Fort Weyr - Training Complex

The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

The day might be overcast and cold, but the snows of the previous night have stopped, leaving a thick blanket covering the weyr. The morning was spent digging out, and now that the afternoon is as warm as it's going to get, Kimmila has meandered down to the Training Complex. Ducking briefly into the barracks, she is in M'icha's office for a few minutes before she emerges and calls a few Weyrlings to join her outside. "Bring your straps!" she calls as she walks outside, back into the cold. She walks to Varmiroth's side, leaning against the blue's shoulder while she waits for the others to join her.

Fitting Crosenturath into his straps is like squeezing toothpaste through a tube: the straps that wrap around the front of his body are smaller than the circumference that wraps around his larger, wider hind-end. Harmony might bring her straps, but she still has to essentially walk her oddly-shaped blue into them. Stabilizing lines crisscross on his underside, across his chest and belly and buckle in with several extra buckles. Some marks have been saved for this final pair of straps, dyed with meticulous care that they very nearly virtually blend into the blue's skin tones. Other than a few pink ribbons here and there, once on - it's like iceberg magic! Poof! The hardest part /these/ days is getting the blue still enough to get him /into/ them. It's like netting an icy fish - but eventually: "Success!" Hissed through her teeth, Harmony gets to her feet and dusts her hands free of icy condensation. And attention is turned from the sparkling, bright snow blanket and the blue that's already shifting from foot to food in hyper-active anticipation for /hunting/, to Kimmila.

Abigail had plenty of work, or perhaps fun, helping dig the snow out with Niumdreoth's help of course. The brown was thrilled to go about working on getting the snow dug out, and of course flinging it around, and getting some people covered in snow for the trouble. At the call of gathering, with straps Niumdreoth and Abbey are making their way after the others. The pair pause long enough for Abbey to get the straps on her dragon, which are a nice looking set, still with extra padding in certain areas that still give Nium problems it seems. The color a dark ruddy brown which matches rather nicely with the brown's coloring, there is a faint bit of stylized Celticish knot work design across certain parts of the straps. Abigail catches sight of Harmony and smiles while waving towards her. "They look good Harmony!" Niumdreoth gives his wings a shake, soft rumble escaping him. « Hello! » Seems he is in rather good sprits, eager to see what is planned today it would seem.

Shoveling seems to be a new talent these days. With the heavy snow removal effort needing extra hands, D'ani has volunteered to coordinate a group to do the paths out by the barns and feeding grounds. Maybe he misses his old stomping grounds, maybe he needs a break from the close-quarters of the barracks. He's just back, pink-cheeked and numbed of feet, ready to shuck out of his jacket and boots, rest his back and put up his feet. Hat off is as far as he gets when the summons from Kimmila leaves him cramming it back on, slipping Dremkoth's harness off the pegs, looping it over his shoulder and trudging back outside with it. His lifemate is already out there rolling and lolling in the snow since he wasn't invited to the beastpens (wonder why). He spots Varmiroth and slithers (yep, on his belly) downhill to watch Crosenturath being lured into his straps. It's entertaining enough to keep him from nipping at his own harness and instructing D'ani how they should go while his own are put on. Finally set, each buckle and clip rechecked, tugged on to test, they both stand attentively, though Dremkoth tells everyone, « Cheese might work faster for Crosenturath, what do you guys think? » D'ani just gives everyone a nod and a determinedly pleasant smile while pretending that his bronze didn't just sound like he'd suggested baiting a rat trap.

Kimmila waits patiently enough while her trio is assembled, and once they are, she gives them each a once-over and a smile. "So," she says, as casually as if she were about to suggest they go do /more/ shoveling. "Y'all want to have your first flights?" Her tone might be blase, but the brightness to her green eyes betrays her much controlled (but still there!) excitement. "M'icha's not up for the task with this cold, so he said I could do it." Dun dun dun?

Harmony's frown to Dremkoth is the only indication of ire at the bronze's words, spun back to her by Crosenturath, who's too busy trying to bound away to really pay attention. A restraining hand on a short, trailing end of his straps (let's not call it a leash, let's call it flair), keeps the blue in check. No arm ripping off today! "First flight?" The blue weyrling betrays the first hint of her own excitement, shared in the glance to both D'rani and Abigail. A belated addendum to Abigail's compliment: "Thanks, yours too." Impression has softened the former baker girl's sharp tongue, anyway. Or it might be the long days and nights of caring for a hyper active squirrel-rat-dragon!

