Fort Weyr - Galleries
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

Public Announcement from Kessa: Fort's dragons start to make excited sounds as Choth, the Sr's gold, makes her way onto the hatching sands. She's clutching! +go FOW, hatching cavern, galleries to watch!

From the sands, Choth makes a few awkward movements into the hatching sands, sniffing the air as she darts a look back over her shoulder. No bronze. Nostrils wide, it doesn't look as if she can wait. She moves toward one of the dunes and promptly starts to make a bit of a hole for herself. Kessa isn't far behind her labouring dragon, appearing at the gold's side with a gentle touch to the muzzle, likely giving a few words of encouragement. Choth extends her wings and seems to shudder, apparently laying the first of the batch.

Most Magnificent In The Universe Egg
If perfection were an egg, this might be it. From a distance, it appears a pure, uninterrupted white which coats its near-perfect curves to encase it in a soft, creamy hue. No odd bumps or bulges mar this shell, smooth and almost opalescent. But upon closer inspection, the egg is revealed for the marvel it truly is, its surface almost scintillant, a veritable rainbow streaming forth over a cloudy backdrop of soft sky-blues, followed closely by shimmering particles of what must be captured light. Red and orange, yellow and green, blue and indigo wash across the egg, with seeming direction and purpose. Shift just a little, and the view changes, the colors cascading over the shell in a prismatic dance that never seems the same twice. Surely, it must just be all that color that makes the surface only seem to dance. And yet, there is one spot atop the egg where there is only a single splash of gold, five points to form a star that glitters magnificently above it all.

Pralius moves in quickly, settling into a bench, fairly twitching with excitement.

Moydeo follows soon after Pralius, and takes a seat.

There's a quiet shuffling as A'tien makes his way up the stairs, quietly brushing snow off of his leathers, "I can't believe I let myself be talked into being Weyrlingmaster for one of the colder places on Pern…" He trails off, making his way tiredly up the stairs to help himself to a seat to watch the eggs being laid on the sands.

Odisyn cheers as he takes his seat next to Moydeo and Pralius and the first egg comes out. "Go for it Choth!" He cheers. The normally moody computercrafter is actually grinning ear to ear.

Pralius glances at Odisyn, "I think she'll lay them either way… ummm… I'm Pralius, you are?"

From the sands, Choth takes a moment to twist around and nudge the rainbow egg with her muzzle, giving it an approving warble before tucking it a little more in the sand. Kessa tilts her head to regard the egg as well, looking up toward the sands with a grin on her face. It was a rather perfect egg after all! Still she moves out of the way when Choth looks for another dune for the next, creating one herself with a few talon scratches and nudges of her nose. Just as she's preparing the dune, the next makes the gold rumble and position herself rightly for it's arrival.

Fastest in the Land Egg
Long and lean. That's the first descriptor of this brightly-colored egg. Its shape is taller than others, not quite as rotund. It's a good thing, too, given the sinuous lines that are made at each of those side edges, in a vibrant red-orange. The background is a pale cream that shades into a matte yellow-gold at the top and bottom ends. Standing out starkly against these colors is the equally livid spotting of black that occurs across the top and bottom portions. Each of those spots is large enough to stand out on its own, but never once crosses into the orange and cream areas.

Scurrying up the stairs into the gallery, Jayashri makes her way through the rows of seats until she spies a handful of familiar faces, quickly clambering through the rows to take a seat next to Odisyn. "Oooh," she coos, wide-eyed with excitement. "I've never been to a clutching before." She looks at the shimmering egg Choth just laid. "It's so pretty!" Ravi peeks his head out of her satchel to see what the commotion is about. Chirr?

Odisyn turns. "odisyn, computercraft apprentice. I can't help being interested in a clutching, my stupid dad is a bronzerider. Its in the blood." Odisyn snorts. "I'm Weyrbred. We follow these things." He eyes the new egg. "That one is a green. I'm fairly certain of it."

A bit of a scuffle ensues near the entrance, causing a few muttered oaths and shiftings amongst those already milling about or heading towards the galleries. Elyciana emerges from the tangle, pausing only for a moment to be sure she's completely free of the mass of arms and legs. A glare is cast over her shoulder before she plops herself near Moydeo, Pralius and Odisyn with a huff, "Sharding people." She eyes the sands and the two eggs already there, "I don't suppose you all have marks to bet with?" Bitran as always.

Pralius nods, waving to Ashri to join them, "Pralius, healer. I'm weyrbred too, and I think that'll be a brown. The first one might be a bronze." He blinks twice as he's joined again, "Oh, hey Ely, how're the goats?"

