Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl

The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

It is around noon, the snow is heavy upon the ground and it is silent, a little /too/ silent. No kids are about, no one is walking in or out of anywhere. It is almost eerie from how dead the Weyr appears to be. DUNDUN DUUUN.

No kids are about, but there is a cornflower blue dragon stretched out towards the edge of the bowl, near to the wall. Head resting across crossed forelegs, he watches the empty bowl with a distracted curiosity through slowly spinning eyes. He perks up though, when from the direction of the Administration Complex, Kimmila walks. Dressed in warm winter riding gear with her hood up, she meanders along with her hands in her pockets, chatting away to Th'ero. "So then I figured, 'what the hell'? And I got up and sang. I was horrible, you would have loved it." Laughing, she leans over to bump his shoulder a bit, before her keen green eyes scan the bowl. Smiling at her lifemate, she starts to head in his direction.

The lack of folk or the unusually silent bowl don't seem to reach Th'ero's distracted thoughts. The Weyrleader looks tired as he strides from the Administration Complex, though he still grins as he walks alongside Kimmila. He's dressed in his usual gear, nothing too formal and, of course, all in black. Does the man have no taste for color? He has no hood, but his gloved hands are tucked in his jacket pockets and by the way his shoulders are slightly hunched, he's still not enjoying the cold. "I'm not so sure of that." Th'ero teases back, a smirk curving the corners of his mouth upwards at the shoulder bump. It's promptly returned, before he's following her towards Varmiroth. Velokraeth is nowhere to be seen and is undoubtedly on the sands along with Zuhth.

It's like a swarm suddenly rushes out when the sound of voices begin to fill the empty bowl, forts that were carefully built so not to give away their position suddenly become visible as figures gather around them. A battle cry is released along with the words of 'attack!'. The army is quite large, having been gathered by both Deitra and Miki — the greenrider having been attacked by work before she could take part — and consisting mostly of children who have been bailed away from the nannies. Snow begins flying and Deitra leads the assault, quickly throwing as much as she can, all aimed at poor Th'ero!

Adalinus has somehow been hiding out in the bowl. How or where he managed to find a hiding spot is unknown. He's here as Deitra's wingman really, since Miki has bailed on them. Though he'll probably end up as a human shield for everyone close to him. Poor Th'ero. Ada's hands are large, and you know what big hands means…. Big snowballs! The hunter lets out a whoop as he springs to action that encourages all the children to start yelling. And then comes the snow! Big giant balls of snow, all thrown at the weyrleader.

Kimmila is a dirty, dirty double-crosser. When the assault begins her hand reaches out and snatches Th'ero's elbow, yanking him forward towards Varmiroth. The cornflower blue warbles in his excitement, rising to all fours and hastening forward, away from…what's this? Another fort?! Say it isn't so! The little children of the weyr are double-crossers too, enlisted earlier by Kimmila to build the biggest and bestest(est) fort ever, stocked with snowballs and ready to go. With a peal of laughter, Kimmila tugs Th'ero towards their refuge, diving behind it and grabbing a few snowballs to pelt back at their attackers.

Th'ero isn't tired or distracted enough to miss the sudden influx of noise, but by the time he starts and looks across the bowl, it's too late. Eyes widen a little in surprise as a tiny army of children are lead into a charge by Deitra and suddenly the air is full of snowballs. "What in?" he begins to exclaim to Kimmila, before he has to dodge, the first few missing him but it's not long before others hit their target. The poor, unsuspecting Weyrleader is pelted several times, mostly in his arm, leg and back before he even thinks on shielding himself. Not that it matters, as an overly large snowball (compliments of Adalinus?) soon strikes his upraised arm and it explodes, showering his face in cold, cold snow. Sputtering, he let's himself be tugged away by Kimmila and in the brief refuge of the fort, Th'ero can gather his thoughts while he picks bits of snow from his hair and the collar of his jacket in an annoyed manner. "Did I just get ambushed? With snowballs?" he mutters and the poor bluerider is given a narrowed, suspicious look. And just when it seems that the Weyrleader is truly a sour spoil sport, he leans back against the fort's icy wall and begins to laugh. And laugh and laugh. Did they break him?

