Ierne Weyrhold - Main Beach
A long curving beach, the sand yellowish brown, facing eastward along the Great Bay coast. Off on the horizon, far in the distance, can be seen the cliffs of Southern Hold, on the opposite side.
The beach curves north-northeast, and south-southeast, stretching both directions quite a distance, while gentle waves lap in from the bay to the east. Far beyond the hide-tide mark, at the forest's edge, the cobbled stones of the road lead west toward Ierne.

It's a cool day for Ierne, which means not so cool, but not all that humid either. Nayale is thankful for that as she lays sprawled out on the beach in something a bit more revealing than her overprotective twin brother would have liked her to be wearing. It's a simple black two piece bikini, and at the moment she's lying front down to the sand, the back of her bikini straps undone so she doesn't gain tan lines across her rather pale back. A small green firelizard is marching around her in a big circle, chittering, as if in a great conversation with her sunbathing friend. Only Naya seems not to really be paying attention as she scribbles away on a sketchpad. What's she drawing? Who knows, but a random, off-tune hum is also floating away from the teen. She's most definitely tone-deaf.

Even if considered a cool and not so humid day by Ierne's standards, it's far warmer then the climate one rider just left. Th'ero comes striding down to the beach, looking a touch uncomfortable in his riding gear, though he's at least had the sense to take off the jacket and sling it over one shoulder. Still though, he's wearing a mid-sleeved tunic and black leather pants, along with heavy boots. Not exactly beach going attire, but he seeks out the waterfront all the same. Velokraeth comes gliding in from above, circling lazy before coming in to land off to the side so as not to shower any poor unfortunate souls with sand. The small pale bronze folds his wings neatly and considers the water for a moment, before turning his oversized, misshapen head towards a sunbathing Nayale. That has him dropping his jaw in a draconic like grin, which in turn has Th'ero muttering to himself. "Quit it and go swim, you insufferable dolt. Longer we linger here, the longer it takes to get back to Fort." Chiding out of the way, the bronzerider does glance towards the young teen, a crooked smile forming at her obviously off-tune humming and the chittering green firelizard. But when it comes to greetings, he hesitates, words failing him as he struggles. Awkwardness abounds and eventually he settles for only a polite cough.

Nayale is so engrossed in whatever it is the girl is drawing, that she misses the arrival of not only Th'ero, but of his bronze lifemate as well. The horrid humming continues as she kicks her legs about in the air to her tuneless beat. It's only once Th'ero coughs that her head whips about and dark blue eyes settle upon the bronzerider. Normally one might attempt to cover up, but Naya makes no move to do so, just offering him a sly smile. "Hey. Uh.. welcome to Ierne?" She offers, judging him by his leathers she can tell he's obviously not from around here. No Ierne rider would walk out on the beach wearing /those/. Gaze flicks over to Velokraeth and she wiggles a few fingers of welcome in his direction as her lashes flutter, "Hi there, big boy." Yup, Naya is totally flirting it up with a dragon. She's just that cool, or not, depending upon your perspective.

Th'ero's lack of fashion sense does make him an easy target for the label of visitor, but that doesn't seem to cross the bronzerider's mind. What does obviously have his attention is the continuing off-tune humming from Nayale and the lack of covering up upon his arrival. So it's fair to say that he does his share of staring, before glancing away and fixing his own brown gaze with the dark blue of the young teen. Hey, he's only human, after all? "Thanks." Th'ero finally replies, a touch bluntly, as awkwardness is now eased back now that she's begun the conversation. At least the smile he offers is warm? "Hope our arrival didn't disturb your ah… work." Scribbling can be considered work, or so the Fortian rider assumes. When Nayale so openly flirts with Velokraeth, it's both bronze and rider who react in surprise, though it's the dragon that recovers the quickest. There's a sweet croon directed back to the teen, followed by a few chuffs that could be considered laughter. He then proceeds to preen a little, while Th'ero stifles a groan. "He says he's flattered that a beauty such as you should be so kind to compliment him." He explains to Nayale, almost grimacing as he literally forces out the words.

