//'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

People: A'di Pralius Moydeo Jayashri Wyndrei
Firelizards: Peridot Nepheline Lady Luck
Objects: Fort Weyr Menu Board Pumpkin Egg Sandy Cauldron Basket O' Sand!

Obvious exits:
Spiral Stairway <SS> Shenanigan's <SH> Central Bowl <CB> Lower Caverns <LC> Kitchen <k>

Wyndrei looks at Ashri and then to the brown and over at Pralius and giggles. "Smoothie?" she asks then shakes her head, "First Klah now Smoothie.. are we focused here?" she asks, teasing the healer. When Hark goes between Wyn cringes a little, "Uh oh.." and she looks at her new flit, "Ragabash..hmmm..Arum..I mean Run…err…" and she narrows her eyes at the little guy.

Moydeo chuckles. "I got a new one as well." She sayss, and reaches into her pouch, bringing out the dozing browwn, who protests a little at his sleep being disturbed. "He's an interesting looking one." She chuckles. "I named him Garou." She admits, and sets him on the table nearby to continue his sleeping. "Ragabash, kind of a neat sounding name." She chuckles, and blinks at Pralius' flit going between. "He doesn't like you complimenting other firelizards, huh Pralius?" She asks, and winces. "I hope none of minee get like that."

Jessamin has arrived.

Jayashri digs into her porridge, almost as hungry as her firelizards at this point. "That's a nice name, Mo," she manages after a gooey swallow. She begins pointing, starting with her still awake and clearly eldest bronze. "Ravi," a point to the next bronze, "Mohan," next to the pale, mechanical-looking blue, "Dhir," and last she points to the rather strangely undulating lump that could be either blue or green, "and Sanjiv." Introductions done, she returns to her porridge until A'di comes in. "Someone's clutch started hatching during dinner after the games." She gestures at her two blue lumps. "Two of them decided they wanted some of my fish." Or her soul. It's uncertain who wanted which.

Pralius nods, "He does. He gets jealous easily. He disappeared for nearly a whole day after Wyn and I became official." He chuckles, taking a sip from his klah, "Me, focused? only in surgery. Ragabash is a sort of trickster, or so I've read." He half-smiles and shrugs, "The little beast who just disappeared is Harkonnen. He's my one and only."

If one could easily miss the Weaver, it's impossible to miss her flits! As if the din in the Living Caverns wasn't enough, several more stomachs on the wing soar in, adding their voices to the cacophony. A few steps behind is Jessamin, a sewing basket hanging off of one arm, and her other curled around a rather fat bag of fabric scraps. She pauses a moment in the entrance from the Bowl to tap the snow off of her shoes, sparkling silver flakes melting on her hair and eyelashes. Sparklies. Too tempting for a rather large bronze flit to resist, and he makes a perch out of her head. She goes cross-eyed trying to look up at the little mischief maker. "Silly. Just behave yourself!"

Wyndrei grins over at Pralius, official.. it make her blush then she raises a brow, "I didn't realize he took it so hard.." she says with a wrinkle of her nose. "Hmmm.. I kinda like Ragabash.." and she smiles then looks over at Ashri, "yours have neat names too.." she hmphs, decisions. "I may just wait til something really grabs me.." and she glances to Pralius daringly.

Moydeo grins. "Thanks." She says, and watches as Ashri ticks off her firelizards, and nods to Pralius. "Well, he must be fine it now, huh?" She asks, and grins. "I have two others, another brown named Elan, and a blue named Rocky, they're around here somewhere." She says. "Did you know these critters can outlive us?" She asked the others. "Someone last night said when their humans die, the firelizards just go feral, most of the time anyway." Random, and a little morbid, but it still amazes her. "So, there could be hundred turn old firelizards out there!" She grins, and looks up at the newcomer, and even more firelizards! "Hello!" She calls, and then looks at Wyndrei. "My votes for Ragabash, just because it's fun to say." She chuckles.

There's a quiet shuffling of feet as A'di makes his hand through the living caverns. The bluerider lets out a quiet yawn, rubbing at his eyes with the hand that's not carrying the book under his arm. He pauses, his eyes flickering over the people and all the firelizard hatchlings, "There was another clutching?" A brow arches ever so slightly, a finger flicking some of his green hair out of his eyes. "Shards, sometimes just when it starts to get quiet in the weyr, there's firelizard hatchings." He'll just stick to the library, no firelizards allowed down there.