Abigail glances over to D'ani and offers him a smile and nod before she glances back to Harmony as she catches the look. Niumdreoth fills her in on what Dremkoth commented on about Crosenturath, a soft oy escapes her at that. "Thank Harmony." This said while she looks to Nium and gives the brown a soft pat while he settles down next to her. « No no, don't say that Dremkoth. He is doing better. » Niumdreoth offers to Cros's strap issues. At the talk from Kimmila Abbey looks over, she blinks and grins half expecting her to go 'kidding'! "Really?"

D'ani doesn't blame Harmony at all, intercepting the glare meant for Dremkoth with a wink and a cocky smile tipping his mouth. To placate, distract? Whatever it is supposed to do is probably needless because it looks like Crosenturath has that well in hand all by himself. Dremkoth merely snorts in response to Niumdreoth, insisting, « But he might like the cheese. » Kimmila's question is met by a flare of excitement that gleams in his brown eyes, the enthusiasm quickly quenched in controlling the spurt of anticipation from his young lifemate before it gets out of hand. "Yes Ma’am!" is his firm response, not so much forgetting to call her by name as to emphasize his willingness to do just that.

Kimmila's smile grows at their obvious enthusiasm, and her eyes scan the trio once again. "Harmony, why don't you and Crosenturath join us first?" she offers, walking over to check the blue's straps and make sure all is in order. Then she returns to Varmiroth's side and climbs up, buckling herself in. "We're going to take off and make a lap around the training grounds. Just one little lap, about fifteen feet off the ground. Your job is to enjoy yourself, and make sure he doesn't freak out." Easy, right? Some of the more alert might notice a Dragonhealer walking in, his brown settling nearby to watch. Just in case, right? "Ready?" Kimmila calls with a grin, before Varmiroth kicks off with a flurry of snow, and hovers to wait for the blue to join him in the air.

Harmony gives D'ani an insufferable roll of her eyes, trying to pretend she doesn't like it. But he's still alive, so clearly it works! Right? Right! But even the girl bluerider might eye her blue dubiously as this task seems near impossible. Like a condemned criminal headed to the guillotine, she gives D'ani and Abigail worried glances and makes a face before nodding her head. Gulp. "Yes, ma'am." Politeness comes from distraction as the girl slips up the glassy surface of Crosenturath's frozen hide. Which means that little leash is let go and /just/ in the nick of time, gets herself strapped in before Crosenturath is bounding off. Wings unfurl and before his back feet have even caught up, his thick tail flicks out and little front legs extend and suddenly, he's ALOFT. « HEEEEHEHEHEHHHEHEEEEHEHEHEEEHEHEHEEEHEHEHEHE CHIRRRRRRRUPP CHIIIIIIIIII-TTTTTTEEE—-HEEEEHEEEEEEH. » The unfurling of such excitement, of such adrenaline, comes rushing across the tundra, the frozen whiffs of cloudy snow adding a freezing bite to his pure, unadulterated joy of life. Of /flying/. Of having /HIS/ Harmony tied to his back. Varmiroth is noted, at just the /right/ moment that the first seconds of graceful flying turn into seconds, then minutes, of much leg-flailing and tail swapping and wing flapping. "OH MOTHER OF FARANTH!" can be heard screaming from the back of the blue when the ride turns choppy. Flail! Flap! Flail! DOWN LIKE A TORPEDO… Crosenturath does manage to /make/ a lap, if you count flying like a squirrel with junk in his trunk and bouncing on the ground a couple of times with Harmony gripping the straps like death is imminent. At least, no one (dragon or human) was hurt in the making of this short film…

Niumdreoth rumbles out softly while he shifts on his paws, wings tucked close to his sides while he peers at Crosenturath curiously, as if pondering what Dremkoth said may be possible true. « Has he eaten it before? » The brown is rather curious over this for some reason, and is about to plan on asking the blue but his clutchmate is already off and running so to speak. Abigail smiles and nods to Harmony. "Yer both do great I'm sure!" She offers with hopeful tone before a faint ah escapes her while Crosenturath is running, scampering, skittering off and soon in the air. "I hope she will be alright." There is a point where Abbey even covers her eyes with a hand, having to peer out between her fingers to watch while Niumdreoth is passing on all that is going on with the lap about in the air.

D'ani thumbs up in the face of that worried glance Harmony shares with them, "You can do it!" It's sincerely meant as encouragement but… she can do what exactly? Ride a jackhammer? Stay sane? Surely not control the chattering, mad scramble of rapturous sentiment that all but explodes into his mind as Dremkoth shares what he gets from Crosenturath. "Thanks a lot," he mutters, heavy on the sarcasm for what the bronze has just passed on to him. Dremkoth is far too sidetracked in watching the first (dare we call it flight?) of the bluepair to answer Niumdreoth's question about the cheese. Who knows the answer anyway? No he! D'ani squints as he follows their progress through the air, wincing on and off for Harmony's bumpy ride, shooting Kimmila a look to see what the rider thinks of it. He actually braces himself in vicarious empathy anticipating that rough landing, all but closing his eyes on the last bounce. "Wow. Don't envy her," he says lowly to Abigail. And Harmony? If you find a nicely-wrapped package of airsickness bags on your cot? That'll be from him.

