Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Morning arrives bright and clear over Fort Weyr, the skies (for now) moderately overcast but allowing the sun to shine through at times as it slowly climbs higher off the horizon. As the day begins for most, it's clear that overnight the snows fell heavily, most of the grounds covered in a new thick and fluffy layer that is currently being cleared to make some pathways through the bowls. Despite M'icha having roused most of the Weyrlings up before the sky likely even finished brightening, he had them go about tending to their lifemates while prattling on that their first lesson of the day won't be at his hands and for some reason that wound up being quite amusing to the Weyrlingmaster but cryptic for his charges. Regardless, the Weyrlings will have a few hours before they're being summoned outside, with or without their dragons. The training grounds have only been partially cleared of the new snow, one section of it razed almost smooth though there are a few banks of piled snow about. Nearby to this stands the Weyrleader, dressed in his thickest winter gear and looking as welcoming as ever — which is hardly at all. Th'ero waits patiently or so it appears and he's not alone. Another familiar bluerider (enough to the Weyrlings, that's for sure!) stands by his side and it's to her that he turns to, lowering his head a bit to murmur, "It's not too early, you think, to start this?" The Weyrleader having second thoughts? Already? But as the first Weyrlings begin to arrive, he straightens and his whole demeanor shifts as he gestures for them to come forwards.

Kimmila is, as always, that bluerider. Standing beside the Weyrleader, she too is dressed in warm clothes, her hood up over her head and a scarf around her neck that can be pulled up over her face if the wind kicks up. At Th'ero's question, she snorts and gives him an amused look. But despite that, she gives him an honest answer. "I don't think it is. And if it is, we'll stop." It's just that easy. Green eyes shift towards the barracks, waiting for the Weyrlings to arrive and smiling when they do. When Kimmila is the welcoming one of the pair, it's hardly a warm, cozy greeting.

Abigail has gotten use to the early wake up calls from her dear dragon, though today she is having a bit more trouble going thanks to Niumdreoth up half the night talking on and on about the first flight from the day before. At least by now she has been able to drink down a few mugs of klah down she is more awake and alert. With the talk of the lesson giving given by someone else she was wondering whom, though at the call to get outside to the training yard she follows along pulling on her thick coat and her hands quickly getting shoved into the warm pockets. Niumdreoth isn't too far off, the brown is following pondering what the lesson could possibly be. Once Abbey catches sight of Th'ero and Kimmila a smile and salute is offered to both. "Morning Weyrleader, Kimmila. I hope yer both doing well."

D'ani is probably one of the ones who helped shovel that spot, but he's seen to Dremkoth's needs since, the pair trooping out with the others. They young bronze's dark hide gleams with the oiling that his lifemate has just finished. There's a rumble of greeting to the assembled as Dremkoth paces off until he's out of the way, sinks to his belly in the snow and rolls over on his back. Ahhhh! D'ani just sighs and strides on over to stand with the others, saluting the Weyrleader and Kimmila. Curiosity is bright in his eyes, but he'll wait patiently to see what this lesson entails - he's dressed in several layers of sweater, hooded sweatshirt and jacket atop that, jeans stuffed into boots, gloved hands shoved in his pockets.

So simple and easy, but rarely does it quite work out so black and white — at least in the Weyrleader's mind. Th'ero lowers his head slightly, all but masking the broader smile that curves the corners of his mouth to Kimmila's response. But her words do the trick and there's no sudden change of plans. Instead, the bronzerider simply remains where he stands, dark eyes watching as each Weyrling make their way over and his expression is schooled to an all familiar neutralness. The salutes received are returned with a respectful nod and to Abigail's inquiry, Th'ero does reply in his usual low tone, "Morning Abigail, Niumdreoth. D'ani, Dremkoth." Who's rolling in the snow… but the Weyrleader is trying hard not to focus on that. "And I am doing well, thank you." he adds, a touch stiffly. Oh, this is going to be awkward. "Yourself?" And that is asked to both Weyrlings, while the rest of the group assembles. With formality done with and replies voiced, Th'ero finally gestures for silence and attention before speaking up in a clearer voice. "Today, we'll begin with your introduction to self defense training. No weapons. Just basic hand to hand tactics. Before we start though, anyone care to take a guess as to /why/ it's a necessary skill?"

