Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary

This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

Chores, yay! Given the choice to pick her own chores, one would think that Deitra would avoid such places like the infirmary, or she simply volunteered to help because a certain weaver has this chore listed. However, the hunter-turned-candidate is not working with the healers in any shape or form, she's not even facing the patients as she works. Her task? Folding the linens that were just cleaned, an easy, mindless task that really takes no skill whatsoever besides making sure to fold properly. The day chugs by slowly, minutes dragging on and on.

Nothing quite says candidacy like random manual labor. Kairhys hasn't had another run in with Sarina, that greenrider that had been more or less stalking him since she went proddy. With Freijeth having risen and caught, life had returned to more or less normal for the weaver apprentice. And speaking of manual labor, Kai found himself in the infirmary. Like Deitra, he was not allowed access to medical equipment or patients, but instead had been set to cleaning up afterwards. So lucky was the boy, that already there was vomit and urine checked off on his experiences with an upset stomach and a severe bladder infection that had come through. Presently he had just finished stripping down the wet bedding off one of the cots, and was now putting the soiled linens into the trolly.

Deitra looks up at Kairhys as the soiled linens are dumped into the trolly, nose wrinkling at the smell before she's offering some of the just folded linens out. "Here, Kai." Pause, "wait." She draws back with the linens, and pushes up from her seat. "I can do it if yer wantin' ta sit some. 'm sure that smell ain't pleasant. 'm thinkin' 'bout findin' somethin' ta stuff up my nose." Said nose wrinkles, her head shaking as she takes the linens over to the cot to place the new, fresher ones on.

Kairhys pause as Deitra offers the fresh linens, holding out hands for them and then chuckling some when the girl retracts her offer. "It's fine, Dei. Really. Sick sister remember?" he reminds her, but does not push the issue. If the huntress wanted to help him out and give him a break, then that was fine with him. "Sometimes Cielyn can't even get out of bed. Soiled sheets aren't something I'm not used to." The sixteen turn old lets her do as she likes however, though he stops by the front desk and chats up one of the infirmary aides. A pretty thing, no older than nineteen or twenty. She's giggling and flushed by the time he wanders back Dei's way, slipping something into her pocket. "Spread some of this on your upper lip. It helps, kay?" he asks, and gives a pat to her shoulder before he wheels the trolly off into a corner and covers it with a heavily scented sheet over the tip.

"I know, ain't like yer not deservin' a break now and again, is it?" Grey eyes pin him with a singular look before grinning slightly, "'m sure yer used ta it, but, ain't like 'm not goin' ta give you a break." She's stubborn, after all, so she changes the linens before returning to her post but not exactly sitting. The object slipped into her pocket earns a pause and the hunter is staring at the weaver, nodding once to his words. "Thanks." A hand reaches into her pocket, pulling out whatever it is and staring at it for a moment before a look is shot towards the weaver. "What're they makin' you do next? 'm supposed ta switch out somethin' or 'nother from the redwort solution and put more in."

There is a another soft chuckle from Kairhys, "I appreciate the sentiment beautiful, but I'm good. As you said yourself the other day, I have to work for the weyr. This is what the weyr said I was to do, so I'm going to do it." Nothing in the weavers soft gentle smile or body language said that he was at all adverse to doing the task given him, though he was clearly amused that the huntress believed that he needed a break from cleaning up bodily fluids and ejections. He doesn't bother telling her what he put in her pocket, she'd find out eventually or throw it away, and a little flirtation was more than enough reason to take a break and talk to a pretty girl. Especially for a good cause. He does nod and grin at Dei though for her thanks, "No problem." What's in there is a small tin container with a menthol salve, more than capable of overriding the odor of even rotting flesh. Not that there was anything like that around at the moment. "Next? Oh. Mopping the floor and dusting. I guess something about my face when I walked in today said, I like to clean or something." he laughs, already proceeding to take up a mop and bucket.