"I don't really have /work/, per say. I typically just help my mother with whatever commission she happens to have. But honestly the past sevenday has been a bit slow. So I'm just being a loafer at the moment. Uselessness, blissful uselessness." Naya gives a lopsided grin to the bronzerider and finally reaches around and ties a loose loop with her bikini strings. "Just drawing a little. Nothing really that awesome." And if Th'ero is close enough he could see the awful attempt at drawing. Apparently, not only is she tone-deaf, but she lacks any artistic talent (at least in this medium) as well. But hey, at least the girl is easy on the eyes? Her eyes nearly twinkle at the croon she receives and she seems oblivious to his interesting appearance. It isn't as if it'd matter one way or another honestly, she seems openly friendly to anyone. "Oh, a beauty huh? Well thank you kind sir. I appreciate the compliment. But a lovely specimen such as yourself shouldn't be flattered by a few finger wiggles. How about a kiss?" Nayale presses her fingers to her lips and blows one at him with a girlish giggle. "He's a cutie." Is offered to Th'ero as she gives him a sidelong glance.

Th'ero looks a little surprised by Nayale's response, which soon switches to puzzlement. Neither expression last for long though, instead replaced by an amused smile. "Enjoy it while you can." He warns the teen, before finally settling himself down on the sands. It can't be any cooler there, but at least it's better then simply standing and shifting his weight from one foot to the other. The bronzerider lays his jacket next to him, careful to keep the lining out of the sand. While he does this, he does lean forwards a little to examine the drawings. Being no expert on art, he gives no comment, aside from a polite smile. Or perhaps he doesn't trust himself to comment? Nayale's comments and the gesture of a blown kiss all have Velokraeth's practically /beaming/ in smug delight, lowering his head a little a fixing the teen with as sly of a grin and look a dragon can muster. Th'ero is obviously tense now where he sits, smirking as he gives the pale bronze a narrow, pointed look. "Absolutely not." He growls at his lifemate. When Nayale glances sidelong at him though, Th'ero shifts a little, almost looking uncomfortable. Or is it embarrassed? "You'd be the first to consider it that on first glance." He admits, lapsing into a silence that's broken when Velokraeth snorts sharply at him. With a sigh, Th'ero plays the go-between, though he's clearly reluctant. "He says that compliments are few and far between and so cherished and very much appreciated. He says you are too kind." There's probably more, but the bronzerider becomes stubborn then.

Nayale stretches upwards, extending her arms before she yawns. Feeling sluggish after having laid in the sun for a while now. She'll probably be sporting a nice red skin later on. "Oh, I /am/ enjoying it. Being able to do nothing all day? There's something freeing in that." Laughter bubbles up, "Not that I'm sure you really get days off. You can't just ignore him and do whatever. He still requires oiling and bathing. Maybe you could hire an assistant?" Really the girl has no idea who Th'ero is or what his rank is. Knots? What're those? Naya surely isn't being observant at the moment. The 'Absolutely not' accompanied by the growl do have blonde brows arching upward in curiousity and she peers ever more curiously at Th'ero. "Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and I personally think everyone and everything has a beauty in their own right. Just a lot of people aren't always trained to see it or they are good at ignoring it, or judging it." Obviously not her however, as she's all smiles and giggles for the bronze. "Well then someone needs to be complimenting you more often! I volunteer!" She bounces up onto her feet and the little green firelizard who had fallen silent at the arrival of the strange riders, gives a bit of a squeak as she's showered with sand. "Oh, sorry sweetheart. Come here, come say hi to.. um.." Gaze dances between bronze and rider and she grins sheepishly, toeing the sand. "Did you say your name? For I fear I might have missed it. I'm Nayale, and this is Mint." Said firelizard is scooped up and hugged, which the green doesn't look all too thrilled about.