From the sands, Choth only moves a little ways away from the Fastest in the Land egg, likely just enough room to lay another egg. However, she seems to be having a breather, her sides expanding and contracting as she labours. Kessa starts to rub below her eye ridges to support the gold lass, a very intimate gesture. In all the Turns prior, Choth has laid in secrecy. This time is different and quite a few times the gold turns to whuffle noises at the galleries.

Moyrel comes in, taking some time off from her work which is not far away. She gives a wave to those whom she knows, and takes a seat.

Moydeo shakes her head. "Nah, no marks, but I got a bet going with Risner over how many she'll lay, he thinks nine, I said twelve." She grins, and turns to watch the sands.

Pralius grins, "I still have my money on 10."

From the sands, Choth tenses forward as her wings flutter a bit, another egg soon appearing…

Grumbling Clouds of Caring Egg
Round and a little tubby, this egg just may seem to be a little fatter than normal. Soft baby blues and grays swirl around the shell, puffing like clouds in places and looking somewhat rounded out, adding to the plump look. Here and there, it looks like there are water droplets sliding down the egg. That's just an illusion however as it's perfectly dry to the touch.

A'tien idly listens to the chatter around him, slightly ducking his head as his eyes follow that of the wandering gold on the sands. A hand moves through his hair in a nervous manner, his lips pursing and unpursing in thought. There's a quiet sigh as he leans back. "I gave up gambling a long time ago. I decided I don't have the knack for it. Last time I tried, lost all my marks and ended up with a bronze dragon."

From the sands, Choth flinches at the round egg, turning back to look at it and snort at it. Did that one really come from her? But she makes sure it's well insulated with the rest before finding a new spot, well away from the three she just laid. It's over in this warmer spot that she plunks down in, concentrating before delivering another!

Secrets of the Defender Egg
The silvery shimmering outline of a pointed castle structure is silhouetted against the bright sky blue which glistens like enamel upon the apex of this egg. These vibrant colors are only slightly muted by the leafy canopy which twines down the sides of the egg. A mix of sun-lit and shadowed greens ensconce the hard shell in a forest full of life and secrets. Thin streaks of brown grow in width and prominence the farther one looks toward the base as one leaves the canopy for branches and thickened trunks. The browns darken, becoming rough and less defined until eventually fading into a shadowed pool at the very bottom. Between the trunks one can imagine the shapes of people in the ill-defined shadows, hiding from some unknown threat far above. Yet as terrifying as the lower half of the shell has the potential to be, there is something about it which is completely different. As if it is a safe and secret place to hide, full of hope rather than fear, with a protector of its own just waiting to pounce from the heart within and defend not just this place, but indeed the very universe.

Jayashri blinks, looking from sand to company. "You bet on this sort of thing?" To be fair, Ashri is both young and not Bitran. She looks back, thoughtful at the second egg. "That one's kind of interesting," she notes. "They really vary a lot." This is said as the third egg drops. "Hey, I like that. It's all blue." She looks to Pralius. "What makes you think it's going to be brown?" She points to the long, lean egg. "Oh, and hi Ely." Beam.

Elyciana steeples her fingers a bit and leans forward, elbows on her knees. Gamblign is such a serious busness. "Well," she muses to no one in particular, "I say 11." Darea nyone contradict her? Who knows, though she does have that hard, determined Bitran look in her mismatched eyes as she gazes across the sands. There's a blink or two as she tears her gaze away to look at Ashri, "Oh. Ashri. Have a day off from the computer things? No whers stepping on your equipment?" A hint of sarcasm floods her tone, along with one of her usual smirks. The little round egg is given a thoughtful look, "That one is kind of … cute." The last word is almost foreign sounding on her lips.

Pralius adds, "Oh, and I just like browns. You can't tell a dragon by their shell alone."

Odisyn grins. "Well, I wasn't into betting that much this time last turn. But I'm in a rebellious phase, so Elyciana I'll put two marks on that one being either a blue or a green." He points to the grumbling clouds of caring egg.

From the sands, Choth takes another moment to rest, caring after the Secrets of the Defender egg with a nurturing nudge. But it isn't long after that she shimmies a ways away from that egg and lifts her tail to deposit another egg onto the sands. Kessa is trailing behind, encircling around the eggs, looking as if she's inspecting them for cracks or malformations.

Traitorous To The Core Egg
A silver metallic sheen drenches this egg from top to bottom. Few other colors, splotches they'll be called, mar the outside surface. Merely darkened hues of that glittery silver, reflecting light off and playing visual games. A purple sigma stands quite out in it's rectangular in shape and sharp gleaming shade. Also facial in dynamics, it menacingly stares out from it's location near the top end of the shell. Larger in size than many, with as triangular of a shape as possible for an egg. The tip of the egg starts out quite skinny, while the other end is much more flayed than usual.