"Thanks, Wyn," Ashri beams at the Dragonhealer, starting to feel more lively now that food is in her belly. She's about halfway through the porridge bowl now, and isn't consuming it quite as quickly or voraciously. The noise of another fair draws her attention however, and she spies the weaver. "Now, there is someone who can sympathize with me." Oh, it's an A'di. "Morning!" she calls with a wave. "Unfortunately, yes. Someone set a clutch loose on dinner last night." Reaching for her klah mug, she takes a long sip before acknowledging Moydeo. "Yeah, the Masterharper said that. I should look it up. Of course, since dragons and firelizards go /between/ when they die, we don't really know /how/ old they can get. It might be hundreds of years." She contemplates this. "You're a Dragonhealer, Wyn, do you know anything about it?"

Pralius grins at Wyn, wrapping an arm around her waist, "Grab you how, beautiful?" Then Moydeo's words cut through and he turns towards her, looking somewhere between surprised and aghast, "Go feral? No! Some do while their bonds are still alive if they're not well cared for, but those with strong bonds die with their bonds. I saw it a lot at Telgar before I was apprenticed." Pralius blinks again, echoing A'di's yawn, "morning A'di. Don't yawn."

Jessamin turns as she hears a greeting, smiling over to Moydeo. "Western's duties!" Another familiar voice draws her attention, and she grins upon seeing A'di. "A'di! So this is where you've taken off to! How have you been?" Given the burden in her arms, and the flizzen to feed, she hastens to make her way to one of the smaller tables, setting down her sewing sundries dead center on the table's surface. Two flits break away from the faire — one large brown and one lighter blue —and settle down on her shoulders. The rest, a motley crew of blues and browns, settle down around the table and chairs where she seems to have set up shop for now. Her brow furrows as she takes a head count. "Wonder where Sekhmet went off to? Huh."
Wyndrei giggles over at Pralius and snuggles up to his side, "Oh like this is good.." she answers then blinks a little, "Erm.. feral.." and her brows wrinkle and she looks to the so sweetly innocent little flit still tucked to her chest. She looks up at Ashri and nods, "It would bear some research.. I wonder if the oldest is documented.." and she hrms, "First I'm researching skeletons…now oldest flit.." and she grins some. She smiles at Jessamin and waves a hand then looks back to present company, "Morning," she says to A'di and smiles.

Moydeo digs into her porridge as well, though she keeps an eye on sleeping Garou, incase he wakes up, and decides he needs to eat. She looks up, and waves to A'di as he enters. "Yes, seems like hatchlings are popping up everywhere." She chuckles. "And looks like more still over there." She motions at the cauldron of eggs. She then blinks at Pralius. "They do?" She asks the healer. "So they go between like dragons do?" She asks, and yawns as well, darn things were contagious. "I'm sorry if I'm misinformed, I was just going by what I was told." She admits to him, and looks at Jessamin. "Fort's duties." She greets the Westerner. The latest bit of chaos wakes up Garou, who creels in annoyance, before it turns to hunger. Moy blinks and sighs. "Well, he was bound to wake up sooner or later." She says, and outs her own breakfast aside, to start feeding the little brown. She did note Jessamin's burden though. "Do you do alot of sewing?" She asks her, and grins at Wyndrei. "Hey, if you find that out, let me know, I want to know too."

A'di arches a brow as his attention turns towards Jessamin, a hand idly rubbing at the side of his head. "Ah…yes…it's easier this way." A'di says softly towards Jessamin, slightly ducking his head as he grabs some toast and a meatroll to nibble on. "That way I'm not constantly going back and forth from Western and Fort so I can be in the Library. Plus…I actually have friends here." The second is said softer as he considers his food, "It's early, I'll yawn all I want." He yawns again, covering it with a hand lazily. "My mornings are loud enough with Lumsi, Convict, and Dalasith." He considers Moy for a moment, pursing his lips ever so slightly, "Honestly, it just makes everything that much more noisy."

"So, since wild ones go between when they die, and the bonded ones often do as well, it would seem like it would be very difficult to gauge just what old age is," Ashri muses in response to Pralius' outburst, taking the last bite of her cereal. She grins at Wyndrei. "Well, at least you're always learning something new. You can't say it's a boring job, being a Dragonhealer." She sips on her klah, looking at her fair and back up contemplative at Jessamin's. Garou's creeling causes her to instinctively reach for the half full bowl of scraps, sliding it toward the Beastcrafter. "Stuff some of those into him. That'll shut him up." She chuckles, relaxing in her chair once again. "Yeah, Dalasith is pretty loud," she agrees in A'di's direction. "I can see why he might drive you to distraction."

Pralius grins, blushing a tad, "Thanks Wyn." He glances at Jessamin, the weavergirl who is suddenly drawing so much attention, "Uh… hi." He glances between her and A'di with a half-smile, "I take it you know the polka-dotted closet bluie? Have you seen the clothes his dragon picked out for him? They're quite nice and unique." He glances more closely at A'di, yawning big himself, "If you yawn, I yawn." He grimaces as Moydeo's firelizard joins the creeling, then cringes, "Sometimes I'm glad that Hark keeps running off."