Kimmila maybe wanted to get the hardest done first, as she and Varmiroth stick with Harmony and Crosenturath. Flying close enough to be watchful, but far enough not to interfere. And the blue's awkward, lumbering, bouncing flight has Kimmila openly wincing, shaking her head. Good Faranth, but what will the Holders think of this one? She might quietly suggest to M'icha that Harmony not be sent to any holds /just/ yet. Because…damn. Once they've landed, Kimmila is waving the Dragonhealer over to check on both Harmony and Crosenturath, before she's approaching the two other weyrlings. "Abigail, you're up next," she says, walking over to check the brown's straps before she's up onto Varmiroth again, and kicking back into the sky for Niumdreoth's first manned flight lap.

Airsickness bags will be score double brownie points as Harmony slips free of her straps looking more than a bit green. Mumbling sounds of abject misery (someday, there will be a love of flight, but they've a while to go yet before that!) while the ground is - yes, actually. Harmony actually gets on her hands and knees and kisses the snow, thanking Faranth the whole time that she /lived/. (Though there was no evidence to the contrary, mind.) Now, she settles a bit back from her blue, who's taken the sudden appearance of the dragonhealer as a time to GRASP and HUG his Harmony. "Scrat, Scrat, let me breathe, I wanna watch!" This girl will absolutely watch her clutchmates. Maybe with a touch of envy too, if they've got smooth rides. However, lest she embarrass herself with possible sickness, it'll be a long time before she talks or moves. The earth's gotta /stop/ bouncing first!

Abigail ehs softly while she watches the flight with Harmony and Crosenturath, even now and then she is even wincing as the two land. "No, I don't at all." This is murmured back to D'ani. Well it could have gone way worse, right? "Good job Harmony." She calls out once the girl is done kissing the snowy ground, and before her dragon grabs her in a hug. Then it is her turn it seems. Abbey looks to Niumdreoth and offers him smile that is both eager and nervous. "Ready?" This is questioned as she goes about clambering up and strapping herself in. Niumdreoth waits to make sure all is ready before he is following after Kimmila and Varmiroth. « Of course, and we're be great. Just wait and see! » His wings lower and soon enough he is jumping up into the air, snow flying and once there his wing are flapping to take him upwards into the air. Abbey is glad her dragon is so positive at the moment, she is a bit unsure still, and a half squeal escapes her once they are up in the air. Hands gripping tightly at the straps, eyes closed until she feels the air moving past her and she opens her eyes slowly to peer out. "Woah…" Niumdreoth is thrilled; his mind images are a beautiful snowy forest at night with bright lights of green blues and pinks drifting across the star light sky.

D'ani is there to offer Harmony a hand up after she reunites with the ground. Just in case she's shaky, he'll offer her a polite hand to the elbow so she doesn't fall over, murmur praise for her ability to sit atop Crosenturath's back (really - he couldn't do it!) for the flight. He might even sneak in the droll suggestion she try bull riding with him sometime. He backs off when Crosenturath scoops her into the hug, there to steady her if she needs it when the blue finally lets go of her. All the while he notes Niumdreoth's preparation to leap up. "Go Abbey!" Dremkoth's warble joins him, cheering the pair on as they lift off, the bronze sending a silvery trail sparkling in an arc across the brown's night sky.

Kimmila and Varmiroth keep the same pattern they did with Crosenturath, and even the reserved bluerider is unable to keep a smile from spreading across her lips at the pair's happiness and enthusiasm. The lap is completed slowly, and then they land back on the ground for the dragonhealer to check Niumdreoth over. Slipping back down to the ground once more, Kimmila pauses for a moment to catch her breath before she calls to D'ani, "Ready?" with a crooked grin. She guesses she knows the answer to that one.

Abigail is indeed thrilled, riding and flying with other riders is nothing like getting to do so with one's own dragon. "This is wild." She murmurs softly to her dear brown. Niumdreoth warbles out as they are finishing the lap, soon landing and kicking up some snow with a few flaps of his wings. « I told you we would be /great/. » He is clearly happy over how everything turned out, though is already wishes it could have been a longer flight. A soft laugh escapes Abbey once she is sliding back to the ground and she grins up to Nium. "Yes ye did. That was wonderful!" She lets the dragonhealer look over Nium, and she is curiously watching everything closely in the process, pausing to look over to D'ani. "Yer going ta /love/ it!" This quickly said before the next pair is off for their lap.

