Fort Weyr - Galleries
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

Jaylen gives a stiff wave to the guard and her friend, "Aft'rnoon." the candidate greets. Then she rests her chin on the railing a little, lokking over the eggs. "Nice clutch, huh?"

Chrystyne nods as she hears the greeting from the candidate having already noticed the knot as she has already observed a few of the candidates while on duty. "Yes it's wonderful. Of course, I think all of the ones I have seen are." She smiles and reaches over to take Marissa's hands. "Right Marissa?" The journeyman healer knows with a smile. "Most definitely. So what's your name?" She asks of the candidate.

Jaylen chances pulling her hood down, at least it's warm in this area, better than outside anyway. "I'm Jay, from Ista." The dark skinned girl answers. "Miki and Sohnyuoth searched me a coupla days 'go. Ne'er really been t' a hatchin' b'fore. I kinda missed th'one at Ista."

Marissa gives a bright smile as she says towards the new candidate. "Well definitely a great experience, even if you don't Impress you get to make some good friends and learn a lot at the same time." She smiles nudging Chrys. "I met Chrys when we both stood on Telgar sands, neither of us Impressed but we've remained close friends even though Chrys has a problem with being able to settle down anywhere… she's too restless at times." Chrys simply blushes as well Marissa is certainly telling the truth. Chrys replies. "Well I want to enjoy everything Pern has to offer you know. One day I'll be with someone and have kids and… and… " She loses track of her thoughts as she sees Marissa's smile and attempt to contain her laughter.

Idralia enters the cavern quietly, crossing the galleries to lean on the viewing rail near the candidate, guard, and the guard's guest. The techie nods to the group as she settles in to place, looking out over the eggs for several minutes before she speaks. "Has betting started yet on the colors?" she inquires, pitching her voice toward those gathered nearby but not speaking to any of them in particular.

Jaylen glances over as another person enters the galleries, Idralia gets a wave from the Istan. "I thought betting didna start 'til closer to th'hatching?" Of curse, the dark skinned candidate knows nothing of the ways of egg-betting anyway.

Chrystyne looks over towards Idralia and nods. "Well likely soon enough. I know Marissa will be betting on them, I won't be… gave up on that a while back. I like keeping my marks in my pocket." She smiles nudging at Marissa teasingly.

"Betting for who will Impress might not start until later, but the eggs aren't going to change between now and then," Idralia replies to Jaylen before nodding toward Chrystyne and Marissa. "I'll take that as a no, however. Not that I would bet myself, but I like to see what the general consensus is." Straightening, she turns to face toward the others. "I don't know why I keep coming to look at them. Like I said, they don't really change, and nothing interesting will happen with them until they are hard enough to touch. And yet, here I am."

"Well, 'tis warmer up 'ere than out there." Jaylen points out into the snow. "That's a good a reason as any fer me t'come an' look."

Chrystyne listens to the other two young women and nods as she keeps a hold of Marissa's hand, just like they had years ago on the sands at Telgar. "Marissa and I didn't Impress on the sands but we still check out the eggs here and there, at least I do. Marissa likely has for turns here too." It's awefully hard to tell the exact relationship between Chrys and Mari, be it simply best friends, sisters or more. But one thing is for sure, they are friendly though and don't seem to consider their actions as anything more than simply their thing.

"That's only a good reason if you are cold in the caverns," Idralia replies. "Aren't the heat vents opened to the candidate barracks? They should be. I can fix that if it isn't staying warm in there," the techie offers to the candidate. She asks Chrystyne, "So the two of you have been candidates before? When and where was that, if you don't mind my asking? Oh, and I'm Idralia. Journeywoman Techcrafter. I'm responsible for Fort's heating and cooling systems, as well as anything else technical, like the lights. Except for the computers. That's Yhri's area of expertise," she comments.

Jaylen nods, "Oh, they're opened. I'm jus' used t'Ista's temp'ratures, m'body hasn't adjusted yet I guess." She glances at the techcrafter. "Tech craft, huh? Don't think we've any at Ista, don't use a whole lotta technology there I don't think. Well met, all of ya."

Chrystyne looks over to Idralia and just as she is about to respond, Marissa steps in to answer. "We stood at Telgar Weyr back when we were 14 turns old." She says quietly as she smiles towards the other young woman. "I'm Marissa, Healer Journeyman here and this is Chrystyne, my best friend."

"Nice to meet you, Marissa and Chrystyne," Idralia replies to the pair. Jaylen's comment earns her a nod and a shrug. "I can understand the temperature difference would be hard to get used to, especially coming in during the middle of winter. Does it ever really get very cold at Ista?" She leans against the rail with her hips, still facing the young women but now more comfortable than just standing there. "Do you want to Stand again, or was the one experience enought?" she asks of Marissa and Chrystyne.