Wyndrei grins, seeing Pralius blush and then nods her head some, listening to the talk but keeping her eyes on the little brown for the moment. Her brows lift and she tilts her head, "Well we assume they between but.." and she taps her chin, "Long ago.. before the settlers.. they existed.. they were discovered.. already in existence..with knowledge passed down for turns and turns.. I'm not sure if we /know/ or even have an educated guess as to the possible age of them..unless a wild one has been tracked..and even then.. it would take generations of study to follow it's life, likely.." Her dark eyes sparkle at the thought.

Jessamin waves over at Wyndrei, smiling. "Western's duties to you!" Moydeo gets a wide grin and a chuckle, the Weaver lass nodding. "I go nuts if I can't sew. And since I seem to keep winding up with the fabric scraps nobody else wants, I'm often quilting. Where I go, my quilting goes." A'di's remark draws a frown of concern from her. "You had friends in Western, too. At least, I'd like to think one. Are you at least happy here?" Her hunger and her flits' creeling drives her to the serving tables, where she gathers some wherry meat, eggs, and klah. "Okay, you lot. Just leave everyone else's food alone, hmm?"

Moydeo chuckles at Asheri's sliding the bowl over to her. "Thanks." She says, and takes it, giving the little brown scraps from that bowl as well. "Could there be a way to like track wild firelizards?" She asks. "Then again, how do you tell old age on a firelizard, or a dragon anyway? Do they get old and gray, like us humans?" She wonders, nope, definitely doesn't know much about this. As his hunger is sated, Garou slowly stops creeling, and gulping down the food like he's going to die of starvation. Not like she'd let him anyway. She chuckles at Pralius. "My other two aren't that bad anymore, thank goodness." She admits. "I'm glad I didn't get three at once though, like poor Ashri here." She chuckles, and then looks at A'di. "Yes, where is the polka dotted suit, anyway?" She asks him, and nods to Wyn. "Yes, the dragons were created from these little guys." She says, slightly awed, eyeing the little brown a moment, and nods to Jessamin. "Neat, my mother sews as well."

A'di twitches ever so slightly, a hand idly running through his hair as he slowly turns towards Pralius, "Coat? What coat? I don't remember any polka-dotted coat." He snorts quietly, rolling his eyes as he jabs a finger at the table, nibbling a bit more pointedly on his toast. Speaking of Dalasith a blue muzzle can suddenly be seen at the entrance of the living caverns, followed by a large whirling eye. A'di nods his agreement at Wyndrei, "A lot of our knowledge was lost a long time ago. We're still only scratching the surface, the library has been helping us to relearn everything." He won't give his oppinion on the firelizards, no one asked the book/history nerd. Jessamin gets a distracted look, "Not many friends." A'di says softly, closing his eyes with a quiet sigh, "I'm happy here." As happy as he can be with all the awkwardness, ending up in a closet, and bad taste in clothing…"I knew Jessamin from Western." A'di supplies to Pralius. He snorts quietly at Moy, "I hid it a while ago." A'di mutters under his breath. And then a refreshing feeling washes over the varoius minds as the blue warbles from outside, leaving a slight taste of horchata in one's mouth. «I bet you would look absolutely lovely in blue and brown.» Dalasith happily bubbles towards Moydeo.

Jayashri tilts her head, listening to Wyndrei's explanation. "Well, that makes sense. I bet we could find a lot of data in the library. Maybe even in the AIVAS databanks. Perhaps, once I'm done with this new system, Wyn, we could work on a new database together." She beams at this idea, reaching out to stroke Ravi, who is looking for attention again. "I'm not sure how we could catch a wild one, though. A green, maybe…" Her eyes slide to Jessamin's sewing supplies for the first time. "My cot could use one of those quilts," she chuckles. "It gets so cold up here at Fort. 'Course, I'm from Southern." Taking another languid sip of her klah, she splutters in surprise as a big eye appears at the entrance of the caverns. "Er, hi, Dalasith." That mind could certainly be no other. "He isn't trying to come get some porridge, is he?" she asks of A'di. "Sometimes I think he believes he's as human as you or me."

Pralius grins, nodding as Wyn speaks, "That sounds about right, Wyn… it's nearly impossible to track a wild firelizard, though." Dalisath's unexpected snout causes Pralius to start, nearly jumping out of his chair and into Wyn. Blinking twice, me manages a quiet, "Mornin' Dalasith…" before turning back towards A'di and asking quietly, "Are we friends? I've never been much good at knowing." Then he chuckles a tad at Ashri, "By the time you finish that database we'll have access to the most comprehensive dragon database on Pern."