Is D'ani ever ready! His glance meets the dragonhealer's over Harmony's blonde head, the unspoken message is: 'take care of her if she needs it'. After all, he'd be toast after doing what she just did! Maybe he just ought to go find M'lo and say he agrees with him that women have more highly-developed minds than men after all, because he would likely be somewhere over Fort Seahold – or maybe IN the sea - by now if he was Crosenturath’s rider. Dremkoth is barely able to keep from wriggling in his impatience as D'ani checks his straps carefully one last time, pulls himself aboard and clips himself in. He salutes Kimmila, while the bronze lifts his wide wings, readying himself with a deep crouch, neck snaking out over the ground as he eyes his projected flight path. D'ani flashes a grin at Abigail and Harmony, grips the straps and then nearly has his head snapped off when Dremkoth kicks off unexpectedly with a lash of his tail, leaping with more gusto than he really needs to lift off a mere fifteen feet. His wings sweep on his first downbeat stirring up a small blizzard of snow, lifting him higher than he was supposed to go. He's corrected by his rider - he's RIDING!!! - a moment later. The tips of the young bronze's long wings graze the snow on each downbeat, scooping sprays of the stuff that form twin swirls glittering in his wake as he makes his way around the grounds, but he remains the proscribed 15 feet above the ground the rest of the way, trumpeting his triumph to the skies. His enthusiasm and strength is such he's power-flown the circuit and his landing is a snow-plowed skid amongst billows of snow, leaving D'ani coughing and laughing as he shakes the snow out of his hair and thumping his dragon's shoulder.

Kimmila and Varmiroth kick into the air moments after Dremkoth does, the blue quick to catch up and watch, sticking close like he's done for the others. Kimmila grins as she watches, reservations gone now as they fly beneath the cloud-laden skies, and when they land, Varmiroth croons his pleasure to the Weyrlings as Kimmila dismounts. "So?" she calls, as the Dragonhealer hastens over to check Dremkoth. "How was it?" she asks all three of them, while Varmiroth echoes the same question mentally to the dragons too.

Niumdreoth does his best to stand still while the dragonhealer does his job, at times he is shifting on his paws, wings twitching and flutter a few times while he watches as it is Dremkoth's turn. Warbles escape the brown while he 'cheers' the bronze on and is half covered in the snow during a flap of a wing. Abigail chuckles while she watches D'ani and his dragon as well, a soft cheer escaping her. "Wasn't it great?" This is questioned to D'ani once the pair is back upon the ground. At the question from Kimmila a bright smile is seen. "It was great! So very different when it is yer own dragon, can feel everything." She pauses before she can go on and grins. "I loved it." Yes she'll just leave it at that. Niumdreoth rumbles and warbles out, his wings tucking close as he manages to settle down and keep still for a moment. « It was so good to fly, got to stretch my wings out and feel the air under them. » The image in his mind is still that snowy starlit snowy forest, the sky filled with the blue, green and pink lights that seem to be slowly moving and spike now and then in bright color with how happy the young dragon seems to be.

The majesty of dragons overhead isn't really diminished by repetition, though it becomes familiar enough that other things can also be noticed; like the flexion of the wing joints and the contours of the draconic body in flight. Soriana's been watching for those, because it'll probably be on a test sooner or later. She's also been keeping out of the way, which is probably why she's been difficult to spot up until the bit where she comes forward with the other dragonhealer to watch carefully as he checks those wing joints that flexioned and all the rest. She smiles, listening to Abigail's enthusiasm while keeping her eyes on the brown.

Another will join, rather late but better than never, right? Velokraeth politely kept his distance while Dremkoth completed his first attempt and now with no Weyrlings currently lined up to go, the pale bronze swoops in to land a polite distance away and allow his rider to dismount while he turns his oversized head to rumble warmly to the younger dragons. Well done, well done. Perhaps he was observing at a distance? One never knows with Velokraeth. Th'ero does not hesitate in wandering closer to the assembled group, giving a respectable nod of his head though his glance is darting to where the Dragonhealer's are currently inspecting Dremkoth and Niumdreoth. "Afternoon," he murmurs as his gaze slides back to the Weyrlings and Kimmila. "I can see the first flights went well?" he asks, a faint smile curving his lips as he overhears Abigail's reply and can't help but take some amusement at the enthusiasm.

