Ista Weyr - Main Beach(#3773RJas$)
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the lush and verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their color into the wide ocean, the beach is nothing short of striking. The heat of Rukbat reaches into these sands by day, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, spilling down from the plateau, a small waterfall empties into a catching pool that runs off to the sea through a furrow of dark sand and pebbles.

Mid-afternoon settles itself upon Ista Weyr, hot rays of light beating down upon the black sand beaches with no clouds to provide even a hint of relief. Only periodic gusts of wind make it /somewhat/ bearable to be outside. Even then, the beach is seeing the effects of the heat. Rather than spending time on the beach, most of the weyrfolk have chosen to find shelter indoors, leaving the area rather peaceful. Pea "Sohnyu! SOHNYU! Sharding green, get your butt back here!" Any semblance of peace is broken with the yell, whose owner seems nowhere to be found. What /is/ visible is a small green bounding up the beach, overly large, paper thin wingsails spread and billowing in the wind with every move.

Jaylen isn't one of those shelter indoors people, she's actually one of those cool off in the water type people. Currently the girl is neck-deep in the water, a little green algae-hued firelizard floating nearby her. Jay seems to be enjoying her swim when she hears the yell, and then the green bounding up the beach, well, hopefully the small pile of clothes doesn't get completely covered by sand as the green bounds along. The floating firelizard gives a chitter of surprise as suddenly the peace of the quiet beach is boken.

At the sound of the flit's chittering, Sohnyu's leap into the air turns into a small glide and the green floats up and over the water. Blue eyes whirl as they search the surface, easily zeroing in on Jaylen and the firelizard. "Oh, shardit all! Stop freaking them out!" Finally, the owner of the voice comes into view, jogging up the beach in a pair of shorts and overly large tunic belted at the waist. The tiny woman skids to a stop at the water's edge, sending an apologetic look to the girl in the water before bright blue eyes are staring hard at the green dragon. For a few seconds longer, Sohnyuoth rebels, only to head back and land smoothly next to her lifemate. "Sorry about that. She didnt scare you guys too much did she?"

Jaylen can't say she's had that happen before, it was a tad bit surprising, but the girl reaches a hand to run it soothingly over her firelizard's hide. "I think she jus' s'rprised Algae is all." At her person's touch, the flitter does calm down, going back to floating near her girl, though her small whorling eyes do remain on the big green cousin. Jay moves to where she can stand comfortably without having to tread water to regard the recent arrival. "Kinda warm t'be runnin' 'bout tho, doncha think?"

Miki breathes a tiny sigh of relief as the flit goes back to floating in the water before shooting Sohnyuoth a tiny 'look'. There will probably be trouble later. But the green could care less it seems, turning in a circle before flicking her tail and curling up just at the water's edge, dipping her emerald muzzle into the surf and closing her eyes as if to take a nap. Jaylen's comment earns a tiny sigh from the green rider before Miki flops down onto the sand herself. "I wasn't trying to run around. Sohnyu just gets excited when exploring. Wherryheaded girl left me behind." The insult produces a snuffle from the green making it obvious that she's only feigning sleep.

Jaylen can't help but giggle a little at the green's feigning sleep. "Dragons're funny sometimes." Algae peers at the dragon, and chitters once more but then the little firelizard gets distracted by something underneath the water. And now the green will dive beneath the surface, zipping after the shiny fish.

Sohnyuoth slowly slides one eye open at the chittering, eyeing the flit as she disappears before returning to her 'sleep' state. "Mhm, no kidding. But she's a sweetie….usually. Only two things that I can't really control her too well in: her flights and exploring. We head to a new place and it's like littles opening presents." Miki shakes her head, smiling fondly over at Sohnyuoth for a bit before sliding her hands back to lean on them. "I'm Miki, green Sohnyuoth's if you hadn't figured it out. Fort's duties and all that other stuff. Unless you /really/ want me to go through all the formal gestures…."

