Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's dinnertime at Fort, and there is the general hustle and bustle about the caverns as people come in from a long day to get something to eat and drink. Adalinus is one such patron, trudging into the caverns. He's spent a long day on…. nanny duty! And he wanders into the caverns with a swarm of weyrbrats hanging off of him and two at his hip. "Alright now, alright. Everyone get into line. We'll need to get you all something to eat." Then comes the arduous task of making sure all the 'brats don't sit down with a tray of bubblies instead of actual food. And getting them all situated at a table. Then Ada grabs his own plate and takes a seat where he can keep an eye on everyone. And remind them that food is for eating, and not playing with.

"And I do want to apologize about, well, you know." says a female voice coming from the entrance from the bowl, revealed shortly there after to belong to an overly tall woman with long blond hair and crystal blue eyes. She's built like a buxom warrior, but the knot on her shoulder says greenrider. "It's fine," Kairhys answers, stepping in a few seconds later after her, undoing the front of his coat and shaking the snow off of himself. "Proddy happens, and I did get some much needed exercise running away." The woman laughs, appearing to be in her late twenties but there was something about the way she held herself that suggested she might actually be much older than that. "You take care of yourself kiddo, and thanks again for the help today." A pause and her grin deepens, "I'll give Severin your love." Considering the sheepish expression and darkening of cheeks of the now speechless weaver, the woman cackles with laughter and claps him on his shoulder hard enough to jostle him. "You're one of the good ones kid, keep your chin up." She departs then with a farewell and turns back towards the bowl, having finished escorting the candidate in. Kai can only watch, rubbing the back of his neck, before he exhales a groan. "It's always the quiet ones." he mutters, before turning towards the living cavern, and sets off towards the serving table.

Adalinus is just settling in with his plate full of food and a nice big bowl of stew when he spots Kairhys heading into the caverns with a Valkyrie. Once he's close enough where the other candidate can hear him, Ada waves an arm around and yells to get his attention. "Kairhys! Over here!" He pulls out the empty seat next to him as a way of indicating that he ought to come sit next to Ada. Once he's certain Kai has seen him, he goes back to eating, grinning away and chatting with some of the weyrbrats around.

And one thought that Kai was flushed darkly already, upon the flag down from Adalinus, the weaver does indeed darken all the more. He hadn't seen the other candidate since that day in the Infirmary, perhaps even going out of his way to avoid the mustashed nineteen turn old. M'lo might of been right, maybe Kai couldn't walk the walk after talking the talk. He bobs his head once in greeting to the man, giving him a once over with a dubious look on his face before he manages to sneak off towards the serving table. He also gets a big bowl of stew, but he also grabs a small half loaf of bread to go with it. As well as a tall glass of ice water. He does, reluctantly, make his way toward the empty seat that the hunter had there beside him and sets his things down, lowering himself silently into place. He sits, quietly for a time, before he picks up his soon. "I really want to say I'm sorry for the other day. I was just teasing. I didn't expect that brownrider to spoil all the fun and make me feel like an wherry's ass." he tells Adalinus, unable to even look at the guy, his hooded brown eyes centered on the thick savory bowl of stew in the bowl before him.

Adalinus has been none the wiser after the episode in the Infirmary. Or about Kai's inability to walk after talking. After all, Kai was just kidding… right? At least that's the way Ada was taking it. "Hello!" Ada says between bites after Kai does indeed take a seat next to him. When he goes on apologizing, Ada gives a bit belly-laugh and pats Kai on the back. Probably a little too hard. "Ha-ha! Nothing to worry about, my fellow candidate! It was all in good fun! That weyrsecond seems to be all business, though. He came in with purpose! How have things been going? I was assigned nanny duties, today. I haven't looked after a little one in quite a while. They can be a bit exhausting! What were you assigned to?"