Betrayal! Woe! Confusion is evident and the assault briefly comes to a pause as some scramble with the fact that they are armed and not completely unaware! The pause lasts until Deitra's yelling for the assault to continue, the huntress determined to avenge the betrayal. "Yer goin' down!" Comes from the young woman, until whispers of who, exactly betrayed them. Disorder breaks out in the ranks as the traitors begin to be assaulted and captured, even Deitra becomes distracted by this pelting the traitors before they are hauled to a makeshift prison. "Ada, make sure yer keepin' on the Weyrleader! Yer in charge while 'm dealin' with the traitors."

Adalinus is just making snowballs and hurling them at Th'ero. He doesn't know anything about the previous plans really. He was just on his way to the caverns when he was sidetracked into a snowball war of epic porportions. "What's happened? Who's a traitor?! How dare they!" Whoever it is with Th'ero there. He can't exactly see from all the snow all over the place. Then some of his own teammates turn against him! "I'm under heavy fire here!" He has to pick off some of the brats before he can go back to hucking snowballs at Th'ero. "Yes ma'am!" He gives a quick salute to Deitra and then goes back to gathering up snow. "Comrades, do not back down!"

Kimmila crouches behind the fort and pelts snowballs in the direction of their attackers, ducking down when one of their thrown ones hits the rim and showers her with cold flakes. "You did," she says, winking at him. When he starts to laugh she stares at him, grinning crookedly, and then she's giving his shoulder a shove. "Stop just sitting there on your ass, we need to retaliate!" Since it's just her and Th'ero on this side of things. She picks up another snowball and pelts it over the fort wall, aiming for Deitra. "Shouldn't have trusted me!" she hollers. Trash talk is an integral part of snowball fights!

It takes a moment or two, but Th'ero eventually sobers enough that he's down to fits of chuckling and aided by the shove to his shoulder from Kimmila. He'll linger in the fort for as long as it takes, no doubt banking on the time that the chaos that the double-crossing has brought him. Carefully, he edges himself up, peering over the wall. What he glimpses is obvious mass confusion, but Deitra's voice is singled out and he spies her easily enough. Adalinus is noted as well and then he's ducking back down as a snowball sails too high and over his head. "Shards." He mutters, glancing at the bluerider with an incredulous look and then peering at the stockpile of snowballs. "This is so not befitting my rank." He complains, but even so, he's reluctantly gathered a snowball or two and then with a determined look, suddenly rises and lets them fly. He doesn't wait to see who or what they hit, before ducking back down.

It's a very one-sided war for a while. The snowballs! They are many. Until Kimmila gets Th'ero to toss a few. "We can pelt you along with the weyrleader!" He turns to all the brats to his left. "Battalion Alpha! You pelt the woman!" Then to the brats on his right. "Battalion Beta, you're on the weyrleader!" And Ada? Well, suddenly he turns to chuck a snowball at Deitra. He's a traitor, too! He lets out a big belly laugh. Chaos. Even Ada likes it. Of course now he's a traitor, as well. Which ought to really confuse the weyrbrats!

Deitra nods once towards Adalinus before she is stomping off to deal with the traitors, hauling the traitors away. Once they are dealt with, Deitra returns to the line of fire, and pelting snowballs over. A loud 'oomph' sound comes as she is pelted with a few snowballs thrown by miss traitor over there and she quickly returns fire. "We still got the Weyrleader out! Yer goin' ta lose!" Trash talk is a major important part of snowball fights! Though her aim is no longer on the Weyrleader as he pops back up, entirely focused on Kimmila clearly, she doesn't expect the Weyrleader who knows nothing about snowball fights to attack back — so when she's pelted with a snowball, surprise brings a halt in her attack, causing the huntress to flee behind Ada, seeking refuge to recover. Oh wait! He's pelting her, too. Loud swears follow and she begins to toss snow at the other hunter, not bothering to form balls.

