and then the snow is melting quickly and falling into her tunic. "/Crackdust/!" It's the only swear the girl is able to get out before she's up on her feet, doing a funky dance as she tries to free herself of the snow. Once any lasting bits are either melted and now warming due to contact with her skin or have been flicked off to rest in tiny puddles on the flood, a /scathing/ glare is sent towards the instigator. "I told ya, it was an accident!" Sadly, it's hard to keep the snirky little grin off of her face as the last word leaves her mouth. "I jus'… slipped an'… you went flyin' in the wa—" Nope. She couldn't keep it up. Chyhi's laughing now, reseating herself as tears well up in her eyes as big ole guffaws leave her throat. "Shells, your /face/ when it happened, Dei, I'll 'member it always." Is allowed out between snickering giggle fits. Her feet, all the while, allowed to be free. Others are noted as well, though Kairhys's move away wasn't detected. Xanshalla gets a salute of hello. "Y'all came here t'beat the cold as well, yeah?"

Xanshalla halts, starts to wave to Deitra but that gesture is aborted when the abrupt journey to fetch a snowball is taken. So the girl just stands, blinking wide-eyed as events unfold, hand over her mouth as if torn between shock and laughter. Though knowing her, laughter is more likely to win. Subtle hints are completely lost on her, the crinkling of Kai's nose noticed and given a puzzled 'what'd I do?' look in return. Feet together, she hops down the last few steps to reach their level, giggles leaving a trail of sound in her wake for Chyhi's dance. "Nice shot, Dei!" she congratulates. Following that up with a, "I don't think she was able to sneak two in, it's probably safe to come back," for Kairhys. Pause and an uncertain blink, her brows crinkling as Deitra introduces her shadow. "Qeska's brother?" she asks, and does a poor job of hiding the anxious glance she shoots towards the entrance. "She's not… nearby, is she?"

Deitra's gaze ends up traveling to the weaver as he flees his previous position and then lingers over there, by himself, hunched over his books. Brows lift high upon her forehead before her nose wrinkles just a bit. "Kai! Why're you sittin' all by yerself?" Rather than nag, she is distracted by Chyhi's dance to rid herself of the snow, laughing loudly. Padron just looks on, completely confused at why the hunter finds this all so amusing, and, rather than lingering by he makes his way over towards Kairhys. "What's so funny?" Deitra is unaware at the loss of her shadow, still focused on Chyhi. "Sure. You /slipped/. Not ta mention yer hands were out and all ready ta push me in. I /felt/ 'em!" Grey eyes roll upward and she continues to laugh along with her sister. "Well, 'm always goin' ta remember yer dance tryin' ta get the snow offa you." Shalla's congrats earn a large grin, "Chy's always hadda big head, it ain't hard ta hit it. Only got one snowball," is added over towards Kairhys. There's a glance behind her and she startles once noting her shadow is gone, quickly looking around and spotting him once more. A sigh of relief is heaved before she's peering at the former seamstress. "His sister? Nah. I ain't stuck with her. Why? She out ta get you?"

Kairhys was busy darn it all! Though all the commotion all of a sudden was certainly not helping the poor kid concentrate, neither was being yelled at. With a very long suffering sigh, the weaver closes his book and tucks the pencil into a special place somewhere in the spine. "I was trying to draw." he tells the grey eyed huntress otherwise known as Deitra. You know before all the ruckus and goings on. The large book is set aside only after being securely bound up and closed, ensuring that none of the pages could come loose or be rumpled. At least the weaver doesn't look exactly put out or anything, more begrudgingly compliant. Looks like he was done trying to get some practice in. Padron though, is certainly given the eye, a thin brow arching somewhat as the bad boy comes over to park himself near him. Well, then. "Hey." he says to the guy, jerking his head up once in a greeting before brown eyes find themselves on Xanshalla and then back to Deitra. "I wasn't really worried." he laughs softly, a curious look given to Chyhi.