The bronze flit that seems to have become Jessamin's hat squawks as the draconic mind-touch rolls through anybody and everybody who can hear within the Living Caverns, as do the rest of her faire. All Jess can do is smile and chuckle, making her way back to her table with a good plate full of flizzen and Weaver chow. "Good morning, Dalasith. Been a little while, hasn't it?" She looks between Pralius and A'di, shaking her head. "Haven't seen A'di in a while, so I haven't a clue what Dalasith's been picking out for him. Should be interesting to see, though!" She smiles over at Jayashri, and nods as she sits down. "Well, you can always send a flit to me at Western, I'd be happy to talk that over with you. If you don't mind apprentice work, that is."

Wyndrei grins over at Ash and nods, "I'd like that.." then she grins at A'di, "I want to go deeep.. less surface scratching, more diving.." and she beams at that thought, her desire to learn giving a bit of brightness to her already jovial and easy smile. She looks to the blue snout as well then grins widely, "Hello there.." she says in his direction, "Oddly glad I've never met you.. in that I'm a dragonhealer.." and she winks to the bluerider. Quilt? She grins at Jessamin and hrms, "I'd love a quilt too.." she muses, loudly, obviously, waggling brows directed at the weaver. A thoughtful gaze finds Moydeo and she smiles, "Well if we managed to band one early enough, eventually we'd know what age does to them by having a reference point.." She inhales and then the brown starts to chirp and fidget and she smiles, "I think I'll take this little guy back to the infirmary with me.. gotta work this afternoon.. see you guys later.." and she stands up then leans over to kiss Pralius on the cheek before she turns to head out.

Moydeo chuckles. "Oh come on AS'di, don't try to deny it, me and several others say you about with it on." Not to mention to almost talked his dragon into running his own fashion show. She blinks at the snout, and the whirling eye. "Uh, morning Dalasith." She adds her own greeting to the dragons appearance. "Don't think you'll fit in here if you were hoping for breakfast." She hmms. "Not sure I'm friends with him, but, I guess we could be." The unexpected voice in her head makes her blink for a moment. "Brown, and blue? Brown might good for working in the stables, but I don't know about blue." She remarks. "Blue though could be a nice color, for like gathers and things though." Garou finally gets his fill, and climbs up to Moy's shoulder, to go back to sleep. Moy meanwhile digs back into her own breakfast now that the little brown is fed. She waves to Wyndrei. "Alright, see you later."

A'di just quietly shakes his head, a hand running through his hair. "Sorry. He murmurs, sending a glare over his shoulder at his lifemate, "Dal, behave." Heis attention turns back to the others, "Sometimes I wonder whether he believes he's a human instead of a dragon myself." A hand runs through his hair. "I thought we were?" And then the bluerider is looking rather confused, as if he's not sure himself. Dalasith happily bugles to the inhabitants inside, so silly being so big, he can't fit in there with everyone else! «And what a /wonderful/ morning it is, fit for singing, and dancing, and playing a absolutely delightful game!» Anti-morning people beware of the overly-bubbly blue. «He looked absolutely stunning! You should definitely see it!» Yes, the blue is well known for speaking to everyone and everybody, that's just how he is. The dragon looks thoughtful for a moment as he eyes Moydeo, «Perhaps you would look better in white then!» The blue is suddenly saying, sounding rather enthusiastic as he shows the female a picture of her on the sands before the eggs. «Wouldn't it be fun?»

Pralius peers at the quilts as well, about to shrug it off when suddenly Wyn wants one. As soon as Wyn is gone, he leans towards Jessa, "How much for a quilt in Fort and Healer colors? I think she'd love it." He motions towards where wyn disappeared to. He grins at A'di, "I'd like to think we are, A'di." He inclines his head, "Even if you do think I'm too tall." He blinks twice, piecing words together out of Dalasith's bubbly speech, then glancing at Moy, "White? Candidate?"

Jayashri grins broadly at Pralius. "Likely as not," she agrees. "And, the more knowledge we have, the better." Taking another sip of her nearly empty klah, she nods to Jessamin. "I certainly don't think I'd mind. I mean, it's bound to keep me warmer than nothing." And then Wyndrei is up and leaving. "Hope you have an uneventful shift!" Ashri bids the Dragonhealer with a wave. "I'll get back to you on the database soon with any luck." And then Wyn's gone, so her attention turns back to the big eye still looking in. "What's he want, Moydeo? Not breakfast, I hope." She chortles at the bouncy blue, catching a sudden earful. "Woah, white?" Her eyes dart to Moydeo. "Did he say he wants to see you in white?"