Jaylen grins a little, "No need really. I'm Jaylen, no real title." She heads out of the water and grabs a towel to wrap about her scarred body. "If I'd've known there was gonna be a vis'tor I'd've put on swim clothes."
"No real title? There's nothing you do around here? Just swim in the water all day?" Miki's tone is rather blatantly teasing as she asks the questions, sending a wink to the girl. "Don't even worry about it. I'm not from a Hold. Not like I'm scandalized by naked bodies. I mean, people are just bigger versions of the littles and I saw plenty of naked children running around when I was a nanny, still do. So it's nothing scandalous." For a moment, Miki raises her head up to the sun before eyes flick over Sohnyuoth. After a moment, the green daintily extends one wing, shading Miki and the area around her from the sun.

"I just do odd jobs mostly fer th'folk. I do a lil fishin' sometimes." Jaylen answers. She grins at the instant shade. "That's handy, huh? So, yer from Fort, come t'enjoy a break from th'cold an' snow at our lovely lil island?" The green flitter resurfaces now, little shiny fish in her maw, and the little critter finds a rock to land on where she can enjoy her little snack.

"Ah, fishing huh? So you /do/ just swim in the water all day." An easy grin appears on the rider's face and she pats the sand a little ways from her. "Come sit. Sohnyu says you're pretty and apparently pretty people are allowed to use her wings as shade." At the girl's question, Miki nods, kicking off the sandals on her feet and digging her toes into the warm sand. "Had some paperwork to deliver, figured me and Sohnyu could take the afternoon off while we were around."

Jaylen smiles a little to the rider and her green at the compliment. "Well, thank you." And she'll move over towards the pair to settle comfortably under the wing's shade. "Swimming's really the best, I always feel comfortable and relaxed when I'm in it." She turns dark eyes towards her green, "So Algae and I do try to spend as much time out here as we can."

Miki grins, "Careful, accept one compliment from her and you'll drown in sweetne—you're welcome and you're very nice. That's from Sohnyu." Blue eyes twinkle with amusement as another compliment comes out, and perhaps there are a few more things said between the pair, but she doesn't seem to want to share them. "Now I guess I know why you called your flit Algae. And the water really is nice. Like being outdoors, yeah?"

Jaylen giggles at the second compliment, and nods towards her firelizard, "Aye, that an' th'fact she could prob'ly disappear into a bunch of algae iff'n she saw fit." As for the question about the outdoors, she also nods to that. "Yeah, don't like bein' all cooped up indoors. Unless there's booze…and good company." She grins a bit.

Miki grins, "Good a reason as any." At the mention of booze there's a tiny wince from Miki and she glances over at Sohnyuoth. But the green isn't watching and so the Fort rider gives a nod in agreement. "It's nice. But what I like best is going outside when it's windy. Or when it's raining. Then it's nice to just run around a bit. Sohnyu doesn't agree, but I like it."

Jaylen leans back on her hands a bit, the towel tied nicely around her so it doesn't flop open or anything. "Not a big fan of rain, m'self. Or storms fer that matter, las' time I was in a storm I wound up in th'ocean with no mem'ry of anythin' gettin' rescued by the'istan rescue riders. Coulda wound up inna worse place, I s'ppose, than th'party weyr." She giggles a little.

Miki tilts her head a bit and glances over at the girl next to her. "Lost your memory? Shards, that sucks. Remembered anything yet? Like where you came from or something. I heard that if you experience something you've experienced before it helps jog memories. Not sure though." Sohnyuoth turns her head then, snuffling at the pair for a second before Miki steps in. "No Sohnyu, she isn't like you. You forget everything, she remembers stuff after the accident….right?"

Jaylen shrugs, "Haven't r'membered anythin' yet, not sure I want to anyway. Prob'ly best I dunno where all these scars an' such came from, I'm sure m'life now has gotta be better." The girl giggles a little at the green. "Aye, I r'member things after th'shipwreck, jus' nothin' from b'fore it." Algae, having finished her tastyfish, wings her way o ver to land next to her person, eyeing the big green cousin briefly before laying her head on her girl's lap and closing her eyes.