Kimmila grins wickedly at him. "Nope! That's why it's fun. C'mon, Weyrleader, come down off your pedestal and join us common folk in a little country game." She winks, laughter suppressed only so she can keep talking. Quite obviously joking, she pops up from behind the wall to pelt a few left handed snowballs, using her dominant (and injured) right arm to hold them. She falls back down with a laughed yelp of surprise, a snowball already melting against the side of her face and into her collar. "I hate to tell you this," she says in mock seriousness, "but I think we might be out-numbered." "BRING IT!" she hollers to the others, popping up to pelt a few as hard as she can.

Th'ero is oblivious to Adalinus' sudden betrayal, though at this point the Weyrleader is considering the chaos beyond the fort wall to be a free for all. Every man, woman and child for themselves! So while he's left poor Deitra surprised and defenseless, his attention focuses on Kimmila for a moment. He snorts at her remark, smirking. "Fine. But if anyone, including the children, get hurt…" And he lets the threat hang there, though not entirely serious. At her remark on the numbers, Th'ero peeks over the edge and narrowly avoids getting a snowball to the face for his efforts. Sputtering and offering his own choice curses, the Weyrleader glares at the bluerider, but his grin keeps it all in jest. "Tell me something I /don't/ know." He grumbles at her, before gathering his next line of snowballs into the crook of one arm and then inhaling deeply, springs out from behind the protection of his fort. With a yell that is totally not his nature, Th'ero unloads snowball after snowball, taking his time in selecting targets, getting pelted in turn for his efforts but he ignores those. Eventually, he singles out Deitra and Adalinus and attempts to send a few their way. "That's for ambushing me!" he calls out at them. And with his last snowball, he winds up and —- throws it at Kimmila, wicked grin and all. "That's for being a double crosser!"

Adalinus has apparently set a trap for Deitra, since as soon as she's running over to him he's pelting her with snow. He laughs as she just tosses snow at him the lazy way. "I'm defecting! And there's nothing you can do about it!" He gives another big belly laugh. "Storm the fort!" He's hoping to rally support to his defection cause maybe. Either way big man is rushing towards the fort, hopefully with at least one or two other brats in tow. Brats are all tossed over the wall while Ada blocks the incoming snowballs. Then he runs and hops over the wall himself, hopefully without squishing anyone on the other side. "We've come to join the alliance!" Or something. "I need more snow!"

Deitra is on the ground, therefore, missed by Th'ero's snowball throws and far too distracted by throwing snow at Ada. Then, he's taking off towards the other side, the traitors breaking free and storming over with the large man. Loud swears from the grumbly hunter. "See is 'm kissin' you again for the next sevenday! Traitor!" Proper snowballs are formed and launched over at the traitor, double crosser, and Weyrleader. The woman calls for the remaining army to continue the assault.

Kimmila is momentarily shocked when Th'ero turns on her, a snowball hitting her in the chest. She stares at him, her expression mixed for a long moment. Oh, there's things she /could/ say right here. But they'd probably ruin the great time everyone's having, so in the end she just laughs and flings a handful of snow up towards his face. "Now you're getting it!" she says triumphantly, as if having Th'ero turn on her was her plan all along. She pelts him with a snowball properly, and then turns her attention to those one the /other/ side of the fort. Just in time to see Adalinus and a few kids hurtling their way. She's taken aback for a moment, before she laughs. "There's snow all /around/ us," she points out with a wry grin. "You're all alone, Deitra!" she hollers.

Raising his arm up, Th'ero deflects most of the loose snow tosses his way from Kimmila, his grin still in place despite getting more snow down the collar of his jacket. As the Weyrleader backtracks closer to the fort, he uses the same tactic that Deitra and the bluerider had used and just begins to toss unpacked snow as a defensive distraction. Th'ero then suddenly drops into a bit of a defensive stance when Adalinus is charging the fort, brats being tossed before him. But when he becomes apparent that the large hunter isn't attacking him, the Weyrleader relaxes and gathers up some of the remaining premade snowballs. Unfortunately, Adalinus is on his own now and Deitra's swearing has Th'ero laughing again. Turning his head earns a few on her side to pelt his chest and sides, but he still manages to call out to Adalinus before he has to retaliate. "Oh, you're in trouble now! No one ever warn you of a woman's fury?" Rearmed, the Weyrleader begins his assault again, though apparently takes his own side. No one is safe and who's the double crosser now?