Whether or not the weaver was /just/ kidding remains to be seen, and he softly returns the hello, even as he dips his spoon into his bowl and stirs the contents around. It smelled fantastic, but for the moment the boy just didn't seem to have the heart to take a bite yet. After all, he hasn't done it, what other reason could there be? Though when Adalinus dismisses the incident, relief floods into every tense muscle that Kairhys must of had, as his shoulders slump. Course, then that back slap comes and he's grunting and wincing. Yes, perhaps a bit too hard. Still, the kid's lopsided grin was in place rather than knotted up in apprehension, rolling his shoulders some in an attempt to shake off the over enthusiastic forgiveness. "That was the weyrsecond that searched you? Wow." he blinks a few times, now getting a spoonful up out of the bowl and poising it before his mouth. "Hope the weyr doesn't put him in charge of any weyr relations. Had about as much humor and warmth as a snow dragon." Now he chews, and can't help the look of delight upon his youthful features, "Shells, that's good." he all but purrs, scooting his chair closer to the table. "Going? Uh, all right I guess. No complaints. Yourself?" he asks, brows lifting. As for his assignment? "Oh! Rider Intern." A beat later, Kai looks over the multitude of weyrbrats and then back to the hunter. "Kids are great though. At least they keep things interesting."

Adalinus doesn't seem to notice the soft hello. After all, Kai and himself didn't know each other that well. It was natural to be a little shy. Especially around Ada. Poor Kai though. Apparently Ada has a fondness for the younger teen. "Mm. Apparently it was. I thought the weyrsecond was in charge of interweyr relations usually, but you are right! He was all business. Very little finesse with his words, that is for certain!" Ada looks into his own stew. "The stew is fantastic! My kudos to the cooks." He gives Kai a mustachioed grin then. "I am doing just fine, thank you! Rider… intern? What exactly does that mean you are to do?" After a few more bites Ada wipes his mouth and nods in agreement. "Kids are wonderful. I plan to have quite a pack of my own. Strapping young men with a few little ladies thrown in. Hm, impressing may make things a bit more complicated. All of my children will need to be fostered at Nerat in that case! I have two sisters, but one is still a child herself. The other… I am not sure she will marry."

"He was in, out and gone in the span of a few minutes." Kairhys points out, taking a few more bites of stew carefully after blowing on them. The stuff was hot! As Adalinus goes on, the weaver starts looking more and more guilty about something, even setting his spoon down despite the deliciousness. "I'm not a huge fan of gossiping, so I really should just chalk the experience up to just one of those days and forget about it." Shoulders tense again. "I don't know. What he said and did, really bothered me for some reason." The usually jovial teen perhaps takes another couple of moments to ponder this conundrum and then shakes it off with a shrug, spoon picked right back up again. "Time to let it go." And with that, stew is consumed and he nods in absolute agreement about the assessment of the concoction. There is no more mention of the Weyrsecond after this, instead Kai seems to focus on other things. "Rider Intern, means you spend the better part of the day shadowing a rider and helping them with their work. I got paired with Sarina, that was the blonde woman I came in with. She's a lot of fun." As for kids, well, there is a particularly ironic twist to the boy's smile then. "I do love kids, though if I ever end up in a relationship again it's doubtful I'll ever have them." he replies honestly, completely without thinking. He's distracted enough with the hunter's tellings that he even neglects to realize what he's said for the time being. "Oh? why don't you think she'll marry?"

"Hm." Adalinus considers Kai's words, his mustache seemed to curl with thought. He eats his stew very neatly. "Gossiping? No. Though it's also possible that he considers such things as business, and is very serious and purposeful in business. A personal meeting he is probably less rigid, and easier to get along with I would think. I know I can be very serious when it comes to business, myself!" Though it's very hard to imagine. "Ooh! That sounds like it would be interesting. The day in the life of a rider. A very strong looking rider she is. She seemed quite personable from a distance!" Ada finishes up his stew, soaking up what was left in the bowl with a bit of bread. "Oh? Why is that? We're still so young! Plenty of time to settle down and have great big families." Ada chuckles a bit. "She is… quite picky. I don't think there is a man alive who could live up to the sorts of standards that she's set, though some have tried and even gotten close. Perhaps when she is a bit older she'll be more receptive. But right now she regards men as useless swine most of the time. Weak, she calls us! And selfish, too!" Ada scoffs at such things.