Chrystyne smiles as she pokes at Marissa and laughs. "Marissa is actually a Junior Journeyman. She just likes being called Journeyman because she says there isn't much difference between senior and junior when they are both called Journeyman, she's silly like that." Marissa pouts at Chrys and Chrys hugs her. "Well it's better for it to be known than you to get into trouble right?" Marissa nods. "Well it still sounds better."

Up the stairs trudges a foreign bluerider, though she's around Fort often enough that she might be recognizable to any long-term residents. With a mug of klah clutched tightly in a gloved hand, she's unfastening her riding jacket with the other, down to the emerald green v-neck tunic she wears beneath. A feline claw dangles in the middle of that v, prominently displayed as she walks with slow, even steps towards the gallery tiers, and takes a seat. "What time is it?" she mutters blearily, to anyone near enough to listen.

Jaylen shrugs, "I dunna think it does, th'whole time I was there 'twas pretty constantly hot or at least warm, and humid. Th' perfect weather fer swimmin' an' fishin'." The Istan gets to her feet as her little green firelizard begins fussing at her. "It was nice meeting y'all, but I think Algae is hungry. I'd better get her fed b'fore she starts fussin'." And with that, she will tug the hood back over her head and prepare to go out into the cold.

Idralia returns Chrystyne's smile and says to Marissa, "I wouldn't have know the difference, so it's probably good that your friend explained. I could have gone looking for a journeyman and gotten myself 'educated' by the other healers." A shudder indicates her opinion of that idea. As Kimmila trudges over the Techie's expression goes from amused to concerned. "Not nearly early or late enough for anyone to be looking so wan. Are you alright?" She recognizes the woman from the clutching but the bluerider's name eludes her, so she sticks with not using one. Jaylen's impeding departure draws her attention for a moment. "Good luck with the lizard, and, if I don't speak to you again before the hatching, good luck then, too," she offers.

Chrystyne looks towards the newest arrival and blinks a little nodding in greeting before looking over towards Idralia. "It'd be nice to stand again, it was fun."

Kimmila glances at Idralia, lifting her head a bit to do so. "Hungover," she answers with a small smile. "But mending. What time is it?" she asks, again, glancing down to the Sands with a curious look. "I can't remember your name," she admits with another smile. "Or yours," she says to Chrystyne.

"It's early evening," Idralia tells the bluerider, shifting against the rail as she restrains an urge to move closer - if any help is needed, that's what the Healer is for, right? "Glad to hear you're recovering, then. Ah, Idralia," she answers, not bothering to say she doesn't recall Kimmila's name either. It will come up, or not, and until then she'll leave it be. She asks of Chrys, "How long ago was that? I'm terrible at guessing ages, so knowing you Stood when you were fourteen isn't giving me much perspective on the timeframe."

Chrystyne looks over towards the rider as she notes the knot and replies quietly along with Marissa. "I'm Chrys, this is my friend Marissa." She smiles and waves. "Hungover, not good, Of course, the night before is always better." She glances over towards Idralia. "3 turns ago." She smiles as she looks over to Marissa. "We were partners on the sand together. Marissa was always the silly one."

Kimmila winces as she takes a slow sip from her mug. "Yup, I'll be just fine," she reassures with a little smirk, casting her gaze down upon the Sands once more. "Idralia," she repeats. "I'll try to remember it this time, I promise." Looking up at Chrystyne and Marissa, she nods to them both. "Kimmila," she offers. "Varmiroth's. And I'm honestly not so sure last night was better," she admits with a wry grin, taking another sip of her klah. She glances between the two girls, a hint of curiosity in her gaze. "Are you two sisters?"

"Ah, so you're seventeen or eighteen now? Well, there should certainly still be a chance at Standing again in your futures," Idralia offers with a smile for the duo. "If you were recognized with potential once then you probably will be again." Kimmila's statement has the techie quirking a brow but she doesn't pry, instead focusing on memorizing the name. When the bluerider asks about a possible sibling bond she looks over, comparing their features as she waits to hear the answer.

Chrystyne looks towards Idralia nodding. "Yep sure is time, it doesn't matter either way. Just happy to be back closer to home and see how things go." She looks over to Marissa. "It's nice being here with my best friend at least." She smiles squeezing Marissa's hand. "If not, Mari has healing and I have my job as a Guard. And still a lot of Pern to explore."

Kimmila blinks a little bit, shooting Idralia a questioning look, before she's nodding at the hand holding girls. "So…guard, huh? Do you like it? Is it fun getting to learn all those weapons and moves and stuff? I thought I'd either be a guard. Or a techie," she says, nodding to Idralia. "But got Searched instead, so.." She shrugs, sipping her klah. "What do you think of the eggs?"

"Oh, is that what you do here? Do you know Mharen, then? She's another guard who I know," Idralia says. "And you're right, if you don't end up a candidate again, or you do and don't Impress, there are plenty of other things to do." She looks over at Kimmila when the question of the eggs is asked. "They're… eggs. I don't know, they look sizable and healthy, I guess. None look squishy or damaged, at least."