Oooh! Ohhh! Kimmila knows the answer to that one! But the bluerider just grins, nodding and smiling faintly to the assembled Weyrlings. Stomping her feet a bit, she fidgets until enough energy is burned off that she can stand still once more.

Abigail keeps her smile and nods. "I'm fine." She offers while glancing over towards the snow rolling Dremkoth and chuckles softly at the sight. Niumdreoth doesn't take long to take and follow the idea of playing in the snow and making his way on over towards a snowdrift, and slides right into it going about working on making a snowdragon it would seem. Abbey smirks at the sight before her attention is back upon Th'ero, Kimmila and D'ani. A soft oh escapes her once the question comes up, pondering the answer it seems. "In case there is ever a time when we need to defend ourselves, or others and we don't have weapons at hand?" Well it is a perhaps a common answer for someone that knows some things about guard work. Hand- to hand is always good to know when a problem arises.

Dremkoth shimmies, still on his back, to get comfortable in the deep snow. He remains like that, muzzle towards the group so he's waaaatching, the indolent dragon, while rubbing it in a bit that D'ani must work his tush off but he can relax. D'ani is doing his best to ignore him too, politely giving his reply that he's doing alright and listening to Th'ero, eyes flickering between him and the smiling Kimmila. So he smirks ever so slightly and quips, "Fending off irate fathers who don't want their precious daughters searched?" Some of the brightness ebbs and he's a touch more somber as he hazards a real guess, "Something to do with the people needing our help while out on sweeps?" Though really, he can't name a specific scenario. And even if he does know about Ezra's home hold and what happened there, he doesn't mention it aloud. He does slide an uncertain glance sidelong at Abigail. He's been in the occasional fist-fight. But those were with other guys.

Th'ero side glances quickly to Kimmila as she begins to fidget a little, but his attention is soon drawn back to the Weyrlings as Abigail is the first to answer, though not the last. In fact, a few more voices chime in and the Weyrleader almost holds up his gloved hand to ward off any more replies. "That would be the general understanding, yes," he tells the brownriding weyrling with the faintest hint of a smile. She was correct! But of course there is always some elaborate lecture to follow. Which is waylaid by D'ani's rather… unique answer. Amusing, yes but one that has him being pinned under a rather level look from Th'ero for a few considerable seconds until he snorts softly.

"Hopefully not," he drawls after an equally considerable pause, done perhaps just to see if the bronze weyrling squirms or not under such scrutiny from the Weyrleader. "Yes, it does apply to sweeps… if you happen to witness a confrontation or are needed to mediate." And talks obviously go sour. "But self-defence is exactly that: defence. You won't always need it, as being a rider you will always try to avoid getting /into/ a situation or allowing one to ratchet up to a point it's required. Regardless it is needed and because, in the end, it matters that you protect your hides. And for one important reason—" And Th'ero's glance shifts to stare past the Weyrlings, and his head nods minutely but in a serious enough gesture towards where Dremkoth and Niumdreoth are lounging in the snow. "Though there are more." Here, he pauses and turns to give Kimmila a little look that so obviously reads: care to continue?

Kimmila listens and watches, her eyes shifting from one speaker to the next and then back to Th'ero again. "Because it's good to know," is her very simple answer. "You never know what you're going to encounter out there in the world, and riders are not immune to life's…difficulties, no matter how much people might think we are. You might find yourself in a situation that requires you to defend yourself and high-tail it out of there. Or a situation that requires you take up arms against another person, perhaps to protect something, or someone…" Here her gaze darts back to Th'ero and her words trail off a bit awkwardly. You're up?