Miki nods, "Sometimes it's better not to know I guess. Then again, doesn't it feel like part of you got stolen? Even if it was a bad experience, it's a part of who you were. Have you tried getting your memories back or anything?" The flit's glance towards Sohnyu is met with a croon and tilt of the green's head. "And you've also got a very lovely flizzard. Sohnyu says it's cute. And now……Miki says to stop complimenting everything you see." The last bit is directed toward her lifemate with a roll of her eyes.

Jaylen has never really thought about that, she hmms a little. "Well, maybe I guess. Th'healers said stuff should come back t'me in time." She shrugs a little, using one hand to tug her hair out of its loose knot to let it air dry a bit. And as the flit rests on her leg, she chuckles, "That she is." A finger lightly runs over the smooth hide. "Tho sometimes she kin be a real pain. I wasn't too sure of 'er at first, but now I dunna think I'd trade 'er fer anythin'."

Miki shrugs, "Well I guess if it happens, it happens. If not, you've got a happy enough life right? Though I have to say, you can't really be happy at Ista. No snow. Do you have any idea how much that sucks?" As if to make a point, the rider picks up a hand full of sand and lets it run through her fingers, though a slow smile spreads on her face as Jaylen speaks of her flit. "That I can understand. I've got crazy two flits, a pretentiously sweet dragon, an over the top brother, seventeen other siblings, and some interesting parents. But I wouldn't trade any of them for all the marks in the world."

Jaylen chuckles a little, watching the sand trickle through the rider's fingers. "Snow's cold, though." She grins. "And it's so nice and sunny and warm here. And I bet y'can't swim when 'tis snowy cause you'd freeze, whate'er would I do t'bide th'time?" She nudges the firelizard off her lap lightly, with a bit of a fuss from the little algae-ball. "Guess I oughta get some clothes on." She giggles. "What would folk think, me sittin' 'ere talkin' to a visitin' rider all nekkidlike." And she excuses herself briefly to retrieve her clothes which sit just a little ways up the beach.

Miki turns her head, brows knitting together at the question. "Don't tell me you've never heard or been in a snowball fight? You don't need sand and sun when there's snow that needs throwing and lakes you can skate on!" As the flit begins her tiny fuss, the rider coos at her, grinning a bit. "I really don't care…" But Jaylen's already gone and so Miki simply shrugs, waiting for the girl to return.

At least her clothes are easy on, that's the good thing about not having to wear layers, and Jaylen returns back to the same spot she was before. "Snowball fights? and lakes you can skate on?" She giggles, "Sounds int'restin at least." She gathers the firelizard onto her lap again, stroking the little green's neck gently. "How do you skate on lakes, anyway?" She's curious there. It could maybe be fun.

"Mhm, snowball fights! We've been plotting to ambush our Weyrleader with one." Miki smiles wickedly, obviously enjoying this prospect. "You put blades on the bottom of shoes and you can glide on the ice with them. It's sort of like dancing, but much easier to get around….if you do it right. If you don't do it right then you'll just end up with a broken neck."

Jaylen arches her brow briefly at the mention of ambushing the Weyrleader. "Wouldn't that get ya in trouble? Whye'er would y'want t'ambush yer weyrleader?" And as for the mention of breaking one's neck, she winces, "Well, I think I'd hafta pass on th'skatin' then, I'd prob'ly kill m'self iff'n I tried cause I ain't no good at dancin' either."

"Cause he's at Fort now and he's never been in a snowball fight. That's like blasphemy. Besdies, it's fun. Punishments happen, but experiencing your first snow throwing game? Once in a lifetime thing." When there's talk of passing up on skating Miki rolls her eyes and snorts. "I'm sure you'd be fine. I honestly don't know anyone that's broken their neck skating. It's just a warning for people that get it in their minds to be reckless."

Jaylen grins a little. "So you're gonna pelt th'guy with cold stuff b'cause he hasn't been t'Fort b'fore? Poor Weyrleader. Bein' reckless can be fun, tho I still dunna know 'bout th'whole skatin' thing. Shena didna mention anythin' 'bout skatin' at Fort when we was talkin' 'bout th'weyr."

Miki laughs, "No, we're just getting him better acquainted with our area. Besides, there's no better way to get to know each other than through a nowball fight. And really, it isn't being reckless. You'll know if you try it out." At the mention of the woodcrafter the rider tenses a bit before shrugging and turning her face up to the sun. "Well, when it get's cold enough there's skating. She was gone for a long time or maybe she just forgot to mention it."