In comes Deitra, hauling a a rather full sack, the contents of which one can only guess considering what her chores were today. A grin is settled upon the woman's lips, the most wicked of hints lingering behind it which even settles into grey eyes. Food? Who needs food when you are sated by potentially evil deeds ahead. Well, Deitra does for she's walking over towards the table where Ada and Kairhys are settled, dropping the bag down and pointing between the two. "Don't look in it. You'll lose yer lunch." Both are given the stink eye before she's making her way towards the serving table and fetching a abnormally small amount of food before mug of klah is fetched. Quickly, she returns to the table, settling her things down before transferring her back to the next seat.

Kairhys also eats neatly himself, making sure to do so over the bowl for any drippings from the spoon might fall back into it rather than onto his clothing. So hungry was he, that he'd even forgotten to remove his outerwear, and now that he was thawing out he takes the time to remove his coat and scarf lest he overheat. He sets these things onto the back of his chair with a twist at his middle, only picking his spoon back up once this is done. He only eats however, as Adalinus talks more about M'lo, the weaver staying true to his word and not speaking again of the matter. He does smile and nods, but does not add anything more. As the conversation moves on, Kai reasserts himself with a chuckle. "She's a handful. Two actually if you catch my meaning." he grins, winking at the hunter as he too finishes up his meal and sops up what remains with the bread he brought to the table. He sighs dreamily, "I do so love greenriders." Patting his stomach, Kai leans back in his chair and takes up his water, sipping at it lightly. Adalinus' question has the boy taking a moment to try to figure out what he had meant, and a second later is setting his glass back down. "I tend to prefer relationships with other men. Women are fun for friends and a tumble now and then, but I have yet to meet one that I wouldn't mind putting up with." A pause, "Well, there is Miki, but I didn't get a chance to even have dinner with her before I got searched. It was a mess really. She thought I was kidding, Dei and her and I all got drunk. I kissed her…and I haven't really seen her since." There was no shame in anything he'd just said, perhaps trusting the hunter to either accept or throw something at him in typical phobic holder fashion. There is laugh for the tale of the sister, "She sounds fun. I'm terribly picky myself, probably explains why I don't get laid nearly as much as people seem to think I do." Then Deitra is arriving, and draws the weaver's attention away from Adalinus, probably at a good time considering the bulk of the information he just dumped into the poor man's lap. Maybe just to see how well he'd fancy him after all that. The bag she drops off is eyed and then brown eyes lift back up to the huntress. The stick eye he gets at least earns her the satisfaction of him holding up his hands both defensively and agreeingly, nodding his head. "You got it. No touchie." He follows her for a while until she is out of earshot, leaning towards Adalinus, "I dare you to look." Mischievousness, thy name is Kairhys.

Adalinus furrows a brow at Dei as she drops something… apparently horrible on their table while they're in the middle of eating. "What is this? Why have you left it here! The children are trying to eat!" He doesn't open it up though. Since Dei has asked him not to, and he doesn't want any brats peeking over his shoulder into the bag. "Oh?" Clearly Ada does not get Kai's meaning about the greenrider. He looks, a bit confused before the conversation is moving on elsewhere. There's a bit of a cough from the big man as Kai says he prefers men over women. Then he clears his throat. "I see. That is common at the weyr, no?" He scratches his head a bit. "It would make having children difficult though. Perhaps your greenrider friends would not mind leaving one of theirs in your care though?" Or even letting Kai have a go with them, or something. "Ah yes, Miki. Well, there are lots of people at the weyr. Perhaps you will find a woman later on that you like enough at least for children?" Ada seems… okay with it. He's not completely ignorant on weyr culture. He's just very holdbred. And it isn't in his blood to be judgmental or prejudice really either. He does get a peer when he's egging Ada on to look in the bag. The hunter takes one small peek, then wrinkles his nose. "Deitra! Such things do not belong in the caverns at dinner! That is grotesque!"