"I don't get much time off, that's for certain. Even now, I'm technically here only for business." Th'ero muses, smiling faintly and crookedly as he regards Nayale in a cruous manner. The mention of an assistant earns snort from the bronzerider, but he only looks amused, rather then annoyed. And it's not like he's wearing his knot on his tunic. It's on his jacket, which is folded at his side and highly likely out of view for now. "I technically already have some, of sorts." He admits, before giving the teen a long look for her take on beauty. When she volunteer's though, Th'ero's expression drops to something blank, only blinking and so obviously perplexed by her behavior as she bounces to her feet. But the damage is done and Velokraeth rumbles, giving one last sweet, honeyed croon to Nayale before fixing his attention on Th'ero. "And of course, he'd be delighted." He mutters, almost rolling his eyes as he sighs, giving in. The green firelizard is given a brief glance, before he finally chuckles and slowly rises back up to his own feet. "I didn't, actually. I was ah… distracted." Yes, that's right. Distracted. "Well met, Nayale and…Mint." There's a pause as the poor firelizard is hugged and Th'ero shakes his head a little, before offering his part of the greeting. "I'm Th'ero, Weyrleader of Fort Weyr. And the bronze that you've so flattered is Velokraeth."

"Oh. Business, what fun is in that? Or well maybe I should ask, what fun are you making of it? I always find a way to try to spice up the work I have to do. But honestly it's pretty fun to begin with. My mother's a Journeyman woodcrafter and she's taught me a lot of different carving techniques." So apparently Naya isn't completely useless after all. "It's good you have some helpers though." Nayale adds on an afterthought, tossing a wink at the young man. She seems oblivious to whatever confusion she's caused poor Th'ero though as she bouncesyes that's right, bouncescloser to Velokraeth. "My my, look at all those beautiful colors." A small hand extends out and slips towards his nose before she pushes closer and lays a dainty kiss where her hand had just pressed. "Hello there," Her voice drops to a near whisper, soft and silky as fingers run like butterfly kisses across that muzzle, "mister Velokraeth." It's only after she's had that intimate little moment with Th'ero's lifemate that her head suddenly whips around and her dark eyes go wide. "Weyrleader? Oh /dear/. I'm /so/ sorry. I didn't mean to, you know, be too friendly and all." She nearly jumps away from her dragon suitor and Mint has managed to wiggle free from her owner, chitter irritably and wink *between*.

Th'ero tilts his head a little to give Nayale another curious look over (of course, that could just be an excuse too), but eventually the Weyrleader only chuckles and shakes his head. "Fun? I guess you can say exploring. I try to at least see /some/ parts of the area if time allows, aside from offices or council chambers." The wink is met with another puzzled look, the bronzerider either oblivious to the charms of flirting or not sure of the reasons. "So you do some carving yourself?" he asks, no doubt fishing for some sort of rank or position from the teen. Whatever else was going to be said dies on his lips though as Nayale suddenly bounces towards Velokraeth. This has the pale bronze a little taken aback as well, though he lowers his head down to meet the teen, curious. And his curiosity is met by… a kiss? And touch! Oh sweet Faranth, she's touching him! It's hard to say whom is more shocked, rider or dragon. With Th'ero only staring with his mouth slightly opened and Velokraeth looks to be positively quivering in joy. The croon the pale bronze offers is almost sultry and whatever his comment is, it has Th'ero flushing red. "Don't worry. He doesn't mind." The Weyrleader brushes the apology aside, coughing slightly as he reaches down to collect his riding jacket before striding closer. As he moves, so does Velokraeth and it would seem poor Nayale won't be escaping so easily. The bronze makes an attempt to block the teen by sliding a forearm into her path, his blunted muzzle lowering down again to her level as he croons. Ah-ah, not so fast, little sweetling!