"She's wrong, ya know." Chyhi states, arms crossing over her belly as she props her feet up once more and tossing a glance towards Xanshalla. "I've got me a hard head, not a big one! Dei's the one with a huge bloody forehead." Her tongue is stuck out at her older sister, the grin threatening to resurface at any moment. "An' I was jus' tryin' to use you for support, sis. Can't help it if'n ya couldn't handle my amazin' strength." Cue her arms flexing. Oooooh. So strong. The guy hovering near her sister gets a steely-eyed stare. Lips purse a moment, before she huffs and turns her head. "Why ya got some dude followin' ya 'round? Did'ja get in trouble an' he's yer punishment?" The question is tossed out as if the guy isn't even there. How polite. Turning her head, her attention directs to Kairhys. "Ooooh, ya draw? Wha'cha drawin'? Can ya, can ya draw like… like a tunnelsnake? With a dagger in it's /face/! And blood all splurtin'! Can ya?" Now she's crawling over towards the weaver-candidate, eyes keen. "Can I see wha'cha was drawing? I can't draw worth a lick, but I'm fine at guttin' an animal!" It's a worthwhile thing to be proud of, right?

Xanshalla seems quite happy to include herself into the small circle of sibling mirth, finding the banter between the two huntresses both familiar and comforting. Despite her smile though, her eyes are tracking Padron. "Huh?" Blink back to Deitra, before she actually blushes a bit and shakes her head. "Oh no, Qeska's great!" she says in that too-chirpy way of a person who thinks the exact opposite but doesn't want to be called out for sniping. "So what've you all been up to? Manage to have any fun in between chores?" she asks in an obvious bid to redirect. So far, her nose seems to be immune to Chyhi's feet. One of the 'perks' of having five brothers, perhaps, or the early warning sign of a head cold.

The sweet-faced and charmingly dimpled Qeska herself chooses now to make an appearance, sauntering up the stairs from outside. "Oh, Padron, someone told me you'd come this— oh /hello/!" A brilliant smile is given to the small gathering, her eyes lighting up as if she didn't see any of them until right that second, one hand lifting to play charmingly with a lock of hair over her shoulder. "It's so nice to see you making friends. And /Shalla/ dear, I was wondering where you'd disappeared to." Taking her welcome for granted, she sashays over, a sort of condescendingly amused smile on her lips as she observes Chyhi's crawling and questions. "Oh, are you an artist? How delightful! Do you do portraits?" And she actually goes so far as to flutter her eyelashes at Kairhys, so perfectly blatant she can't really be for real. Can she?

Shalla, meanwhile, is giving Deitra a panicked 'help me!' look even as she tries a shaky smile. "Uh. Hi. Everybody, this is Qeska." Weak. Very weak.

"Yer still gettin' homework from the weavers when yer a candidate? Man, I ain't wantin' ta be in yer shoes." Deitra chuckles, "'m sure alla the other apprentices gotta do Craft stuff, too, yer not alone at least." Chuckles continue and amusement continues to grow. Padron nods once towards Kairhys for his greeting, "hi. Sorry that we interrupted you. Deitra wanted to come to the galleries.. Well, I wanted to see the eggs again." The young man admits with a rather sheepish, awkward grin forming, even if it looks a little wicked. Chyhi's claims are met with a loud laugh from Deitra, "yer head is hard /and/ big. I mean, yer head is hard 'nough and big 'nough ta butt heads with an ovine! My forehead ain't big!" Her hands come up to cover her forehead, staring at Chyh. "It ain't strength, yer all fat." Really, it's just a bunch of sisterly love between the two. Poor Padron looks rather uncomfortable when Chyhi looks his way, clearing his throat a bit and looking down at his feet. "Yeah. 'm in trouble cause I got caught doin' some pranks. Extra chores and I gotta take care of him." With that, she's heading over towards Kairhys as Chyhi does, settling down near Padron. Shalla's claims at not disliking Qeska earns the woman a long stare, "yer lyin'." She leaves it at that, however, waving a hand. "Ain't gotta break. Extra chores doin' records work and stickin' with this one." Padron is gestured to.

When Qeska makes her way in, Padron shifts to sit a little straighter and he waves at his twin with a more relaxed smile forming. "Yeah. Friends… Right." Because having someone assigned to you is such wonderful friendship.