Moydeo chuckles. "If I win, Risner owes me more brownies, he's not said what he wants yet if he wins."

A'tien offers a nod in return to B'ky, a brow arching ever so slightly as he considers the bluerider before he turns his attention back to the sands. His lips purse again as he watches the eggs, silently counting in his head.

Pralius grins, "I suppose if I win I'll make Wyn make /me/ brownies."

From the sands, Choth stands up from where she plopped the traitorous egg, nudging it close to secrets of the defender egg before looking for another place. She nears the galleries as she plops by, stretching her head up and looking at all the people there. Really, where they watching her? How dreadful. She spends an extra moment considering the people in the first row until her body gives a visible quivar. That's when she turns from the galleries. If they really wanted to watch, they'd have an up and close view. She's only a few feet away from the galleries as she plunks down and deposits another egg.

An Assortment of Clues Egg
Bright crimson lays over the curved surface of this otherwise unexciting egg like some errant cloth shaken out of its roll. The red is broken by those wrinkly imperfections and if one looks close the pattern of the cloths fine weaving can also be distinguished. A strange stripe of bleached white encircles the center. It helps cuts the bright red down from being too overwhelming but itself is such a pure contract that too long a look may still be painful. At the base of the egg the red cloth bears a faint imprint of a computer laptop with a smaller gear and glove next to it. A strange set of clues for the distinguished detective to sort through, whatever could they mean?

"Except for golds, right?" Ashri looks back to the sands, peering at the rainbow egg more closely. Then Secrets of the Defender egg catches her attention, having been laid while she was looking away. "So, I guess it's fun to guess what the egg might have in it?" Hrm. She grins at Moydeo. "Well, I don't have marks, but maybe it is fun to bet favors or things." Ravi squeaks. "Not you, silly," she reassures with a gently scratch of the eyeridge as the bronze hops into her lap. "Oh, that one's shiny…" She tilts her head, looking at Traitorous to the Core Egg. "It kind of makes me think of computer boxes." What doesn't make her think of technology?

From the sands, Choth looks back over her shoulder at the galleries, making an odd clicking sound before she moves to the right and drops down to lay another egg. It looks as if she's doing them in pairs.

Saving the Smallest of the Small Egg
If one were to try to build this egg's colors from the base up, they would start with a lavender shade that drenches this smaller looking, oblong egg. Over the purple seems to be an array of gray and black gears, working together to ring around the middle of the egg. Around the center of these gears is a tan line, appearing to hold the gears on the egg. Near the top of the egg, is a ring of red dots, all perfectly spaced from the other, and near the bottom of the egg is a thin brown line that circumferences the egg.

Elyciana leans back a fraction as Choth skims rather close to the galleries and, as a result, gives her a bit more insight into just how those eggs come out. A bit too much, considering the slight wrinkle of her nose, "Well. And I thought goats giving birth was a bit of a sight. That certainly can't be comfortable." She gives a slight shake of her head, as though to dislodge that particular image from her brain, before her attention goes back to gambling. "You can eihter bet on how many eggs'll pop out of her, or what'll pop out of the eggs, yeah?" She drums her fingers idly on her thighs as she watches the latest eggs with a frown, "Did you influence these Ashri? They all look very .. technological." She spaces the last word out slow and long, as though stressing its importance as she eyes the younger girl.

Odisyn snorts. "That shiny one, one mark that its either a bronze or a gold." He tells Elyciana. "I got two bets for you now, you gonna take them or are you gonna ignore me?"

Moydeo shrugs. "I'd rather bet on how many eggs, then what's coming out of them, less chance of missing."

From the sands, Choth finishes her business with these last two eggs before slithering off a ways away. Pairs of eggs indeed. So far she's left three clumps. One clump with three eggs, one with two, and the last near the galleries with also two. She looks to be starting a new grouping. Sand is flung about as she makes her dune and roosts in it, making sounds with her teeth as they clatter together during the delivery.

Universal Digital Egg
This is rather unremarkable egg, its colors muted and plain, though it is a bit wider than most across the middle. Its edges might be difficult to pin down due to the odd striations marking the shell, giving it the illusion of a much more boxy shape, the thin, pale parallel lines criss-crossing over a blurred blue and green surface. On one side, the egg is slightly flatter, with a blob of black forming a hazy, squiggled line beneath two lighter circles, giving the egg a goofy and half-smiling appearance. Smears of black above the circles provide an added touch, and dead-center is the vaguest triangle of blue, pointing upward toward the narrowst part of the egg.

Odisyn snorts. "now that one looks like a mirco chip." He points to the computercraft badge on his shoulder. "See the simularity?" He turns so the others can see the resemblance to the computercraft's microchip badge design.