Adalinus gives a loud belly laugh as he defects and Deitra threatens him with a lack of kisses. "Fair enough! It's your loss anyways!" Of course, Ada is surprised to see Th'ero and Kimmila also throwing snowballs at each other. The hunter chucks a few more at the non-defectors, Deitra included. By now Ada is just covered in snow, he looks like a big blonde yeti. Then suddenly he looks to Kimmila and Th'ero. "It's a double-cross! Get the weyrleader! Hurry! I've got snow down my pants!" Ada will make a grapple for Th'ero to get him into a bear hug. Apparently Ada hugs even while at war. Though this time it's to drag Th'ero out of the fort.

"Ain't alone! Yer still goin' down!" Deitra retorts, peeking over her fort to yell back before huddling down so to build up her stock of snowballs while all are distracted by Adalinus making his way over with the defectors. Once her task is done, she continues her assault with a whole new fury, determined to get the betraying hunter, now. Forget about the double-crossing bluerider and the Weyrleader. It is even more personal than before, which was pretty personal! And then there is more betrayal by the other hunter, leading to the huntress to burst out laughing.

Kimmila rolls her eyes and shakes her head, sitting down in the snow to catch her breath. She smirks up at Th'ero. "Did anyone warn /you/?" she asks, green eyes twinkling with the promise of a payback for his punishment for her double crossing that saved him from an utterly humiliating ambush. But that payback doesn't come now. No. It'll come later. When he's least expecting it. Muahahaha. Staring at Adalinus, the bluerider is clearly baffled, and then she barks a laugh. "I didn't need to know that!" she shouts, followed by a laughed yelp and a dramatic cry of, "Nooooo!" as Th'ero is being drug out of the fort. "Take me instead!" she says around laughs, pelting Adalinus with snowballs to try and win Th'ero's freedom. Yes, even after all that, she's still on Th'ero's side. The jerk.

"No!" Comes the almost breathless reply. "But you're going down, it seems!" Apparently Th'ero completely forgot about scorning another certain bluerider in the rush of fun! Oh, he'll pay for it later. But for now, his concern lay in trying to avoid the worst of the snowballs sent their way from Deitra and the remainder of her group. "Keep that snow to yourself!" he shouts at the larger hunter turned traitor, twisting away for a moment to pelt some of the older weyrbrats who get too close for his comfort. He's about to open his mouth to yell some other witty or insulting remark when - BAM! Snowball to the head? No, it's just yeti-Adalinus grappling him into another classic bearhug. His curses are muffled, but the Weyrleader isn't going down without a fight! Th'ero does his best to dig his heels into the snow, writhing as best he can in the hunter's grip. It's all in fun though, thankfully and while the former guard training kicks in, he's hardly using his full strength. Probably doesn't help that he's chosen this point to start his fits of laughter again. So bit by little bit, Th'ero is pulled away and completely helpless to any snowballs.

Adalinus is playing both sides! Because apparently that is how Ada rolls, or something. There isn't much more discussed about his pants and snow, thankfully. It's just left out there, for people to think about. "Argh! We're under heavy fire, sir!" Ada does his best to drag Th'ero out of the fort and into open air. Of course things start going awry when they do get out there, and there are now snowballs coming from both directions. Ada hits an uneven patch of snow and his feet go out from under him, and big man takes a tumble backwards onto his behind. Timber!

Laughter grows louder as Kimmila tries to sacrifice herself for the Weyrleader, Deitra grinning wider. Rather than letting this work itself out, the huntress takes advantage of this situation by throwing snowballs at any and all involved, Kimmila, Adalinus, and Th'ero. No mercy! When Ada goes down, she doesn't even relent! "Keep up the fire! No mercy!"