"Yer not supposed ta work 'til yer unable ta work anymore. Do what you gotta, but don't push harder than yer able ta handle." Deitra insists, winking over in his direction and smiling to herself as she turns away to consider the little tin. Slowly, she opens it and dips a finger in to rub it over her upper lip; instantly her nose scrunches up and her face contorts until she becomes used to the smell, closing the tin and popping it back into her pockets. "Shells, 'm never goin' ta freak out 'bout infirmary duty again with this stuff." She can breathe without smelling the gross infirmary smells! "Yep. You got a lil' somethin' on yer forehead sayin': I love to clean. Make sure you get that wiped off b'fore yer caught by the Stablemaster and he's makin' you muck as well." The rest of the linens are folded and put away before she rolls the trolly back to the proper resting place, then shuffling off to start her next task.

Kairhys blinks a few times, brows meeting towards the middle of his forehead. "I'm fine, Dei. Really." he tries to convince, and he doesn't look particularly tired or downtrodden at least. Perhaps this is the reason for his confusion. he gets to work then as the woman starts to eye the tiny tn he'd given her, mopping away at the floor and wiping up the majority of the moisture left behind. Every once in a while he drops a tiny plastic sign that warns about the floor being wet. He's about a quarter of the way done by the time that the huntress is exclaiming her pleasure at the miracle she just spread under her own nose. "Hmmhmm." he says as he grins and walks past, giving her a playful bump with one hip before he's back to mopping. At being told he did in fact have something on his forehead, the boy actually pauses to glance in a mirror, rubbing with fingers against one spot in particular before he shudders. "Yeah, I don't go near the stables. My mother wrote me a note and everything." Despite the smile he was trying to put on, there is a nervous edge to his expression and tone. Some of that might just be the truth.

"Mhm. Maybe 'm just enjoyin' naggin' at you." Deitra laughs, mostly to herself before shaking her head. "Nah, it ain't that. 'm just makin' sure. Would hate ta have you get sick or somethin'." The huntress stays helpfully out of the way in the little area with the tools of the trade that need to be cleaned, putting on gloves before drawing the tools from their redwort solution and drying them with sanitized towels before playing them in the proper areas. Laughter slips out as he gives her a bump, turning to consider him. "Yer clever, Kai. 'm goin' ta have ta think of somethin' just as clever ta give you in return, or tell you somethin', at least." More laughter as he pauses to look in the mirror, a wide grin settled upon her lips before turning back to her task. Though his words bring pause and she stares at him a moment. "Yer… Allergic ta… Hay? Yer afraid of runners? Yer afraid of runner poo? You think runners really eat people? One day you were walkin' in a field and outta nowhere you b'gan ta sink and it was really a pit fulla runner poo?" Or, she's just playing games with her guesses.

"You and my mother would get along famously then." Kairhys tosses back at the huntress, thought there was absolutely nothing seriously meant there. Especially not with the nearly cackle-like laughter that erupts from him soon after, perhaps thinking of his mother's own reaction to such a thing spoken out loud. Or maybe he just thinks he's hilarious. "Oh man, my mother would kill me for saying that to her. She's a great woman though. You probably would get along well, now that I think about it." When Deitra goes on, the weaver pauses in his mopping to lean on the handle, both hands draped over the top. "Awww, Dei. You care. How very sweet of you." Mischievous eye sparkle and grin aside, Kai's facial features soften to a degree before he grows serious for all of a second, "Thanks. But I'm really okay." Then he's back to winking and flirting with the infirmary staff, who surprisingly don't seem to mind the attention of a handsome young man now that there was a lull in the activity. "Nah, you don't need to give me anything Dei. Just being around you is thanks enough. I mean that." he says as he passes by with his mop, nothing but sincerity in his voice. Though when the talk shifts to talk of stables and things, "Went to visit my father at the hold's stables and one of the runners they were trying to break got loose, nearly trampled me to death. Broke my arm. Haven't been able to go near them since." Matter-of-factly said, but Kai can't even look at the woman as he talks about it. This was genuine trauma.