Abigail smiles and nods to Th'ero glad that she got it right. Hearing D'ani she just peers at him, smirking and shakes her head, holding back a slight chuckle at the thought. It may be wrong but it sure was an amusing idea! At the look she is given from D'ani she tilts her head, when it comes to scuffles or fights she doesn't have a problem with it being a man or woman. At the gesture towards Niumdreoth she watches her brown, and chews on her lip slightly. No one likes a mad dragon after all, or there is the possibility of other things to go crazy. "Wouldn't want anything to happen to 'em if we can avoid a situation, or use defense measures instead." Well that is her idea on the thought; she doesn't ever want anything to happen to Nium after all. Her gaze turns over to Kimmila as she has the floor or the snow at the moment. A nod is seen while she goes on. Niumdreoth is rather content to lounge in his mound of snow, upon his stomach, front and back legs sprawled out and tail twitching a times, which sends snow flying towards Dremkoth now and then.

D'ani has the grace to cough and his cheeks pinken slightly, but he neither squirms nor drops his eyes under that level gaze of the Weyrleader's. The man's lacking sense of humor is legendary, but yanno, D'ani just had to try it out. Or! Or it might have been a legit guess, however flippantly it was worded, who knows? He nods a few times, obviously agreeing that indeed, hopefully pitchforks and flaming brands won't be lofted his way during Search in the future. He's felt so many of Dremkoth's twinges, Dremkoth has commented on his that protecting himself from harm is a given, though Kimmila's 'taking up arms' comment causes him to shift uneasily. Yeah, he remembers how well (not!) that he did with the archery lesson. He quirks a brow at the look Abigail gives him. He does not fight females. Though they'll find that out later maybe. Dremkoth is being laaaaazy right now, so when the occasional snow flurry hits his belly, he just whuffs and lies there.

Th'ero does have a sense of humor, it just very rarely shows itself though the Weyrlings may witness it or a faint glimmer of it. But now is not the time. The Weyrleader is too focused on the lesson at hand to even so much as crack more than a faint smile now and again, one of which is directed again to D'ani as the bronze weyrling holds up under his stare in the end. Nodding his head, he silently agrees to Kimmila's comments though he meets her glance when she darts it back to him. Th'ero clears his throat slightly and takes a slow, steadying breath. "Hopefully you won't ever have to face a situation quite like that but that is the purpose of these lessons. To prepare you, just in case. As Kimmila so put it, none of you are immune simply because of your status as a dragonrider." And despite the rumors, they can be hurt or worse. That much his tone hints at without him having to voice the actual words. "I see that you all understand enough of the reason behind all this. So, we can move on. How many of you already know /some/ basic defence moves?"
Th'ero will wait then, patiently as a few voices speak up and his gaze slides to each, noting each who volunteers their skills. "Good, good. Then you'll be paired with someone of less experience." Gesturing to Kimmila, he begins to turn to more or less face her and it's evident then that they're moving onto the more practical side of things. "Easiest thing to remember with self defense is this: it's all about evasion. You do not want your opponent to grab you or be able to manipulate you in a way where you are… well, defenseless. So we'll start with a few easy tactics: hold breaks." And to demonstrate, Th'ero suddenly shifts with abruptness, gloved hand reaching to snare Kimmila's wrist in a tight grip and beginning to twist — if the bluerider doesn't stop him or break his hold, he'll have her arm behind her back and pinned no problem. But that's the purpose of it! And once she breaks free, the Weyrleader will demonstrate again, but slower and explaining it in stages. "Now. Practice. D'ani, Abigail, you two can pair up…" Clearly he has no idea of what reservations the bronze weyrling may have. Awkward? But Th'ero has moved on already as he pairs up the rest of the class and then sends them off to attempt it.

Kimmila waits and listens, until Th'ero reaches out to grab her. She immediately tenses, instincts kicking in before conscious thought, and she is very quick to break his hold, even going so far as to push him away and take a few steps back. That's when you'd turn and run, kiddos. But, grin crooked, she steps forward again to offer her wrist to help demonstrate. And then as Th'ero pairs folks up, she meanders along with him to observe.