"Exploring is great! I found this beautiful little cove a bit away, my father's dragon sometimes lets us hitch a ride, as it's a bit far to walk really. But it's really amazing when we can manage to get to it." And now Naya is talking in weird plurals and doesn't seem to think much of it. As for his question, her head is bobbed several times in fast succession. "I do. Mom says I should have gone off to the craft, for official training, I mean, not that she can't officially train me, being she's a Journeyman and all, but she thought training me as an apprentice wasn't really right. So while I may know pretty much all that apprentices know, I'm not officially one. But I can carve some pretty cute little figurines!" She's bouncing around pretty animatedly, gesturing wildly with her hands as she talks, and her voice? You got it, it's pretty loud considering her size and all. And once more, she's utterly oblivious to the unmanning she's done to both dragon and rider with her innocent action. It's only once she realizes that Th'ero isn't going to ream her a new hole that she creeps back over to Velokraeth, trying to do it all stealthy like but failing quite miserably as she hop-hop-hops over to him. So it really isn't all that difficult to block her and keep her close. Both of her hands come to rest on that lowered muzzle as infectious giggles bubble up from her. "He sure is friendly. You sure dragons can't re-impress? I'd make an awesome bronzerider!" She declares, eyes twinkling playfully as she glances over her shoulder at Th'ero.

"Hmm, perhaps if another time allows, I'll try to find that cove." Th'ero muses as he considers it, though he doesn't linger long in his thoughts. A series of weird plural aside, the Weyrleader listens as attentively as he can to the young teens enthusiastic conversation. By the end, he's smirking and shaking his head again. "Official or not, it's still a good skill to have." Th'ero offers as a reply, even if a little strange. His jacket is folded across one of his arms as he watches Nayale hop her way back over to Velokraeth. It's only when the bronze moves to block her that the Weyrleader stops where he stands, brown eyes flicking between the teen and his dragon. The fact that she hadn't run only pleases the young bronze further and the rumble he directs to his rider has an authorative tone to it. And if one could see the overall posture of Velokraeth, it's clear he's become rather possessive. "That's just part of his nature. Not all dragons are so welcoming." Th'ero points out, unintentionally blunt, when Nayale glances back his way. While Velokraeth is basking in the attention, it's the Weyrleader who seems off put. But that could also be due in part from the inner argument he's having with the bronze, if his unfocused gaze is any hint. "No!" Th'ero suddenly blurts out, which is followed by a snort from Velokraeth, leaving the bronzerider to flush again and cover up his slip of the tongue. "Shard it all, you're terrible, Velokraeth." He mutters under his breath, using his free hand to fish something from the pocket of his riding jacket. When it reappears, there's a white knot clasped in his fingers, it's significance obvious. "Can't be a bronzerider, unfortunately." Th'ero begins, recovering enough from whatever unsaid (and unshared) comment between him and the bronze to smirk towards the young teen. "But Velokraeth says you'd do well to rise to the challenge of standing for the chance at another." And to show his agreement, Velokraeth rumbles then, his forearm pulling back so that Nayale can step forwards now. Or flee for her life.

Nayale offers, in ever the sweetest voice, "I can always show you where it is, if you get some free time." She doesn't seem to comment on her woodcraft abilities being a good skill or not, seemingly too engrossed in lathering attentions on Th'ero's bronze counterpart. Her eyes flutter up and down his form, taking in the bits of gold there, bronze here, and red-gold across his shoulders. "You'd be interesting to paint, if you know, I could paint." She hides a giggle behind her hand, in her own little world and not fully understanding what exactly is going on. Plus, who is she to be rude and pry. Although the 'no' definitely causes her to step away from Velokraeth and peek over at Th'ero, worry knitting itself into pinched brows. "And you never know. It /could/ happen. I could even be a boy, for all you know." Uh.. yeah, even with the pretty pathetic excuses for breasts the teen is sporting, there's really no way the curly blonde could be mistaken as a boy. But she juts her chin out stubbornly and rests her hands on her hips, persistent in her declaration. It's only that white knot that finally draws her attention that the girl is disarmed and her hands slip off her hips to dangle uselessly at her sides. "Oh. Does Velokraeth want me to be a candidate?" Her voice is near a whisper as she peeks up at him, face alight with a ruddy glow. "I.. I don't know what to say." Lip is worked between her teeth as the gears in her head spin around. "That's wonderful! Just wond-" Her voice abruptly drops away and she's staring at the opening that the bronze has given her with consideration. "Um.. are there rules, about you know, bringing people with you? Not to stand.. but.. you see, I don't know if I can leave my brother." Her face is pinched and pained as she considers what this might mean, that she may just have to leave him. "He can be useful! He has skills, you know. I'm sure he wouldn't be any trouble!"