Deitra laughs for the statement of her ability to get along with the weaver's mother, shaking her head in amusement before looking back at him. "Perhaps I should meet her sometime. Bein' that we'll get 'long. Really, though, ain't tryin' ta nag you. I know doin' all these chores can get hard. Ain't like they're not goin' ta be watchin' us or nothin', but, if yer needin' ta switch chores sometime for somethin' else, yer free ta ask." She inclines her head after making the offer, relenting once he insists he's okay once more. All the clean ones are dry and put away and then the solution is switched for something more fresh before the dirty tools are settled in. "Yer such a flatterer. I'll stick 'round you, then. Til yer sick of me." Teasing, she winks back over at him before quieting down for a moment to finish her task. Once done, she's turning to listen to his story. "Oh, shells." A nod of her head, slow and understanding. "Runners're powerful beasts, s'why I want one. You ever get stable duty, trade with me. Been workin' in the stables when they're needin' help anyway."

The weaver glances back over at Deitra when she speaks, and he isn't able to keep himself from chuckling. "If I bring a girl home I think my mother would probably faint, proceeding by getting up and falling to her knees and thanking her for rescuing me from abnormal depravity." he grins, but is back to mopping, and whistling while he works. A wink is set another pretty infirmary aide's way, pausing to chat her up for a few minutes before she's called away to fix something on a chart. He finishes up the floor at some point, dumping the bucket out and wringing out the mop before returning both to the maintenance closet. This done, he wanders back the huntress' way and helps himself to a seat, turning it around and sitting on it the wrong way, folding his arms over the tiptop of the back. He can only laugh softly and nod at the whole possibility of switching chores, but even more so when she talks about sticking around him. "Or you could lend me your boyfriend for a couple of hours after this is all over." he replies devilishly, wriggling his brow at the woman as he teases her right back, before he's found yet another brief solemn moment. "You'll be the first one I think of if that ever happens. But I doubt it will. I do actually have a note." He smiles at this, shrugging his broad shoulders some. Not ashamed of his fear, but not about to show off and laugh in the face of them either.

Deitra laughs loudly and shakes her head, "Holders're interestin'." Amusing, more like, as she continues to laugh. The gloves are pulled off and she considers the rest of the infirmary, looking for an escape route, yet there is none to be found. When Kai takes a seat, the huntress mimics and settles down beside him. "Yer interested in Ada?" Brows lift, curious and curiouser of the weaver. "'m sure he'd say no. Ain't my boyfriend, neither. Never decided on that then the Weyrleader went and gave me the damn knot." A gesture to the white knot of doom, yet, she isn't as annoyed as her words may say as her expression reads one of awe. She sobers quickly enough before nodding once towards Kai, "if you ever need it, stables or not."

"Not really," Kairhys says, resting his chin atop his arms and scuffing at the floor a but with the sole of his boot. "Cielyn probably won't…" He starts nad can't finish the sentence, brown eyes hooding beneath their lids. He takes a minute before speaking again, "My mother knows that if I end up with anyone it'll probably be another man. So she's written off the possibility of grandchildren." He looks up at the huntress then and grins crookedly, "We holders are all about spawning off more little holders, I'm not really sure if that's the reason they all seem to be so against same gender pairings." Upon questioned about Adalinus, the weaver laughs, resting his head down along the line of his arm. "Not really. Like I keep trying to tell you all, I'm like ninety-eight percent talk. There's one guy I think I might have a thing for but there is no way he'd ever be interested in me. I like Miki as well, but I'm honest enough with her, myself and all of you to know that I wanted to take it extremely slowly." He stiffens some at mention of the weyrleader, looking like the feline that caught the avian a second and then quickly looks off elsewhere. "Never thought about being a dragonrider. Never had the time. If Cielyn hadn't wanted me to accept so badly, I probably would of told P'rius no."