Jessamin opens her mouth as if to respond to Pralius, when Dalasith's words traipse through everyone's mind. "White… ohhh boy, I know that look." She grins at Moydeo, and looks her over with a critical eye. "Hmmm. Well, that's really up to you, but I'm inclined to trust a dragon's judgement." Turning back to Pralius, she shrugs. "Depends on the size and how elaborate the pattern is. Was there anything beyond the colors you had in mind?" Jayashri gets a grin from Jess, and she nods. "Well… what are your favorite colors, for starters? Better still…" She tugs open the ties of her fat, overfull scrap bag, nudging her flits aside to dump out a startling array of fabrics—much to the flizzen's vociferous protests. There's anything ranging from smaller, more traditional-looking prints, to solids in almost every color imaginable, to bright, color-saturated batiks. "Maybe some of these will give you ideas?"

Moydeo blinks at the words, and the images. "In white?" She asks, and then Ashri and Pralius seem to only confirm what she's cseeing, this is confusing, and weird. "Uh, I think he did." She says to Ashri, and then looks to A'di. "Fun, yes, I guess it would be." She eyes A'di. "Is…he asking me to stand for the clutch?" She asks, a little surprised, and well, confused.
A'di's eyes turn towards the whirling green eye, a brow arching ever so slightly. For a couple of moments, the caverns are silent of the blue's voice, but there's obvious conversation going between the two. Finally, A'di reaches into his pocket, shaking his head ever so slightly as he pulls out a white knot, offering it out to Moydeo, a little grin slowly touching his lips as he nods in agreement. "Mmm, you wouldn't happen to want to stand, would you? Apparently Dalasith thinks you'd look good out there with the eggs." The dragon gets a curious eye, shaking his head slowly. Pralius gets a quick look, "You are too tall." A'di quietly agrees.

Pralius grins, clapping Moydeo on the nearest shoulder, "Congratulations, Moydeo. I'm sure you'll do well." There's a slight squeeze at the end of the clap before he turns back to Jessamin, "Maybe a Fort brown dragon on healer purple? I'd bow to your artistic judgement. It's a gift anyway." He grins at A'di, "Well, you're too short, so we're even." He grins at Ashri, "I'll be glad to help with the manual data entry if necessary, Ashri. I think compiling Pern-wide hatching records is a noble quest."

Jessamin seems to mull this idea over, brows furrowing as she tries to picture the idea in her mind. "Not sure I'd mix deep brown and purple right on top of each other. But a Fort brown dragon would make a wonderful center block, and Healer purple could be incorporated into the borders, in a medallion-style quilt. Though if the purple background were solid, and maybe the Fort brown was a nice batik, and some embroidery or beading around the dragon…" Oh dear, get a Weaver talking shop, and it would be nigh impossible to get a word in edgewise about anything else for the next hour!

Moydeo blinks for a minute, and looks to dragon, and then rider, then back a few time, before eyes settle on the knot in A'di's hand. "O-of course I'll stand." She says, not like she has any reason /not/ to agree to stand, right? She grins at Pralius. "Thank you." She says, still in awe, and shock over this. What a turn of events in the last twenty four hours, huh?

There's a loud bugle of triumph outside, and suddenly the ground shakes a little under their feet as the blue does a leap into the air «Absolutely /wonderfu/ I just /know/ you will look absolutely fantastic out there with all those eggs!» A'di just shakes his head, chuckling quietly as he offers the knot out to Moydeo, "Well then, welcome to candidacy, Moy. Though, I'm not sure you want to trust /his/ judgement." The blue gets a lough laugh from his rider. "You're too tall, Pral."

Pralius grins at Jessamin, "I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'd be glad for your artistic and knowledgeable touch." Then Moydeo gets a grin as she accepts, "Dalasith or not, I think you'll do well." He begins chuckling with Dalasith bugles in happiness, "Don't make me buy you clothes, A'di. I guarantee they won't fit."

"Congratulations, Moydeo!" The CompCrafter's excitement seems to override the answer to anything else for the moment. She's much too happy for her friend. And then Jessamin's question sinks in. "Oh. Uhm…" She tugs are her sweater. "I like this pale green and the pale brown jacket I have. Those are nice colors. Blue is another favorite." She nods. "Hey, maybe blue and gold, like that egg out there on the sands. It's pretty." She nods, holding her chin thoughtfully. "Yes, blue and gold might be really pretty. Add some color to the dorms. They're rather dreary." She chuckles, draining the last of her mug and going to refill it, looking startled as Dalasith makes the ground shake. "Woah! Easy there, Dalasith!" Her words are likely to go unheard by the excited blue, though, like as not. Le sigh.