« It was too short! » Dremkoth’s answer to Varmiroth is accompanied with a mental snort for emphasis, stirring the leaves of thought in his night-dark skies. There is however, an audible hum of pleasure for the feat, brief as it was, while D'ani watches the dragonhealer go over the bronze. "It was great!" he all but echoes Abigail and answers Kimmila at the same time. The words are few, but his eyes are shining as he nods agreement to Abigail's ‘feeling everything’. That's when his eyes slide towards poor Harmony over there and he winces again for her. He caught quite enough of her flight through Dremkoth to imagine how she felt during it, though her 'OH MOTHER OF FARANTH' left little to the imagination as well. Dremkoth's bugle in greeting to Velokraeth alerts him to Thero's arrival, the Weyrleader is given a smart salute - and then a big grin despite his attempt to remain coolly professional. "Thanks," he says to the dragonhealers with a bob of his head, including Soriana in it with a quizzical uptilt to his voice when he says, "Miss?" because he didn't catch her name and he already knows the Fort ones. With warm laughter lighting his brown eyes he asks her, "I hope the bouncing landing didn't hurt the blue?"

Kimmila rubs Varmiroth's shoulder, perhaps remembering their first flight together, and the blue's eyes spin merrily. « You will fly more, » he promises. « But not right now. » Later they will, but the blue sometimes struggles with things in the future - things that aren't /now/. « It is… » he fumbles for the right word and has to reach to his bond for one to complete his thought, « magical, to fly with your lifemate. » Kimmila smiles at the weyrlings, nodding her head. "It's quite magical," she says, unintentionally echoing Varmiroth's choice of words, though clearly their sentiments are the same. "Nothing else quite like it. And there will be plenty more where that came from. If the dragonhealers check them out, you could do one more lap before bed tonight, and then start flying further and further under supervision until you're cleared for more." Turning, she notices Soriana, and the bluerider grins. "Hey, you made it," she says, sounding pleased. And then Velokraeth's entry can not be ignored, nor can her weyrmate's. "Wingmate," she greets the Weyrleader with a small smile. "They went superbly well. Would you like to tell them about what they're going to be doing when they can fly far and long enough?"

Abigail clears her throat slightly as she catches the few looks and she glances to the ground a moment, yes she was very enthusiastic over it but she has good meaning to be! She is left smiling though, especially when Niumdreoth lowers his head to bump his nose into her. A soft chuckle escapes Abbey and she gives the brown a soft pat and soon notices Soriana over there and offers her a smile and nod. "Be good Nium." Niumdreoth's attention turns, his eyes whirl and his head lowers while he peers curiously at Soriana and warbles out to her in greeting. "He says hello by the way." This is said to Soriana before the entrance of Th'ero is caught and Abbey offers him a slight salute. "Hello." Niumdreoth lets out a bugling greeting to Velokraeth, while he continues to sit still, until the dragonhealers are done checking him out. « It was /too/ short! I do hope we can go again soon. » Hearing the 'ok' for another lap from Kimmila he warbles out again, clearly eager at the idea. Abbey is curious to hear about what they will be doing when able to fly further so she is curiously peering at Th'ero and Kimmila.

Fidgety as he is, Niumdreoth checks out fine. Soriana nods to Abigail's conveyed greeting, and says, "Hello," back to the brown dragon with a smile. Also checking out fine is Dremkoth, and Sori smiles to D'ani. "Soriana." she says. "From Xanadu." That would tend to explain why he doesn't recognize her! As for why she's here, well, that can remain a mystery. Not every grade one dragonhealer goes soaring around between the weyrs, after all… though this one's smile widens as she looks back to Kimmila. "I did! It's good experience for me." Her eyes dart briefly to the more senior dragonhealer to make sure he's busy, and she grins with a hint of 'and I got away with it, too!' as they return to the bluerider. When Th'ero arrives, she gives him a quick salute just in case he noticed her, then looks back to D'ani. "They're actually more resilient at this age than an older dragon would be," she explains comfortingly, then quickly adds, "Not that it's not still important to be careful."

Th'ero gives another respectful nod to D'ani for the smart salute the bronze weyrling gives him and at the big grin, the Weyrleader almost smiles though that he keeps tightly under control. The same is given to Abigail, before he adds for all weyrlings, "They look to be maturing well and progressing well." In other words, he's pleased with what he sees and likely with what he has heard over the last few days and possible sevendays. « Soon. » Velokraeth chimes in, his mental tone rich and mellow and rippling with a constant sort of amusement even if the situation doesn't quite call for it. The pale bronze has moved off to a low lying ledge now, out of the way but not out of sight. Soriana is indeed spotted as her greeting to D'ani is overheard (not entirely intentional), but the name is enough to ring a bell so to speak and Th'ero's gaze fixes on her and lingers there for a moment, frowning slightly. "I'm glad to see we could be of some help to your studies," he says in a low tone, though a touch awkwardly until he turns his head slightly to glance back to Kimmila. "Wingmate." he returns with a similar small smile and then blinks as she all but puts him a little on the spot. Clearing his throat, he steps closer to the bluerider's side but also turns a bit so that he's now facing both D'ani and Abigail as best he can and the other weyrlings present as well. "I suppose I could, though M'icha will be likely going over it in much more detail," Much more. Oh joy? Who knows how the Weyrlingmaster is going to go about it either. "We discussed it though and agreed. Now that you are all in the first stages of manned flight, as you progress and your lifemates are capable of longer straight flights… You will be able to join some of the short-range patrols of Fort's territories. Lead either by the Weyrlingmaster himself, any senior rider — Kimmila, for example — or Wingleader, Wingsecond, Weyrsecond M'lo or… even myself." Th'ero tries to smile then, but it comes off a little crooked and awkward.