Kimmila scrambles after the two men, laughing as she digs a white handkerchief from her pocket and waves it in the air. "Truce!" she hollers. "Truce, we surrender!" Ducking a few more snowballs with an arm lifted over her head, she laughs with a little shiver. The cold and wet is finally starting to seep through her many layers of clothing. "Truce!"

"Of course we are!" Th'ero manages to say between his struggles, "You dragged us from the fo" And whatever else the Weyrleader was about to say is lost as Adalinus topples backwards, bringing the bronzerider awkwardly with him. But it works to his advantage in the end and wasting no time, he slips from the hunter's grasp and scrambles away, struck by a few of the snowballs Deitra sends for Adalinus. But he's not about to let the large hunter off so easily and promptly tosses as much snow as he can to the fallen man. Get 'em while they're done! It's a bit of a low move, but who said he always played fair? "Truce!" Th'ero calls out as well, though shortly after Kimmila has started up the call herself. She's not the only one feeling the cold now and he's probably got enough snow down his jacket to chill him. To make good on his surrender, the Weyrleader holds his hands up slightly. See? Completely harmless and a totally open target for anyone wanting one last cheap shot.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah!" All Ada can do really is yell. He's fallen onto his rump, and then is being pelted with snowballs and then buried in snow. Apparently he's lost the war! "Oh the snow! It's in all my crevices! It's cold!" Finally Ada gets up out of the snow and shakes himself off a bit. "Truce! No more snow!" He charges at the weyrbrats to help scatter them out of the bowl. "Go do your chores! Or I'll tell the headwoman on all of you!"

Kimmila's cry for truce is met with a pause, to consider the rest of those involved. All sides have come to a standstill, waiting on the rest of the cries for truce. Even Th'ero and Adalinus call out for truce and a loud whoop comes from Deitra. "I /win/!" She doesn't do a victory dance, however, striding over towards Adalinus as the children begin to scatter and run away to avoid being tattled upon. A hand is offered out towards her fellow hunter, offering help up while turning at grin towards Th'ero. "Thanks for playin'. Was 'fraid you'd turn and run."

"Shards and shells, man, will you stop talking about your crevices?" Kimmila demands, wiping the back of her snow-covered neck with the handkerchief with another shiver. "Yes, you win," she says to Deitra with an eyeroll. The temptation to chuck another snowball into her smug, smiling face is resisted, as the bluerider sets to brushing herself off. "Now I need to get to somewhere warm, with a towel and a mug of hot klah."

"Shard it, Adalinus, I don't need to know that!" Th'ero exclaims again when the larger hunter brings up his complaint over snow being in uncomfortable places. The Weyrleader still has his hands up while he watches him scatter the children, lowering them only when Deitra claims victory and comes striding from her fort. "Shells no. I'm no coward." Th'ero says with a grin directed her way. "How long did you all have this planned anyhow? And I hope this is the last of the ambushes for a bit?" There's a chuckle then and with a relaxed sigh, he gives Kimmila a curious side-glance. "Ah, come on now, Kimmila. Don't be such a sore looser." Th'ero probably shouldn't be pushing the bluerider, but he can't seem to resist the chance to tease. Though when she mentions warmth and klah, the Weyrleader couldn't agree more. "Now that sounds like a good idea. I'm chilled straight through."

Adalinus accepts Dei's hand up. He shakes himself out a bit before giving her a hug. It's a regular hug! Sort of. He also brushes some of the snow off of her. "Yes yes. You won. Go brag to all the other hunters that you ambushed the weyrleader and all of this." He laughs then. "But my crevices! They're -cold-! Also I'm getting damp as all this snow melts. I need a change of clothes and some klah to get me warmed up. We should head inside!" Ladies first though, of course. Ada puts his hand on the small of Deitra's back to let her know he'll follow her in. See, he's still her wingman!