Chrystyne nods as she listens and lets go of Marissa's hand for a minute. "Yes it's great, I always like being active and it helps me, I've done many small jobs here and there, but guard is fun and interesting, no two days are really the same. "The eggs are beautiful, but I can't say I have ever seen any really not beautiful in their own ways you know?"

Kimmila snorts, "I've seen some ugly ass eggs," she remarks, peering down at the Sands. "But never on Fort's sands," she adds, with a touch of pride in her tones. Taking another sip of her klah, she nods to Chrystyne and Marissa. "Are you two lovers?"

"Really?" Idralia asks of the bluerider, tilting her head toward the sands curiously. "Is that Wiyaneth's influence, do you think?" she inquires as she turns back to the rider. The woman's direct question about the duo elicits a raised brow but nothing more from the techie as she asks, "You've been around a bit lately. Catching up with your mother, or looking for a change of scenery?"

Chrystyne shakes her head as she looks towards Kimmila. "No, we like each other alot and all but we're not ready for commitments to anyone and it's nice spending time together again. I guess we're unsure of anything except being happy in each other's company." She smiles as she looks to Marissa who simply nods in agreement.

Kimmila gives Idralia a curious look. "That there are only lovely eggs on Fort's sands? I'm sure she'd like to think so," she says, smiling a bit as she sips her klah once more. "Though I think it has more to do with my own perception than anything more finite. Not wanting to say anything bad about my home, and all." To the Techie's next words, the bluerider just shrugs, staring down into her mug. "I guess," she says noncommittally. "Both, probably. When things begin to unravel, it's natural to want to go home, right?" Green eyes glance sidelong at Chrystyne and nods a little at her explanation. "Well, hey. Friends are important," she says with a slightly warmer smile, glancing down to the Sands once more.

"Hmmm, the latter possibility does seem more likely, doesn't it," she says to Kimmila with a smile. Chrystyne's statements are observed but not remarked upon, instead, she turns back to the sands to look at the eggs again. "I wonder how many candidates will be searched for the clutch. Eight eggs. How many candidates makes a viable pool for a group of this size?"

Chrystyne looks over towards the other females and smiles. "Well I best head back to get some sleep and all, morning comes early. Marissa, I'll walk you back if you want or do you want to stay a while longer?" Marissa says quietly. "I have an early morning too, classes and all…" Mari gets up and smiles towards the others as well and starts to head out. Chrys nudges Marissa, "We could always have a race back to the dorms but well hard to with the snow and all." She laughs as both of them head out. "Have a good night all."

Kimmila nods, smiling at Idralia. "I'm thinking that's true," she agrees, with a chuckle. Looking thoughtfully at the eggs, she gives a little shrug. "Probably thirty," she suggests. "You want to give the eggs as much chance as possible, without flooding the weyr with people who eat you out of cavern and home." She nods to Chrystyne and Marissa as the girls leave, offering a "Take care," as they go.

"Have a good evening, ladies," Idralia says to the departing duo. Kimmila's reply has her turning back and settling onto a bench near the bluerider. "So, three-to-four people per egg is about the average, then?" she asks as she tidies her shirt. "I guess that makes sense. How many were in your candidate group?"

Kimmila continues to sip her klah - how much was in there, anyway? She shrugs. "I suppose? Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less, but that seems to be the average that I've seen. Um." She shakes her head slowly, eyes cast upwards in memory. "I…honestly couldn't tell you. Couldn't tell you how many dragons there were, even. Not something important to remember, really."

Idralia nods as she looks toward the sands again. "I can understand that. It's been a while since you Impressed, then?" she asks curiously. "You're lifemate is a blue. If you don't mind me asking, did it feel odd to pair with a male mind at first? I've always wondered about that."

Kimmila nods, "Almost twelve turns ago," she admits. The tech's next question has her leaning forward, elbows against her knees and mug cradled between her hands as she stares at the Sands, lost in thought. "Don't mind you asking at all," she admits, with a little smile. "I…don't think it was odd, really," she finally says, shrugging. "But I've always been a tomboy, and a bit more…masculine, I guess. I don't think the gender matters, really. It's the personality. I wouldn't have done well with a girly blue, for instance," she says, her nose wrinkling at the thought.

"There are girly blues?" Idralia asks with some surprise. "I didn't realize dragons had the same range of gender characteristics as we do. That's interesting. I guess having a mental connection might take care of everything." She rises, dusting her pants off and smiling to the bluerider. "It's time for me to get back to work, but I appreciate the talk."

Kimmila nods, "Oh, absolutely. I've seen some pretty butch greens, and bitchy bronzes. They run the gauntlet in personalities. Have a good evening, then," she says with a nod, draining her mug but still holding it in loose fingers, staring down at the Sands. "Take care."

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