Deitra is blissfully unawares of the first subjects going on between weaver and hunter, simply filling her plate until she gets back. And then Ada's yelling at her and brows furrow at the man before she hisses at him to quiet down, quickly scooting in closer and taking the bag away, closing it tightly before dropping it under the table. She shifts it to rest between her legs and glaring at Adalinus. "It's for somethin' /important/. Keep /quiet/." There's a soft little growl, reaching for her mug and taking a long drink. "Ain't goin' ta leave it somewhere and lose it ta somethin'."

The bag at Deitra left behind is peeked at every now and then, but Kairhys doesn't touch it, probably trusting the huntress when she said it would make him want to lose his dinner. He simply sits there and quietly sips his water, watching the interplay between those that like to stab at living things with point sticks or whatever it is they used to kill animals, brown eyes sparkling. Apparently he was amused by the whole thing. Though when Adalinus so obviously does not catch his meaning in regards to the greenrider, the weaver blinks once and sets his glass back down. "Oh for crying out…" he mutters, still very amused, as he laughs and rolls his eyes ceilingwards. "You and I are going to have many long talks into the night, Adalinus my friend." Course Deitra is hissing at the hunter about then, and he disappears behind his glass of water again. Nothing to see here, move along. Though not for long, as Adalinus starts addressing commonality. "Hmm, not so much talked about back at the hold, but it's why I prefer living at a weyr rather than with my parents. Not that its really an option right now, but I'm not going to hold my breath on walking off the sands with a dragon at my side. My sister was right, silly beast must of had a cold or something to be sniffing me out of all people." He shrugs as to the matter of having children, "If it happens, fantastic. If it doesn't I'd be more than willing to be nanny to your brood." he grins at the man, though is soon distracted again by the returning of Deitra and the peeking of bag contents. "I really don't want to know now." he murmurs to himself, and water is drunk as apparently the bag is forgotten.

Adalinus peers at Deitra. "I don't think I -want- to know what you are up to. Keep quiet? I don't want to know enough to tell! Lose it? To a stray canine or something?" Ada actually does very little hunting for being a hunter. He was more in charge of setting up and looking after the camp. Making sure the hunters had warm meals and hot klah to come back to after being out several hours in the cold. Ada blinks at Kai. "Hm? Long talks? Concerning what? I am… informed about weyr customs! They are just much different than my own." He strokes his mustache a bit as he goes to eating what's on his plate now. "It is true, the hold does not highly regard weyr lifestyle choices. Though you have as much chance as any of us walking away with a dragon!" He gives Kai a pat on the shoulder. Gentler than his back pat, at least. "So none of such talk!" Ada laughs then. "I will make sure to set aside some of my brood for you to look after!"

The oddly quiet Kairhys turns her attention his way, grey eyes narrowing upon the weaver for a long moment before she relents and takes another drink from her klah. "Yer not wantin' ta know. Keep quiet that you was anythin', too." Another stink eye before she's settling a look on Adalinus. "You saw nothin'. No anythin'. No bag." Deitra insists firmly, before nodding at his suggestion of a canine taking her bag. Silence picks up and she begins to pick at her food at least until the other hunter is talking about a brood, brows lifting. "You have a brood?" <re>

Water drunk, ice cubes are chewed with a very disruptive crunching sound, though as soon as Deitra turns her attention his way the weaver's hands are up. Don't shoot! Brown eyes widen some, and he even attempts a completely inoffensive wide toothy grin before the woman finally relents and the boy drops his hands to his lap. Kairhys leans over very slowly towards Adalinus, who's thankfully and conveniently seated beside him, murmuring at the poor man in a rather conspiring way. "That's why I prefer men. Women are nuts." Then he's sitting up straight in his chair and grinning again at Deitra, making no sudden movements. He holds this for some time before thumping against the back of his chair with his shoulder blades. "Yeah, long talks. About things, that they don't teach you in Harper lessons." he says to the other male of the trio, fishing another ice cube out of his glass and popping it into his mouth. It's suckled on and then chewed into oblivion. "You do want to know the ways of the world, don't you?" Mischievous lopsided smirk in place, lashes are lowered and he pops another ice cube into his mouth. Oh, that look can't mean anything but trouble, it's downright devilish. He skips over talks of dragons and lifestyle choices, instead letting Deitra have the reins of the conversation, more than happy to just sit there with his full belly and enjoy the good company. Though he is chuckling at what the woman asks of him, chewing away.<re>