If Jaylen notices the tensing, she doesn't say anything about it. "So yer sayin' iff'n I e'er get a chance t'go visitin' there I should be pr'pared fer snow bein' throwed at me? I'll hafta r'member t'warn Kal when he starts betweenin' this week t'watch out fer snowballs." She giggles, though, imagining the weyrling getting smacked with a snowball.

"Alright. That's it. You need to stop talking about preparing and precautions and all that crap. What you need is /doing/. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that sitting gets you nowhere. Dunno if I've met this Kal person, but there's one thing that Sohnyu and I agree on…." Miki trails off, sitting up and slipping one hand into her pocet. For a few seconds there's a bit of fishing around before she takes something out of her pocket. "You need to get first-hand experience with snow. And this thing may be white, but don't mistake it for a snowball and go throwing it around." The thing in question is held up in front of the girl's ace, a white candidate's knot that swings freely in the wind. "Sohnyuoth and I would like you to stand for Zuhth's clutch. Wanna give it a shot?"

Jaylen blinks, staring at the white knot a moment as if it will jump out and bite her, then she finally shakes it off and chuckles a little. "Me? Stand for a clutch?" If she sounds a bit surprised, that's because she is. "Are you sure?" She peers from rider to dragon with a questioning look. Fingers stop in their stroking over her firelizard's neck, with a brief fuss from the little algae-ball, until the firelizard sees the knot and, stretching upwards, tries to steal it. What's this? It would look nice in her little collection no doubt. "Algae!" The girl scolds her firelizard lightly, blushing beneath her tan.

"I'll tell you one thing, Sohnyu's better at reading people than a lot of humans. And I've had enough experience with people to take a look at what's underneath. Really, I'm not trying to take you away just to get you into a snowball fight. There's something there. We're both sure….and so is your flit it seems." There's a giggle as the white knot gets attacked and Miki lowers it in front of the flit, swinging it back and forth like a toy. "The only question now, is if you are."

Jaylen chews her lip in brief indecision as Algae attacks the knot, tail lashing to and fro on Jay's lap. The girl contemplates the invitation a moment, then slowly she'll nod after another few moments. "I s'ppose it couldna hurt. I kin come back here after, right? Like if I dunna impress a dragon or anythin'." That's probably a silly question, but she asks it anyway.

Miki grins, "Of course you can. No one's going to chain and shackle you there and I'm not going to drag you off their against your will either. But I'm going to warn you, until the eggs hatch you won't be able to leave very easily." The knot is swung back and forth a few more times, now moving in circles above the flit's head. "So what do you say? Yes or no?"

Jaylen watches the firelizard attack the knot, then she finally answers, "Yes. I'll stand at Fort." And that is when Algae lunges at the knot, capturing it in her little maw, her person might be the one agreeing to stand, but the knot is going to belong to the firelizard.

Miki giggles as Jaylen agrees and the knot is snatched away. Hands free, the rider claps them together in delight a few times bofore standing and brushing off her legs. "Alright then Jaylen. Get your things packed, and such. I'll wait for you in the bowl and then you're getting whisked off to Fort!"

Jaylen nods, and tries to wrestle the knot away from her firelizard, but the green isn't giving it up easily. "I think I already lost my knot.." The girl murmurs before getting to her seat, the firelizard flutters up to cling to her person's shoulder. "Kin I say goodbye to a coupla people first?"

Miki grins at the firelizard's antics. "Of course! I'll be here for a few hours yet, just get Algae there to find Sohnyu when you're all set. Take as long as you need, but try not to forget anything, yeah?" There's a snuffle from Sohnyuoth, and Miki tilts her head towards the dragon for a second before turning back to the girl. "Apparently we'll be exploring until you're ready to leave."

Jaylen nods, "I won't be too long." She promises before grabbing up the wet towel and, firelizard clinging to the girl's shoulder, she heads back towards the weyr proper.