"'S'good idea. Maybe Shenanigan's, if yer wantin' a smaller crowd." Deitra offers towards Kimmila before grey eyes resettle on the Weyrleader, lips curling into a wider grin. "Good. Ain't fond of cowards. Had it planned for awhile. Hmm. A few days after yer winnin' flight, actually. Once I heard you ain't ever been in a snowball fight. Just needed ta find someone ta get you ta come out." Her lips curl a little wider before she shakes her head, "ain't got another thing planned. Yer safe for awhile." Ada is helped up and swooped into a hug, easily drawn in but not happily so! At least she doesn't shove him away, accepting his help to clean her off. "Mhm. Goin' ta show off ta everyone." Her tone is heavy with sarcasm and amusement, her head shaking a bit before she's starting to head inside.

Kimmila smirks at Th'ero and tucks her hands under her armpits with another shiver. She glances at Adalinus and then at Deitra, staring for a moment before she blinks. "Yes," she says, quickly stepping past the two lovebirds, heading briskly towards the Living Cavern.

Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Th'ero groans a little as Adalinus insists on mentioning his various crevices again, but soon laughs softly. Seems even thought he ambush snowball fight is over; some of his good humor is sticking around. The Weyrleader looks relieved when Deitra claims his safe, though he chuckles when the hunter explains just how long this plan had been brewing. "I'll have to guard what I say all the more now, I suppose." He muses, before frowning a little as he considers the suggestion of Shenanigan's. But even before he can make up his mind, Kimmila is quickly striding away with only a smirk directed his way. So with a slight shrug of his shoulders, Th'ero turns to follow. "Shenanigan's it is then." He mutters, hastily picking up the pace of his stride.

Adalinus ends up splitting up from the group on the way to Shenanigan's. A towel having been fetched and winter clothing shed for her underclothing, — still wet but not as soaked — means Deitra can head into Shenanigan's without much worry, pulling up to the bar, she looks over her shoulder to the following Th'ero, "yep. Yer goin' ta have ta avoid sharin' things you ain't ever done, otherwise we might find a way ta getcha ta do it without much warnin'." A stool is taken at the bar and the huntress orders some klah her group and a shot for herself.

Kimmila stopped off at her mother's weyr for a quick change of clothes, and she trails into the bar after the others, dressed in a slightly lumpy violet sweater and slimming grey trousers. Her long braid swings against her back as she looks around the room and then takes a seat at the bar, near Deitra. "Klah, spiked," she orders, rubbing fingers against her temples. "So did you have fun?" she asks Th'ero and Deitra, with a wry grin.

Th'ero has apparently skipped the step of slipping away for a change of clothes, opting only to pull off his jacket the moment he's within the warmth of the inner caverns. Said soaked riding jacket is hung on a nearby peg to dry and his tunic isn't in too rough of shape. Damp around the collar where the snow got in, but otherwise the Weyrleader looks no worse for wear - if you can ignore the mess his damp hair has become. Sliding onto a stool on the other side of Deitra, he effectively places the hunter between both himself and Kimmila. As the order for klah is sent in, Th'ero hastily echoes the bluerider's addition to it being spiked. Why not? "I did. Are you surprised?" he says, turning his head to smirk at both Deitra and Kimmila. "Guess it'll make for interesting gossip for the day."

"Yeah. Was worth the wait, even with yer betrayal and all that. Made it far more worth it." Deitra laughs, silencing for a moment, "though 'm goin' ta get Ada back." The barkeep earns a nod of thanks for the hasty delivery of their drinks, downing her shot quickly before lifting her klah for a drink. The huntress is trapped by the riders! "'m sure it's goin' round right now, kids all whisperin' how they ambushed the Weyrleader and then turned on their leader." A laugh, "'m sure some others saw it, too. Ain't nothin' wrong with a lil' bit of gossip."

Kimmila glances over at Th'ero when he sits, her brows lifting slightly. When her drink arrives, she busies herself with a sip, and chuckles. "Betrayal, changing sides…that's all part of a good snowball fight. Plus, I wasn't going to just stand by and let Fort's Weyrleader be humiliated like that," she says, her humor dry as she takes another sip of the hot, spiked klah. Mmm.