"Fine fine." Adalinus waves off Deitra. "I never saw a thing. No bag, no Deitra. Nothing." He grins to the huntress then. "Not yet! My prospective brood though!" The one that Dietra's already agreed to. Once he gets her a cabin and lots of animal pelts for it. Also runners. Ada gives a big belly laugh at Kai's assessment of women. "Ah… yes. Yes they are." He looks to the younger teen. "Hm. If you think that would be wise. Let us have some talks! I left my home to learn the ways of the world! It would be shortsighted of me not to know them before I return." If he returns, of course. Ada is making short work of what's on his plate. He leans back a bit and sips at his klah once he's finished up.

"Yer lookin' a little too innocent there, Kai." Deitra states, giving him a rather teasing smile despite already relenting. She doesn't pay much attention to him whispering over towards the other hunter, not interested it seems as she begins to pop food into her mouth. The talk of lessons and long talks has the huntress smiling to herself, keeping commentary to herself and simply looking amused. The little bit of food on her plate is then cleared completely, devoured in that short time. Ada's waving her off is met with a smile, especially as he agrees that he saw nothing. "Good." The talk of potential brood draws silence from the woman, considering before she lets out a soft 'oh'. "Right. 'm owin' you one if yer able ta meet my demands." A laugh before she's downing the rest of her klah and quickly pushing to her feet. "'m off ta get ta work b'fore anyone can play witness." With that, she gives a cheerful salute to the pair, grabs her bag and strides on out. And yes, she left her dishes there.

Kairhys looks between Adalinus and Deitra both, crunching on his ice cubes. As he was sadly unable to read minds, and unlikely knew about plans that the two of them had made, he just does his thing with chewing of frozen water. He is chuckling however when there is talk of multitudes of children, blinking quite innocently at Deitra as she singles him out. "Who me? I am innocent. Completely." See? Cue cheesy grin and everything, sliding sparkling brown eyes the other male's way and smirking all the more. Oh yes, he was having fun. Clearly. A smirk which really only grows all the wider as Adalinus agrees to having long talks with him about the world, and the boy probably couldn't look more pleased about this development. "Oh you'll certainly learn more than you'll ever want to know." A snicker escapes the weaver then, which is abruptly cut off as Deitra drops that particular bomb, brows lifting upwards together in unison quite quickly. He is actually unable to comment really, until long after the woman is gone, having stared the way she had disappeared for several long moments. He does snap out of it on his own though, and arches an eyebrow at the candidate that remains. "And she says you two aren't together. First I've heard that you two were planning a family." Does he look slightly disappointed? Perhaps.

Adalinus blinks a bit a Deitra. "One! You promised more than one! We'll need at least four or five! A couple of lads and at least one little lady. So… at the very minimum three." Ada blinks more as she finishes up and moves to leave. At least she takes the bag of horrors with her. "Eh?" She better not leave any of that near his stuff! He sighs a bit, then looks to Kai. "Women!" He wrinkles his nose a bit. "More than I want to know?" Ada blinks a bit. "She said that… we're not together?" There's a frown there, then a sigh. "I see. I don't believe I am what she is looking for in a partner. She would be more well suited with someone who is similar to herself. A weyrbred man, more likely. It's not really a plan. Just silliness really. I will need a wife before I have children, and she isn't going to ever be married she says." Sad Ada is sad. Droopy mustachio.