Well, that's what is whispered about the stern Weyrleader (and he eats Weyrlings for breakfast, doncha know!) Maybe someday D'ani might get to know him better (he tends to doubt rumors anyway). With that in mind, he foregoes answering the question of defense moves with a cheeky, "Curl up in a fetal position?" as one of them. He's got nothing of substance to offer other than duck and punch back, really. He's attentive for the rest of what Th'ero says and does, save for the one darkly thoughtful look he turns over his shoulder at the lounging Dremkoth at that 'hurt or worse'. He watches Th'ero's and Kimmila's demonstration with a growing sense of bafflement which turns to consternation as he's paired with… Abigail? Blink. Yes, he's aware that she's a guard and that she's probably a lot tougher than he is. But she's a girl. He can't just GRAB her! Ohhh the awkward on his expression.

Abigail nods as she listens to the explanation given, which is all good things to remember, and she has extra help in that area with Niumdreoth reminding her of things after all. At the question about whom has some experience she lifts a hand slightly, everyone knows she was a guard by now so just assume she would already know such things. She watches the demonstration between Th'ero and Kimmila, and during it she can't help but smile. It was a good move, to her at least though she had a feeling it would end in the way that it has. An amused glance is sent to D'ani and she chuckles softly. "Well, depends on whom yer dealing with if that might work or not." Once the weyrling's are paired up she peers curiously at D'ani, smiling all the while as she goes about pulling her hair back so it is out of the way. At the look he has does get her attention and she tilts her head, that pale gaze of hers rather curious. "Ye ready?" Is questioned none the less, she hasn't figured out that he may be awkward over the whole bit, she is thinking more along the lines that he just may not know how to start such a thing. Niumdreoth shifts and lifts his head to peer out over the riders, pondering how all this might turn out.

He only eats misbehaving Weyrlings for breakfast! Th'ero shoots D'ani another look for the bronze weyrling's cheeky remark and one that lingers long enough to silently imply: take this seriously, or else. Maybe the pairing he selects for him /is/ a punishment of sorts? With the demonstrations done and having recovered from that little surprise of Kimmila pushing him away and he having to instinctively stumble and brace before falling on his behind in the snow (wouldn't that be great?), Th'ero joins the bluerider in following her as they meander through the weyrlings as they pair up and begin. Almost from the start, the Weyrleader is having to correct and demonstrate again and he'll make everyone pause if he feels too many aren't grasping a certain part of the lesson. Despite D'ani's awkwardness, the decision for him to be paired with Abigail remains! "Good, that's it J'men. You've got it." Th'ero's voice can be heard drifting from not far off. How's that for more awkward? The only other bronze weyrling, so young and well… folk know his story … and mastering it no problem? In fact, a few of the weyrlings are catching on now. Time is ticking!

Kimmila, at least, grins at D'ani's comments, though she does shake her head a bit. Take it seriously, Th'ero's skittish enough as it is with these lessons. "Well?" she asks as their lap takes them once more back to Abigail and D'ani. "Tried it yet?"

The look Th'ero shoots him gets a blinked and silent 'what?' He reads minds too? D'ani said nothing! But how he's dealing with his discomfort must have shown on his face. "Yes," D'ani answers Abigail when he wants to scream NO. "Excuse me, may I?" he says reaching his hand out palm up for her like he's going to escort her to a dancefloor. Brown eyes flick to Kimmila, his jaw shifts and he nods. Well yes, they're trying it. Right Abigail? He reaches for her hand and places his wrist in hers like she's made of glass and he'll break her. Then he stares at it. She's got him! Now he has to get away. "Ahh, excuse me." His mind is racing. What to do… what to do? He just does what he'd do if this was REAL. He sweeps her up in both arms like a baby. There!

Abigail just peers at D'ani at his 'may I' question. Did she miss something? Did this get turned into a dance, or something else that she wasn't aware of? A glance is sent over the others while a soft ah escapes her and she looks back to D'ani as her hand lifts and she has hold of his wrist? Oh noes D'ani is so caught! Abbey just smirks. "So, I dono if this is what they meant…" How she is getting grabbed, hugged? How would one describe this? Though she doesn't take long to debate this and moves quickly to try and sweep her foot into D'ani's and hook it around his at about the ankle and if this works she pulls back to try and yank the other's foot out from under him. True she may wind up on the ground herself but it is one way to catch him off guard perhaps.