"Isn't betrayal part of these snowball fights though?" Th'ero muses, though he's too slow and ends up echoing Kimmila. So he gives the bluerider a curious glance, smiling crookedly though giving her a bit of a long look at her dry humor. Chuckling, her turns to Deitra when she mentions a later revenge for Adalinus' traitorous behavior. "You two seem pretty close." The Weyrleader observes as he reaches for his spiked klah. Apparently the snowball fight has also made him a little bold with his words. His drink isn't quite sipped at, as the bronzerider takes a good long pull of it before setting the mug down with a satisfied sound. Nothing like a hot, spiked, drink to end the day and for once, Th'ero seems relaxed. Only, how long will it last? "Why thanks, then, Kimmila, for saving me from complete humiliation." He teases her again, though the look he gives her betrays something more of appreciation.

"Mm." Comes Deitra's idle agreement as she sips at her klah before resettling the mug on the bar. "Ain't like he'd've been completely humiliated, he woulda figured it out." The huntress has confidence in him! "We're close 'nough, I guess. Got a thing." But, nothing more is said on that as the mug is again lifted to her lips, taking an actual drink this time rather than sipping.

Kimmila smiles back at Th'ero, her wry smile softening just a tad to something a bit more genuine. She leeeeeans past Deitra to give the Weyrleader's shoulder a firm pat. "Don't mention it, Wingmate. You know I've always got your back. And I'm sure it wouldn't have been /complete/ humiliation." Then she's nodding in agreement to Deitra's remarks. "Yup. It's not like it's hard." Siiiiiip. Awkward? Maybe just a tad, as she turns on the stool to lean back against the bar, elbows resting on it as she surveys the room.

Poor Deitra, sandwiched between two riders. Th'ero doesn't pull away from Kimmila's pat to his shoulder, but he does give her another curious look. "Glad to hear that, Wingmate." The Weyrleader murmurs in turn and would have given a gesture in return to the bluerider, though he saves the hunter the awkwardness of being almost crushed between them again. "And no, I wouldn't have and I suppose I would have figured it out in the end." Another long sip of his klah and he's already half done the drink. There's a lapse of silence as Th'ero drums his fingers against the bar top, brows knitting together. His hand then seems to absently reach to his side, before he realizes his jacket is no longer on him. There's a curse muttered under his breath and the Weyrleader is excusing himself before retrieving his riding jacket. As he slides back into his seat, he finds what he's looking for and promptly lays it down in front of Deitra. It may be a little on the soggy side, but what it is show clear enough - a white knot. Enough said (or unsaid?) and oh-so awkward indeed.

Deitra is scooting in so Kimm can reach past her, not wanting to make the situation awkward. She buries her nose in her mug and finishes off her drink before resettling into a better position. Silence lingers, grey eyes flickering between both riders before settling on the Weyrleader. "Well, prolly wouldn't've been as fun without Kimmila. 'm thankful." Rather than ordering more klah, another few shots are ordered as well as a mug of ale, quite intent on drinking away. Th'ero's curse draws her attention back towards him, blinking as she watches him fetch his jacket. There's a shrug and she turns to face the barkeep again as if willing him to pour her drinks faster. Movement again draws her gaze and grey eyes settle on the soggy white knot in front of her. Brows lift, then lower, contorting her face into an odd mixture of a excitement and displeasure. "Shit. 'm gettin' more drinks in me b'fore 'm even touchin' that knot." A wave to the barkeep, ordering him to work faster until her drinks are finally delivered; the woman then begins to down the shots as quick as possible before moving onto the ale.

Kimmila's brows lift higher at the offering of the white knot, and then the bluerider laughs at Deitra's reaction. "That's not what you're supposed to say," she teases, reaching out to try and pull Deitra's drinks towards her, and away from the hunter.

It definitely is not what one usually says, but Th'ero doesn't seem to mind too much at first. "Figured as much." The Weyrleader remarks with a smirk, watching as Deitra tries to consume as much alcohol as possible and at least Kimmila has the sense to try to take the drinks away from the huntress. There's an appreciative nod given to the bluerider, subtle and quick and then it's back to business. While the bluerider works that angle, Th'ero works on distracting her. "One and only chance." Th'ero states with a faint smile as he taps a single finger on the bar top, inches from the soggy wet knot. "Velokraeth got off his boxy rump long enough to watch some of the fight from the hatching caverns entrance. Must've saw something cause… we'll, here we are." And now he gestures vaguely to the three of them before crossing his arms and leaning slightly against the edge of the bar. "So. Do you accept to stand or not for this clutch?" Th'ero seems to be skipping all the formalities at this point, the Weyrleader perhaps tired or simply not in the mood to sugar coat things.