Kairhys seems to have absolutely nothing to say when it comes to whatever might of been agreed on between the two hunters, finding his glass and its remaining contents very interesting. He makes short work of the remaining cubes in the bottom, setting the glass back down sadly when it was empty. He really did have nothing left to make him look busier than he really was. Looking to Adalinus when the man crinkles his nose and expresses his frustration with the opposite sex. He can do nothing more than shrug his shoulders, he'd after all, said what he thought of them. "Hmmhmm." he says, confirming that he had indeed said that he would learn more than he ever wanted to know. And there is a more reluctant nod for what comes after that, "She did. I called you her boyfriend and she seemed really annoyed about it." He was gossiping again, and he knew it. A wince soon follows and he's rubbing at the back of his neck, "I completely understand wanting to breed with her and all, man. I do. She's gorgeous." he confirms with a bit of a solemn expression, reaching out as if to pat the other guy on the arm but it pauses above and then retracts. As if thinking better of it. "But Dei isn't really the settling type from what I've seen. She has her own agenda and I don't think men such as you and are ever going to be able to tame her." He sighs some as he rises from his chair, perhaps talk of wives and children too much for the holdbred weaver. "Dragonriders don't marry either. They weyrmate." This said, he gathers up his dishes as well as Deitra's.

Adalinus is busy thinking! Or fretting, one of the two. Ada seems to mull over Kai's explanation of what Deitra said to him. "Hm. Well, we aren't really officially boyfriend and girlfriend. We never really made it quite that far. And now things are even further complicated by us both being candidates." Plus it's not hard to annoy Deitra. "Er… wanting to… breed with her?" He sighs. "She is lovely. But she can be a bit stubborn about things. And confusing like most women tend to be. They have all those extra emotional things." He nods. "She certainly does. I just… try not to get in her way most of the time. I suppose perhaps part of me knows that it is a fleeting dream to think that we will have any sort of lasting relationship. I figured maybe if I stuck around long enough she'd get used to having me there." He gets up as well, to gather up his own dirty dishes. "Right. Yes. From what I have heard it isn't quite the same," he adds about marriage versus weyrmating.

"That's more or less what she said." Kairhys says quietly, stepping away and putting the dirty dishes away in one of the return bins carefully, saving one of his fellow candidates extra work no doubt. He returns though to the hunter if for no other reason than to take up his coat and scarf, putting each back on without any hurry. "And that there, is exactly the reason why I prefer men." he points out, slipping his coat back on one sleeve at a time and then drawing it over his torso. "Not that men can't be emotional or irrational. They can. But women tend to make things of that nature into an art form." Coat is buttoned up, from top to bottom, slim fingers making quick work of it despite his lingering. "I swear half the time they do it just to mess with us." On goes his scarf then, wrapping it around his neck a couple of times, before he takes his gloves out one of the pockets of his jacket. He sighs as he looks at Adalinus, pulling the fine fur lined leather onto his hands. "I'm not going to talk you out of it if you have your heart set on chasing her to the ends of Pern, but I'll be here if you need someone to talk to."

Adalinus puts his dishes down as well. The poor candidate stuck on dish duty could return the favor when it was their turn to do the dishes. Ada assumes Kai is heading back to the barracks, and so is following at the younger man's heels. He laughs a bit at his assessment of womanly feelings. "That is true, it would seem. One has to be careful, you never can tell when a woman might change her mind and take something the wrong way. Perhaps they are just trying to keep us on our toes." Ada's own jacket, hat and gloves are put on, making him look even bigger than normal. He's a giant! With a beanie cap. "Hm? I don't intend to push myself onto Deitra. I intend to let thing progress or not naturally. Right now we both have a lot going on, so there isn't any rush. So what sorts of worldly lessons did you have in mind for me?!" He asks Kai eagerly.

Kairhys is indeed heading back towards the barracks, so Adalinus' assumption would be correct this time, waiting for the hunter to get himself ready before walking in stride with him towards the exit back outside. "Toes, short hairs, it's all the same, really." he laughs, shoving his hands into his pockets and grinning over at the older teen. "That's the best way to look at it honestly, and we all have things much more pressing to think about then marriage and procreation." He agrees fully, with a sage nod of his head, but that doesn't stop him from nudging at the other with the tip of his elbow applied to layer covered ribs. Gently despite all the padding. "Doesn't mean it isn't fun thinking about it." He's terrible, really. As for life lessons, well, the weaver laughs heartily and drops an arm around his fellow holder's shoulders. "Ah, where shall we begin hmm?" he asks, and leads the hunter out into the snowy chill of the winter evening. "I know!" he grins, as they turn the corner and disappear out of sight. "Let's start with slang."

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