Sadly, it would seem that shortly neither of them will have the time to go find that cove, though the offer does earn a brief bemused sort of look from Th'ero before he's distracted again. Velokraeth doesn't seem to care if Nayale can paint or not, though he does rumble to her again, encouraging her for more compliments. Oh, he can get /used/ to this. So the bronze is very tolerant of her looking him over and the touch too, of course. Both dragon and rider snort at the same time though to Nayale's remark, though it's Th'ero who gives her a long look over, a brow quirking up as he no doubt takes in those details, however pathetic they may be. "Don't believe it for a second that you're a boy." The Weyrleader says, smirking at first before breaking into a chuckle to ease off the possible harshness of his words. Th'ero moves in a little closer, the knot still held out to the young teen, though he seems a little confused as she hesitates. "Velokraeth and I" he corrects gently, "But in truth, it's mostly him. I agree, though." The pale bronze quietly observes the exchange, though there's a gentle croon directed to Nayale and a silent, pointed look given to Th'ero. The Weyrleader frowns deeply when the young teen mentions her brother, mulling over his thoughts. It's put him in an awkward spot for sure. "I don't see why not." He says, though his words come slowly and hesitant. "I don't think there are rules. So long as it is clear he is not a candidate and only seeking residency." Again, the knot is offered and this time Th'ero has the decency to at least smile a little. "So. Do you accept then, to stand for Velokraeth and Zuhth's clutch?"

Nayale is oh so happy to lavish attention, and touches, in the finger sliding way, onto Velokraeth. Really! She'd always loved dragon hides and there's a look of serenity that washes over her as she concentrates on her ministrations of his skin. So sooooft. She gives a breathy sigh before her attention is tugged away and she snickers at Th'ero's matter-of-fact opinion about her gender. "I've met some pretty girly looking boys you know." And that's all she's going to offer on that subject. It isn't until those final words are slipping away from Th'ero's mouth that the knot has been snapped up in a flash and bright eyes affix on the Weyrleader's face. The smile she gives him could be blinding as energy threatens to erupt from every pore in her body. Finally she's unable to contain it and nearly squees and throws herself at… Velokraeth's nose! Because really, latching onto a Weyrleader might get that white knot she's currently clinging to revoked. "Oh thank you, thank you! You won't regret it! I'll impress the biggest, most awesome bronze!" Pause, "I mean, besides you Velokraeth! No one can be as awesome as you." Did she even hear what Th'ero said earlier? Probably. She's just choosing to have selective hearing at the moment. But the bronze can probably tell that the twinkle in her eye shows that she's fully aware that her bronzen vision is silly one. But hey, a girl can dream, right? It's then Naya takes one glance down at her rather clothes less form, "I should um, probably go get changed and get my belongings, shouldn't I? I'll tell Nyekal, my twin brother, that he can have my father drop him off later. No need to rush him."

Velokraeth is definitely lavishing in all the attention from Nayale, that's for certain. He would have been pleased as punch with the compliments alone but this just takes the cake! So the young teen is left to her own devices from a very non-protesting young bronze. "I'm sure you have." Th'ero mutters right back before letting the subject drop for good and just in time to blink again in surprise as Nayale snaps up the knot. The Weyrleader looks relieved though, both because the teen accepted and because Velokraeth seems pleased (and has no doubt, ceased drowning him in a barrage of observations and witty little comments). But alas, it's short lived as Nayale promptly squees, catching Th'ero completely off guard. Even the pale bronze grunts a little in surprise when the teen is suddenly throwing herself at him. But the sweet croons are long to follow and the poor Weyrleader is left to bring a hand to his face and pinch the bridge of his nose. Face meet palm, anyone? At the mention of Impressing bronze, Th'ero seems ready to dash poor Nayale's dreams again, but instead only sighs and decides to leave it be. "Of course. We'll wait for you while you gather your belongings and notify family." He explains with a faint smile, though he's rubbing at the side of his head now. Oh, what is he about to unleash on Fort? "When you're done, meet us here."