Though he's relieved that resilience is a trait of youth and his clutchmates are alright, that little word careful causes D'ani to fingersnap in a 'darnitall' kind of fashion while shooting a brow-crinkled look Crosenturath-wards. "Knew there had to be a catch to it," he murmurs under his breath dryly. Dremkoth is patient under the inspection, once whuffling at Soriana curiously, but he's a gentleman. D’ani wouldn't know what grade one dragonhealers do or don't do, so he merely accepts that she's here for training and says equably, "Well-met Soriana, your care of Dremkoth is much appreciated by both of us." Former Beastcrafter that he is, though it has been turns ago since he's walked in apprentice shoes, he's proper and formal enough for the moment. He's with Abigail in listening to Kimmila, thumping his lifemate both with pride for her praise and in anticipation of flying together again, awaiting Th'ero's elaboration with a patient sort of acceptance regarding M'icha. He's been broken in by the Beastcraft Hall long ago. Joining patrols now, THAT gets his interest perked. Awkward or no, he returns the Weyrleader's smile. He's well-pleased to hear that.

Kimmila rocks back onto her heels a bit and crosses her arms over her chest to keep warm(er), eyes shifting from one person to the next. She grins at Soriana and nods with an, "Excellent. Glad you could and get some experience with the little ones." That's said rather dryly, since they really aren't all /that/ little. "Very careful," she adds, peering up at the top of Varmiroth's head with a frown for some reason, until the blue looks down at her. What? Shaking her head, Kimmila glances over to Th'ero as the Weyrleader begins to explain, and her smile is a little smug. "Think it'll be good for you all. Get to start learning the lay of the land, start meeting some Holders…let them see you too, and get to know our newest riders, since you'll be working with them - some more than others." Looking back at Th'ero, she taps the hilt of her dagger and gives him another look, brows arched. And? Then she's looking to watch the Weyrlings' reactions, nodding a bit. "Sweeps are arguably the most vital task that riders perform these days," she says. "Used to be searching for Thread and burrows and what-not, but now it's to be seen, and to help out when needed. Imagine you're a trader with a broken down wagon, or a beast that's dropped dead on you, and you're stuck out in the middle of winter with a storm coming on. You'd be in the sh - in trouble if a rider didn't come by and send help. They might be boring, but sweeps are important." Surprise lecture? She doesn't seem apologetic about it.

Abigail lets her gaze drift between Kimmila and Th'ero, a soft oh escapes her and she is smiling at the idea of patrolling. She is use to patrols from the guard part of her life, something she has missed during this time with time. Not that she would change anything in the least that has happened. She looks back to Kimmila and nods to what is said, lecture or not she doesn't have a problem with it. "Of course." At the thought of sweeps she is alright with it, though she always has been the type to enjoy wandering and the like so perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise. Hearing Soriana she looks to her, a smile seen. "Nice ta meet ye Soriana. I'm Abigail, and this is Niumdreoth. Great ta have ye here looking over 'em." No reason not to give names back. Niumdreoth is only fidgety as he wants to get back in the air, though as a few moments have passed he has calmed down more and is sitting still once again. Perhaps it was the 'soon' from Velokraeth, and then seeing that yes there are plans in the works for when they can fly more.

Soriana smiles slightly and nods formally to Th'ero. "I'm honored to help care for Fort's dragons," she says politely, including D'ani in that with a nod of her head, then adds to Abigail and Niumdreoth, "Nice to meet you both." After that, with a Weyrleader gaze on her, she's extra-intent on standing up straight and watching what the more senior dragonhealer is doing. The dutiful student and all that - which isn't to say it's not true, just that some times she tries harder to make it visible. Dremkoth's whuffle gets a smile despite her serious student face, and she bobs her head to him in a sort of greeting back. When the topic turns to the plans for these weyrlings and so there's less attention on her, she relaxes a little, though she's still watching and listening.