Th'ero had been preoccupied with another group pairing, correcting them again when they seem to blunder uncertainly. It's not until he hears the chuckles and snickering from others who have caught on to D'ani's rather… unique maneuver that the Weyrleader looks up —- and promptly stares blankly. "What /are/ you doing?" he begins to ask, in a tone that doesn't have to be raised beyond the firmness he sets it at to illustrate his now growing frustration. Poor D'ani. Because by the time he's striding over, Abigail has recovered and apparently is taking matters into her own hands (or is it feet?). All Th'ero can do is sort of watch in a mixture of disbelief and yes… perhaps some incredulous amusement … as the scenario unfolds.

Nope! Abigail might flail and kick but D'ani's got her wrapped up in his arms and those legs are hooked firmly under the knees with one of his arms. He's got his hands locked together and he tilts her slightly so her head is lower, peers down into her eyes and says sincerely, "I apologize in advance." Then he hefts her over his shoulder, clamping both legs with his arms so she can't kick. Though her arms are free, so maybe she can do something there? He turns towards Th'ero as he hears the question. "Damsel… rescued?" Yes, he'd rather say it like that than 'Culprit subdued'. He's just doing what comes natural, flicking Kimmila another 'what?' look at that laughter. It works with calves?

Abigail is not a calf, and the simple fact that she is now getting manhandled as one at the moment is not at all winning D'ani any favors in her book. She is yanked upwards, and then hauled up the rest of the way until she is against D'ani shoulder. Her pale gaze narrowed and she looks ever so mad at the moment. "Apologize my arse." She doesn't seem at all amused at this event at the moment. As her arms are free she isn't about to count herself out just yer. She shifts hard to the side to push herself away from D'ani one arm moving to try and wrap around his neck, which yes it is an awkward angle but it is possible. Her other arm moves and her elbow is brought downwards at about the middle of D'ani's back where his shoulder blades would meet to try and get him to loosen his hold upon her.

Nope! Abigail might flail and kick but D'ani's got her wrapped up in his arms and those feet are hooked firmly under the knees with one of his arms. He's got his hands locked together and he tilts her slightly so her head is lower, peers down into her eyes and says sincerely, "I apologize in advance." Then he hefts her over his shoulder, clamping both legs with his arms so she can't kick. Though her arms are free, so maybe she can do something there? He turns towards Th'ero as he hears the question. "Damsel… rescued?" Yes, he'd rather say it like that than 'Culprit subdued'. He's just doing what comes natural, flicking Kimmila another 'what?' look at that laughter. It works with calves?

Abigail is not a calf, and the simple fact that she is now getting manhandled as one at the moment is not at all winning D'ani any favors in her book. She is yanked upwards, and then hauled up the rest of the way until she is against D'ani shoulder. Her pale gaze narrowed and she looks ever so mad at the moment. "Apologize my arse." She doesn't seem at all amused at this event at the moment. As her arms are free she isn't about to count herself out just yer. She shifts hard to the side to push herself away from D'ani one arm moving to try and wrap around his neck, which yes it is an awkward angle but it is possible. Her other arm moves and her elbow is brought downwards at about the middle of D'ani's back where his shoulder blades would meet to try and get him to loosen his hold upon her.

Th'ero only tilts his head towards Kimmila as she whispers to him, his gaze still fixed on D'ani and Abigail. By now too, most of the other Weyrlings have stopped to gawk or perhaps even add in their own cheeky remarks. So much for a constructive lesson? The Weyrleader mutters something back to the bluerider and then Abigail takes charge it seems. Damsel rescued? Hardly. Before Th'ero can even so much as sigh in response to D'ani, the brown weyrling is working her way free or attempting too and the bronzerider can only see this ending well… not at all as he had planned. "Enough you two!" he orders, "D'ani, let her go." If he hasn't already or dropped her for the maneuver she pulls. Ouch. "This may just be mock practice, but it's still serious! Especially when we get to more advance techniques. You /can/ injure your partner if you're not careful!" He lectures. Spoilsport. He really does have no sense of humor. "Back to your groups!" he barks next and the other weyrlings promptly shift back to order — sort of. Those who have the Weyrleader's back to them are still gawking. "Abigail, partner Kimmila. D'ani, you're with me." Out of the frying pan, into the fire?