Nayale isn't gone all the long and comes back dressed, as in, wearing an actual dress, but her bikini string is still wrapped around her neck. A cloth bag is slung across her back, filled to the brim where even a sleeve of a jacket is left dangling from the opening. At least she's not forgetting to bring warm clothes even if she looks as if she's wearing less than warm ones at the moment. She does however have a thicker riding jacket tucked beneath her arm and is wearing a pair of high laced boots, but only their heavy toes can be seen peeking out beneath said dress. "All ready to go. My parents were pretty thrilled since I've never been searched before. Ierne doesn't really have clutches after all." She offers with a shrug before removing her bag and shrugging on her riding jacket. She reaches down the skirt of her dress and tugs it up, showing off the warm pants beneath it. "My dad had these made for me since I'm such a girl and refuse to wear anything but dresses." She offers helpfully, because Th'ero would probably have had some misgivings about her going between in such a wispy looking outfit. There. The girl is ready and waiting to be swept off to Fort.

As promised, Velokraeth and Th'ero are exactly where they said they'd be. Not that the pale bronze would allow the Weyrleader to leave, even if he tried. Wouldn't that be the cruelest trick ever in Pernese records? During her absence, the Weyrleader has prepped the flight straps on the pale bronze and he's just going through the final checks as Nayale approaches. His gaze lingers on her, brows rising at the choice of her attire, but he seems satisfied once he spies the riding jacket tucked beneath her arms. "I'm glad they're thrilled." he says with another faint smile, before extending a hand to take her bag. Once it's offered over, it's not long before he's got it deftly and safely latched to the straps. Th'ero slips on his own riding jacket then, fastening it closed as he gives the young teen another curious look before chuckling dryly when she shows the hidden pants beneath her skirt. "You'll be thankful to be wearing them this once, trust me." He says, before tilting his head curiously to the side. "So your father is a rider then? You're familiar with mounting up?" This seems to relieve the Weyrleader a little, though Velokraeth is, of course, offering his forearm as a helpful step up. Someone should be the gentleman, after all.

"I am weyrbred. Even if I'm currently living in a weyrhold." Nayale offers with a cheeky smile and quickly scampers up Velokraeth to settle in and start fiddling with straps. His proffered forearm was a welcome aid in her accent. "Thank you, kind sir." She gives him a gentle pat once she's fully situated, looking down at the Weyrleader with a half-smile. "My father rides a blue. So he's not quite as strong or sturdy as your fine fellow, but he sure is fast." She's calmed down a bit now that she's perched upon the dragon, peering about at her surroundings in quiet contentment. Her mind is really a whirl with motion. Thoughts and feelings that threaten to bubble over but the teen is keeping a careful lid on things—at least for the moment.

"Of course." Th'ero replies, almost under his breath, as Nayale passes him to scamper up Velokraeth and begins to settle herself into the straps. That doesn't seem to bother the Weyrleader at all, as it saves him the time. There's a rumble in response to the young teen and then Th'ero his hoisting himself up into place. "I can only imagine how fast." Th'ero says with a bit of a grin directed to Nayale and probably the first of the entire encounter. There's a snort from Velokraeth and the bronze gives a bit of a shake of his head. Pah, who needs agility? Turning to check the straps on the young teen, he gives her a nod then, before buckling himself in. "We'll keep this short. But it will be cold." He warns and not just of between. Settling himself so he's facing forwards, Th'ero gives the command and with a bit of an awkward leap forwards, Velokraeth springs into the air, wings spreading wide as he takes his time in gaining height. A kind last look for Nayale of Irene Weyrhold before they transfer Between and reappear over the vastly different Fort Weyr. Winter still reigns here, snow and ice everywhere and a cold wind that bites right to the bone. Here the bronze does not linger, swooping down as fast as he can to the bowl and settling as close to the entrances as he can manage. Th'ero wastes no time in helping Nayale down and then her belongings next. With a farewell croon, Velokraeth takes his reluctant leave of the teen, while the Weyrleader begins to gently lead her to the barracks, where he'll soon give his own farewells before leaving her to settle in for herself.

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