There's a tilt of her head and she turns to consider Kairhys fully, grey eyes scanning over him before her gaze carefully is settled elsewhere. "Ah." A dumb answer in response, the huntress staring elsewhere until finally her gaze settles upon the weaver once again. "Was thinkin' that they just wanted ta, Iunno, populate the Holds or somethin' like that. Ain't sure on the details, suppose I could ask Ada. Figure he'll know better'n me." A grin is given and she nods understanding once more. "Right, mostly talk rather'n bein' completely serious." The young woman chuckles softly and stretches out, unawares of the weaver stiffening at the mention of the Weyrleader. "Ain't no reason ta think 'bout bein' a rider, y'know? If you ain't ever been Searched b'fore, why consider it now? Right? 'm glad yer sister wanted you ta, we can be candidates t'gether."

"Who knows." Kairhys says, pretending to look bored with the whole topic of holders and their reproductive ways. "Personally, what goes on behind closed doors isn't anyone's business as far as I am concerned. I guess it's the holder in me that expects that sort of thing to be behind closed doors anyway." A rolling of his shoulders and he gets up again, his break apparently over. The chair he was straddling gets twirled around and returned to its corner. "I'm very rarely serious about much of anything, Dei." he grins lopsidedly, and picks up a duster from a bucket and begins to run it over things, not picking up much dust but hey, they wanted him to do it. "Always wondered why some people get searched at twelve and other people don't get searched until their twenty-five or even thirty." he wonders outloud, pausing to glance Deitra's way. "You ever been searched before?"

Adalinus is already at the infirmary! Really, he is. And he's not even bleeding. Nor does he have a splinter, or a fracture or even a stubbed toe. He's here for a check up! A physical, and all of that. He's in his own little stall, stripped down to his skivvies while a healer pokes around at him. The only way to even know he's there is by some loud coughing, followed by "Oh! Your hands are cold!" And maybe some giggling. Which may or may not give him away. The healer heads out to do whatever they do while they're not in the room with you, leaving Ada sitting on the cot with his legs dangling.

"Hn. Ain't really anyone's business." Deitra rolls her eyes, focusing on the ceiling for a long moment before hopping up from her seat, finishing her little break alongside the weaver. The chair is replaced in the previous spot in which it was settled before she's back to her previous spot. Gloves are pulled on and tools begin to be removed from the solution once more and wiped down before going back into their proper place. "I ain't, either. I mean, 's'long as everyone's havin' fun, ain;t much of an issue. Pegged down the Weyrleader in a massive snowball fight. Been plannin' that for ages." A cackle of laughter, entirely delighted before his statement about ages draws silence. "Ain't sure, m'self. But, it just happens that way, I guess." A shake of her head, "nah. Ain't ever been settled in the Weyr durin' Search times, b'fore. Or if I did, was out doin' whatever I felt like and never got pinned down. Wasn't a good winter for huntin' this time." The sound of a familiar voice draws pause and the huntress is left peering at the curtain which hides a certain man. "Hey, traitor! I got Searched!" Oh wait, they're supposed to be quiet with patients about. The huntress is promptly shushed by all healers gathered, drawing a chuckle from the young woman as she returns to her task.

Kairhys nods, in absolute agreement. "It's really not, but somehow everything seems to be everyone else's business. Not sure how that's justified, but I'll just chalk it up to adults being nosy." he says, knowing full well that at sixteen he was considered an adult on Pern. Apparently this was not how the weaver felt. He quiets though as Deitra starts to talk about having fun, but especially so as the Weyrleader is brought up again, pointedly perhaps putting his back to the huntress as he dusted high above where most of the staff couldn't reach. Being tall had its advantages. He finds some spots up there that were lacking the same attention as lower, knocking a few sizable dust balls down off of a outcropping. The cackle that comes after talk of snowballs and pinning down, gets a flushed smile over the boy's shoulder but nothing more. Instead, he chimes in again when the woman goes on to talk about her own experience with search and he nods, "I guess that makes sense. I've been around places during search time, was the first time I was asked. Not entirely sure how the whole process works." Then Adalinus is squealing like a little girl and Deitra is off to be loud with her announcement, leaving Kai to go about his business as she is shushed into quietness. He does peek though at the hunter sitting there on the table in his skivvies. He was a candidate, not dead. "Nice." he admires and then gets back to work, whistling quietly to himself.