Kimmila nods to Th'ero and steps forward, motioning for Abigail to step over towards her. "Be gentle with me," she says with a crooked smile, and she's only half joking. Falls aren't good for pregnancies, after all. "You first," she offers, reaching out to grab the brownling's wrist, if Abigail lets her, so she can practice getting out of the hold.

Calves kick and fling their heads around, but none of them ever jabbed him in the back with an elbow. And D'ani has rescued precious few damsels in distress, so the move takes him by complete surprise. He nearly drops Abigail, wobbles around trying not to do that and loses his balance. Must not fall on top of her! Mustn't! That would be bad. So he executes a twist of his torso on the way down, manages to land on his back and takes the brunt of the fall. There he is, with the ex-gaurd atop him and his breath knocked out of him. Gasping, "I'd…call that…a draw" as he peers at his angry fellow weyrling with a weak smile that fades as he spies Th'ero looming. His arms release Abigail belatedly. Yeah, she's safe now, so he can do that. Big brown eyes return Th'ero's gaze. He was being serious. Seriously trying not to hurt the girl. He rises after Abigail, whom he helps up from his prone position if she lets him, ever the gentleman. Th'ero, now. He can't throw him over his shoulder, can he?

Abigail was actually trying to get D'ani to drop her, that was the idea at least. Get the person grappling you to let go and then worry about the next step, right? Sure! She continues to struggle and then they're both on the ground? Well that is actually one thought that didn't cross her mind. Her pale blue gaze peers back at D'ani, and It takes her a moment to catch on to what has happened as she didn't expect it to go this way. Perhaps the cat calls from a few others is what catches her attention and even cause a half flush across her cheeks before she is quickly moving up and away from D'ani. She gets the feeling she is never going to live this down now. "Draw, aye that works." There is a slight pause. "Sorry D'ani." Is offered as she shifts back on a knee, and is able to see the looming Th'ero now which makes her swallow rather hard. This is so many shades of wrong, she's a guard should have never happened. This is about all she can think about at the moment, though she does take the hand up from D'ani, seems she isn't /that/ mad at him now at least. Hearing that she is now with Kimmila a slow nod is seen while she inches over there and peers at the other. "Right, I will promise." Her wrist is grabbed a moment later and she twists her hand pushing the edge of her wrist against Kimmila's fingers while taking a slight step to the side, no need to go falling on anyone else now.

As D'ani winds up beneath Abigail in the end, Th'ero can only smirk down at the pair. Really? The Weyrleader simply waits for them to sort things out, distracted as he is in trying to keep tabs on the rest of the group, in case anyone else decides to "rescue a damsel". And while he is looming a little, the bronzerider isn't truly in a fit of temper over the affair. If he was, they'd all be back in the barracks right now and well… it wouldn't be pretty. Instead he took some advice and simply shuffled a few things and despite having second thoughts on these lessons (or he being the instructor), he's forging on. Which means no escape now for D'ani. Throwing /him/ over his shoulder would not be advisable. Trying anything that might /spook/ the Weyrleader is not advisable. Total killjoy, is what Th'ero is. Giving Kimmila a quick look, he seems pleased at least when Abigail is quick to join her and he has no worries over the bluerider being able to handle herself or towards the brown weyrling in being careful around his weyrmate. And the whole pregnancy thing too. No falling or squishing, please! "From the start, then?" Th'ero drawls to D'ani, all seriousness and stern and just plain awkward in his reserved nature. He'll get the bronze weyrling to take a few attempts at the basic maneuver and once satisfied it'll stick, he rotates the groups again but is careful not to give D'ani a girl for a partner. Lesson learned? By then, the morning has grown late and eventually Th'ero will call an end to the lesson, followed by another brief lecture on safety and how practice is a good thing, but to be smart about it. No using it for bad things. Then they're all dismissed back into M'icha's "loving" care and the Weyrleader can finally escape, likely wil Kimmila in tow unless she decides to remain behind.

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