From the sands, Choth settles a second egg right beside the universal digital.

Big Things From Small Packaging Egg
From the sands, If it is possible for a dragon's egg is be considered adorable, this one indeed has hit that mark. Pudgy and round, almost no noticeable top nor bottom are distinguished. More like a ball than an actual egg, and quite a vibrant yellow in hue. A small mark does, however, determine up from down. A red face, rectangular in shape, peers out with a gentle vibe. Smaller in size than the eggs around, though the almost blindingly bright golden blonde color help bring this ovoid to eye.

"Er," Ashri begins in Elyciana's direction. "I wasn't even here when she flew. I have no idea why they all look like bits of technology." Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but there are a surprising number of them that have gears and what not. "The it's the TechCraft that has a gear on its crest." She peers at the last several eggs. "Do you think Choth heard that Fort's trying to get up to date on technology?" she asks Odisyn, almost as an aside. "I've never been to a clutching before, so I don't know what eggs are /supposed/ to look like." Ravi thrums happily, excited by the clutching and hopping back and forth in her lap.

Pralius peers closely at the eggs, "They look more like your computers, Ashri, than anything I've seen before. But I'd bet the eggs are fine."

Elyciana seems to break from a trance as she looks curiously at Odisyn, a slight frown appearing, "Well. If your betting is anything like your pool skills .. then .. well. I don't think I'll have any problems taking that bet." The frown immediately turns into a smirk, though she doesn't keep her attention on the boy for long before her attention is caught by the bright yellow egg. "Another … cute one." she ventures, her tongue almost tripping over that unfamilira word. Leaning back a bit in her seat, she waves a hand vaguely at Ashri, "Obviously something's going on to make them all look like they've come out of a laptop. Maybe it's from all those … AIVAS signals coming through here now."

From the sands, Choth looks about ready to stop. She settles in the middle of the ring she's made of paired up eggs. Does she have anymore? It looks as if she's exhausted. But with a few more encouraging words from her rider, the silver gold makes another dune in the center and plunks down another.

On a Wing and a Prayer Egg
Pastels are the color of the day. A pale grey-white stripe wisps over the top of this perfectly-shaped egg. A pale pink color, like a baby's warmed skin, washes beneath it. At the sides are blue-grey, cloud-like formations of color that shade into a beautiful light lavender at the ends. They stretch almost like the pinions of wings down to the bottom to frame the egg. Beneath the pink is a band of reddish-brown shaped like a V that vanishes under the wings, followed by more of the pale-grey hue, and then a very vibrant hot pink, all the way to the bottom. The soft quality of the hues, and the way they feather out, is delicate - in fact, each color has subtle details to it in light and dark so that it seems to be made of nothing but down and feathers, with the pink taking on the nature of some form of skin.

Pralius glances around, "Well, that's 10…"

Odisyn snorts. "now that one is a green. Has to be, its pink." Like that reasoning makes sense? "Usually between ten and fifteen eggs is the normal clutch size. Used to be a lot more, but when they got rid of thread they lowered the amount of eggs the queens lay per clutch."

From the sands, Choth turns around in circles before she settles again. This time there's a long pause before she really starts contracting. With a few more teeth cracking clatters, it looks like another egg is being deposited.

Not Truly A Misfit Egg
Although this egg is outrageously large compared to the others, the dashing blue and gold upon its shell gives it a place in the clutch. In fact, it may even be singled out as this egg has been cast in replication of the clutch dam's colours. The blue is bold and fierce compared to the pale gold, gold that swashes in ribbon like currents around the shell. In some places where the ribbons of gold flutter, it's so transparent that the azure underneath almost makes it a pale shade of blue, with the added glitter. In other places the azure is defined in what looks like strands of hair curled up in a wild bundle. Amongst all the tossed ribbon and curls, there are a few other things going on. For one, there's one brown mark that is placed randomly on the shell, a small round circle dabbed in a pale patch of color. Secondly there's a single streak of orange-red that flares up on the opposite side, completely random in shape and location. The orange streak almost appears violent as it cuts up and down in a small but defined zigzag pattern, ending abruptly as it began, the length only a few inches long.

Pralius glances sidelong at Odysin, "At Telgar it was 6 to 12 eggs a clutch, usually."

From the sands, Choth finally seems to settle in a content fashion. The last egg gets a little more attention than the rest of the clutch, but not too much more. Still, this is where the pale gold decides to lay down, curling her tail around the last two eggs deposited. She puts her muzzle down in the sand and exhales loudly, blowing a bit of sand up and away from her. Kessa turns to the galleries, "She says she's finished." Her voice just loud enough to carry to those viewing, sitting down near her dragon's head, eyeing the last egg in particular.

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