Jessamin grins at Jayashri, and nods. "Good combination, that. Kind of like the pillows I made for G'len to go in his weyr." She tilts her head a little bit. "Like the egg? Oh shards, I haven't even seen the eggs yet. And I still have to get the quilt to Weyrwoman Ysa that I was working on while I was at Ista." She shakes her head, grumbling softly. Meantime, as she shakes her head, her bronze flit starts chirruping merrily, beating his wings in the air and thinking this a grand game. The flits on her shoulders snitch a piece of wherry each from her plate. "Porcines!"

Moydeo nods, and reaches to take the knot from A'di. "I think I can trust him in this, I mean, the dragons know, right?" She asks, feeling like she can trust the blue in this, even if his own rider seems to think otherwise. "I'll have to let my mentor know that I won't be able to be at the stables as often." She notes, but, she's not going back on it now, don't worry. She grins at Pralius. "Thanks, I hope so, but, we'll just have to see what happens." She says, and grins at Jayashri. "Thanks!" She says. "Oh, can my firelizards come with me?" She asks, wondering just what she'd be allowed to take to the where candidates stay. "Blue and gold would be pretty." She says in agreement with Ashri, getting a bit distracted. "That Fort brown sounded nice too, though." She adds.

A'di smiles a little as he leans back in his seat, shaking his head, "Sorry, he's just a little excited at the moment, Moy's his first search. He's a little proud of himself." He chuckles, Dalasith's happiness seeming contagious for the bluerider. "Well, the dragons are never usually wrong in this, even if he can be just a little naive, I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing." He shakes his head a little, grinning widely to himself. "Of course you can bring your firelizards with you, not like we can stop them from following you. Really, the only rules are no sex, no drinking, do your chores, and no leaving without a rider accompanying you." He ticks off on his fingers, looking thoughtful.

Jessamin finds herself breathing a sigh of relief as the knot is passed to Moydeo. Though she'll never quite say why… but at any rate, she is startled from her reverie by the rumbling through the ground from an overexuberant dragon. Chuckling, she calls out, "Didn't know you were taking up dancing, Dalasith!"

Managing to return to her chair without further earthquake or spilt klah, Jayashri grins to the Weaver. "Do you take pictures of your work?" Of course she'd be interested in the technology bits. "Maybe it would make it easier to sell your wares if you had… a record of what you've done in a past." I think they call that a portfolio, Ash. "But yeah, you should see the clutch. Eleven eggs. They're really awesome." And nerdy. Don't forget nerdy. "Good luck, Moydeo! I hope your Dragon has been clutched this time, but if not, I'm sure one will find you eventually!" She's just all sunshine and encouragement. But, that's pretty normal for the Apprentice. She and Dalasith might get along just dandy in that regard. "I'll be sure to let you see the quilt when it's done." Pralius' comment draws a chuckle from her, however. "So… would it just look like a resident knot after a while?" Fort being brown and black, you see.

Moydeo nods at the rules rattled off. "Alright, I think I can handle that." She says, not like her and Risner were doing any of that yet anyway, and she didn't drink often. "Well, this is a search of firstds, as this is my first time ever even /being/ searched." She giggles nervously, and erks a bit at the rumbling in the ground, and she looks toward the bowl entrance. "He certainly is happy." She grins. "Thank you Dalasith!" She calls out through the doorway, hoping the blue hears. She does take a moment to switch out her shoulder knots though, tucking her crafter one into her pocket. "I'll try and keep it clean." She chuckles lightly. "Thanks Ashri." She says, and nods. "I hope so too, but you never know." She agrees, trying to be optimistic, and then blinks. "Oh, I almost forgot about Accident, my puppy, hmm, guess I'll have to find someone that can take him till the clutch hatches." She says.

A'di groans quietly at Jess's words and runs a hand through his hair, "You don't know Dalasith very well, then, Jess." A'di says in a drull tone, just shaking his head ever so slightly as he looks over his shoulder at the whirling eye. "If Dal had his way, I'd be singing, and dancing, and making a complete fool of myself." After all, he already ended up in the purple outfit of doom, how worse could it get? A'di falls silent, now that he's not being assaulted by his dragon for searching Moydeo. "I wouldn't want to wear your clothes anyway, Pral, I'd end up lost in them."

Pralius chuckles, "standing, A'di, I'd try to buy them for you, not just stick you in mine. The only person I let in my clothes is Wyn." He winks, then makes a swift exit.

Jessamin shakes her head, plucking the most brilliant blues and yellows out of the mess of fabric on the table, stuffing the rest back into the bag. "I've never picked up a camera in my life. But that's a good thought." Nibbling her lower lip thoughtfully, she seems to mull this over for a second. "Wonder how many marks a camera would cost. Or if I'd rather have a sewing machine."