Jaylen emerges from the living caverns, shouldering a pack onto her back. She has changed from shorts and sleeveless shirt to long pants and slightly warmer shirt, as well as boots and warm socks. The green firelizard still has the knot, but is perched on Jay's shoulder, so that's like wearing the knot right? She glances around, looking for the Fortian rider.

True to her word, Miki has stuck around Ista with her lifemate. Off in a corner of the Istan bowl, the pair sit under a shaded outcrop. The tiny woman has changed into her riding leather and Sohnyu seems all strapped up and ready to go.

Jaylen makes her way towards the greenpair, "Sorry it took s'long. It was harder t'say goodbye than I thought it would be. I'm ready now, though, if you are." She looks over the green a bit, straps and all. "So, ah, I ferget t'mention one lil thing…I've ne'er really been on a dragon." She blushes under her dark skin.

Miki grins, "No worries. On either part." Standing up, the rider motions for Sohnyu to lower her wing before she scrambles up and holds a hand out to help the girl. "Just stick your stuff in the packs on her side and I'll pull you up."

Jaylen nods, settling the bag into one of the green's packs, tugging it closed and getting it all fastened. "Can Algae ride on m'shoulder or does she need t'between there herself?" The girl asks before reaching for the helping hand up.

Miki with one swift tug, the rider help Jaylen mount up. Once she's settled properly, the woman straps her in place, double checking everything to make sure nothing goes awry. "She can ride on your shoulder. We're gonna go *between*. You've probably heard about it, but since you've never ridden a dragon I figured I'd just give you a heads up. It'll take like three seconds, but it's gonna be cold. Just don't panic, yeah?"

Jaylen nods, running a finger over her green's hide briefly. "Okay." And now that she's settled, she prepares herself for the whole between thing.

With a strong leap, Sohnyuoth rises into the air, wings beating as she climbs higher up in to the airs over the Ista bowl. Once they've reached a safe height, Miki looks back to Jaylen with a quick nod. "Alright! Here we go!" No sooner has Miki turned her head back around than the party suddenly pops *between*. Seconds pass before they suddenly pop out above Fort, cold air assaulting them.

Jaylen holds her breath as they go into between, her eyes squeezed shut. Though it doesn't take long before she feels the air of Fort. "Oh, tis cold 'ere." She rubs her arms, though ALgae just croons hapily, she likes the cold.

Once they've arrived, it doesn't take long for Sohnyu to glide done, backwinging as she lands gently in the Weyr's bowl. There's a delighted laugh from Miki at the comment on the weather as she undoes they're straps. "Course! Nowhere like Fort. Was only in Ista for a bit but I missed the snow already."

Jaylen can't help it, the cold air on her cheeks makes her shiver a little, talk about a shock to one's system. "I think I might miss Ista after while." She giggles a little.

Miki scrambles down from the green, turning and offering a hand should the girl need it. "You might, but you'll get used to it. Once you're down just grab your stuff and I'll take you over to the barracks."
Jaylen does accept the hand down, once feet are firmly on the ground, she moves to retrieve her pack from the dragon's side. "Are there a lot of cand'dates a'ready?" She's trying to figure out if she needs to prepare for a big group of bodies or not.

Miki shakes her head as she begins leading the way to the barracks. "Not that many. You'll be fine." It doesn't take long for them to arrive. "Alright. A few ground rules. No sex, no heavy drinking, no fighting, and no running around the Weyr naked for no reason. Other than that, grab a cot, get acquainted with some people and you're all set!"

Jaylen can do those rules, though at the mention of no drinking her face does fall a bit. "Aww, that one'll get some gettin' used to." She is Istan afterall, aren't they alld runks there?
Miki grins, "It's hard, but you can do it. But now I've got some stuff to do. Any last minute questions before I head out?"

Jaylen shakes her head, "Jus' where do I get a coat? I'm freezin'."

Miki grins, "Storage caverns. We've got a bunch of extra clothes there so feel free to help yourself. If you need anything else just send Algae to find Sohnyu and well figure something out." She gives the girl a reassuring clap on the shoulder. "Mk, I'll see you around then….candidate!" There's a final smile and a wave, and then Mikis pushing her way out into the training grounds.