Kairhys shakes his head lightly at Xanshalla, indicating that no in fact he wasn't really having fun between chores, even if that lopsided grin he was sporting was a contradiction to the gesture. Of course he's quickly distracted from her by Chyhi's insistent questions, drawing back some despite being seated so far away. He appears altogether taken a back at first by the sudden notice and enthusiasm of his talents, feeling more than a few eyes upon him, including that of the lash batting Qeska. "I could, I guess. Never really felt the inspiration to draw a tunnel snake, let alone one being stabbed by anything." he tells the girl, looking less roguish and much more clean cut with Padron sitting there beside him. There is a twitch as to the inquiries, first from Deitra's sister there, and then by Qeska. "You can if you like, and yes I do portraits quite often." Questions answered, the weaver is reaching beside him and picking up the book he had just set aside and begins to unravel the leather tong that holds the tome looking thing closed. He shakes his head at Deitra though, "I like to draw, has nothing to do with the weavers." Then Padron has his attention and the boy grins a little deeper in response to the one he himself was given. He might even take a few extra seconds to really check the other boy out before he flips open the cover of his sketch tome. Inside, are hundreds of portraits, of places, peoples and things, and mixed in are clothing idea and sketches of whole outfits. Every single one highly detailed with a photo realistic quality. There are even people the candidates might know. Among them, Aniki, Miki, Deitra, Adalinus, more than a few of Th'ero, Xanshalla, Tamsyn, P'rius and his son, N'drei, and even a few of the dragons as well. There are sweeping landscapes of a tropical location, and even a few of children playing, building a snow person, and more than half a dozen of a devastatingly beautiful young girl with flowing dark hair and wide pale eyes.

"'least my rear ain't as large as yours!" Chyhi throws back at her sister, arms self-consciously going around her middle, palms flat and checking for fat. "I ain't /fat/, you are!" Yeah. Great comeback. "I've got nuffin' but pure muscle." Her nose is stuck up high into the air, bristling like a pissy kitten. It doesn't last long though, since Chyhi loves her sister so. "Aaah, ya should know better than to be prankin'. S'all kid stuff, anyhow." Tsk, tsk comes forth from the girl. Kairhys garners her interest once more, her eyes rapt with attention on the drawing book. Many 'ooohs' and 'aaaahs' are issued, as well as a clap of her hands at particular picture or two. "Ya ain't bad." She comments, head nodding in such a way that suggests she knows what she's talking about. She totally doesn't though. Qeska gets a look from the corner of her eyes, Chyhi's eyebrows raising some at the other girl. Fingers are then snapped and the teenager is moving back towards her boots and socks and slipping them on quickly. "Shardit, I forgot I needed to go an' deliver a message to… well… I reckon I don't 'member who." That makes this chore difficult. "Anywho, I'll be seein' ya all!" Eyes narrow at Qeska once more. "Ya kinda talk like a ninny, ya should work on tha', otherwise people may be wantin' to punch ya inna face." Friendly advice given, the hunter gives a cheeky wave to all the other candidates and flees the area.

The fact that Xanshalla's blush only darkens is proof enough that Deitra is absolutely correct, and this trader-girl is at least smart enough not to try to deny it, looking down at her hands guiltily. But bad-mouthing is rude, especially in front of that person's brother, and now that that person is also present, well. Distractions are good things, and Kairhys just provided a doozy of one. Hazel eyes go round as she clambers up to get a closer look at his sketchbook once he's opened it. "You're really, really good," she breathes in a way that's pure compliment, voice thick with admiration. And maybe a little relief, as well, since the weaver seems to have caught the other trader-girl's eye which leaves Shalla unsmothered. "Good luck!" she calls after Chyhi, but without even looking up. She's entranced.

Qeska takes her place near to her brother, reaching out to pat his shoulder fondly. "Yes, friends," she repeats, her tone perhaps a tiny bit sharp, but gentled by her smile. As she leans over to take a look at Kai's drawing, she gives a delicate, dainty sniff. "What is is /awful/ smell? Don't they have people to clean in here?" Though with the way she's staring at Chyhi's boots, it's obvious she has a pretty good idea what's whiffy. She doesn't even deign to respond to the huntress' 'advice' however, lifting her chin slightly and angling her body in a way that clearly dismisses the other woman from her regard. "Tell me," and she's leaning towards Kai now as if he's the most fascinating creature she's ever laid eyes on, "have you ever given any thought to selling your work? Such talent, it would be a true pity to waste it."

"Ah." Deitra's response comes to the weaver as he admits to the fact that he simply likes drawing, grinning a bit wider in the direction of the younger man before she's leaning over to see into the sketchbook as he flips it open. Never mind the fact that she literally must lean over Padron,There's not an ounce of care behind her actions, or, she simply does what she wants. "Yer really good. I saw me!" A bit of laughter and she leans back, sitting up properly before sticking her tongue out at her sister. "Bigger butts are sexy." Her lips form a wide wicked grin as Chyhi checks for fat and fails again at a comeback. All sisterly love, really as the argument ends with that. "Nah. Yer never too old ta prank." Laughter follows her sister's departure for her suggestion to Qeska, unable to help it from the way she's at least /attempting/ to stifle her laughter behind her hand. At least she scoots over when Qeska seems to want near her brother. Once laughter fades she offers another smile towards Xanshalla, encouraging and friendly. "Ain't goin' ta say nothin'."