Adalinus blinks a bit as someone pokes her head into his stall. "Hey! You're no healer, miss! And I'm no traitor! You won the snowball fight, I thought? With my help!" He gets up then as she's leaving just as quick as she came. "Hey! Wait! You were searched? When? I was looking for you all day, I thought you might be here and then one of the healers asked me if I needed a physical…" Ada grins to Kai as he peeks in. He wasn't completely naked, so it was alright. As much as one would see at the beach. He flexes and bounces his pecks a bit. Then he goes to pull on his pants. The healers were done with him, right? "You and I should work out together, Kairhys!" It's one of Ada's favorite activities, after all.

"What?" comes a voice from the Dragon Infirmary. "No, you're too big!" Through the door comes a massive head - or most of it, anyway. The dragon's head gets stuck at the headknobs. Whirling blue and green eyes peer around, set in a light tan hide sprinkled with cinnamon freckles. The brown is small for his color, but not quite small enough to fit his head through the door. His nostrils expand and he exhales noisily, sending papers and gauze fluttering. "Get your head out of the door!" comes a voice, sounding exasperated. "Come on, you wherry-head! You're blocking the — what?" The dragon's green tongue sticks out for a second as if he's tasting the air, and then he decisively nods. "Well, let me /through/, then," says the unseen human. The dragon takes one last look around and withdraws his head.

Deitra grunts softly, higher pitched and more of an affirmative sound towards Kairhys' sentiments on adults, nodding idly as well as. Again, she is unawares of the reaction from the younger man at the mention of the Weyrleader, grey eyes focused on her work until she turns to consider him. The consideration is brief, "yeah. Ain't sure 'bout how it's all supposed ta work, but it just does." Ada earns another bout of laughter from the huntress-turned-candidate, "I did win, but yer still a traitor." Deitra notes as she again peeks in. "Yeah. Th'ero got me at the bar, after the fight. Didn't get ta finish my drink." Woe. Woe for the woman who did not get her victory drink! As she is about to make her way back to work, a dragon is trying to stick his head in the infirmary, drawing a surprised look from the woman as she simply /stares/. "Now I gotta clean that up." Grumble. And then she quickly goes about fetching the papers off the floor.

It's unknown whether or not Kairhys would of looked as long as he did had Adalinus not been in his underwear, but he still flushes darkly as the hunter shows off the musculature of his chest. Laughing, the weaver waves a hand at mustached nineteen turn old, quietly though of course unwilling to disturb the poor people trying to get their rest in there. He drifts by though after the comment about working out is dropped and Adalinus is working himself into some pants. He drops the volume of his voice to keep it low and between Deitra and him. "I would totally work out with you, over and over again handsome. But it'll have to wait till after this whole candidacy thing is over." he grins, lopsidedly, and steps into the curtained off area as well, flicking the white knot on his shoulder. Yep, he was a candidate as well. They were everywhere. Like an infestation and it only got worse day in and out. "It's against the rules." A wink for the hunter. Then the commotion over by the door grabs his attention for a few minutes, arms crossed one over the other over his stomach. He leans back and then is up on his tip toes but he can still can't see who might be doing all that yelling. "Wow, that is really loud. Surprised the Infirmary staff hasn't jumped all over that guy for disturbing the patients." he murmurs to the other two. He listens to the tale of how Deitra was searched, eyes rolled up towards the ceiling his cheeks taking on a rosy hue somewhere in the middle of her story.

Adalinus peeks his head out of the stall when he hears a loud exhaling sound followed closely by the rustling of papers. "Eh? A dragon in the infirmary?" These healers can't do much for dragons! There's a grunt for Deitra. "I see how it is. One win and you forget all your friends. One knot and you forget all about old Ada." He chuckles about the fact she can't drink. "Don't worry, I'll take your share." Ada gives a big belly laugh at Kai. Then he looks confused. "After candidacy? Why? Don't you have time? We don't have to work out that much. You can come and go as you please!" Oh yes, right over Ada's head. Wooosh. Then his jaw drops. No, it's not because he's realized what Kai is talking about. "What! Working out isn't allowed!? How are the candidates to stay in top physical form!?" Both Die and Kai are in trouble, now. He goes to grapple them both into a bearhug, sniffling. "How??"