Deitra chokes slightly at Kimmila's comment though avoiding a response for she's clearing her throat before going for another drink, just to clear her throat even as the bluerider begins to steal her drinks away. She doesn't notice, or, she simply acts as if she doesn't. No apologies for her choice of words, grey eyes flickering towards the knot as he taps at the bar top. "Oh." Not much more is said to that comment of the Weyrleader's dragon peeking out of the hatching caverns and watching them. Another cough, clearing her already cleared throat one last time. "Yes." Grey eyes lift upwards, settling on Th'ero and forgetting all about her alcohol. "Thank you for the honor, sir. Will do my duty ta the Weyr and do it well."

Kimmila nods back to Th'ero with another smile, scooting Deitra's drinks towards her, but the bluerider doesn't touch them other than that. Her own drink, however, is downed with a faint wince at the burn as it slides down. But it's a good burn. Then she's sliding off the stool, tossing up a casual salute for Candidate and Weyrleader alike. "Congratulations," she says with a crooked smile for Deitra. "Lots of history on those Sands, mind your manners," she says, sounding eerily like her mother. "Wingmate," she says, giving Th'ero a smile and a little nod. "I best be getting back to Western. Have…something to do. M'sure. See y'all later." With another nod and a tip of her fingertips to her brow, she's heading towards the door.

Th'ero waits patiently for Deitra to reply, watching the hunter carefully as she goes about clearing her throat. When she accepts, the Weyrleader's shoulders drop a little in relief and the knot is gently scooped up from the bar top and properly handed over for her to actually take of her own free will. "I'm sure you will." He says, though there's a faint twitch at the corner of his mouth when Deitra uses the title 'sir'. Th'ero apparently still doesn't quite like that, but he doesn't correct her now. He's distracted for a moment as Kimmila gets up from her seat and addresses him. "Leaving so soon?" he asks, trying not to sound or look disappointed and failing to a point. "Ah, well then, take care Kimmila. See you later." Th'ero gives her a quick nod in return and a half-salute that's more of a mocking jest then anything. Once the bluerider is out the door though, his gaze only lingers there for a heartbeat before he fixes it back on Deitra. "Congratulations." The Weyrleader adds himself, with a faint grin. "I take it you know where the barracks are? And the rules?"

Deitra nods to Kimmila in thanks, "yes ma'am." Suddenly completely and utterly polite, she remains this way even towards the blurider. A quick wave of farewell, "later." The farewell is rather lame as slowly but surely, shock seems to be taking hold of the huntress as she accepts the knot that he hands over towards her. Fingers play with the soggy knot, considering it in silence and letting Th'ero give his farewells without interruption. Grey eyes flicker back towards him for the congratulations and a grin is his answer, "thanks. Yep, 'm well aware of the rules. No drinkin', no sex, no fightin'. Should I see m'self off and get my things in place?"

The sudden politeness is noted by Th'ero and he's giving Deitra a curious side-long glance as he lets the huntress study the knot. When she does glance back to him, the Weyrleader has a slight smile in place. "Good. Saves me the time in having to explain them all." With that said, he gives a nod of his head and gestures idly with one hand towards the door. "There's no rush, but yes… you can. And you can notify anyone you need to about your change in rank. No nasty surprises that way." Th'ero then reaches for his forgotten drink, finishing off the last of it before setting the mug aside and then fishing out payment for his part of the drinks and Kimmila's as well. "I'm sure you'll do just fine. But I've better go check on some things. As fun as fighting all of you in that clever ambush of yours, duty calls eventually." And with a smile that's genuine, the Weyrleader gives a farewell half-wave, half-salute, gathers up his jacket and strides off, leaving Deitra to more or less fend for herself for now.

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