Slurp! That klah is hot! Ashri is sipping at it carefully, making those little noises one does when trying to drink something hot. "Well, I'd offer, Mo, but I think I've already got my hands full." She gestures at her newly Impressed fair. "I don't know what I'd do with a puppy." Pralius gets a bit of a wave as he makes a switch departure, through whether the Healer saw it or not is debatable. "Oooh, pretty." Her hazel eyes are drawn to the pile of colorful blue and gold scraps. "You might be able to get a camera on loan," she suggests, getting up and going to investigate the pile. "Hmmmm. Maybe a Harper blue, or perhaps dark blue background with gold stars? Maybe some white in there…" She looks up at Jessamin hesitantly. "I'm afraid I don't know much about quilting." Actually, nothing.

Moydeo nods to Ashri. "That's ok, maybe I can get a message to my mom, and see if she can take him till the clutch hatches." Because, what if the person watching him gets searched, then she'd have to find somebody else to watch him, and would lead to one confused puppy indeed. "Ah, but some types of dancing can be good." She says to A'di about making a fool of himself dancing, and singing.

A'di just shakes his head slowly, running a hand through his green hair with a quiet sigh, "It's silly, and I end up looking like a total idiot. I'd feel stupid dancing with people." Dispite the fact he dances with B'ky reguarly. "I'm not really that type of harper anyway." He says quietly, a finger idly poking at the table with interest, falling silent.

Jessamin smiles to Ashri. "Actually, that sounds like a really nice idea, a Harper blue background and gold stars for the blocks." She tilts her head to one side, drawing a merry little trill from her bronze flit hat. "Maybe I should see if there's any sort of record on old Terran quilt patterns. Something that's always fascinated me. Could be an interesting base for your quilt."

Moydeo nods. "Maybe you should come to the dance lessons, next time they're held." She says to A'di. "They're free, you just have to show up, it's a great time." She grins, and then pauses. "Though, I think they're on hold spring, when it's warmer." She amends, and then looks to Jessamin. "How much do you charge for a quilt?" She asks her.

Rocky has arrived.

Moydeo shrugs as Rocky takes flight from her shoulder.
Rocky has left.

A'di blushes a little and pokes a little more at the table, "I attended the dance lessons, once, got too nervous and I ran off. B'ky teaches me though, I always end up tripping over myself. I'm not really that type of harper." A'di says softly, letting his shoulders slump in thought. "If you want old Terran patterns, I might be able to find a couple of books in the Library, there's a couple of interesting books in there I've been going through."

Jayashri picks through the fabric carefully. "That sounds really nice, Jess. I'd love to see what you come up with for a pattern." She beams. "As long as it's warm, though, I can't say as I'd even mind purple polka dots." Well, she actually might, but she's gently teasing the bluerider. All in good humor, of course. "I'm hoping to go to those dance lessons, Moydeo," she notes, working on finishing her klah. "I'm keeping an eye out for that notice." And then the Apprentice seems to suddenly remember the time. "Shells, I told Odisyn I'd help him in the computer room this morning. I'm late, thanks to these flits." She frowns slightly, but her tone is affectionate. "Congrats on Candidate again, Moydeo! I'll see you around. Oh, and, just drop me a note by firelizard or something when you're ready to show me some patterns!" She calls this last to the Weaver before disappearing into the lower caverns.

Jessamin perks right up at the mention of books, and old Terran patterns. "Seriously, A'di? That'd be wonderful!" Perky and bubbly, she can't help giggling, clapping her hands together with gleeful anticipation at what those old tomes might hold. "Oh… no worries, Jayashri, I'd likely send my hat… Bahrain. Maybe there'll be something suitable in those old books A'di just mentioned!"

Moydeo hmms, "I admit I was nervous about it too, I probably wouldn't of even danced that first time, if Risner hadn't asked me too." She admits. "We had great fun though, and didn't step on too many toes, luckily." They even made it through dips and spins, they're proud of themselves. She nods to Jayashri. "Keep an eye out on the board over there." She points. "Though, as I said, last I heard, they were on hold till warmer weather." She adds, can anybody blame them? The dances were awkward enough when it wasn't snowy and icy. She waves to Ashri as the girl leaves. "Thank you again, and see you around Ashri." She grins, and sips at her klah. as she listens. "Might be worth looking in those old books." She nods in agreement. "I hope you do find something though."

A'di turns his head towards Ashri, a hand rubbing at the back of his head, he snorts quietly at the mention of the polka dots. "That's right, just keep rubbing it in." A'di mumbles under his breath, letting his eyes flicker towards the table with a little bit of disgust. "I'm sure I could find something, for you, Jess. I go through a lot of books, if I knew someone wanted to know something particular, I'd keep my eye out while I went through them. Most of the time, I just try to catalog them as I can, we're still going through everything." He frowns again, "I think dancing is silly, I just end up like an idiot, and I don't really have anyone to dance with." Besides B'ky.