Th'ero doesn't keep his gaze lingering too long on Soriana, not wanting to be rude though he's nodding again in response to her formal reply. Well met. He will lose the awkwardness gradually and while he still speaks in a low and rather firm tone, it's no longer as hesitant. There is a sidelong look given to Kimmila as she steps in as well and the Weyrleader shows his support by nodding his head in agreement to the details she shares. Perhaps it was partially her idea too? Who knows. "Not only will it allow all of that, as Kimmila had mentioned, it /will/ allow all of you to familiarize yourself with the lay of the land. And I think most of you can assume WHY a dragonrider would need to be familiar with landmarks." he murmurs and pauses for a moment to allow that to sink in and absorb, a faint smirk on his features. "Your Between lessons start not long after you have all cleared and mastered flight and after a little more growth with your lifemates. But that is still some time between now and then, so for now you will be invited to join patrols when you can, but you will have to brush up on formations, though M'icha will likely be introducing that to you." Again, he pauses but only because Kimmila is tapping her dagger and giving him a look that has him staring at her with a bit of a frown until his memory is finally jogged and he nods again. He knows — just keeping it to one thing at a time. After allowing the Weyrlings to take in all that information for a few moments, Th'ero takes a slow steading breath and continues on, "There is also a few additions… or rather we simply decided to bring it forwards rather that wait until the last months." he says cryptically and this time he does smile faintly. "Later in the month, you will all be given an introduction to weapons and the basics of them. How each are used, their strengths and weaknesses, how to maintain them, their obvious dangers and… of course, how to use them. In addition to this, you all get to undergo the basics of self-defence training. Some of you may already know a bit," And the Weyrleader's gaze slides to Abigail and perhaps a few other weyrlings too. "Which means you may be helping out your fellow weyrlings, if that is the case."

D'ani listens attentively to Kimmila, nodding thoughtfully. The idea of helping others doesn't seem to be surprising to him. After all, he was once a recipient of Western's Search and Rescue after Maiona was swept out to sea, then rode along on sweeps to pluck other Emerald Isles survivors to safety for weeks afterwards while aiding the search for his still-missing family. That those dark reminiscences are running through his mind is evidenced by his facial expression and Dremkoth's gentle nudge-rumble of comfort shakes him out of it. Flying has been a tumult of sheer joy and the emotional tumble from high to low thought in a span of minutes has had him quite forgetting his manners - Abigail's introduction to Soriana recalls him and his mouth pulls into a lopsided smile as he add a touch sheepishly, "D'ani and Dremkoth here. Thanks again." He's usually much warmer than this but he's turning his attention back to Th'ero as a respectful Weyrling should and he pays careful attention. The only times his eyes flick away is to note the awkwardness between Soriana and the Weyrleader, then Kimmila's tapping her dagger and Th'ero's nod to her. He doesn't ask; his philosophy is that they'll find out in due time if it pertains to them. The mention of defense and weapons training causes him to shift self-consciously. That ought to be interesting because they probably won't allow lassos and branding irons. Welp. Abigail is going to kick his behind.

Kimmila nods, rocking a bit on her feet as she watches and listens. And then she's glancing at Soriana, studying the girl for a moment before she edges away from Th'ero's side to approach her. "So," she says quietly, so she doesn't interrupt what Th'ero's saying (at least not too obviously), "have you ever studied the distances that dragons can bespeak each other?" she murmurs.

Abigail does catch the bit of a change in D'ani and glances over towards him, hoping his alright it seems. Not that she's ever truly talked to him on his past but she's caught bits here and there and can just image where his thoughts may have went. A soft smile is offered back to D'ani once Dremkoth is able to pull him out it seems. She nods to the talk of learning landmarks and the like, which are good things for when it is time for the betweening lessons. Her attention is back to Th'ero at the bit on self-defense training and she grins, just for a moment and nods. "I'd be more than willing to offer anyone help with anything." Oh yes she knows a few things about self-defense! As for kicking anyone's behind she will only do so gently, no reason to rub it in after all. Niumdreoth rumbles out softly, his head lifted while he watches the sky, his mind wandering and ideas and thoughts are sent to his lifemate. Abbey peers up at the brown and then the sky, a soft chuckle escaping her while she gives the brown a pat. "Don't get to many crazy ideas now."