Padron tenses a bit for the pat on his shoulder, then slowly sagging down in his seat and maybe even slightly attempting to scoot closer towards Kairhys. "Qes, do you have to do this now?" He looks rather uncomfortable as his sister begins to whip out the charm before his expression quickly filters through various amounts of emotion before clearing his throat. "I mean, probably best to.. Uh. Do it somewhere over a warm drink."

Kairhys flushes under some of the praise sent his way, or perhaps its the scooting of the handsome bad boy closer, or even the proximity of so many very good looking women all of sudden. Might just be all of the above really. A few murmured thank yous come from the holder, soon closing the book at Chyhi takes off and Deitra is laughing as she spotted her own portrait. It's Qeska leaning over as she is that has the boy's shoulders tensing and he begins to tie up the book's cover once one in a figure eight type motion down and around and up and over two buttons sewn onto the front. He gives the flirtatious young woman one of his lopsided grins, "Let me assure you that nothing gets wasted." he murmurs non-too quietly before leaning away from her and setting the book back down at his side. He smiles much more genuine and softly at Xanshalla however, bobbing his head mouthing a soft thank you to her. The same is given to Deitra as well, before Kai's expression falters at the obvious uncomfortable shifting of the boy beside him. Brows lifting upwards, "Are you offering me a drink or your sister?" he asks, perhaps only half innocently, and half teasingly. He might even know exactly what the guy meant, but it was rare for the weaver to take anything seriously for too long anyway.

Entranced or not, some things are like waving a shiny ribbon in front of a hyper kitten. "Are bigger butts really sexy?" Xanshalla asks, head lifting to send a glance at Deitra, before she's twisting around this way and that in an attempt to peer at her own rather small, if shapely, derriere. Qeska's obvious flirtations receive a quick, dirty look, something of a shock from she-who-likes-everybody, if anyone manages to catch it. But as fast as it's there, it's gone again, the brown-haired girl giving a sheepish look to Deitra before playfully poking her tongue out at the huntress. "I'm gonna head back," she announces once the sketchbook is closed, her pout for the lovely drawings disappearing plain. "I need to finish writing to my parents or Riordan's /really/ gonna be mad at me." Really really. And with a little wave for the quartet, if a little less enthusiastic for Q, she trots off to make good her escape.

"Oh Paddy, you know I never miss an opportunity," Qeska chides, but she laughs at the same time, as if the mutual rebuke is all just in familial fun. "And I would love to go for a drink with you sometime," she promptly flutters back at Kai, Padron earning himself a warm smile for giving her that neat opening. "I'm sure we'd have ever so much to discuss." Apparently, that's as good as a formal agreement as far as she's concerned, for as Shalla's trying to sneak off, she hops up to follow determinedly after her. "Oh, sweety, let me walk back with you. There's still so much I'd like to know about your clan…."

Shalla's shoulders tense as her steps falter, but the last sight of her is one where she's turning with a too-big smile, trying her hardest to be nice because really, that's all Qeska's being. Or so it would seem.

Deitra nods once to the look that Kairhys gives her, the grin growing wider upon her lips. "'m gunna have ta show you my drawin's. Ain't people're nothin'." The huntress notes over towards the weaver, chuckling to herself before laughter spills out for his comment towards poor Padron! It also grows a fraction louder at Shalla's question. "Depends if yer likin' bigger rears or not!" Amusement lingers though the laughter does not continue as she quiets down. The tongue sticking out is returned to Shalla before nodding to Shalla's retreat, and then to Qeska as she makes to take off with the other. Eyes roll and she sighs, "yer sister's weird."

Padron flusters at Kairhys' comment, clearly caught off guard as he begins to sputter and struggle for a reply. This continues until Qeska offers to meet him for a drink sometime and he quickly grows quiet, nodding once towards her. "Erm. Was just a drink." He finally adds in as his sister takes off, but the touch of color to his cheeks remain before Deitra's comment about his sister earns a notable frown. "I'm ready to go." There's no pause to wait for the huntress as he is suddenly fleeing, leaving her alone for a moment. Swears follow his departure and the huntress quickly jumps up, "ain't supposed ta leave him 'lone, sorry Kai." And off she goes, chasing after the trader.

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