Moydeo can't help but giggle a little at the mention of the polka dots. "Aw, but you looked good in them A'di." She chuckles lightly, and then looks at Jessamin. "My mothers a seamstress, and made sure I knew the basics of knitting, and how to mend tears in clothing, but, runners got my interest more than that." She chuckles.
Jessamin gathers the rest of her fabric scraps together, stuffing them in the bag and tying it shut. As she looks down at her plate, she finds half the wherry gone, and several full flizzen bellies on the wing curled up in her general area. "Porcines." The look she gives Moydeo at the mention of runners, though, is a polar opposite of her glee at the thought of new quilt patterns. "Runners and I don't mix." Her words are short, clipped, and her whole body tenses right up, setting her faire to squawking and looking around for the source of her distress.

A'di just rolls his eyes at Moydeo, a sudden grin pulling at his lips, "Y'know, if you liked it so much, I could always find one just like it for you?" He cackles loudly and turns his attention towards Jess, shaking his head. "I have two left feet, and my voice is horrible. Only thing I'm good for is sticking my nose in a book."

Moydeo blinks, and nods at Jessamin, and puts hands up defensively. "Ok, I wasn't going to make you like them." She says, a bit apologetically for even mentioning them to the woman. "I'm sorry I brought them up." She adds, though she can't help but chuckle at the stealing firelizards, who were not sleeping off their bounty of food. She gets up, to go refill her klah mug. "Anyone want a refil?" She asks, before she heads to the serving table. The roars outside catch her attenttion, and she looks toward the bowl exit. "Sounds like the next games started, I hope Fort wins this one." She grins, and then blinks wide eyed at A'di for a moment. "Oh! No no no. Um, the clothes I have are fine." She grins.

Jessamin finishes her breakfast and gets to her feet, gathering her sewing things together. "I'll take you up on that refill later. And… it's okay about the runners, just… well, don't ask." She offers a smile to Moydeo and A'di before ambling out to the Bowl, to watch the Games.
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A'di blinks as Jessamin suddenly leaves, arching a brow with a little frown on his lips. He sighs quietly, closing his eyes in thought as he purses his lips. "Sure, but if you keep making fun of me like that, then you might find a new clothing piece in your collection, and I'll have Dalasith bug you to wear it until you do."

Odisyn can be heard before he can be seen, coming in the way that Jessamin just left. "The journeymen put me in charge of the project. You're following /my/ blueprints and my floorplan! I put my blood, sweat and tears into this thing working right next to you." This last is yelled. "So when I tell you to do something you do it! When I tell you DONT do something DONT do it!" "You do know the journeymen told me to mess up on purpose right? They're waaaatching you!" The younger apprentice teases. "WHAT????" "Thats right, they're testing your quality control skills!" "WHAT?????" A few choice curses later Odisyn staggers into the cavern, red faced, frazzled, and struggling to keep from /another/ fit of rage. "This can't be good for my blood pressure." He grunts, going to get a mug of klah, a bowl of porraige and a crust of bread and sits a couple seats away from Jessamin and A'di. "I /hate/ stupidity. I hate /purposeful/ stupidity." He groans, taking a long gulp of klah.

Moydeo blinks at the shouting from the lower caverns, or dear, atleast one of them sounds like Odisyn, and he doesn't sound happy. She goes to get a refil of her klah, assuming A'di doesn't need a refil, since he didn't answer, she then moves back to the table. "Alright, I won't, though come to think of it, Brown pants with a blue top might not be that bad." She admits, and looks up as Odisyn joins them, in a huff. "Hey Odisyn, not a good day for you, huh?" She asks.

A'di arches a brow ever so slightly, shaking his head slowly, "No need to be so loud. It's too early for yelling." He pushes himself to his feet, letting his eyes turn to Moy, "I hope you have a good time in candidacy, I'm going to go back to the library." He offers a nod and starts to head towards the lower caverns.
Odisyn blink, blink, blinks. "Candidacy?" He brightens. "congratulations, couldn't have happened to a nicer lady." He smiles faintly, eating slowly and breathing deeply. "I just found out the journeymen told one of the apprentices working with me to mess up on purpose. To test my 'quality control' skills."

Moydeo smiles, and nods to A'di. "Alright, have fun, and hope you find those books for Jessamin." She grins. "And thank you, and Dalasith for giving me this chance to stand." She says, ducking her head, still a little in awe of this. She then looks to Odisyn. "Yes! Dalasith thought I would look good in blue, and brown, then he decided I would look good in white, aparently, for the eggs." She grins. "I never would of thought I'd be asked to stand."