Once the little brown dragon's head is clear of the door, his rider comes through. Six feet tall and broad across the shoulders, M'lo is dressed in blue denim trousers and a rust-colored sweater. He doesn't appear to be dressed for work, though his knot is still on his shoulder. Weyrsecond, yeppers. Despite his rank, a couple of the Healers give him disapproving looks for the commotion he and his lifemate have made. "Sorry 'bout that," he says easily, and grins and waves. He takes a quick look around, and then homes in on Adalinus. "Youuuuuuuuu," he drawls. "What are you doing in here? You sick? Injured?" He eyes the younger man as if looking for a wound.

Deitra chokes on her laughter for Kairhys' comments towards Ada about working out, unable to keep restraining it and really trying to restrain it at the same time. A fit of coughing follows, a hand lifting to her chest and pounding there to clear her throat. "I ain't forgot 'bout you, dummy. Shells." Eyes roll upwards as she's gathered into a bearhug, sighing and simply indulging the other hunter, not bothering to try and get away until she's actually released.

"Was it inside?" Kairhys asks, turning wide brown eyes in that direction, as his arms fall away from his stomach and off to his sides. On to tip toes he goes, trying to look over the partitions between each infirmary bed the direction of the racket, before he gives up with a bit of a pout. "Bah, I can't see from here." Apparently unwilling to move just then, he's drawn back to Adalinus as what he was trying to infer goes right over the other holder's head, belly laughs aside. That confused look bring a very crooked smile to Kai's lips, perhaps pondering on filling the poor man in bluntly. Something the hunter says, or puts rather, has the boy stiffing his own laughter. It goes on for quite a while and in the end he's wiping moisture from his eyes with the pad of one thumb. "Oh man." he manages to chuckle out at some point, "The kind of work out I was thinking, is very against candidate rules. Faranth, I love playing with holdbred boys." Thoroughly amused, and tickled pink by Adalinus' obliviousness, the weaver must decide to leave it at that because he's pushing away from that curtained off area about the time that M'lo appears and is apologizing for the sudden interruption. Course, he doesn't get much further than where Deitra is picking up papers, because he's being suddenly crushed against a manly muscled chest and the shapely curves of the young huntress. "Jays!" he exclaims, eyes bugging out of his head. "I'm not sure if this is the best day of my life or my last." This is wheezed, due to lack of being able to actually breathe.

Adalinus has let the poor candidates go and is putting his shirt back on when M'lo addresses him directly. "Hm? Me, sir?" He blinks, then goes back to flexing. "I am neither, sir! I am in perfect health! Er… assuming the healers don't say otherwise." Ada pats the backs of both Dei and Kai on release. Since they're both choking, or coughing, or something. Maybe the hug was too hard? There's a confused look given to Kai. "What sorts of work outs do you do that they don't allow? Something really risky and dangerous?" Poor Ada, taken advantage of even by other holdbreds. He pulls at his mustache in thought about what sorts of workouts might be banned for candidates.

M'lo raises an eyebrow at the candidates, and then turns to Adalinus. "They're referring to intimate activities," he explains. "Rest assured, you are allowed and in fact required to work out in the usual manner during Candidacy. Running, push-ups, crunches, throwing large bags of heavy stone, dragon-washing… But look, my dragon wants me to give you this." He reaches into his pocket and fishes out some lint. "Wait. Hold on, I've got one in here, somewhere," he mutters, patting his pockets and digging through them. "Ah-hah!" He pulls out a white candidate's knot and holds it toward Adalinus. "If you want it, take it. It's hard, there's certainly no guarantee you'll impress, but… you might." By this time Irelanth's head is through the door again up to his headknobs, and he's watching the entire scene with approval. He whuffles, and the blast of warm life-scented air that issues from his nostrils blows a pillow clean off of the unoccupied cot nearest to him.