Soriana smiles and nods to D'ani and Dremkoth's introductions back, but doesn't distract him from the listening to his Weyrleader part of things. She listens as well, and it's with a slight frown as he goes on to talk about riding sweeps and weaponry. Her gaze goes out past the dragons here, looking toward the south where Xanadu lies, and she looks troubled. She says nothing of it, and when Kimmila approaches she forces her attention back to the matters actually at hand. "The distances?" she repeats, and hmms. Good question, apparently! She seems to be thinking about it. "Not exactly. There's… well, some dragons have stronger mindvoices than others, so that'd be part of it…"

It won't be only Abigail that D'ani will have to worry about. Th'ero never said it outloud, but it's left to wonder who exactly may be overseeing these lessons… But surely the Weyrleader doesn't have time for that? As Kimmila wanders closer to Soriana, he turns his attention wholly on the weyrlings for the time being, his gaze sliding to D'ani as he notes the change in the younger man with a slight frown. But as Dremkoth shows no alarm, Th'ero does not press him and simply lets the matter rest — for now. "I'm glad to hear it," he murmurs instead to Abigail, "And I'm sure M'icha will be too. That part of your training though won't be for a few days yet. For now, you should all remain focused on gaining the strength and confidence needed for steady flight." That he addresses to all but his gaze again turns to Niumdreoth as the brown lifts his head to the sky. "Eager, is he?" he asks softly.

Kimmila notices Soriana's look, and she tilts her head. "What is it?" she asks, her voice still pitched low. And then she nods a bit at her answer. "Just curious. Varmiroth's is really quite weak. He fell on his headknobs when he was real little, and I think that has something to do with it…" Glancing over to Th'ero and Abigail, she notices the two of them seem to have their own conversation going, so she can focus fully on Soriana without guilt.

Abigail can just wonder whom may be all in on that, surprises can be good at times though. She nods to Th'ero. "Of course, yes sir. Not a problem there. I don't think Niumdreoth would let me think about anything else for very long." Niumdreoth is indeed eager; his tail tip twitching slowly which is about the only thing visible while his mind is ticking away ideas. "Aye he is eager. He has many questions, and thoughts, and eager to fly again on top of everything else." To be a young dragon, many things still to do after all. "Have to work on answering them to help curb it just a bit." So far she has been able to take care of his questions. Niumdreoth shifts on his paws and lowers his head to bump it into Abbey. « Let's go finish chores so we can get to flying again. » Abbey clears her throat. "If ye would excuse me sir. Someone is eager for me to get back to chores and studies it seems. Have a good day." This said with a smile, slight wave seen to all before she and Niumdreoth are off.

Oh, those perceptive eyes. Soriana frowns. "A… friend of mine got lost," she answers quietly. Short, but she seems disinclined to explain further, instead moving on to the question of Varmiroth's headknobs. She nods slightly. "It might be. I hadn't heard of dragons losing the ability, but…" she frowns consideringly. "It could happen, I suppose. Hurm. It… might also be something where it was sprained," to use a metaphor, "-but he never quite, ah, was willing to put his full weight on it after." She glances to the senior dragonhealer, then back to Kimmila. "I could look into it, if you like." She offers a smile. Every young dragonhealer needs a research project or three!

Oh, surprises can be good and there's no doubt there are more to come for this Weyrlinghood. But it will remain to be seen if these additions are a good start. Th'ero seems confident enough though and possibly more so with the feedback he's receiving on their progress. "Rest assured, you will both be getting far more flight practice under your belt in due time. Best keep him distracted though, as you are. His eagerness is a good trait, but it won't do much of anyone any favor if he manages to strain himself." he murmurs, his tone pleasant enough and yet the warning is still there and laced subtly within it (or not). As Abigail excuses herself, Th'ero simply inclines his head and does his best not to smile too broadly. "Of course. Clear skies." he offers in a respectful but restrained farewell. She won't be the only one to leave though and now no longer caught in discussions, the Weyrleader instead strides to where Kimmila is currently standing with Soriana. "If you two will excuse me, but I am needed elsewhere." He tells them, unaware of what he may be disrupting with his arrival. "I hope the remainder of your stay here is enjoyable and the best of luck with your studies." So formal! Is he always like this? Oblivious to Soriana's tale of her missing friend, Th'ero turns his attention briefly to Kimmila, a look passing between Weyrleader to bluerider that reads simple: 'join when she can?' And then with a nod to both, he murmurs another hastier farewell before taking his leave and striding back out towards the northern bowl.

Kimmila's eyes narrow sharply at Soriana's admission of a friend getting lost. "Who? When?" she asks, barely sparing a glance for Abigail and then Th'ero's departure. "Sure, if you want to, that'd be nice," she adds on about the headknobs research project. But then she, too, is being pulled away by a rumbling Varmiroth, but she fixes Soriana with a serious and quite possibly uncomfortably intense look. "We'll talk." And then she's hastening to catch up to Th'ero, murmuring something quietly to the Weyrleader as they walk away.

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