Deitra laughs loudly, or, it would be loud if she wasn't being SMOOSHED as she is into Kai. "Best." She supplies to the weaver, trying to answer for him until they're released. A deep breath is drawn before laughter continues and slowly, she shuffles back to collecting the scattered papers, grumbling softly to herself. Nothing more is said towards the group until progress is made on the mess that was made. However, silence only lasts until M'lo is offering out the knot wards Ada. Brows lift and a smile forms, "lookit you, Ada. Yer goin' ta be a candidate, you better Impress."

Kairhys does in fact cough a few times as he's released, rubbing at one spot in particular over his ribs that might of been pinned up against something awkwardly, but at least after he groans some he appears to be over it. He shoots the hunter a smirky look before checking on poor Deitra. "You okay?" The back rubbing is definitely unexpected, and it elicits a shiver from the weaver - thankfully over before he has to step away. He opens his mouth when Adalinus continues to be confused, but M'lo steps in and explains flat out what he had meant by all that tease talk, causing the boy to flush darkly and excuse himself. Immediately. "I have to go." he murmurs, perhaps called away by a voice only he could hear - brows creased towards their middle. He pauses beside Deitra though and says something to her in whispering tones before he heads right out one of the side doors of the infirmary, unable to leave the main entrance because a dragon head was sticking in through the door.

Adalinus blinks a bit at M'lo. "When did we start talking about that? I plan to take Kairhys out to lift some tree trunks!" Ada has a great way to side-step everything in his path, apparently. "Hm?" Blue eyes scan the knot. "A knot! Oh! A candidate's knot! Hm!" There's a pause for a second or two. "I accept! I will do my best to fulfill my duties as a candidate, sir!" Ada takes the knot and gives the weyrsecond a salute. "To you and your dragon, I extend my thanks." Dei is apparently accepting his knot for him! Or at least telling him to accept it. Also to impress. That might be more difficult. "Now I am also a candidate! No booze for anyone anymore, it would seem. Can one of you help me with this?" He means the knot, now that he's fully dresses again. There's a surprised look when Kai is scrambling off. "Wait, Kairhys! We haven't finished talking about the work outs yet! I want to show you my squat-thrust technique!"

M'lo doesn't bat an eyelash when Kairhys leaves. He merely gives the lad an amused smile and shakes his head. "Shouldn't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk," he murmurs to himself. Then he grins at Deitra and turns back to Adalinus. Laughing, he salutes back. "I'll let your fellow candidate help you with the knot. Once you finish up here, come to the barracks and I'll get you all set up." He beams at them and then scoots out the door.

Deitra tilts her head in consideration of what the weaver whispers, nodding once and then watching him depart with a tilt of her head in his direction before grey eyes turn to resettle on the other hunter, considering him as he accepts the knot. A grin forms and she nods once more, "Kai said congrats, Ada. He had ta go." Stating the obvious, yay! The huntress then puts the papers back where they once were and considers what's left. But all is clean. The askance for help, she moves over to help settle the knot before looking towards M'lo. Lips press into a thin line, commentary kept to herself before grey eyes again lift to consider Ada's face. "C'mon, I'll walk you ta the barracks?"

Adalinus blinks a bit and then nods to Dei. "Ah. He seemed more chipper today than the last time I saw him. Hopefully we can catch up with him later! So… I'm not too familiar with the rules. I know that …intimacy is out. But things like kissing and holding hands are still fine, yes?" He just wants to check! Before he gets into trouble for being… ignorant. There's a nod from the big man, then. "Sure! First let's stop off so I can collect my things? I can't sleep unless I have my own pillow."

"Ah, yeah. He ain't hungover." Deitra laughs loudly and then considers his question. "Ain't sure. Best ta avoid it, then. No fightin', either. We're doin' workouts daily and such." The huntress stretches and then nods, "come with me. We're goin' ta get yer special pillow." A fond laugh slips out and she leads the way!

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.